Did Angelina Jolie fire her manager after seeing the success of ‘Gravity’?


This week’s Star Mag has an interesting story about Angelina Jolie that I dismissed at first. They claim that Angelina is “feuding” with Sandra Bullock because Sandra “stole” the lead role in Gravity. Let’s say that Sandra “homewrecked” the role, maybe? From what I remember of the preproduction of Gravity, director Alfonso Cuarón really, really wanted Angelina for the lead role. The studio really wanted her too, because if they were going to spend tens of millions of dollars on a high-concept space movie with a woman in the lead role, they wanted a big name actress and Angelina was on the top of everyone’s list. Back then, it was widely reported that Angelina turned down the role multiple times, with multiple 8-figure salaries attached.

Eventually, the studio and Cuaron gave up on Jolie and they hired Sandra. Sandra is getting widespread critical praise for the role, the movie has made lots of money and Sandy might even get an Oscar nom. So, in retrospect, this was a bad career move for Angelina – she probably should have taken the part and the huge paycheck and the gamble still would have paid off. Maybe. I don’t believe Angelina is pissed at Sandra – why would she be? But I do wonder if Angelina got some crappy career advice when she was turning down all of those offers. And now I wonder if Angelina thinks her long-time manager wasn’t getting it done. Because according to Page Six, Angelina just gave him the boot:

Angelina Jolie fans, rejoice! You will no doubt be seeing more of the lush-lipped actress now that she finally has an agent.

For years, Jolie has relied on her controlling manager, Geyer Kosinski, who blocked her from the Hollywood community and demanded producing credits and fees for himself on most of her projects.

But Kosinski’s stock tumbled with “Gravity,” when the monster hit moved from Universal to Warner Bros. over money and Jolie was replaced by Sandra Bullock, who will reap a fortune and probably get a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Now that Jolie has signed with UTA, insiders say Kosinski has been marginalized, but can save face by saying he’s still “involved.” Said one source, “He gets nothing, unless it’s a project he brings to her.”

[From Page Six]

I’ve heard that Kosinski is very controlling, but for what it’s worth, I get the impression that Angelina’s default position is to say “no” to everything and she has to be talked into doing many of her most successful projects. I think she didn’t want to do Gravity for various reasons and now that it looks like she made such a bad career move, Geyer might be taking the fall? In any case, Angelina does seem to be very wary of being overly “managed”. She once signed on to CAA for a few months but she fired them, I suspect because she didn’t like their excessive hyper-management.

And the National Enquirer has a bizarre story about Angelina hating Jon Hamm too – you can read it here. The gist is that Angelina is friends with Bryan Batt (Gay Sal from Mad Men) and she hates Hamm because Bryan was pushed out of Mad Men, so Angelina maneuvered Batt into a small role in 12 Years a Slave. The best part of the story? The detail that Angelina and Brad are neighbors with Bryan and his partner down in New Orleans.


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  1. Greata says:

    So Angie really is Maleficent? SNORT!

  2. lower-case deb says:

    i don’t think she fits with the Gravity role.
    it’s Sandra’s earthbound aura that makes her “stranded in space, probably won’t come back to earth alive” believeable. she has the fragility and uncertainty to it, that even her best effort at going home might not be enough. Gravity very gripping because we. just. don’t. know.

    with AJ in the role, she’s just too bad-ss that i fear it might take away the suspense. WE KNOW she’s going to get back to earth even if she has to hijack a Minion spacecraft to do so.

    even though i like her in anything, i think Gravity won’t be half as successful with AJ on the helm. Sandra is, for better or worse, a better choice in the end.

    • Happyhat says:

      Yeah – AJ would have been badly miss-cast in my opinion. This could have been one of those events where the earning power of the actress was more important then actually casting the role properly. So really, AJ hasn’t missed out on anything, cos if she were in it then reviews would have been “Gravity is a good film but AJ was miss-cast” and possibly the film would not have done so well and they would have put it down to a women having a lead role, as opposed to the actual problem.

      So well done AJ on not doing the roll, and leaving it to someone more suited.

      • ennie says:

        Angelina was focusing on directing her In the LAnd of Blood and Honey film, editing it, and promoting it. She had a lot to deal with, and on top of that, she said herself that she would be acting less.
        Seems to me that she gets criticism either way, damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    • Tig says:

      I so agree with you- Gravity wouldn’t have been the same movie with AJ. I think the audience would have been waiting for AJ to jerry-rig the capsule and blast off.

    • klue says:

      I agree. It’s wierd seeing this story herw because I just watched Gravity at the cinema. Sandra was perfect. She was tough, funny, vulnerable.. Angie’s just plain tough. It wouldn’t have fit her. Imagine Jada Pinkett-Smith in that role as well..yikes.
      The scene where Sandra did dog howls…hilarious and so heart breaking.. Best movie I’ve seen this year hands down

      • mystified says:

        Agree. It’s pretty rare to find an actress who can project vulnerability well. Renee Zellwinger, Sandra and and Reese Witherspoon (remember Dangerous Liaisons?) do. AJ is too much of a badass but she’s not nearly as badass as Ashley Judd.

    • Janel says:

      I would not have been as excited to see Gravity with AJ. Sandra was perfect. Believable.

    • V4Real says:

      So basically you guys are saying that Angie is a one trick pony who has been typed-cast as a tough girl in movies.

      Have you seen Changeling, Beyond Borders, Life or something Like It, all vunerable, roles. Even in The Bone Collector she was a vunerable cop who was pushed by Denzel’s character to stay on the case. Even though they got the bad guy in the end, she never came off as tough, just scared. What makes a good actor is knowing how to to make each character you play believable and Angie does that.

      I think that once we see a person in a role, we don’t see any other actor playing that character. Can you really imagine Nick Cage or Tom Cruise as Tony Stark/Iron Man. At one point in time they were both up for that lead. If Angie had done this film we would have been raving about the great job she did. Bullock would have been the furthest from our mind. Some might have said, I don’t see Bullock in this role.

      Think about it could you really see Leo DiCaprio playing Bale’s part in American Psycho; he was the first choice. Could you see Pitt as Bourne, he was the first choice before Matt Damon but turned it down for Spy Games. WIll Smith was the first choice for The Matrix but turned it down. We can only see Keanu in that role now but I bet if Will had signed on, Keanu wouldn’t have been a thought in our mind to play Neo.

