LeAnn Rimes ‘pushes back’ against the rumors that she’s paying Eddie for sex

Leann xmas

Well, if you wanted to see LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s Christmas card, you’ve come to the right place. Life & Style got their hands on their card this year, which only serves to remind me that I was going to do cards this year but I totally forgot. THANKS OBAMA. As for LeAnn and Eddie’s card… it’s cheesy and embarrassing for all involved. I hope Mason and Jake don’t get teased about this in school. Yikes.

Looks like this quartet made Santa’s naughty list this year! Life & Style has obtained LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s 2013 Christmas card, which features the pair posing with the actor’s two sons, Mason, 10, and Jake, 6, from his previous marriage to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

The card reads, “Naughty is the New Nice. Thank goodness or we’d all be gift-less! Here’s to a jolly holiday and a naughty 2014. The Cibrian Family.” We wonder how Brandi feels about this one!

The picture features the two boys sporting devilish smirks in matching red-and-black striped pajamas. Behind them stand Eddie and LeAnn, both in blue PJs, with their hands on their hips, staring down at the kids.

Life & Style chatted with the country songstress at the American Country Awards on Tuesday, where she dished all about the family’s holiday plans.

“It’s going to be totally chill, but we have our whole house decorated,” she told the mag. “We’ll have the kids on Christmas evening. It’s always kind of chaotic having them around. They rip through everything! I find paper and glitter like months later. It’s nice to just be home with our family.”

[From Life & Style]

Eh. No comment. Whatever.

LeAnn also sat down with Extra yesterday, following her successful appearance at the ACAs. The purpose of the interview? I guess it was maybe to promote the music video for “Gasoline and Matches” but LeAnn just spent the whole interview trying to “push back” against all of the tabloid rumors that they keep perpetuating in every interview (the circle of life). I’m including the video below… LeAnn makes the mistake (again) of specifically calling out certain “rumors” when she says: “One of [the headlines] recently was that I was faking a pregnancy to keep Eddie, that was interesting… Oh, I pay him for sex! That was the good one that we heard recently… I’m like, what?? Yeah, we were breaking up last week… now I’m paying him for sex.” Gurl, he’s a gigolo. Just because you married him, doesn’t mean that you’re not paying for it. If anything, you’re paying more now that you’re married.

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I’m including more photos of LeAnn and Eddie at the ACAs two nights ago. You know what’s weird? Something’s changed between them, I can just feel it. LeAnn usually seems to be the one “forcing” this happy-family, happy-couple image, but I’m just getting a vibe from her that seems… I don’t know, tired? She did a lot of posing by herself too – she walked the carpet with Eddie, then she came back by herself to do solo photos. Interesting.



Photos courtesy of Life & Style, WENN.

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  1. Brown says:

    Her ACA performance was widely well-received…. moreso than anything she has done in the past few years. All she had to do was keep her head down, talk about the music, promote her new single, be professional. People love a comeback story, they would let her have it. But the girl can’t help herself. She just CAN’T. STOP. TALKING. About the affair (old news), about their groundbreaking love story, about “her” boys, about how happy they are. She is seriously her own worst enemy.

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    LMAO! That’s embarrassing.

    Her Christmas card has Brandi’s kids on it?
    I’m all for stepmoms being involved and loving parents, but isn’t this pretty disrespectful on her part?
    Genuinely asking here.

    On another note, I hadn’t seen that white (pink?) dress in the pic above-she looks nice. Much better than that other monstrosity from yesterday’s post.

    • Hyena says:

      To be fair, it’s not just her card- it’s Eddie’s too and I think his children might be considered a part of his family. Leann is a part of that family too.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I can see having a card with all four of them, I mean you KNOW she had to have that, but she also had to turn the knife with the “Cibrian Family” instead of just their names. As in WE are the family, Brandi’s not. She makes me so ill. I just want to slap her. Using children, using Christmas, ugh.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I’m divorced. I have kids. If I were remarried, I’d know good and well that sending out cards with my kids and new husband and calling us a family would be like punching my ex in the face.

      • Hyena says:

        Nerdmomma- question for you? What of a child is born from this new family? Does that mean you would still leave off your kids from your previous marriage? I’m not sure if a card has come out from the “Cibrians” before but I feel like 4/5 years is a respectful amount of time to wait.

