“Scarlett Johansson’s retro look & magnificent coat stole the show” links


This is how Scarlett Johansson rolls when she’s just walking into The Late Show. God, that coat is fantastic. Her pin-up hairstyle works too. [Socialite Life]
Did Diane Kruger show off an engagement ring from Pacey? [Wonderwall]
Lily Tomlin married her partner of 42 years! [Bitten & Bound]
Mariah Carey’s Ebony cover is pretty amazing. [Amy Grindhouse]
Hot track: St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”. It’s… interesting. [PopBytes]
Justin Timberlake went to Taco Bell after the People’s Choice Awards. [IDLY]
Gabrielle Union whitewashes her relationship in Glamour. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Your cat thinks you’re a big cat/mother. I knew it!! [Jezebel]
Saturday Night Live added two black female writers too! [The Frisky]
This ballerina story is awful. [Bossip]
Mark Wahlberg says it’s pointless to give advice to Justin Bieber. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Now THIS is a business card, ladies and gentlemen. [OMG Blog]
Why did Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber get back together? [Life & Style]
If they ever make a movie about Nigella Lawson, everyone wants Angelina Jolie to play Nigella. Sort of on the nose. [The Loop]



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  1. winosaurusrex-formerly obvious says:

    I LOVE ScarJo’s fashion here. I mean I find her absolutely gorgeous, but retro is so perfectly HER…

  2. GiGi says:

    Those sunglasses are doing her no favors…

  3. V4Real says:

    I don’t know if I like the coat or not. It reminds me of a Spyhinx cat. Looks like a Spyhinx cat bred with a cat with hair and this is the result of their baby kitten.

  4. Erandyn says:

    That “fantastic coat” looks like a bathrobe to me.

  5. LadySlippers says:

    Love Scarlett’s look.

    The excerpt from the cat book is ludicrous. That author needs a new job.

  6. themummy says:

    Those shoes!!! If I had those shoes I would wear them and nothing else around the house all day long and I’d feel soooo purty!! Seriously, though, I absolutely love those shoes. She looks good as a pin-up. The shades definitely aren’t the best on her face, though. But those shoes… ;)

  7. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Re: Nigella and AJ—I could see it. Maybe if it was just loosely based on Nigella–not actually about Nigella. Because Angelina isn’t curvy, and she can’t do British accents (at least hers always sound weird to me, but I wouldn’t mistake the accent for anything else). But I think she would do a good job with that kind of a story.
    I would love to see a movie based on Nigella’s life–I think that it would be something very important for young girls and women to see–that abuse isn’t always obvious. That all it takes is for you to let your guard down one time, and that’s all it takes for that person to weasel their way into your life, to the point to where you don’t feel like you can get out. But not for Lifetime…..

    I’m trying to write a story about my great grandma–have any of you ever heard of the forced Catholic adoptions? Where the girl would be forced by the nuns to give up her baby for adoption? That’s what happened with my grandma. She was born in the mid teens of 1900…..she was raped by someone (she never told anyone, we didn’t find out until after her funeral) and gave birth when she was fourteen—but she never said one word about it, while she was alive. And although I think that it’s a lot better now, about speaking out, it’s not good enough. I do think there needs to be more taught, especially to younger people. Like the Steubenville case–when those two teenagers started crying when their sentence was handed down. They weren’t crying when they were raping that girl, or when they were filming it and putting it online.

  8. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Scarlet looks HOT. I love the retro pinup look….

    And I would feel bad for Gabby, but I don’t. She’s a big girl–she knows what she’s getting into. And she obviously doesn’t care—I would be embarrassed if I was the one having to give interviews about my SO’s f-ckups. But she wanted it this bad. She could’ve dumped him, back when they found out that girl was pregnant–but she didn’t. Maybe that’s why her ring is so big. I don’t know–if I was her, I’d be squeezing as much jewelry out of that fool as I could, then I’d dump him a few days before the wedding, and put that sh-t on auction. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, remember?

