Natalie Portman in Dior for the ‘Thor 2′ Paris premiere: gorgeous or fug?


I didn’t realize that Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston were going to attend the Thor 2 premiere in Paris last night, so I apologize if today seems a bit oversaturated on Hiddles & Portman. I want to say the next thing with absolutely no sarcasm or judgment or emotion, lest I be accused of “hating” on a particular actor: Chris Hemsworth did not attend the Paris premiere. He attended the London premiere the night before, and both Natalie and Tommy made it to the Paris premiere but Chris did not.

As for Natalie… she looks worlds better in Paris than she did in London. Remember what she wore for the London premiere? It was AWFUL. She wore Dior in Paris, and this dress is super-cute. It’s Spring 2013 Dior. Her shoes are Charlotte Olympia (leather-free). If I could change one thing? I would do away with her center part. I want to give her a loose, sexy, bedhead look. Also – it’s still amusing (to me!) that Natalie ended up married to a guy like Benjamin Millepied. He just looks like such a massive dork standing next to her.

I’m adding some bonus photos of Hiddleston at the premiere too. Again, no Chris Hemsworth at the premiere? The hell? Also: I’m becoming sort of bizarrely obsessed with Tommy’s tongue. His tongue comes out whenever he laughs or smiles in a big way. It’s not like he’s going Full Twerky, but once you pay attention to his tongue, you see it everywhere.








Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jen says:

    The Dior dress is a cute idea, but it looks cheap. And the colors are too Halloweeny.

  2. Eve says:

    Third picture: that is some epic bitchface there.

  3. beccalina says:

    I think she looks gorgeous!!! Tom too, awesome looking cast!!!

  4. Anna says:

    Wow. In that third picture, she is in dire need of a better makeup artist.

  5. MissCherokee says:

    She is looking older. Her face is hallowing out.

  6. j.eyre says:

    Actually, I am kind of with you on this one; I love him and intend to spend the rest of my fantasy life with him but CHemboy really should have been in Paris for this. He could have made it back in time for work this morning.

    • Anna says:

      Do we know what was the reason for his absence? Yes, I am with you on the disappointment train…

      • Eve says:

        Disappointed because he isn’t there or because maybe, just maybe, we (the awful, demanding haters who accused him of BEGRUDGINLY promoting his own movie) were right?

        But there could be a good reason for his absence (see my comment below) — see? I’m actually being nice. I shouldn’t, but I am.

      • Anna says:

        The former, bc this absence and a comment about CGI-heavy movies aside (and that was in context of the importance of acting/ opportunity to show range), he HAS been promoting – he’s been talking about T2 in interviews for 18 months, and when he wasnt making the Con rounds, it’s bc he was filming Cyber. And honestly, Tom might be a Company Man and all that, jumping at every promo opportunity, but his calendar is also a lot less intense than Chris’!

        (yes I know I’m defensive. dont care)

      • Eve says:

        Oh, come on now…he hasn’t been promoting the movie for a year.

        What happens is that people will ask questions about Thor wherever he is, whatever he’s doing. He’ll be asked about Thor till the end of his life — not only of his career. Thor is the reason he’s famous, it’s the reason he’s getting all these non-Marvel opportunities, it’s the reason many people care about him — and he’d be a complete ass if he refused to answer them. By answering them, he may be indirectly promoting his upcoming movie, but that doesn’t qualify as actual promotional work.

        No, I don’t think he should behave like TommyAnne or that he “should walk around dressed like Thor”, like Miss M sarcastically pointed out yesterday. But he could be doing a better job.

        I repeat: he’s not doing his job properly. Unless, as I said below, there’s a good, family related reason for that.

      • j.eyre says:

        No, I am disappointed because he should have been there; he’s the star and these are the premieres – he should make every one he can.

        I have been speculating about her pregnancy and possible complications for some time so it’s possible. I hope not, as I said yesterday and last week, nobody should know that kind of pain.

