Tom Hiddleston did not announce a baby or engagement to ELLE UK, just FYI


The Dragonflies can breathe easier today. Their Dragonfly King is not announcing an engagement or a baby. He did not go to Elle UK to announce some huge life-altering change. As we discussed on Saturday, the Dragonfly Kingdom was in a tizzy because ELLE UK had teased some huge exclusive with Tom Hiddleston, and we were getting emails about “Hiddleston baby/engagement announcement”. Which is funny. While I’m not a full-fledged Dragonfly, I enjoy Tommy and I think I know a bit about him. I really don’t get an “undercover long-term girlfriend plus a baby” vibe from him. When he gets a steady girlfriend, we’ll know. I’m pretty sure about that.

So, what was the ELLE UK exclusive all about then? They posted a story today about Only Lovers Left Alive and at the end of the story, they announce this:

The film [Only Lovers Left Alive] is a small slice of heaven. If you want to know more, check out ELLE March issue (on sale 30 January) for our exclusive shoot with Mr Hiddleston himself, his most revealing interview ever (yes, really), and a rather spectacular short film which will be posted on this very site shortly.

Only Lovers Left Alive is out 21 Feb (with selected preview screenings around the country on Valentine’s Day).

[From ELLE UK]

So, that’s their exclusive. They have a big photoshoot and interview with Tommy for his Only Lovers promotion. I can feel the Dragonfly Angst from here, so let me throw you a bone: yes, it’s perfectly possible that in Tommy’s exclusive ELLE UK interview, he confirms an engagement and a baby. But let me say… editorially, I find it hard to believe that a major magazine would sit on that information. They would tease it properly so every site would link back to them and everyone would be waiting for the print edition. It’s far more likely that Tommy is just talking about vampires, Shakespeare and daddy issues in this interview. But I am looking forward to the short film and the photoshoot.



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  1. SonjaMarmeladova says:

    I would like him to get engaged. Just to see the meltdown. And I would really like to know what kind of a woman he would go for.

  2. V4Real says:

    Yeah I wasn’t buying that story and that’s why I didn’t comment on it.

    On the other hand it was probably Tom who planted that story. He notice Cumby was getting more post time on C/B and needed to up the ante.

  3. Aims says:

    I agree. If Tom had a steady and baby on the way he would not hide it. I don’t know where he stands on the family topic, but I do feel he would at least be shown with a significant other.

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Let’s hope they do a high fashion photoshoot. Those are the funnest.

    • Anna says:

      Lets hope in the interview he talks about what he likes in bed. With Chris. He’s already seen him naked…

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I want to see the return of the pimp coat. This truly is his element. The revealing interview had better involve nakedness or I cry foul.

      That said, I am weary of all of this PR manipulation and fan baiting to get attention. I used to think he was better than all of this, but I guess he really isn’t.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Wherever there is Luke, there is drama… Luke+drama=Llama??

        @Miss J – Maybe he is revealing a new suit… his birthday suit!!

        @Anna – I gave you Tom/Chris dance off video!! I don’t think I can quite manage the naked in bed video version! You will have to use your imagination on that one (although I’m sure some tumblr nut out there has spent hours/days/weeks/months photoshopping video clips to create this exact scenario).

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Actually, I did not hear of any Tumblr meltdown when this gossip came out here in CB. No one was talking about it other than few tweets that said it in a jokingly manner. Everyone else was just whining about tickets to Coriolanus is impossible or Tom doesn’t do SD anymore. (which is enough of craziness there to cause a migraine)

        In fact, I believe it is only in CB that everyone starts speculating all sorts of possible announcements and saying it as tacky. So, how can this be a fan baiting strategy?? ‘coz even his rabid fandom is “not” talking about this!

      • Janeite says:

        All it takes sometimes is literally one random comment anywhere on the internet where Hiddleston fans are present in order for speculation to start. I have no idea where those rumors came from, nor do I care.

        But don’t blame CB for starting the whole inane mess. All they did was report on what was already out there.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I saw something on the theatre twitter about him not doing SD anymore, that followed him asking people to be respectful and patient with the people working there..clearly a few didn’t listen to him.

