Royal christening portraits released: here is your new ‘streamlined’ monarchy!


Here are the new official portraits from Prince George’s christening on Wednesday. These photos were supposed to be released “on Thursday,” and like all things having to do with William and Kate, they waited until the very last minute to release them. I think the photos were released, like, in the dead of night in England. Around 11 pm or so, which seems weird. Anyway, there are lots of poses and groupings to choose from. My favorite is the tight family unit one of just Will, Kate and George. George looks very, very happy in that shot. He’s even waving his little arms like he’s about to yell “HUZZAH!” Or possibly “Yay, I get to be king!”

The photos were taken in the Morning Room of Clarence House, the Prince of Wales’ residence and offices (most of Charles’ offices are in St. James Palace, I guess). The Middletons were included in one of the portraits and in an interesting twist, Harry and Pippa were posed side-by-side. Please, let’s not do another round of “Pippa and Harry, let’s make it happen.” He’s got Cressida. He doesn’t want Pippa’s mess. I think the photo of the Queen with the next three generations of kings is an interesting photo – very interesting. Is this what modern monarchy looks like? It looks… stream-lined. Lean. Personally, though, I’m a fan of the royal “dead-weight” like Princess Anne and the York princesses. I’d trade in half of these people for the Princess Royal.

As for Kate and how it looks like she’s lost all of the baby weight (and then some), Star Mag had an interesting piece on that:

Just three months after giving birth to baby George, Kate has lost all of her baby weight. “In fact, she looks even more toned and fit than she was before her pregnancy,” says body expert Alicia Hunter.

How did she do it? Although naturally thin and likely predisposed to have an easier time dropping pregnancy pounds, a palace source confirms to Star that the Duchess “set aside time every day to work out. Kate’s trainer had her doing a lot of cardio, abdominal exercises and weight training. Her main focus was her stomach. She was determined to have a flat stomach – and she loves how it looks now.”

Kate has also been breast-feeding and her glowing skin “indicated she’s eating clean and staying well-hydrated,” says Hunter. Kate “seems to have lost 40 pounds.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Is it reasonable for a woman who just gave birth three months ago to be doing abdominal exercises? I’m really asking. I don’t know if it’s okay. Cardio sounds fine, weight training sounds fine, but just the idea of Kate doing crunches and sit-ups…ouch. But of course she “set aside time every day to work out.” It’s not like she had a job she had to go back to!

PS… Does Prince George have brown eyes?




Photos courtesy of Jason Bell/Clarence House.

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  1. Esti says:

    I think they went a little heavy on the photoshop in the one of just Will, Kate, and George, but you’re right that the baby makes up for it. Otherwise, I think these are really nice. And I ADORE that the Queen has her handbag in every single shot.

  2. Rose says:

    they don’t look alive.
    like some inflexible plastic things in stiff suits or dead yellow lace.

  3. lucy says:

    Lovely pictures, I especially like the one of the Queen admiring little George, her expression is the perfect doting great grandmother.

    • Original N says:

      I agree … I love that photograph of the Queen. Though, I am left wondering why she chose to sit so far away from Waity? It is interesting, is it not, particularly given how close William is to Waity. The Queen’s placement throws off the balance of the photograph. Personally, I would have loved for the photographer to take a photograph with the Queen front and center, holding the baby!

      • MisJes says:

        Yes! I really wanted The Queen holding Prince George and surrounded by her family, without Kate or the rest of those Middletons.

      • Esti says:


        Honestly, I find that sentiment kind of gross. They did one without the Middletons, but Kate is part of the family now (just as much as Philip is, she’s just a more recent addition). The idea that they should chuck her out of the picture while they pose with a baby that’s 50% hers is just weird. She’s not a brood mare, she’s Will’s wife and George’s mother.

      • MisJes says:


        Reviewing my comment, I concede that my word choice was not the best.

        The assumptions on my view of Kate’s position in the family, that litter your comment above, are inaccurate. In fact, I did not state ANY view at all.

