Kanye West threw a hissy fit when Kim said she didn’t want to be ‘Kim West’


Here are some photos of Kanye West in Paris yesterday. Man, he flew out of LA in a hurry, didn’t he? It’s almost like he quickly boarded an international flight to avoid answering questions from the Beverly Hills Police Department about an assault where he punched an 18-year-old kid in the face 30 times. I don’t know the identity of Kanye’s companion, but from the way he’s smiling, I’d say she was some kind of fashion professional. Maybe a buyer or one of Choupette Lagerfeld’s maids.

As for the incident/assault that took place in a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office on Monday, In Touch Weekly has some additional details:

Kim Kardashian feared she would be killed during the racially charged run-in on Monday, Jan. 13 with a teenager who allegedly called her a “n***er lover”, a source close to the reality star told In Touch.

The 33-year-old’s fiancé Kanye West was accused of attacking the teen in a chiropractor’s waiting room earlier this week. According to initial reports, the Yeezus star punched the 18-year-old multiple times after Kim called to tell him about the racial slurs. But a source close to the reality star said today the teen was heckling Kim and followed her into the building.

She became so frightened that the guy was going to shoot her and everyone around them that she ran into a chiropractor’s office to phone Kanye, who naturally came to her aid, the insider said.

“Kim said that he had crazy eyes and she was thinking, ‘Is he going to shoot me and start shooting all these people’. She was really scared. She was shaking. Neither Kim nor the kid were going to the chiropractor. It seemed as if the kid was just there to taunt Kim and he heckled her going in and then he followed her into the building.

“Usually she’d have a guy [bodyguard] with her; a guy with her, a driver. I don’t really know why she didn’t — maybe it’s because she wasn’t with Nori, sometimes people just have a day off.”

The source confirmed to In Touch that when Kim called Kanye for help, he could hear the teen calling her the racial slur in the background, but said reports he punched him 30 times were exaggerated.

“It wasn’t that much. It was like 30 seconds before the receptionist for the chiropractor broke it up,” the source said. “The kid obviously had no idea how close Kanye was. He threatened her. That’s why her attorneys are filing suit.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

This is a different version of events. And why would Kim file “suit” instead of going to the police and filing a report? And what would have happened if this incident had gone down in a “Stand Your Ground” state? Because the description of Kim’s “fears” for her safety – that would be enough legal justification for Kim to shoot the kid, had Kim been armed, correct? In a Stand Your Ground state, if you feel physically threatened and you THINK someone is going to harm you, that’s enough justification to pull your weapon and shoot. But is it enough justification for you to call your boyfriend and have him punch the kid in the face two dozen times?

The Enquirer’s gossip guy Mike Walker has another Kimye story that I actually believe 100%. It’s about what name Kim will take once she and Kanye are married:

YOU CAN’T SPELL KARDASHIAN, KANYE OR KRAZY WITHOUT A “K!” A Kardashian family holiday get-together at KRIS JENNER’s Hidden Hills mansion suddenly erupted into a tense confrontation around the dining table when Momager gushed that she thought soon-to-be bride Kim’s decision to become “KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST” was absolutely perfect!

“Everyone at the table gave a thumbs-up – except KANYE,” said a close family source. “He sat quiet and stern-faced, then blurted forcefully, ‘She will be known as Kim West! My wife will bear my name only!’ ”

A sudden uncomfortable hush came over the table until Kim broke the silence and tried to pacify everyone, saying there’d be plenty of time to discuss details.

“Kanye let the subject drop, but by the end of the night, Kim was in tears because all the way home he kept ranting that he was furious about her even considering to keep the Kardashian name. When Kim fought back, saying her celebrity’s based on her famous family’s name, big-headed Kanye snapped that HIS name holds more weight and respect then hers ever will. Kim just couldn’t stop crying because she suddenly realized she’s in for ongoing pressure – not only from Kanye, but from Kris, who’ll be livid if she drops the Kardashian name!”

[From The Enquirer]

Kanye losing his temper and ranting for hours about people underestimating him and his name? Oh yes. This has the ring of truth. But Kim’s right – the “Kardashian” name is part of brand and while Kim West sounds kind of cool, it’s just not who she is.

