Is Justin Theroux living in NYC full-time and keeping in touch with Heidi Bivens?


Here are some new photos of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston last night in West Hollywood, getting a Christmas tree (allegedly!). This is the first time Justin has been in LA in a while, I think. He’s been in NYC for a while, and as the tabloids keep claiming, Jennifer isn’t flying to see him ever, so he has to fly to LA to see her. You may think that the tabloids have been going overboard with the breakup rumors for Justin and Jennifer, but I tend to think there is something there. Something’s fishy. I haven’t quite put my finger on what the play is going to be, media-wise, but the next month should be interesting. After spending Thanksgiving apart, will Justin and Jennifer spend Christmas together? These photos are a good sign. But…will they come together for a brief moment of happiness, only to announce their broken engagement on January 7th, 2014, the nine year anniversary of Jennifer and Brad Pitt’s separation announcement? Or will they just continue as is, in some weird “engagement” where Justin has seemingly moved back to NYC and Jennifer lives in LA and they rarely see each other? Huh. Anyway, Star Mag has another interesting story about the potential breakup and there’s even some bonus Heidi Bivens news too.

A Thanksgiving apparently spent 3,000 miles apart has insiders questioning the state of the love affair between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux – and wondering who will look like the bigger turkey if they suddenly call it quits.

Justin was conspicuously absent from Jennifer’s LA Thanksgiving celebration – and even though he recently relocated from LA to NYC in preparation for filming the HBO drama The Leftovers, “That doesn’t start filming until February,” says a source. “They do have things called ‘planes’. You’d certainly think it would’ve been important for Justin to join Jen for the holiday – or just as important for Jen to be with Justin if he was with his family.”

The separate Thanksgivings were just the latest sign that there could be trouble in paradise for Jennifer and Justin.

“They’ve actually been fighting like crazy behind the scenes for a while now… they’re such different people, kind of an oil-and-water couple. Lots of people wonder if their engagement is even the real thing.”

In fact, it wasn’t until Star reported their relationship was in crisis in August 2012 that the pair suddenly went public with their engagement four days later and Jen started flaunting a massive diamond ring.

The breaking point in their relationship may very well come with Justin’s move back to NYC – “He’s basically living there full time now,” says the insider – where his ex-girlfriend of 14 years, stylist Heidi Bivens, 37, still lives.

“The truth is that Justin and Heidi never stopped loving each other, even though he left her for Jennifer… they’ve always kept in touch and I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the opportunity to spend some private time with her again. Just the thought of that would probably drive Jennifer crazy!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

If Justin got back with Heidi… well, I would feel for Heidi. When Justin left her (after 14 years together), he made her move out of the apartment they shared in NYC and there were a few stories about Heidi moving into some tiny studio and trying to move on with her life. That being said, the idea of Jennifer just being some brief interlude in between Heidi and Justin’s greater love story? Tabloid gold.

You know what just occurred to me? What if JustJen announces the breakup during the holidays? Like, what if she does it on Christmas Eve? Damn it, Jennifer!



Vintage Justin & Heidi:



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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  1. Eleonor says:

    Oh God NO. Please no.
    I can’t with the pooor poooor Jen dumped for Christmas.
    This relationship HAS to work.

  2. Bananapants says:

    I’ve never seen Heidi. She’s beautiful.

  3. Patricia says:

    Heidi would be a fool to take this greaseball back, hopefully she has really moved on.
    The only word for the thumbnail pic to this article is… sh**eating. At least J and J have that much in common, sh**eating grins!

  4. Janet says:

    If Heidi Bivens gives that user the time of day, she needs to have her head examined.

  5. bobbiesue says:

    Holy mother, all I have to say is did JA borrow her fugly glasses from that perv Terry Richardson?! EWWWW TO THE MAX

  6. Nick says:

    Heidi is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Plus at 37 (or 34/35 whenever the pictures were taken) she looks 25. Incredible.

  7. Sonya says:

    I don’t buy this because I don’t think that Heidi would go there. I think after the shock and sadness of 14 years ending she probably started to look at those 14 years and realize that he was lucky to have her wait around and she is lucky she has a chance to start again. You know, minus the d-bag!

  8. Ellie says:

    They look fine. It would be hilarious if they tied the knot at Christmas, also tabloid gold.

