Denise Richards will take Charlie Sheen’s twins again if they’re headed for foster care

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes The Kids To The Park
While Charlie Sheen is burning all his bridges with a crack torch and his ex wife, Brooke Mueller, is fudging the facts of her drug treatment, as addicts are wont to do, their twin four year-old boys may be placed in foster care. Radar has run several exclusives on this sad story, and claim that Bob and Max are in “very serious danger of being placed in foster care.”

Someone gave evidence to Child and Family Services that Brooke didn’t tell the truth about her treatment, and that her brother, who has been appointed temporary guardian, backed her up. Prior to this latest development, Brooke was set to be named guardian by Christmas. Depending on the outcome of the DCFS investigation, the boys may end up in foster care, unless Denise Richards comes back into their lives. More on that in a moment. First here’s the information from Radar’s source:

“There is a very real possibility that Bob and Max could be placed in foster case because evidence was also uncovered regarding their temporary guardian, Scott, that is riddled with glaring differences in version of events,” a source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively. “The department is taking this very seriously, and are considering recommending the boys be placed in foster care, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

“Charlie can’t get custody of the boys, even if he were to have round the clock nannies because of his past behavior,” the source explains. “Brooke’s parents won’t be considered. It’s such a sad situation, but the safety and well-being of the boys comes first. Such drastic action wouldn’t be taken unless it was necessary, and sadly, it is.”

[From Radar]

Radar has an update to this story with the detail that the judge requested an administrative hearing following the DCFS investigation into these claims. It sounds like it’s unknown when the investigation will be finished.

Of course Brooke feels persecuted and thinks this is so unfair. A source tells Radar that Brooke “truly believes the authorities are out to get her and to make an example out of her. The harsh treatment she is getting is because Brooke believes she is a celebrity and was married to Charlie Sheen, who as everyone knows, has been extremely critical of DCFS.” She was called an unfit mother by the custody judge six months ago, while in her 21st stint in rehab. It was just May when the judge read a “shocking” report about the conditions in her home and placed the boys in Denise Richards’ care. This has everything to do with her history, which has more than likely been overlooked because she is rich and was married to a famous person. If anything she got many more chances at custody then she would have as an average person, likely to her boys’ detriment.

After learning that DCFS may put the boys in foster care, Denise Richards contacted the agency and said that she would be willing to take the boys in again. About a month ago, Denise wrote a heartfelt letter to DCFS saying that she could no longer care for the boys due to their behavioral problems. The boys were sometimes violent and having them in her home put her daughters and pets at risk. Denise also stated that she tried to get the twins professional help, but did not have the authority to do so and was blocked by Brooke.

Maybe if Denise gets custody again she’ll be to get the boys the treatment they need. That seems to be a condition of her offer. Radar’s source claims that “If the boys were to come back to Denise, she said they would have to be properly tested and assessed for their behavioral issues. She never wanted to give the boys up, but Brooke refused to allow them to be seen by doctors.” I hope it’s not too late for them. This is just a depressing story all around, with Denise the one bright spot. Denise deserves so much credit in this situation, she has shown time and again that she is thinking of the children. She seems to be the only one.

Brooke Mueller Takes Her Boys On A Hike

Brooke Mueller Takes Her Boys On A Hike

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes The Kids To The Park

Brooke Mueller is shown out with the boys on 11-15. Denise is shown with the boys on 7-25 and with her daughters on 12-5. Photos of Denise at The Grove are from 6-13-13. Credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. ncboudicca says:

    As a person who was not able to have children, nothing chaps my ass more than people who throw theirs away.

  2. Amelia says:

    That’s the spirit of the holidays, ladies and gents. Poor kids – the twins and Denise’s kids. I can’t imagine how disruptive this must be for them.

  3. Eleonor says:

    Denise is the only person who really cares about those children. I hope they will be back to her, and get all the help they need. Brooke and Charlie can go to hell.

  4. Patricia says:

    Yes if Denise gets them back I hope she will be allowed to get them the professional help they need and also keep them away from the insane, crack-addled bio parents. If they have true stability, professional help, and never ever have to be in the presence of Charlie and Brooke then maybe there is hope for them.
    I can’t believe Charlie even shows his face in public, he should be ashamed

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I want them to terminate Brooke’s rights and for Denise to adopt them. Then she will have the legal ability to see to whatever needs to be done to undo the years of sh-t and the in utero damage their mother did.

