“Sean Penn will make you eat your phone if you take his picture” links

Sean Penn

Sean Penn got paid $500,000 to speak at a party and then flipped out over a picture. Am I the only one who thinks Penn should be grateful anyone wants to take a photo of him at all? Jeez. [CDAN]
Winona Ryder admits she may return for Beetlejuice 2. [LaineyGossip]
How to make your daughters love science and math. Amazing! [Pajiba]
A very happy 54th birthday to Sean Young‘s box. [Dlisted]
Kate Bosworth wore a weird straightjacket dress. [Go Fug Yourself]
Josh Hutcherson‘s SNL promos are painful as always. [Buzzfeed]
Robert DeNiro‘s failed audition tape for Sonny Corleone. [Moe Jackson]
Britney Spears kisses a cute guy on her video set. [A Socialite Life]
Bethenny Frankel wants Lindsay Lohan on her show. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Dr. Drew pretends to help the ladies of Teen Mom 3. [Reality Tea]
Lea Michelle plays with puppets on her Twitter page. [Wonderwall]
Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant with her first child. [ICYDK]
Bret Easton Ellis blames it all on Lindsay Lohan. [Amy Grindhouse]
Lindsey Vonn suffers another training injury. [Bitten & Bound]
Channing Tatum recreates Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s epic split. Ha! [IDLY]

Sean Penn

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  1. Marty says:

    He is so gross in so many ways. I judge you ScarJo, I judge you.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    God, I’m embarrassed I ever thought that this douchewad was even hot.
    (in my defense, I saw ‘Up at the Villa’ when I was fifteen–this douche is as charming as the devil. No wonder Scarlett hung around…)

  3. chloeee says:

    *how to make your kids like science and math. Are we still buying the proven fallacy about boys and girls and math and reading?

  4. Erinn says:

    Love love love that Goldieblox ad!

  5. Kiddo says:

    Judging by the photo at the top, I understand his reasoning, but not his methods.

  6. Jane says:

    To answer this poor excuse for a man question: yes, you are a zoo animal. You are a crazy Loon, who wanted into that zoo so much you walked right in and put yourself on display and has stayed there for years.

    He obviously also needs a job since he has resorted to speaking at conventions.

  7. Happy21 says:

    Channing Tatus is priceless!! You just can’t help but love the Charming Potato.

  8. Mela says:

    OMG Ginnifer is pregnant?! Congratulations to her and Josh Dallas. They are going to have some cute kids. Once Upon a Time fans are going to explode once the news spreads.

    And Beetlejuice 2? That sounds amazing, but I wonder what exactly the plot is going to be. If Winona will be playing an older Lydia, will the same actor be playing Beetlejuice or will there be a recast? There are a script floating around for a sequel movie for a while, but nothing ever happened with it because it was HORRIBLE.

  9. Arock says:

    That man looks like someone stuck a chewed up piece of gum on top of his neck. Someone must be 500,000 dollars desperate to have a mic smell like burnt hair and booze if they ask him to speak. i applaud his use of celebrity to being attention and money to causes in need, but that is not cart blanch to wander the earth acting like a human pubic stain and sticking cig stained fists in people’s face cause your too wasted to be in public. Keep that shit at home if you want people to think you’re ghandi.

  10. Relli says:

    LOL. That reminds me of one of my favorite Ryan Reynolds story. This other gossip site I used to frequent (that is now defunct) use to have this send us your bad celebrity run in contests. So this one reader sent in this hilarious story about being on a flight to Japan or China, I cant remember but it was a long flight to an Asian country, with her sister and Ryan Reynolds. It was her and her sisters first time to this country and they were super excited and were snapping pictures of each other on the plane. When out of no where a man who looked vaguely familiar approached them saying that he didn’t appreciate them trying to take pictures of him on the sly that he is not a zoo animal there for their amusement. Dumbfounded they were like we are taking pictures of each other and we didn’t even notice you (this was like around the time him and ScarJo were just starting to date). Then they showed him the pictures proving that he wasn’t in any of them. He turned around walked away without saying anything and then slept the whole flight.

  11. fingerbinger says:

    I’m probably alone,but I’m Team Penn on this one. We don’t know if he asked the guy to not take his picture and the guy did it anyway.

    • Hakura says:

      @fingerbinger – Under different circumstances, I’d agree… But I’m afraid I agree with Lucy2 (who posted on #12 just beneath you). Surely being paid 500k would have covered agreeing to be involved in pictures, at least to some extent.

      I know celebs are different in regards to what is ‘a lot’ of money, but damn. 500K. I’d have given a speech, posed for pics, served the guests their food, gotten them their coats *&* tipped the valet for them.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s fair to say that being paid any amount to speak somewhere involves a photo. Asshat.

    I love that Goldieblox toy company, and their commercials are amazing. I love that they aim their advertising at girls.

  13. Judy says:

    Sean Penn is easily one if the best actors of his generation. I don’t know much about his private life, so I don’t factor those things into the equation when assessing his ability as an actor. I do know that he has always insisted on some measure of privacy for himself and his family, which I do admire. I think there is a difference between an actor and a celebrity. Some with little or no talent seek fame for fame’s sake, those with talent and a respect for the the art of acting often don’t want to put their private life out there for public consumption. I think he’s entitled to keep photographers from taking his picture for their monetary gain. In this case it was a “fan” in the bar. I think it’s rude to take pics of someone without their permission. I wouldn’t like it and neither would most people. Respect people.

  14. tifzlan says:

    The Goldieblocks ad reminds me of my 4-year-old sister. She loves pink, tutus, makeup and Barbie dolls. We are also instructed to refer to her as Princess whenever we talk to her. But at the same time, she loves her sandbox and Legos! I walked in on her playing by herself one day, and she had her Legos, a piece of paper and some color pencils. When i asked her what she was doing, she told me she was building guns to fight off zombies. She was actually drawing out her version of guns and weapons before assembling them with her Legos! As for the makeup, she’s been using us as models recently and painting us to look like “ugly zombies.” She’s a smart cookie, that one! Just make sure to call her Princess , or she’ll turn those Lego weapons on you!

  15. CDB says:

    Kate Bosworth is scary skinny! yikes..

  16. Bex says:

    Sean was speaking at the salesforce conference with his BFF Prime Minister of Haiti and Petra Nemcova about Haiti relief. Blows my mind they paid him that much and put him in a room with literally the top people in high profile industries around the world. Their time to promote Haiti and Salesforce was a huge fundraising opportunity. Positive that Sean only showed up to the party with the most elite CEOs.

    I took a douchetastc pic of him speaking there, uh oh, better go into hiding now!

  17. Jax says:

    Remember when you were a struggling actor Sean?? When YOU would have paid someone to take your photo? Some of these “annoying” people that want a picture of you have spent their hard earned cash buying tickets to see your films (well – the couple of good ones you’ve done anyway). Stop being a jumped up prima donna and give your fans what they want. D*ckhead.

  18. MegG says:

    Sean should be glad anyone wants his picture! Crabby