  9. emmie_a says:

    Yeah, my gut says Jen & Justin are done. I think she is a huge control freak and everything concerning the break-up — announcement, press, etc is all planned and he’s just hanging around until then… So does Jennifer love or hate press/attention? She hated living in NY because she got too much attention — but it seems that her team always keeps her name in the press, which gets her attention so I’m confused. Or does she love press but hate paparazzi (because she can somewhat control press)?

    • epiphany says:

      Of course they’re done. The fact that they were seen together means nothing, not in a showbiz relationship. Recall Miley and Liam broke up in March, but were seen together for months afterward. Jen and Justin as a couple attract much more attention than apart – that’s especially true for him, and he has a new show coming up. Do you think he wants to be branded the latest guy to break to the heart of “America’s Sweetheart?”

    • TC says:

      emmie_a – I don’t think Aniston actually hated the NY press attention. I think that was just her excuse for not wanting to live there. She’s a LA girl who loves the sun and the beach. Plus, LA is much closer to Cabo than NY. She only used the “I’m moving to NY” press campaign to get Justin. Once she won him, she then launched the “I hate NY; there’s too much press attention” campaign to move back to LA with Justin. And now they’re in a bind because he hates LA and she hates NY. Justin was even willing to compromise by living in LA for part of the year, but she wouldn’t even agree to that!! She wants to be in LA full-time. To me, that’s a problem. I don’t care how much money you have, but if you can’t agree to live in the same city with the person you supposedly love, then your relationship is doomed.

      • Goop says:

        Actually IMO he real deal is that Jenny didn’t get ENOUGH attention in NYC without arranging pap ops. There were really very few photos of her there. I also think she was mortifyingly terrified of running into Heidi Bivens when she went out with Justin and his crowd …. so she didn’t.

        And when we truly think this through why would she want to be there. No manager/friend Aleen; no gaggle of “girlfriends”; No Chelsea Handler slobbering all over her; no tanning salon of choice; no esthetician of choice; no Chris MacMillan and her favourite colourist; no Mandy Igbar; no home tanning bed; no twin sister stylist or chefs; no employee sycophants like Kristin Hahn; no CAA arranged ops with Reese, Oprah, whoever; no butler and no pap interest.

        Jenny is so shallow L.A. is really her only comfort zone short of Palmilla. it’s like her usual nonsense at press time when she talks about “adventures and traveling the world reconnecting with her ancestral roots” and yet when she took Justin on their papop European tour she got 1 hour from Greece — but didn’t go. To quote “…. when her lips ar emoving she’s lying.”

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        I really really hate when Aniston is called an “LA girl” I am an LA girl. She is not one of us. F#ck sake.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    Would love it, if Heidi took Justin back and then turned around and broke up with him!! Revenge would be sweet!

  11. Quinn says:

    Couldn’t care less, but those big Terry glasses need to go. :(

  12. Ginger says:

    Heidi really is a beautiful woman. Despite the fact that Justin left her and she presumably had to move into a studio apartment, I still think she is the clear winner. I don’t think any woman would want to be with a man who had shared her life for 14 years and then dumped her for a celebrity conquest. I hope she got over her heartbreak and moved on. Living well is the best revenge! Because honestly, Jen and Justin look ridiculous.

    • TG says:

      And also @Ginger I get the feeling that Justin was the “important” one in that relationship. She probably has to deal with all of his arty farty moods. He just seems like the type that would constantly be trying to make her feel like she wasn’t good enough. Go Heidi!

  13. Maya says:

    I do believe that Jennifer and Justin are finished but no way would Heidi ever take back that d bag called Justin.

    Heidi is a beautiful, talented and classy woman who has maintained a dignified silence over the fact that Jennifer slept with Justin for months before she even found out – that too by seeing the pictures of Jen and Justin looking cosy together a week before Heidi moved out. Heidi is younger than Jennifer but she showed Jennifer how to behave maturely when a relationship breaks for whatever reason – no bitching, no getting friends to attack the other woman, no pr games etc.

    I really want Jen and Justin together because frankly I cannot handle another 10 years of poor lonely Jennifer who is so unlucky in love because she lost Brad to Angelina.

    I also think that Jennifer only has contract relationships because she is a closet bi and has had relationships with women most recently I think she is sleeping with Chelsea Handler.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Maya, who wrote: “I also think that Jennifer only has contract relationships because she is a closet bi and has had relationships with women most recently I think she is sleeping with Chelsea Handler.”