      • Kate says:

        agree but you know Brooke would fight it. she’s not going to want to give up child support payments.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        How the hell does she get child support payments when they’re not even in her physical custody?

        This is really p-ssing me off right now. Is it because this woman has money, that’s why she’s able to keep her kids, at least her parental rights to them? I think that after a certain amount of years, you should just lose your parental rights. Because while your kids are waiting half their lives for YOU to fix YOUR mistakes, they’re the ones that suffer. Not you. You’re the one who’s off having fun, getting high, doing whatever it is that made you lose custody in the first place (most of the time)–while they’re with people they don’t know, they don’t know if you’ll come get them, etc.

        And why is it that going to rehab 19 times isn’t an automatic waive of parental rights?

      • betty says:

        Everyone is always knocking Brooke, but what about their father, where is his responsibilities?. If he was worth anything he would care for them himself. As long as both sorry parents have parental rights, Denise can NEVER adopt.

      • jaye says:

        Betty, it seems like placing the kids with Charlie Sheen would be as bad as placing them with Brooke.

  5. Kiddo says:

    I don’t understand why there isn’t a court mandate now for the kids to get intensive help. Maybe there is, and we don’t know about it?

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I hope Denise gets those boys back and is allowed to get them the help they need. Brooke’s parental rights should be terminated. She has proven time and again that she is incapable of caring for them, and it breaks my heart to think of all they have been through because of her and idiot Charlie with his rage and porn star of the month. The people have the resources to get help and get their act together for the sake of their children, but they fail to do so time after time. It’s disgusting.

  7. Serena says:

    god bless denise richard, she is proving to be such a great woman. I just hope brooke won`t get in her way again and charlie just shuts up and help her by leaving her alone (and wirh money).

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Serena.

      Jesus, Denise loves those boys. As unimaginably horrible it is for those little boys, Denise must be completely devastated, helplessly watching them be abused over and over. She is a tiger, believing she can somehow save her ‘sons’, tirelessly working to overcome their damaged lives so far, and having the grit to never give up on them. I pray/send good vibes that Denise gets the strength and support she needs to get those boys out of their hell.

  8. Moiselle says:

    Where is Charlie’s family in all this? His parents are aging, true, but he has several brothers and sisters. Whatever their issues with Charlie, would none of them really step in to prevent the wee ones from going into care?

  9. Lizzie says:

    What about Charlie’s dad and brothers? They don’t seem to be involved at all.

    • LAK says:

      Martin Sheen gave a quote a few months ago which implied that Brooke blocked their access and they were backing Denise’s custodial care of the boys as a result.

      Martin raised Charlie’s eldest child. He is too old to step in now or was probably hoping Charlie would step up for the next set of kids. He seems to be fully supportive of Denise.

      Not a public peep from Charlie’s siblings, but perhaps behind the scenes?

      • Kiddo says:

        I’m making an assumption that they may have tired of his antics and went the tough love route, severing ties. Of course I don’t know this for certain, but it would make sense. They may not have bonded in any form with Charlie’s children, if they had cut him out of their lives going back a few years. Someone here, I forget who, mentioned that Emilio had nothing to do with Charlie, but maybe that’s just a rumor.

      • bettyrose says:

        Thank you for explaining this. I simply couldn’t understand why Martin & Emilio wouldn’t step in here. They both seem like such decent people, and even if Martin is 70, those boys would be better off being raised by nannies under his supervision than having their fates decided by their drug addled parents. Denise is a saint for all she’s doing, but it really should be their wealthy, well connected blood relatives who handle this situation.

    • Samtha says:

      Martin Sheen is in his 70s now, right? I don’t see how he could care for two boys with special needs like this. I do wonder about Emilio though.

  10. NerdMomma says:

    Charlie needs to give Denise ALL of his money, then he and Brooke need to step out of her way. That’s it. That’s it. Just get out of the woman’s way. She’s got this. Give her all of the parental rights. After the boys have had years of therapy, maybe they’ll want to have a relationship with their biological parents, but they need a solid foundation for that potentially healthy future. So back off, Charlie and Brooke.

    • T.C. says:


      Those useless bio parents need to get out of Denise’s way. Let her adopt those boys and raise them alongside their sisters with professional help. The bio parents are useless drug addicts who care more about their next fix than their boys.

    • IzzyB says:

      They really do need to hand parental rights to Denise.

