Rob Lowe has some thoughts on turning 50: would you still hit it?

Rob Lowe has had a storied past, and while I think he’s largely moved past the scandals of his youth, there’s still something smarmy about him. So help me he’s still very hot, and the kind of playful deviance he exudes is very attractive to me. So yes, of course I would hit it. It doesn’t hurt that the guy is in excellent shape and looks 10 to 15 years younger than he is.

Lowe gave an interview to People Magazine and they asked him about turning the big 5-0, but his birthday isn’t until next March! I don’t know why they’re bringing it up now, but I like that outlets are asking male actors about aging and reaching milestones. Usually those kind of questions are reserved for women. Lowe didn’t seem to care too much about numbers, and he also had some very nice things to say about his wife of 22 years, and his career. Rob is promoting his role as JFK in the TV movie Killing Kennedy, which aired on the National Geographic channel on Sunday. Here’s more:

“My work life is so chaotic and we live in Santa Barbara so it is a very long drive but I’m home every night and I wake up in a beautiful area with my family,” Lowe tells PEOPLE. “Sometimes on days off I don’t even leave the property.”

And although the past few months has been a busy time for the Parks and Recreation star, he is taking extra care to savor his last few months with his youngest son, John Owen, 18, before he goes off to college, following in the footsteps of his brother Matthew, 20, who is in his second year at Duke University.

“They are both so academically advanced,” says the proud papa. “They have also been a handful at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, if they had not been I would have worried where my DNA was!”

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If the smarts did not come from the former Brat Pack member, it was perhaps passed down by the boys’ mother, Sheryl, 52.

“I’m rediscovering my relationship with Sheryl,” Lowe says of his jewelry designer wife of 22 years. “She’s great and as wonderful as ever. Emotionally, I am in love like a teenager.”

And outside of his family life, Lowe couldn’t sound busier: The actor is “in denial” about his recent decision to move on from Parks and Recreation. He is developing a new sitcom for NBC, working on the upcoming film Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, and stars as the title character in the National Geographic Chanel movie Killing Kennedy airing Sunday.

“I feel more creatively fulfilled than I’ve ever felt,” says Lowe, whose costar Ginnifer Goodwin will be doing a live Twitter chat with PEOPLE readers Sunday. “JFK is a role I’ve always dreamt of playing. I’m really happy, gratified, grateful for this particular moment in my life.”

And turning 50 in March is having no negative impact on the youthful-spirited star.

“The candles on the cake mean absolutely nothing,” says Lowe. “It truly is about how you lead your life and not how much life is led.”

[From People]

Rob Lowe says “there are days when I don’t leave the property” while my equivalent is “some days I sit on the couch, watch TV all day and don’t change out of my sweats.” Rob’s days at his property probably involve surfing, a personal trainer coming over, and a chef preparing him healthy low calorie meals.

That was sweet what he said about being deeply in love with his wife. I have no evidence for this, apart from some unsubstantiated and I think false claims made by a nanny trying to squeeze money out of the Lowes, but I’ve assumed in the past that they were swingers. Maybe it’s because they both look like they’re up to something. They definitely have that in common. It could just be that they have an awesome sex life and it makes them look smug together.

As for Killing Kennedy, Entertainment Weekly gives it a B and calls Rob’s performance “effective.” They describe the film as “solidly watchable” but “quickly forgettable.” Rob needs to do much better than that to top his performance as plastic surgery victim Dr. Startz in Behind The Candelabra.




Rob Lowe is shown with his wife, Sheryl, at the Killing Kennedy premiere on 11-4. He’s also shown at the late show on 10-29 and at a Parks & Rec event on 10-17. Credit:

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  1. Eve says:

    No…but I wouldn’t have when he was younger either. Super pretty boys have never been my type.

  2. Jo says:

    Those eyes I’m first pic….. Only with the lights off. Those eyes are giving me the creeps! Can you say tweaked…

  3. Anoninga says:

    He looks like Scott Foley. I would bang Scott, not Rob.

  4. ncboudicca says:

    I read his autobiography recently. It was pretty interesting, he had a rough childhood and his wife has really been a rock for him. I think he’s very grateful and loyal to her – and certainly their sons seem to have turned out very well. Yes, he does seem a little self-centered at times, but I think actors need to have an overly healthy sense of self-confidence to survive in Hollywood.

    But no, I would not hit it. He’s too pretty for me.

    • Tiffany says:

      I finished his book in a weekend. He gave some great insight into The West Wing, Tom Cruise, and his brat pack days. It is not that had to believe that he and is wife are still together because their family thought they would not make it and should not get married. After reading it made me like him a little more. It is not surprising that he is still working as I think he has had to put his ego in check several times.

  5. Tulip Garden says:

    There are so many debates about aging men on this site that I really enjoy. I have to say that Rob Lowe looks unbelievably good, imo. Also, he is still out there and working despite being kinda written off as a pretty boy hack in his early career. Yeah, I still, apparently, have a thing for Rob Lowe!

  6. sumodo1 says:

    Are you kidding? No doubt about it, I would hit that with a stick!

  7. shockedandappalled says:

    Yes I’d hit that. In a heartbeat.

  8. kenyan247 says:

    yeah,i would hit that as hard as a nail being hammerd on a rock…he has done it for me ever since brothers & sisters

  9. Han says:

    I wouldn’t but i think he looks amazing for his age. He has clearly looked after himself better than all the other pretty boys like depp and pitt. Because he looks a decade younger than them. Also i Love Parks And Rec.

  10. Tig says:

    Yes indeed-y. And do read his autobiography- thought it was very good.

  11. Quinn says:

    Had a poster of him in my locker in 7th grade…yes, I would have to, for old times sake! :)

  12. GiGi says:

    He’s not really my type – too clean and pretty, lol! But I have to say I do really like him. I wish I could remember where/when, but I saw an interview with him and his wife and kids. They were at his home and everything… Oprah? Idk. Anyhow – you could really see the love their family had for each other and it seemed very genuine and down to earth. All actors need that grounding – the ones who find it and can keep it are the lucky ones!

    And I like what he says here about rediscovering his marriage. I’ve been with my husband for 12 years and they’ve been all wonderful and enjoyable but sometimes kids/work/life just bogs you down. And then you come into a time when you do feel like, “Wow! I am completely, madly in love with this person!” and it is like a reawakening. I’m glad for them.

  13. m says:

    I thought that he was excellent in Killing Kennedy. He really got the voice down and was very convincing.

  14. Karen81 says:

    Hell yes and he was indeed very good as JFK. But I thought Michelle T and the guy who played Oswald stole the show.

  15. lucy2 says:

    He looks a little odd in some of these photos, but he always looks really great on Parks & Rec. I didn’t like him on there much at first but his character really grew on me. Chris and Anne leaving is literally breaking my heart.

  16. Torisan says:

    I think he is a wee bit older than 50.

  17. Hautie says:

    I like Lowe when he plays evil guys. Or should I say, men without a conscience. :)

    He has done a couple movies for Lifetime… where is he is the wife killing husband. And I love them. The one where he was the dentist was my favorite. Just a real scary b*stard! Love it!

    And really he would be a fool to not pursue television as a main source of income. But the odd thing is I like him when he is part of a larger cast. But he determined to be the “star” of a show. And none of those ventures have turned out positive for him.

    Ohhhh and I recently watched “Bad Influence” with James Spader. And probably the first role where Lowe was a bad guy. Not a bad movie. At all.

  18. tessy says:

    I thought he was older than 50 what with all the work he’s had done on his face and I hope he stops with it. I really liked him in Brothers & Sisters but no… I wouldn’t hit it. I prefer my men to look real not like something out of Madame Toussads wax museum.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Can recall going to the movies (as a teenager) to see him in a movie about ice hockey and we all squealed everytime he did something cute. Or took his shirt off. The whole audience did – there were no boys there. He truly was gorgeous back then. Still is.

    Didn’t know Rob had done a book – will check it out. I’m fascinated by what really went on in the 80s. To a wide-eyed and naïve teenager (me) the Brat Pack were magical. It’s interesting to see those who have continued their careers and others are completely out of the spotlight.

  20. LindyLou says:

    I think the older he gets, the more effeminate he looks. No, I would not hit that. I like my men to be manly.

  21. Dirty Martini says:

    Yes hell yessssss…..of course I would hit that.

  22. Jasmine K says:

    I scrolled past the entire article just to look at the pictures. Does that answer your question?

  23. shellybean says:

    Um, yes. I would. Hell yes!

  24. Michelle says:

    I would hit it. Every damn day.

  25. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    No, too pretty. But I do feel like watching ST Elmo’s Fire now.

  26. Ann Valor says:

    10/10 would lust after but not bang in light of the fact that he just said that he’s in love with his wife of 22 years “like a teenager” and made me cry. He seems to be a pretty decent man, one of the few celebrities that don’t make me want all of Hollywood to sink into the depths of the ocean lol.

  27. Kerrboom says:

    His chin looks cartoonish and he has a very feminine look, so no, I would not hit it. That’s not saying I don’t like him as an actor, because I do (he played a deaf-mute in the miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand” and I loved him in it; I’m reading the book at the moment and whenever it’s a Nick Andros chapter, I picture Rob Lowe).

  28. Claire says:

    I just read his book too! I found myself really warming to him and he seemed like a really cool guy. He certainly was a beautiful man – not sure if he was just too pretty. He seems to worship the ground his wife walks on. Glad he still has a solid career.