Oh, and Kim appears on The Ellen Show today – when I saw that Kanye was in Paris, I actually thought to myself, “I bet Kim starts posting photos of America’s Baby now that he’s gone.” And that’s basically what she did – she gave Ellen new photos of Nori to use.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Claire says:

    Bleugh. I realise this is Kanye West we’re talking about, but I have zero patience for men who throw fits over this issue in the 21st century. If women chose freely to change their names, that’s awesome for them, but it should simply be one option out of three (each keeping their own name, both taking the woman’s, both taking the man’s) and not some ridiculous game of ego.

    • JojoAnn says:

      In Italy, this couple had to go to court to get the right for the family to go by the mothers/wife name. They finally got the go ahead afew days ago. I’ve never understood why the world thinks I should carry my dads name and flip to carry my husbands. It reminds me of the slavery days (no, I’m not comparing your dads and hubbys to slave masters) where a tslave went by the surname of his owner and would flip it everytime he was sold. Partriachy is disgusting.

      Having said that, I am rooting for Kanye here IF he is motivated by trying to diminish that familys influence in his life. He shouldnt be with her but if he must have her then he needs to cut that umbilical cord.

      • Claire says:

        Well, I disagree that my surname is my ‘dad’s’. Yes it came from him rather than my mum, but I was born with it and so was he – it’s no more his than mine.

        In Sweden thankfully it’s getting more and more common for couples to flip a coin over which surname to take, or make up a new one together – I can understand the motivation to want to have the same surname as the person you’re married to, I just take issue with the fact that it’s still so often automatically the guy’s – in the 21st century!

      • nebi says:

        You are not properly informed. This rule applies only to children who receive their dad’s name. And now this is going to change, as well. I am Italian, too, I married in1992 and I assure you that I kept my name. Automatically. I.e. without any request or administrative obligation you automatically keep your name. My Documents, my professional cards, everything carry my dad’s name.
        My friends, my mom, anybody I know did the same. Only few women married to famous men decide to change their name, but they have to formally present a request.

    • idk says:

      The story makes no sense. It talks about Kanye going crazy on “their way home” from Kris’s house. They live with Kris.

    • Coco says:

      I’m getting married in September and legally keeping my last name. Our future kids will have his last name and I’m sure that my name will naturally morph to his last name over the years. He’s not thrilled about it but also respects my decision. He’s been asking other engaged couples we know or meet what the woman is doing about her last name and it’s pretty split at 50/50, in SF, about keeping/changing last names. Since most of us are in our 30′s who are getting married, we’re just so used to our names, professionally I don’t want to change it, and it’s part of my nickname, Coco, which won’t make sense anymore if I change my name. Maybe if I was in my early 20′s getting married I’d feel differently but my last name is a big part of my identity and I’m not ready to part with it.

      As for Kim, we all know she’s not one to stay married so why should she change her name back and forth all the time?

      • Erinn says:

        I’m going to be 24 when we get married this August. I still haven’t decided what I want to do. I’m thinking about hyphenating because I’m PROUD of my last name. I’m proud of my families accomplishments over the years, and don’t think they should take a back seat to the inlaws. If we have kids, they’d have his name. I don’t think he’s a huge fan of the idea, but like your FH, he respects my decision making.

      • flan says:

        Aw, the poor guy’s not happy about it?!

        He sounds rather insecure (running around asking other couples what the woman will do, seriously?).

        Nobody is pressuring men to take the wife’s name, so why should this be YET ANOTHER issue with which women are pestered?

      • Stef Leppard says:

        I always planned to keep my maiden name but as my marriage approached I felt pressure from my husband and my family to take my husband’s name, and so I did and have always regretted it. I consider it to be my “fake” name even though it is legally my name. I wish I had taken a few months to think about it because I probably would have settled on my original decision, not to change it. And changing it back now would be really awkward.

      • Claire says:

        That’s kind of my point right there – why is it always “what the woman is doing about her last name”? Again, not shading those women who are happy to take their husband’s names, that’s their choice – I just don’t get why, in the 21st C, that pressure is still so one sided.

