Brandi Glanville claims that Mohamed Hadid said Joanna Krupa’s biscuit is stank


This is a surprisingly complicated story involving Real Housewives, so… I don’t know how in-depth you want me to go. I really only care about Brandi Glanville, and even then, it’s not like she’s my favorite person. Plus, I don’t watch these shows at all. So, here’s my summary of what’s been going down with Brandi lately:

First, Brandi was talking sh-t on What What Happens Live on Monday night. She claimed that Joanna Krupa was one of several women to sleep with Yolanda Foster’s now ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. Brandi claimed Mohamed’s affair with Krupa was “one of many” that ended Yolanda and Mohamed’s marriage. Brandi also claimed that while Yolanda and Mohamed are okay now, Yolanda has a hate-on for Joanna Krupa.

As Brandi was appearing Watch What Happens Live, Joanna also did a tweet-and-delete saying “no wonder her husband left her.” So, of course Brandi had to respond. She told Andy Cohen: “Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p-ssy smelled. Just saying. It’s true. I’m not lying. And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, bitch. I win!”

So now Joanna Krupa and Mohamed and everyone else are all falling over themselves to respond. Joanna Krupa responded, saying: “I guess Brandi will stoop so low to make up fake stories to hurt her so called friend Yolanda. She is desperate for attention. Mohamed has been nothing but a wonderful friend to me for 10 years. What I do in my private life is my business and never broke up any marriage!” Mohamed called it a “lie” as well, and said that Brandi “is such scum” and she has a “foul mouth.” Et cetera.

Soooooo…. Was Brandi completely off-side for this kind of sh-t talking? Or is this how she makes her money? She’s a gossipy, crude bitch and that’s her “brand” I guess. And if she’s so adamant about hearing this crap directly from Mohamed, I kind of believe her.


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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I mean, how old are these people? Aren’t they mothers and sh*t?

    Great role models all around….way to win with the maturity, ladies.

  2. MonicaQ says:

    I have nothing to add other than I choked on my coffee when I read that head line.

  3. JessSaysNo says:

    She is bitter and ugly. I can’t stand her at all. Not to mention I think Andy Cohen is THE most misogynist person on TV. He treats women like animals in a f*cking cage to watch, gawk, and laugh at. Both of these people need to disappear, in my opinion!

    • Dana says:

      Im gunna say I disagree, look at the women he works with. They are animals.

    • Ok says:

      Jess — I am not sure on the bitterness.

      But none of these women are ugly. They are all stunning.

      Now, their actions are sometimes questionable. But it is a tough reality tv market and you gotta do what it takes.

      But they are all gorgeous, smelly biscuits and all.

      • judyjudy says:

        I have to disagree that these women are gorgeous. Well- groomed and polished, sure. But I don’t see great beauty in any of them.

      • emmie_a says:

        Ok: Gorgeous? Stunning?? They are stunningly fake looking! It’s hard to watch clips of them because their faces are frozen and bits and parts of them don’t even move, while other parts keep inflating. Eeew.

        Jess: I totally agree about Andy Cohen. He sets the bait and loves watching the cat fight. So stupid.

        …And I thought that this all started because one of the Miami housewives said something to Joanna during the Miami reunion, which aired prior to Brandi’s appearance on Andy’s show…

      • Emily C. says:

        The women might have been stunning before they converted their flesh into silicone and poison in order to please scum like Andy Cohen. Now they are flat-out scary. It’s sad.

      • JessSaysNo says:

        They are fake plastic version of what porn-men want. My husband hates that fake plastic surgery face and body, its not beauty. It’s weird industrialized version of what creepo plastic surgeons think men desire. These women are ugly on the inside, talking about each others “smelly pussy” because being undesirable to men is THE WORST insult Brandi can come up with. She, and all the other trash of Bravo play right into Andy’s sicko obsession with watching women show their trashiest side. He hates women the most, they are not real people to him, but rather jokes to be made.

      • Jaxx says:

        I have to disagree on the beautiful. After hearing all the ugly things that comes out of this woman’s mouth, she is no longer pretty to me in any way. And she says B*tch, I win? No Brandi, you don’t win. When you humiliated Joanna you humiliated yourself as well. No, not pretty.

      • meh says:

        “… because being undesirable to men is THE WORST insult Brandi can come up with”

        I never comment on Brandi threads because they get a bit too wacky for my tastes but this comment was spot freaking on.

    • Jane says:

      I have watched the show and Brandi has gone from someone who promotes herself as not being able to be anything but honest (so watch out) to using information she has to hurt people to get back at them. Ordinarily, that is par for those kind of shows, but she crossed a line once already and I think she had done it again. Brandi outed a family secret concerning Adrienne Maloof and her kids that was very personal information, nobody’s business and wasn’t hurting anyone. Brandi did it because she was mad at Adrienne.

      Yolanda apparently told Brandi about Joanna in confidence, yet Brandi broke that confidence and gossiped about it to another housewife who was the one who originally blurted out the info. So, apparently Brandi’s honesty really means that if you tell me a secret it will remain a secret only if I feel like it. Yolanda has kids with Mohammad and I think her reason for wanting the info kept private was for her kids. I think Yolanda has learned a lesson also, don’t tell Brandi anything you want kept private. Something Yolanda should have figured out anyway considering Brandi’s track record.

      • jaye says:

        I agree. Brandi is SO damned MESSY! She’s quickly losing whatever good will she’s accumulated because of that clusterf*ck of a situation with Leann Rimes and Eddie.

      • Val says:

        Well… One thing i believe ( allthough I do not know her personally) is Brandi is very honest but she is no gossip. Let me clarify….. She does not start gossip o make up stories. She hears alot of things about others but only repeats things if she is provocked eg. Johanna tweeting her on WWHL. She ( Brandi) got pissed and said what she said about Johanna. If I was any of the housewives I would watch out. Brandi doesnt play and she for sure doesnt LIE.

  4. han says:

    While they all look mid aged,they all sound like extremely vapid high schoolers, pathetic. Never watched that show and never will.