      • kaisei says:

        You’re right, NoDragonJustFlies, if you are fan baiting stopping stage door is going in the opposite direction. Also true that the only place where the ELLE thing was a thing it’s here, On tumblr fans are too busy writing letter to Donmar or starting fund raising for the theatre as an apology for their own craziness.

        That’s not to say that ELLE didn’t play into it but from that to say Hiddleston is manipulating people…Nobody forces you to buy this magazine.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        @NoDragonJustFlies – CB posters tend to have fun with things like this rather than the whole “OMG – My life will end if Tommy ever kisses a girl/boy/puppy/bunny/Jag etc etc” tumblrdom fanatics…

        There I go again!

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Maybe I was not calm in my previous post. In fact, what am I thinking if I’m lurking in a gossip site and asking people not to gossip! :) My sincere apologies to all.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like CB much better than DL (it was CB that introduces DL to me! But that site is pure crazy, I ran away after reading). And if everyone starts to play nicey-nicey here and just compliment all the celebs, then it will be a boring site. And a boring site cannot generate hits, therefore cannot attract ad sponsorship. I should have known the game after all this while.

        If no one stir up some topics here, there will be no overly enthusiastic fan (crazy fan like me!) to come here to try to defend their idol. Still, I see that some celebs get less harmless jab compared to Tom. Although I agree with many of your views (overly eager, etc) on Tom’s flaws (hey, no one can be a perfect saint), but I do hope that you guys try not to hit him that hard? *pretty please* :D

      • NoDragonJustFlies says:

        Yes, I heard of that fund raising for Donmar, I literately spitted my coffee on my monitor!

        @Secret Squirrel,
        Yes, that is exactly why I like CB! I like to make fun of Tom for not changing his millennium sweater, his receding hairlines (cough), speculating whether he wears anything under his trousers…. and people commenting here have really nice comebacks and not totally baseless (not like DL, which all the threads are just started by Tom’s hater instead of what they claimed to be started by Tom’s fans. I don’t even bother to go in there to comment).

      • jammypants says:

        I wouldn’t blame him on this. I put it on Elle. And how is this fan manip? It’s the fans making wild speculation.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Hi Jammypants. I think the manipulation is about the use of the word “announcement”. Why wouldn’t they say story or article or piece? An announcement tends to be synonymous with big news (i.e. marriage/engagement/baby/sex reassignment surgery/etc). To my knowledge magazines don’t “announce” things, unless there is a competition involved etc. Was it deliberate to entice people to want more? Yes. Was it deliberate to go nuts like it did? I doubt it.

      • jammypants says:

        Squirrel, I see what you’re saying. I’m just pinning the manipulation bit on Elle and not on Hiddleston’s PR. Fan baiting = more readership due to intense curiosity. Once the magazine is out, a lot of people will be either disappointed or really excited haha

        I guess we’ll see. Elle is taking its sweet time it seems. They didn’t deliver with the whole “spectacular short film which will be posted on this very site shortly” deal.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Agree. When he’s looking all earnest and doe eyed into the camera or holding a phone to his chest emotionally, like a teenage girl whose just gotten off the phone with her crush.

      I’m really hoping there is a row boat and some ducks in this interview.

      (did this really warrant a 3 day wait for an announcement?)

    • Sixer says:

      If only it could be a fetish wear fashion shoot. I would be so happy.

      Sadly, Miss J, I think we can pretty much say he isn’t. I need a new marshwiggle type for my list but my Puddletom substitute is off the air too. Suggestions? Blond, slightly effete (or just non-macho would do) with legs – along those lines, please.

  5. GeeMoney says:

    Worst teaser ever. Hope the Dragonflies/Hiddlestoners are resting easier today.

