LeAnn Rimes & Eddie try to deny specific rumors about their marriage problems


You guys… LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are hot messes. It’s not like I’m just realizing it now, but I just watched their new Extra interview with Mario Lopez, and I’m sort of shocked by the sloppy state of their public relations. Back when Brandi Glanville was promoting her book and LeAnn’s crazy publicist was going on the record to say nasty things about Brandi, that’s when I should have known that LeAnn only hires people who drink her particular brand of Kool-Aid. But seriously, even a casual gossip observer would have been able to tell Eddie and LeAnn what NOT to say during this Extra interview. It’s less than two and half minutes and it’s just SLOPPY.

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It takes less than 30 seconds for both LeAnn AND Eddie to bring up – UNPROMPTED – the tabloid rumors about their breakup. Then they compound that error by revealing that they’ve read every single word of the Star Magazine cover story about their “$50 million divorce”. Eddie specifically tries to deny (half-heartedly, and what I wouldn’t have given for a cut-away to LeAnn’s face as he said this) the rumor that he’s been texting Brandi (“It was just so ludicrous… saying something to the effect like I would text Brandi all the time whenever Leann and I are having a fight or something like that, and you know, that’s not true.”). LeAnn tries to specifically deny the Star reporting that she gets drunk and locks herself in the closet. All of this… so much sloppy. So messy. Such bad PR. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

Then when LeAnn and Eddie get a specific question about babies, LeAnn tries to pivot to a conversation about how she’s “ending a record deal that I’ve been in since I was 11.” Yeah, LeAnn. Your label was tired of wasting millions of dollars promoting your albums which never sell, so they dropped you. Never pivot to a part of your life that makes you sound even more pathetic! Hire a professional! Also: Eddie says LeAnn wants a little girl. Oh, God.



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  1. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Oh, I am EAGERLY anticipating the fall out from this trainwreck! I don’t think there’s anything hotter in gossip right now. It’s like watching a car crash, in slow motion. You have to look. And gasp. And make sympathetic noises.

    *chuckles evilly*

    • brin says:

      …and anxiously waiting for the next hoof to drop!

    • MissMoody says:

      I agree re: nothing hotter in gossip right now. It still boggles the mind that more media outlets are not picking this up. Not so much the marriage meltdown as much as Leann’s meltdown. At the end of the day, don’t eyeballs matter more than kowtowing to a once-hot commodity? Leann articles here always get a high number of comments and Just Say Jenn went from a handful of comments to hundreds once she started writing Leann blinds (allegedly). Even that Angel lady has Leann to thank, in large part, for her popularity. Is it the sue-happy tactics? Maybe I just answered my own question. Still, you would think the bigger media outlets (the ones still shying away) would be used to angry D-listers and dealing with lawyers. Seems like a lot of people are willing to talk (hence all the blinds) but none on-the-record? C’mon, if the price is right people will come forward. Pay up tabloids! I’ll actually buy a copy if you do

      • mommak918 says:

        Ahhh all the squinty-ness in that interview made me squint and cringe….

        So awkward. All 3 of them make me feel a little sick. And Im talking about Mario, not Brandi.

      • rlh says:

        Good break down, girl! All the reasons why this is such deliciousness!

        And I have had the same reaction as Kaiser…HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!!! Everything I see about what LR is putting out, EVERYTHING, my reaction is the same: “OMG! Who is advising her??? This is a train wreck!” What almost makes me feel sorry for LR is I really think this is the best she’s got; this is who she is. Yikes!

    • Babalon says:

      Sympathetic noises? Gurl, no. No, no.

      I’m not chuckling, either. I’m cackling shamelessly. :>

    • respect says:

      seriously…i should be ashamed, i refuse to be though. every minute of crazymares life has been made vomitously public…she owes her followers a fireworks show at the finish…and dancing girls handing out shots of vodka and exlax

    • Meredith says:

      All together now : BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. It’s the “BWA” at the beginning that really gives it that special sound that we all aim for!

