John Travolta shows off his newest wiglet in Boston: amazeballs or skunky-tragic?


Usually, John Travolta Wiglet Watch is something that I can ignore. Travolta loves his wiglets. He treasures them. He devotes a temperature-controlled room in his home for his massive wiglet collection. This is known. This is accepted. We have all accepted it. But seriously, look at this wiglet. THIS IS AMAZING.

Travolta was photographed arriving on the set of his new film, The Forger, in Boston yesterday. He was so proud to show off his new wiglet. I’ve never seen this before – it’s like his old Welcome Back Kotter hair, but aged to perfection. I imagine Travolta sitting in his Wiglet Room, wearing nothing but leather chaps, gently stroking his wig, admiring the streaks of silver and the subtle Farrah-flip. “Oh, yes,” Travolta whispered in his Den of Wiglets. “You will do nicely.” In reality, though, it sort of looks like he’s wearing a dead skunk on his head. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good quality dead skunk. But it’s still a dead skunk.

Anyway, this should serve as a warning to all of the Boston-area massage therapists – perhaps it’s a good time to go on vacation, lest you get groped and man-handled by Skunky Wiglet over there. But! The Boston Globe says that Kelly Preston is in Boston with him too – they took in some Red Sox games over the weekend. If Kelly is around, does Travolta still molest masseurs? I think he probably would.





Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ann says:

    You know how they used to say “men age better than women”? Yeah, NOT.

  2. Mrs. Peacock says:

    I got chiiilllllllsssssss….
    They’re multiplying, fyi.

  3. Sixer says:

    Oh, Kaiser. You do make me laugh.

  4. Sankay says:

    I like it better than the all black/brunette ones. They look creepy to me.

  5. Helena says:

    I’m liking it – I’ll just pretend it’s really all his :)

  6. Kiddo says:

    As far as wigs go, that’s a good one, it looks real. It doesn’t look all shoe polished or like spray-on hair as opposed to the last model he had. The gray is more flattering.

  7. Tanguerita says:

    God, sometimes I feel so sorry for him. He seems like a gentle, slightly awkward, not particularly courageous person
    might have been happy if his life turned out differently.

    • Lindy says:

      I dunno. He seems like a gourmand, someone who enjoys food, enjoys life, enjoys sex, enjoys his luxury and airplanes. The life he has affords him all these things. Clearly, what happened with his son was a great tragedy, but otherwise life seems to have treated him well.

  8. Lucrezia says:

    I don’t mind this wiglet. Wait, don’t judge me yet – I actually have a good reason!

    The blue-grey streaks are reminiscent of Judd Nelson in Breakfast club.

    I just can’t hate on anything that reminds me of The Breakfast Club.

    (Since I’m admitting odd things … anyone else think the word masseurs looks weird? I feel like it should have an irregular plural: masseuri, masseurata or something.)

  9. locheed says:

    He seems a bit “moob”y to me. Like he is pregnant, too.

  10. serena says:

    Oh that looks nice and ‘normal’ on him. Well done, surely better than the last ones.

  11. Rhiley says:

    I think he looks terrible. He looks really unhealthy imo. His stomach has a very odd distension, and his skin looks clay like.

  12. Blannie says:

    The wiglet is fine, it’s that skanky little strip of hair on his chin that’s ugly. I don’t get why he’s keeping it.

  13. No love lost on my side for Skunky McWiglet, but I have to say, this is the best he’s looked in years. I think it suits him way better than those truly pathetic super short, weirdly uniformly coloured ones.

  14. Peanut says:

    I didn’t realize he’d gotten so fat. He looks pretty terrible.

  15. doofus says:

    He will never be anything but creepy to me.

    used to love him, but his penchant for assaulting people and his devotion to the cult (which I believe had a part in the death of his son) ruined any affection I had for him.

  16. Feebee says:

    This one’s both. It’s a little tragic and and it’s amazeballs. It’s hard to look away from it. Plus I have to give him credit for having that on his head and acting like he doesn’t have that on his head.

