Khloe Kardashian: ‘doesn’t want backlash because she forgave an addict & cheater’

I had the chance to read US Weekly’s full cover story on Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s reconciliation, which we covered briefly yesterday. To say it’s a real doozy is an understatement. We previously heard the detail that Khloe is taking Lamar back after he got sober and groveled. Lamar also is said to have appealed to The Don herself, Lucifer’s homegirl PMK, who gave the reunion her blessing as long as she could exploit it in a tabloid narrative. Hence this US Weekly story, which made me uncomfortable for Khloe. She’s making what I consider to be a very bad decision, but if she were an average citizen she would only have to deal with judgment from her friends, family and community. Instead it’s all laid bare in the pages of US, with details including Khloe’s motivation, how she forgave Lamar, how she feels about his affairs, and the fact that she’s sleeping with him again. I was surprised at how candid it was, but I guess this is the price people pay when they sell their souls for profit.

Here’s most of what I found interesting and new in the US story:

On how Khloe is coping with Lamar’s affairs
She can forgive, but forgetting is another matter altogether. “Khloe is not past his affairs and they still fight about them,” the confidant says of the stories of Odom cozied up at hotels with multiple other women – one of whom told a tabloid she thought he had gotten her pregnant. “This is what Khloe is mainly embarrassed about. She hates the drugs, but the cheating and lying are harder.”

It’s just like old times, they’re sleeping together
Yet ever since Odom’s forgiveness pleas, the couple have had covert rendezvous nearly daily, with Odom still apologizing endlessly. And their reunions are sometimes so like old times that she’s felt comfortable enough to be intimate with him. Confirms a source: “They’ve been sleeping together.”

On how Lamar is ready to get back to work
After a year of watching the Queens, NY native spiral downward, Khloe has seen a remarkable emotional and physical turnaround. “He is working out constantly,” the insider says of the free agent, who has had discussions with the LA Lakers. “He’s putting on weight and looking great.”

Khloe is worried that taking Lamar back makes her look
Now, says the insider, she’s more concerned about the reaction to taking him back. “She knows it will look bad,” says the insider. “She doesn’t want backlash because she forgave an addict and cheater.”

On how the reunion was so hard for poor fragile Kris Jenner
The very day of Odom’s October 8 apology, Jenner was already raw after announcing to US her separation from husband Bruce. But she put that aside to hear her son-in-law… Kris broke down in tears and hugged Odom. “She told him she loved him and he said the same,” says the source. “But she also told him, ‘Don’t you ever do this again.’”

Lamar is ready to be a Kardashian again
“Lamar also wants to ease back into the Kardashian family. He wants it to be a peaceful, happy reunion when everyone is ready.”

[From US Magazine. print edition, November 11, 2013]

At least Khloe, or her mom I guess, is finally admitting how much the affairs hurt her. The previous company line was focusing on Lamar’s drug use as the problem, not his wandering dong. Also, that last part about poor noble Kris Jenner is hilarious to me.

Some of you commented in the last post that there’s a blind item claiming Khloe is the one who introduced Lamar to drugs. This is ridiculous, in my opinion. Blind items are blind for a reason, sometimes they’re just people’s hunches turned into blinds, although some of them are legit and end up being true. So I wouldn’t put much faith in that one. Plus, even if it’s true, it’s not Khloe’s fault if Lamar was cheating and smoking crack constantly. If you have a glass of wine with someone and they end up being an alcoholic, is that your fault?

As for Khloe’s very bad decision, some of you mentioned in the last post that you should stick with your marriage, and your spouse, no matter what. I disagree. There are deal breakers in relationships, and infidelity and extreme addiction are a couple of mine. Some people don’t make these boundaries with a spouse, and that seems unhealthy to me. There’s a difference between not standing by someone when they need you, and putting up with serial cheating, abandonment or abuse.