        I have not called anyone a hater here. I merely countered with how I felt he had been promoting. Nobody is going to fare well if you compare them to Hiddleston’s theatrics. Hiddleston was the only one promoting the Hollow Crown as well but nobody called out Irons, Whishaw or Kinnear.

      • Eve says:

        “I have not called anyone a hater here.”

        Sorry, J.Eyre. Got a little defensive (and got carried away) there. My bad.

      • Anna says:

        Yeah, Eve, come on, I even embraced the HAM :-P
        (re: ‘haters’)

        Hey, I’d be much happier if he were here. I wouldnt have to defend his professionalism, at the very least. On the plus side, maybe he’s just undergoing a really long hair makeover…

      • Marty says:

        Can I just say, and you know I love the guy so this probably won’t mean much, I can give the dude a break. He’s been working non-stop since June and he’s in the middle of shooting another movie right now.

        While I do understand the dissapointment, they can’t just put his new movie on hold so he can do promo work, the studio would lose a lot of money. And isn’t better this way? A lot of people say how Chris isn’t a good interviewer and boring, so why not let Tom step in? He’s happy to do it, he’s good at. I really don’t see what the problem is. If Chris wasn’t filling his contractable obligations, trust me Marvel would be on that ass.

      • blue marie says:

        *timidly raises hand* is there a list or letter I can sign to make sure he dresses as Thor daily? I might be on board with that..

      • Anna says:

        I’m with Blue Marie on the Thor look. As Jane said in Thor1, “It’s a good look!”

        Marty – sadly, this is HIS movie. He’s not an ensemble player here. It’s named after his character. He should be here. If he’s not…he should have a good excuse. I think he does. I still think he’s a proper professional, even if he’s over Thor.

      • Marty says:

        @Anna- I think working is a pretty good excuse. He’s literally in the middle of filiming “heart of the sea” if they were to let him off, even for a few days, the studio would lose millions of dollars. London was a compromise because he’s shooting there. And like I said Marvel is a cruel master, they wouldn’t let me bail out on his responsibities, especially if he’s still contracted for 3 more films. Also I don’t think it’s anything with Pataky, he seemed in good spirits with Tom the last few days.

      • Anna says:

        Hmmm, still not buying (and come on, we’re talking Me & Chris here!). I am sure Thor2 promo duties would have been written into his deal with Heart of the Sea, so that he gets specific time off for Thor appearances (not like he’s skipping off the set, just that production focuses on not-Chris parts for that period), studios/ managers do that all the time.

      • j.eyre says:

        Marty darling, I adore you and I adore Chris but I am with Anna here. Were the premiere in Belize, okay, but people in London day trip to Paris frequently. Even if he didn’t stay for the movie, he could have made the carpet. His fans deserve him to be there. Surely Mr. Howard could find a way to work around his schedule at least for the European premieres. The only excuse I can think of is Marvel emphasized they wanted him to promote in the US and were willing to sacrifice a few European cities as a compromise with his current schedule.

        But here is what I really don’t understand, he looked to be having a blast at the London premiere. He was giggling, playing with the other cast members, hamming (you’re welcome Eve) for the photographers, his parents were there – it doesn’t add up. I saw nothing but his desire to be there so I have no idea what the heck is going on.

        And, if there is a health concern at home which, again, I hope there is not, he looks like kind of a d*ck for going to the after party. I think our baby needs to tell us what is up. Let’s have him over for tea so he can explain.

    • Miss M says:

      @Eve: He’s been promoting this forever. He’s given print interviews, etc. Also, he has answered every single question about Thor during Rush promotions. But people see what they want to see. I think whoever is judging his professionalism only sees things black/white. Calling out people’s opinions as sarcastic when the intention was not there is a very defensive attitude. NO ONE knows what’s in his contract and why he is not everywhere, but he has way less available time on his hands than the other actors involved in the project. Unless someone ,here, is in the know for working for him or Marvel, none of us knows what’s going on.
      I think the whole, Loki in San Diego, was ridiculous considering is a Thor movie. But then again, I am a bit cynical when comes to Marvels and its tactics…

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss M:

        Are you kidding me? That wasn’t sarcastic at all? Because none of us (those who have been criticizing his behaviour) have NEVER said he should walk around dressed as Thor. No one in their right mind would ask him to do that. So, I’m not being defensive here, at least not about that. You were being sarcastic. Own it.