      • Seagulls says:

        Sorry about that, Coco. It was hard enough bucking in-laws (still moaning about it ten years later!), my grandparents and my parents, occasionally. My husband always wanted to have a wife who retained her name and I have never regretted keeping my birth name.

        Now do I regret caving to the same people and giving my kid my husband’s last name? Yes, I do. I’m the one who grew them and quit my job to care for them (well, I’m still growing one). My husband now wishes the kids had my name, too.

    • Venny says:

      In Quebec, women *can’t* change their names after marriage, unless it’s an “exceptional situation” (I know of only one, personally). While I’m happy to keep my own name, I think there should at least be a choice; I can understand a couple wanting to have a ‘family name’. Also, no mention of men who want to change their names after marriage, as if to say, “Ha ha ha! Like a guy would want to take his wife’s name!” Weird concepts of gender equality here.

      “Under the Civil Code of Québec, both spouses retain their respective names in marriage and exercise civil rights under those names. Consequently, if a married woman wants to adopt her spouse’s surname, the Directeur de l’état civil will authorize that change of name only in an exceptional situation.”

      (A funny side effect of this law is the huge number of hyphenated last names, which presents an entirely different problem.)

      • Coco says:

        I don’t think my fiancé is insecure, nor “running around” asking everyone he meets what they intend to do about their last name. I think, like many men, he just assumed most women take their husbands last names and since I’m not, it’s opened up a whole conversation for him about why. While part of him is disappointed, because he too is proud of his own last name, he has really just been curious about the many reasons why a woman would choose to change or keep her name. It’s made for some pretty interesting conversations with friends and a better understanding, for him, why I’ve decided to keep my name.

  2. QQ says:

    That baby is cute, that’s all Ive got!

    Oh and that never since Mariah Carey’s Pregnancy sacrifice has pregnancy been ever so hard on a vain soul!

    **COMPLETELY off Topic: Whichever of the celebitches that recommended duolingo? LOVE YOU! My ma is practicing her English, my sis tried Portuguese (which comes handy at her church) and Im doing italian which is then turning into INTENSE texts and convos with my uncle and I GET the jokes!!**

  3. Tapioca says:

    “She became so frightened that the guy was going to shoot her and everyone around them that she ran into a chiropractor’s office.”

    Because, obviously, if you think someone’s going to SHOOT you, you call your boyfriend, not the f***ing police!

    Maybe her ass is so big because it’s full of lies…

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again…
      She sits on a throne of LIES!

    • yolo112 says:

      Even the “source” replies are shaded. First, the kid wasn’t even going to see a doctor, just standing around giving her crap and then goes to say that the kid was in a waiting room…??? If this story wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. What are those books called where you can pick an alternative story as your read it? Those ‘choose your own adventure’ books…that’s what this shit show reminds me of…

  4. Pebbles says:

    Kim has an amazing figure! Is saying it bad?

    • Kcaia says:

      Yes, we have to make believe that Kim is ugly and fat, because people hate her. It is totally wrong to admit anything flattering about her or her family, with the sometimes exception of Khloe.

    • Josephine says:

      I think people appreciate different things. Personally, I’m not a fan of her body because she is so disproportionate – she looks kinda dumpy in flats because she’s all torso. I’m also not a fan of looking so artificial – I think her fanny looks disconnected from her body, and I’ve never appreciated the look of implants because they look unnatural. I don’t think she’s fat at all, but she’s also not toned or fit. So honestly, I don’t think she has an “amazing figure,” but I can see why people like her curviness.

  5. Kiddo says:

    I wish these people would disappear. I am giving the stink eye to Ellen for perpetuating this blight on society.

  6. swack says:

    I don’t get it. This is like the 4th version of the story. First it was racial slurs and Kim and Kanye followed him into the office. Then it was, her life was threatened, still they followed him into the office. Next it was he threaten to beat her, still they followed him into the office. Now, she feels her life was threatened and he followed her into the building and then into the chiropracter’s office. It all doesn’t make any sense. But didn’t the video show that he held the door for her, so wouldn’t he naturally follow her into the building. And we still only have her word that he was ranting at her. No other witnesses have come forward and surely there were others in the building at the time. And if he was so threatening, why didn’t someone else step in and help or call security or the police?

