Benedict Cumberbatch came to LA to party: would you shag it senseless?


I’m punch-drunk from the end of our Golden Globes coverage – is it really over or is it just a delicious dream? – so I just thought I’d take a moment and cover these photos of Benedict Cumberbatch at the BAFTA LA Tea Party, which also took place on Sunday in LA. The annual Tea Party is a thing, but from what I remember, they usually do it on the Saturday before the Globes rather than bumping up against the Globes coverage on the same day. Anyway, Benedict Cumberbatch was there, as was Michael Fassbender. And Chiwetel Ejiofor and Cate Blanchett, too. Seriously, amongst those three people, I would have a hard time choosing who to bang first (no I wouldn’t, I would bang Cumberbatch first).

It’s always interesting to see my two main men, Fassbender and Cumberbatch, at the same event. They were partying together after the Globes too – there’s an excellent photo going around on Twitter, which you can see here. Fassbatch. Cumberbender. Dancing. Shaking their pale groove thangs. LOVE IT. Anyway… I just thought you would enjoy these photos.

PS… Oh, I just saw that we DO have some photos of Benedict at the post-Globes party. I’m including them too. I like him better in the light sport coat at the BAFTA thing – it makes him look more like a playboy who will bang me on his yacht.

*stares off into space, visualizing a good yacht-banging with Cumberbatch*







Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jules says:

    The man looks like a praying mantis! No, I would NOT shag it senseless.

  2. lunchcoma says:

    Fassbender and Cumberbatch dancing is the best thing I’ll see all day, I suspect. I love me some men who are happy to have a couple drinks and get out on the dance floor, awkward snapping and all. So much more fun than the ones who hang around on the sidelines staring at the girls.

    (That being said, Michael, why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?)

  3. flavia_deluce says:

    His hair is getting awfully tall. Love the photo of him dancing with beardy Fassbender!

  4. Hello Kitty says:

    “Here’s some info that may come as a surprise.
    Sometimes we like to dance with Just Us Guys!”

    Boy Dance Party! My dreams have come true!

  5. Moiselle says:

    No. I do not get the appeal of Mr. Cumberbatch. Just not my type at all.

  6. AG-UK says:

    BC but he needs to stop the hair gel let his natural curls flow. I know it’s a bit short but…. Yes why the sunglasses inside. Read BC told off some girl for taking his photo without asking… ooops.

    • Lindy79 says:

      There’s a million different ways he (or anyone) could have said it or the situation went down but I’m sure the folks who hate him will just add it to the list of proof that he is horrible despite a lot of proof otherwise. He’s said before, he has no problem posing if asked, just hates people taking sneaky shots (I don’t blame him to be honest, the idea of someone taking pictures of you when you don’t realise is beyond creepy)

      I did see a video on YouTube of some pap/autograph hunter calling him mean and an *sshole as he left the BAFTA party on Saturday night because he wouldn’t sign something.

      • AG-UK says:

        No it was sneaky that’s what the person said and he was posing for something else he just said can you ask next time. I don’t understand that I could never take a photo on the sneak probably because I can’t find the camera icon quick enough LOL. Plus I’d want to look my best and on the sneak would NOT be it. I remember seeing someone post a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal on Eurostar SLEEPING I thought please leave the poor guy alone.

      • lunchcoma says:

        As long as someone’s not a jerk about reminding someone to ask, I don’t see the problem with that. I think it would be very weird to be at something that’s not a public appearance and have people sneakily taking pictures of you like you were a tourist attraction rather than a person. I’d think the asking is more about acknowledging that you’re a fellow human being than anything about permission.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Yes exactly, remember the hair salon pic someone took of him? I’d HATE that.

        You just know though, that some folks will take it and run with it. None of us know exactly what he said or the way he said it. It might have been a “hey that’s a bit rude, just ask”, but some will have him roaring at her.

      • Green Girl says:

        Ooooh, I just saw that picture of him in the hair salon. Very weird, especially as it looks like he’s just relaxing and minding his own business.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Well. I just saw that Youtube clip. What a pack of greedy, whining brats those people are. “Why are you always so nasty, Benedict?” Whaaat? I’ve never heard one word about him being “nasty” to a fan.

        He is known to go out of his way for fans, so that woman was just dead wrong. That must have been a pap or just as bad as a pap, an autograph hound— whose only reason to be there is to sell that person’s name. Why should he enable those creeps?