        No, he isn’t promoting the movie when he’s merely answering questions. He HAS to. He’s supposed to answer questions about the role that launched him into stardom.

        If nothing is going on with his family (Pataky is 37, that’s not old but there could be some pregnancy problems due to her age), he’s not behaving professionally.

        But you’re right about one thing: people see what they want to see. But it baffles me that you think that doesn’t apply to you.

        One last thing: you all can love and admire the man and still be able to see his flaws. It’s actually good to like someone while knowing they’re not perfect, that they make mistakes. That gives us perspective.

      • Miss M says:

        It was a question. What the hell else you want him to do?! Seriously???!!!

        I am sick and tired of reading negative posts about CHems over and over and over again on a loop. Some of the posts/comments made right after he gave a print interview talking about THOR… My question was to actually try to understand what you want this man to do. Does he need to show up in places dressed up in Thor and give full interviews. DO you know if he contract says how many red carpets he needs to attend? Because I don’t. Do you know if something happened last minute? I don’t.

        “But you’re right about one thing: people see what they want to see.But it baffles me that you think that doesn’t apply to you.” Are you kidding me now?! Really? As far as I can tell, I am one of the people on this thread who tends to have very moderate and a way less judgy opinion trying to figure out both sides. When in the world I said I see only one way about things? Please, take a chill pill and stop your condescending manner.

      • Eve says:

        Seriously…I’m the one who’s being one-sided?

        I made it very clear that he is SUPPOSED to answer the questions regarding Thor. My point was very simple: the fact he’s been doing that (answering questions about Thor) for a year doesn’t qualify as promotional work. Attending premieres does.

        You’re sick and tired of seeing negative comments about Hemsworth? Well, I’m sick and tired of being accused of something I haven’t done!

        I repeat: I, for one, NEVER said he should walk around in costume, of that he should be like Hiddleston. We all know Hiddleston is just too much, that’s who he is.

        All I said — and you can check every single one of the threads where I voiced my opinion about Hemsworth — was:

        a) He seems to be acting like the character is beneath him now that he’s booking “better” jobs;

        b) He’s not doing his job properly, not that he wasn’t doing it at all;

        c) There may be a family related reason, a serious one, for his absence — which is my attempt at cutting him some slack, at giving him the benefit of the doubt and you have the nerve to suggest *I* should take a chill pill?

        Now, you use one of the most famous, used up internet digs (“take a chill pill”) and *I’M* the one being condescending?

      • Miss M says:

        Well deserved “chill pill” dig, some people need to have their behavior pointed back to them. You are condescending as you think you hold the whole truth and you are right about everything and people are only right when you agree so. Next time, please, be sure what others said instead of including comments done in previous threads. Have I ever said people said he should be walking on costume? NO, I have not! Let alone saying that you said. Please, read it again.The world doesn’t evolve around you and your truths. I am done whit this topic here because I won’t keep feeding you in the negative vibes you love so very much.

      • Eve says:

        It’s un-f*cking-believable!

        You have to be purposely misreading everything I write. I never said that you said he should be walking around in costume.

        I said that you, on a previous thread, sarcastically suggested that’s what *WE* wanted. You did that. Here, let me refresh your memory:

        “@Anna: Spot on! He’s been promoting for year. Some people choose to read/see what they want. What else does he need to do? Does he need to walk around dressed up as Thor to give interviews?!”

        By the way, including comments from previous threads is an absolutely valid form of argumentation. Especially, as it is in this case, when it’s related to the topic being discussed here.

        Stop with the “you think you hold the truth” because I’m not being one-sided. This type of remark is really old. But please, go on and use the “exit” excuse.