        I was merely stating what I thought a lovely picture would have been. In my own family, we take a picture of the eldest generation of each side holding the baby, with their side of the family gathered around. It is not about “chucking” anyone out. I don’t see what is “gross” about that, but if it is to you, that is your prerogative, not mine.

      • Kitten Mittens says:

        The baby is genetically 50% hers. That’s where it stops. She will be the child’s mother, but she won’t have any pull if she wants the kid to not go to boarding school, or not participate in royal activities. And should Will and Kate divorce she will not have it easy. This isn’t a normal family and things aren’t done the same.

        And they got seperate photos and group variations so it’s fine. I don’t see an issue.

    • Spooks says:

      What’s so wrong with those Middletons? They’re family too. Jeez.

  4. A says:

    Princess Anne, yes. The York girls and their parents, no. Charles can cut them off.

  5. Naye in VA says:

    I think you are good to go on exercising after 6 weeks. I think that’s what it was after my C-section. But did we really have to ask that. When these celebs are on treadmills at 2 weeks out?

    Anyway, George is so dag on adorable. I feel comfortable saying it here because nobody knows me, I WANT ANOTHER BABY!

    uhhh had to get that out

  6. blue marie says:

    Are they supposed to look so wax-y? When I saw the top photo I thought for sure it was their wax duplicates.

    Prince George is adorable.

  7. Melissa says:

    Is it just me or does Kate’s face looked like it was photo-shopped weird? She looks cartoony.

    • Mauibound says:

      Just imagine if Diana’s genes hadn’t been thrown in there, George wouldn’t have a shot at being so damn cute

      • Bubbles says:

        Kate is way prettier than Diana. Let’s hope the baby looks like her.

      • Suze says:

        Honestly, they are/were both very attractive women. George is lucky in his genes.

      • Spooks says:

        Kate is pretty-ish, but no matter how much I try, I just can’t see Diana’s beauty. She was a great person, but very very plain.

      • Kitten Mittens says:

        George will be lucky until the Windsor genes kick in. They always do.

      • Suze says:

        To me, Diana and Kate are about equal on the looks scale. Diana projected more presence, though, from the moment she appeared on the scene.

        Doesn’t matter, really, because as people have pointed out, the Windsor genes always kick in and stamp out everything else. Usually at about 28 to 30 years old.

      • Diana says:

        Kate seems just more “pedestrian” than Diana. Diana had “breeding” and seemed more comfortable as a princess than Kate. The way Diana moved was so sensual, and her presence so natural and graceful. It was easy to admire her. Kate’s veneers, and all that goes into making her attractive are not so winning to me, because it’s just too easy to see what she would look like, minus the “stuff”. Kate looks like she is trying very hard just to fit in. It must be daunting. I would love all the spit polish she gets for sure! Kate is great and seems very sweet, don’t get me wrong. But in my opinion, she doesn’t even come near Diana in the princess department.

      • bluhare says:

        Oh, I do so hate “breeding”. Diana’s behaviour as a princess wasn’t that great either, if you count affairs, stalking, and vitriol. I don’t think being raised as an aristocrat did Diana any favours at all.

      • Florc says:

        Diana made a good point there. PDiana moved very gracefully in public. She had charisma in spades. Kate is going for a more “perfect princess” image and that means veneers, hair, clothes, vacant stares. There’s a lot to be said for a person’s inner beauty. Even if Diana had her violent/spiteful side.

      • bluhare says:

        Disagree Florc. Diana had charisma which has absolutely nothing to do with “breeding”.

      • Suze says:

        To me, Diana had pure PR genius. She was in a class unto herself as far as that was concerned.

        She had her share of personal issues. I believe Kate is probably a much easier person to live with.

      • wanda says:

        Bubbles – I find it funny that you think Diana is the prettier one. Kate is so artificial and receives so much help from Mr. Photoshop, it’s hard to tell what she really looks like under the heavy make up, fake teeth, hair extensions, fake tan, etc., etc. Diana had a natural elegance about her and while not a conventional beauty per se, she was def. above Kate in terms of looks.