      I agreed with this. I believe their relationship began during their ‘private’ Thanksgiving trip to Cabo, a month or two before Chelsea did her ‘Angelina is a C$$T, and her children too!’ stand up routine.

      Coincidentally, that was around the time that Jen and Courtney stopped being joined at the hips BFF’s foreva? Just something to make you go “Hmmmm?”

    • Sal says:

      “she showed Jennifer how to behave maturely when a relationship breaks for whatever reason – no bitching, no getting friends to attack the other woman, no pr games ” This! THIS!!! A thousand times. Heidi was *actually* cheated on and she displayed so much grace under fire, so much dignity, self-respect and class. She really showed Aniston up for the classless bit of trash she is.

  14. Luca26 says:

    Weren’t the apologists for Jen/Justin maintaining that his relationship with Heidi was on again/off again for 12 years?

    I think he is continuing his same pattern with JA in the Heidi position waiting for him to step in line.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      AND that’s not even true! You know where that came from?? “A Theroux Inside”. And that was only AFTER Heidi released a statement that she was moving out of their shared home and that they had been together 14 years. So it’s not like it came out when the rumors were starting, it was AFTER everything went down.

    • Cecilia says:

      @ Luca26

      I have read many of Justin’s past interviews. When he was asked who he lived with, it was just him & his dogs. One time when asked who he was dating it was some random model. He never mentioned Heidi in the ones that I read. I think it was on & off — but, then again, the truth is less dramatic.

      • Luca26 says:

        @Cecilia I tend to believe it too (sorry VC). I also think he was with Heidi when his relationship with Jen started but that didn’t stop him from reeling in a bigger fish. JMO but I don’t think he’s a guy that treats his S.O. well. He is way too pretentious and vain.
        I do think Heidi is a pretty woman BUT she obviously had low self esteem to keep letting him back into her life. I don’t necessarily believe this story-on the other hand he’s obviously been able to go back to her before. Let’s hope the girl has enough self-respect that this is fiction. Again just my opinion but if Aniston isn’t careful she will end up in exactly the same position as Heidi was for such a long time, although she has much more power in this situation than Heidi and no matter what is savvy. IMO she is playing both sides on this until she knows for certain they are splitting.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Cecilia, I can’t say you’re wrong–I’ve never read an interview w/Justin before he got w/Jennifer. But if he and Heidi were on and off–why didn’t HE say so, when the rumors of him and Jennifer were starting to gain traction. He didn’t issue a statement that said “I was not seeing Heidi at the time that Jennifer and I were pictured out and about”–something like that. Nothing to suggest that they were on and off–instead HE had HEIDI’S MOM going to tabloids and PEOPLE, saying that he and Jennifer were ‘just friends’ and that that was from Justin’s own mouth, and that it was a business dinner. HE had JENNIFER going to PEOPLE, saying that she wouldn’t get with a guy who had a girlfriend.

        Justin is a grown man. If he didn’t care about speculation about his personal life/relationships, then he wouldn’t have had Heidi’s mom issue a statement. And like I said–I saw this from the beginning, middle, and end–I heard nothing from HIS camp about an ‘on and off’ relationship, up until AFTER Heidi had moved out and said in a statement that they had been together for 14 years–and that was from a ‘Theroux insider’.

  15. Suze says:

    Let’s hope Heidi doesn’t take this dude back, that she’s moved on for real. Because, ugh. He’s not such a treasure that she should be waiting for him after his three year interlude.

    Why can’t Aniston have a normal relationship? There’s always drama and misunderstanding and woe is me up the wazoo.

  16. Scout says:

    So a Star mag article about the Brange is a total fabrication, but an article from the SAME magazine about Jen and Justin must be totally true? Huh? Also, Jen and Justin spent Thanksgiving together according to Ed Sheeran who was actually there to witness it first hand.

    • PHD gossip says:

      You have to understand how these magazines work. Some articles are clear plants from publicists and completely untrue. Other articles are the result of insider information and totally true. One has to be able to parse the articles and understand the agendas involved. Clearly, this Justjen breaking will happen. I suspect on a slow news day before xmas.