        “Well deserved “chill pill” dig, some people need to have their behavior pointed back to them.”

        It wasn’t a “deserved take a chill pill” dig as the only one who’s behaving like a child throwing a tantrum around here is you.

      • Anna says:

        Guuuuuys, come on :)

        Eve, while (as I have said repeatedly) I have taken very little to almost-no offense to specifically your comments on my OneAndOnly, I (and others) do have quite a bit of pent up frustration from the recently-popular narrative that Chris has not handled his Thor duties professionally (bc I disagree, this particular event aside). His ennui w the role had come thru on a couple of occasions (bc he’s not THAT great an actor) but really he’s been consistently gracious – he’s made dozens if not hundreds of comments about how this role gave him every opportunity he has and he’s so grateful, what an honor it is to be involved w such a beloved character, how much fun it is to be in this universe, etc etc etc etc etc. Recent comments.

        Also, I flat-out reject your claim that he is not perfect. He is perfect.

        Miss M – it is HIS movie (tho it really must suck to be promoting it and basically be told in your face that the other guy is more liked and popular than you), and he really should be at all the premieres. Regardless of what’s in the Marvel deal. It looks bad that the title character is absent. I am sure he knows that. So I am still leaning in the ‘he had a very good reason’ direction.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        I guess I could agree with you (your first paragraph) up to a certain degree (re: he’s been gracious).

        But the fact he’s been conspicuosly absent from promotion duties has been pointed out by even non-gossip websites.

        So it feels like this to me: he’s trying to be gracious, he’s trying to sound grateful…but he’s ultimately coming off as really, really over it.

        As I’ve said before: I’m up for a recast at this point. It’d be good for the character in the long run, and I’m almost certain he’d like that as well.

      • Miss M says:

        @Anna: I completely agree he should be there. But, my point is, I don’t know what’s going on. He probably has a pretty good reason. So, I am not going to jump on the bandwagon that he is unprofessional ( bla bla bla) and point fingers until there is an actual explanation, if there will ever be one. He may well address this in his next appearance.

        Also, I agree he’s been talking about in print and live interviews about Thor. As far as I know, print interviews are part of promoting a movie. :)

        ps: He was in good spirits the other day in London, showing his Asgardian bromance with Tom. It is either a last minute thing and/or it is part of his contract due to other obligations.

      • Anna says:

        Dear Eve and Miss M, I love how you both find something on which to agree with me, so, how about we all have a round of Fizzy Hiddleses, on me? LOVE TO ALL, you lovely ladies!

  7. Eve says:

    ” I want to say the next thing with absolutely no sarcasm or judgment or emotion, lest I be accused of “hating” on a particular actor: Chris Hemsworth did not attend the Paris premiere. He attended the London premiere the night before, and both Natalie and Tommy made it to the Paris premiere but Chris did not.

    I’m adding some bonus photos of Hiddleston at the premiere too. Again, no Chris Hemsworth at the premiere? The hell?”

    I’m having flashbacks of Edward Norton attending only TWO premieres (L.A. and Tokyo) back when The Incredibly Hulk was released. In my opinion, not attending the premieres of your own movie (regardless of how many they might be) is beyond unprofessional.

    But I’ll try not to be a cynical bitch for once and say that maybe something (serious) happened/is happening and he couldn’t attend.

    I’ve noticed his red-carped loving wife has been notoriously absent and she looked pregnant the last we saw her so…maybe there’s something going on.

    If that’s the case, I hope there’s nothing to worry about (I don’t like the woman but I don’t wish her harm).

  8. Rachel says:

    The dress is cute. The center part is horrible. As soon as I saw the pic, all I could think is that she looked sick. Seriously ill. Thanks for pointing out the center part. I think that’s the problem.

  9. Apes says:

    O Chris, Chris! Wherefore art thou Chris?

    Chris, where the f**k are ya.