      • Esmom says:

        Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I don’t see AJ as tough or bad-ass, maybe because I haven’t seen most of those films of hers. I imagine she would have been an interesting choice for Gravity, not miscast at all.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s a really good point. I do see Angelina as this tough, kick ass character–but my favorite movie of hers is this Hallmark channel movie she did when she was in her twenties called “True Women”–LOVE IT. She played a southern belle who was afraid that the man she was in love with would reject her because she was part Indian. She played a woman who saw another woman die in childbirth–causing her to not want kids because she was scared that she would die too. She plays a woman who has to protect her daughters from this perverted Union officer, after the Civil War. She played a woman who realized that slavery wasn’t just an “economic issue, not a moral one”–direct quote from the film.

        I think AJ is a lot better than people give her credit for, but she hit to mass appeal by playing an action heroine.

      • KC says:

        Thats a very solid point, its difficult to see a different actor in a successful film. For me though I just find Angelina is so beautiful she chews up the scenery in everything she is in. I just cant believe her in an Every Woman role. In a Mighty Heart I kept thinking how unbelievable it was that a woman who looked like that would not have those men eating out of her hand. Even accounting for 1920s sexism that film made little sense to me.

        Sandy on the other hand is beautiful in a very accessible way. That plus shes a great actress. I’m glad Angie passed. This is truly the Year of the Bullock.

      • V4Real says:

        @KC I understand what you are saying but look at the tough girl roles she played. In those movies guys were not eating out of her hands or swayed by her beauty, they wanted to kill her. I know a Mighty Heart is based on actual events so they couldn’t play it that way but how do we know every man is attracted to Angie. I have a few male friends who don’t find her that attractive. I say are you blind and they tell me just because she’s your idea of beautiful doesn’t mean that I find her attractive. There are men that would take a Kate Beckingsale or a Sofia Vergara over Angie. I know men that have said that while Angie is attractive her body is not. So sad but true, most men not only judge beauty by the face but also by the body parts. There are probably more women than men on this site that would swoon over Jolie. I know the ratio of women are higher on C/B but I’m sure not all the men who visit this site think Angie is the epitome of beauty. IMO she has a stunning face but I think Abigail Spencer is just as stunning.

      • guest says:

        “I’m supposed to convince you, for two hours, that I’m somebody else. Now if you know everything about my life, if you think you’ve got me figured out and you think you know all my dark secrets, how am I ever going to convince you that I’m somebody else?” -Kevin Spacey

      • Toe says:

        Brad Pitt was first choice for Bourne?! Damn, that would be an awesome role for him.

    • TrixC says:

      To me it was Sandra’s “earthbound aura” that was the weak link in the otherwise very good movie. I can’t believe she is getting Oscar buzz for this. She came across as too much of a damsel in distress, making me wonder how she would have passed all the psychological tests to be allowed to become an astronaut in the first place. I think AJ would also have been wrong for the role as she’s too beautiful and these days a bit too frail looking, but I personally wanted someone a bit more badass. While some of the feats the character pulls off are incredible, with Sandy in the role you feel she’s just lucky rather than having any particular strength or will to survive. I also felt she had difficulty portraying the emotion required in the role as these days she can barely move her face.

    • Janet says:

      Agreed. Much as I like Angie, I have to say I can’t see her at all in a space movie.

  3. Jegede says:

    I can believe this actually
    NO hate from me but for such a superstar I cant remember when last Angelina was in a hit movie critical/commercial? (Pls don’t mention The Tourist)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Salt (in 2011)….that’s the second to last film she’s done. The other was The Tourist–and now she’s doing Maleficent.

      Who calls The Tourist a hit?? I think it did “meh” in the US, but she’s really big overseas, so I think it made quite a bit over its budget, right? Just from what I saw of it, she and Johnny were awkward with each other–I didn’t like that his character pretended to be so clueless. I think if he had shown who he was, in the beginning, it would’ve been a lot more interesting. Or at least gotten rid of that plastic surgery point. But I don’t think she did that one to make a hit–I remember in her Vogue interview she said she wanted a short little fun film, in a nice location, that didn’t go for very long–and that’s what she ended up with.

      • Jegede says:

        Thanks but I though Salt came out in 2010.
        It did business but was compelely overshadowed by Inception. Probably why there is heel dragging on a sequel

      • Kate says:

        The Tourist technically made almost 300 mil on a 100 mil budget, though it did have one of the more intense marketing campaigns I’ve seen for a film of it’s type, so that would eat up a big chunk of the profits. However it was such a bland, pointless, let-down of a film that the fact that it made money couldn’t really overcome the fact that it was a film everyone involved just us wants to forget about.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        The Tourist was basically a romcom role in a pretty area–which is what she wanted. I just couldn’t get over Depp’s plot point. So dumb. I don’t like seeing Johnny clueless and awkward and bumbling in a role.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        “The Tourist” is actually a romance/thriller. The film had a $100 million production budget and made $278 million Worldwide (that’s break down of $67.6 million Domestic and $210.7 million Foreign).

        I thought it was actually a pretty good thriller, too. The sadistic Russian was scary as sh!t.

        “Salt” had a $110 million production budget and made $293.5 million Worldwide (that’s a break down of $118 million Domestic and $175 million Foreign).

        With “Salt,” Angelina Jolie proved that she could carry a film by herself, which is why she gets such respect from the Industry. She’s earned it. :)

    • Kate says:

      SALT and Wanted were hits, if quite forgettable ones (literally all I can remember about Wanted is that there were bendy Matrix style bullets and a shirtless James McAvoy, and I’ve seen that film at least twice). And there’s the Kung Fu Panda franchise if you count voice work. As for a critical hit, she hasn’t had a real critical hit since A Mighty Heart (wonderful film). I’m a fan (of Angelina herself, not so much a fan of the majority of her film work though I do like her as an actress), but it does surprise me she doesn’t face the same backlash actresses like Nicole Kidman do. Angelina’s many, many unsuccessful (financially and critically) films are brushed aside while actresses with far more consistent work are tarred by one bad film or even a great but poorly performing film for years and years.

      Gravity is the kind of film Angelina needs more of on her resume.

    • Brittney says:

      It may seem that way because she takes such long breaks between projects (and because her blockbusters don’t always get rave critical reviews), but her last few starring roles generated enough cash for the studios to consider them successes. For instance, Salt was the last movie that she carried by herself, and it brought in $118M domestically and another $175M overseas. Less than half of Gravity, yes, but Sandra and Clooney were both headlining that one.