      • Peanut says:

        Why would it be like punching your ex in the face? I’m divorced and remarried. I have one child with my ex and one with my husband. We do a Christmas card as a family and my ex certainly does not feel like he’s being punched in the face. He has his own new wife and they might do a Christmas card with our daughter in it as well, they are a family too. I don’t really know or ask because it doesn’t bother me either way.

      • Lolo-ology says:

        LeAnn specific history of obsessively trying to (metaphorically) punch Brandi in the face is the reason why all this is particularly bad. :P

      • Splinter says:

        Perhaps there issome mathematical balance? Like, two stepsons and an ex husband are 3/4 of a broken family, adding a homewrecker does not make it new or shiny. If they had a kid or two of their own, then they would have their own family, that would, of course include the older boys, but the balance would be different.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Hyena- I’m not saying I’d ever leave my kids off my Christmas card. I’m only saying that I’d think about the impact on my ex and make sure that I do a card that doesn’t imply that he doesn’t exist. The Cibrians could have done a more tasteful and respectful card. And yes, it’s on top of years of Leann stealing Brandi’s entire life including her friends, so it’s all context.

        Most blended families are able to get along and be mature, and it takes considering the feelings of others to accomplish that. The Cibrians never consider the feelings of others.

    • paola says:

      I think the only wise thing would have been to not do the Christmas card.
      She is in it with the kids and it feels like she punched Brandi in the face. If Eddie did it with the kids minus LeAnn she would be seriously questioning whethere she is or she isn’t part of the family.. 3rd and last option would be a card with the happy family plus Brandi.. now that would have been amazing. I would pay good money just to see that happening!
      anyway i think she is her worst enemy, forever battling out with Brandi, trying to win over her..but this is driving her nuts. I’m sure she thinks she’s stuck in a vortex and she doesn’t know how to get out because she kept including paparazzi in her life and when things turn bad you still have to pretend everything is fabolous.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Thank you. Either you have questions and concerns regarding how to do a card and realize it’s best to just not do one or not do one with pics and family name, OR you do have those questions, but you’re mean and spiteful, so you do it on purpose to torment the ex, or you’re just not intelligent enough to realize in the first place that the card thing is awkward and possibly hurtful and everybody already thinks you’re a narcissistic home-wrecker and emotionally unstable…okay, I’ll stop. She did it on purpose. It’s what she lives for. Anybody else would get a pass, but with her history and obvious infatuation with trying to fill Brandi’s shoes, it is what is – another gross mean antic.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      I think it’s fine to have the stepkids in the card–my kids have a stepmom, and I would hope she would include them in a personalized card. I just think the card itself is kind of stupid. It would be cute if they weren’t all posey in those weird pajamas. Eddie can’t even act in still life, apparently.

  3. Hyena says:

    While I agree the card is lame- thinking the kids will get teased over this as opposed to all the other ridiculous things the three adults involved in their lives do? Come on, the sloppy drunk and sexy tennis make out shoot with the one son is a million times worse than this!!! Haha

  4. MrsB says:

    That card is just….I don’t even know what to say. Who thought that would be a good idea? I do think something is up with them as well, I hope it’s the beginning of the end so we don’t have to hear about them anymore and she can just get back to singing.

  5. Christin says:

    Last December included laxatives, Carly, the crying interview and ended with a beach vacation. She has some catching up to do (I think she thrives on keeping her name out there).

    Aren’t they way overdue for a Cabo trip and lots of photos?

  6. Happyhat says:

    She’s totally paying Eddie for sex. It’s the only way any of this makes any sense.

    And next year, I should totally do my own christmas cards. It’s just a picture of me sitting on my couch in my pj’s, eating pizza and looking depressed.

    This Christmas card is totally going to come up again when those two boys inevitably end up going to therapy when they’re older.

  7. OrangeBlohan says:

    She is her own worst enemy and should never give interviews. She took what could have been a nice moment for her, and blew it up with her tweets and interviews.

  8. Grace Under Pressure says:

    Because they are all Narcissists, Celebrities don’t understand the concept of “over-exposed” – and LeAnn is definitely suffering from both ailments.

  9. The Original Original says:

    I think she looks beautiful in both these dresses. I never think she looks beautiful.