    • TigerLily says:

      Brandi is beautiful and wild. I bet he begged to stay.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Tigerlily, you didn’t know? In Brandi’s book, she said that when the rumors about Eddie and Leann started surfacing, he told Brandi that Leann was so ugly that he wouldn’t ever sleep with her. Then Brandi found out about the other girls (after Leann leaked that video of her and Eddie making out) that Eddie was banging on the side, so Brandi kicked him out. He BEGGED her to stay married, but she wouldn’t. And he went crawling to Leann–because she had money. I don’t know about you, but I’d dump a guy in a hot second if he said to his wife that I was to ugly to sleep with. And based on this interview, we know that Leann and Eddie read EVERYTHING, so…HI LEANN! HI EDDIE (God, I’m laughing at you right now. Actually both of you. Leann, you’re dumb enough to shower this douche in gifts, while he gives you some damn picture frames for your anniversary…..Eddie, you better get as much as you can. Them dimples don’t do much when every one knows you’re a pathetic SOB who can’t act.)

  2. Stef Leppard says:

    I’ve never heard Ediot speak before. And she looks like she’s had plastic surgery, maybe? Very cat-face-y.

    • deehunny says:

      i was looking at his face too. too pretty. looks like some fillers or something…

      i gotta break it down. i am gleeful: 1) we work on it all the time ::shudder:: just no 2) Ediot got very defensive about the whole baby thing– “so you want a baby to commemorate leaving the label?!?” It’s very clear he doesn’t want children with her and she “badly wants a little girl.” The tone of voice he used when he said badly. wOw 3) really shows you that they do read the tabloids and she does in fact go to the gossip sites/rags.

      Is anyone else going to watch their reality show? I’m curious to see how the ratings will fall.

      • Hakura says:

        @deehunny – Actually, I’m afraid they *will* get viewers… Those that want to see the trainwreck happen in *motion*. I know I’ve read that a few people here on CB have admitted they’ll probably ‘hate-watch’ it (watching or listening to something just bc it’s *SO* bad/tacky/ridiculous & fun to laugh/make fun of). I’m guilty of doing it sometimes, but in this case (if the damned thing ever actually even airs), I’ll stick to CB summaries & YouTube e video clips, to try to avoid putting ANY money in their pockets, indirectly or not.

        God forbid we give them more reason to stick around. X___x

  3. brin says:

    Excellent summation of this awkward mess.

  4. Londerland says:

    Oh, god. The thought of LeAnn raising a girl is just monstrous. Imagine what kind of passive-aggressive, Mommy Dearest kind of relationship that would be, between someone as insecure as her and a girl who would always be younger, cuter, the centre of attention, the apple of daddy’s eye…

    You know LeAnn would end up at the kid’s eighteenth birthday party, treating herself to fifty grand’s worth of new boobs so she can jump out of a cake and Instagram herself draped over her daughter’s young male school friends while Eddie chases the waitresses in the garden…

  5. Lori says:

    She hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring for awhile now…. But he is? And clearly she’s seeing Brandi’s plastic surgeon. Her face just keeps morphing into Brandi. Ewwww…..

  6. Snarky says:

    IF she even actually wants kids, she probably just wants a girl because Brandi doesn’t have one.

  7. Quinn says:

    I doubt a decent PR firm could be bothered with these two yokels.

  8. karkar says:

    They are so pathetic. He hardly works, and she tries so hard to be Brandi. If I ever hear any of her songs on the radio I’m turning the station.

  9. Lol says:

    He seems to be the one pushing the baby angle in that interview. A baby might mean more money for him in the long run. Lol

    • SunnySide says:

      He must be snipped. With all the blind items about his STD’s, etc., I bet he doesn’t use protection and there are no rumors that I have heard about regarding him having kids other than his two with Brandi. I can’t see him un-snipping himself for LeAnn. (The only point in his favor, IMO. No more kids need to be involved in this mess!)