All photos of Khloe with Lamar are from June, 2012. Khloe is shown at the airport and at an event with Kourtney on 10-25-13. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    This US Weekly story is very…………..detailed. Like I know Kris Jenner is a shepherd of Satan, but she really let too much be known in this article.

    • smith says:

      Agreed. People in the business, who realize many/most details of their lives will be exposed, on display and dissected by the public – have SOME limits. “Don’t photograph my children,” “don’t invade my private family time,” “I’m not discussing this or that,” etc.

      But not this family. I guess it comes from having NOTHING else to offer except an ever increasing nosedive into their most private affairs and personal moments. I always think we’ve hit the basement but one of them somehow finds the secret staircase behind the bookcase in the far corner that spirals down to another level. I think Khloe and some of the others allow it, For Kim and PMK it’s a source of pride and joy.

      Last week: new Mother Kim tweeting her ridiculous ass to the world. “Look, I’m thin!! I’m thin!!”


      This week: first Kim and the comments on her post-baby kagina, now Khloe and Lamar, “we’re sleeping together again!”

      Secret hidden staircase behind the bookcase.

      Next week: PMK goes to third base with new young lover. Live tweets Bruce during the night.

      Underground trench.

  2. tifzlan says:

    If she’s still angry about the affairs, i don’t think she should be taking him back. Getting intimate with him so soon after their reconciliation is a sign of desperation in my opinion and i don’t think that’s good enough a reason for anyone to stay in a relationship, especially these two. She can support him through recovery without being married to him. What Khloe needs to do if she’s so determined about getting back together with Lamar is to forgive him completely. No more fighting about the drugs or the cheating or the mistresses or the tabloid stories. They can talk it through but they shouldn’t argue about it. It’s just a bad sign if she’s still harboring resentment towards him for anything. It’s hard to leave someone you love but sometimes, that’s all that you can do.

  3. blue marie says:

    When you live your life for public consumption backlash/praise is going to happen, get over it or fade into the background. I personally could never stay with a cheater but to each their own I suppose.

    Also, as someone mentioned yesterday we have no idea what kind/how bad of an addiction Lamar had, all that info released to TMZ was done by PMK, and it was a bit biased don’t you think?

    • Kiddo says:

      Sorry Marie, I hadn’t seen your post when I wrote mine below. I completely agree.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      If he had a very serious addiction, dude needs intensive rehab, period. You can’t just start going to the gym and expect that it will cure you of a severe drug addiction.

      Also, if they were doing drugs together, it’s a very bad idea for them to reconcile, unless both are attending some sort of rehab.
      Even if she was just using drugs recreationally, if they used together, then it’s become a habit for him to associate her with his drug of choice. The ritual of sharing drugs with someone creates a really powerful and often unhealthy bond between people.

      • Tammy says:

        Not true. I have had two family members, with severe addictions, get clean without any rehab. What they did do, is go to NA and still go to this day. Another family member went into a detox program for 5 days and has been clean for 10 years… so it is possible to get clean without rehab.

        Now if you meant treatment, instead of rehab, I agree with you. I do know of one person who did use religion as a way to get clean and stay clean, without going to meetings or rehab. My grandfather quit drinking 17 years before he died without meetings or rehab…so it can be done. It is just very hard and rare.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Treatment, rehab, whatever you want to call it. My point was that you have to address the problem and take proactive steps towards recovery.

        Of course people can quit without the help of rehab (I never said it was impossible-my grandfather did it) but it rarely works, especially when you’re in a place like Hollywood, where money, access, and other addicts are constantly surrounding you. Combine that with the pressure of fame and living under a microscope, and yes, I do think that rehab, whether meetings or an actual facility, is an imperative. There has to be a level of personal accountability for these celebs who are surrounded by famewhores and “yes people” in order for them to successfully manage their addiction.

        Source: My own personal experience from dating a drug addict (and using as well) for 4 years.