    • Christin says:

      I don’t watch the shows either. It just seems like you describe (women who physical age is middle aged; emotional age much lower) with a lot of vanity tossed in.

      If these women are on different shows (cities?) then I assume Andy was trying to cross-promote. He probably knows what and whose buttons to push to get headlines the next day.

      • han says:

        I am not sure i am getting what you are saying was that comment aimed at me in some way? Who is andy?
        Look I am from London i only ever hear about these people on this site. Its not something I hear people talk about around here . From what i see this show seems extremely vapid and trashy and certainly not one i would seek out. I understand that trash talking gets headlines but that doesn’t make my comment any less true. I cannot say i have encountered any people my parents age who go around talking about how other womens “biscuits stank” in public. Apart from maybe the local drunk outside the cornershop.

      • Christin says:

        I was just agreeing with your comment and adding that getting these women to say outrageous things helps promote the different HW shows.

        Andy is the host of a separate TV show that generated this particular story. He’s tied to the Housewives franchise through his show as cast members are frequent guests.

      • Carolyn says:

        RHOM’s ratings are way down. This is perfect cross-PR. Andy is Andy Cohen. A continuing storyline in RHOM is whether Joanna has been an escort and who she has “done the deed” with. Joanna has a foul temper is delusional in thinking she is a supermodel and has an anger problem which escalates when drunk. All of these people are encouraged and fed outrageous storylines – they’ve even brought Lisa Vanderpump into it to lend some credibility. I’m surprised Joanna has gone along with this “smelly” storyline. Either way, most of the people are trash. They may look pretty but underneath there’s some that are really loathsome.

      • Dinah says:

        I agree with you. Particularly about Joanna’s foul temper – she has a serious problem, like her brain catches fire and she becomes completely unhinged; she attacks like a snake and calmly recoils until she strikes again- and her delusional thinking, just wow… when I think ‘supermodel’, I think of Turlington, Moss, Campbell, Crawford, Klum, Bundchen. You know, those who have succeeded in many areas.
        If you look at her IMDb & wikipedia, she has done some pretty trashy ( umm, Juggy Girl on The Man Show), low level stuff trying to expose herself/ break in; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she, ahem, ‘augmented’ her income, if you catch my meaning.
        She appears vicious, calculating & opportunistic if you ask me. Doesn’t paint a very pleasant picture, does it?

        All that said, I think it was a poor, poor choice on Brandi’s part to blurt that out, if only for Yo and her daughters. Stupid.

  5. BernieMac says:

    God it’s so weird to hear stories about mr. Hadid. I’ve known him since I was young and have traveled with him and his family several times. He’s a nice guy but he will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t think man is meant to be monogamous. He once told me that he thought marriages should expire after 10 years and you should have the option to either renew or move on.

    • V4Real says:

      I actually get that. It’s like what Al Bundy once said. Driver’s license expires why can’t a marriage license do that.

      • Ok says:

        Because you are not falling in love, planning a life, and having and raising children with your damn car, that’s why.

        Notice how Mr Hadid keeps getting older but his choice of sexual partners stays firmly put in the 20′s??

        Interesting how the same people that want to have a marriage license expire so they can tradi in for a newer model are the same ones that want their partner of the current decade to stick around and care for them whe they are old and sick??

        It’s called being selfish, superficial and shallow.

      • V4Real says:

        @ OK for crying out loud relax. It was a joke, hence the use of Al Bundy A TV FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

        Stop looking for intense debates when the comments doesn’t call for one.

        BTW some people are in love with their cars.
        But as soon as that car gets old they will trade it in for a younger model. :)

      • Ok says:

        Ah. Well then, I will have some chocolate and calm down then.

      • Isa says:

        I don’t understand why anyone would want to get married if they don’t believe in monogamy.

      • Emily C. says:

        @ Isa — being married is super convenient. I can see why two people would agree to marry and have an open marriage, polyamory, whatever, because marriage really does make life easier in a lot of ways.

        What I don’t understand is why anyone would marry someone they don’t trust completely. This person has access to everything regarding your life, learns more about you than your mother did, and if you can’t make health decisions, is the one who makes them for you. Plus while being married is convenient, divorce is severely inconvenient.

    • Option B.. says:

      I am purely only commenting on just your name. I caught a rerun of the Bernie Mac show on tv last night and it reminded me just how great and funny a comedian he was. May he rest in peace and he is very missed.

      • Isa says:

        The cons of divorce, especially if you’re rich, outweigh any benefits I see for marriage, if you don’t consider it until death do you part.
        I dunno, I just think if I didn’t believe in monogamy I wouldn’t bother with marriage. I would just shack up with my flavor of the decade.

    • Zoe says:

      I don’t think it’s in Mr. Hadid’s culture to respect women on any level other than beauty and how quickly he can get them horizontal. Not that that those of every culture don’t screw around, it’s just such so brazenly blatent with him, and a characteristic that he seems so proud of with zero remorse. And the older he gets, the more foolish he looks!

      I’m sure he paid Yolanda a vast fortune to keep her hanging in there….decorating, kind, speaking well of him, etc…and because of being multi-mega-rich , she will always be there for him however unfaithful and humiliating he may have been. Yolanda may not have been able to keep him faithful, but she has loved spending his millions over the years. Then she seemed to find true love that happened to include fame and furtune in capturing the heart of David Foster. I adore him and find him 1,000 times more attractive and appealing than hubby # 1,…and not one to blatently screw around. The best revenge is success and if that’s the criteria, Yolanda is extremely successful!

      Mr. Hadid is a bit on the disgustingly putrid side for my tastes, no matter the amount of wealth. David, just the opposite…., famous, a very sexy and talented guy, and wealthy enough. Kudos to Yolanda!

  6. Kiddo says:

    These people are repugnant. These TV shows are a reflection of the dumbing down of society. I will never contribute by watching even one episode.

    • Ok says:

      Um Kiddo. Um. I hate to point it out, but we are on right now.