  4. Kate says:

    I would like to see Angelina in more film roles. She would have been brilliant in Gravity. (Oh, what could have been …)

    • V4Real says:

      I don’t buy this. I Know you hear this excuse a lot but it was said that it was due to schedule conflicts that she didn’t accept the role. Robert Downey Jr. was also the first choice to play Clooney’s character. The director of Gravity kept pushing back the production and that’s why both actors had to decline the role. That film was supposed to have been filmed awhile ago. When the film was finally set to start filming and had a start date both Jolie and Downey were already working on other projects; Downey being Iron Man 3.

      • YuYa says:

        What film was Jolie supposedly working on?

      • V4Real says:

        I never said Jolie was working on a film, I just said scheduling conflicts. Scheduling conflicts doesn’t always mean movies, some actors such as Jolie could have other ventures going on in their lives.

        Keep in mind that Gravity was due to start filming back in 2010 when Universal was the Studio that was going to produce it. Angie was on board at that time and liked the director. The production got pushed back a few times and later ended up on the doorsteps of Warner Brothers. Think about it if, you’re in a position of RDJ and Angie are you going to keep waiting around for a film to have an actual start date or would you move on to something else. Would you wait around if a film kept getting pushed back. That would lead me to believe it wasn’t going to happen. It could be something as simple as her losing interest due to the delays. Natalie Portman was also up for the role after Jolie passed.

      • Hair says:

        She was working on In the land of Blood and Honey, and I believe she was going through her health situation around “gravity” therefore the scheduling conflict.

  5. Rhea says:

    I don’t think she fired him because seeing the success from Gravity, more likely it’s because he’s controlling or other reason. Right now, she seems to be the type that would take a project if she likes the project—-if it’s fun for her or have a meaning for her—–not really caring if it’s going to bring her a big box office or not ( although if it turns out bringing money, she wouldn’t mind). ;)

    Also, people seems to like her best in a kick ass-action role so Gravity might not be as success as it is now if she’s the one playing it. She probably knows that too. So for me, she’s making a good decision in passing that role. JMO.

    • Celia says:

      Angelina’s agent is actually closing her agency and will become a manager instead so if Angelina is getting rid of her manager, it probably has more to do with wanting to make her old agent as her new manager instead of anything to do with Gravity.

  6. eliza says:

    Ultimately Jolie has control over her career. I believe she turned down the role on her own. Jolie doesn’t strike me as some weakling, relying on the advice of others on the direction of her career. I will buy she and Brad discuss things and decide on projects based on the children etc, but I do not believe Jolie is mad at her manager or Bullock over Gravity. Just maybe kicking herself.

    • cs says:

      ITA. I believe she turned down the role. Didn’t her Salt Director say that most scripts go to her first? and also Jennifer Lawrence said she get’s roles after Angie turns them down.
      Can’t comment on Gravity. didn’t see the movie. I still believe she rather be directing “Unbroken” than promoting Gravity at this time regardless of its Critically/Commercial success.

  7. hadleyb says:

    Eh, didn’t she say she would be winding down her career anyway? What about all her surgeries she had been through, wasn’t it filmed during that time anyway?

    Also, Ang and Brad say they never work at the same time and Brad has been working a lot. Maybe she did fire her manager, but it could be over something else. And no guarantees we will see more of her in movies. She has a whole busy life outside filming so I say probably not, even with a new manager.

  8. Bridget says:

    There was a huge gap of time between AJ declining Gravity and Bullock being cast – in the interim they also went after Portman, and at one point Blake Lively and ScarJo were basically fighting over the role (ha ha). That being said, AJ just plain hasn’t been acting a ton, and I wonder if having a bulldog managermakes it more difficult to secure projects to write/direct. It’s also possible that after 2 in a row major, high-profile roles that she declined became Oscar-worthy (she declined Silver Linings Playbook as well) she’s questioning her manager’s judgement, though considering that Gravity was always a hot ticket I thinknshe just didnt want to do it.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, there was a bunch of time between AJ declining it and Sandy getting it. I have also heard the male lead was originally written for RDJ. It’s just the way a lot of these movies work; the creators have X and Y in mind for the lead, but in the end completely different people end up with the roles. AJ has been around long enough to know that. Besides, if *she* had really wanted the role, I am pretty sure she would have taken it, regardless of what her management did/said.

    • Esmom says:

      Blake Lively? Ha ha is right!

    • ctkat1 says:

      Exactly- this role wasn’t “stolen.” Angie was given a first look at the script way back in early 2010. She passed on it, they re-offered it, she passed again. RDJ signed on for the male role, and Alfonso Cuaron was given the green light to offer it without a screen test to Natalie Portman once “Black Swan” came out and was such a huge hit. But Natalie was pregnant and not available to film, and THAT’S when the studio started auditioning actresses. I have no idea if Blake Lively ever got an audition, but her people managed to get her name included on every shortlist out there in 2011-2012. They got Sandy, and then George.

      Sandy didn’t attach to the project until well after Angie had passed, and after another actress (Portman) was offered the role and declined. I can understand that Angie might regret the decision to pass seeing how it all turned out, but none of that should be aimed at Sandra Bullock.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I thought Gravity was overrated, if that’s any consolation to her.

  10. Anna says:

    I don’t see Angelina playing the lead in Gravity, I’m glad it went to Sandra.
    That being said, I didn’t like the movie and I don’t really get the hype around it. and Sandra’s wig in that movie was horrid. It looks like it was from the 5$ bin in a ghetto hairstore.

  11. ag-UK says:

    I liked the film saw it in IMAX / 3D usually hate 3D but it worked. I don’t think I could see AJ in the role. It was a very entertaining film.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I’m not a big fan of Angelina as an actress, and I can’t picture her being as effective as Sandra was in that particular role. But I always got the impression she turned it down because she didn’t want to do it, and I don’t see her as the type to let her manager control her every move. She seems more interested in directing now anyway.

    If I know anything about Mad Men, it’s that Matt Weiner has total control over that place, so why would one of the actors be blamed for another’s character being written off? Stupid Enquirer.

  13. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I guess it depends on when Gravity was filmed. She had her mastectomy done earlier this year, in between flying all over the place to help get that warzone rape law in place, and she was filming Maleficent. Maleficent isn’t coming out until next year; she’s also directing right now–she probably will finish it before 2014 starts. So I think she just didn’t want to deal with a difficult role right then–due to her professional and health commitments. Not because her manager is controlling. I think she knows how Hollywood works, has a pretty good grip on herself–so it could be no drama–that she just didn’t need a manager anymore.

  14. blue marie says:

    Didn’t I hear that Sandra was 5 on the list of actresses wanted? If so, then there’s no way that role was stolen from Angelina.