      With therapy, they could work on their behavioral issues and grow up mentally and physically healthy in a safe and happy home.

      It baffles me that Charlie and Brooke are fighting it when they are so clearly ill equipped to care for those poor boys.

  11. lower-case deb says:

    the poor kids! i hope that they will find a stable environment soon. all this going back and forth, toing and froing makes them look like they’re a ship lost at sea. a cruel sea of their mother/father’s making.

    on another note, my young neighbor who is a kindergarden teacher and was my children’s teacher when they were younger, had to undergo hysterectomy, this is after she had two miscarriages. and she wanted children so much it broke my heart as we drove together home from the hospital.

    news stories like the ongoing Sheen Saga make me heart sick and a little bitter. some people who are good with kids and prayed for a child of their own are cruelly denied whilst others who are unfit parents can continue to flaunt it.

  12. TG says:

    Why ate Charlie’s past behaviors considered to bad for him to get the kids yet Brooke’s past behavior is no big deal? Between the corrupt LAPD and CPS oh and judges who decide celebrity cases makes you wonder why there isn’t a bigger uproar from California residents.

  13. Suze says:

    I now have an absolutely seething hatred for Charlie Sheen. Nothing and nobody can convince me he’s funny or charming.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      Before all of this, I used to watch Two and A Half Men and I loved it.. Now I just really hate the guy as well. Don’t think he’s funny, think he’s pathetic. He’s an abuser, drug addicted …..

      He obviously doesn’t give two f**ks about his kids or he would grow up, go to rehab and get clean for his children. It’s really sad…

    • FingerBinger says:

      I agree. He was the lovable rogue,but now it isn’t cute or funny. He knows Brooke can’t be a mother to those kids and he can’t get his $h!t together to take care of the children he helped make. He wants to be a frat boy and then be a dad when it suits him, POS

  14. Dana m says:

    May God bless Denise Richards. That is all.

  15. Cazzee says:

    Those poor children.

    Couldn’t their mother’s refusal to get them professionally evaluated and into therapy, when they so obviously need it, be considered a form of child abuse?

  16. QQ says:

    What a sad shitshow… Those damaged babies bouncing from place to place over what basically amounts to a drug money dispute and egos deathmatch for Brooke and Charlie

  17. Jaded says:

    Those boys are in dire need of therapy, can you imagine how screwed up they must be after living with Charlie and his entourage of hookers, constantly high and partying, to living with Brooke and her gang of enablers, constantly high and partying? Children are like little sponges and they soak up everything around them. Being surrounded by drug addicts and drunks, God knows what they witnessed and experienced. They more than likely have behavioural issues stemming from Brooke’s drug and alcohol abuse while pregnant, the poor little mites have been subjected to every kind of awfulness from the time they were conceived.

    Bless Denise for having their best interests at heart and I only hope the DCFS pulls their collective heads out of their a$$es and awards her custody WITH lots of therapy for the boys.

  18. Megan says:

    You really have to admire the person Denise Richards is. She is putting those children first, all while Charlie is attacking her and trying to take away part of her child support. I feel for those boys and Denise’s daughters. This has to be hell on them.

    Now I am going to say something that is terrible and I would never normally say but honestly these kids would be better off if these two losers (Charlie and Brooke) would OD. I know its a terrible thing to say. But they will never get clean and never take care of those kids.

  19. paris hilton says:

    Good for Denise! You know it was hard considering how those boys beat on her girls.

    I also read that Denise’s 3rd daughter was one of Charlie’s kids he had with some drug-addled mom who didn’t want her, so Denise adopted her.

    The header pic, look how fuzzy her arm is. Wonder if it’s lanugo from being so underweight? didn’t she only get this skinny when she had the boys? (YES, she was always thin, but she looks frail!)

  20. Tiffany says:

    This whole situation is sad for all involved. There is a bit of a bright spot in that Denise was all about consistency and scheduling when the boys live with her and that is a part of what they need. On a different subject, how much do those boys look like Emilio. They are Eztevez through and through.

  21. bluhare says:

    Likely to the boys’ detriment? Are you kidding me? Definitely to the boys’ detriment! If nothing else based on Denise’s letter saying the boys’ behaviour deteriorates the more they see their mother! Those kids have lived in how many places now? With how many people? Doing how many things? I’m not sure there’s enough therapy in the world for them now.