      And while I adore it and I come here every day to read celebrity gossip and the plethora of comments……..well, none of us are exactly splitting the atom on this site.

      It’s not the Economist. It’s not the Wall Street.

      So, you might not want to be on the “dumbing down of society” soapbox right about now……..

      • bluhare says:

        Sorry, OK, but being bitchy is one thing. Talking about someone’s yeast infection (or whatever caused the smell) goes so far beyond bitchy it’s not even funny.

      • Kiddo says:

        Also, it’s ironic coming from someone who stepped down from a soapbox on another thread.

      • Jessica says:

        Ha, yes you’re right. I come to this website when I need to take a break from thinking – it’s just for entertainment. I also admit watching RHOBH and it can be pretty entertaining. It’s not meant to be thought-invoking, just fun. It it kind of like being a fly on the wall and watching a bunch of crazy people interact. Although I do have to limit how much I watch it or I find that I can become a little bit more argumentative LOL!

      • emmie_a says:

        Ok: Umm I think you are missing something here. There are true celebrities – actors, singers, athletes, etc. They have a talent and can be interesting, respectable, entertaining people. Then there are reality tv *celebrities*. Most have zero talent, other than they are semi-attractive and they are on a tv show. I think there is a huge difference between the two. Celebrities don’t necessarily want to be famous and don’t necessarily live to make headlines. They don’t have to go out of their way to get fame and recognition. Reality tv people do. That’s all they have and they will do anything to stay relevant. I think Kiddo’s comment was probably referring to reality tv people and I agree with the comment.

      • Nicolette says:


        ITA with your thoughts, as well as with Kiddo’s comment.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      But yet you contribute to a blog comment section about them. Also, if you are not informed about a subject, don’t comment on it. Uninformed opinions that are done by people only trying to start crap aren’t welcome here.

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t know whether the comment was directed at me, but what I know about the show and the people in it, I learned from reading here, and all I needed to know in order to make my initial comment was the cringe-inducing quote in the article. It was dumb, crass and disgusting.

        I don’t think it involves additional research to come to that conclusion. I apologize that they way I wrote it made some people on this site believe that I was calling them dumb, because I wasn’t. But I can’t see how a woman discussing the maliferous odor of another woman’s genitalia, with glee, is in any way elevating the culture. I mostly pass on making comments on reality programing because I don’t like it. I just thought this was hitting a particular new low and it was highly offensive to me, on many levels.

        I wasn’t aware that in order to comment on a thread that you had to be a fan. That’s fascinating since some of the longest threads come after Miley articles, although the detractors outnumber the fans by a large measure.

        I said nothing with any intent to start to a fight with anyone.

  7. aims says:

    That’s just tacky. These are grown ass women who is living a stereotype that women are catty and don’t support each other. It just so gross.

  8. V4Real says:

    Wow Brandy I like you but just wow.
    But if its true that might explain why Roman barely has sex with Joanna. Also Joanna admitted on the reunion show that she did date Mohamed but it was after he split from Yolanda, yeah right.

    BTW I thought the word biscuit was a European word for the backside. I thought Brandy was saying Joanna’s butt smelled. I was going to say at some point and time all our asses smell so what.

    • Jayna says:

      Men like Roman have a low sex drive. I can’t tell you how many girls complain their boyfriends, husbands have low sex drives. It’s not all that infrequent. I dated one once and it was miserable. You are practically begging for sex. Yet my boyfriend was so affectionate, in private and in public. When we had sex, it was good, but not the frequency I was used to in my twenties. I finally dumped him no matter how cute he was. His next girlfriend was so cute, young, blonde, who adored him, and after a year she was crying, all upset, tellingl his best friend that he rarely wants sex, and she couldn’t understand it. and was so confused. His best friend told me he told her it wasn’t her. His last girlfriend, me, complained also. He’s not gay. He just has a low sex drive. I don’t get how Joanna would want to marry a guy that their sex life has always been a problem from the beginning. Just like some women have a low sex drive, the same can be true fr a man.

      • Ok says:

        Jayna — I can fully support your comment as I have lived that low sex drive with a man.

        One boyfriend and one husband. Both are exes.

        Low drive exists and it sucks to be with a man with a low sex drive.

        I am now happily with a man with an amazingly high drive and am infinitely happier

      • V4Real says:

        I understand the low sex drive thing with men it exist in women as well. But according to others Roman’s Libido was working just fine when he was creeping behind Jo’s back with other women. Yes I know it’s just rumors but sometimes rumors are taken from some form of truth. It’s also rumored that their marriage was done for television. Another rumor was that not long ago Jo was seeing another man but called it off because he wouldn’t agree to her financial demands so she went back to Roman. We all know that the rumors of her being an escort has been circulating for years.

        It really says something that Roman’s mother and father were too busy to attend their wedding. Maybe they know it’s a farce and wanted no part of it or maybe they were just busy.

      • Emily C. says:

        Yep, and because we’re taught that men always want sex all the time, women who are with men like that end up thinking there’s something wrong with us.

    • LAK says:

      I am an admitted RHOBH addict, although i occasionally dip a toe in the other HW shows. On one of the episodes of Miami that i’ve watched, Joe ‘girls gone wild’ Francis said that JK and her sister slept with him back in the day in exchange for time on one of his ventures. JK threw a hissy fit that was more about the fact that Joe had outed her than the information he’d shared. Her sister admitted doing it, but there is a running commentary about exactly how JK has risen to the top… to speak.

  9. Janeite says:

    Disgusting and shameful behavior all around. I need to go back and re-read the Wentworth Miller story to get this ickiness out of my head.

  10. Pers14 says:

    I love Brandi, but I don’t understand why she’d even say or reveal this stuff. JustSayJenn has a blind that fits this scenario, that Brandi’s big mouth may cost her big opportunities. I don’t understand why Brandi felt she had to go there. Sometimes it’s better to keep the ol’ lip zipped, especially when you’re sitting with that gargoyle Andy Cohen.

  11. fingerbinger says:

    LOL and Ewwwww. That’s all I got.