  15. raya says:

    Wouldn’t have worked with Jolie. She’s overrated as an actress as is her man. As celebrities they’re top notch but unless in the perfect role both can be painful to watch. This would not have been the perfect role.

    Agents and managers are not the hired help. They’re part of a team. She changed teams. Says more about her than her manager’s abilities. Looks to me like he was doing a great job so far.

    • Side-Eye says:

      This is exactly how I feel about the two of them! They’re “passable” in a lot of the roles they take on, which is obviously great management, but I’ve never seen something by either of them that I’ve been stunned by, nor reason to understand why they seem so revered. (And on a more shallow level, I’m not getting why they’re considered some of the sexiest people alive as Jolie’s features always seemed cartoonish, and Brad’s just–maybe I’m too young to remember the hot days, but even looking at old pictures he seemed a but too pretty boy for me).

      Okay I’m sorry, that was a really huge rant but I had to get it off my chest. *bows out before Jolie fans can claw at me*

      I also didn’t get the hype about Gravity? Besides the boring trailer, I’ve been hearing all sorts of complaints about how it was scientifically implausible for a movie about space scientists?

      Neil DeGrasse Tyson really went in on it on Twitter…

      • stinky says:

        I’d suggest seeing Kalifornia, SNATCH, 12 Monkeys and Fight Club (ifyou havent seen them already) He brings it serious! But take that River Runs Thru It nonsense, Interview w/ a V, and Troy and bury them in the backyard….. he phoned those in, and yet he got praise all the same. Only Kiki killed it in Interview w/ a Vampire!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ITA, Stinky. Pitt is a very capable actor IMO. It may not be fair to compare the two, but I think he’s more talented than his wife in the acting arena.

      • Thiajoka says:

        I love Neil and I love when he takes on Hollywood scientific concepts. I think Brad is a pretty decent actor myself, but to each his or her own.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think Brad has been good in some things and both have certainly had successful careers, but overall I wouldn’t put either on my list of most talented actors. I find the work that people like Cate Blanchett, Daniel Day Lewis, Viola Davis, Christian Bale, etc do much more interesting.

        I’m sure Gravity had tons of scientific problems, but it’s a fictional movie. If we were to disregard every film that was scientifically implausible, there wouldn’t be much to watch. I do love Neil DeGrasse Tyson though, I think he is awesome.

      • Esmom says:

        I think they’re both sort of uneven when it comes to acting skills. They’ve been great in some roles, not so great in others. Not consistently knocking it out of the park every time. Anyone remember Meet Joe Black? I was astonished at BP’s bad acting in that one. And he was cringeworthy in his guest role on Friends.

        Of course I still watch anything he’s in because he’s my all-time favorite eye candy. Even now.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think their acting skills are on par with Meryl Streep’s or Gary Oldman’s skills (very few are), but I’ve always loved their acting—dramatic or otherwise. That’s why I was a fan of them in the first place (especially Angelina). I had already seen most of their films, before I came onto this site and started reading about them. The only movie that I haven’t liked of Angelina’s (because of her, not the story or anything) was ‘Life or Something Like it’–I don’t think she can do comedy like that. She has to be a lot more (don’t know how to describe it) subtle and a little more sarcastic.

        I do think that she tends to be more ‘safe’ in her roles, now that she has kids. She does action roles, because she loves them, but also because she knows what she can and can’t do. She does a lot more voice over. But I do think that she’ll be a better director than actress–I really liked “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. I’m glad she’s getting into directing. Maybe she and Brad are planning on partnering up one day.

        But, in the end, it’s really a person’s taste in films. Like one of my favorite romantic comedies is ‘Maid in Manhattan’ even though I don’t think JLo can act at all. But I love her in the role (even though I know she’s a total diva)–especially Ralph and Natasha.

      • Side-Eye says:

        @stinky Every time someone cites a movie where he was supposed to be so amazing in, I am never impressed. I didn’t find his character in Fight Club to be terribly different than anything he’s been inhis character in Snatch seemed like the same person he was in Fight Club, honestly). He just does not impress me. When I think of good actors I think of people like Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, people like that. He’s never given me a performance where I was deeply moved or anything. I always feel like he’s playing variations of himself—and maybe it’s because any time he farts it’s in the news, but I have difficulty seeing him as the character he’s playing and not just Brad Pitt. Even in 12 Years A Slave it didn’t seem like he was playing anyone–it just seemed like him preaching his thoughts on the matter.

        @lucy2 I understand it’s a fictional movie and I often give a lot of leeway with that obviously, but if things are happening that are so implausible that it takes away from the movie, it’s a problem.

    • Dap says:

      +1. Her couple and her family is what is keeping her in the headline. Her acting alone couldn’t and wouldn’t have brought her this kind of fame.

    • raya says:

      I don’t think anyone is disagreeing here. In some projects Brad is watchable. That’s exactly what I mean by the perfect role. If he has to act, there’s a problem. I have seen 12 monkeys, Fight Club and Snatch as well as about a dozen other Brad Pitt performances. I don’t find him to be a great actor. I’m not sure I even find him to be a good actor. I did find him sexy in Thelma & Louise, though.

      • Side-Eye says:

        This exactly. People keep recommending stuff but I have yet to see what the thing is with him or his wife. I don’t even get where this notoriety came from in acting.

      • Bobbi says:

        Same here. He’s got more talent than she does, acting-wise, but still, most of his stuff is forgettable. I liked Fight Club, but I liked it mostly for the concept behind it, for Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter’s acting, and for the script. He did just fine, but he wasn’t truly believable in it. He delivered his lines and looked macho, which is what was called for. I didn’t see anything great in him. I liked his vulnerability in Legends of the Fall, I can’t lie. But nothing I’ve seen him in since convinced me that he was such a great actor as he obviously thinks he is. What’s more, he continues to talk himself up in interviews and pretend that he’s on par with people mentioned here. It only makes it that much worse. And her? She’s utterly horrible. I’ve tried. Truly, I have. I watched Girl Interrupted, Changeling, and A Mighty Heart. She does the exact. same. thing. in all those films, right down to the pounding of the wall with the palm of her hand. It’s extraordinary to me that anyone can find her “acting” watchable, much less award-worthy. I chalk it up to hollywood politics. After all, isn’t that how Paltrow and slew of other actors won over much more qualified actors/projects (and I have LIKED Paltrow’s acting on occasion over the years. Not so much now).

  16. anoneemouse says:

    I don’t believe this story.

    She’s made is clear in interviews over the past few years that she wanted to shy away from being an actor to get more involved in the creativity and production and director of movies.