  10. briargal says:

    I get a different interpretation to EC’s texting Brandi denial. He really doesn’t deny texting her–he denies the rumor that he texts her whenever he and LR are having fights. So the time frame is all wrong! Really? He is shrewd. He mocked the rumor about a $50 million dollar divorce–not that there may or not be a divorce– saying the mag should do some fact checking. No way there is $50 m involved in any way!

  11. stacey says:

    Eddie is kissing her butt so hard but I guess that is his job. He has to make a living you know. And I love how Leann always brings the conversation back to HER, because it’s always all about HER. Eddie panders to her ME ME ME attitude so much in this clip.

    And Eddie bringing up Brandi…he is overcompensating for something by bringing that up unprompted. Obviously that rumor is an issue for them or he wouldn’t be making such a big deal by acknowledging and dispelling the rumor. And there were SO many other worse things said about them in that article. When he said that he doesn’t text Brandi, my inner LIE meter was going off the charts.

    He is so untrustworthy in this clip, you can just see the smirk on his face. I can’t believe Leann believes what is coming out of his mouth.

    As for her face, WOW. She is venturing into monster plastic surgery face territory. Her forehead doesn’t move, her mouth is deformed…her teeth are so fake looking. Wow. When she brings up the baby talk, she looks to him like “I want a baby do you?”…She hesitates and it is so obvious they are not on the same page. They seem so out of sync as a couple.

  12. Leslie says:

    I doubt any legitimate PR team would have anything to do with these two nut jobs. That interview was so awkward. Rehearsed but awkward. And LeAnn just told the world she reads everything written about her. Though we already knew that. I thought it was interesting that her hubby said SHE wants a baby girl, not WE want a baby girl.

  13. Emily C. says:

    Of course they brought up the rumors. They want a reality show, or whatever a “scripted” reality show is supposed to be. To get that, they need to stay in tabloids. I still think they planted the Star story themselves.

  14. Deanne says:

    Those two are both out of control. They sound like fools. You can’t just go rogue when addressing rumours. The public already think they are full of it. What ever happened to the dignified response of ‘no comment’. Instead, they prove that they read JSJ, Celebitchy and every other gossip outlet.. Do they even have PR people anymore? Eddie doesn’t really deny anything and the way he chooses his words is very telling. What exactly is their show going to be about? I thought it was about their home life and the real them. Instead it’s about skydiving, calf roping and her supposed relationships with paid actors pretending to be her friends. How exactly is this crap show going to win over the public? One thing that is very noticeable, is their awkward body language and zero chemistry between them while being interviewed. Like less than zero.

    • Dinah says:

      Body language, indeed. Just take a look-see at the skydiving gear perfunctory peck, above. They can’t stand each other at this point.

      He’s effing with her because he has the upper hand somehow. And she resents/ loathes the hell out of him in the interview, omg.

      • Deanne says:

        Happy couples have a very relaxed body language. They, in comparison, look stiff and forced all of the time now. They used to look much more natural and like they were genuinely enjoying themselves. LeAnn and Eddie even talk awkwardly to each other. It’s like they are tense being interviewed together, rather than more relaxed and their attempts at banter make me uncomfortable. It’s like it’s rehearsed, yet they are not on the same page at all. Awkward.

      • deehunny says:

        I wonder how big the fight was after this interview. “Did you have to tell the whole world you don’t want a baby? You made me come off desperate…”

      • Hakura says:

        @Dinah – That pic of the “perfunctory peck” jumped out at me right away. (I was going to mention it myself if no one else had). It looks like Leann is trying for a ‘faux’ passionate kiss (the way her eyes a closed & head tilted sideways), but Ediot was NOT interested, instead, awkwardly pursing his lips (& keeping his mouth clamped shut) with his eyes open. I even think he looks a bit embarrassed. Can you imagine what that looked like from his POV, that FACE coming at him? xD

      • Dinah says:

        Given that she’s recently been attempting public ball-grabbing and tongue slipping (and being SHUT DOWN), she looks positively icy now with her upturned hands on his arms – looks like she is pushing him away/trying to maintain physical distance- their lower bodies don’t even touch. I still think she’s pissed off/over him in that moment & he is enjoying every single second that he f&cks with her head. Things aren’t good in their world. To attempt to answer your question- I just cannot put myself thru that kind of torture at 6:00am. ;-)

  15. GIRLFACE says:

    As if. I just can’t even.