  12. GiGi says:

    I’m of two minds here. In a way I think Brandi feels she’s not “playing the game” when she repeats things in public which were said in private conversations. On the flip side – seriously? I feel like she’s going to have no friends left, and quickly, if she can’t display even a small amount of discretion. Can you imagine worrying that everything you said to her in private might make it out if her mouth on television? No thanks.

    • Relli says:

      I think her new friends KNOW that she has loose lips and use it to their advantage. You don’t put something like that out there to someone like B unless you WANT everyone to know the truth while you keep your hands clean.

      • Jayna says:

        No. You think she is your true friend and only has loose lips about people like Adrienne and Kyle that she could care less about. You never think someone who is your friend will spill your conversations told in private. We’ve all been there with someone like Brandi, and especially someone like Brandi who drinks a lot at these Bravo parties.

      • Relli says:

        J, I disagree. These RHW are grown up mean girls who are very calculating. I happen to have a PHD in mean girl because I used to be one. This is a classic move in the handbook of keeping your hands clean and letting your outspoken friend who everyone is going to discredit with their own opinions on her take the fall. Smart mean girls never show their hand, and while B isnt dumb but she is kind of simple and fell for the bait. These people who have been in and around Hollywierd for years are not going to disclose something so intimate to a woman who is merely a reality star if they didn’t want it to get out in some way. My guess is that Andy had been angling to move Jo to RBH and Yo is not happy about that because she doesn’t want that storyline. Jo not only recently got married in CA but supposedly has a new house in LA. Everyone already knew Jo was involved with this Mohamed person it came out a year ago so throw some fire on that rumor and BAM!

        You don’t have to agree with me but the only person who benefits from ALL this is Yolanda because she comes out smelling like perfection and a great wife.

      • Ok says:

        Oooooh, Relli — good assessment.

        You are good at this game. Very astute.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Excellent color commentary, Relli.

    • claire says:

      She doesn’t comment on or spill secrets on her real-life friends that she’s had for decades. They are all well-known people themselves. This is why I wonder how much she’s encouraged by producers to be so blunt.

      All the housewives discuss each other’s business on TV and in interviews, Brandi just gets a lot of press for it because her language is, um…..colorful. Girl is good for soundbites.

      • Jayna says:

        From everything I’ve ever read from other Bravo people, at these Bravo parties Brandi is a full-on drunk there. I think alcohol plays a big part in Brandi’s loose lips in this situation.

      • claire says:

        I’ve only seen a report about one specific party but I don’t doubt alcohol fuels her mouth. Her mouth also seems to flow without alcohol. It’s who she is, my point is Bravo takes advantage of it and she goes along with it willingly, playing the game.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Right. People don’t get that all these “stories” she reveals are about Housewives people. She’s playing the game and the viewers are eating it up. These aren’t real life friends, they are all tv friends. Her true g/f like Jennifer Gimenez, adore her and you never hear Brandi say a peep about their private life. It’s all part of the game.

  13. Bridget says:

    Brandi may be crass, but she is GOLD for the Real Housewives empire. She somehow manages to constantly keep them in the headlines and provide them with tons of drama. And I dont even watch RHOM and I’ve known that the chatter about Krupa being an escort has been around for years.

  14. Ok says:

    So Joanna Krupa has a smelly pussy ?
    I think Joanna’s response is interesting.
    I mean, exactly how does Brandi saying that hurt Yolanda ? I doesn’t.

    Yolanda (and Yo is my fave) is such an elegant woman. I am sure she will remain silent or simply say that those types of things should not be discussed.

    But on the inside, I am sure Yolanda is smiling about this.

  15. Kate says:

    This Brandi nutjob seriously needs to grow up. I can’t believe that idiot has children.

  16. fofes says:

    Eh, both are offside. Joanna came off as a mega bitch in the Miami reunion. She attacked Lisa (another housewife) for her drinking and claims that’s why she’s not able to get pregnant. I thought it was another housewife who came to Lisa’s defence and brought up the fact that Joanna was one to talk as she was a known homewrecker, who broke up Mohamed and Yolanda’s marriage. A fourth housewife at the reunion confirmed this and said it was Brandi who told them.
    Brandi was the one who took it left on WWHL.
    P.S. I really kind of hope they cancel RHOM.

  17. Jayna says:

    Such a tacky woman. I bet Yolanda was not happy with her, taking something told to her in private and running off the mouth to someone vile like Adriana to spread gossip. That is just Brandi relishing having some juicy gossip to pass on to another housewife. Then the smelly p-ssy comment was really trash talking. Mohamed called her scum for saying he said that about Joanna’s p-ssy smelling, that he would never say that. Truthfully, that sounds like a comment Brandi would make, her lingo, the way she talks, not really a comment he would make to Brandi, who he barely knows.

    She now says she’s hurt because she cares for this family. Wow, she’s hurt? She has dragged a couple through gossip that actually still care for one another and get along and don’t hurt each other in public for the sake of their kids. Yolanda even still works for Hadid, decorating his lavish properties. I really can’t believe Mohamed would make that comment to someone like Brandi, who he barely knows and Joanna is a longtime friend. Brandi is no kind of friend to Yolanda, who always stays above the fray and keeps herself classy. She said as much on twitter, not backing Brandi, but saying this is in the past and she is focused on the future and her children. If Yolanda wanted to state something private like this on the show, she would have. She has always said she really works at having a good relationship with Mohamed for their children. She even met David Foster, her present husband, through Mohamed, who was David’s friend, and saw her photo at Mohamed’s house and asked to meet her.

    When I am told something in private by a friend, I don’t run to almost strangers at some Bravo event to spread the gossip. What is wrong with Brandi?

    • Stacey says:

      Brandi is so damaged from her divorce. When Andy tells her Joanna’s “no wonder her husband left her” comment, you can just see the pain in Brandi’s face, her lip starts to shake! I think she just lashed out like a wounded animal with information she should have kept to herself. Hopefully she is investing in some heavy duty therapy. I like Brandi but she is totally out of control (in a bad way) sometimes. So obvious she has not healed from her divorce and these catty media fights cannot be good for her peace of mind.