    I don’t think Gravity would have had the success it did if AJ starred in it. She is a frozen princess that does not employ a lot of sympathy. She would have actually wrecked that role.

    • Maya says:

      Frozen princess? Obviously you haven’t seen Changeling were Angelina played a distraught mother looking for her missing son. Many people hailed that as one of the best performances in the last few decades.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        I love Angelina, and no disrespect to your opinion, but I can’t bring myself to believe that was one of her best performances…..all I can hear is, “My son! My son! My son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

      • Bobbi says:

        I don’t think people “hailed” it like you’re saying. She was hand-picked for the job, and it was Oscar-buzzy from the moment the whole thing was green-lit. Which is odd. Most critics were turned off by the fact that it was panning so hard for an Oscar long before anyone could see how good or bad it actually was. And I’ve seen it. It was the same old Jolie, doing the same old thing. She overacts and pounds the walls or her chest and wails. It’s never nuanced, it’s never subtle, it’s never good. When you think of how she was nominated, just remember that Paltrow and Roberts have been nominated (and won), too. Just remember the year that Crash won over Brokeback Mountain. Just remember how much money the Twighlight movies have made over other deserving films. Hollywood politics have won out over actual talent now for years, and anyone who doesn’t see that is naive.

      • Holly says:

        Truly not trying to be a snarky bitch here, but the Changling was awful. Her acting in that movie actually made me cringe a couple of times.

  17. Jessica says:

    I cant help but say she looks horrible in these pictures… she looks old, tired and worn slap out… she needs to eat something and gain some weight!

    • Layla says:

      Ever think she may not gain weight easily! She looks far from old and she is obviously tired after flying from Australia where she is directing everyday.
      She looked fine in the videos and not too thin at all in them.

      Do you go on Melissa McCarthy threads and say she needs to eat less and lose some weight? Probably not because it is okay to attack a skinny person, but you can’t dare call someone too dat.

      • Kate says:

        It scares me that so many people seem to think Angelina look’s like she’s at a perfectly healthy weight. Perhaps she as an individual is perfectly healthy, but the majority of people who look similar to her are malnourished, so I don’t like seeing people claiming she’s just averagely slim because it normalises something that can be damaging . She’s all over the pro-ana sites and tumblrs as it is, and the people who aspire to her body shape don’t need to hear the message that she’s actually not that thin, because if she’s the benchmark for a healthy weight what does a very, very skinny person look like exactly?

        I’ve seen people here deny she’s even thin and people still throw around the words curvy and voluptuous when describing her and claim she looks strong and toned.

        Melissa McCarthy is overweight, but I don’t see anyone claiming otherwise, so of course people don’t feel the need to point out the obvious. Because it’s treated as fact and we don’t need to debate it.

      • Janet says:

        If she was malnourished her hair and her skin would look dull and lifeless. They don’t. She’s very thin but she is not malnourished.

      • Jessica says:

        @ Layla, that’s just my opinion. More power to you and yours. and @ Janet its called hair product and moisturizer.. celebrities have the $$ to spend to make themselves look wonderful. look at the last picture of her in the face. this is a picture of health? I think not.

    • Cecilia says:

      @ Kate

      very well said & I agree with you.

      • Kim1 says:

        I have never denied she was thin . My point is she has been thin since I became a fan ten years ago so it gets monotonous talking how thin she is. She is thin, underweight . Water is wet.The double starndard is nobody says on Melissa’s threads Damn she is fat , she looks horrible, Why is she so fat, she looks like a whale, she needs gastric bypass…Yet on every Angie thread She looks horrible, eat a sandwich, Bobble head. Angie is thin Melissa is fat. Only one is called vile names on CB . Double standards. I guess I will start calling Melissa a pig on every thread to counteract Angie being called a skeleton or bobble head on every thread

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Kim1, who wrote: “I have never denied she was thin . My point is she has been thin since I became a fan ten years ago so it gets monotonous talking how thin she is. She is thin, underweight .”

        Exactly. And it DOES get monotonous reading over and over again about how ‘painfully THIN’ she is and “she needs to eat something!” Never mind that the woman was and is healthy enough to lift and carry two ‘healthy’ twins … even today.

        People … if the woman was physically wasting away she wouldn’t have the healthy hair and skin she undeniably has … and her eyes would be dull, too. Being undernourished takes a toll. The woman in the pictures above does NOT appear to be in physical distress at all.

    • Morgan says:

      That’s why I wouldn’t have like her in Gravity. Sandra Bullock actually looks like someone who actually has the muscle to make it through astronaut training… Angelina looks like she’d snap like a twig and has for years.

    • Bobbi says:

      She IS TOO THIN. I think she’s quite lovely here. I love the dress, I love the hair, and I love the fact that she doesn’t look so damn pale like she usually does. This is a great outfit, in my humble opinion, but I don’t understand how anyone can say she looks healthy. She doesn’t, and there have been plenty of times in history where we can all see she had more weight on her. Remember when she used to wear jeans? And she had thighs? Remember how in Mr. and Mrs. Smith she had muscle tone in her arms and the bones didn’t stick out on her chest? Please. People who can’t see this are strong brangeloonies. There’s no denying that she’s a pretty lady. She always has been, even before getting nose jobs, etc. She’s still pretty. But the weight loss ages her, and no, @Janet. Her skin has looked too pale and too thin for a while now, and her hair is lackluster. She used to have a head of incredible hair, but you can see that it’s losing it’s shine and thickness. And she has all the help in the world to stay beautified, so that says a lot. I agree with Kate. No one is claiming that McCarthy is at a healthy weight. That’s the lifelong debate over the “body shaming” argument that I can’t get behind. When a person is overweight, they’re generally criticized. It’s not seen as a good thing. On the flip side, we’re still struggling as a nation to come to grips with the concept that the mantra “the skinnier, the better” is actually not a healthy one. A person can most definitely be too thin, just as a person can be too overweight. And it’s not hard to spot these people. Naturally thin people will generally have the right bone structure for it, and they’ll still have every appearance of health, while a person who starves (or drugs. or smokes. or whatever) to stay thin almost always looks unhealthy. Their bodies don’t look right/proportionate. And in Jolie’s case, we have google. I don’t see how people can argue against the myriads of photos and films Jolie has made over the years. The red carpets, etc. all point to a person who once took better care of herself.

  18. Ellen says:

    Gravity started filming in May 2011, so the cancer treatments were irrelevant.