        Both of them shove fans out of the way & have even been known to knock them down to get to their “prey.” No mercy for them at all. This kind of aggression shouldn’t be rewarded.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I think that’s just it EC, they were clearly not fans (more like entitled idiots who had an attitude from the start) which is why he ignored them, and I doubt anyone who is a fan of anyone would be so verbally shady towards them.

        I’ve seen a few clips of him meeting with fans and he even apologises when he has to go or hasn’t time to sign stuff for everyone or get pictures (he started taking group shots and asked them to share them around) so whatever your feelings are about him or if you like him or not, you’d be hard pushed to say he is nasty to fans.

    • GeeMoney says:

      I don’t blame him for getting upset about that. Yes, he probably knows that when he goes out in public that he may run into a camera or video camera or two, but being filmed or having your pic snapped without your knowledge is messed up. The least that person could do was ask. And be nice about it on top of it.

    • ogg921 says:

      I agree completely that the people in the youtube video were waaaay out of line, but that’s NOT the incident The Hollywood Reporter described that’s circulating on twitter & tumblr. The HR piece was talking about him actually posing for photographers on his way INTO a Fox party, but chastising someone taking a pic with an iphone. (The youtube thing was him leaving an HBO party the night before.) Not meant as argument, but just to clarify.

  7. Anna says:

    I just finished Season 3 of Sherlock and I am still under a bit of a spell from all the glorious curls. Delicious!

  8. DawnOfDagon says:


    Sherlock S03E02, Sherlock’s speech at Watson’s wedding, and when the daylight hits his eyes. Enough said.

    On second thought, enough is not said. I would it hit harder.

  9. Mia4S says:

    I’m loving him more than ever after the last Sherlock episode (no spoilers). My GOD he is a good actor. He’ll likely only get better. He was also apparently the only celeb to go see fans outside the BAFTA event. Clever, clever boy.

    • Maureen says:

      Did you see the horrible video of some media types (I don’t know who they were, so I’m assuming paparazzi types) who got mad that he wouldn’t stop for them as he left the party and literally called him as asshole the whole way to his car? It was dreadful. I felt so bad for him. And he was with friends, too. That HAS to be so embarrassing. These vampires. They are scum. And he’s a guest in our country!! This is how our guests are treated. Revolting.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Yep. Mentioned it above.
        Someone said it was a pap, another said it was an autograph tout. I’ve seen him get pissedat them before when they are pushing forward, asking for multiple signatures and forcing genuine fans out of the way .
        I’ve always respected him for that.

      • Maureen says:

        Ohhhhh. So that explains why the female was saying “why are you always such an ass?”. I guess she’s a regular. What a cow. What a bunch of losers who can’t make a living in a way that doesn’t require harassing and stalking people.

      • frisbeejada says:

        Er he’s British and believe me, when it comes to utterly scumbag behaviour nobody in the world can beat the British tabloids who are the lowest of the low, (hacking into voicemails, emails etc…normal practice for the Murdoch press for years) he will have encountered this before, they all do…

      • Mia 4S says:

        I don’t even need to see the video.Professional autograph hunters and (most) paparazzi are vile garbage. I’ve seen lots of videos targeting lots of stars, it’s gross. It is a good reminder though to take those stories of “rude” celeb encounters with a grain of salt.

    • Katie says:


      Ugh. During setlock, a pap actually pushed two fans–a younger couple–over hard to try and get a pic of him. They ended up on the ground and the girl had a bruised arm.

      I agree, I cannot stand autograph hounds either and respect how he tries to get past them to reach actual fans. It’d be one thing if the hounds stood there with everyone else but I always see them shoving, pushing and screaming at the fans.

  10. Beth says:

    But why wasn’t he at the awards ceremony?!?! Seriously, does anyone know? It makes me sad. That’s pathetic, I know, but I’m an American “Sherlock” fan, I’m emotionally fragile!

  11. Green Girl says:

    I am not a Fassy fan (don’t hurt me!), but I am loving that picture of him dancing with BC.

    Now let’s play “What song was it?” Any guesses?

  12. Reece says:

    CumberBender because there is clearly alcohol involved. haha

    I’m leaving this post for good because I didn’t see the episode last night.

  13. Anoninga says:

    Ummm perfection. I just made the wallpaper on my phone the Twitter pic. A girl needs a little something to get her through the day.