      • Scout says:

        I DO understand. People have different standards for different people. If it’s a horrible story about someone certain people like it’s a complete fabrication. If it’s a good story about people they hate then it’c clearly a plant from the PR team.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      No one on this thread is saying it’s true. They’re saying that they think Justin and Jennifer are done—NOT that this story’s true.

      Heidi’s classy–like she’d take that lying dickbag back anyway.

    • Luca26 says:

      I don’t put any credence in Star OR that silly CDAN blind.

      But for the last few weeks Jen has been acting like something is up posting all those odd and immature pics on-line. In these pictures Justin looks miserable (could be just not wanting to see paps of course). But it seems forced and as a gossip watcher something seems up between these two.

      On the other hand the one Star story about the Brange is the same stuff they’ve been printing for years. The Brange-breakup story is equivalent to a Jen is pregnant story in the lesser tabs. I’ll only believe it from People Magazine.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think either Huvane is trolling us, just to drum up some publicity–like VF and GOOP or Jennifer and Justin are done. I lean towards them being done–but it works for them either way. Either tabloids don’t know jackshit or the tabloids were onto something.

    • Sal says:

      Wow you loonistons sure are utterly OBSESSED with Brad and Angelina, aren’t you? Its you ANISTONLOONS who have to drag Brangelina up all the time. Get help, its a sickness. And so sad. So so sad. PS No one has said they believe this story, anyway, so you are starting on a false premise to begin with. Its obvious this story is bs, as if Heidi would keep in contact with him. Please!

    • Josephina says:

      @ Scout-

      Ed did not say a thing about Justin. He stated he spent time at Jen’s house, he talked about his time with Jen. And then he went to Courtney Cox’s house.

      Where did you see that he spent time with Justin AND Jen together at Thanksgiving?

      • Just Passing Through says:

        I saw an interview by Marc Malkin on e-online and Ed was asked if he got to meet Justin and he said he did, but he’d actually met him before. So, yes, they spent Thanksgiving together. Brad, Angelina, and family spent Thanksgiving together, so all is well with the world. :)

  17. Alexis says:

    These JA relationship stories are so boring. I just hope they get married so the tabloids will shut up.

    Heidi is pretty. She has such a fresh face! I hope she’s moved on romantically by now…

  18. Untrue says:

    LOL at all you gullible sheep. Anyway, be prepared for the REAL announcement. And no, it’s not a break up.

    PS: Sorry to squash your dreams but Justin and Heidi haven’t set eyes or communicated with each other since May 2011. I know this for a fact.

  19. Jayna says:

    Spare me. He dumped Heidi in a nano second after all those years together. He didn’t get engaged to Jennifer until a year later. So he obviously wasn’t having regrets over Heidi and wanted to marry jen. Are they in trouble now? Maybe. But the way he blew off Heidi and the way a year later he was engaged to Jen, never getting engaged to Heidi for all those years, if he went back to her it would be all about him, his relationship not working,and out of sorts, needing his ego stroked, not because he had pined for Heidi all this time. Run, Heidi.

    • me says:

      Heidi is beautiful woman and she has kept silent without doing the woe is me act like Jennifer has done so many times. But Heidi doesn’t have bank account or connections Aniston does. Aniston buys him expensive bikes, vintage leather jackets, and European vacations. She’s also bought him an appearance on Ellen’s show, a mention in People’s magazines sexiest men alive list two years in a row and most importantly, Justin in now a CAA client which means more jobs and more publicity. What more could a guy like Justin want?

  20. Abbicci says:

    What’s with Justin dressing like Mort from Bazooka Joe?

  21. Jayna says:

    I like Heidi best as a blonde. She has beautiful eyes, barely any eye makeup ever in photos,, and she looks far younger than her age. I wonder if she ever met anyone. It’s been a year and a half.

  22. blue marie says:

    He is so douche-y looking to me, never found him attractive. But serious question, hasn’t there been reports that he’s kept in touch with Heidi the whole time? Heidi, I don’t know you, but you could do so much better. Run girl, run far and fast!!

  23. Jayna says:

    Does anyone find it funny how she started dressing like Heidi Bivens dressed in jeans rolled up and flats? Justin probably got it from Heidi and passed on the look to Jennifer. When has Jen ever worn that look before him. She’s SWF’ing Heidi. As you scroll through the photos of her walking in this outfit, I swear I thought it was Jen.

