Charlie Sheen halts production on his show: is he finally about to lose it all?

Charlie Sheen has had dozens more chances than he deserves. He’s a drug addict and an abuser, but as long as people keep watching him, and as long as he keeps bringing in money, he’s going to be hired to front television shows. Back in early 2011, Sheen, then the highest paid actor on television, was fired from Two and a Half Men. You know about his incredible meltdown to follow, the likes of which a US audience had never seen before.

About a year later, Charlie seemed to have stabilized somewhat when he got his own show, Anger Management, on FX. Fast forward to now and Charlie is again having problems. We just heard yesterday that all of his advisors have either quit or were fired. There’s news that Charlie halted production on Anger Management for “laryngitis,” which seems to be code for “drug abuse and paranoia,” or worse. It all sounds very familiar. Here’s more:

Charlie Sheen was forced to miss work for two days last week, and only put in half-days of filming Anger Management this week because the self-proclaimed warlock has contracted a nasty case of laryngitis, is exclusively reporting.

“Filming with Charlie came to a halt last week for two days because he had come down with a nasty case of laryngitis. He was unable to talk at all last week, and has only worked half days this week because Charlie’s voice isn’t 100 percent,” a source close to Sheen told Radar.

“It has essentially shut down production because Charlie is in all of the scenes of the FX show.”

Counters another Sheen insider, “The reason he got laryngitis is simple. Charlie has been partying non-stop ever since Brett came onto the scene.

“There is a constant stream of cars coming and going from his Beverly Hills estate. It’s the same pattern of behavior that led to the infamous 2011 meltdown.”

It’s the latest setback for the mercurial actor, after three of his most trusted advisers quit their respective posts last week, amidst concerns about Sheen’s new relationship with porn star, Brett Rossi.

[From Radar Online]

So Charlie has no one around him except a porn star who is striving for a luxury lifestyle by replacing Charlie’s management team and running his life. I think it’s just a matter of time before he loses this show too, not that I care. I just feel sorry for Charlie’s kids, particularly his four year-old twin boys with fellow addict, Brooke Mueller. Radar Online had a story yesterday claiming that Brooke’s bid to win back custody of the twins had a setback when some kind of “evidence” was presented to the judge “regarding Brooke’s treatment that contradicts what she had told social workers.” Brooke lied, how surprising. The boys are currently under the guardianship of Brooke’s brother. I hope he’s getting random drug tests too.




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  1. Dawn says:

    Oh no. Here we go again. If Charlie goes off the deep end this time, I don’t see him coming back so easily. But he is a grown man and if he wants to blow everything on a porn star so be it. But in my mind I think Charlie needs to take a step back and think about it before it is too late. Good luck with that.

  2. Kiddo says:

    Has Brooke’s brother ever been accused of using drugs? If not, it’s really not fair to suggest he be drug tested, in my opinion. No one was recommending tests for Denise and she is a known past user, just to put this in perspective.

    As to Charlie, at first I thought the shut-down of the show was a ploy to present the judge with less income, therefore less support payments, but it looks like he might really be off the rails again. This is such an ugly story.

  3. blue marie says:

    I’m torn, I want this vile human being to lose his show but I don’t want it to effect his kids. As for Brooke, of course she lied, I really expect nothing less of her.

  4. QQ says:

    Watching Charlie Sheen’s shows etc is still lining his pockets and providing him with his drugs and prostitutes and payoffs’ chump change, and he isnt even that gifted or entertaining so I frankly don’t get it

  5. LadyMTL says:

    I don’t give half a cr*p about Charlie Sheen, it’s his kids (all of them) who I feel sorry for. Imagine having him as a father? Yeesh.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree. I feel nothing but disgust for him, but I really feel for those poor kids.
      I also feel bad for all the people who work on that show. Yet again his disaster of a life is having a real effect on people who did nothing wrong, other than have the misfortune of having to work with him.

    • Nicolette says:

      Agree. I doubt he’ll lose his show, Hollywood loves watching a train wreck. As long as they can fluff him up and keep him functioning, they will. It’s all about the almighty dollar, and who is leeching off someone else. Even if that person is teetering by the edge of a cliff. It’s sad.