  14. T.Fanty says:

    I would hit it like I was a poor, blonde Russian waif, looking for a paycheck and a good meal.

    Although if he tries to pay me in a book of love coupons that Wanda gave him for Christmas, I’m kicking his ass.

  15. BrittaneyNichole says:

    I really like Fassbender’s face hair!!! But he is looking pretty rough. Benedict looks so much better when his hair isn’t slicked back. I like the Sherlock curls.

  16. GeeMoney says:

    Love them both! *drools into carpet*

    I would just have them both at the same time, honestly. *more drooling*

  17. GlimmerBunny says:

    My GOD Fassy is sexy! I can’t help admit that my lust for him didn’t even go away during 12YAS…

  18. lisa says:

    I love, It’s my favorite celebrity gossip page! But I’m so puzzled at the number of postings about Cumberbatch. He’s not compelling / attractive / talented at the level of all of this coverage….do the writers of this blog have a major crush on him? ( That’s ok with me by the way….I just scroll by him when he appears).

  19. Indira says:

    Sigh. I cannot believe series 3 is over. I have been just watching interviews and reading fanfic to make myself feel better. It’s just all making me wonder if maybe he’d go for a light eyed Indian girl with a macabre sense of humour :D

  20. betsy says:

    As a fan of Cumberbatch’s I;d rather this site stayed well clear of him. So yeah don’t post about him any more.

  21. Joanie says:

    So, I attempted to crash the BAFTA tea party with a friend on Saturday. I failed to get into the main event, but was able to successfully skulk the perimeter so that I could see everyone. So, for your vicarious pleasure, here’s who I saw, what they did, and how they looked:

    - Fassbender wore the jeans, tshirt and leather jacket ensemble pictured above, like he didn’t have a fuck to give. He’s VERY thin in person, and surprisingly shorter. He left the party very early; must have been one of the first to arrive, and was gone by 2:30.

    - Alice Eve was lovely, but looks older in person than she does on screen. She did sign for fans, and take pictures, on her way out – one of the very few celebs who did. That was nice.

    - Cate Blanchett GLOWS, and is statuesque. Total star presence. I don’t know how she gets her skin to look like that, but if it’s the SKII stuff she’s always hawking, I’m shelling out some major bucks for it right now. Pictures do not to her justice.

    - Benedict hopped right out of his Jaguar (of course it was a Jag) and spent about 5 minutes signing for fans before walking into the Four Seasons (right past me). He looked good, although not quite as good as he did at Kimmel. He showed up late, as he is wont to do (around 3:10 for a party that ended at 4). He arrived with Dan Stevens, but they left separately (Cumby was on his way to the 12YAS screening).

    - Dan Stevens has gotten very thin, but is quite striking.

    - Martin Scorsese is TINY.

    - Tom Hanks is handsomer in person, and has a really big head.

    - Sarah Paulson was lovely, but is another woman who looks older in person. Maybe it’s all the makeup these chicks wear for these events?

    - Sandra Bullock is gorgeous. Statuesque, thin, awesome skin.

    - Steve Coogan is cuter in person.

    - Aaron Paul is cute, but little.

    - Daniel Bruhl is a lollipop – big head, skinny body. I’m sure his girlfriend is very nice, but she seems to have permanent bitchface.

    - I passed Jane Seymour in the bathroom. Mama mia, she is gorgeous.

    - Joan Collins is still workin’ it. She’s exactly what you expect, and she’s fabulous.

    - Chiwetel Ejiofor is handsome, shorter in person, and has a beautiful girlfriend. She’s much prettier in real life than in photos.

    - Barkhad Abdi is very sweet, obviously overwhelmed by all this attention.

    - It was a thrill to see Jason Isaacs, who looked very hot in a slightly shiny navy blue suit.

    - Now I know what Alfonso Cuarón looks like, thanks BAFTA!

    I wish I’d gotten through to the inner sanctum, but I had a great time.

  22. Janeite says:

    On a slightly related note because Benny was in the movie, I am so glad that 12 Years A Slave won for best dramatic film. Truly a heartbreaking, remarkable movie and easily my favorite of the year.

  23. dontbuyit says:

    I’m not really attracted to his looks, I find him ridiculously sexy because of his personality which in real life I have no idea on what that is, but in his interviews the guy is incredibly funny, intelligent, witty and articulate. I’m attracted to his interview personality. Which may or may not be his true self. I can only hold on to the hope that it is. Him giving a reading of R Kelly lyrics is pure greatness and added a few hotness points.

