Prince Harry was sweaty & furry on Christmas Day with Prince William: hot?


Here are some photos of Prince William and Prince Harry spending some time on Christmas Day playing a game of football/soccer with some friends at Castle Rising. William was on Team Stripes and Harry was on Team Solids, it seems. Harry still has his ginger beard, which he grew out during his South Pole adventure. What I’m getting from these photos: one, William apparently wanted to spend part of his Christmas away from Kate and baby George. Two, that Harry is balding too, just not as noticeably as William. And that both the princes have nice, muscular legs.

There are also some photos of the royals going to church on Christmas morning – you can see the photos here. No Prince George, but Duchess Kate wore a tartan Alexander McQueen jacket and a jaunty green velvet hat. Very Christmas-y. Apparently, Kate greeted the Queen with a kiss on the cheek too, which is nice. When asked about George’s first Christmas, she apparently told well-wishers that George had been more interested in the paper than the gifts, which sounds about right. Next year, George will be more into the boxes than the gifts too.

Us Weekly had a run-down on the Royal Christmas Itinerary and it was enough to give me a contact buzz from all of the formality and liquor. The royals exchange gifts on Christmas Eve during tea time… and then spend the rest of the evening getting hammered on gin and tonics and port. For Christmas day, they all go to church in the morning and then spend the rest of the day eating in various rooms, getting sloshed and changing outfits. No wonder William and Harry wanted to get out of the house and play a game.

Here’s the Queen’s 2013 Christmas message. I LOVE THAT TREE!! I think this is a really good speech from the Queen, very reflective and lovely. There’s also some new footage of Prince George’s christening.

PS… Prince Harry with a beard = Timothy Busfield?





Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Allie says:

    As a redhead, I try not to become attracted to too many of my fellow men. But Fassy and Prince Harry are too sexual for their own good. Damn them!

  2. QQ says:

    Weeeee! Im here for it all Xmas Ginger Scruff *wiggling in the chair*, Royal Pasty Muscly Legs, Queen in Pastel’s Xmas address (One Take Liz!!) all of it, Im also tickled by the fact no one has anything but these hilarious reports on PG Baby Lord Crumpets:

    ” He is fussy”
    “He cries a lot”
    “He only likes wrappers”


  3. Frida_K says:

    Scruffy ‘n’ sexy.

    I’ll take him, thanks!

    On edit:

    Aside from the matter of wanting to rampage her grandson…I have to say–I was genuinely touched by the Queen’s address to the nation. She and Juan Carlos of Spain always give good ones that make me get a little teary.

  4. ldub says:

    the diff between harry and will’s baldness is harry will be able to pull off the buzz cut “balding” haircut. imagine that with his scruff… gurl…..*fans self*

  5. Birdie says:

    I am a bit shocked how thin Harry’s thighs are.

  6. Liberty says:

    Ooh Harry…..channeling the Glen Hansard look but hotter x10

  7. Talie says:

    I thought it was a cute moment in that video when Kate was talking to George off-camera when William was taking pics with him. Will still seems a bit awkward with his son, but I guess he’ll get used to being a dad.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Wills has some great legs, but why does he need to run around with “fancy boy” limp wrists? Lol

  9. LAK says:

    They attend 2 services on Christmas day before lunch.

    One in the early morning which is casual outing [blurry pics and relaxed clothing], and a formal one about 2-3hrs later which receives the media attention and flowers from public. They also dress formally for the 2nd service.

  10. emmie_a says:

    I disagree about a bearded Harry equaling Timothy Busfield. First of all, for absolutely no logical reason, TB gives me the creeps. And he has more of a teddy bear/cowardly lion look whereas Harry is HOT Hot hot!!!

    I want to see more baby George pics – he is such a cute baby!

  11. Lori says:

    but where are the Christmas Viking pictures………that’s what I want to know.

  12. Hannah says:

    Is it me or does he look a bit like David Letterman with that beard and the unruly hair?

  13. bluhare says:

    William looks really good! Harry looks good too; Daily Mail has some more flattering photos of him at the match. Apparently he got a caution for some dirty tackles . . . and got me thinking of Harry and dirty tackling but I’m all better now.

  14. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I don’t know why, but I LOVE the Queen. Love her. She’s amazing…she’s who young girls and women should be looking up to.