    • Chrissy says:

      Exactly! I don’t know what to believe! I guess it’s hard to keep the stories straight when it’s based on lies just like everything Kardashian. Also, I find it fishy that Kanye’s would flee to France now – France has no extradition treaty with the US so cannot be forced to cooperate with the police while he’s there! Interesting, hmmmm

    • Monksolo says:

      I honestly wonder if anything even happened? I mean where’s the pics?

    • gg says:

      Yes, this! I still don’t see how she assumed her effin life was in danger, and then didn’t call the police. She ain’t too bright tho …

    • MW says:

      I originally heard the kid held the door for Kim and he was yelling the “n-word” at the paps, so they would back off and leave Kim alone. There is a photo of the kid holding the door, smiling, and a girl inside the door, smiling as Kim approaches. Whomever that girl is should have the facts. Then, Kim allegedly reprimanded the kid for using the “n-word” (as if Kanye doesn’t use that word all day long) and so kid got mad and bitched Kim out for being an ingrate, since he was trying to be nice to her. God knows what she told Kanye, but he showed up, went into the building, found the kid, and beat him up.
      As everyone has stated, the story is changing. Kim is allegedly saying now that her life was threatened. I would say perhaps to protect Kanye, she is lying. Neither she nor Kanye have made a statement to the police as far as I know! but I could be wrong. But Kanye has left the country.
      Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with “Stand Your Ground Laws”. That is a long story. People need to do a little research before they arbitrarily bring that up or use that as a defense. Kim cannot just say she felt threatened and blow this guy away.
      Anyway, Kanye is a nut job with a bad temper. Kim looks like a fool following him around, three paces behind him, with her new “long face”. JMHO.

  7. blue marie says:

    The bit about the “Stand your Ground State” is irrelevant, it didn’t so why speculate. Have they released the tapes of this, it was all recorded right? I’m curious as to what actually went down since there’s all these different stories (some supplied by PMK)

    Kanye looks happy in those pictures in Paris, I don’t know when the last time I saw his smile so much. As for the name change bit, if Kim doesn’t want to change her name then Kanye needs to get over it.

  8. mzizkrizten says:

    Their eventual break up will.be.EPIC.

  9. idk says:

    Video footage proves the kid didn’t heckle Kim outside of the building…that is a lie, and there is proof.

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    He looks so much better when he smiles. Argh, that sounded like my grandmother.

    I was starting to feel a teensy bit sorry for Kim until I read this latest account of the racist/punch story. Now he was sort of going to kill her? So she ran into the nearest chiropractor’s office and said “call 911! I mean Kanye!” Right.

  11. Red32 says:

    Are they still trying to make this racist teenager story happen? I thought the paparazzi video of Kim going into the building didn’t show anyone harrassing her and her story keeps changing.

  12. FingerBinger says:

    Kanye tells Kim what to wear. He’s telling her what the baby should wear too. He probably convinced her to dye her hair. He’s telling her where they will live. He’s probably planning the over the top wedding too. Now we’re supposed to believe she wouldn’t change her name if he wanted her too. Yeah OK. I remember a time when people would have a hard time believing anything that came out of the Enquirer, now all of a sudden what they say is gospel. Especially coming from Mike Walker. My goodness.

  13. pippilongstalking says:

    Thats Judith Touitou, the wife of Jean who owns APC. Kanye is launching a perfume with APC.

  14. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Dude in the background is clearly not a fan.

  15. Jupiter says:

    WHY ELLEN? WHY???????????????????? ugh. So disappointed.

  16. dorothy says:

    So Kanye got mad? Did he hit Kim too? He seems to have problems with anger and how to control it. Wow, she’s really got a keeper there.

  17. Shannon1972 says:

    I have no words for the kardashian konfrontation except “nice try PMK, keep spinning”.

    But on a more important note, what the heck is that woman wearing?? Poor thing. It couldn’t be more unflattering.