  16. emmie_a says:

    The first thing she mentions after Mario asks her about the reality show is that her and Eddie don’t fight (while doing their show). Mario didn’t ask her about fighting so why would she say that unless her and Eddie really do fight a lot. She just wants to keep the totally happy super in love couple thing going.

    And he almost seems to be making fun or her or instigating her — or something is going on when they are talking about babies. Like he’s egging her on and loving her being uncomfortable?

    And wow she looks more manly/butch than Eddie. Maybe it’s because he’s such a pretty boy that he overshadows her but wow – she’s looking rough.

  17. Tracy says:

    Mario is creepy and the other two are nuttier than ever.

  18. claire says:

    I love how they act like they are just filming their normal lives to show people a glimpse of it, doing stuff like skydiving, ranching and all that. No. They do none of that stuff regularly.

    A real glimpse into their lives would show them getting wasted in Cabo on the regular, sitting on the couch in sweats tweeting, ordering in Sushi every night, discussing new and inventive excuses for concert cancellations and picking out skimpy outfits for soccer games.

  19. SunnySide says:

    I’m just concerned about her mental state. Not for her sake, mind you, I just worry that when this meltdown happens the boys might be hurt. LeAnn seems to be so unstable that this is going to go down in flames. I don’t care if she brings Eddie down with her. He brought her around and I swear he plays her crazy to his advantage and goads her on. I just hope Brandi and the boys are far enough away from this explosion that the shrapnel misses them.

    I can’t stand Eddiot but this interview shows how much more attractive he is than Mario. They’re both dimpled, philandering a-holes but Eddie has a more rugged thing going on while Mario is more puffy boy-faced and greasy.

    • Dirtnap says:

      @Sunnyside: My thoughts, too. I’m worried about those boys when this all goes down.

    • nicegirl says:

      I too believe this is a foreshadowing of a BAD NEWS kind of breakdown as well. I sure hope the kids will be at Brandi’s that day.

    • Christin says:

      I think he’s playing with her, too. Either that or as other posters have speculated, they are both playing a game to garner attention for the show. They are cut from the same cloth in many ways, so nothing will surprise me.

      • SunnySide says:

        While I understand the theory, I feel like she isn’t smart enough for that. If she was smart enough she would have played the PR bit so much better from the get-go. I think she’s somehow managed to be an insecure narcissist with delusions of grandeur and crippling neediness. (maybe personality disorders and addiction issues also?) I think Eddie stages photo ops of her looking extra poorly, leaks stories, stages pap walks of himself alone and smiling, and brings out her crazy as much as possible so he can play victim and extricate himself from the situation. He’s trying to clean up his image a bit and send her into the flames alone. (Not that it’s working. His despicable douchiness always comes through.)

      • SunnySide says:

        and by into the flames alone I mean completely alone, with no money to comfort her as he’s already whisked it away for himself.

      • Christin says:

        One thing that is clear is that she has not played the PR game well at all. She also made mistakes years ago, but the past few years put her in a textbook “what NOT to do” category.

        Related to concerns about her mental state, I find it interesting that she has had no gaps in her major relationships since her teens. The fear of being alone may be part of the reason she’s clinging to a facade and now looks miserable for it.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Brandi does not need anyone to “worry about the boys” for her or Eddie. I’m sure they have it all under control. I’m as tired as Brandi is of hearing strangers say “I’m worried about the boys” like they’d know what those kids need more than their own parents do.

      • SunnySide says:

        I’m sure Brandi does what she can, I’m not insulting her skills as a mother in any way. I’m just saying its worrisome when they’re at their dad’s when LeAnn is having her meltdowns. Brandi can’t control that no matter how hard she tries and it’s not a knock against her, it’s the custody system. It’s obvious that she knows what’s best for them because she has it so LeAnn isn’t allowed to be alone with the boys. Good on her! She took legal protection steps! Yet it seems like Eddie and LeAnn don’t follow that rule like they’re supposed to. Therefore, worried about the boys.