  24. bsh says:

    Heidi is so much more beautiful than Aniston.. her only fault was probably not being a billionaire with powerful connections in Hollywood. Hopefully she’ll end up with someone much better than that Justin-douche.

  25. someone says:

    How cute, Jennifer and Justin share that black hat. Side note: she must really love her new haircut if she has to cover it with a hat.

  26. j says:

    oh, i have to say it: her longevity as a celeb really baffles me. after all these endless relationship-drama headlines, why are people still interested? it’s so drawn out and anti-climatic. *sorry*

  27. taxi says:

    Justin has bad taste in hairdos & hats.

  28. TedTheodoreLogan says:

    Star is usually wrong about everything. I mean weren’t they the one stating that Jolie and Pitt got into some fight about a woman? Come on. Find new subjects to discuss.

  29. Kim1 says:

    I don’t believe Heidi story I believe Just/Jen will continue throughout Awards season.Longer if she is pregnant as UsWeekly claimed a few weeks ago.

    • Esme says:

      No way is she pregnant (unless she’s gone the in vitro route which, trust me, we would have heard about). It is extremely difficult for a woman her age to get pregnant at will (especially a first-time pregnancy). And don’t think just because you know a few people this has happened too that it is not very unusual. I seriously doubt she could get pregnant without scientific assistance. Besides, the way she’s always running around naked, I doubt she’d want to ruin that stunning body of hers.

  30. Amy Tennant says:

    I know nothing about Heidi, but she’s lovely. I know only slightly more about Justin. He’s not to my taste, but I’m not the one dating him! I’ll always love Jennifer for being my Rachel Green, and even though I’m a huge Angelina fan I can’t deny JA got a bad deal all those years ago, and I sincerely hope she’s happy now. I wish all involved the best.

    (I just thought– if JA and AJ were both pregnant as many times as the tabloids said they were, especially JA– they’d give the Duggars a run for their money! There’s the reality show I’d like to see! Angelina and Jennifer: 40 kids and counting!)

  31. someone says:

    I agree that Heidi is beautiful, but its not always looks that cause a breakup…or keep people together..and no one really knows how often Jen and Justin see each other..she could be flying up to see him..they can avoid the papz if they want to…

  32. Liz says:

    Heidi is so pretty!!! She has probably moved on. Justin will have to stick with Jennifer.

  33. Rena says:

    I do not believe this Star tale.

    The JJ’s are together, his ex is not in the picture anymore and is not pining for him nor is he pining for her. They may even still be friendly of sorts toward one another as former couples can be. But he and she have moved on.

    I do believe that the JJ’s are like all couples, trying to find out what their relationship needs to keep nourishing it. They will always probably be a bi-coastal couple with him being a NYC career based guy and her being an LA career based woman for the most part. They are not kids, they are middle aged people who are each established in their own niches.

    The intense tabloid light on him is one he seems very uncomfortable with, which is no surprise. She is used to it and always covers up with a big scarf which he might have to begin doing as well. Seriously.

    The gap in their career statues has got to loom as a hill to be climbed, she is clearly the household name and he is like her tag-a-log at this point, they are not equals in reality or in her public’s mind. He has to be chafing @ this. He is not Tori’s hubs LOL.

    Want them to make it if that is what they decide.

    • The Original G says:

      I think her career is clearly on the wane, while he, with an HBO series is potentially on the rise. Living apart is a red flag at any age.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll seriously start going into producing and financing her own films…we need more women in that part of the industry.

      • Josephina says:


        She has had her own production company for close to a decade.

        Unless in an ensemble (i.e. being carried with the Hollywood clout of SOME OTHER well-respected talent), when has her company launched anything where Echo Films got their due notice and respect?

        What’s the problem? Why won’t she pony up, take a risk and FUND her own films? I know it’s ideal to use other people’s money, but this woman has an extremely difficult time getting projects greenlit. Her clout in Hollywood isn’t as strong as the tabloids try to make you believe.

      • Maya says:

        @VC: Sorry I also want women to produce and direct more but we don’t need talentless people like Jennifer who will just be a laughingstock. Jennifer is good at comedy but only acting – the movie she directed on TV was not that good at all.

        As Josephina said – Jennifer has had her production company for more than a decade and yet nothing has happened. She only created that company because Brad bought her out of Plan B and she wanted to compete with him. Unlike Brad who sincerely wants to produce movies – Jennifer seems to not want to do that but instead only focus on acting (nothing wrong with that).