      • Thiajoka says:

        The problem, as I see it, of not getting professional help is that addiction is usually a symptom of other stuff going on in the psyche. I, too, have had family members who stopped drinking without professional help, and even one who did by going to a 12 step program, but none ever found out what drove them to that sort of behavior. And these people are still the most emotionally confused in my family.

    • swack says:

      I have been saying the same thing. There has been no real proof of his addiction and only “sources” to tell us the information. I am beginning to think this was all a set up to have a story line for the next season of KUWTK because apparently Kim’s baby is not going to be the focus like they would have wanted her to be.

    • MrsB says:

      I am really doubting now how bad his “addiction” ever was. Somebody with a true life-threatening addiction the way they made it sound just does not put down the drugs and recover on their own so quickly.

      • Tammy says:

        It is possible. my grandfather was a severe alcoholic who was hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer when I was 9. He never drank again after being released from the hospital & never went for any treatment. My uncle’s ex-wife stop shooting heroin years ago, on her own, without meetings or rehab. She stopped drinking when she starting going to church & hasn’t looked back.

        His addiction could have been real bad or he recreationally used. But I do believe he was using, There were multiple sources, outside of the Kardashian family, reporting about his drug use, including NBA players. Plus he got a DWI recently or did you forget about that?

      • MrsB says:

        No I didn’t forget about his DUI. I never said I thought he was 100% “clean.” I do think he was using, I just have doubts that his addiction was AS serious as reported. I know it’s possible to quit without help, but it is so much harder and people that do it that way are the exception not the rule. Kudos to your family for conquering their addictions, especially on their own. Withdrawals are no joke and many people can’t quit on their own.

    • jwoolman says:

      People can be emotionally attached to a drug without being physically addicted. Nicotine is highly addictive but there are still people who can decide to quit without physical cravings derailing them. A certain percentage of people who use drugs like heroin (significantly less adductive than nicotine) and cocaine and alcohol are physically addicted and stopping is a whole different level of difficult. But for those with no or minor physical addiction – the decision that something else is simply more important to them can indeed be enough. So they can just simply stop once they’ve made that internal turnaround. Easier said than done… I think Lindsay Lohan is actually not an addict in the physical sense, for instance. She just doesn’t like facing the world and herself clear-headed, she wants to lose that sense of reality. But I doubt that she has physical withdrawal problems, and so when needed for something else really important to her- she can stay sober for the duration.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    the ‘ready to be a Kardashian again’ gave me the heebee jeebees

  5. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    I’m not mad at her. It sucks that he cheated but I bet Khloe is guilty of same. I’m happy to see that someone in this family can stick to their vows AND addicts need support when they recover, so as long as she’s not an enabler or an excuse for him to abuse drugs then good for them.

    • Kasey says:

      AGREED. Marriage is taken too lightly in this day and age and for sure in this family. There is NOTHING wrong with loving someone you are willing to forgive and reconcile even when they hurt or humiliate you-in fact I think it can give that person a wake-up call and make them appreciate what they have in you. There is NOTHKNG wrong with putting in the hard work of fighting for your marriage no matter what. That’s what those vows are about! Once you’ve both put in the work to restore a marriage either you’ve worked and bonded together to build something better than you’ve had so far or at that point you reevaluate throwing in the towel. IF this is true it’s so sad to me that she feels the need to deal with backlash because she loves her husband and values marriage and the strengthening and inevitable process of hard work and reconciliation for better or worse. Gosh! I’m not applying this blindly across the board to abusive relationships because that’s NOT what marriage should be, but it IS going through hard times, bad decisions, moments of weakness (sometimes not at the same time) and working through them together. Two people committed to helping each other out through mistakes, good, bad and ugly for each other’s good is what marriage should be and we’ve lost that to our individuality, impatience and all about me and my immediate comfort and happiness society. :( . Alright, I know that’s an unpopular opinion and I’m ready for my backlash now….

    • Decloo says:

      This. There is no shame in forgiveness. I think this speak well of her.

  6. mel2 says:

    Look what Khloe does with Lamar (who btw is still her husband legally) is her business. I for one am glad she did not cave into being pressured to leave/divorce him. When she is tired of his infidelity and drug use she will cut him loose but for now let her deal with her marriage that way she wants to.

    • Hautie says:

      “…what Khloe does with Lamar (who btw is still her husband legally) is her business. I for one am glad she did not cave into being pressured to leave/divorce him…”

      I agree. This is such a private thing to work through. And it sucks for Khloe to have to do it with every bit of her private life with Lamar… out there on TMZ.

      No one. And I mean no one, has a perfect marriage. What you will put into to it… is what you get back. So this dumb ass idea that there is a perfect marriage is a lie. You have what you make of it. And I am not about to judge anyone, for how choose to deal with the sh*t, that gets thrown at them in their marriage.

      For I do not live in their home. And the thought of a meddling loud mouth Mother telling the world her take on the facts, would make me crazy.

      When there were whispers about Khloe not telling anyone in her family, for months, about the crap she was dealing with. I believe it. As soon as her Mother got wind of it. It was all over TMZ.

      So if Khloe wants to clean up her marriage. That is her right and her own business. And give her credit for trying to. At least she gives a sh*t about him. If there is one thing that Lamar Odom needs… is someone to care at this point.

  7. Kiddo says:

    You know how you won’t get backlash? Make your personal life private, the end. Stop leaking stories every couple of days. These people make their lives a spectator sport and then they are surprised and dismayed when the spectators react or feel less than positive about them. I’m having a difficult time feeling any kind of sympathy here. I think Lamar has a better chance at recovery if he removes himself from this toxic family. I’m not saying they are the root of his issues, but they certainly aren’t the resolve either.

  8. Susan says:

    I have mixed feelings on this. If your going to forgive and take him back great, she’s a stronger woman than I’d be, but don’t justify his cheating on drug use. He was so stoned and high that he fell into bed with these women? For days?!!! Kris on the other hand is a tragedy in all of their lives. Wish the whole family would just break free from her.

  9. Mar says:

    Clearly she had a nose job. Her nose is pinched in the middle now

  10. Dawn says:

    They aren’t back together. The Kardashaian family is toxic for anyone who comes in contact with them. She has been doing drugs and cheating for over a year anyway so the real question is has Lamar forgiven Khloe? She just likes the attention and if this is the only way she can get it she will take it. Besides the Jenner girls will be taking over the spot light soon enough in fact it has already started with Kendall and the other one.

    • Gwenny says:

      I feel bad for Khloe to be honest. When you love someone you are blind to so many of their faults. It really doesn’t matter if the entire world is shoving it in your face. You will only see the good in that person. On top of that I think she really is just desperate to be loved and be in a “successful” relationship.

      Beyond that I think you are touching on the bigger issue here. The Jenner girls are totally screwed. Not that they ever really had a chance at a normal like with the family they have but good lord. We might as well start calling Kris the second coming of Heidi Fleiss. Kris is so much worse those because she is selling her own children. It’s disgusting.

    • Annie2 says:

      How do you know she has been doing drugs and cheating for a year?

  11. Talie says:

    Frankly, I’d be a little freaked out sleeping with someone who supposedly was so deep into the drug world.

  12. The Original G says:

    It’s her mother she needs to divorce. I don’t know if they can put their relationship back together, but long run all those girls need to get their mother out of their love lives.

  13. Shelley says:

    I’m one of the lucky Ones, I guess, as I’ve never watched this show. But I do think there’s a huge difference between “standing by your man/woman no matter what, ” and trying to honor the commitment you made when you married. People can change and overcome addictions, both chemical and sexual. Whether this man will be able to do, we can only hope, and perhaps she believes that she can support him in this fight. I’m sure they both know this is not an easy road and it would be easy for her to walk away now. No one would ‘blame’ her for doing so. If her reasons for staying come from love, strength, and commitment, not from weakness or from some creepy plan schemed up by her super-creepy Mom, then that says a lot about her character.

    • Nicolette says:

      Lucky girl! Your eyes and brain have never been tainted by watching this family sell their souls for ratings/profit. You haven’t watched PMK rub her hands together as she tries to control the drooling at the thought of making more money. You’ve not seen Kim whore herself out for even more money with her sham of a wedding. You haven’t seen Olympic champion Bruce Jenner’s masculinity stripped from him. And you’ve not had to listen to the monotone drone of Kourtney’s voice. Lucky you are!

    • Francesca says:

      Well said! I agree and just hope they take their time and don’t try to get back to “normal”. It will never be the way it was, but it can be much better in the long term if they both really want it to.

    • Kasey says:

      Shelley, I didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine (would have saved me some typing time!) but your sentiments are similar to mine. I hope she’ll be the one person in this family who honors a marriage commitment and is blessed by the fruit of her hard work and labor in doing so. Too bad we live in a day and age where the kind of character this takes is automatically seen as weakness/foolish.

  14. Patricia says:

    I am dubious about his sudden and complete recovery. It’s not that easy and simple. It’s
    like he snapped his finger and BAM no longer a using addict. If only it was that easy for people …
    I agree that Khloe should do what she feels is best for her marriage. However I can’t help but thing that she is letting her emotions rule her and is not being reasonable. If this man went away for a year and came back ready to start over that would be one thing. But the timeline here is too sketchy and I think he will probably go back to his destructive behaviors, especially if they are both in denial and want to act like nothing happened.

  15. truthteller says:

    she won’t divorce him because she is too proud. she is too proud to admit that she can’t satisfy him. that and a combination of how self esteem. yes she is outspoken and a loudmouth but in 99% of people that is used to cover up deep insecurities. and why does her hair have a centre part and hang down her face like it is being weighed down with a heavy rock? it covers half her face (is that the goal?) her hair is so 2004. she doesn’t have a good personality. she is just as fame hungry as the rest of them.

  16. potatopatch says:

    I cannot get over how this whole family apparently loves to just lay every bit of their personal lives out for everyone to read about. Are they that desperate for attention? For all we know, all of these little tragedies are just for public consumption. Also – why hasn’t anyone actually seen Kim’s baby? Only pictures of a hand is shown – what in the heck are they waiting for to actually “produce” this child and show it off? I find it extremely interesting that Kim is all over the place, in public, without child. You would have thought that as much as a publicity seeker as she is she would be parading that baby for the whole world to see. Too bad that she doesn’t realize her child is not now, and never will be, the status that Prince George is. And – we have seen him!!!!

  17. truthteller says:

    they can’t keep a man because there is no beauty in their lives. there is no beauty mac makeup, hair extensions. there is beauty in being witty, charming, intelligent and cute. none of the kardashian women have these things. facially, they aren’t beautiful either. none of the kardahsian women have etheral beauty (no not even kim). they are just glamorous and have a glam squad on call and this impresses those who are easily pleased.

  18. lulu says:

    Everything you wrote, I totally agree.

    Honestly khloe is so annoying. She comes off as a know it all and the way she babies him and talks to him in that high pitched baby tone voice makes me want to barf. Khloe and lamar won’t last. Kim and kanye neither. Its like they are so distracted with life they miss or ignore what’s really important. I feel bad for all of them, even though they have done it to themselves.

  19. Syko says:

    I’m still not convinced his addiction was all it was made out to be by TMZ and PMK. Drama!

  20. Jules says:

    When you allow someone to do this to you, it’s almost like saying it’s ok. I don’t think there is any way I could forgive what he did. I wonder if it was even her decision….Kris might be calling the PR shots on this one.

  21. jwoolman says:

    I wouldn’t waste any sympathy on Khloe. She let loose her attack dog of a mother on this guy and now they’re busily revising the script for the Lamar and Khloe plotline, trying to come up with something more believable than the Lamar on Crack stories. It is very unlikely that he is physically addicted to cocaine in any form (few people actually are), although I can believe that he and Khloe like the stuff and have indulged together. He is more at risk for addiction to prescription drugs. Khloe has an ongoing problem with alcohol and has been shown drunk on the show more than once. As far as her relationship with Lamar is concerned- they seem to like each other. He definitely cheated on her but I have no way of knowing if she has cheated on him. Regardless, it’s not impossible to get past such things so who knows? But Lamar’s cheating pre-dates Khloe so I doubt a change in pattern for him is likely. Who knows? Who cares? Nothing is real about these people, it’s all about promoting their silly brand.

  22. mar says:

    In all honesty, it feels creepy to know this much about anyone.
    If she wants to take him back, hey, that is none of MY business!

  23. Kimbob says:

    TMZ is now reporting Lamar got face-planting drunk last night. So, Khloe forgave too soon. It’s just a matter of time before he hits the drugs again. Alcohol lowers inhibitions. This “marriage” I feel, was doomed from the start. They didn’t even take the time to get to know each other. They met, they married. Easy come, easy go.

  24. Jane says:

    That’s not even the issue, imo. She is throwing herself back into a relationship with someone who you cannot have a relationship with until after they get their shit together! Cheating is one thing, being a narcotics addict is another.

  25. Madriani's Girl says:

    The ability to truly forgive someone is admirable, not something to be ashamed of. And so what if they’re sleeping together, for hell’s sake, they’re MARRIED! I don’t get this one at all. She is the only one of them who seems halfway human.

  26. girlnbayou says:

    Only Khloe will know when she has had enough. No one person will be able to convince her otherwise. She will take and take and take until one morning she wakes up and realizes she has had her belly full of his crap and then she will be over it and not a moment before.

    The heart has its reasons, that reason knows nothing of.

  27. lucy2 says:

    Did he beg her to take him back because he’s sorry and really loves her, or because her mother was relentless in trashing him via TMZ and his career was falling apart?
    I don’t think I could forgive cheating or serious drug use, let alone both together, if that’s the case. But if they are able to work it out and really want to fight for their marriage, I’m not optimistic about it, but good luck to them.

  28. TherapyCranes says:

    Personally I could forgive the drug abuse but not the cheating. That’s something that sticks with you and you never really forgive the person. That total betrayal of intimacy can’t be forgotten. However I’m not going to judge Khloe for taking him back. It’s her marriage. Only she can choose what is right for her.

  29. Her indoors says:

    She has forgiven him far too quickly. The only thing that motivates cheaters is LOSS people. And by rolling over, she has given him absolutely no incentive to change. None.

  30. NovemberScorpio says:

    If I was famous, and my demonic fame whorey mother was leaking stories to US Weekly about how often I am sexing my man . . .she would be dead to me. I know PMK has a lucrative deal with US Weekly, but this is disgusting. You have enough money already, so learn some god damn boundaries.

  31. Emily C. says:

    I do not like seeing addiction put in the same category as cheating. They are entirely different things. “Forgiving” someone for being an addict would be like “forgiving” them for having depression.

  32. An says:

    Khloe will never divorce him. Who was she before Lamar? No one. Her whole identity is tied to this man and this marriage. She’s always had low self esteem.

    There have been reports before that she’s dabbed in drugs since she was 19/20 and I can believe that. For the last couple of years she’s been living with Lamar and Rob who are both struggling with addiction at this time. No coincidence. I do believe that Khloe is a recreational user (as if that makes it better).

  33. Amory says:

    I am shocked at the extent to which people here are buying into her victim mentality, and the Kardashian PR line about how this all went down. Usually the readers at Celebitchy are among the most practical, level-headed commentators of the gossip sites.

  34. Ginger says:

    After what I went through in my former marriage I cannot judge Khloe in the slightest for forgiving her husband and taking him back. I did it twice when my ex husband lied to and betrayed me. However, I did give him an ultimatum that if there was a third time things would be different. When the third time came we had a home, a child and nearly two decades together. It was an extremely difficult time for me trying to decide if we should divorce. But then he abandoned us and sank into addiction and that’s when I put my foot down and said he could not return to our marriage or home. We did get a bitter divorce and I moved on to a very happy marriage with my second husband. My ex did clean himself up from the addiction and is a wonderful father to our child. I am very blessed in that we can now peacefully co parent and have resumed a friendship. This experience has taught me that you can’t really judge peoples relationships and the decisions that they make on the surface. There are so many things that go on behind closed doors. It’s better to just be a good friend. Each situation and relationship is individual in nature. Everyone has their breaking point or
    “deal breaker” some more than others. I don’t think its a fault to forgive someone you love.

  35. Asiyah says:

    I think people keep bringing up those blinds about Khloe bringing drugs to the house not as a way of blaming her for his addictions, but to show that she’s not as innocent as she’s being made out to be. Furthermore, even before all of this, there have been reports in the urban blogs (and even some of the mainstream blogs) about Khloe being unfaithful too. I don’t know the truth and don’t care much about it but I mention this because this family is all about image and illusion. Khloe is no exception. Her job is to be the “favorite” Kardashian. A lot of lying and manipulation goes into that image. She’s no different from her sisters and mother. She thrives off the attention too.

  36. Kim1 says:

    So Lamar got pissy drunk at Beachers Madhouse Wed according to TMZ

  37. moo says:

    “this is the price people pay when they sell their souls for profit”

    You have got that oh so right!!! Nothing about those people and the people they are associated with is real. Therefore, how in the world can anyone feel anything but disappointment in her. I highly doubt anything about either of them is decided by them…. and here I thought she was the one with her shit together. Tsk… too bad.

  38. anon says:

    It’s well known that US weekly is paid or gets a cut from the K’s for there stories. They and TMZ are the go to for the Ks TMZ will always deny that but the connections are real and true.

    They look for the sympathy factor in all this and Khloe is milking it. I still believe much of this is a sham. I dont condone cheating or abuse but in all fairness looking at it from a differnt angle khloe is as much to blame for her own antics.

    Only for the sake of another spin I would love to hear Lamar and Kris Humpheries speak on all this. Maybe in time Kanye will when he moves on or K’s are finished doing there number on him too and believe me I think he could use a number on him.. Lol

  39. raya says:

    I don’t blame a woman for wanting to forgive and for craving the security of her husband, but I doubt her staying in her marriage has anything to do with respect for the institution. I feel sad for her that she is as addicted to this loser as he is to his drugs and prostitutes. Marriage vows and promises should be respected, but he does not respect his wife nor himself. She should move on before he gives her the kind of “disease” that pity, meetings and self esteem cannot cure.

  40. Susie Q says:

    What? Did The Game dump her?

  41. Angela Warren says:

    I don’t believe anyone should think they are too high and mighty to forgive someone for another persons mistakes. Oh and to call someone a loser who obviously has a horrible addiction is also not too smart as well. If you have never been addicted to anything and/or have gone through what he is going through How dare you say anything if you have never experienced it before. I say be in the position, whether the addictee or the spouse that truly loves you regardless, before you open your mouth. I actually like Khloe and in my opinion I think she is the strongest of the sisters to deal with something like this. People these days just wanna divorce people over every and anything.

    I say make sure you know EVERY facet of a person before marriage. If they have had issues in the past its up to you to decide of 1) You can accept it and move on 2) If they repeat the behavior than you love them enough to stick to the vows…if not don’t get married to that person.

  42. Jennifer12 says:

    According to JustSayJenn, Khloe had affairs as well.

  43. Jade says:

    Anything to continue their show’s narrative.

  44. Deedee says:

    He supposedly was out partying again andcwas drinkinh all night at some club with scantily cladded ladies. Unfortunately, lamar does not seem to have changed. I rhink khloe should just cut her loses.