  19. åsa says:

    Pitting successful female celebrities against each other once again…

  20. ANDREA1 says:

    I don’t believe this because they went to AJ several times and she rejected it. Don’t know what her reasons were back then but I don’t think that’s why she fired her manager. Also I didn’t enjoy gravity I think it was overrated IMO.

  21. HoustonGrl says:

    Hmmm, not sure about all this. Could it be that Clooney pushed for Bullock to get the role? They are very good friends.

  22. DT says:

    How on earth was a woman who just had a double mastectomy going to hang twenty feet off the ground in a harness for two years? I call BS on this story.

  23. toto says:

    Ugh gravity was big disappointment for me , very much hyped and Sandra was botoxy dead eyes as hell .
    please don’t tell me she supposed to be, cause she did not portray that tortured struggling soul at all , i did not even care for her if she will make it.
    few scenes were spectacular but humanly was dead .
    for god sake i was rooting for George clooney to be pulled by gravity that how much i was bored by the movie.
    What bothers me most, is their attempt to make as true as possible to actual space mission but the sequence and her survival was comical as road runner disaster sequence .
    I still believe Susan sarandon would have been great great choice..that movie needed a much expressive face and superb telling eyes and Susan would have made me cheering for her .

    Story was very weak too in Sandra frozen face defense

  24. Maya says:

    Many famous people from Jennifer Lawrence, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and many other all say that every single scripts gets sent to Angelina first and only forwarded to others after she has rejected it.

    I know Angelina haters simple cannot handle the fact that Angelina is one of the most powerful woman in Hollywood and she could have acted in 2-3 movies yearly with a £20m pay but she chooses to cut back and spend more time with her family and humanitarian work.

    As for people saying Angelina cannot act etc – well Angelina is the only person in Hollywood to have won every single acting award that exists – hat trick Golden Globes, Emmy, Oscars, DGA and many more – the critics and the public begs to differ.

    • Evi says:

      Four of her last six films were a bit of a joke: Beowulf, The Tourist, Wanted and Salt. Salt did make money, but the role/characterisation was laughable. She was playing a CIA agent and yet she couldn’t even run/jog properly.
      I’ve read articles that don’t even mention that Jolie rejected things like Silver Linings Playbook, only that she was interested, but the part eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence on the basis of her audition, which implies that she got it on her own merit, not as a consolation prize.

      • Maya says:

        Jennifer Lawrence herself said that Angelina rejected Silver Lining – that is why she was approached. Again with her new movie Serena – again Jen said that she only got it because Angie rejected.

        Are you calling Jennifer Law a liar?

      • KatarinaS. says:

        Of course Lawrence got parts on her own merit, but these parts (Silver Linings and Serena) were first offered to and rejected by Jolie (according to Lawrence who said that she is fine getting her “leftovers” in one interview and David O. Russell who said that it was a scheduling conflict) . I really don’t get what is the big deal about it.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t think you can count ‘Beowulf’ as her movie–I saw it (VERY boring), she was in the movie for about 3-4 minutes. The entire plot of ‘The Tourist’ ruined the entire movie for me–I liked Salt and Wanted. What do you mean she couldn’t run properly???

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Also, Angelina has so much on her plate between her huge family, her health issues, her charity work, side businesses, and current acting projects, it wouldn’t surprise me if she turns down more roles than she accepts. She has plenty of money and can afford to be picky.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Evi, who wrote: “I’ve read articles that don’t even mention that Jolie rejected things like Silver Linings Playbook, only that she was interested, but the part eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence on the basis of her audition, which implies that she got it on her own merit, not as a consolation prize.”

        The role was offered to Angie first … she turned it down. Maybe because it was so similar to the Best Supporting Oscar role she had in “Girl Interrupted?”

    • Myrto says:

      If that’s true that she gets all the scripts before everyone else does, then clearly she keeps making bad career choices because when was the last time she was in an interesting movie?
      Girl, interrupted? And that was in 1999. So yeah. Look, you’re a big fan of hers and that’s great. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I admire her for her humanitarian work but as an actress? No. She was terrible in Changeling (the movie itself was bad imo) and winning awards isn’t exactly the ultimate proof that you can act, considering how many crappy actors have them.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Myrto, who wrote: “So yeah. Look, you’re a big fan of hers and that’s great. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I admire her for her humanitarian work but as an actress? No. She was terrible in Changeling (the movie itself was bad imo) and winning awards isn’t exactly the ultimate proof that you can act, considering how many crappy actors have them. ”

        I personally think her best role was in “The Bone Collector.” But she was also incredible as Lara Croft, in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and “The Good Shepherd.”

    • Anna Scott says:

      Comment#24 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! You’re so funny, girl!!!!!!

    • Just Passing Through says:

      She has an Emmy?

  25. Evi says:

    I’m kind of thinking that Clooney called the shots here and he didn’t want to be in a film with Angelina.
    Clooney is the star vehicle in this scenario, whereas Angelina’s most recent film efforts have been dismal in terms of box office.

  26. Casting says:

    I work in major television and film casting and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Geyer Kosinski has one of the worst reputations in the business. He is a very negative person who doesn’t communicate well and he is well-known among casting directors and producers to be a world-class grandiose-on-grandiose liar. It’s crazy, his reputation. There’s no other like it, among those who make deals with his clients.

    That said, I know zero about actual contents of this article.

  27. mccora96 says:

    You don’t have to be an “insider” to look at facts.  Both Angelina and Brad have turned down GIANT paychecks for projects they just didn’t think were interesting to play and/or had other more important/interesting to do.  FACTS show that this is still their practice since they got together and is one of the many things they have in common.  The Tourist was a fun movie that made a huge profit- Angie was very happy to be in Venice for Brad and the kids to have some fun.  Angie said YEARS ago that she had planned to slow down on acting and she has.  Despite all the tab lies, FACTS show that Angie is one of the most humble and generous actors in Hollywood and has done a lot that others  (that are more petty and jealous and have million dollar PR) don’t to support and speak up for other actors.  She politely turned down (multiple times) both Gravity and Silver Linings Playbook and clearly has no regrets.  How can I say that since I’m not an “insider”???  Simply look at all the important (to her & the world), rewarding and fun things she has done instead of acting until Maleficent (which is a role that INTERESTED her)- wrote, directed, produced, edited, and promoted In the Land of Blood and Honey (could there be more of a passion project ?!), loved her six babies and Brad all while working together to create the best rose in the world :) , got Knox & Viv out of diapers, tons of charity work, and countless other things we know nothing about (including a few dr visits for mammograms, etc.).  For anybody, your choices reveal your priorities- what Angie chose to do with her time seems very consistent with what she articulates as her goals and has actually done in the past and is doing now.  No regrets or pettiness for her- she has proven herself to be too busy and forward-thinking for that. 