  20. Nycboots says:

    Geez Louise, that was painful to watch! What I find mystifying is their zealous and unwavering insistence that if people only knew the real them, that they would be besieged with adoring fans. Not so much, kids. They are both so utterly unlikable, humorless, selfish and flat out stupid. There is no clever banter, no cool factor, no self awareness and kindness towards others and they do the most banal things daily – sushi, soccer, shopping! Even scripted, I can’t imagine that being compelling enough to watch for 10 minutes.

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    She’s never invited to any country music awards….

  22. I think they are flying by the seat of their pants with no pr or management people behind them. For one no reputable company would touch them and for two neither one of them are making enough money at this point to warrant paying for all of that. I am sure Leann thinks she can mastermind the whole transition from singer and actor to “celebrity reality couple”. That is all they are trying to accomplish with this nonsense. Leann is steadily using up her old money to support them while they have watched Brandi flourish from RHOBH and the side offers that come from that. They simply want a piece of that action. They both know they are washed up in the music industry and the acting business. I believe they are the instigators behind all of this gossip because without the non-believers and haters they have no fan base at all. So, they are playing it up to the haters trying their best to become relevant as a couple. Fail!!

    • Cindy says:

      Yes, and like Emily says above, I would bet one or both of them planted the Star story after too much info about their fighting was leaking out on the blogs. That’s Leann’s M.O., take control away from anyone else and script her own reality. Eddie is playing along for now to see how much traction it gets them. I also think he thinks that he can game her now and still get divorced later and salvage a career. Good luck with that, I won’t watch a show with either of these two vile malicious narcissists.

  23. Nadeni says:

    The part where he interrupts her and says ” so you want a baby to commemorate blah, blah, blah” was super awkward.

    • brin says:

      IKR?! It was awkward enough when she transitioned from baby talk to leaving her record label and then he zings her with that comment. Embarrassing and awkward!

    • Theresa says:

      I finally watched it just to see what the fuss was about, and even though I tried to watch it with a fairly open-mind, having never seen them in interview together, I was shocked at how awkward and unprepared they both seemed with their answers. So many “you know” and simply repeating the gossip headlines, and then, “ya know”… like he didn’t quite want to refute it outright with a “utter pure lies!”, more like, “ya, yaknow, it’s crazy how our life is I can’t hardly believe it either”. And when he interrupted her and contemptuously made the statement about the baby… like they have had this argument before and he still can’t believe her logic. Even if it’s not the end of their relationship yet, I don’t see a lot of compatibility, respect, equality between them. I do sense a lot of mocking, contempt and sarcasm.

  24. MissNostalgia says:

    They have to be, without doubt, the stupidest most boring famehos in Hollywood; her career is all but over, and he never had one to begin with. IMO, even Courtney and Doug are more interesting.

  25. MsDaisy says:

    I just can’t with Mario. I’m sure he knows LeAnn’s media tricks, why he is upholding this foolery is beyond me. He and Eddie are up to something. I sure Mario must have told Eddie about LeAnn calling the paps and all the stunts that she pulls, or maybe he knows they are going to divorce soon and he is watching the train crash in slow motion.

  26. Elisabeth says:

    they all split a valtrex before the interview

  27. moon says:

    Lol at Mario’s knowing face. I don’t know if I feel bad for Eddie – he got himself into this mess, but it’s sad he has to play babysitter. Nice dimples though.

  28. Jayna says:

    Eddie and the other actors just came out onto The Talk for a group interview.

  29. Holden says:

    I wonder if they read every word we write on here? I’m thinking yes.

  30. LeAnn Stinks says:

    I refuse to watch this because it would be self abuse.

    However, after reading Kaiser’s synopsis (thank you), this interview sounds like it amounted to a steaming pile of doody. They are both full of it. If noses really grew based on telling lies, a la Pinocchio, LeAnn’s would circle the Earth ten fold and her nostrils would make black holes look petite.

    When it is this amusement park ride finally going to stop? It’s really nauseating.

  31. Katija says:

    I’m still seething that she covered “Where I Stood” by the flaw-free and disgustingly underrated Missy Higgins. Her GORGEOUS and haunting ballad became a cheap twangy anthem for LeAnn’s hobaggery.

  32. Jigli says:

    No one’s commenting on the fact that she’s gained weight. I ain’t dissing, I like her non-skeletor healthier look, just saying.

  33. Dimebox says:

    The bro-ish douchbaggery between Mario and Eddie made my skin crawl. I think Leanne is a mess, and that karma is coming for her because of her various cruelties to Brandi. But, I felt that she was effectively double-teamed in that video by the dimples boys, and it made me feel that M&E had agreed beforehand how to humiliate Leanne. I find all three of them pretty disgusting.

  34. TheTruthHurts says:

    Why would her record deal have ANYTHING to do with when she decides to have a baby?!?! She just released an album, toured for it, the “werq” is done. Even if it wasn’t, why would a decision to get pregnant be pending on that?! Only in LeAnn Rimes’ world does she think that it’s a way of avoiding answering a question and only her delusional Twitter fans would take that as a legit reason, waiting for a record deal hahahahaha. I enjoyed hearing Eddie call Brandi by her first name instead of “my ex-wife” which would have been so impersonal. Instead, he said her name, which I don’t think I have ever heard him do in an interview since they have broken up. They are doing a lousy job trying to save face and it is hilarious to watch. You just know Mario was laughing to himself the whole time when he let his partner in crime Eddie have a platform to deny rumors and LeAnn saying she doesn’t get drunk in the closet. Mario knows what’s up. And still no mention of LeAnn’s missing/lost wedding ring by ANYONE. Wimps.

    • stacey says:

      I think so too. No one in the real world thinks, welp-I have to work, better not have any kids until I retire!!

      Just admit it Leann, you haven’t had kids yet because you are too afraid Eddie will ramp up his cheating if you get knocked up and get fat and go off your psoriasis meds. You also know in your heart of hearts, if he didn’t stand by his family with Brandi, he will never stand by you and any children you bear for him.

      The only smart thing Leann has done is to NOT get pregnant by him.

      Him and Mario seem to be in on some secret joke between the two of them. I’m sure Mario is in on Eddie’s scheming ways. Jokes on Leann.

  35. michele says:

    They are –hands down —the two most boring interviewees I’ve ever had the pain of watching. Couldn’t even finish the damn thing. I am not even remotely sure how she, even 20 pounds thinner, was EVER able to even attract the Cuban. She’s so plain! At least Scheana Marie is hot & confident & sexy. Just…wow. Really boring as a duo.

    • TG says:

      I think hot Eddie was attracted to her bank account same as some women are attracted to a man’s bank account regardless of age or looks or anything else for that matter. That must be tough for She-Man to be with someone so hot knowing that she is hard and not attractive in the least. I think knowing she has a hottie is part of the thrill but also adds to her insecurities times a million.

  36. Stephanie says:

    That was a very awkward interview.

  37. Jennifer12 says:

    Ew, the whole thing was a D-list dry hump. Totally gross. Mario is the worst at interviewing, and these two are putting on the most unconvincing show ever. Eddie, you tool, you don’t text Brandi because she doesn’t want you to.

  38. MegG says:

    I don’t understand why not more media have covered her sue happy, single white female antics. If it wasn’t for this blog, I would never know about these things on this side of the world.

  39. Dommy Dearest says:

    Is it wrong that I do want He-Man to get pregnant and then divorced JUST so she can go through what she’s putting Brandi and her two boys through? I really, REALLY want to see karma smack He-Man in the face. More than No-Ass Cyrus.

  40. Jennifer12 says:

    What is with this look she’s had since the implants- no bra and shirt unbuttoned practically to her waist?