    • littlestar says:

      I think she looks fantastic in those dresses too! That white dress in particular is amazing.

      That said, WHY WHY WHY is she still talking about Eddiot and their affair and the rumours? What an F’ing moron. How about just talk about your music Leann, instead of killing whatever little goodwill you received from your ACA performance? No one gives a shit about Eddiot. He is a loser!!!

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I agree I have never seen her look so good – something has changed. She had some kind of realization or something, that performance, everything and something has shifted. Really interested to see where this goes now.

    • emmie_a says:

      I never thinks she looks good and I don’t think she’s attractive at all — but she looked good in both dresses. Does anyone think she looks waay older than she is? Maybe it’s her hairdo but I’d never guess she’s only 30.

  10. Alexis says:

    To me it still seems absurd that they pushed back against Brandi for featuring the boys on RHOBH, yet those two (mostly LeAnn) take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to show those boys’ faces on Twitter, in tabloid magazines, etc. I know Brandi is a vulgar mess, but I will forever be on her side in this low-rent love triangle. LeAnn’s blatant disrespect of boundaries infuriates me — and I don’t even know her!

    As far as rumors that she pays Eddie for sex, I’ve never heard that until I clicked on this article. Ones life must be reaaaallly boring if you have to leak your own drama for attention. #justsayin

  11. heidi says:

    We shall see what we shall see. I laugh because prior predictions were Eddie and Leann wouldn’t make it to the New Year 2012, then the marriage would be dissolved before the end of 2013. Now we’re seeing the same predictions for the coming year. Anything may happen unexpectedly to any of us, but I think these “predictions” are nothing more than wishful thinking.

  12. Christo says:

    I never knew this was a rumor to begin with. She would do herself some good if she devoted her interviews to describing her music rather than reacting to non-existent rumors. That look of feigned disgust doesn’t look good on her, but she reaches time and time again for that same, tired garb—despite any favors that both dresses are doing for her.

  13. judyjudy says:

    I think the card is kind of cute. I get so many family photo Christmas cards and it’s fun when a family does something clever. And I thought her performance the other night was really nice. So everything would seem nice and normal except she gives these interviews and won’t shut the eff up. Girl is doing okay and then screws it all up by running her crazy mouth!

  14. Patricia says:

    She would look so much less desperate and drama-filled is she said “I don’t know about the rumors because I don’t read about myself online anymore” or something like that. But I guess that’s far too lowkey and classy for her.
    Also the repeated use of the word “naughty” in that card seems inappropriate to me. If it was anyone else I might not get this creepy vibe, but from her it just feels like a nuance about her sex life.

  15. Sharra55 says:

    I am not a LeeAnn lover – nor am I a Brandi lover. I think they are both ridiculous.

    As a step child….my step mom called me one of “her’s” when my dad married her. My mom wasn’t offended. She appreciated that I was considered part of the family. After my dad and step-mom divorced, she still considered me family. My step-mom (and her husband) are grandparents to my son, I am still introduced as a daughter, and my mom still doesn’t mind that I am part of that family.

    These are Eddie’s kids too. Get over a Christmas card that features the whole family.

    • emmie_a says:

      The difference here is how LeAnn went about becoming the step mom. She was stalking Eddie and indirectly, the kids, while Eddie was still married. I think she moved in to his neighborhood and showed-up at the kids school (or something like that)?? And she constantly SWF’s Brandi, which makes it look like LeAnn is totally obsessed w/Brandi and thus Brandi’s kids… which makes the whole bonus mom thing a little creepy. I think LeAnn is more obsessed w/Brandi than she is with Eddie.

  16. Tracy says:

    When I first saw the pics of them at the ACA’s I had the same reaction… something has changed. I thought that for once she seemed disgusted with him instead of the other way around.

  17. Dee says:

    Maybe I need another cup of coffee or stronger glasses but……..Something seems off with the Christmas card picture. Is Leann’s head really smaller then Jakes? Weird!!!

  18. Quinn Parker says:

    This duo used to be unintentionally funny…now their schtick is getting REALLY old. I hope 2014 sees less of them.

  19. Stacey says:

    She looks puffy and drunk. She couldnt even brush her hair and straighten it for the picture? What a drunkard! seriously. I remember her tweeting about her photographer friend coming over in the fall to take pictures yet she couldnt sober up enough to wash her hair ???