    • Mingy says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Gabby either. Her whole relationship with Dwade has been full of drama from the start. She desperately wants to be a basketball wife, no matter how f*cked up every thing is…Dwade IMO is not cute, looks like a fish to me lol. If he was super hot, maybe I’d put up with the bullshit (and keep all the jewelry like you!) :)

  9. Jade says:

    How could anyone think Angelina could play Nigella? What’s wrong with everyone?

  10. Gee says:

    Pay attention Kim. That’s how you work a coat.

  11. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    The cop in the background looks like he’s kissing that other guy on the neck.

  12. Tazina says:

    I love her retro look, very chic.

  13. Mingy says:

    Not that she could ever play her, but I always thought Megan Fox looked like a young Nigella.

  14. loveisthecoal says:

    I want EVERYTHING in this picture, the hair, coat, shades, shoes, lipstick…

  15. Lee says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks great, but is it not strange to be somewhere cold enough to wear a winter coat, and yet have bare legs and lacy open toe shoes? Just strikes me as odd.

  16. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Yay, I’m so happy to see a St. Vincent mention here. I’m not entirely sure if If I’m into her new musical direction and this particular song but I have been a fan since her very first album. The album versions of her songs are usually overproduced but the live versions, especially from her first two albums – Marry Me and Actor, are magical. If someone doesn’t know her, I highly recommend songs Marrow, Black Rainbow and The Party from ACL concert on youtube.

  17. Kris says:

    Gabrielle Union! Girl, I do not need your do’s and don’t's on love. Next we’ll have a Kardashian giving us advice on how to keep a private life.

  18. Kim1 says:

    Well I am still a fan of Gabby,loved Being Mary Jane and will check out Glamour interview.I dont believe the Pregnant rumors .

  19. Hubbahun says:

    “If they ever make a movie about Nigella Lawson, everyone wants Angelina Jolie to play Nigella.” No, they do not. Horrible idea.

  20. FHealy says:

    The glasses are hideous and draw attention to her bulbous nose. Ugh.

  21. P.J. says:

    Sorry but, on WHAT planet is the idea of Angelina Jolie-all 100 lbs of her-a good one, much less one that us “on the nose” in regards to her portraying Lawson?!

    Nigela is a beautiful, voluptuous, naturally curvy lady who is KNOWN for that spectacular figure just as much as the food she makes. She makes me so proud to be a fellw busty hip-y chick :D Angelina is without a doubt a talented actress, but she could not less be a physical representation of this woman-think more along the lines of Christina Hendricks.

    I’m really tired of all the painfully thin actresses getting thick(er) girl roles and thinking that fake body padding is enough & does it justice.

    Really hoping this one isn’t true…

  22. magpie says:

    Not a ScarJo fan but I think she’s been looking better than ever lately. She’s doing a great job managing her career so props to her.

  23. Maureen says:

    She’s incredibly over-rated in looks and talent. Without makeup, hair styling, and fashion no one would look twice at her on the street. Or even once.

  24. MyHiddles says:

    I hate ScarHo’s coat.

    Rachel Weisz should play Nigella.

  25. I Choose Me says:

    Love the coat, the hair and esp., the shoes. Scarlet brought her A-game.

  26. Nroth Wset says:

    everything but the nose..its akward.

  27. Helvetica says:

    She looks so beautiful. Great outfit, hair, make up. Everything.

  28. Tulip says:

    Re: ballerina story. Same stupid racist trash coming from some idiot. I hope those teachers get transferred to some unknown part of the country for their remarks. If Precious has made it all the way to the Bolshoi, the woman is extremely talented and they need her. They better get their act together fast.

  29. Kosmos says:

    Gee, somehow I’m not a fan of the coat or the shoes, and definitely don’t like the hairdo either……come to think of it, I’m totally not a Scarlett fan either.

  30. ak says:

    where can i get that coat ????? I LOVE IT ! !