    I don’t think Denise should adopt them. She’s got three other children — one with special needs — and pets. The ones the boys attacked. She’d be an idiot. If she’s going to adopt (assuming Charlie and Brooke would terminate their rights or have them stripped) she should wait and see what happens with the boys. SHE may not have the wherewithall to take care of them if they are that damaged.

    PS And Charlie needs to put on his big boy pants and dump the new gf STAT.

  22. Ginger says:

    One parent only cares about her next fix and one only cares about banging pr0n stars. Those poor little boys! Thank goodness they have at least one adult that cares about their welfare. This just proves that money can’t buy you happiness or class. I really hope the California courts step it up in favor of those kids. Terminate Charlies and Brookes rights and put the boys in a stable home.

  23. Dawn says:

    Good for Denise but I want to know what the person thinks now who made the ultimate decision to send those boys back to Brooke via her brother? Charlie doesn’t get a pass here either because he isn’t willing to man up and become a proper father to his children. Yes Charlie is open about his lifestyle and his drugs and hookers and I give him props for that BUT Brooke is an evil junkie using this children to buy her drugs and an equally perverted lifestyle as Charlies. I think the judge needs to terminate Brooke’s parental rights and they need to give Denise the legal rights to get them help and Charlie needs to pay for it all.

  24. mimi says:

    i wonder where Martin Sheen is and what his thoughts are on all of this

    • Christin says:

      Last I heard, Martin backs Denise. He’s in his 70s now, and as someone else mentioned, he and his wife raised Charlie’s eldest daughter (who seems to have turned out OK).

      Charlie is technically an adult – a middle-aged one at that. Dealing with him is probably like walking on glass. He truly seems to be a loose cannon. I feel sorry for Denise, as she would probably like to distance herself completely from him if the kids weren’t involved.

  25. Sarah says:

    Two things I always wonder when I read about this saga:

    1) How many times a day does Denise Richards shake her head and mutter, “Why on earth did I ever marry that skeevball?!”

    2) How is it possible that Charlie Sheen’s dong has not yet gotten so diseased it has fallen off?

    He is so, so gross.

  26. WendyNerd says:

    My heart breaks for those boys. I have twin nephews on the way and thinking of them in such a position… God forbid.

  27. Lucky Charm says:

    From Radar: “According to Brooke, all of her drug tests have been clean and she has done everything asked of her.”

    Of course she would say that. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t matter what she says, it’s what a qualified and third-party tester says that counts. Maybe DCFS is finally doing what is in the best interest of those two little boys. She needs to have her parental rights terminated, or at least severely restricted and monitored so that she is never left alone with the boys.

    Charlie and Brooke both need to go to rehab, and not just for 30 days. A year-long program at least, with intensive therapy. They both definitely need it. (But certainly not together at the same place!)

    • Dee Kay says:

      I saw Brooke’s sober coach (or whatever that job is called) on EW a few weeks ago, and it was so clear he was lying out of his a** about Brooke’s sobriety. The interviewer asked him to state flat-out whether Brooke was sober, had *never* taken drugs since he started working with her, etc., and the guy swallowed nervously, got shifty-eyed, and said, “Yes, that is correct, she is totally sober.” Omg I do not even want to know how much that person got paid to lie, lie, lie. I hope the money was worth it b/c he sold every ounce of professional ethics he had to back up Brooke’s hilarious story of getting clean.

      I think both Brooke and Charlie Sheen are way beyond rehab. You have to really and truly and deeply want to get sober to do it. Neither of them wants that. Sheen isn’t even interested in appearing sober, ever.

    • bluhare says:

      Apparently there was a court hearing the other day and the Daily Mail has photos of Brooke leaving, looking quite agitated. There might be something to this.

  28. K says:

    How the hell Charlie Sheen ever managed to have kids with someone as palpably decent as Denise I have no idea but thank God – for the sake of all the kids caught up in the mess of his life – he did.

  29. Jennifer12 says:

    Speaking as an educator, these boys are headed for serious issues if someone doesn’t step in and get them the help they need and only allow supervised visits with the crackheads they’re forced to call parents. At four, they can get help and be somewhat managed. What do you do in a few years when they become more and more violent and less manageable? Speaking from experience here. Brooke is no different from the crackhead moms I see, except she has money, was married to a famous guy, and got off the hook for a long time. She’s an addict, can’t manage her life, and is ruining her kids.

  30. Jellybean says:

    Denise is some woman. My respect for her just keeps growing.