  18. Jenna says:

    Isn’t that a woman Kanye’s walking with?

    Yeah, that’s all I have for this story.

  19. TheCountess says:

    They will never get married.

    And Ellen needs to stop rolling over for these celebutards. No one is going to think any less of her if she doesn’t have Kardashians as guests on her show. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  20. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    “Kanye snapped that HIS name holds more weight and respect then hers ever will.”

    cant fault him for that…Kim & Ko have ruined whatever respect there was once had for the Kardashian name. (before Sr Kardashian was an OJ lawyer)

  21. Ruyana says:

    That version of the beat down story up top is about the fourth version they’ve put out. I don’t believe it at all. The Ks keep trying to justify what happened, therefore they must change their story constantly trying to “improve” it.

  22. Palermo says:

    and yet another version of this staged incident. I notice he didn’t waste any time in running off to Paris.

  23. anne_000 says:

    If Kanye really punched that idiot 30 times, then how come I’ve yet to read about the idiot going to the hospital & getting x-rays and a cast or whatever? Sounds to me more like Kanye gave this idiot a few bitch-slaps & nothing that caused any injury, especially from a reported 30 hits.

    I can understand why Kim doesn’t want to take the name of any of her husbands. Isn’t this going to be her third marriage? It just wouldn’t make sense to keep changing her surname every time. I think she’ll end up getting married 3 more times in her life, so it’ll probably be less confusing to her fans if she just keeps Kardashian as her last name. Also, her claim to fame & revenue comes from this name.

  24. Murphy says:

    I think she should just go for it. The Kardashian name is on the way out anyway.

  25. Deb says:

    Why hasn’t TMZ done their usual style of guerrilla warfare journalism? They haven’t tracked down the “racist teenager” – where he lives/works/parties. They haven’t interviewed his girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance. They haven’t camped out at his family’s home, interviewed his neighbors, previous teachers, or soccer coaches. It’s like they don’t want to dig too deep – the only thing they might uncover is lies.

  26. Frenzy says:

    ‘The pregnancy, I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone. Anyone. Women who say that it’s a beautiful thing I would think….They are lying. They are LYING to you. I’m telling you,’ So said by 2013 mother of the year Kim! Was Ellen really this desperate for guests?! I’m kinda disappointed. What follows a controversy? Of course a picture of North! She is the only “celebrity” I know who doesn’t even post or show a picture of her carrying her own child!

    • Oceansoul89 says:

      I know I don’t have children. I know pregnancy isn’t exactly glamorous, but even moms/dads that have had rough pregnancies ALWAYS talk about how beautiful their child is and how happy they are that they had a happy healthy child. I’ve never heard anyone talk about their pregnancy like this. Well, maybe immature idiots like her.

      • Frenzy says:

        I don’t have children and will feel really blessed to have just one. That’s why her statement annoys me to no end. There are lots of women who have been trying to conceive for years and I’m sure they won’t mind pregnancy related problems like say gaining weight! Kim is so narcissistic and selfish!

  27. Dawn says:

    Yes I read about this earlier and apparently she told him she would be Kardashian West because the Kardashian name is her money maker and he told her she would be better off to drop it altogether because he believes his name is more respected and will open more doors for her! Ha! In other KrapTrashian-West news, it appears that Kanye West left for Paris sometime on Weds night. Who knows if it was planned trip or if he just wanted to get out of Dodge? I still say had the whole incident with the kid been for real, he and Kimmode would be hitting every talk show they could get on to run their mouth. I think when poor Kanye is replaced by Kimmode he will look back at this time and realize that Kim is what will kill his career. He needs his friends like Jay Z and Bey to stay relevant because Jay could always calm him down. Without that steady hand to guide him this guy is going to crack up. Just wait and see.