      • Jayna says:

        I’m not buying that. Brandi has said she has always been like this, speaking her mind, attacking back when feels attacked, having no filter as she is fond of saying, never lying as she is fond of saying. Brandi wasn’t some classy girl and then turned loud mouth, crude over night. As Jeff Lewis said, finally meeting her at a Bravo party, that she was drunk and aggressive to people and combative.

      • someone says:

        It is possible to speak your mind in a classy way but somehow that is lost on Brandi. To say what she said and then follow it up with “Sorry (b)itch I win”? Totally opposite of classy.

      • Emily C. says:

        Oh bull. Divorces are difficult, but it’s not like Brandi was in a war zone for two years or enslaved or etc. She’s just a nasty, sexist pos.

      • Cindy says:

        @Stacey, I agree. You could see how upset she was visibly in the clip when Joanna said that. However, Brandi’s drinking does not help her at all. If she wants to be honest, she could start being honest with herself about how much she drinks and how often and how it affects her behavior. Obviously, from this clip, her alcohol consumption is hurting her. She might try going without for a while and see how much better her life gets.

    • LAK says:

      OMG and LOL……Muhammad would totally say that sort of thing. I’ve worked around men like him and THAT’s how dismissive and crass they are about all the pretty models/women who gravitate around them. I’ve heard things that would make your toes curl and make this particular comment nursery school. They are showing off and bragging to their equally crass friends no matter who is listening in. they assume that since they are amongst friends in their exclusive club, they can say whatever they like and do. And the women who ‘date’ them are only in it for one thing only. everyone knows what the deal is and as much as we are grossed out by such men because we aren’t desperate enough to sell our bodies, these women who will lie back and think of England for a chance at the sort of life Muhammad can provide.

      And BTW the very same women would cut you up if you interfered with their gravy train. As long as nothing gets out to the general public, everyone is ‘friends’.

      Brandi has loose lips because you aren’t supposed to talk about what goes on or what you hear inside the exclusive circle She’s a liability and these people are players who can kill her career such as it is. If she doesn’t learn who to talk about and who not to, she’ll be thrown out of BH very quickly.

      Yolanda has sent out a non committal text that shows some support for Brandi, but Brandi needs to think about what she says if she is to remain at the party, so to speak.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        I found it ironic that both Lisa & Yolanda mentioned FISH in their texts. The jokes on HoAnna from both those women.

      • Cindy says:

        I thought the same thing about Lisa and Yolanda’s tweets. They are both making fun of JK and subtly confirming everything Brandi said.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Totally true Lak. Ive also had the misfortune to work around these sorts of uber wealthy men (I was a personal assistant) and they are shockingly make chauvanist, egotistical and crude. They would make me literally nasuas sometimes.
        I could tell Mohammed is very much this way and I totally believe he said this. However, even though he probably said this I really think Brandi hit below the belt with volunteering this info. I cant think of any other reason to offer this info other than pure jealousy. Joanna is drop dead gorgeous and NICE as well. Im really surprised Brandi is going after her.
        Ive always supported Brandi making a career for herself and Ive always been team Brandi but her behavior of late is alienating fans like me.
        Crude, nasty, classless, ….shes just not sympathetic anymore. This crosses a girl code line IMO. And the comment. Really Brandi??

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Um, pretty sure Yolanda does not care about a homewrecker who slept with her husband at the time being called out on live tv. She played peace maker on Twitter after because that is who Yo is, not to mention, is dealing with her health right now and doesn’t have time for Joanna Krupa drama. Yolanda knows Brandi is good people.

  18. MynameisPeaches! says:

    I believe Brandi. There is a blind or two floating around about Joanna K hooking up with Yolanda’s ex husband. That’ was one of the reasons of their divorce. Yolanda got a bigger settlement because she had a tape of Joanna and Mohamed getting intimate.

    I still like Brandi but celebrity has gone a to a head.

  19. Sue says:

    All I can say is no wonder her husband left her. Brandi is just – wow – really crude and rude. What a great example for her boys (not). They are just going to be so embarrassed by their mother as they grow older. In all honesty I don’t think she has much to do with them even now – she is to busy making sure she gets the attention.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      Her husband didn’t leave her, she kicked him out. The idiot he is with now is no prize. I have absolutely no doubt that she is telling the truth. There will be lots that the boys shouldn’t find out about when they grow up, namely, how their father cheated around and all of the antics of their “bonus” mom. I think the kids will be alright.

    • Emily C. says:

      I think the opposite: I think it’s no wonder her husband married her and tried to stay married to her. A woman who says stuff like this about other women is likely to blame other women when her husband cheats, rather than blaming him. Plus she apparently shares his opinion of women. Misogynists tend to attract other misogynists.

  20. Stacey says:

    I believe he said that about Joanna. but she should have kept her mouth shut because she is friends with Yolanda and this could upset Yolanda’s kids. Yolanda’s kids are an extension of her, so if you love Yolanda, brandi needs to get on board with not trashing Hadid since Yolanda doesn’t.
    Yolanda has teenagers with Hadid and this is not fair to them to be saying those things.

  21. Thinker says:

    Unless she videotaped him saying that awful quote, Brandi has no proof and really shouldn’t repeat things like that. Her original accusations were enough to rile up Joanna, Mohammad and probably Yolanda too, but the comment about Joanna’s vijay jay is below the belt (literally). Brandi does herself no favors repeating things like that. As a doctor, I can say that actually most women have a natural musk.

  22. Relli says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, your forgot to include that Yolanda has already replied/addressed what B said, and she didn’t exactly deny it nor did she confirm. Lisa Vanderpump’s reply was classic!


    THIS IS OLD NEWS. Joe Francis king of the skeeze already put this out there, like a year ago. So, YES Miss Andy just stirred the pot and I suspect is trying to make room and storyline for Hoanna to step into RHWBH. Watch what happens!