      • Florc says:

        Didn’t mean to draw a comparison between breeding and charisma. Only that Diana had Charisma. No one can argue against Diana having that “it” factor. All “breeding” aside. She was graceful in photographs and video.

        Kate might be easier to live with because she’s so submissive. William has lashed out one way or another in the past and she’s still around because she’s accepted that. That’s my arm chair diagnosis. He’s in control and she’ll support that as long as she’s taken care of.

      • Maria says:

        Kate does not come close to what Diana had. Kate is girl next door and Diana had that certain je ne seais quoi that made her stand apart from the rest and always will. Maybe it’s because Diana had determination and drive, which I don’t see with Kate. Dressing up for a fundraiser every two months is not drive.

    • Diana says:

      Yes, breeding is a bad word. But Diana was a natural.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Diana was also a dancer and that will influence how you move. :-)

        I agree, Diana had a presence that Kate seems to lack.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I will never forget Princess Diana secretly taking her two small boys out into the night and handing out blankets, food, and money to working girls and the homeless. In spite of her demons, Diana was effortlessly beautiful.

        I often wonder if any of Diana’s official portraits still hang in any of the royal residences, or were they all relegated ‘to the dust heap’ like Anne Boleyn’s?

      • bluhare says:

        Really good question, Sloan. If I were a betting person I’d say none in BP, yes to William and Harry, and maybe to Charles. I do know her favourite portrait is at Althorp.

      • wolfpup says:

        Diana was effortlessly glamorous and sexy. I don’t think Kate is sexy at all…sure, she has good bits, but somehow one thinks of volleyball or badminton when you see her. Too bad about all the photoshop, if that is what made her have such a weird expression on her face for the sitting photos.

        Can anyone explain why she wears blue skinny jeans everywhere since she has gone to Canada? She wears them for official functions, as well as about town…I think she must have a dozen pairs. Wearing those same old bottoms and just changing up the top seems a bit uncreative, at the least.

  8. pfeiffer87 says:

    the photo of the queen & three future kings is meant to mimic one done over a century ago of Victoria and three future kings:

  9. elle says:

    I enjoy that the Queen’s handbag makes an appearance in the photos.

  10. serena says:

    I think baby George’s eyes are deep blue :)

  11. paola says:

    That baby looks a lot like Harry.
    I can’t stop laughing at the fact that the Queen wanted her bag in the picture. It’s like the bag too is part of the family or she didn’t trust anybody enough to let the bag out of the pic. ‘No you silly tarts, the bag stays with me! Blimey!’
    I find it hilarious. :D :D :D

    • LadySlippers says:

      HM is *very* peculiar about her purses. Dressers have tried to get her some different purses, different purse colours, even changes in gloves. And HM steadfastly refuses to alter her gloves, purses, or even her shoes. It’s kinda funny & endearing! :-)

  12. T.Fanty says:

    Call me a sap, but the picture of all the future monarchs (and Charles) was quite wonderful.

  13. teehee says:

    I dont think its shopped, its just lighting effects of diffuse daylight and lighting setup for the portraits, which also had to counter the backlight. That, and Kate is smiling way too hard.

    • Kate says:

      The Queen is in the same light as Kate and William and she doesn’t look half as airbrushed as them, it’s especially obvious in the higher res pics.

      But yeah, it doesn’t help that Kate’s smile is bordering on manic. You’d think if she had just one thing down pat it would be having her photo taken, but apparently not.

    • Belle says:

      I rambled on about this above, but it is hard to pose for photos with a baby. If they are trying to get a cute look from the baby (as they obviously did in that first picture), it usually means the parents are holding their smiles way too long… and even trying not to blink, for fear they will catch a great shot of the baby, but someone else will be blinking or otherwise ruin a darling picture. Smiles can end up looking forced or strained… but most parents happily live with it to get such a cute shot of the baby in their ‘family photo’. :)

      I remember taking photos when my girls were babies… and looking through proofs… it was frustrating. In this one, the baby looks darling, but my smile looks really strained… hubby blinking in that one… everyone looks great in this one, except baby is looking down. Getting a photo where everyone looks great isn’t easy… a baby to the mix and it can be rather difficult.