  17. Aud says:

    The last time I cracked up about Travolta was when i read that Preston and hubby took a holiday at Mykonos [out of all places; the entire island is like a gay nightclub].
    Now this is the second time.
    Temperature controlled room for wiglets! LOL

    You have to hand it to him though. At least he has factored in age and his wiglet reflects that. But I do wonder if he puts it on himself or pays someone to personally manage his wiglet collection?

  18. Frida_K says:

    He has aged into a caricature of himself.

  19. Delta Juliet says:

    Maybe it’s because I just read the piece on Viola, and her losing some weight for a role, but why the hell doesn’t anyone tell Travolta HE needs to lose weight? I mean, my body is far from perfect so ordinarily I wouldn’t judge but the double standard is so freakin’ unfair.

  20. SamiHami says:

    Without question his best wiglet yet. If he would just shave that icky bit on his chin he really would look like an aging Barbarino.

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    The boots look comfy.

  22. Ag says:

    Amazeballs. I guess he wants tricks to be able to pull his hair?

  23. Nicolette says:

    OMG, it does look like Vinnie Barbarino aged to perfection! He was great on that show. From the deer caught in the headlights “What? Where?…” to his little walk for the girls that looked like a horny rooster. Maybe he does that little strut when he’s getting ready for a massage.

  24. dorothy says:

    Bad wig and overweight. What’s his appeal?

  25. Dawn says:

    The guy is going to 60 in a few short months, so give him a break. And I still would love to have a dance with Mr. Travolta before I die.

    • pretty says:

      wow! he’s really 59. i thought he’s around Tome Cruise,Brad Pitt age. I’m young and not american so i don’t know how popular he was when he was in his prime but how was he back then??? I think he was still some…what..attractive in pulp fiction.

  26. Green Eyes says:

    Something about him .. Not quite sure but he still looks “off”.

  27. Coconut says:

    Maybe his role calls for him to be paunchy??

  28. phlyfiremama says:

    Some of the pictures are giving me a definite Billy Ray Cyrus vibe. Ack!!

  29. ladybert62 says:

    I like it – it looks natural and age appropriate.

  30. Syko says:

    Embrace the bald, John! Embrace the bald!

  31. homegrrrrl says:

    this reminds me of how cool he was in Pulp Fiction I forgotten all about that because as of late he looks so freakin off

  32. Devoted101 says:

    So we live in a world where Oprah’s new wig and Beyoncé’s new weave is awesome but men who use weave, wigs, or implants are lame? What sort of sexist, racist, ignorant nonsense is this now?

  33. Bread and Circuses says:

    That 2nd-to-last photo has a definite Duchovny vibe to it.

    I actually like this wiglet. It looks flattering and natural on Travolta.

    And time brings the skunk to all our heads. Judge ye not.

  34. LadySlippers says:


    This one isn’t flattering. If it flatters, I’m all for it.

    But I think a great many stars look better when they keep the beauty routine simple: Susan Sarandon or Tommy Lee Jones come to mind.

  35. Penelope says:

    I think the rug and JT in general actually look pretty good.

  36. Relli says:

    I love it! I see he is taking highlight advice from Kristie, queen of the chunky face framing highlights, it really does lengthen and highlight the jawbone.

  37. Beth says:

    I like this one better than the black perv hair he usually sports.

  38. The Other Katherine says:

    GOOD GOD, MAN. We ALL know that you are balding. GET A GRIP.

    ETA: I actually think Travolta would be a good-looking late-middle-aged man (albeit with some age-appropriate heft) if he would just STOP with the wiglets and buzz the remaining hair on his head. It’s the clinging to lost youth that is disturbing.

  39. Evie Rose says:

    That was hilarious! I could totes picture him traipsing around his wiglet room in assless chaps and a Cosmo in hand. *dies*

  40. Sarah says:

    Actually, I think these might be plugs

  41. Skrill says:

    I have a feeling he’s trying to channel Richard Gere here and failed. Curious if this is a wig, plugs or weave? Do we have any hair stylists out there that can tell? Plugs wouldn’t be that dense/thick would they?

  42. Stacy says:

    LOL (literally). Kaiser. You funny.

  43. Absurdist says:

    That is some serious-ass polyester doll-hair.


    You’d better call Vivica Fox and have her hook you up with that good Malaysian hair.