  41. bettyrose says:

    Okay, honesty here, if I never read this site and had no idea who these two people were, my reaction to that interview would’ve been “dayum that guy is hot” (Eddie not Mario – they’re about equally as skeevy but Eddie has those dimples and muscles . . . ) and the gal is wearing too much foundation on her face that doesn’t match her neck. But I wouldn’t think they were unhappy. At some points, he honestly seems like he’s gazing adoringly at her (which could be the cut of the video. He might have been gazing adoringly at a passerby, I dunno). But without this analysis of what’s going on – and a history – I really wouldn’t have seen any of those PR blunders. [Please don't hate on me for saying Eddie is hot. If he were a complete stranger at a party and you knew nothing of his history, wouldn't you think so too?]

    • someone says:

      Agreed bettyrose – not everyone sees it in a negative way!

    • Qatar2 says:

      I agree! I am a dedicated daily visitor to this site and have been following the LR EC BG drama since the start. But it is really getting over the top in terms of the “armchair analysis” that is taking place for their every photo, video, remark, etc. I didn’t see anything cringeworthy in that video. They looked like a normal enough couple trying to play it cool and flippant about tabloid stories and having a bit of fun banter (eg. the comment about commemorating the record deal with a child).

      Yes, it is fun to watch what we think is a train wreck, but some of the comments on this site are really getting harsh, particularly about them being fat, ugly, stupid, riddled with STDs. I consider myself a pretty snarky and sarcastic person, but I can’t help but feel for LR if she is reading this stuff.

  42. Bambilee says:

    “Nothing’s popped out yet!” Eddie’s subtle way of mentioning LeAnn’s weight gain.

    Please don’t let them have a squinty eyed baby.

  43. tricklady says:

    Can’t wait until this blows up. How can a interview THAT fake be THAT boring! Maybe they could get jobs with Le ann’s FODDER’S wrecking service! What a couple of idiots!

  44. Sophie says:

    She looks fat. (Her body reminds me of my own right now; but at least I have the excuse of having given birth 4 months ago.)

  45. Snowpea says:

    My god, I can’t get over the stench of meanness that permeates this clip.

    Eddie is a dumb, meanspirited, narcissistic, self absorbed douche but his unfortunate looking crazy wife is even dumber.

    This clip gave us such an insight into the dynamics of their marriage. He GOADS her. He says things that are so loaded, so barbed, so obviously designed to hurt and manipulate and cause selfdoubt that I have the tiniest smidgen of pity for her.

    She is so dumb, so backward, so emotionally stunted, so unsophisticated, so insecure and with such a massive case of arrested development that she never stood a chance with the sociopath that is Eddie.

  46. Pers14 says:

    I often have problems with booze. I go to booze when I feel stressed, etc.. with life. She looks bloated like I become. Boozers like I am can see the same in others. Leann…get help. Your husband’s wandering magical dong isn’t worth it.

  47. Marisa says:

    Awkwarrrrrrrrrd. I believe that we are witnessing the beginning of the end!

  48. MegG says:

    I also kind of wish that Leanne would get pregnant to this player, just so finally the same thing would happen to her too,

  49. Christin says:

    I watched his three minute interview with Kimmel. After initial pleasantries, the first topic was the arguing by his ex and current wife via Twitter, TV, etc. and how Dimples seems to stay out of it. Dimples’ response was to the effect that some people seem born to create drama and capitalize on it. Kimmel’s response was “and you married both of them.” That drew a lot of audience laughter. Dimples quickly countered that it was only one or once. He claimed to have learned the first time. (Classy response about your kids’ mom, eh? And we know how drama-averse his second wife is.)

    The next subjects were his wife’s songwriting about him, the reality show and finally the interview mentioned the movie. Supposedly the reality show will air in July, per this interview. Kimmel told him it was probably a bad idea and that he wanted them to be together a long time.

  50. Leslie says:

    Ediot on Kimmel. Does LeAnn know how vindictive and stupid he is? Guess not, since she’s the same.

  51. Zooyork says:

    How in the world would shopping around for a new record deal prevent you or get in the way of trying to have a baby?
    Who does she think she’s fooling?