  15. St says:

    So he is balding after all? I noticed something in one set of photos few months ago when it looked like Harry could start balding too. I hoped it isn’t true and was actually looking closely on Harrys pictures from behind. But it does look like he is slowly balding. Damn it, Charles. Your genes. Whats is wrong with their family? Why all 3 of them began balding at such young age?

    Also – beard must go off. And Harry lost so much weight lately, did he? Look at him – bones and skeleton.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Harry has always been lanky; now he’s lean and fit, but the Arctic trip obviously took a lot out of him. He only returned a few days ago. Sadly, I believe he may have begun balding, but even if that’s true, he’s started at the oldest age out of the three.

  16. jferber says:

    Virgilia, I can’t agree about the Queen. Princess Diana was treated appallingly by the royal family. She turned a blind eye to Charles’ cheating and even allowed the marriage of that asshat Charles to his mistress (whom he could easily have married beforehand, had he not dragged his feet so much she married someone else, but still cheated together while both were married). Despicable, putting the whole bunch on the same level as the trashy cheaters on reality shows. Also, having been to London this past summer, there is nary an image or word about Diana in the whole country, as if they erased her for the convenience of their sustained hypocrisy. No, I cannot tolerate this horse-faced bunch.

    • Harriet says:

      Wowser! None of us have erased her but were you expecting billboards and mugs with her face on them? Maybe we should all wear t-shirts for her? Or maybe stars on the pavement with her name engraved on them…. I don’t care if you love or hate them but to expect us to hold a candle for Diana for the likes of you to judge is slightly ridiculous. She died 17 years ago! As for the Queen- is she supposed to control her kids? Do your parents still control you? You forget Diana was a high profile figure- but there are hundreds of people who go through what she did and many more who dedicate their lives to Charity. None of them, as was the case with Diana, expect to be talked about or eulogised. That isn’t the point.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Charles and Camilla aren’t the love affair people think they were. They didn’t want to marry one another back then as both just wanted a fling. Camilla was after Andrew Parker Bowles even during her brief fling with Charles.

      As for HM — she has made mistakes but she’s still an admirable woman. I wish she would have allowed her sister to marry Townsend. In my book, that was her biggest mistake and she learned from it.

      Regarding Diana & Sarah, she tried to let all her children and children’s spouses to live their lives with very little interference from her. It’s not a popular trend now but it was much more common back in the day AND common in the upper classes. So I may not agree with how she handled things but I do understand.

    • tc says:

      I agree with you that young women should not be looking up to the queen, but not because of her treatment of Diana. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but there are much better role models out there. Women who’ve worked hard to achieve their position, rather than being born into it. I don’t harbor any dislike for royalty, but I see them as reality stars. In my opinion they’re even lower than garden variety actors, who at least have jobs and pay their own rent.

      • Suze says:

        Look, the queens eighty-seven and she has worked hard for decades. I admire that. I also admire other women with other accomplishments. One doesn’t negate the other.

        As far as Diana goes – well, that is life and death and the circle of it all. Diana was greatly admired but in today’s day to day you won’t see constant reminders of her. It doesn’t make an entire nation or even the royal family despicable. It’s just the nature of things. Diana’s own sons have moved on and accepted his second wife – maybe we can too?

    • m says:

      The queen was on Dianas side for years until Diana started giving interviews and trashing the royal family. It wasnt until that point that Diana lost the queen and Philips support. Philip actually wrote Diana a series of letters where he called Charles an idiot and basically said that Diana deserved better than him, the media just likes ti skip over that part where Diana screwed it all up herself.

  17. Decloo says:

    Did everybody see the Queen’s luscious orangey/red coat with black fur cuffs and matching fur hat? Stunning! I guess nobody would shade the Queen about wearing fur.

  18. Katy says:

    Am I the only person confused by the fact that the song played at the beginning of the Queen’s Message is “My County Tis of Thee”? Or is that also a patriotic tune in England?

  19. Reece says:

    Harry looks like he lost weight in Antarctica. I wanna feed him and bulk him back up, build up his stamina. ;)
    I hope he doesn’t have to shave his beard when goes back to base. That’s beard is most definitely sexy!

  20. Bert29 says:

    Loving the royal family stories, but this one has some facts wrong. This was an annual charity match played on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. So Willy wasn’t avoiding his wife and son on Christmas, he was working. Although it looks like fun work! Also, the pics of he and Catherine holding hands on the walk to church are super sweet. And yes, the beard is hottttt and the queen looks pimp.