  6. insomniac says:

    I’m seriously rolling my eyes at some of the stories on other sites blaming his new girlfriend for all this. Because Charlie was such a model of sane, rational behavior before he hooked up with her. Please.

  7. Applapoom says:

    Hope he finally hits rock bottom. He is a menace.

    • Patricia says:

      I feel like he HAS no rock bottom! I know in theory, and for most people, there is a lowest of low points that actually helps them to rise again. But it seems like Charlie just doesn’t have one. I would think and hope that what his sons are going through would be it, but no. Rock bottom for Charlie might just be death.

  8. Happyhat says:

    That radaronline article you linked to was genius. I demand that you all start writing your articles like that. With regards to the cars Charlie buys his girlfriends:

    “It’s typically delivered back to his Beverly Hills estate on a flat bed truck,” the source added.”

    Get out of here!!!!!!!!! Damn…flat bed truck you say. I mean sure, lets talk about the stars, but I need this kind of info!!! I mean, don’t just tell me that he’s left his show because of “laryngitis,” tell me how he blows his nose!

    In other news – I don’t really care for Charlie Sheen, though with these kinds of people I always wonder what they could have been like if they weren’t so messed up. (With Charlie, the clue would be ‘more like his dad’ right?)

  9. Ellie66 says:

    He probably gets his coke delivered on a flat bed truck. He is gonna just drop one day from all the drugs he is older and does not look healthy at all. Poor kids. :(

  10. Hautie says:

    I still think he is smoking something ugly. (meth/crack/hillbilly heroin) Look at that face. That is the complexion of someone smoking something besides cigarettes.

    Of all his crazy ass behavior. Charlie likes working and having that cash flow. So unless his heart seizes up and he dies. Charlie will fill the commitment he made for that FX show.

    And technically isn’t he a grandfather now? Didn’t his oldest daughter have a baby this year? He is Paw Paw Charlie now! Just image that if you can. Crazy, meth smoking… Paw Paw Charlie.

  11. EscapedConvent says:

    Isn’t it fairly well known that Charlie Sheen is bipolar? I know we throw the “bipolar” diagnosis around pretty freely, but in his case it seems to be accurate. I believe what we see here is someone who self-medicates with the drugs & lifestyle he can afford, & goes through the typical highs & lows of this condition. The difference with Charlie is that he’s famous & rich, so it’s right out in the open. People in everyday life with this condition have some “flamboyant” & destructive behavior too, but thank heaven many of them can find help through medicine & counseling. The people who don’t have help & treatment have terrible suffering & many self-medicate in their own ways. I wouldn’t wish this condition on anyone, it’s very, very difficult to live with & it’s heartbreaking to be close to someone who lives with this.

    ~Shifting back into gossip mode~ I agree with posters above who say that Charlie will continue as he is, cutting his warlock swathe through the lives of everyone around him, as long as he brings in the cash. If the river of money dries up, Charlie may finally crash. Also, as pointed out by others here, Charlie is getting older & this kind of abuse to his health will eventually slow him down or stop him entirely. Even having children didn’t affect his wild rampage of a life. Charlie will have to want to seek help to change all this, & as long as he’s having a good time, he has no reason to change.

  12. eliza says:

    He is drugging and whoring again. Good luck to the warlock and his tiger’s blood. He is gonna need it. When you go to the well too many times eventually the bucket comes up dry.

  13. JM says:

    If Charlie is back on the drugs and all signs point to YES, then I feel horrible for all his children. He’s not a young guy anymore but refuses to wise up. This will probably end with a trip to the morgue.

  14. Maritza says:

    No wonder Denise doesn’t want him spending Christmas with her and the girls. She must have noticed he is back using drugs and his new cling on girlfriend is of no help either.

  15. LahdidahBaby says:

    What’s up with the bulging veins in Charlie’s legs?!? Is that a side-effect of drinking, drugs, or what? Jaysus, in that one picture of him in his shorts it looks like the veins in his legs are about to burst.