    Fired or not, Geyer has said publically that he is producing more now, so who knows if he was fired or just had other things he wanted to do before he got too old.  I know I felt that way when I had friends dealing with cancer issues- life’s short.  …look for story how Angie beat him bloody or something.

  28. Sheila says:

    I don’t buy it. I don’t think Angelina is the kind of person who cares about stuff like that, seems like she is very much her own person, looks like she lives with her decisions and doesn’t look back. She just NEVER looks like she cares about Hollywood stuff enough. She cares about her UN work, her charities and of course, her family the most, but I think she is well aware of her A++ status in Hollywood (even if she never acts again, she has the Hollywood “it” forever). She indicated she was winding down, that she wants to focus on directing, so i don’t buy that she is jealous of any other actresse’s success.

    And the ONLY REASON Gravity was hyped as VERY good is because of 3d effects..a movie like that is MADE for 3d, but otherwise, it would not have the same wow factor. I like Sandra, thought she was good, but not Oscar worthy in this role.

  29. Kim1 says:

    The story is BS Angie didnt do Gravity with RDJ because she was directing her film. According to Deadline .com she turned it down twice. When Gravity was filmed with Clooney and Bullock Angie was on location with Brad (WWZ). Angie has turned down many films including Serena according to Jennifer Lawrence who has spoked about getting her” leftovers” (scripts). Funny how there are never stories about RDJ being upset with Clooney but of course thats the narrative for women in tabloids.

    • abby says:

      I agree.

      Also, let’s get something clear. According to the Hollywood Reporter – http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/angelina-jolie-signs-uta-655700

      Angelina Jolie Signs With UTA for Acting (Exclusive)

      The actress-filmmaker is currently directing World War II drama “Unbroken.”
      Angelina Jolie has signed with UTA for representation in acting, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned.
      The move expands Jolie’s ties to the agency, which has been repping her on the directing front since March 2011.
      Jolie was previously at IFA but was in play when her agent, IFA’s founder Ilene Feldman, decided to shutter her shop and become a manager earlier this month. When Jolie joined IFA in November 2011, it was the first time she had acting representation since 2006, when she left CAA.
      At UTA, Jolie will be repped by a team led by partner Richard Klubeck. She continues to repped by Media Talent Group (Geyer is @ MTG) and Sloane Offer.
      Jolie is currently directing the World War II drama Unbroken for Universal, and next year stars as the title witch in Disney’s Maleficent.

      Kim1 and Shelia, I agree. The Deadline article that andrea1 quotes – http://www.deadline.com/2010/09/angelina-jolie-pass-puts-gravity-in-shaky-orbit-for-warner-bros/#more-64414 states that Angie was preparing for her directorial debut. Of course at the time few knew what she was planning so there was all this speculation that she was just being difficult etc. Thing is she was attached to Gravity from late 2009/early 2010 IIRC, while it was at Universal then when it moved to WB and whatever was going on behind the scenes after the studio move, it was past Sept 2010 when she officially left the project. Time was going and Gravity had yet to get off the ground. There was no way she could film Gravity and still fit her movie without disrutping Brad’s schedule – and we know these films are planned months in advance, preproduction, millions, etc.

      Also, Brad was just coming off Moneyball (I think) and he had a bunch of other little films as well – not to mention WWZ on the horizon – as both actor and producer.
      Hey, I get that many people love to knock her and need to get some digs in after all the good JP news this week but the facts are out there. Many right on this site. Between their busy schedules, Angie appeared to have a conflict. Her availability was limited and she had a narrow window to film ITLOB&H. In the time since, those of us who have paid attention know what a passion project that film was for Angie because it ties in with her UN work with refugees. So it is no surprise that, when given a choice she turned Gravity down and likely shared her reasons with those who matter, Cuaron. Was she perhaps a tad disappointed? I cannot say. If so, perhaps for the chance to work with Cuaron because she does admire his work. Beyond that however, given Angie’s focus on her charitable work, I seriously doubt that she gave a damn.

      Angie and Brad have been rather vocal these past years about choosing projects they enjoy and find interesting, projects with meaning for them, and working with people that make the experience memorable – notice they tend to work with many of the same people again and again. So, it does not shock me at all that Angie may pass on a project that does not pique her interest (or pass in favor of her UN work especially since many of those trips take months to arrange and movie schedules tend to shift) or that she does not think she is suited for.

      Personally, I don’t think she would have been right for Gravity, so everything worked out in the end. Hell, she was offered Charlie’s Angel’s (cannot recall if it was 1 or 2) and she passed there too. I think Angie knows what she’s doing regarding her career, what works for her and what doesn’t.

      btw, imo Gravity was way overrated. Take away the special effects and the film is rather ordinary. I saw it 2D, so um, yeah. No special effects for me. I like Sandra and she does her best with it and all but the story is lacking and inconsistent. Like Clooney’s death? How did he go from weightless to “weighted” pulling on the cord? Without the special effects to distract that glaring plothole just takes you out of the movie. Too much.

  30. Itumeleng says:

    I don’t believe the article.

    On the Sandra vs Angelina, Sandra was the best choice for Gravity. IMO Angie is not a very good actor, not very believable. I get very bored watching her: the film were her son was kidnapped I didn’t buy what she was selling. I feel the same way about Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. On the other hand I enjoy almost every film that Sandra does. There is something about Sandra I can’t get enough of.

  31. aang says:

    Sal was one of of my favourites. I was sad when he left. I hated Don Draper even more after that.

  32. Madpoe says:

    I liked Sandy as the lead for “Gravity”, I’m glad she took the part.
    I like ‘em both, but can’t see/feel Ang as the lead in this.

  33. mayamae says:

    Since as everyone points out, Angelina is not naturally physically fit (she has to go on weight gaining regimes and work hard at building up muscle and strength), maybe she was unwilling to commit this much time and effort at this point. I don’t know her schedule by heart like many here, but this role seems like it had a demanding preparation and perhaps even a long filming time due to the special effects.

  34. ala931 says:

    As a fan of Angie, I wish she had been in both Gravity and SLP. I think she would done a better job in both- nothing against Sandy* or JLaw, but only JLaw has blown me away in a performance and the was Winter’s Bone, not SLP. Angie has a ton of unique and stunning onscreen moments. She is even riveting/fun to watch in not so great movies like Alexander. As a mom, I totally get why she wants to do less and is willing to put her family first.