    • Snowangel says:

      Think they are shopped,only because Prince Phillip’s dark eye circles are completely gone. I am pretty confident he would never wear make up, even for a photo shoot.

  14. eliza says:

    Hooray for the hand bag.

    Love the Q and Prince Charles. The baby is cute. The rest I can do without.

    So tired of the hype over this couple. They need to remember as well as mainstream media that Charles is next in line to the throne. End of story.

  15. lenje says:

    Seconding every comment above about the Queen’s handbag :) :) :)

    Anyway, despite the stories about how she treated Diana and was distant to her children, I still can’t help but admire her work ethic and energy. Probably she does more physically at the age of 87 — with all the events she has to attend, and the travels — than me. I think at times she even looks younger than Charles.

  16. Kate says:

    Terrible photographs. Kate and William and even the baby are all photo-shopped to high heaven. In the group photo every one else looks normal and those three look like cardboard cutouts.

  17. Ellie66 says:

    Wow prince Charles looks exactly like his mum (if he put on a hat he would be her) lol! Baby George is adorable he looks like his dad when he was a baby.

  18. Ag says:

    Sigh. I wish I had an army of nannies, cooks, house cleaners etc, so is be able to “set aside” some time each day to work out with a trainer, despite having a one-year old at home.

    • Marigold says:

      People without all those helpers work out everyday around the globe and have babies. Some people can make it happen; some can’t. But it’s not just for the wealthy.

    • themummy says:

      Comments like these, while holding some validity, largely come across as bitter and defensive. I was a single mom (of one), worked full-time, went to college full-time at night (a few nights a week), and got up 6 days a week at 4:30 a.m. to work out, which I did in my own home with dumbbells, an adjustable bench, a squat rack, olympic bar and plates (mostly for deadlifts), my yoga mat, and a (cheap, used)treadmill. I got all of the equipment at yard sales, used stores, and some from family and friends when they were getting rid of stuff (although you need not one piece of equipment to stay fit: yoga, bodyweight exercises, metabolic circuits, stairs, walking, hiking, etc.). I didn’t require a housekeeper (good god, I would love one, though!), a nanny (my kiddo went to a family day care during the day when I worked, but has never ever had a babysitter…and he’s 17 now), a personal trainer, a chef, etc. I just did it. Every day. It’s honestly that easy. I understand that it’s not necessarily fun, and it can be hard to stay on track sometimes, but if it’s something you actually want to do, anyone can make it happen. Sure, for a few years I got 5-6 hours of sleep on weeknights, but I got 8-9 on the weekends. I actually enjoyed the routine. If one wants it, one can easily make it happen. Working out need only take 20 minutes if that is all you have–if you do it right.

      I think I sound preachy, but I don’t feel preachy. I think I’m just honestly sort of curious about and exasperated by these sorts of comments that I see venomously (or snidely or dismissively) flung around when someone famous loses weight after a baby (or whatever). It’s interesting. If I sound like a douchey, uppity bitch, forgive me. I don’t mean to sound that way. (I do have Asperger’s so sometimes I struggle to understand my tone, so go gently on me if you wanna bitch me out….)

      • bluhare says:

        It read as “I wish” to me, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “I wish” too.

      • Suze says:

        I don’t think the original comment came across as remotely bitter or defensive. It was a simple “I wish” statement. There was certainly nothing venomous, snide or dismissive about it.

        Your post-partum exercise routine was both admirable and consistent. I’m glad it worked for you. Maybe someone will read your post and decide to follow your example. Then again, perhaps that won’t happen.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:


        You’re alright!

        An “I wish” comment is not defaming, just simply wistful.

        I think, themummy, you’re expressing an “I’m in charge” or “I’ve got the power” sentiment to change my life or my body. Nothing wrong with that because sometimes one forgets how many obstacles can be overcome.

  19. Sandy says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful parents and baby! What a relief it must be to the Queen, after all the horror of Charles!