        And Josephina correctly said that Jennifer is not an A-Lister who can have any projects greenlit – she has to reduce her fees these days and can only produce a hit if with a popular male co-star – that and she also has to strip to get any attention. I find that pretty sad – as a famous critic once said about Jennifer – to strip in your 20s is tradition but to strip in your 40s is desperation (especially if you have been in the industry for more than 2 decades).

  34. Sal says:

    ” Lots of people wonder if their engagement is even the real thing.” I never bought them as a couple, it was obvious to me from day one that it was all a publicity charade cooked up by Huvane. Funny how Justin join CAA and then immediately started fooling around with Aniston behind Heidi’s back. It was clear they were a fake couple from the get go.

    I truly hope Heidi doesn’t take Justin back, after all he put her through with the public humiliation. Heidi deserves far better than that oily greasy cheating scumbag.

    • Josephina says:

      Justin has now had a taste of celebrity-dom and likes it.

      His life has completely changed and it would be too hard for him, giving up the life of luxury, to return to not being noticed.

      His feet are forward. I don’t think he will turn around.

      As for Heidi? I think it will take a little longer to completely heal.

      • Maya says:

        Completely agree – Justin wont leave the luxury life he gained with Jennifer.

        Infact it seems to me that Jennifer and her pr team are deliberately putting rumours out that they have problems and will split but instead are actually planning a wedding.

        Either way I dont care if Jen and Justin marries – Heidi had a lucky escape with that golddigger.

  35. Jay says:

    No opinion on the story (though it’s most likely false), but wow. I’d never seen Heidi before. She’s beautiful.

  36. Sue says:

    So how many stories is this about Jennifer in the past week? Obsession or what? Anyway I think these tabloid stories are just rude to Heidi. What do people think she is? She wants Justin back really? I am sure that these stories make Heidi crazy. Like she would even consider it. News flash must women don’t want a man back who left them – at least the ones with self-esteem. And who know – perhaps IMAGINE this – did anyone ever think that perhaps it was Heidi that broke the relationship off? Or does everyone on this website believe the tabloids?

  37. homegrrrrl says:

    Granted, JA has more of a classic/casual style, while JT seems kind of “edgy”. As a style freak myself, it’s always my male Doppelgängers who go for the boring chicks. Why?

  38. floretta50 says:

    Brad and Angie is done, finito also Aniston and Justin, these two look like strangers in the night, relationship has run it’s course, stranger things have happened. At Angie’s oscar presentation she and Brad looked distant, strained probably bought their son along for buffer, Jen and Justin is just playing it out until the end it doesn’t seem to be a thing left between them two. I think the bomb is going to drop first in Brangelina’s camp probably before the new year begin. Even before this came out, I am surprised nobody seem to notice, Brad and Angie weren’t seen in public together, nor with Pitt family, for a long time.

    • Cera says:

      Delusional is a word!
      They looked just fine at the Oscar ceremony and brought Maddox because it was a very important night! Brad did not even have to go! They easily could have said he was filming, and it was hard to fly almost 24hrs there and back.

      So distant that he had his arm around her. So distant that she help his hand the whole time. So distant she teared up thanking him and their family.

      They have not been seen together a lot because Unbroken got moved ahead and she had to start while Fury was still filming!

    • Maya says:

      Umm – They were pictured together in Hong Kong few weeks ago.

      Sorry for stating the obvious but just because the gossip magazines haven’t been able to get pictures of them together it doesn’t mean that they aren’t together. There are several tweets and instragam pictures of Brad and Angelina together these past 2 months.

      Again as many fans have already explained – Unbroken’s shooting was supposed to start in Jan 2014 but was pushed forward because of Louis’s health. Universal and Angelina wanted to make the movie as soon as possible so that at least Louis will be able to see the finished product. Unforeseen circumstances do happen and Brad and Angelina is trying to manage as smooth as possible. Brad travelling to Australia for a few days, them meeting in Hong Kong, flying to US etc. That’s commitment and family for you.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Thanks, Maya! Didn’t know production had been pushed forward. Must admit, though I knew nothing was wrong with the Brange, I wondered why they were working at the same time. They are dedicated to their work and their families. Love them!