  6. blue marie says:

    It would be easier for me to believe that he’s gay (no I don’t think he is) than think he’s engaged from knocking someone up. With all the catering to the Dragonflies, when would he have the time? (In my imagination, he has a special Dragonfly phone and whenever the number is dialed a green light flashes on in his apartment and he gets up to dance or recite poetry (Shakespeare?) of some sort that is then transmitted to the Dragonfly tumblr)

  7. Penny says:

    How on earth did this become such a big deal? Magazines like Elle always use that type of language before they announce a big interview or a cover or a guest editor etc. Right now I have three big fashion mags talking up celebrity related ‘exclusives’ on my feed…this isn’t something unusual, the news is always that such and such is featured in the upcoming issue.

    Celebrities don’t announce engagement’s or wedding’s or baby’s via a magazine like Elle’s Twitter account.

  8. windy says:

    Awwwwww…..No FEBREEZE endorsement then???? *sulks*

    Why do I get the feeling that Elle’s idea of a “revealing” interview involves Tommy being half naked?

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I’ll pitch the whole Febreeze thing to Tom when I talk to him about the singing/dancing birthday video. I think it has to happen for the sake of stale fabric everywhere…

      Do we get to choose which half we get to see naked (ooooooh, sealed section!!)

      • windy says:

        Yes please pitch the idea to him. Tell him we need a new Febreeze fragrance. And since Benny will most likely wear the same black sweater when he does Hamlet, that poor piece of fabric will need freshening up with Loki-scented Febreeze. Hmm…actually while you’re pitching that idea to Tommy, you should pitch the same idea to Benny. Tell Benny that Sherlock-scented Febreeze is a must-buy, and both him and Tommy can be co-endorsers of Febreeze and split whatever fees/royalties etc. We Cumberflies will wholeheartedly support the new Febreeze scents.

    • jammypants says:

      I like the half naked idea

  9. pretzel says:

    While this is an anti climax in every sense of the word, i really don’t get why people are surprised or disappointed. Didn’t we dragonflies already decide in the earlier post that the announcement was going to be something of this sort? I think elle actually surprised me with the short film bit. Revelaing probably will end up being nothing but a set of birung q and a’s where tommyanne can wax lyrical about optimisim, living your life and rainbow crapping unicorns.

  10. Miss M says:

    As one of the Dragonfly Goddesses, I hereby request the presence of the official Dragonfly Goddesses for a Dragonfly Order Meeting to discuss the misuse of our name and (Lack of) future plans for the Order.
    ps: Meeting is occurring at the Secret room in Thornfield.

  11. pru says:

    An interview? A photoshoot?
    Well, someone did their job well.

  12. jammypants says:

    Why does the daddy issue keep cropping up? He doesn’t have them, at least not imo O.o

    • penny says:

      I know! @jammypants

      I am hoping to be honest Tom talks about some new stuff, and Elle just don’t repeat the same conversations that appeared in the Telegraph and London Evening Standard.

      So come on Tom, ‘reveal’ something juicy. I still think he will come clean about his secret girlfriend.

      • jammypants says:

        I’m with you on this. We do need something new and not rehashed. Whoever came up with the half naked photoshoot idea up there…I support that notion :D

      • MissMary says:

        He’d have already been seen with someone legit by now and rumors would be in the tabs if he had a secret gf, unless he was keeping her locked away in Dragonfly Central or something. I’m sure the ‘revealing’ part will be how sad he is about something, or how his trip to Africa changed his life, something emotional and not really news.

      • penny says:


        God I hope not, no more charity stuff. I think it’s commendable but I am not interested.

        I just can’t keep thinking, if I was Jane Arthy, [go me] I’d posted to my Twitter page, ‘sod off’ I am not dating him. Why keep quiet? knowing its flaming the fans, and rearing its head every three months. Not too mention how it must affect her day job.

      • Froop says:

        Apparently she knows/is cosy with his PR team so was probably advised by Luke & co to say nothing. Helps to keep the interest/mystery and fan embers burning.
        She works in promo and has tons of friends in PR so knows how it works.

      • kaisei says:

        @ Froop how is following every twitter account related to him, not to mention his fans, keeping it quiet?