    *Sandy SEEMS nice, but her being with a guy for so long that was into n*zi stuff is puzzling- how could she not know?!

  35. ala931 says:

    I should also add that I can totally see , while Angie would have done fabulous work in Gravity and SLP, I can totally get why Angie wouldn’t be attracted to either of those roles as well. BTW, if you can find it, the Miraval Rose is fantastic and a great deal for the quality.

  36. ANDREA1 says:

    @Anon you are welcome! Yeah she took a pass and not just once.

  37. Kim1 says:

    As a fan I hope Angie focuses on directing rather than acting since she has stated she no longer “needs” to act . She wanted to and needed to when she was younger according to her interview in Financial Times. She no longers feels the same passion for acting and thats fine with me. Same goes for Brad, he prefers Producing to acting . It is what it is.

  38. Nora says:

    She turned down Gravity to focus on In the Land of Blood and Honey simple.
    Cuarón admits to having “long conversations with Angelina [Jolie]” before she exited the project to direct In the Land of Blood and Honey, as well as “serious conversations” with Robert Downey Jr. for the role of gregarious astronaut vet Matt Kowalski.
    Cuarón finally cast Sandra Bullock in late 2010.
    Geyer is still her manager and he doesn’t have producing credit on any of her movies.

  39. Itumeleng says:

    UGH! Here we go again with the ‘how could she have not known her husband was into nazi stuff’! 1)countless women have been married to rapists, child molesters, serial killers etc and didn’t have a clue. Josef frizl (sp) anyone? His wife had no idea he had their in the basement!

    2) JJ is an idiot (that’s putting it politely) surely 1 or more of his employees that are black or someone would have come forward during or after the ‘racism scandal’, maybe he is or maybe he is not a racist.

    3) Sandra has said she grew up around people of different races and sexual orientation who hung around in her house because of her parents occupations. She has well-known black friends who speak highly of her even after the JJ ‘scandal’: Viola Davis, Regina King- who attended her wedding to JJ, Octavia Spencer, Forrest Whitaker, to name a few. Has anyone seen the video of how Sandra was in awe when she met the legendary Mr Sidney poitier? She has donated 1 million each to New orleans, Haiti and Japan after the disasters there. By the way I am African, South African to be specific, not that it should matter.

  40. Hannah says:

    After seeing the movie I just don’t feel that Jolie would have had the acting chops to pull of this role at all. Sandra just adds this ultimate relatable factor to the movie. She is the girl next door lost in space. Angie would just act, as always, like the sexpot who gets what she wants.

    Sad but true!

  41. BLD says:

    Bottom line, Angelina was the actress both these directors wanted, no audition necessary. Yes, Angelina would be awesome in any role and the box office would likely have been bigger. So what? Angelina CHOSE to do something different with her time (love on her man & babies, write, direct, and produce a critically acclaimed film that was the catalyst for signficant policy shifts in the global arena, and make some really, really good wine. I didn’t know Geyer’s story then or now, just that he used to sometimes attend industry events with Brad & Angie, just like Brad’s manager sometimes does.

  42. Added Value to Angie says:

    Just think of Angie’s choice as putting a big old addition on her house (career) rather than buy YET ANOTHER pretty couch. Both she & Brad have always liked doing a variety of things- both on and off screen. Besides, NEVER EVER in 38 years have these Angie is an evil, petty tyrant tab stories had ANY proof. Even the “mainstream” media has told more lies and undermining stories about her more than almost any public figure ever yet she manages to be the youngest recipient of Hollywood’s greatest humanitarian award. Is she able to hide all her evilness from all of Hollywood, the UN, the CFR and anyone else that associates with her because she is the greatest actor that ever lived?! If she is such an ugly, skinny loser why do people keep hiring her, paying her millions of dollars and let her pick whoever she wants to work with?? All the naysayers are at the ocean waiting for Geyer’s corpse to wash up- THEN they will finally have proof.

  43. Thiajoka says:

    This really has nothing necessarily to do with this bit of gossip, but can I just say that I don’t see why one has to like Angie or Jen–I actually like both. Nor do I understand why one has to like Brandi or Leanne–I actually hate both. LOL.

  44. Borneo says:

    Come on now Angelina is a cyborg! A rock can act better than she can. I remember eye-rolling my way through a film of hers not so long ago on T.V. Don’t get me wrong I admire her humanitarian efforts.

    Sandra could have turned the gravity offer down, infact she did a number times, she has stated. She had just become a single mother of an infant and was going through a public divorce.

  45. Bea says:

    Now the “Angie is a mean, terrible, jealous and vindictive person” stories start as a certain person is about to be dumped – again.

    How very predictible.

    Just like someone appearing in a new haircut the day Angie is getting her second Oscar.


    • LoLoL says:

      Oh how about these stories coming out when Angelina wins her second oscar and most of the time when the women in Hollywood romances win oscars the men are Jelly. Pittstains people always do this. They did it when news hit that he was filming in London and she in Australia. She was on the cover of the enquirer with the headline she’s sick -or whatever it was- so obvious pittstains pr team trying to distract the media from what they should be printing. He is jealous of her second oscar win.

      I also heard that she’s no longer close to Guyer – hasn’t been seen on red carpets with him in ages- because he hates Pittstain and his Pr team. Now that’s more interesting but my guess is it won’t be posted.

      Teehee :-)

    • zut alors! says:

      Yep, the smears are right on schedule. Why on earth would Angelina have beef with Jon Hamm?! It’s so random and ridiculous.

  46. jj says:

    I think AJ was trying to work more in independent movies and she was trying to get the lead in Silver Linings Playbook. I guess that did not work out since she is the lead in a Disney movie now.

  47. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Sorry, Angie just isent sympathetic enough. She never was and never will be whether she likes it or not. She would be totally mis cast in Gravity. yes, Im a big fan of hers and Im objective enough to see this about her. Shes just not sympathetic enough.

  48. Kay says:

    Jolie’s a really good actress and she’s really interesting to watch,there’s never a dull moment with her.How do people who are too interested in her personal life expect to find her believable in different roles?Have you ever asked yourself why you think she plays evil/bad-ass well?thats because thats who you think she is.If you believe she’s a manipulative person then seeing her play a manipulative person would definitely appeal to you.I do agree with you V4real,people give her a lot less credit than she deserves.On the bright side,if she didn’t turn down gravity she wouldn’t be directing UNBROKEN now.

  49. m says:

    i don’t see why anyone still gives a crap about this woman. pretty much all of her movies are total flops and she looks like pure evil. her career should of died off many, many years ago.