    • Maeve says:

      Brad brought Maddox with him from the UK to see his “love” receive the highest humanitarian award in their industry. He and Maddox flew back together where the other three of the older children had stayed behind . It took them the better part of two days. I expect Maddox asked to come. The committee had to be informed of how many were to be in Angie’s party weeks in advance. Angela Lansbury had about three times the number of guests. Brad could have easily said he had to stay in England to film if they were having troubles. They are in it for the long haul and one of the ways you can tell is they are on the same page about where to live etc.

  39. Caz says:

    Maybe Justin has belatedly realised Heidi is a better catch. And that the grass is not always greener. None of Aniston’s boyfriends hang around long….he’s probably exhausted with all her nonsense.

    Joining the chorus….Heidi is beautiful. Hope she doesn’t take Justin back. Although if she did and they worked out their differences and got married oh imagine the headlines “Jen jilted…Justin back with Heidi”. “Justin realised what he gave up. He doesn’t know what possessed him to hook up with Aniston. There was just no substance to it.” said a close pal of the happily reunited loved-up couple :)

  40. RobN says:

    You know, a lot of people don’t really care about Thanksgiving and whom they spend it with. Not being with your significant other on a made up holiday doesn’t really mean very much.

  41. Kate says:

    I’ve always wondered what Justin’s intellectual family thought of the uneducated, vain Jennifer Aniston.

  42. The Original Mia says:

    Ha! As if Heidi would take Justin back after he publicly humiliated her and threw her out of her home. Please. The woman has to have more respect for herself that hook back up with this douchcanoe.

    Justin & Jen will probably never marry. I always thought the engagement was a result of PR machinations. Doesn’t mean they aren’t together, but they may have come to an arrangement that being together doesn’t necessarily mean living together 24/7/365.

  43. Katie says:

    1. These photos of Justin are the greatest images ever captured.

    2. I think that Heidi and Justin are in on this together. I think Justin realized he had a chance with JA, he and Heidi agreed to the Justin/JA relationship, Justin has gotten his name recognition out there, and now he and Heidi will reconcile and be more financially secure thanks to Justin’s greater fame.

    I love a good conspiracy theory :)

  44. crtb says:

    Where are the pictures of Heidi? Cause all I see is a plain Jane with tow different hair colors. Nothing special, in fact really boring. It was his apartment. they broke up. What was he suppose to do. Would you let you ex continue to live in your house after you had moved on and started to date someone else. Heidi make the mistake of hanging round for too long. She wasted 14 years of her life on a man who would not commit to her.

  45. JALorden says:

    All these people saying Heidi is beautiful.. Are we looking at the same woman? I don’t even like Jen but come on, Jen is much more universally attractive.

  46. Velvet Elvis says:

    Jennifer Aniston has got to be the most boring celebrity ever. Who cares.

  47. Nroth Wset says:

    In the pic with his ex, JUSTIN LOOKS…..content…The pics scream: HAPPINESS!

  48. Shelley says:

    He is just the weirdest-looking man, with a warped looking tiny body, shriveled legs, and giant ugly face that seems to reflect his character all too well. Will *never* get the appeal of this one.

  49. Blackbetty says:

    He looks psycho in that pic. Jennifer is completely boring, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  50. Esme says:

    Whoa, Heidi is so much prettier than Jen. I really hope that’s how it ends up–Justin and Heidi back together, but then, of course, the “poor Jen” narrative will start all over again.

  51. GIRLFACE says:

    He is so not attractive. She needs to dump his ass and get her head out of her own-then she’ll be ready to find a real guy. IMO

  52. Vilodemeanus says:

    Heidi is successful and people really like her, you never hear anything bad about her unless it’s connected to her ex, Justin. He treated her so badly, and humiliated her on a world wide level. All she had done was be with him for 14 years and take him along with her more arty fashionista crowd. I hope she has the self esteem to know when Justin and Aniston break up he’s not coming back to her, unless it’s wait idle for things to die down and until the next better woman comes along. I hope she can see what everyone else can see quite clearly about him. I wish it weren’t true but it seems like she’s been turned into his back door girl, after being with him for so long, she has to sneak around behind Aniston’s back while he cheats on Aniston with her. It’s a very sad state of affairs. You just have to feel bad for Heidi, and wonder if he has a magical unicorn in his pants because most women would have slammed his slouchy cloche wearing head in a door over and over for what he’s done to Heidi. A truly sad situation if it’s true.