  10. Allie says:

    3rd pic – my first reaction was she’s going for the Angelina look…

  11. Tiffany says: warm is it in Paris right now. Natalie’s
    outfit looks…off.

  12. bns says:

    Two Natalie posts in one day? Ugh.

  13. TheCountess says:

    A lot of Dior’s stuff has looked cheap lately, even on the runway.

    I am definitely not the target audience for “Thor” and movies like it; I wanted to rip my eyeballs out sitting through the trailer for it last week. And I can’t fathom why Portman would want to be associated it, besides the paycheck. Wasn’t “Star Wars” bad enough?

    • Obvious says:

      I believe it was the fact she wanted to work with the director of the first Thor. And then Marvel had to hold her contract over her head to get her to do the second one when the director didn’t end up doing the second one. So i’m surprised to see her shilling for it so much.

      Tom as Loki always makes me happy, Tom as Tom not so much these days. Bring back the dragonfly jacket and we’ll talk.

      • ZAK says:

        Portman had to Shill for Thor to keep herself relevant in Hollywood. If she can Shill for those awful Star Wars prequels she can Shill for the mediocre Thor franchise. So it’s not a secret that I don’t care for Portman as an actress or anything else. I guess I think that their is a reason that she plays so many weak woman-child characters. Maybe that’s unfair to her but I think that’s kinda her and I don’t care for that type of person. If she were actually a good actress and actually topped her 11 year old self in Leon I wouldn’t care what her personality was but she hasn’t. I thought Black Swan was a weak film and that she was nothing special in it.

      • Andrea1 says:

        I didn’t like Black Swan too…

      • TheCountess says:

        Chiming in to add my hate for The Black Swan. Overrated clap trap.

  14. Coco says:

    I like the dress a lot but the bodice does nothing for her girls. I don’t care for the sallow complextion in the third pic either.

  15. serena says:

    *Being serious* Maybe it’s tongue it’s just too big and can’t fit, sometimes it happens.

  16. Eva says:

    She has a stink face since her co-stars are two, good looking guys and she basically got stuck married to a guy who knocked her up. If she wasn’t knocked up by this loser, she would have dumped him after her Oscar win and would be either still single or settled with a better guy, someone who is not a gold-digger or a loser like him. He will not stay with her, he will leave her for a younger girl I think.
    He is an opportunistic, people who have worked with him before Black Swan have confirmed this. Did any of you know he used a women to get him a green card in the United States? He dumped her after he landed in the states and started going after more woman who could help his career. He hit the jackpot with Natalie. Those who still deny she has helped his career should know this.

    • emmie_a says:

      She doesn’t HAVE to be with him — She chose to marry him. She has her own career and the resources needed to raise the baby without necessarily being married. And it’s not like he could demand that Natalie marry him.

      • Eva says:

        She married him so she doesn’t want people to think she is like those knocked-up girlfriends who never marry the baby daddy a la Kim Kardashian. I think she saw how that made her look and married the bum. They married just so Natalie doesn’t look like an unwed mother.
        Also the fact that after she gloated at the 2011 Golden Globes about how no-name Centipide knocked her up, the full story of how he dumped his live-in for her came out and it did not make her looks good.

  17. Andrea1 says:

    She looks older than her actual age

  18. Miloe says:

    Her Oscar has not really helped her career at all. If anything, she went back to doing whatever kinds of movies she did before. Which are movie franchises and crap indies. And I find it funny how she dissed Star Wars( the movies that made her famous) but talks so great about the Thor franchise. She is basically forgotten and everyone loves to either see Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleton. Not for her.
    I personally like Star Wars and find the Thor franchise nothing special.

  19. Aria says:

    Benjamin Millepied is the spitting image of Kate Bosworth’s husband!!! Did you notice that?

  20. themummy says:

    She just can’t get it right. Her whole head looks weird: bad hair, bad lighting maybe?, bad make up, she looks like she’s getting over being sick or something. BUT, that dress!! Oh my god, I want that dress!! It’s perfect. In her potato sack dress she looked amazing but the dress sucked. Other way around this time. Also, I’d kind of like to slap ballet-boy…just because he looks like he needs it.

  21. Jay says:

    Hiddles really needs to blend his foundation. He looks like he’s wearing a bronze mask.

  22. Jules says:

    Fug hair, and not looking as good as she usually does. Oh well.

  23. mia says:

    Is it just me or does she look more relaxed with Tom than with her husband?

  24. nj says:

    Girl you are moving into Paris. So get your sh*t(fashion sense) together

  25. Mango says:

    I actually quite like her dress. Flattering cut, interesting fabric. Looks like something Keira Knightley might pick.

    The shoes are atrocious.

    Makeup- and hair-wise, I think she’s trying to go for a fresh, natural look, and it’s certainly pretty, but perhaps a brighter lip would make her look a little more awake. A red or burgundy lip would have been nice here.

    We’re so used to seeing female celebs way overdone, with the pancake makeup and extensions…I think she looks refreshingly natural.

  26. Janeite says:

    I loved the dress and the shoes. The hair, not so much. I’ve always liked her face a bit rounder too. And one of those pics is not very flattering; she looks very tired.

  27. shannon says:

    these pics are making me want a Nat/Tom hook-up pronto. Her husband looks like a stick in the mud. I’m willing to bet she’s regretting that decision right about now.

  28. Mel says:

    The dress itself is gorgeous (despite the somewhat unimaginative decolletage); I would have it in a heartbeat. Does it look well on her? No, I don’t think so. I cannot put my finger on it, but I think it’s her waist. It looks slightly too thick for this particular dress really to work as intended.

  29. Mary-Rose says:

    Whatever Chemy excuse is,TommyAnnE is doing both shares of the promoting and I don’t think it’s very fair on the latter. TommyAnnE looks drained in the photos Espicially the Paris premier. Even in the photos today at the Paris press conference TommyAnne wasn’t his usual hyper self, in fact he didn’t look like he wanted to be there and do it all anymore. Chemy maybe filming but Tommy is also rehearsing for a play that starts in Dec so I think Cheney should do more and let TommyAnne have a break to concentrate on his other projects

  30. EscapedConvent says:

    I really like the dress. I think Gnat looks pretty good. Still dislike her.

  31. daniegr says:

    Her husband looks like a fish out of water with all these celebrities. Kinda like Kim Kardashian at the Met ball. She doesn’t belong in the celeb world and neither does this guy. He knows the only reason he is at movie premieres is because of his wife. Without Natalie, would he get invited to them? Nope. I heard he was getting pissed at her when she was filming a kissing scene with Michael Fassbender. Yet it was perfectly alright of him to cheat on his live-in with Natalie, kick his girlfreind out and impregnate a movie star?

  32. cs says:

    I used to love Natalie and I still think she’s very pretty. But, I look at her so differently now since she was all for charges to be dismissed against that “Pig” Roman Polanski to enter the US.

  33. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    That dress is strangely out-of-season.

  34. whoop says:

    She looks like she is trying to morph into Angelia Jolie. Like K-Trash is trying to morph into Beyonce. WTF is in the Hollyweird water???

  35. aprilies says:

    I used to really like her until 2011, thats when I offically stopped being a fan of hers. She just seemed so greedy for an Oscar and even lied about how much dancing she did to get it. It makes me wonder, if she just told the truth and credited Sarah Lanes dancing, would Natalie have won the Oscar? I think it would have gone to someone else.
    And she looks so weird with her husband. He has a tragic hairline imo.

  36. OhDear says:

    She looks like a rougher version of Angelina Jolie in that closeup picture.

  37. RJ says:

    Natalie has won me over as a forever fan since this scene from The Professional:

    I think she has poise and class. I know it can be hard to tell from the gossip rags what celebrities are actually like in person, but by all appearances she is a lovely young woman. I hope her husband is good enough for her,

  38. Mary-Rose says:

    Chemy is currently wearing TommyAnne’s velvet suit at the Berlin premier