    Must be an old pic because she has her wedding ring on.

  20. Theresa says:

    Gossip mags are smart knowing that anything LR and EC do will get them attention, ’cause why else publish a copy of a boring family Christmas card. I am sure money was exchanged for the rights to publish it. This is a family that lives to be watched, hence the reality show, the interviews drawing attention to the minutiae of their lives. So here we are, watching them again. Wash, rinse and repeat.

    The ACA performance reminded people of what LeAnn used to be known for, a terrific performance. However, her ability for a comeback is limited. For one thing country music is still niche, so she’s competing in an already small pond. And she’s not a young thang, in fact her physical image was never her strong selling point. She is a touring artist, her money-maker is her live performance and since she refuses to tour like a pro, putting in the miles, the months (if not years), she will simply fade away, no matter how much she tries to stay relevant, no matter how many records she puts out.

    So, folks, we’re stuck with her selling her soul online, as gossip fodder, milking the last vestiges of her sanity and pride, for a dollar. She has wasted so much opportunity and talent on a man. A d-list TV actor, a woman-user, a known cheat, but with dimples. If I were her I would not be able to sleep for the regrets that keep piling up.

  21. Jessiebes says:

    Naughty is the new nice. Thank goodness otherwise we wouldn’t get any gifts.

    At face value, it’s cute! I too like being naughty in it’s appropriate place and time. But for her to say it seems wrong, considering her history. To me she is saying that it’s ok for her to behave as bad as she does, better yet, she claims that she deserves a reward for it!

  22. AG says:

    That’s beyond awkward – having to deny that you don’t pay your husband for sex. Wth. These people are so weird.

    Kaiser – my husband and I use “Thanks Obama!” quite a bit, in a sarcastic way, of course. That was funny as hell in the Christmas card context.

  23. Elisabeth says:

    LeAnn doesn’t realized she won the contest to be the Queen to Eddie’s
    ‘King Shit of Turd Hill’

  24. Sugar says:

    the interview clip…she looks all around-up-down & hardly focused toward Teri during rumors question but better engagement during talking about the making of G&M video. I get it-she has to be tired of the rumors & constantly defending their lovE but she brought this all upon herself so rest up LeAnn because if there’s any truth to the rumors then you two lovE birds who laugh and laugh and laugh so hard at “all these rumors” will have made worse “eddiots” of yourselves and it will be double time explaining the demise of your marriage. The career demise is a product of the marriage I hope she gets that much of all of this.
    If she is over it as far as rumor mill goes she knows exactly what she needs to do to tamp down but she won’t because she can’t so again she brings all of this upon her own self.

  25. K-rock says:

    She seemed really weird in the interview, especially the first half, looking all over the room, not making eye contact, she kind of looked like she was uncomfortable lying and thinking up fake answers about how great everything is with her and Eddie. And of course she just HAD to segway into all the nonsense about “rumors” that she is paying for sex and telling him she’s pregnant.

    Yes they look disconnected in the pictures together. She’s not hanging on him for dear life like she usually does. I wonder if that’s a sign of things to come.

  26. briargal says:

    Guess she will NEVER learn to just STFU! She should have LOSER tattooed on her forehead. Or a tattoo that says she will always do it “Her way”.. I’ll bet the new PR people are pulling their hair out by the roots by now.

  27. Deanne says:

    Just when I think that there’s hope for LeAnn, she goes and opens her big mouth and says something absolutely stupid like “I was thinking about sex the entire time I sang the Patsy Cline tribute”. Why on earth would she ever say that.? It was the weirdest and most classless thing that could have come out of her mouth. Seriously, she’s completely disturbed and there will be no comeback. She proves again and again why the public dislike her.The Christmas card looks badly photoshopped. She’s much smaller and Jake looks like he has a giant head and body. I wish someone cared enough about her to take her by the shoulders and tell her to stop talking, tweeting and giving interviews denying rumours. She makes everything so much worse. I guess when everyone around you including your Mother and husband, are on your payroll, they don’t want to risk getting cut off and instead, stand by while you make yourself look like a fool. Where are her PR people?