      • Luna says:

        What good would that gain? Admiting to something he kept denying about. Nothing says im a fame whore than doing an exclusive interview about someone you said you weren’t seeing.
        Give him some credit penny

      • 'p'enny says:


        I really want to give him some credit, believe me. But, on this i don’t think he is the sharpest tool in box. It’s just feels odd.

      • allons-y alonso says:

        Pffftt.. I doubt they are in a relationship. They would have been regularly spotted together by now and Lord knows, Hiddleston can’t keep his mouth shut. Thor 2 and Coriolanus publicity would have been the right opportunity for a ‘ta-daa’ moment and it would have blown over quickly. They are probably close friends or FWB. I hope I’m wrong but the Arthy girl sounds a tad creepy with all this twitter crap. Plus, If I were seeing somebody and they went to on to say quite publicly that they were single I’d reply ‘wish granted’. That’s not okay. As one of the comments says below, ” no man is worth surrender of self-respect”.

        It’s a little sad, really. All this PR bulls**t completely overshadows a very good actor’s professional life and shades some poor girl’s personal one.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      He is the poster child for Daddy issues. Needy, needy, approval seeking, trouble with boundaries, etc.

  13. Maya says:

    I do think he will slip in there that he’s seeing someone.

  14. Marianne says:

    How “revealing” will this interview be, exactly? Artistic nude pics, maybe?

  15. joespider says:

    Hopefully Tom will have said “please no comments about Eton,Oxbridge because he is probably is sick of the questions as we are.

  16. Julia says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but personally I think that he’s gonna actually say something on his relationship status in the interview: not something steady as an engagement or a baby, but probably a girlfriend. After all, he was seen with miss Arthy in two occasions (Wimbledon in July and outside the BFI in December, plus the rumor about OLLA premiere in October) and her name was written in GQ interview (that was surely check by his PR) and others. I obviously don’t know anything about, but my personal thought is that after months of a more-or-less serious relationship, he took the decision to going more “public” and say it (as he actually proclaimed before). I repeat: just IMHO.

  17. Hiddles forever says:

    Much ado about nothing…

    Ah, I would have liked to witness a dragonfly kindgdom meltdown..

    I guess that Elle UK is not bought by anyone and they have to resort to this to sell their magasine… Maybe Katie Price was not available for another exclusive..

    Just bit disappointed Tom agreed for an exclusive interview with Elle, getting a Remora vibe from him… Oh well, whatever floats his boat at this point….

  18. Kelly says:

    I just wish he’d come out already, so I can restore my faith in stereotypical prejudice. He’s the gayest non-gay man I’ve encountered in the media.

  19. browniecakes says:

    New? Exclusive? I’m in. The TH fashion photoshoots usually give us the giggles (and new nicknames). A promise of an article without a Tupperware of used quotes/topics? Let’s have it. I read the black keys, white keys metaphor one more time I am tossing my Hiddlefizzles.

  20. WendyNerd says:

    I was actually kind of hoping this was true just because you know the verbose, cutesy, elaborate speeches from him would have been HILARIOUS if he was engaged/having a kid. First, it wouldn’t just be an engagement/wedding, it would have to the most EPIC ROMANCE OF ALL TIME. This woman, whoever she might be, couldn’t just be some nice girl he’s compatible with. She’d have to be some sort of veritable goddess (well, according to him, anyways). There would be a ton of excellent humble-bragging about how he is not worthy of such a brilliant love-nymph. How he’s the Bottom to her Titania. He would describe her as having the beauty of Olivia, the wily of Rosalind, the wit of Beatrice, the virtue and devotion of Desdemona, and the strength of Hippolyta. Or some other such sh*t. It would take him months to realize that she poops. The tweeting would be hysterical enough, but add in the interviews. And then the baby. God forbid he have a girl. Upon her birth he’d blog Cramner’s speech about baby Elizabeth I from the last act of Henry VIII. We’d get nonstop instagrams/twitpics of him doing that baby’s hair and sh*t.

    It would be hilarious.