  23. I know U R, But What Am I? says:

    Brandy is the WORST Person EVER!! I used to feel sorry for her with the whole “Husband Publicly Humilates & Leaves You for Younger Woman” thing but I cannot and will not condone this type of behaviour!! She’s so crude…there’s no way she calls herself a Lady with a straight face!! No Way!!!

    And from where I’m looking and hearing stories about her, I’m not sure Brandy is the one to talk about anyone’s Cookie/Biscut smelling!! I DO NOT EVEN want to imagine what her’s smells like!!


    • Kimbob says:

      @I know U R, I totally agree. Same for me, too. I actually still feel for Brandi because when one loses a marriage the way she did, the pain never totally goes away. Regardless of the fact that I do sympathize w/her situation w/Eddie & Horseface, I must say she’s finally and completely crossed the line for me. I remember awhile back when Brandi had done something else totally unthinkable, I’d said something about it in that particular post, & one of her apologists explained to me that Brandi “has/had real reasons for what she did/does, & to hang in there & take it in faith that more would be revealed in the future,” so I decided to still support her. But I haven’t seen anything “revealed” as of yet that would explain some of her reprehensible behavior and words…nothing even remote. What I have seen though are pictures of her completely shit-faced in public w/her tampon hanging out, among other things, as well.

      I do understand that she now has to make a living, & I don’t begrudge her Housewives gig, or whatever other gigs she picks up for $$, as she needs to make a living, that’s for sure. But all that crap when she went on Twitter w/her rants to tell all about how horrid things were for her kids being w/Eddie & MeAnn, & how she worried about them. She could have afforded an attorney if that was her priority & gone that route, but instead she said she ‘couldn’t afford’ a lawyer, & her best defense was to “out” them all on Twitter….yet look at what all she does to her face, all her expensive clothes, the training sessions out in public parks….that stuff costs lots of $$$. But yeah, I get it, she can’t afford an attorney.

      I think more has been revealed, but not because Brandi has any aces in her pocket. I don’t like Eddie or MeAnn, but maybe…just maybe what we’re seeing of Brandi gives a glimpse of what kind of person she really is? I’m thinking maybe there wasn’t too much love left in her marriage to Eddie. After all, she’s so honest & says what’s really on her mind.

      Yeah, talking about how she “heard” someone say that JK is smelly where the sun doesn’t shine is just awful. Obviously she didn’t experience this first-hand, but to me it’s even WORSE to pass along second-hand information that may or may not be true. Even if it’s true, (and JK I understand to be a not-so-good person)….there is not any good whatsoever that results by such a statement….nothing!

      But yet again I’m reading defenses from Brandi apologists when there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to defend. So, I figure some are just so aligned w/her regardless of what she does…’s OK. Whatever, but I just can’t support or get behind someone like this.

    • claire says:

      Good lord. Calm down. It’s a TV show. They all talk trash on one another. The HW shows are built on drama. It’s not that serious.

      • Jaxx says:

        Sure, it’s just a show. But this subject is resonating so strongly with women because every single one of us is sensitive about the thought of our lady parts being “not so fresh.” The very idea of having it announced to the entire world is a nightmare none of us would ever want to live through. Brandi has made a very big mistake here. She’ll be lucky if it doesn’t turn out to be the beginning of the end of her career. This kind of dirty trick won’t be forgotten.

  24. Rita says:

    Brandi can be very crude but she’s way too open and honest so I believe her. One can never tell who is given the nod to say what in public when it comes to these reality celebrities so this might just be the girls working it. Krupa is as big as famewhore as they come and a bit of a skank so she may be in on it but if you have to plant stories about someone saying your coochie smells like rotting sardines (paraphrasing now) it’s time to get the douche …..and I’m not talking about Mohamed. After all, if the mountain (aka coochie) won’t come to Mohamed, then Mohamed must go to the mountain (aka coochie). Not sure what that means.

    • Emily C. says:

      Douches cause yeast infections and other problems with vaginal wellness. They are the last thing any woman with hygiene problems should use, and the last thing any woman who wants to avoid hygiene problems should use. They are flat-out bad for you.

  25. hadleyb says:

    Lisa Vanderpumps response on Twitter was the best though .. ” something is fishy around here” or similar. lol

    Lisa comes out with the best comments sometimes!

  26. Jessiebes says:

    Yeah no fun, just bad taste. I support Brandy in the Leann thing, even bought her book. But I don’t like this vulgar side of her.

  27. Cindy says:

    If Brandi’s agent were smart, he would be trying to get her a gig on a talk show with a younger audience, like the old MTV show Loveline with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew. Brandi would be the seasoned veteran co-host who has seen it all and done it all and tells it like it is. Her honesty and shock jock language would appeal to a young fan base that is comfortable with her personality aka Miley Cyrus fans.

  28. P.J. says:

    I’m sorry but, even if this story is true, to me, this is one of the absolute WORST things you could ever say about another woman (True or not. And how would you even know for sure unless you were uh, there yourself?)
    Maybe I’m just super sensitive to this because I vividly remember certain big man on campus type boys in high school quite literally ruining the lives and reputations of a few unsuspecting girls by spreading this exact vitriol. Can you imagine?? The worst part is, it usually always stemmed back to some girl merely quietly rejecting said “popular” guy’s advances and his ego ending up so bruised that he felt the need to take some sort of preemptive strike.

    It’s bad enough when this happens amongst teens but Brandi Glanville is a 40-something grown *ss woman!! (At least chronologically.) I mean, don’t we all have enough on our plates in the body shame department? Do we really need to add THIS to the list too? I can’t…

    • Emily C. says:

      It is 100% high school shenanigans. The boys start it, the girls suck up to try to not be the next victim. But you can’t do anything to avoid being the next victim, because the boys control all of it, and it’s random whether their eyes fall on you. The only way to fight it is to get a strong group of friends, both female and male, to stand up to it. It was true in high school, and it’s still true.

      Brandi’s trying to throw another woman under the bus in order to not be thrown there herself. It’s not going to work; it never works.