    • briargal says:

      The problem is she will NEVER listen to anyone. She is going to do things her way and to hell with anyone else! She is wasting her life and her talent on childish comments and actions! The time for anyone to correct her was when she was much younger and that should have been her bio-mom! She is the one who failed LR! (Dad tried but was ignored by LR and bio-mom), That didn’t happen so she is what she is– an emotionally immature little brat who will never grow up and think before she speaks.

      • Deanne says:

        While I think that the praise for her performance was overstated, she did a much better job and looked better than she has in years. She could have walked away with her head held high and people could have been reminded of when she was known for her talent, rather of her messy personal life and need for attention. Instead, she had to stay true to form and say the most inappropriate thing imaginable. Honouring the the memory of the great Patsy Cline by thinking about sex the whole performance. You’re right. She ‘s a spoiled brat and will never listen to anyone, because even though her careers in the toilet and she’s married to a gigolo, who the public knows married her for her money, she’s stuck in her teenage mentality of knowing it all. She gets given a chance to get back on track and completely squanders it.

      • claire says:

        @briargal: She’ll never get it. That one’s ego and narcissism are strong. She believes she is the most special snowflake ever and anyone that doesn’t see that is a “hater.”

        In these interviews, she mentions the 20 years in industry how many times? Several. She states she’s one of the few that has had a 20 year career and is still riding high. Wrong. There are many many many people with 20 year careers and no she is not riding high. Her career sunk prior to Eddie. She mentions that she is the first ever to do the claymation and creating a music video on an iphone. Wrong. Claymation is not a new thing. Stopmotion is not a new thing. Bands and artists have been creating music videos on iphones for quite a few years now. She’s in a narcissistic bubble held up by Yes men. She’s totally delusional. There’s no humility there and likely never will be.

    • Tracy says:

      Apparently she has a new PR team. After her ACA performance I thought maybe this team can orchestrate a comeback for her. But then she did those interviews and I knew my first thought was wrong. There will be no comeback because LeAnn cannot get out of her own damn way. My guess is the new PR team has been hitting the bottle pretty hard since the interviews.

    • Jessiebes says:

      She was thinking about sex during her performance? That is why she cried? Who does this, and even more who would even admit to that?

      I liked her performance, I even said so because I wanted to say something nice about her for a chance. But juck, now I need bleach to wash out my eyes and ears.

  28. Tracy says:

    Throwing it all away for a D list actor who is using you for your money. Whatevs.

  29. Jayna says:

    I don’t get the problem with the card. People go overboard with the criticisms. I know many families that do this with stepchildren. on the card also, namely, my siblings and neighbors.

    As far as Eddie not posing for some photos on the red carpet, he never has. Early in their relationship LeAnn would be at one of the award shows and Eddie might walk it with her and then hit the bar and LeAnn would stay and be interviewed and say he was there but hates these things. So that isn’ something new. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems in the relationship. They’ve been together four years and I’m sure the bloom is way off the rose by now even if not splitting up yet.

  30. Rita says:

    In a late post yesterday, I noted that the Christmas card is 100% photo-shopped with old pictures. The proof is that LeAnn is wearing her wedding ring. If your husband is still living with you, why would you make a Christmas card using two year old photos? These are really screwed-up people……not news, just reconfirmation.

    • eva says:

      Very interesting, regarding the ‘reappearance’ of the ring!

      I agree the use of old pics on the Christmas card might be to camouflage not living together, with the side benefit of using a picture where she weighed less.

      I also agree with posters above that a photo of the entire blended family is normal…… …but the signature it telling. For Leeanne not to use her name on her card makes it obvious the tradeoff of not using her name was for the benefit of getting in a dig at Brandi. :) Girl loves using her name hearing everyone talk about her etc.

      My guess is that her first edit for the card was ‘Leeanne and Eddie with OUR boys’
      (with Leeanne listed first, of course!)

      Perhaps next she thought she should use ‘The Cibrian’s, the HAPPIEST family in the world’

      finally she must have decided to use simply ‘The ‘Cibrian family’.

      I cant tear my eyes off of this, its like a Greek tragedy come to life!!!

  31. Rita says:

    Yesterday, I asked the following question:

    If your husband is actually living with you, why would you photoshop a Christmas card using two year old photos? Want proof? LeAnn is wearing her wedding ring in the Christmas card. These are two really screwed-up people.