    • Maureen says:

      His personality is great, but so is his body. Seriously, he looks good ALL the time. Whether he’s worked out or not. Whether he’s really thin or muscular and toned. His legs always seem a little disproportionately short to me, but otherwise I think his physique is always really good.

  24. Thunderthighs says:

    May I say, I did not at all understand the huuuuge, massive lady boner this site seems to have for BC.
    Sigh. Until I watched Sherlock Holmes.

    Say hello to the newest Cumberbitch…

  25. Andrea says:

    My thoughts:

    I’d shag Fassbender senseless but he definitely is not bf material (those horrid reports of his physical violence towards exes repulses me). He still is very easy on the eyes though.

    Cumberbatch totally is more the I want to get to know you and see where this goes kind of guy. I think he would be fascinating to talk to and wouldn’t want to ruin that with a one nighter. one nighters are more Fassbenders speed anyways.

  26. Kelly says:

    Only as Sherlock.

    My God, what a finale <3

  27. Ruyana says:

    He has a beautiful voice, but I’m in the minority here. I think he is weird-looking, almost insect like. Does not appeal to me in any way, shape or form. So more for you ladies who do find him appealing, cause I’m not having any.

  28. Sam H x says:

    I have never seen Benedict’s work besides his short appearance in 12 Years a Slave, Michael Fassbender impressed me with his performance as the evil, violent and abusive Epps and I haven’t seen anything of his either til 12YAS.

    Went on to youtube, watched some interviews of Benedict’s to see what its all about. Man, does he have a really sexy voice, he’s also incredibly funny, charming, intelligent and self-deprecating. I love an intelligent man who is very articulate and witty. I find it incredibly sexy and attractive. His gorgeous eyes help too.

    Looks wise, he’s not conventionally handsome. However he is one of those men whose personal qualities make him a very attractive man.

    Cumberbatch fans, I totally get it!

  29. EleanorRigby says:

    Yes, I’d shag it senseless and I’d buy him an In n’ Out burger afterwards, cause I’m nice like that.

  30. LMB says:

    Together with Michael and him, hell yeah!

  31. Juniper says:

    People that don’t want to shag cumberbatch just haven’t seen enough of him. Or heard him. The voice alone is just … Well…. Let’s just say it does the job.

  32. Abby says:

    holy fk he looks so good in that coat. I would shag him 10 times a day *exaggeration

    Fassy always looks like he never takes a shower….but the dancing pic of both is delicious….I am literally gonna make it room’s wallpaper lol,

  33. lizziebee93 says:

    I think a better question would be: In how many ways would shag it senseless? *wink*

  34. Chinadoll13 says:

    He’s so gross don’t understand all the hype!!

  35. Nene says:

    HELL NO!
    Never understood the appeal or hype here. It’s rather confusing.
    Same with Tom Hiddleston.
    Oh well,strokes and folks…
    However,he is a good actor.

  36. Cookie says:

    He’s grown on me a lot, definitely has a unique appeal and the voice is super sexy.

  37. Janet says:

    OMG – thank you for the photo of them dancing although I only have eyes for BC. If you don’t get it you aren’t paying attention or listening to that dreamy voice.

  38. JenniferJustice says:

    I dont’ get it. What’s the draw? This guy is soooooo homely. He has one of the longest and narrowist faces I’ve ever seen. Completely unattractive.

  39. Dee says:

    Has anyone seen the pap photos of him leaving the Fox party, obvioulsy DUC AND carrying two little white roses?

  40. Siobhan says:

    100% would.
    Fassbender too.
    Same time – well, why not?

    The Bafta Tea Party was on the SATURDAY, not the Sunday.
    BC was not at the Golden Globes only the after party.
    He was called an a**hole by touts on the Saturday (video is horrible and you can clearly see he is p****d off and then he called a woman rude on the Sunday. The Sunday thing annoys me though as he was being photographed by 100s of photographers and there is this one woman taking a photo alongside them. He probably just had enough.

    Love the photo of him leaving the after party on Sunday (apparently one of the last to leave at 3.30am) with a bunch of roses looking like a drunk uncle leaving a wedding….I mean, who doesn’t steal flower arrangements from events. I do!