  29. P.J. says:

    P.S. Another reason to lean towards this uh, “situation” being untrue, whether Mohammed said it or not? What man on earth would carry on a full on “affair” with a woman if he actually felt this way about her?? What would that say about HIM and his uh…preferences? Yuck. Ok, it’s not even noon here yet and I’ve already reached my ick factor limit for the day! *I’m out*

  30. Aras says:

    I don’t believe Brandi. Why? Because she was also very adamant during season three that she was being sued by Adrienne Maloof, which turned out to be a big fat lie. Brandi knows that she’s a liar, hence her insisting that “It’s true. I’m not lying.” She says that because she has been caught out in lies before, so she feels the need to emphasize that she isn’t lying.

    She’s disgusting as f**k.

  31. nicegirl says:

    I would never repeat something like that, if I heard such crass ass crap. HORRID display.

  32. Enn says:

    Brandi needs to get it together. These people will drop you the second you become a liability, and she has kids to take care of. It’s not like she has a career to fall back on when she gets cut from HW. It’s one thing to be straightforward and honest, it’s another to be flat out crass and tacky.

  33. Miss Melissa says:

    OK, here’s the thing with trashy Brandi. She relies on the “truth is the get out of jail free card,” idea to justify being rude, crude and just plain mean to others.

    Sorry, there are some things you just don’t say. People don’t have a moral obligation to spill all the salicious details they know about others, just because they believe them to be “truth.”

    It’s not OK. It’s vicious, and it’s a power play.

  34. ladybug says:

    Hadid is the father-in-law of my cousin. Never met him, but my grandparents and aunt obviously have. This is just so weird!

  35. HatetheletterK says:

    Brandi has no filter. She could have worded her comment differently and still get her point across. And Brandi, you are such a pretty lady, please, please stop messing with your face before you ruin it a la Ktrash ‘ho.

  36. MsDaisy says:

    Joe Francis said it first that Joanna was sleeping with Mohammed. She didn’t deny it and she even said “I still tight, that means I’m not a whore”. She said this on RHOM. There is no debate on whether Joanna slept with Mohammed during his marriage to Yolanda. This is a fact. I also believe the smelly crotch comment. Joanna is having sex with multiple men even though she is married to Romain. Plus I think Yolanda told this to Brandi a while now, because Brandi and Yolanda used to tweet each other but Brandi stopped tweeting her for a good while now. Joanna is toxic and poison. On RHOM se picked on Lisa, who is the most feeble of the group. She tried it with Adriana last season and got a slap to her face. Lol. I loved that slap.

  37. KellyinSeattle says:

    So tacky. Brandi was w/ Eddie – her biscuit is probably stank. I hate their show and their junior high antics….Brandi is just plain mean.

  38. Walt Fr says:

    Maybe the lady has reoccurring yeast infections? Needs to repopulate with probiotics. This Brandi is crude yes, but doesn’t seem to tell a boatload of lies either, so….

    • Relli says:

      Ding ding ding, we have a winner! You are right B is a lot of things but a liar is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong I am not a big fan of speaking out just because it is the truth, I think there is a time and a place for everything, because there are a lot of consequences for acting and being like this ALL THE TIME.

      • claire says:

        I believe all the people saying Mohammed and Joanna slept together, I believe Yolanda when she said Mohammed had many affairs and I have no problem believing sleazy Mohammed probably made that crass remark. Brandi didn’t have to repeat it is the thing. She could have said something else.

        I gotta say, what I do find funny is how much Leann’s fans are pearl-clutching over this. The exact same women who for years now have obsessed over Brandi’s vagina and vaginal surgery – a secret that Leann shared with them. They’ve been crass and vulgar for years over this, taunting her endlessly. It just cracks me up. Such morons.

  39. matia says:

    I believe mohammed said it based off the joe francis story of him and mohammed sharing girls but Brandi was wrong to repeat it because its kind of like the “beef curtains” thing with lauren conrad in that it is crude and hurtful. In brandis book she referenced eddie making comments about her lady area and it drove her to plastic surgery. She needs to lay low and be thankful Yolanda seems like a mature and forgiving friend. Lisa won’t back Brandi up and neither would mohammed becaude ecen if it were true it could impact their businesses

  40. Ginger says:

    Isn’t this the show where guests are encouraged to drink? That’s no excuse of course and I know Brandi is very blunt anyway. I tend to believe what she said is true but this bit of snark should have remained in their inner circle. It’s just too gross TMI. Who is she trying to embarrass here? Mohammed? Joanna? Both?

  41. gogoGorilla says:

    I used to like Brandi, but I think she has really jumped the shark.

  42. MIchele says:

    I really wish Brandi would’ve stayed out of this. She was in a good place with the public and has a lot to gain from the pending (alleged) break up between Ed and Falcor. :( I’m disappointed in her.

  43. raya says:

    I’ve always, always been Team Brandi (although without having ever watched Real Housewives). But this…. This??? Part of the reason I’d supported her was out of sympathy for the destruction of her family. But this kind of talk is so incredibly destructive on it’s own. She has zero class. I feel sorry for her children and even more so the women that they will one day date. These boys clearly have two incredibly sleazy women as their role models and a father who has little to no respect for women either way.

  44. Nicolette says:

    I don’t watch this show, never have never will, and I don’t know who these people are but to comment about another woman’s biscuit in such a public way is wrong. Just wrong, as well as disgusting I might add. If there’s a cat fight going on, and apparently there is, that’s just not someplace to go to swipe back.

  45. Emily C. says:

    And if Mohammed said that, he should get crap for it, but he won’t. Because men can do and say whatever they like to and about women, and women will let them get away with it and attack each other over it rather than calling men out.

    Everyone involved in this is a monstrously bad person, making sure misogyny thrives another day, but that’s what the Real Housewives franchise is all about.

  46. Jordan says:

    She is a classless pig for saying that. It doesn’t even matter is it’s true or not.

  47. Torisan says:

    Any woman who talks this way about another woman is purely disgusting. It does not even matter what the reason is.