  21. Luna says:

    Here’s what Tommy should of said in regards to the rumored girlfriend.
    “She’s just a really good friend and that is all. I’m still single”

    That way he still appearing to be single to his fans and acknowledging Jane.
    If they do end up in a relationship, it wouldn’t of come as a shock to some fans and by them they would of been used to her by then. Almost certainly they would get respect and privacy because it was never a big issue in the first place.

    If Her job is what everyone says it is, then she probably has dealt with much more worde in her job then a few hormonal fans.
    She’s also not keeping her liking for Tommy a secret either.

    Because of the way it went about, it would be impossible for Tommy to admit is dating her now without looking like a fool. I wouldn’t blame some fans if they felt he’d lied to them. They would then then feel he might of lied about other things too.

    You can’t blame fans all the time

    • Ash says:

      I agree, if it the “big announcement” is that he is dating. No would be surprised since he is a grown man. But, he did take a rather poor route if that is the case. He doesn’t strike me as someone who would make an announcement that he is seriously dating someone in a magazine layout. I won’t lie, if he does turn out to be that type, I may have just lost some respect.

      I just discovered this man, and have been researching more about his roles. This guy is fascinating. Smart, talented, and funny. If he is dating, the girl is lucky. Minus the crazy fangirls.

      Of course, if I had a shot at dating something that comes off like he does in interviews and the like, I would just put up with the fangirls. Wouldn’t be happy, but would put up with it.

  22. Dani says:

    Arthy follows all projects tom is in: movies, magazines Like evenings standard just after coriolanus press night, allan carr couple of days before toms show, she follows his fans, then after a few days unfollows them. She had followed the love app lady after she mentioned that tom night be dating, then quickly unfollowed her. Toms assistant olly auld follows her. Elle’s Annabelle who wrote the last article followed Luke windsor and arthy, but quickly unfollowed her.she is still following luke though. I bet she wants to go public with the relationship, maybe it’s tom who wants to keep things secret after what happened to susannah and sian. A friend of arthy wrote to her on twitter, that it was nice to jest mr arthy. So she’s having a boyfriend. Im more than sure that boyfriend is tom.

    • Luna says:

      I’ve noticed that she only seems to make an appearance when the gay rumor circulate again.
      That friend mention was at an event that Tommy didn’t attend because he wasn’t on the country at the time.
      Why would he want to keep her quiet? What gain would that do? It must be very unhealthy relationship not to mention resentment if he is keeping her secret.

      Stupid PR stunt all way round. Fan baiting and malnipualtion around. It’s actually putting me off him (not him being in a relationship but his PR)

      I knew people would turn to secret girlfriend speculation.

      Sorry about the rant. It might be because I’ve had too much dizzy water and I’m sick of the whole secret girlfriend thing

    • Ash says:

      There is a possibility that he is dating her. But there is also the possibility that they are just really close friends. We won’t know for sure either way until someone comes out and says it. It doesn’t seem to spew his love life around, but he doesn’t seem to hold back a lot either, at least from what I have read and seen. Given, I am a new fan. Not a fangirl, an actual fan of his work.

      I’m not sure how I would feel about a significant other that would follow fans and then unfollow them over a few days. That’s sounds like insecurity. Then again, that’s me.

      If they are dating. Good luck to them, and may the fangirls not go overly crazy if he announces it in the interview. Although, I feel that news would have already broke, but one never knows for sure.

    • 'p'enny says:

      Arthy is close to the DJ – Edith Bowman and she was at Coriolanus around Christmas and twittered about being there. Girls night out?

      That’s my bit of far-reaching, over-reading, totally ‘not’ linked Twitter research.

    • kaisei says:

      Luna, Most of all, it’s not quiet at all, go on Arthy’s twitter page and check the last tweet she favoured. If following accounts related to him, his friends, his fans wasn’t enough, she also favourites things that says very clearly she is not indifferent. But clearly he is. Maybe he employes her as PR counselor :)

      • frat says:

        I used to be aware of this fact, I know I’m not alone in this.

      • Dani says:

        I think it’s pretty obvious they are together. Or maybe arthy is just a crazy crazy fangirl.
        Luna, i think the mentioning of mr arthy was when tom was in london . