LeAnn Rimes poses on Eddie’s knee during Mason’s soccer game, of course


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville all at Mason’s soccer game yesterday. I’m kind of getting tired of all of the soccer game photos, but I guess LeAnn is still trying to make it interesting for the casual observer by switching up her poses and such. For yesterday’s game, she was not content to merely be overly handsy with step-son. She decided to sit on Eddie’s lap (on his knee, actually) as he tried to watch his son’s game. Because that is who LeAnn is, people. She will literally block – with her body – a man from watching his son. It always has to be about LeAnn. Eddie cannot pay attention to anything else but LeAnn.

Also, I would imagine that Eddie was physically uncomfortable with LeAnn perching on his leg like that. I’m not saying she’s heavy or anything (she’s not, at all), but unless you’re a tiny little woman, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for a man to have all of your weight on just one of his legs. Maybe she’s trying to give him a bad knee to slow him down.

Interestingly enough, a fist fight broke out at the soccer game. It did NOT involve Brandi and LeAnn, shockingly. But both women did tweet about it. LeAnn tweeted: “Wow a full on fight between grown men might just go down at a kids soccer game over a bad ref call.” Brandi tweeted: “Seriously the grown ass dads are acting like children at soccer yelling and trying to start fights.”




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. Arock says:

    Because the whole world needed to see what leann looks like when she takes a poo. Keep it classy, Margaret.

  2. brin says:

    So boring, so predictable and so wewe. Fail.

  3. Melody says:

    My husband would be horrified at the thought of not giving up his chair so that I could have somewhere to sit – and not because he’s harangued into that thinking, but because he’s proud to take care of me. Guess Eddie wasn’t raised that way.

  4. wiffie says:

    I like how Brandi is sitting, watching, nicely at her sons game. Leann is all,”didja see me? On Eddie’s lap, ya’ll? Didja see me??”

  5. Miffy says:

    He looks like he’s trying to push her off

  6. Dani2 says:

    She’s sitting on him the way a person would sit on a toilet seat – this marriage is over but it’s cute that they’re willing to drag it on in the public eye, like we’re naive enough to think that they’re still crazy about each other.

  7. tricklady says:

    I love how she told Chesley Handler she was so thin because she “LOST” her baby Fat. APPARENTLY she found it!

  8. Soccer mom says:

    Doesn’t she have anything better to do than to go to every soccer game? Then I guess this is her only way to stay relevant now. My kids have been playing soccer for years and no one does all of this like she does for attention. I feel bad for those kids.

  9. Peanut says:

    Leann is ridiculous.

    I think it’s time for Brandi to change up her hairstyle. The super long extensions aren’t flattering.

  10. Celeste says:

    She really needs to cover up those hamhocks. Why she thinks that anyone needs to see her fleshy legs is beyond me. Brandi looks great, of course.

  11. lovegossip says:

    Looks like he is contemplating pushing her off. LOL :-D

  12. BravoCueen says:

    Both of my kids played soccer for 10 years each. I don’t recall EVER sitting on my husband’s lap during one. Strange.

  13. Rita says:

    What is most interesting about LeAnn is what you don’t see and haven’t seen in weeks. Not at the soccer game, Lakers game, or anywhere else…. her wedding or engagement ring. Remember, this is the woman who wore this trophy as if it were an Oscar she had won by beating out Liz Taylor, Angelina, and Meryl Streep. It must be true that when one of Eddie’s side pieces contacted LeAnn about an STD Eddie had “gifted” the girl, LeAnn chased Eddie down the street in her bath robe and threw her $85,000 blind into the sewer.

    I can’t believe she didn’t just replace it with something, even a piece of glass to keep the game going.

  14. mzizkrizten says:

    I for one am glad no one picks apart my mudane day to day activities in this manner.

  15. Dinah says:

    Thank you, Kaiser, for not including the braless photo. LeMann is so déclassé.

  16. Jennifer12 says:

    Their over the top PDA was always revolting. How can you be so sexual in front of children, your own and others? I’m a teacher; would you like me to tongue kiss my husband in front of my class? They are really inappropriate in front of kids, and that is something I abhor. One of my kids plays soccer and the other plays field hockey and no parent or stepparent has EVER been so sexually obvious at games. Of course, these two wouldn’t even let Mason and Jake adjust to a divorce and were making out in front of them- or Leann was grabbing Eddie’s crotch- in front of them. If these two were at my kid’s game, I would walk over and say, “You know, that’s not how you act in front of kids.” The only funny thing is that now there’s no passion in it. Wish the divorce would just go through so Mason, Jake and Brandi can all be free of this harridan. Too bad the POS is their father.

  17. Rita says:

    The blog on JSJ sounds like LeAnn is going to start a real PR campaign and that crap video on TMZ seems to prove it. When was the last time TMZ did a story on Rimes and posted a cheap video of her looking like she just finished slopping the hogs while singing with terrible acoustics in a Nashville dive…..which TMZ wanted us to think was an incredible performance…..please?

    I hear she’s giving a performance in Asia in a couple of weeks. When Eddie refuses to go, he can look forward to more than just Laker tickets……they didn’t even stay for the full game. Supposedly she’s in the makes of getting a record label but I find that hard to believe but the PR press indicates its true…..stay tuned.

    • Erinn says:

      I just read the post about 10 minutes ago, and I saw the tmz video this morning. Not only did she look TERRIBLE, but I’ve seen better performances in a bar in a small town fishing community in Nova Scotia. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special at all.

      There HAS to be a major PR push coming because that video was so out of the blue. I really don’t see anything coming from it though- she can’t keep commitments. She cancels half her concerts and always has some health crisis. PR people can push all they want but if she can’t follow through she’s just going to continue crashing and burning.

    • Dinah says:

      She sounds awful on that video- can’t hit the high notes worth a hill of beans. Drunk, as usual, no doubt. *Allegedly*.

      • Jayna says:

        She sounded okay, but she used to hit that song out of the park effortlessly. What a difference. Also, looking at this video, why couldn’t she wear a simple black gown like this to his premiere, or a shorter cocktail dress version, instead of her casual mini dress, casual boots and bomber jacket?

        Fall to Pieces live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmHWE5TwQLU

      • Christin says:

        So now it’s back to covering Patsy songs. Just because an older gentleman gives up a song he wrote with Patsy in mind, and a teen yodels it does not mean she is Patsy 2.0, then or especially now.

        Patsy had more charisma and talent in her little finger. Sad that she didn’t live to see her own 31st birthday.

      • Nycboots says:

        I don’t think that the legacy of the glorious Patsy Cline is in any danger. Leann acquitted herself well with this song when she was 13 or so. Today, she can’t hold a candle to the original. She has really messed up her amazing voice through surgeries and lack of maintenance/care. I don’t think she sounds anything like she used to. Her phrasing, breathing and control are all off.

    • claire says:

      The fact that they called that one unrelated woman her sister, as Leann calls her, immediately made me think that video was sent in by Leann’s PR.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      TMZ is trolling her AND laughing their way to the bank. I would too.

  18. Jayna says:

    Eddie thinking to himself: Jesus, how much longer can I take this weight on my knee before it snaps. The paid paps are there. I have to hang in long enough for the photos. One, two, three — (sweating profusely) my knee is breaking — hang in there, four, five, six, seven, eight — thank God, finally, the paps are finished. Shoves LeAnn off his knee quickly and shakes out his leg while LeAnn picks herself up off the ground.

    The sacrifices Eddie makes. Give him an award.

  19. Insomnicole says:

    Wow, I can just feel the romance there. The more they PDA in public, the more I buy how OMGSOHAPPY they are. *rolls eyes*

    I cracked up laughing about the fight breaking out, though. Seriously, what is it about kids’ soccer games that makes parents do that? I go to some of my nephew’s games. The boys usually just want to play and have fun, but I’ve seen dads get thrown off the field for yelling at the refs. WTF? It’s not the World Cup, people.

  20. Seapharris7 says:

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen as many pictures of any *celebrity* at a damn soccer game! This is getting very old, tired, & embarrassing for everyone involved. LR needs out of that obviously toxic relationship that just cranks up her crazy. And Brandi, I think your gorgeous, but even your hair looks old & tired.

  21. Lauren says:

    I don’t understand why E & L always have so much STUFF at these games. Chairs, blankets, umbrellas, coolers…. My kids play soccer. A game is about an hour long. Nobody EVER has that much stuff with them. Brandi always looks much more normal, sitting on the ground, maybe a chair, maybe a bottle of water. I feel like E & L bring all of these props so they can pose in all these different ways. Ridiculous.

    • matia says:

      Plus leann needs her mom there for whatever reason. She’s so weird

      • stacey says:

        Right? Get a life, they are not even your kids-they are your step kids so you don’t need to drag some old lady (your mom) that is not a blood relative and has only known them a couple years, to every game.

        As for Leann’s bio mom (hehe) showing up at these games…. Those are somebody elses grandchildren. Those kids have two sets of grandparents, that have been around since day 1. Sure, buy them xmas presents when you spend the holidays together as an extended family but considering the history of Brandi and Leann…I think it’s pretty inappropriate for Leann’s mother to be showing up constantly to her daughter’s second husband’s kids soccer games from a previous marriage. It’s a stinkin’ soccer game for 9 year olds. I can’t wrap my head around Leann’s entourage that goes to these things. Give the first wife a freaking break every once and awhile and stay home.

      • nana55 says:

        Stacy-That’s Eddie’s mom & dad.

  22. Lady D says:

    I wonder what falcor would do if Brandi took her boys out of soccer. The lack of pap pics would just crush this trick.

    • Christin says:

      If this weekend was an example, she will expand her photo opps to treating him to part of a Lakers game and getting free samples at the farmers’ market. Those tickets cost money, so a free cabbage sample from hard working folks is justified.

      Welcome to Karmaville, Edward. You may eventually make it to the outskirts, but it’s always going to be a part of you.

  23. Christin says:

    I guess this is soccer photo opp number bajillion plus one. What purpose do these photos serve at this point? Does it help their careers in any way, shape or form? I don’t get it.

  24. msw says:

    Even when i was in middle school, i thought stuff like that was inappropriate in public. Its so embarassing to watch her overshare constantly.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Really, I would have died of embarrassment if my mother or step-mother (if I’d had one) had sat on my father’s lap at one of my school events. It’s just so stupid. And fake. And completely like LeAnn. And disrespectful to Brandi, who has to sit there and pretend not to vomit while the woman who broke up her marriage acts like a 14 year old in front of her children. Just disgusting.

      • Stef Leppard says:

        Especially because she has her own chair. It’s not like she needed to sit on his knee. And she’s perched there so awkwardly. It’s not a natural, intimate gesture.

      • stacey says:

        I agree. Just stand up for awhile Leann, you’ve got two sturdy looking legs-use them. Its telling how Eddie is watching Leann like a hawk while she is kissing Jake (and he is trying to get away from her). He looks a second away from being like “ok thats enough Leann.”

        I could be cray but there is such a vibe between him and Brandi. In photos that he walks near by Brandi, you can ALWAYS see him looking at her out of the corner of his eye. He won’t even look at Leann.

    • TherapyCranes says:

      How is this embarrassing? She’s sitting on his knee not sucking on his neck and dry humping. My mom sits on my dads knee/lap all the time in public. They’ve been together for 25+ years and he pulls her to him and gives her a quick hug and they smile and share a moment. The pictures don’t even look sexual so I don’t see how this is inappropriate. I didn’t realize married couples needed to keep a safe distance from each other at all times in public.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        All you have to do is google it and hundreds of pictures will come up of these two being inappropriately sexual in front of the two boys. The knee thing is weird, but wouldn’t be terrible if they didn’t have a history of crotch and ass grabbing, full on making out and dry humping in front of the kids and their teammates and friends.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I think it’s inappropriate for one adult to sit on another’s lap in public unless there’s some reason that it’s necessary. Not that it’s sexual, it’s just undignified and silly. That’s just my opinion. I’m sure your parents do it when they are with a group of friends, and that’s one thing. But LeAnn knows she’s being photographed, and that’s probably why she’s doing it, she’s in front of the woman whose marriage she helped to destroy, she’s in front of all the other parents who know that, she’s in front of Brandi’s children and all of the children’s friends. It’s awkward, manipulative, hahaha I’ve got your man, look how happy we are, LeAnn classic tasteless, remorseless behavior. It’s why she is so hated.

  25. emmie_a says:

    I don’t follow them on twitter so I don’t know if this is correct but supposedly Brandi tweeted about the soccer game first, then LeAnn followed?? Not a big deal but if true it shows that LeAnn continues to copy everything Brandi-related.

    I’m a Brandi fan but I hate her extensions. They look beyond fake and she doesn’t need them.

  26. Emily C. says:

    Sitting on a guy’s leg like that is not going to make him physically uncomfortable unless you sit there for a long time.

    Why is Leann wearing like 10 bracelets to a kids’ soccer game? Brandi actually looks comfortable for once; I don’t think I’ve ever before seen a picture of her in which she was wearing normal clothes.

  27. IrishEyes says:

    If I sat on my husbands knee for any length of time, it would be uncomfortable. Why would anyone voluntarily do that is beyond me?

    • judyjudy says:

      I often sit on my husband’s knee like this. Usually it’s because I’m bustling around and stop over and have a seat. I rarely bring my own chair to games because I am up and about too much to bother. It’s never sexual, it’s not like I’m snuggling in his lap or grinding on him…I never considered other parents would be offended by my perching on his knee. We aren’t over the top with PDA but we do hold hands and we will share a quick smooch if one of us is leaving. It isn’t a crazy display to show everyone that we’re happy.

      Leann and Eddie are gross and a lot of their behavior is way inappropriate. That failed tounge kiss the other day convinced me how totally mutters they are. But I can’t jump on them for these pictures (well, the fact that there are pictures YES, but her perched on his lap NO).

      • Hakura says:

        @JudyJudy – None of the things you described doing with your husband in public are the least bit ‘inappropriate’ (*certainly* not holding hands, a quick affectionate (non-tongue) smooch, or even perching on his knee for a minute or few.)

        I think the problem with Leann is her ‘over-sexual in public, & in front of the boys’ history (that has been repeatedly photographed). Coupled with how ‘awkward’ & intentionally ‘posed’ she looks. It doesn’t look ‘comfortable or ‘natural’ for them. Which makes it really tacky, where your description of yourself definitely isn’t.

  28. mommak918 says:

    She does look like she is sitting on a toilet.

    My son plays soccer and me and my husband stand on opposite sides of the field to cheer on our son, give pointers or snap pics. We very rarely sit at all. And we have never made out nor have I set on my husband’s lap.

    Then again, we have a very good sex life and I dont have to prove to the other parents that we do. Or to my kids. Or my husband’s ex wife.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      BOOM. You just nailed the central point here…

      “…we have a very good sex life and I dont have to prove to the other parents that we do. Or to my kids. Or my husband’s ex wife.”

      LeAnn babe, we know you & DB scour this site and others. Get the hint.

  29. Elisabeth says:

    She’s probably grossing him out with her tequila farts

  30. qtpi says:

    OMG this stupid woman. Regarding the leg sitting – the correct way to handle that situation would be for Jake to sit on Eddie’s knee. Idiot.

    She clearly decided to not wear a bra and unbutton the shirt very low. She also clearly decided to figure out ways to bend over in the direction of the paps so they could get her bare chest pics.

    There is no one in her life to tell her how dumb she looks. Everyone (especially anyone who reads JSJ) knows this marriage has been over for months. If it ever began. LeAnn. Find some self respect SOMEWHERE. She is more focused on trying to get everyone to believe this guy is in love with her then her own personal happiness. How sad and deeply pathetic.

    Oh – and regarding the blind on JSJ today – I find it laughable that Eddie thinks he won’t be in the tabloids once he files for divorce. It will ramp up for months after that point. Good luck getting any roles Eddie.

    Brandi is biding her time with regards to full custody. I think her lawyers are probably building a case quietly as we speak.

    • briargal says:

      I think he stands a much better chance of getting roles in the future if he dumps the crazy broad. Yes, the tabs will keep him in full view for a short time but if he just makes his statement and gets out of sight for a while, it won’t be for long. SHE will, however, play a martyr to the hilt and really ramp up the “poor me” role! Can you imagine all the press she will put out there?? If you thought there were a lot of soccer game pics week after week, just wait! You ain’t seen nothing YET!!!!

  31. briargal says:

    I get the feeling that ol’ Eddie is “biding his time.” Won’t be long now, people! Yea!!

  32. someone says:

    Funny how this story has been twisted. Leann had a chair. She left and Jake sat in it. When she returned rather than kicking Jake out she sat on Eddie’s knee, for a whopping 2 minutes maybe. Then they had Jake move and sit on his Dad’s lap and Leann got her chair back. She wasn’t sitting on his lap for hours. She didn’t sit there the whole game. There are 130 photos of the game on Zimbio and less than 10 show Leann sitting on Eddie’s knee. She wasn’t embarrassing the kids with her public displays throughout the whole game. Way to make a story out of nothing!

  33. bettyrose says:

    I saw one of those videos of Leann coming and going. She really is tiny. Barely larger than the older boy. Which isn’t the point here. That behavior is inappropriate for a family event.

  34. CaliforniaDreams says:

    She’s so exhausting, I don’t know how Brandi deals.

  35. Snowpea says:

    I am with the commenter above who pointed out that these two fools always bring so much bloody stuff with them.

    Also…it all looks so cheap and tacky. That gross drinks cooler with a crappy piece of tape and “Cibrian” scrawled across it. The cheap ass chairs with the ridiculous shades attached look like they came from the dollar shop.

    The packets of biscuits, the cooler, the chairs…um, you are not gonna be there all day, you famewhoring morons!

    Brandi, by contrast, sitting upright on her cute Mexican blanket with just a chilled bottle of water for company, looks very zen and almost smug. There is something about her Cheshire cat smile that makes me wonder if something else is up? Maybe her and the Ediot are shagging again? Revenge f*ck? Who knows? But I suspect something is happening here! ;)

  36. So I posted a (legally binding) challenge to LA on twitter this weekend: if she and Eddiot are still together in a year, I will pay $5,000 to her favorite charity. No response, but she engaged with me moments before so I know she saw it. I was so hoping she would take me up on it, but I guess she knows deep down the end is nigh, even if she won’t admit it to the world or even to herself.

  37. Byte Me says:

    This is Eddie’s mother sitting right to Leann isn’t it? You would think she’d have a real problem showing up in Leann’s planned pap pics.

  38. Shelley says:

    Dear God, what a horrible rendition of ‘I fall to pieces.’ I don’t know what went wrong there but it’s all off kilter. To be fair, the lead guitar guy seems to be playing a different song, and badly at that. I wish she’d respect her voice, work on it, train it, and stop settling for volume and note-warping a la Reba McEntire. Being loud is not always a virtue. What’s always lacking in LeAnn’s voice is feeling, emotion, and imagination.

    I wonder if in some regard she either hates her voice because it’s the cause of her parents pimping her out, or if she takes it for granted and doesn’t see any need to start at square one to redefine herself as a singer…and maybe, to some extent, as a person too. She comes across in interviews as very arrogant and condescending, very brittle. Most people who’d gone through a divorce from a partner who, by all accounts of Dean, is a very decent man who loved her and was shocked and blindsided by her betrayal, would speak of that partner, the marriage, and the breakup with genuine respect, sorrow, apology, and some emotional depth. Instead, three years later, she still seems cold toward that entire time, and lacking in empathy for what her (and Eddie’s) actions put Dean and Brandi through. It seems that shoving everyone else out of the way and ignoring/negating their feelings is just her MO. Very sad to see.

  39. Dommy Dearest says:

    Her tweeting about the dads is just as rich as it gets. PLEASE send this Orc somewhere far, far away.

  40. Leslie says:

    Ediot is looking as unkempt as LeAnn. If they wanted the PDA to be believable, they should shower and make an attempt to look decent.

  41. TherapyCranes says:

    I’m kind of disgusted by the comments saying Leann looks fat. She doesn’t. She isn’t. Her legs are fine. There’s nothing wrong with having legs that aren’t stick thin.

    I’m bored of soccer games.

  42. Jane says:

    The only thing missing from the above pictures is one of the folding chair breaking with Leann and Eddie falling over. Leann literally looks as if she is using the toilet or passing gas in the pictures. Keeping it really classy, Leann. (cue sarcasm)

  43. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m surprised she doesn’t wear short, acid-washed short-shorts….oh wait, she probably does.

  44. Ester says:

    I just can’t figure out why she acts so stupid all the time. She had such a beautiful voice and now it is not what it used to be. Why ruin her own career and help break up a little family and be proud of it? Why hang on to a jerk of a man who clearly never loved her and seems repulsed by her? Why copy his ex-wife and make a complete donkey out of herself every day? What does she get out of that? That TMZ video was pitiful and made me sad. Kind of reminded me of Whitney Houston when she was trying to make a come back and just couldn’t do it. LR was never anything close to the great Whitney Houston, but it is still depressing to see all that talent go to waste. I wish she would just cut that albatross loose from around her neck, leave BG and those poor boys alone, and go get some actual psychological help. I also wish for world peace. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  45. Stacey says:

    As a licensed skydiver that has jumped at Elsinore…i am so annoyed Leann is jumping there today.

    I can only hope the skydive she did opens up her mind and soul. Facing a fear like that can really affect a troubled person in a positive way! It can be life changing. Hopefully it makes her look at the world differently.

    Unless you are one of those YOLO!! twits that skydive just to get a cool facebook profile photo.

    • Hakura says:

      @Stacey – My dad use to skydive, when he was in his mid-20′s to mid-30′s :) I’ve always wanted to! It is oddly annoying to hear about such a useless person doing something remotely possibly ‘meaningful’… Unless, like you mentioned, it’s just for Twitter, or her endless quest to get attention. I hear Beyonce did a bungi (sp?)-jump from a building in New Zealand recently… Maybe Leann is ‘competing’ by ‘one upping’… Wouldn’t be the first (or 15th) time…

  46. Jane says:

    Dear Lord, people. She just posted some ridiculous Tweet that she went skydiving. She, Eddie and Mario Lopez hosted some “celebrity” event from this Skydiving School. So I guess the ubiquitous bikini shots have been replaced with jumping out of a plane (darn-why did the parachute have to work?) and soccer games. JSJ had a blind item a few weeks ago that was said to be about Eddie and Mario saying that staying married to Leann would be cheaper than divorcing her. Funny how both of them are together at this event.

    • Leslie says:

      Did she by any chance mention that she interacted with veterans who had served our country and what great people they are? Did she say anything about the veterans? Or were all her tweets about HOW MUCH FUN SHE HAD? Yeah, I know…dumb question. It’s not about the veterans, it’s about HER.

      • stacey says:

        I think it is nice what she did if she actually spent time with the Veterans. .I doubt they really are impressed or care that “Leann Rimes” was there as they look too young to really know who Leann Rimes is besides that chubby teenager who sang Blue. I bet they are more excited to skydive then meet Leann. And to be honest, on your first skydive, no one is a bigger rock star in your eyes than your tandem instructor! Lots of celebrities jump at Lake Elsinore or Perris since they are the nearest dropzones in southern california.

        I’m a skydiver and sometimes people show up and do these type of celebrity publicity stunt jumps. They hang around a couple hours while they do the paperwork and wait to get up in the sky like everyone else. While they wait like everyone else, they take some photos and video, do their skydive and then its over. I am more interested in the wounded vets experience than Leanns to be honest. Regular business operations continue around these little publicity stunts (other customers jump, fun jumpers will be on the plane etc). Skydivers are kind & fun people but we are not easily impressed by celebrity & cameras (we are all recording our jumps and many of our most talented skydivers and notorious jumps are often featured in the news, go viral etc) so I doubt they made a big fuss over her being there….There are many active military and veterans in the skydive community so I am sure they felt the love from the tandem instructors and fellow jumpers there. I have no idea why Leann was involved in this at all.

        What is most interesting to me is that Eddie was listed as a host for this event but Mario and Leann have not mentioned Eddie actually being there and jumping. Eddie has custody this weekend so I think he might have bailed on his “hosting” duties, ditched Leann and hung with his kids. We shall see when the photo and videos are released.

      • Jane says:

        No. It is sick, sad and disgusting! We had 17 Veterans at my school today to honor them. That is my saving grace for the day–the vision of 1,000 kids in our community room waving flags and singing American songs for these brave men and various classes did all sorts of other things for each Veteran. Totally amazing! (We all signed up for various tasks). That is what Veterans Day is all about; not some screeching, yodeling, Botox-injected narcissist bragging about jumping out of a plane for fun. Leann isn’t thinking of the thousands of brave men and women who fought for our rights under our Constitution; especially those who actually jumped out of planes during WWII for example.

        Leann is all about Leann and no one else because she is all “that” matters. (Lord, I hate that poor grammar on her tattoo. Irritates the h*** out of me. ) SHE is the bravest woman out there because her TRUTH is more meaningful than the entire world put together. She has lived more than us, suffered more than a stage 4 cancer patient (in her own words on Twitter) and endured so much in her life that no one on this Earth could compare. You would think her jumping out of the plane should be a national holiday instead! God, I can almost hear the violins playing in the background…and no, I haven’t been drinking.

        OK, enough venting. Stopping now.

      • stacey says:

        Eddie jumped too. I saw some pics online.

    • brin says:

      You would never know by her tweets that this was a charity event for Veterans. It was all about her “brave amazing skydive”. She’s such an ass.

  47. MegG says:

    Maybe if she didn’t attend all these kids soccer games and worked on her singing, her album wouldn’t have been a flop?

  48. Leslie says:

    LeAnn is not very bright, so maybe she has no idea what a veteran is or that Veterans Day is all about. Maybe she thinks it’s a day to celebrate the history of skydiving. That’s all I got.

  49. Michele says:

    Here’s to the paid MeAnn sympathizers, this is (allegedly) why industry people refuse to have anything to do with her and will not have her onboard their projects. She’s toxic. She gives Bloggers plenty every weekend — no one picks on her. She offers herself up in a cocky way IMO