  48. nico says:

    A low and trashy thing to publicly say about someone. These people need to grow up.

  49. Teresa__Maria says:

    Just checked Brandi’s Twitter and found out that she is trying to convince Dean Sheremet to participate in her podcast show.
    If that is not engaging with LeAnn then what is?

  50. novemberscorpio says:

    The fame that comes along with being one of the sad, desperate, and delusional housewives on these trash reality shows is fleeting. Seriously, why humiliate yourself & stab all of your friends and family in the back for a little bit of $$$ and a crappy book deal. . . especially when nobody is going to give a fuck about you in a year.

  51. anne_000 says:

    Mohammed *allegedly* told Brandi about his affair w/ JK. So whose fault is that? If you don’t want a ‘secret’ shared, then why tell it to people who are not part of your in-crowd & not sworn to secrecy by terms of your close friendship with them? Why share? Because they don’t care to keep it secret in the first place. That’s why men brag about their conquests in order for that ‘secret’ to be shared. Only when it looks like it might get them in trouble for yapping, do they deny it.

    So I don’t blame Brandi for talking about what Mohammed *allegedly* wanted to be let known to people he’s not close with, because if it was supposed to be a secret, then DON’T SPREAD IT AROUND.

  52. d b says:

    Hm. Well stanky or not Mo had no problem hitting that again and again, amirite?

    My fella’s always after me to bathe less (nor gonna happen, I hasten to add). He just loves a natural, womanly smell.


  53. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    IMO, Mohammed is a gross pig for “kissing and telling” and Brandi is totally unlikeable for repeating this in such a public, crude way.
    As well as Brandi, Im sure, lives in a glass house so she shouldnt throw stones. She certainly isent worried about coming off as elegant or classy right?
    She claims shes a “truth teller”, Im sorry, is that code for classless B**ch now??
    So called “truth tellers” are nothing more than people who want an excuse for not having any manners, nor caring for said defficet.

  54. Thiajoka says:

    I don’t give a damned how “honest” you are purported to be, that’s just crossing a line. It’s right up there with Cybill Shepherd putting her two cents worth in some magazine (People? Us?) years ago calling out some actors for smelling. Just think that is crossing a line and is beyond rude. I don’t get the Brandi adoration, I just don’t. I don’t think there’s much to admire in her or her ex-husband’s new wife, frankly. As someone on here said the other day, “Team nobody!” I don’t remember who it was, but feel free to take credit for saying it so I can directly quote you next time. :)

  55. MsDaisy says:

    This affair with Mohammed isn’t new news. Everybody in Beverly Hills knows about it. It was in the comment sections of the blogs all the time.

  56. BeckyR says:

    This kind of ugly talk from Brandi is pretty funny considering she spreads HPV!

  57. John says:

    I find Brandi thoroughly disgusting and clearly untrustworthy with anything said to her, but I don’t believe she’s a liar.
    That being said, I cannot fathom a grown woman talking so much sh*t about everybody publicly.

  58. I believe that all of this is planned out before it even airs. The franchise uses all of these women to their advantage. They know at the beginning of the season, and it is agreed upon by the women I believe, The producers tell them who is going to be the villain for the season, who is going to be the sweet one and who is going to cause waves and gives them the subject to cause the waves with. You only stay on this show if you can produce some drama and some jaw dropping moments. Brandi desparately needs the income and exposure this show gives her so she is more than willing to go along so she can insure another season. The ones that get dropped from the shows are the ones that don’t cause or join in on some kind of drama. That’s all this amounts to. Brandi seems to have many, many real friends and has had the same ones for many years. And those friends are all classy people. Every one of them regard her as a wonderful person and Mother so that is what you need to go by when you judge Brandi not what happens with RHOBH. Joanna, Brandi and Andy probably all knew what was going to go down. Makes for great show ratings.

  59. Meanchick says:

    I don’t want to be friends with anyone, male or female, who uses that word. It’s trashy and used to degrade women, so if a man or woman uses it in my presence, buh-bye. I think women do need to stick together more often and stop selling each other out over 15 minutes.
    I’ve never watched the show, I don’t own a television. I think TV is 99.99% trash now, but I do think adults behaving this badly says a lot about what we consider “entertainment” and the direction we’ve headed as a society. Maybe I’m being a prude, but I was taught NEVER to use that word and not to bother with people who do. And she said that in front of his parents, right?

  60. Decloo says:

    Barf. Does Brandi’s disgusting comment need to be picked up and reported everywhere?

  61. Carolyn says:

    These “reality stars” have lost all perspective on reality. Unless the bosses at Bravo are sitting back laughing hard at the mega PR such catfights creates :)

    I watched RHOOC for the first time today. That’s 2 hours I can never get back. Don’t be laughing too hard Bravo.

  62. dontbuyit says:

    I believe what Brandi says, but what a horrible thing to do to Yolanda. I at one time used to really like this woman, but her no filter personality is tiresome, you have to have a filter at times. Saying what she said on tv, albeit probably true but such a childish response from a 41 yr old woman. Yolanda should stay clear of her because Brandi is quite the catty bish when she wants to be and can not be trusted with anybody private, personal business.
    She did not have Yolanda’s back as she claims, because she said this out of spite for the comment JK tweeted about Eddie leaving her, had nothing to do with having a friends back. Having a friends back would be to keep the secret and not humiliate Yolanda’s family.

    Just to finish this comment off, I hope they drop her from the podcast too, because she’s terrible, the first episode the derm doctor seemed to act more like the host and her the guest. I’m sure her loose lips are gonna sink a few ships on that podcast, not the smartest thing to do considering she is starting to lose her fan base.

  63. vvvoid says:

    Eh, Joanna’s tweet-and-delete was just as low of a blow so I say she had Brandi’s crude, unfiltered mouth coming to her. Brandi’s the last b*tch I’d mess with if there was a chance she knew anything at all about my private life. Now everyone is going to believe Joanna’s junk smells like old tuna, no matter what she fires back. Lohan never lived down the firecrotch rumor, it shall follow her wherever she goes.