    • themummy says:

      How does wearing her ring in the photo mean it is two years old? I cannot stand this bish, but I don’t get your statement at all. I sometimes don’t wear my ring…if my fingers feel swollen due to hot weather, if I’m getting it resized (I’ve done a few times), getting it replaced (once), forget to put it on if for some reason I took it off at night, if it doesn’t feel right (sometimes it just feels uncomfortably snug even though there’s no good reason for it to feel that way), etc. Besides, just because she didn’t wear her ring(s) for a day or two doesn’t mean any photo where she IS wearing the rings is years old. It doesn’t always mean something when a married person doesn’t wear their rings. If that’s the case, someone should tell my husband our marriage is in big trouble. I don’t see how her not wearing/wearing her ring on any given date can actually date a photo, given that we can take off and put on jewelry all day long, any day. Am I missing something here? Maybe I misunderstood your comment….?

    • claire says:

      Rita, IIRC, she mentioned they were shooting the Christmas cards prior to the European “tour.” Her photographer friend that went on the “tour” shot them before they left. That’s why she would have the wedding ring. She hadn’t yet punched a wall.

    • Jessiebes says:

      O my goodness. I so wanted to give her another chance. I knew I should know better. This woman is so crazy!

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      They had the photo session for this months ago. She tweeted about it back then.

    • ya says:

      It’s obviously not a two year old photo…. her face wasn’t as full of fillers and botox (as it is in the pics, and as it is now) two years ago.

      I don’t get how so many people like to write conspiracy theories/fanfiction about LR, but it is fun to read the stuff, if only b/c it’s like watching a trainwreck, in terms of how obsessed people are with her.

  32. themummy says:

    In the featured links there is a mistake. Victoria P. is KFed’s wife, not girlfriend. They’ve been married a while now.

    On topic: Rimes is crazy.

  33. Asiyah says:

    Ay this trick and Brandi need to be quiet. They’re both so annoying and inappropriate.

  34. Janet says:

    Body language is awful…they’re most private parts are miles away from each other. Yep, she’s done…..he was never there.

  35. TheTruthHurts says:

    LeAnn is bragging today how Eddie got her an early Christmas present that has to do with a diamond. Why does she do this every year, every birthday, says that Eddie gave her an early gift? Who really gives early gifts, like two weeks ahead? She is so transparent. We all know that her alleged special order ring to replace the one she allegedly threw and lost in a fight finally came in. And she paid for it.

    • Theresa says:

      Yes, it is hilarious how she play-by-plays these empty gestures, and I think you’re absolutely right. Probably a way to slip a new ring on her finger without having to address the real issue. She is so transparent, we have figured out her modus operandi, her bragging and boasting are both in poor taste and a way to protest their undying love to the masses. I don’t care if he buys you an island. If you brag about such things online, you are being self-centered and needy. For attention from your husband and a bunch of anonymous strangers. Still sad.

  36. BeckyR says:

    Cute card……hope it chaps Brandi’s ass!

    • dontbuyit says:

      “Hope it chaps Brandi’s ass.”

      That’s just mean and spiteful. Those are her kids. Despite how Brandi is, shes their mom. Brandi loves her kids and they love her.

      Those children are not pawns to be used against mom and that’s exactly what that Christmas card looks to be about. To rub it in and prove something. They can choose to keep the photo private, frame it for themselves and close family but instead want to have it published in rags, because it’s publicity.

      Onto the interview. When you can’t look he interviewer in the eye talking about the rumors, leads me to think they might hold some truth.

  37. Kellykat says:

    Nice going Eddie. Way to stick it to your ex and pimp your kids out for fame.

  38. Jennyjenny says:

    I don’t know if someone else has me mentioned this but I read through 100 comments and didn’t see it. but HER HEAD LOOKS FREAKISHLY TINY in that card. Reminds me of Beetlejuice.

  39. Bread and Circuses says:

    Gotta say, she looks fantastic in both of those dresses.

    And what the hey, the card is kind of cute.

  40. emmie_a says:

    Maybe it’s only me but I thought it was sort of inappropriate to wish everyone a *naughty* 2014 – because my mind goes to naughty as in a sexy-type way yet this is a family card with kids pictured?? I don’t know – maybe my mind is just mush!