  28. Angelica says:

    Well, my dear, while I did have some natural fussing to do about being pregnant (no drinking, everyone acting like I have a handicap, and a few aches and pains, of course) I actually loved expecting. I DO wish it on everyone who wants a child because there’s a good chance that they’ll thoroughly enjoy it. No, honey, it’s just you that didn’t like it and some people don’t, for very good reasons, but I wouldn’t say we’re all lying when we say we loved it. That’s just nonsense. Other than that little gripe, I can only add, wouldn’t we be able to make a regular website of nothing but Kanye West’s hissy fits? You could have steady posting, daily articles that is, of him throwing tantrums, because that’s pretty much all he does nowadays. You know that’s why Ellen made that comment about him wearing diapers, ha ha! ;-)

  29. GlimmerBunny says:

    North is SO adorable!

  30. TheOriginalKitten says:

    If pigs start flying and I actually get married, I’ll happily get rid of my last name because it’s CRAZY and the only people who have it are directly related to me. Literally. No one who isn’t a close relative has my last name because it’s MADE UP.

    Frankly, I’ve debated taking on my mother’s maiden name just to get rid of it…I’d be happy to marry a damn Smith.

  31. gg says:

    so that’s what they’re wearing in Paris now? Beige worksuits tied around the waist? How “stylish” … :roll:

  32. lady_luck says:

    Kanye is such a darn creepy control freak. I hope Kim never drops the Karshadian part. Ever. Ever Ever. Out of principle.

  33. Zigggy says:

    I like how she seemed stuck on defining pre-eclampsia. The simplest way to say it is high blood pressure, but she was like “uh, It’s a condition you get when you’re pregnant…” lol

  34. Dommy Dearest says:

    They must really think we’re all idiots. Because the video shows him going in BEFORE Kim. And what was with her going back and forth to the car? Sorry, this is a set up. There was no shouting of awful things, nothing that indicated he was going to do anything harmful. NOTHING. He looked exactly like an 18 year old that saw her tape and was nervous and excited. This has to be one of the worst attempts the Revelations Krew have come up with for attention. Lying to police, lying to the jury (should this go to court). Only I hope the truth will come out and Kimye gets to have the rewards that go along with lying in court, slander, the whole nine yards for what they were doing. If I was the kid I’d for sure be suing Lucifer, Crowley, and Azazel for defamation of character and assault.

    • Kiddo says:

      For all we know, he’s in on it.

    • tarilia says:

      It is staged its so obvious. Its too obvious that it happened the day after the Golden Globes. It too obvious that its awards season and everyone in Hollywood is focused on the nominated movies and its stars to worry about some reality tv dud and her boring family.
      And I am sorry but If this really did hapen, would’t Kanye and Kim be told to stay where they are for investigation? He would not be able to go to Paris if this really did happen.
      That video is living proof that somethine else happened then a ‘racist attack’. That 18 year old kid will eventaully come out and say he was hired by Kim to set this thing up. Its all for their failing ratings and try to overthrow the award ceromonies. Disgusting woman.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I said in my comment yesterday that I thought it was all staged. Which I completely believe to be true. I wondered if the kid was paid off or not. I keep wondering if pictures were taken of the kid after the ‘beat down’ or if he was caught afterwards by the paparazzi since Kim yelled they had it on camera. I’m not sure Kim’s brain (located in her butt) pieced together everything that she should have done to make it look believable. But in the event that the kid was just an innocent victim and not paid off, I’d sue. Massive time.

      Also, does anyone else find it odd that PMK and the rest of the brood haven’t said anything?

  35. First of all says:

    She’s got enough money, if their marriage is going to have any chance she should back out of the public eye a bit and focus on being a mom and wife. I think she could have lived happily ever after with Reggie Bush if she had done that.

  36. jwoolman says:

    Yeah, it’s obvious that the heckler/death threat thing is just another K Klan setup. The only mysteries at the moment are which ones of the participants were in on the scheme (besides Kim) and which ones were not. Kim has done this so often.

    Meanwhile, we need another Celebitchy game. Finish the sentence: “Kanye threw a hissy fit when … “

    • Dimebox says:

      Okay! When Kim asked him if Karwestian was good with him. When people keep referring to his baby as Southie. When he was told that he couldn’t have his wedding at Versaulles. When Kim wanted Vera Wang instead of Richard to make her wedding gown. And when a teenager compared his 30 punches to butterfly kisses.😊