Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault in Washington, DC this morning


You’re NEVER going to believe this! Chris Brown was arrested in the wee hours of the morning today in Washington, DC. FOR ASSAULT. Felony assault. Are you shocked? Are you even mildly surprised? Or are you like me, somewhat gleeful that Chris Brown has messed up again and that the suckiest baby in the world will probably be going to jail for real this time? Washington is NOT California. The DC cops take felony assault much more seriously. I’m sorry about the dude who got his face punched in (truly sorry about that, dude), but otherwise I’m just so happy that Chris Brown no longer gets to claim that nearly killing a woman was some youthful indiscretion.

Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning for FELONY assault after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Brown got into an argument with a man outside the W Hotel on K Street and allegedly punched him once IN THE FACE. We’re told the man Chris struck never threw a punch. Sources say Chris and the alleged victim did NOT know each other.

The incident occurred at about 4:30 AM.

Chris was with his bodyguard, and we’re told he was also arrested.

Our law enforcement sources say Brown did not appear to be under the influence of anything at the time of the incident.

Brown is currently in custody. As for the other person, we’re told he’s being evaluated at a D.C. hospital. Sources say he’s claiming injury.

Brown is still on probation in the Rihanna beating case and this could be grounds for violating his probation — which means he could be sentenced to prison for nearly 4 years … worst case scenario for him.

Before the incident, Chris had been hosting a party (pic below) at the nearby Park and 14th nightclub.

[From TMZ]

God, I kind of love that Breezy is STILL on probation. If I’m remembering the details of his ongoing legal drama in California, he conceivably could have been off of his probation months ago if only he had done his community service. Instead, he lied about his community service and when the DA called him out, Chris said that the DA was racist. Lord, there are just so many layers of schadenfreude with this one. Again, I feel bad that an innocent dude was assaulted. But everything else… the law is finally catching up to him. Thank God.

UPDATE: TMZ has some additional details about what went down. Apparently, two guys were trying photo-bomb a photo Chris was taking with some girls and Chris just lost his damn mind and started throwing punches. Because of course he did.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lee says:

    It’s like hug from Baby Jesus. LOL. I can’t stand this #$%#$$!

  2. T.C. says:

    Of course. The guy is out of control. They wouldn’t send him to jail for nearly killing a woman. Now it’s it’s time to pay.

    • Hakura says:

      @T.C. – I was happily, actually grinning, to this news, heartily agreeing w/the 1st comment that it’s “Like a hug from baby Jesus”. But your comment brought me back to reality, a bit.

      It’s true, what you said… He wasn’t sent to prison for nearly killing a woman, & if you really look at this hard enough, it’s obvious that the only reason he could be sent to prison *now* is bc A.) He pissed off the DA being a grade A douchebag & lying about doing the woefully inadequate community service… & B.) He punched a MAN in the face, in a state other than California (who apparently doesn’t give a sh!t what you do, probation or no).

      He’s been in plenty of reported physical altercations while on probation, & don’t get me wrong, I’m downright THRILLED he’s getting what he deserves finally. I just feel a bad taste over the fact that punching a MAN in the face *once* is going to get him locked up (whether due to probation or not), but beating the hell out of a WOMAN got him nothing but begrudgingly picking up trash on the side of the highway & bitching about it online to anyone who’d listen.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Hakura: He should absolutely have gone to prison for beating Rihanna, yes. But this time he might go to prison not for punching a man but for lying about his community service AND punching a man while being on probation. All of it combined might put him where he belongs. It’s an accumulation of douchebaggery and criminal behavior. This isn’t really a good case to compare what the system will do to you when you hurt a man vs. a woman.

      • Hakura says:

        @LittleMissNaughty – I do know that it’s not a case against how the law looks at this crime against a man verses a woman, I was just saying that bc the ‘Rihanna incident’ didn’t result in prison, where-as this smaller one likely will, (due to the combined circumstances of probation), it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t mean to sound like I was being mega-feminist about abuse/violence against/on women versus man/man crime, but I can see how it sounded that way.

        Everything about this MFer irritates the pure sh!t out if me. So long as he ends up where he deserves, instead of strutting around grinning like the cat who ate the canary, I’m happy. =)

      • Becky says:

        THIS. While it’s great that Chris Brown will finally, God willing, get what he deserves, it’s important to remember that in the eyes of California state law, domestic violence isn’t “real” violence. Chris Brown should have been in jail LONG before he punched a strange man in the street.

    • Liv says:

      I’m curious what’s his excuse this time. He’s so ridiculous.

      • FingerBinger says:

        I guess he’ll say the guy was looking through his phone. That was his excuse for beating the crap out of Rihanna.

      • Hakura says:

        @Finger – Heh! Ya know, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he did pull that sh!t. Since he was taking a pic w/a girl, maybe they were using his phone? Or he had his phone out at the time? But who knows, maybe he’ll claim emotional distress as the result of ‘harassment’, or ‘being *hit on*’ by the dudes (who if I understand correctly, were just trying to photobomb the pic a celeb was taking w/a fan).

        @Liv – He’ll probably go this route: ‘I have emotional problems due to being raised in an abusive household, I need to spend time getting therapy, or at the very most, spend time in a mental hospital, but not *jail*! My behavior isn’t my fault. I had a terrible childhood, im just imitating the violence I witnessed, I just need therapy.’ Believe me, it’ll be absolute BS. I’m not insensitive to the effects of abusive homes, but he’ll say *anything* to make everything someone else’s fault.

        Unless of course, he has too much pride & arrogance to allow his attorney to use that method, as it would mean publicizing personal abuse, & admitting emotional/mental issues, which I’m sure he wouldn’t believe of himself for a second.

      • swack says:

        I think ROL reported that the two girls were trying to get on his bus and while they were stopping them this guy and his friend(s) were trying to get on the bus. That’s his excuse.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The first thing I thought of was all of those people who have said he’s learned his lesson. Clearly he has not. There was other evidence in the past: throwing the chair through the window at GMA, his fight with Drake, his fight with Frank Ocean. We all knew it was only a matter of time before he hurt someone again. Hopefully his apologists start to agree with us now.

    • No way he’ll go to jail. Nothing will happen to him. Nothing at all. He’ll play the race card. He always plays the race card. No flippin’ way D.C. will prosecute him on anything.

      D.C. isn’t a state btw.

      • janie says:

        I have to agree… This won’t result in jail time. The charges will be knocked down to a misdemeanor. He’ll pay the guy off & be on his merry destructive way. I do love how Howard University distanced themselves from him. His tattoos are crazy! He doesn’t look clean anymore from so many of them. Don’t rejoice too soon, his lawyer hasn’t spoken yet.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Right- DC isn’t a state, but that has zero bearing on the argument . All Hakura meant was that it’s NOT in California.

      • Yes, it does have bearing on the case. It’s never good to promote geographical ignorance.

      • Hakura says:

        @HeavensToMurgatroid – I’m not sure if your comment about ‘promoting geographical ignorance’ was referencing me, but GreenTurtle was right, that I really only *meant* that the fact that he *wasn’t* in the state of California is what made a difference this time. I live in Baltimore Maryland, so I’m quite aware DC isn’t a state, regardless of the wording.

        But what GreenTurtle said was that my wording did not effect my *argument*, not that it didn’t effect the *case*.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      It further shows how ridiculous our system is. People that harm others in different ways (assault, rape, murder, etc) are either given a term to serve and they are out in a matter of years versus people that may have had a bit of weed on them and having to serve the maximum of 25 years or even more without parole. Brown should have been locked up after he used his old girlfriend’s face as a punching bag. Should have been locked up after violating terms of his probation. I promise you a non-celebrity would have been thrown in jail for a short amount of time before being released.

      Shaking my head this way and that on this one.

    • Dinah says:

      CB should have been in prison for the assault & battery/ domestic abuse, without doubt. Was the state obligated to press charges based on the nature of the crime, as opposed to a victim not pressing charges ( I don’t remember the case well, and honestly, it’s not an article or set of photos I want to revisit)? community service was truly a slap in the face for all DV victims, not just Rhianna.

      I only ponder because I wonder about the whole cult of celebrity in California. Look how long it took to deal with LaLohan? I am sure there were/are other celebs sliding through the system where any other ‘average Joe’ would quickly and thoroughly pay the piper- you know with the incentivized growing private sector involvement/ management of penal facilities-the more inmates, the more profit.

  3. Relli says:

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you…. That is didn’t happen sooner! Happy Sunday!

    Btw: loving that second pick of him looking like skeletor doing the zombie dance in thriller.

    • Nono says:

      He has been looking really sickly lately.

    • Petee says:

      He looks like he does alot of cocaine.Might explain his behavior.I don’t like this man for many reasons.I am glad there might be some justice here for a change.

    • Christin says:

      It was just a matter of time. And he does look awful in those last photos. Now we can just wait on the myriad of lame excuses he’ll have.

    • claire says:

      You know what shocks me every damn time? That there are sooooo many people who lose their shit over this guy getting criticism. Look at the tweets on his timeline. Tons of people, mostly women, who are tweeting anyone who criticizes Chris to Kill Yourself, I want to F’ing Kill you, Don’t talk bad about Chris, etc. Same people probably who went on and on about Rihanna deserving it. Who ARE these people?! It’s so scary to me how out of hand celebrity worship is that people excuse his behavior in this vile manner. I just don’t get it.

      • Relli says:

        Yeah that is weird I choose to bel wove those are hired twitter bots because the reality that women and men like that exist is too sad. Although I learned everything I know about Team breezy from his mom and her twitter feed…. It’s like whoa I see why he doesn’t believe he should take responsibility for his actions.

      • ctkat1 says:

        @ Claire: I can’t read the comments on most sites that report this story, because they are just too alarming and sad. So many people who are making excuses for his behavior, blaming the “haters” who don’t understand him, etc. This situation seems so clear that I have an impossible time understanding that position: Chris Brown is a violent man who has expressed very little repentance for his violence, has done very little to remedy it, and continues to act in a violent manner towards others. This isn’t a case of people piling on Chris Brown and refusing to forgive him for one mistake he made when he was young, this is a case of a violent man who is continuing to physically hurt people and has yet to be held responsible for his violence.

      • Kristin says:

        I know what you mean! What repulses me the most is that like you said, the majority of these whack-jobs are WOMEN! I can’t believe the ones who not only make comments about how we’re all just haters and that Rihanna had it coming, but then make idiotic comments like “Chris, you can beat me up anytime!” Seriously, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I was just going to say, in that shot he looks like Mark Anthony when someone catches him at a bad “Skeletor” angle.

  4. jess says:

    I love that they stated hé was not under the influence of anything cause now he cant do what every other celeb does when something like this happens….rehab. well…unless…theres à rehab for being a douche.

  5. And here I thought all my warm fuzzies were coming from special brownies. It’s like my little black heart has grown two sizes today.

  6. Talie says:

    Not surprised… He seems like he has become even more violent since Rihanna. Shame.

  7. Sixer says:

    Please nicely, could someone explain the difference between assault and felony assault? Is it a question of degree of violence or harm causes or something else? In the UK we have actual and grievous bodily harm. Is it like that?

    • freya says:

      I didn’t know either, this is what the internet tells me (specifically for Washington DC )
      The felony assault or aggravated assault is in the link on the bottom of the page, somehow couldn’t link it directly.

    • Migdalia says:

      The only difference is if in what state do they consider assault to be a felony or a misdemeanor. So it looks like in DC’s case it’s a felony which means no slap on the wrist for Mr. Brown this time. If he had used a weapon it would be “felony assault with intent of bodily harm” something like that.

    • ari says:

      Misdemeanor charges are usually reserved for cases where either minor injuries were sustained, or threat of safety occurred without physical contact. Felony assault falls into two categories. The heaviest of the two is aggravated assault, which will usually be applied when someone has suffered more serious injuries such as disfigurement, loss of consciousness, or potentially death. The other felony is assault with significant injury, which is usually reserved when medical attention or hospitalization is needed. I believe some states will have guidelines such as if bones were broken. If a weapon was used, this will also most likely elevate charges to a felony as well.

  8. ANDREA1 says:

    This guy needs to be taught a lesson.. Because he never seems to learn from all his mistakes well they aren’t even mistakes if you think about it. The guy is just a DOUCHE

    • GreenHoof says:

      He’ll never learn. He refuses to because then he would be forced to take a hard look in the mirror and see himself for what he truly is. I guarantee you that the second he gets out of jail he is going to be “this (insert a homophobic slur or slurs here…makes you wonder why Chris is obsessed with homosexuals as much as he is) was disrespectin’ me!” He’ll try to make himself the victim. It’s already started on TMZ.

  9. Anna says:

    10 bucks says he still doesn’t end up in jail.

  10. lovegossip says:

    Nothing will happen. DC or not. Betcha 10 bucks he walks away clean. He will pay the guy off, charges will be dropped and he will smirk. :-( P.S., 4 in the morning and he wasn’t on anything? Suuurrreee………

  11. prissa says:

    This is definitely a violation of his probation and he should got to jail. He needs to face the harsh reality of his actions. He refuses to help himself or listen to anyone (

  12. Tiffany27 says:

    “I’m surprised at this” said no one.

  13. ashley says:

    This boy will never learn,he got so many chances to be a better person but,no he is going to learn now. Talking about jay-z,u don’t see jay walking around stabbing people,he learned from his mistake. I’m so happy rihanna know her worth,finally left his ass. Where his o.h.b. and karruche? My heart breaks for his mom.

  14. Babalon says:


    That is all. Carry on.

  15. lolita says:

    It bugs me when people have talent and opportunity and just squander it. This idiot despite his doucheyness is talented and not just in one thing but instead of taking that blessing and running with it he is a whimsy douchey violent unapologetic shadow of what he could be
    Lock his ungrateful ass up

  16. Assistant Rachel says:

    This just in! Chris Brown is still a raging douchebag!!!!

    Ha ha, couldn’t happen to a bigger ass!

  17. JB says:

    OMG, am I ever tired of seeing or hearing something about Chris Brown being stupid.

  18. Nae Nae says:

    How can they say he wasn’t on anything when he looks like a druggie in all of these pictures?

  19. Garrett says:

    Good. Hopefully justice gets served and he spends time in prison.

  20. Kaboom says:

    Why be sorry for the guy he punched? He’ll get the check of a lifetime from the lawsuit and will never have to work again. He got his meal-tickets punched, so to speak. I take much solace in the fact that he gets to spend Brown’s money.

  21. Jane says:

    God, this entity is the lowest form of life. I simply cannot stand him.

  22. Merritt says:

    Of course. It was only a matter of time. Brown has serious anger problems. And instead of even attempting to deal with it, he chose to play the victim instead. I hope he is convicted and given the maximum penalty.

  23. msw says:

    SMH. I hope this is a reality check for him. I really, really do.

    • gefeylich says:

      Please. He will never, EVER learn, not even when he’s devolved to doing crack in a skid row gutter somewhere (hopefully sooner than later). He’s a raging narcissist, and when he does this kind of thing it’s never his fault. It’s the other guy/girl/group of people/innocent motorist’s fault! He is blameless! They forced him to do it! It was the only way!

      And so on until he’s dead.

  24. Kcaia says:

    I don’t think we should celebrate this, but doing so, it shows that there is a lack of faith in reality. If you hate Chris Brown because he promotes and exhibits violent behavior and tendencies, then you should know that karma/life/God will eventually catch up with him to teach him a lesson. But if you know that, you should know that wishing and finding joy in anothers’ bad misfortune strings you to their karma. If you knew it would happen eventually, what’s the rush? This may not be it. Hope that makes sense, but on a side note, CB’s music speaks to me, love his artistic side and could watch that man dance for hours. Every charge in DC is federal time, but I would guess he’s more likely to do time on the probable VOP, if any.

  25. GeeMoney says:

    The fact that he’s bringing his dysfunction to my area makes me want to barf.

  26. Nina says:

    Man, have you read what happened on TMZ? He was taking a picture with a girl, a couple guys tried to get in on it and he was all like ‘I AIN’T INTO THIS GAY SHIT’ and punched one of the guys in the face.

    Oh Chris. Oh you stupid, angry baby.

    It was just a matter of time before he did something like this. I’m just glad that no one got killed in the process. Thank you for suffering one for the team, random dude. I hope Chris goes to jail for a long, long time. I know Lindsey Lohan never will so if he does, my faith in the legal system will at least be partially restored.

    • shannon says:

      Why am I not surprised his raging homophobia (simply an extension of his misogynistic hate for anything he perceives as ‘feminine’) was on full display yet again? Chris, I hope you realize what a closet case you are. Straight men who are secure with their own sexuality do not feel the need to constantly insult the gays. We all know you really want to get with another dude. No need to get all raged out about it.

      • Hakura says:

        @Shannon – I can’t speak as to his opinions on gay people, or the origins of his hate or anger problems. & I *know* there’s been a lot of talk (like in the Miley conversations) about child & young celebs, sexual abuse, & the behavioral consequences of it… So I dont mean to just throw it in.

        But when I read about Chris Brown supposedly becoming sexually active at *8* years old, I immediately thought here had to be something to the ‘sexual abuse’ angle, regarding his homophobia & serious misogyny. If he had been abused by a male, maybe a family member, it might make sense… I know a lot of abuse victims sometimes hold hatred toward a parent (maybe in his case, his mother) for not protecting them from the abuse.

        But that is completely hypothetical.

  27. Zbornak Syndrome says:

    I wonder where this young man’s anger issues stem from? Has he never considered counseling or rehab?

    • claire says:

      Most batterers have self-esteem issues. They build themselves up by controlling others. Notice that his anger and violence happens when he feels others are enacting free will and he’s not in control of them and something is happening that he believes violates the grandiose image of himself he has built into his head. I would hazard a guess that he probably grew up in an abusive household or learned this behavior from other men in his family.

      • GreenHoof says:

        There are plenty of men who grew up in abusive households and choose not to allow themselves an opportunity to become abusive. Chris is a grown man who has chosen the path of violent behavior. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. Explanations should in no way be an excuse. He grew up in an abusive household, I get it. So did Patrick Stewart and he’s becoming a major advocate for causes that help end violence against women. You choose how your past defines you and Chris needs to be held accountable for the choices he has made.

      • claire says:

        I wasn’t excusing him. I don’t believe reasons or explanations are excuses either. I also don’t know he learned behaviors from his family that’s why I called it a guess as it is sometimes the case. Sometimes.

      • GreenHoof says:

        Didn’t he go on and on about how he was abused by his stepdad when the Rihanna thing happened?

      • claire says:

        Did he? I don’t have the slightest idea of his upbringing except for knowing that his mom is a bit of a lunatic. Going on and on about him being a gift from God and MJ reincarnated and all that. She seems pretty off to me and a big enabler.

      • lovegossip says:

        I am pretty sure he his Dad (or step?) beat his Mom in his presence a lot. If I am remembering correct. People all over the world have that happen and a lot learn NOT to do the same. He chose to emulate what he learned growing up and sorry, but it is too late for him to change. He has shown that time and time again. Total loser.

      • Kcaia says:

        Don’t feel bad for having any sort of understanding towards others, no matter who they are or what others think they deserve or don’t deserve. When hate and anger cloud your life, you don’t see clearly anymore. I think you’re opinions on Chris might be absolutely correct, and he’s no less deserving or capable of change than anybody else.

      • Tammy says:

        He did grow up in a violent household, he watched his mother get beat for years. Violence against your mother is violence against you. I am guessing he never sought counseling, nor has his mother, for the abuse & this can lead to dangerous consequences. It’s easy to say he’s an adult & responsible for his own actions but if he was never taught appropriate responses to anger when he was younger, then he’s going to hit. It is EXTREMELY hard to break this cycle, you have to want to change, whether you are an abuser or abused. And then you have to actually work at not getting angry… think it is easy? It is not. I am an abused child myself & I’ve been abused & abused others. I work at my anger to this day & I will tell that life is so much better because I have but it was hard to get here. Most people give up. Often you become addicted to anger & this is what I suspect is going on with Chris Brown. The only way Chris Brown is going to change is if he is willing to deal with his anger problems. Prison is only going to make him more violent. I am not saying he shouldn’t go to jail…he should. Enough is enough already and it is very possible he is beyond the point of being rehabilitated or reached. My point is his childhood definitely led him here to this point. This is why becoming a parent is not some whimsical idea & it’s why it is so important to teach children how to deal with anger.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      “I wonder where this young man’s anger issues stem from? Has he never considered counseling or rehab?” OK, Zbornak, (Great username!) let me thumb through my DSM-V as I provide an armchair diagnosis.

      IMO, Joyce Hawkins taught her son from boyhood that he is the special golden chosen-one to whom no rules apply. After he beat Rihanna, Chris’s mom went out of her way to refer to him on Twitter as an “angel from God” (repeatedly) whose divine status somehow redeems him of any wrongdoing. After The King of Pop passed away, Joyce Hawkins tweeted how Chris Brown is practically the next Messiah: “MICHAEL JACKSON DIED SO CHRIS BROWN COULD LIVE!!!!!!”

      CB’s upbringing was abusive, and it produced a criminal. When Mom or Dad doesn’t have empathy, they can’t teach it to their child. Instead, they manipulatively groom him to be incredibly vain and selfish for the parents’ own purpose, which is usually to be an extension of the parent’s ego via the child. Through the child, they seek to experience accomplishments, to punish enemies, etc. The child’s identity isn’t allowed to form as it would with an empathetic parent: the child is simply pushed to see himself as a super star, to achieve power by trampling others, to be a “success” who “takes what he wants” and “won’t take no for an answer” because these are the parents’ fantasies of grandeur.

      I think Chris Brown was warped by his parent’s machinations, which were clearly exploitative and grossly selfish. It’s most often boys who are groomed in this manner, since a girl couldn’t possibly enjoy all the triumphs of which the embittered parent dreams. This results in the psychiatric disorder most sex offenders have, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It’s essentially untreatable, and adults with it are extremely exploitative of others.

      Sickeningly, this is probably exactly what his empathy-free parent wanted. We know Chris Brown is a person who will hurt others and sleep like a baby afterwards. This is the parent’s monster to turn loose on society, in whose triumphs the empathy-free parent will delight. And the parent will expect everyone to admire the child.

      Deliberately, if unconsciously, warping a child’s personality so he cannot possibly learn to love, care or share is definitely a form of abuse. This is never an act of ignorance: the parent may not understand what he is doing, precisely, but he is always doing it for himself, without genuine concern for the child’s well-being.

      • Tara says:

        That’s really interesting. Thanks Sloane.

      • Sara says:

        There is so much insight in this post that I hope it is not overlooked. This is exactly what happens when a parent transfers sick and destructive narcissism to a child and then supports the child when its behavior causes real damage. I hope whoever posted this has not lived through this to a point of real harm to herself. She clearly understands how someone like Brown can be created and supported by truly dysfunctional parents. He is quite horrifying, really, because he is so young and oblivious. If he does not go to prison for this and learn something about himself, his habitual violence may escalate in a predictable pattern that will end in something terrible.

  28. chops 116 says:

    oh happy day!! this ass needs locked up…its unfortunate that he wasn’t after the Ri beating

  29. Hakura says:

    Although ideally I wish it had happened as a *direct* result of what he did to Rihanna, I can happily accept anything where he gets his ass handed to him properly. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw it on the front page, so much so, that my mom asked me what I was looking at.

    Let’s hope we’re not disappointed again.

  30. C. says:

    “I never saw this coming!” Said no one ever.

  31. Reece says:

    hahahahaha…ahhhhhhhhhh! *breathe* ahhhhhahahahaha…

    1 technical question, is it DC or is it Maryland? I know DC has it’s own set of laws for certain things but wouldn’t felony involve the state?

  32. some bitch says:


    Throw the book at ‘im, DC!!

  33. Vera says:

    What a loser. Can he go to jail, please?

  34. Kiki says:

    What are the possibilities that this guy goes to jail for a long time this time?

  35. cowgirl27 says:

    Apparently the guy needs surgery on his nose – it is broken. That is the felony portion of the arrest. The injury was pretty bad – not just a minor injury. Chris is pretty screwed on this charge. The guy apparently claimed he would have accepted a simple apology at the scene but Chris was homophobic and racial slurring and would not offer a simple apology. So now it will proceed through the courts and he is on probation and DC is NOT Cali. This will get serious. Remember even Mayor Marion Barry served time in DC. Shizz will go down so this could get interesting.

  36. A Fan says:

    Once a piece of sh*t, always a piece of sh*t…

  37. Lori says:

    Given the violent nature of his behaviour and the fact that he supposedly wasn’t drugged/drunk………I’m thinking his defence will suggested he go the mental health route and say that he’s manic depressive/bipolar or something. Honestly I think there must be something really wrong with him.

  38. eliza says:

    Once a hot headed thug, always a hit headed thug.

  39. Apsutter says:

    What a piece of trash he is. It’s almost unreal to me to look back at his early career and public image…who would have thought he’d be the next Bobbi Brown/DMX type

  40. Dawn says:

    I wonder what it is going to take for this punk to be held accountable for his actions. Or does fame mean you can do what you want, when you want, to whomever you want without consequences? This is shameful and if he gets off again well there simply is no justice in this country. He is a grade A jerkoff and no amount of talent should mean he gets special treatment in a court of law. Oh and R.I.P Lou Reed, a truly great American musician.

  41. GreenHoof says:

    If he winds up doing his time in a federal prison, can’t CA just pay the feds to keep him locked up? No excuses of overcrowding then.

    The second your immediate reaction is violence is the second you are no longer fit to live in society.

  42. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for the guy who got punched, but if it lands CB is jail where he belongs, I feel like the guy kind of took one for the team, you know? Plus I hope he’s able to sue for medical, pain and suffering.
    No more slaps on the wrist. This is a violent, dangerous guy who needs to pay for his crimes, and get some serious help.

  43. shellybean says:

    I’m confused. Yes he’s a jerk and violent. But how is punching someone in the face once felony assault? Wouldn’t it just be regular assault? I thought felony was with a weapon, like aggravated assault.

  44. aquarius64 says:

    Karma catches up to Beat ‘Em Down Brown. If he finally goes to prison Karrueche will dump the moment he puts on the orange jumpsuit.

  45. Bondon says:

    *clutches pearls* shocking!

  46. Kas says:

    Kinda OT, but kudos on one, two, three, pictures without the crotchgrab!!!
    That must have been a bitch to find.

    Then again, maybe he surrendered it to Miley.

  47. Dommy Dearest says:

    Please. He’ll get off. Our justice system is incredibly screwed up. But if you’re a celebrity you get to walk on water. I’m sure they’ll just lengthen his probation and if he does do time it’ll be one day. The jails will most likely be overcrowded. -eyeroll-

  48. Meanchick says:

    Saw this coming. He NEVER admitted what he did or apologized for it, he ran and got a lawyer and his enabler mommie to help him blame everyone else for his behavior. When you are truly sorry for something, your behavior changes and you never do it again. He wasn’t sorry and never will be. He’s surrounded by people praising him for being a jackass. Money never bought class. Now it’s time for jail, serious jail time. I don’t want to hear any boo-hoo stories about his background, jail is where he needs to be right now. He hasn’t grown from his skirmishes with the law or even sought to make changes to his environment or his behavior. He’s a ticking time-bomb. He’s not the only one, but he’s the topic here.

  49. skuddles says:

    BUH BYE BITCH!! Now where should I be sending that case of KY? Directly to the jailhouse? I’m sure they’re getting your cell ready as we speak.

  50. The Original Mia says:

    Enjoy your time in jail, dipsh$t!

  51. St says:

    Let’s all celebrate. this wonderful news. Also bonus point – this is Washington. Not L.A. with it’s celebrity justice. There is a good chance that now he may finally answer for his crimes.

  52. Rebecca Lynn Swanstrom says:

    Chris is claiming he is innocent and he was trying to stop a bunch of men from rushing into his tour bus. He says his body guards handled most of it, but he did push one guy back. However, he says he never punched anyone. It might be the truth and it might be a guy lying because he’s afraid he’s going to jail.

    Didn’t anyone around have a camera phone? I am surprised no one filmed this or took pictures since everyone thinks there a professional camera man now with their iPhones and such.

    • moot says:

      Right. And we should believe what Brown says because he’s reliable, unbiased, and has never lied about physical altercations in which he’s been involved.

      And a “bunch of guys trying to rush onto his tour bus” should be handled with violence because once they’re on the bus there’s really nothing that can be done about it.

  53. ZAK says:

    I was giving Brown a chance to change but he never did. After his disgusting attack on his Ex-GirlFriend he never learned any lessons. He is a terrible, terrible person and all the deflictions to JayZ’s past mistakes isn’t going to change that.

    It’s clear that Hova never completely forgave him for beating Rihanna and that’s why he brought up Jay’s past. I give battered women a lot of leeway but Rihanna needs to be completely done with him now and she needs to get her life together. I don’t expect him to but if he did it I hope he gets some serious jail time.

  54. Greata says:

    Its a good day in Graceland! Time this punk was put away!!!!

  55. cyndi says:

    What part of our new “weed loving” state are you in? I’m in this podunk “Apple Capital of the World” (not anymore). Central Wa- the big Apple Blossom Parade. ?

  56. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    And to think, if Julianne Hough had just waited a day, she could have offended us all by dressing up like this PoS instead and come closer to looking like the actual source (read: disgusting, disturbing, and trashy as all get out).

    In all seriousness, though, I hope he gets the book thrown at him. Literally. That is not a joke, I want a judge to throw an actual book of law at him. And then send him off to the clink and get him away from innocent people that he could be harming.

  57. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    I remember when he first came on the scene and he was so clean cut and nice, no tattoos what so ever. He even appeared on the Disney channel in The Suite Life, where he very cutely danced the Aunt Jackie. I actually LOVED him back then. Then he suddenly went off the rails, and, as someone said up thread he went all “Dennis Rodman”. I totally agree with that analogy.
    At this point I feel like when his fame got intense whatever underlying phych problems he had, he probably has BPD or NPD or both, he “cracked” and hes just gotten worse and worse. This is more than watching his mothers sick relationship. I think its that plus a personality disorder combined to make him so dysfunctional. When your at the point your injuring your fan base its time to see a Dr. I also think he’s using drugs routinely. He looks sickly and scary.
    Its hard for me to look at him and not remember how he used to be. He was really really talented. Its like two totally different people. Scary.
    One question: where is his TEAM?? Why are they not on him?? Youd think theyd work 24/7 to keep him under control. Idiots.

  58. palermo says:

    So much for his anger management classes, lock him up and throw away the key before he kills the next one.

  59. Insomniac says:

    I’m waiting for the inevitable announcement that the DC cops are charging him because they are racist. Knowing Chris Brown and his love of race-baiting antics, it should be in by tomorrow night at the very latest.

  60. dana says:

    At this rate, we’ll see Chris Brown giving advice columns at Jezebel from the perspective of a male feminist.

  61. Lester says:

    Sorry CB.we all come to this world not knowin’ where we gonna go.Hope u be out of this shit soon

  62. allons-y alonso says:

    The very real prospect that this little twat might actually go to prison?!?!? Has someone been peeking at my Christmas wish list?

  63. M says:

    I don’t think he’s going to prison, you guys. :-( Lawyered up (of course) and now claiming that he was attempting to prevent a crime (trespass). Under any jurisdiction, you can use physical force to prevent a crime directed at you or your property (his tour bus). We all know this was concocted by his lawyers because it’s the only thing that could get him off, but it may actually work.