    And I agree with all the commenters who say LeAnn should just sing — then shut the heck up. Her performance was good – but then she has to tell the world that she was thinking of sex (to keep from crying)??? We didn’t have to know that and it sort of ruined the moment.

    • Lady D says:

      I wonder how many Patsy Cline fans she turned off with that comment? People who absolutely loved her PC montage woke up the next morning to read she was thinking about sex while singing. She ruined a good memory for a lot of country fans, and also made sure they all remembered she was a homewrecker.

  41. Ming says:

    Did anyone else notice the crazy stank eye she was giving in the Extra interview? Her right eye twitched hard and she was looking everywhere but into Terri’s eyes..mostly to the right, which means lies.
    The pays for sex tabloid came out in Star magazine less than a week ago..
    She really does read every single thing about her.
    PR fail. Reading tabloids, especially ones like Star is the number one no-no for being a celeb. Her 20 years sure hasn’t taught her much.

  42. I can’t imagine any male I know agreeing to appear in a onesie on the front of the family Christmas card!!!!! And why in the world would you parade those two boys in onesies all over the gossip sites. How embarrassing for them at their age!!!! Can’t believe nobody else has commented on that. Is Eddie Cibrian really that low on brain cells or just that wimpy to agree to do something like this in onesies? Crazy!!! Knowing she would have the card plastered all over the internet. I think he is too stupid to live on his own so he better stay with Leann. I am sure the arrogance she has displayed the last few days over this tribute thing has been enough to drive him to go on a bender full of booze and women. LOL

  43. Zooyork says:

    Why the f*** is eddiot wearing a onsie??? Disgusting! And it’s so obvious that leann was photoshopped into the picture- she’s not even wearing pyjamas either. Did they hope that because her outfit is the same color as eddiot a onsie that we wouldn’t noticed one of these things is not like the others?

  44. karkar says:

    Why does she get mad she is “Renting” him.

  45. Zooyork says:

    Who would ever want to receive a card from Eddiot and LeMann anyways.

  46. Sea Dragon says:

    I’d like to receive one! I’d sell it on ebay after the final ish hits the fan. Bet I could get a few morning coffees out of it.

  47. Annie B says:

    OK, I am noticing something in this HORRIBLY photoshopped picture taken by her laughable hack “photographer” Twitter fan “friend” Sara Hertel. The kids are propped on some leather lazy boy type chair. Eddie looks to be standing behind said chair while linebacker Leanne is right behind Jake, in fact her sassily crooked arm is in front of the back of the chair. So she is supposedly standing literally right behind him. His head looks the size of a watermelon while Leanne has a pinhead on her wide stumpy neck, which looks normal, her neck is wider than her head in most pictures.

    And it IS hilarious how she has to have that gaudy “engagement” ring she bought for herself front and center and obvious in the picture. Is what make her post Europe bruised after punching a wall hand lack of ANY rings GLARINGLY apparent. She has not had the engagement or THREE wedding rings on since her 4 day European “tour”. At all. She has worn other costume rings on the wedding ring finger but those rings are gone. I don’t buy it being because she gained 20 lbs and her fingers/hands look sausage-like these days, she could have had too small rings easily re-sized.

  48. SusieQ says:

    Look at Leanns Left hand and focus on her wrist and for arm…does anyone see the weird angle and the difference in color and size compared to her right? Its cartoonish. And if you look at Eddies Left hand above the Childs head you can see that its cut off as if it was behind the sofa yet the rest of his body is clearly in front of it.
    I think they are trying to mimic and old 30′s or 40′s add, such as coca cola or something. The coloring and style is similar however this was just really poorly done. They should know how scrutinized anything they put out is and make sure all the flaws are cleaned up.
    As for the wording of the card..inappropriate with the kids to in the context of her history. If that was say Ashton & Demi w her kids (back in the day, they r the only couple I can think of right now) it wouldn’t have been a big deal because there was no cheating scandal, her kids were older and there was no problem w her ex the kids other parent. Leann has a track record written by her own words that shows her and Eddies behavior was less than proper and the use of the word naughty just serves as reminder.
    She has no chance of resuming her career at this point, not matter how well she preforms if she keeps making inappropriate comments about anything! She doesn’t have the luxury of even joking about things if she wants to try and gain respect.