  20. katspeakz says:

    I had a vaginal birth and was walking the day I came home from the hospital. I was back to a formal exercise routine (including abs) within a week. I’d already asked muly doctor, and he was fine with it. FWIW, I didn’t lose the last ten lbs until I stopped breastfeeding.

  21. mkyarwood says:

    Old ladies are partial to their cake hats and handbags. I bet it’s full of hairnets and dog food! George is soooo cute. I think he just has the really dark blue eyes many babies have at birth.

  22. Diane says:

    George looks just like baby William did. So cute. William and Harry are a credit to their mother.

  23. m says:

    Holy airbrush! They really went nuts with the editing, didnt they?

  24. MisJes says:

    The only picture I like is of The Queen with her son, grandson and great-grandson. Four generations. I think it is just beautiful.

  25. Tina says:

    George looks a lot different in these photos than the candid ones and video, right? They photo-shopped out all his grumpy face wrinkles!

  26. shump says:

    Baby’s eye colour isn’t set until they are older , they can change hue or get darker, but they won’t get lighter.

    • GiGi says:

      To be factual… eye color can change at any time throughout a person’s life, becoming lighter or darker, or different color.

      And yes, caucasian babies can be born with brown eyes.

      • Marigold says:

        Thank you! My kid definitely had brown eyes at birth. Sometimes they looked hazel-like if you put light directly in them but otherwise-brown. I never knew people thought it wasn’t possible.

      • GiGi says:

        Yes! You hear it all the time… my SIL’s kids (all blondies or gingers) were all born with nearly black eyes. My youngest was born with brown eyes – still brown. My oldest was born with very dark blue, then they turned bright blue, now very light grey. My son was born with muddy hazel eyes which went light blue and are now back to muddy hazel.

        In my mom’s family (native american) her siblings were all born with brown eyes, but now in their 50s, 60s & 70s, their eyes have all lightened considerably to be almost green.

  27. Ellen says:

    That handbag just slays me. Love it.

    Check out the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the photo with the Middletons. Everyone else is looking at the camera, they’re looking at an aide asking, how did THOSE people end up here?

    I jest, sort of. But how many photos did the Queen allow, if there weren’t any of the big group with everyone looking in the same direction at once?

    (My take on the release time? They waited until the end of the day so they got two full cycles of Christening news. One day for the informal photos at St. James, one day for these formal ones. Or it took that long for the photographer to photoshop everything. Take your choice.)

  28. Angelic 21 says:

    I am disappointed with the photos. I would’ve liked Queen to hold adorable George,u know it’s bad when Queen Victoria looks more warm and good in comparison. The photo shop looks really bad, K&W look so plastic and weird with no wrath towards adorable Georgie. They all look so stiff and awkward even Harry. Also in both the group photo Harry should’ve been behind Kate to give her beige, light yellow, cream whatever dress some background. Pippa behind Kate with the same colour dress does not look good. Also I would’ve liked 1 photo of grandpa Chuck holding George.

    Having said all that little Georgie is just so adorable! I want to eat and smother him, God those cheeks are so kissable. Now I like something about w&k, they come off as good parents. I also liked their choice of God parents. Adorable Georgie looks like a calm, happy, well looked baby. God I love his cubby cheeks, he looks more cute then both of his parents were as babies IMO.

  29. Crabcake says:

    I adore this baby. ADORE. He’s just so expressive and gorgeous.

  30. Sam says:

    Just an aside – I had no clue that William and Harry are so tall!

  31. Cazzee says:

    Did anyone else notice that in that first photograph, William and the baby have the exact same hair?

    Father and son both have a mini-combover!

  32. Andrea says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how she did it.

    As I understand it, there is a condition called diastasis recti. Basically, your ab muscles part like a curtain if you do too much strenuous exercise while pregnant or immediately following pregnancy.

    I really, really dislike her. It’s because of women like her, women go all crazy trying to be super fit and slim again after pregnancy when in fact they should be enjoying their babies. There is something seriously off about her. It’s not normal . . . she doesn’t appear to have a stretch mark, or even a bit of extra skin. How is that even possible?

    • GiGi says:

      You don’t get that from working out, you just get it from being pregnant.

      In fact, ab exercises while pregnant help keep them strong and pulled together. I think some people are also just predisposed to having that.

      But honestly – none of my girlfriends have a concern about this after having kids – it’s ALWAYS about the loose skin… also a genetic predisposition thing. I didn’t have any after my first, but the second one killed my tummy.

    • L says:

      You can get that just from being pregnant. My sister didn’t do any working out before/after and had that issue. Same goes for pelvic floor issues (which I’d recommend people don’t google unless you want to be grossed out)

      It happens to a large % of pregnant women-regardless of the working out. That’s a old wives tale.

    • Marigold says:

      Remember, that info comes from a rag. For all you know, she still has her kangaroo pouch under there. I gained 43lb while pregnant and have lost 55lb since. 41 of those pounds came off in the first 3 months and I did no ab work (just breastfeeding and normal activity). I’m pretty damn good at hiding that pouch, though, and I’m built quite like Kate. Things aren’t always what they seem or what is written in a tabloid. People are just built differently and makeup and photoshopping can do wonders. I don’t doubt she is watching her calories and working out but I doubt she did anything incredibly dangerous.

      • Jenna says:

        Yes, a friend of mine is very similar build to Kate (tall and lean), and while her stomach looks super flat if you just happen to see her top riding up, there is definitely loose skin if she’s out in a bikini.

        I’m sure Kate is watching what she eats and she obviously has the time/resources to exercise as much as she wants or as is safe. She knows she’s going to be photographed and scrutinized so she has a lot of incentive. That said, I hope she does NOT start looking like she did pre-pregnancy, that was too thin/”toned”. If you saw photos of her from the charity event last night, it’s obvious that she has a little more flesh on her arms than at this time last year and it looks much better!

    • Bridget says:

      Diastasis recti has nothing to do with exercise during pregnancy or postpartum.

      And honestly, it’s not that everyone needs to be super thin after having a baby (it takes 9 months for that weight to come on, ggive it at least 9 mo ths for it to come off) but exercising is wonderful to do as a new mom. It helps keep you strong, fit and healthy, and it’s a great way to help combat postpartum depression or even just the baby blues.

    • mayamae says:

      I’m a nurse, and once examined a 12 hour postpartum patient with an abdomen I could have bounced a quarter off of. Hate on Kate if you want, but it’s mostly genetics to be credited, along with the discipline to gain only a healthy amount of weight, and a body that was already toned well before pregnancy.

  33. L says:

    I’m thinking that Pippa and Harry are together to break up the cream (if he and camilla switched places, it would be 4 people in cream right in the center) Having camilla behind the queen allows her bright blue suit to pop in the picture. Plus the way everyone is semi-arranged by height brings the eye to mom/dad/and baby.

    Good composition work professional photographer.

    • Deedee says:

      I respectfully disagree. There’s so much distance between these people (which the camera exaggerates) that they look like a bunch of business people posing at a convention instead of a family. The photographer should’ve brought them in closer together. Of course, maybe they didn’t cooperate. There’s so much bad here–the overuse of Photoshop to the point that Kate and Will look plastic, the angle of the “3 future kings” photo is unfortunate (see two painted heads over Will’s shoulder)and has too busy of a background, and the lighting was not well thought out.

  34. Cinnamon Girl says:

    I feel like the Queen is ready to run out any second, with her gloves and handbag. Like she could only be there for a minute and had to go!

  35. themummy says:

    I was told I could resume ab intensive work 6-10 weeks after birth–whenever I felt I was ready. I think I was back in the gym at 6 weeks and started allowing myself to do more abs intensive stuff around 8 weeks, just to be safe (c-section).

    Anyway, George is really cute. Looks just like Will. I like the “Woot! I get to be KING!” photo.

  36. Aeryn39 says:

    “Personally, though, I’m a fan of the royal “dead-weight” like Princess Anne and the York princesses. I’d trade in half of these people for the Princess Royal.”

    Yay, Kaiser – +1000!!!

    Love, love, love the four generations photo. And I ADORE the handbag. Seriously, I have “owning a Launer of London Encore bag” on my bucket list…

    The photoshop on Kate in the top photo is creepy. Maybe Hilary Mantel was right and she is a jointed doll…

    Also, did anyone read the article in The Telegraph on Oct. 9th about how Prince Philip doubled his workload for the coming month compared to last year? I couldn’t help an eyeroll when I thought, wow he’s doubling up at 92 and Wills is taking a gap year at 31, LOL!!!

    I’ve never had kids, but a cast member in a musical revue I was in had a son by caesarean section two weeks before rehearsals began. I remember her rehearsing with us from the very beginning, but she couldn’t do somethings at the start. By showtime she was able to do “Mein Herr” from Cabaret and that is pretty strenuous in terms of core work while on the chair. So I guess it’s possible vis-a-vis Kate’s weight loss/volley ball photos.

  37. bluhare says:

    You all are not debating the most important point!

    Is George GINGER???

  38. Sunny says:

    sweet photos and all are very good dressed. George is the best looking!

    What is wrong with Kate´s face? Look at the first picture. Her face looks curious. The position of her head, frozen smile and dead eyes. Bad photoshop? It looks not normal.
    William is unphotognic as hell! And his socks :-(

    The group photos: They all have very much space between each other. Look at the Queen and all the space between her and George/Kate

  39. Suze says:

    I think the overuse of photoshop was unfortunate. I find Kate to be an attractive woman, but official portraits of her are always airbrushed to high heaven and she doesn’t look relatable or real.

    The baby is adorable, as babies all are. I like the hands-up pose, and like the shot of the queen peeking at him. Human elements in photos that look unfortunately staged and sort of stiff.

    • Kitten Mittens says:

      All their photos are stiff. Even the wedding photo of Kate compared to Diana’s. Kate’s is stiff, proper, formal. Diana’s was relaxed with giggling and leaning into each other. Like they’re really trying to present an image of regal perfection, but it just comes across to counter their “normal/relatable” image.

  40. Decloo says:

    The Middleton brother is looking very George V with his beard. He kind of looks like an anachronism among this lot. I like his look though.

  41. Reece says:

    OK I’ll say it I keep staring at all the negative space in these pics. There’s a lot of wall and window and paintings, ex. the the 4 generations pic.

    Baby George is major cutie! Those cheeks! He looks like a good mix of Will & Kate.

    Like many above me, I love the presence of the handbag!

  42. The Original Mia says:

    They look like wax figures in that first picture. Holy photoshop!

    The rest of the pictures are nice. Happy baby. Happy family.

  43. Sachi says:

    George is so cute. Those cheeks! Chubby babies… :D Looks very much like William. Those Windsor genes are so strong.

    His eyes are not brown. I saw a blown-up photo of his face and his eyes are murky green right now. He’s either gonna have Kate’s eyes, which sometimes look hazel or light green depending on the lighting, or William’s blues.

    The photos don’t look that great to me. They’re very stiff and lifeless even though they’re smiling, especially the one of Kate tilting her head and her eyes looking vacant. These photos look rigid, even by BRF standards.

  44. booboobird says:

    love the first picture. baby G is just too cute.
    Kate looks very stepford wife-ish. still pretty though.
    love me some Lizzie with her ubiquitous handbag!!

  45. JLo says:

    I don’t understand the shade for Kate exercising. It’s perfectly healthy to return to the gym six weeks after a v-delivery. And I know a ton of moms who work out daily, with and without jobs.

  46. Justaposter says:

    I love the pic of the Queen looking at the baby. I am pretty sure she has done that with all of the royal babies.

  47. T. Fanty Fan says:

    Love the photo with the queen looking at little Georgie! Like any doting great-grandmother!

  48. Erandyn says:

    Why is there a crumpet on her head? Is it cos she’s representing Britain? :P

  49. Mel says:

    When I first saw the photo of the happy trio (mum, dad, & George) for a split second I honestly – swear to God – thought it was a joke of some sort. Their expressions, especially Catherine’s, are so funny. They look like an advertisement from the 1950s, for a sofa or an insurance company. I can almost hear them: “You too can enjoy a happy carefree family life – with Prudential! Call tollfree for our brochure today!”

  50. Litta says:

    Ok, I have what is probably a really dumb question, but I’m not very informed when it comes to the royals: if something were to happen to William, would Harry be next in line, or would baby George preced him?

  51. MavenTheFirst says:

    William and Kate look plastic and bland. Par for the course. I didn’t think low key meant dead.

    Georgie is the only alive creature. A cutie!

    Really bad photography all round.

  52. Mel says:

    “Is it reasonable for a woman who just gave birth three months ago to be doing abdominal exercises? I’m really asking.”

    I have no personal experience, but my mother started doing abdominal exercises immediately after my birth, while still in the hospital bed. And, in fact, her figure became even better after my birth (having been athletic and lean before). At age 51 (I am looking at a photo of her at that age, in a bikini) she had an hourglass figure.

  53. P.J. says:

    These pictures are airbrushed as hell. Kate looks like a constipated wax figurine.

    And where are George’s GODPARENTS??? I wanted to see Georgie with his godparents.

  54. My2cents says:

    I want to know what is in the Queen’s purse. It has to be something special if someone else can’t look after it while she sits for a portrait. I noticed her purse/clutch in other portrait photos too. What does she carry around that is so important??? I’m dying to know.

  55. Mary says:

    awww thinking of Diana… Love the “I am king of the world” pose by baby in first picture.

  56. Bridget says:

    It’s just fine to do abdominal work not long after having a baby – different precautions have to be made if the mother had a C Section, but aside from that they’re just muscles. The general guideline is to wait until 6 weeks postpartum to begin an exercise regimen (not only to wait until the lochia stops, but also to make sure that the uterus has fully gone back to it’s original position as well as simply because the moms joints most likely feel very wobbly with all the relaxin in her system.

  57. Carolyn says:

    The Queen can do what she likes. The photo with the 3 kings and the Queen is lovely. The last group shot is nice too.

  58. Lisa says:

    The baby is adorbs. Kate looks like a wooden dummy, I’m sorry to say.

  59. Jane says:

    That baby is too cute for words.

  60. Wren33 says:

    I just had a baby and 2 weeks post partum I am below my pre-pregnancy weight. Some women gain a lot of “extra” weight while pregnant, some women actually lose weight from severe morning sickness, like Kate had, and some women just gain the actual weight of the baby. It can be diet or exercise, but mostly it is just genetics. I think the pressure to erase any sign of having had a baby immediately after birth is harmful and ridiculous. Even though I don’t have extra weight, my belly is still big, but with Kate’s body type and the pregnancy she had, I doubt she has had to work out to look like she does.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Kate never appeared to lose weight during her pregnancy which is a blessing. And we have seen her thin before. :-( Her face never went to that yucky thin we’ve seen before.

      I just think she managed her weight gain throughout and breastfeeds, all which greatly help get her back into shape after.

  61. Mayda says:

    too much photoshop. I think the way the queen is looking at the baby is cute tho

  62. jwoolman says:

    Seeing all the photoshop comments, it occurred to me that before cameras- all portraits were photoshopped on the fly by the painter… :)

    • Sunny says:

      yes it´s a sweet photo, George´s smile is super cute! But Wills should look more like a proud daddy or even look happy.

      Now with the new photo of the trio i´ve realized why Kate looks so weird in the christening photos. No joke. Kate has crazy eyes. Am i the only one who notices Kate´s crazy eyes?
      Ok maybe it´s because i´ve just watched the old HIMYM-episode where Marshall has a date with a woman with crazy eyes…

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      Georgie is not ‘basking’. Who knows what Georgie’s look means. Perhaps it was a startle response.

      And his mother is grinning at him with the same headlights she uses for photo ops. I don’t see softening, or all encompassing love or emotion.

      William looks like he’s working.

  63. Angelique says:

    They should have photo shopped Carole…out of the picture!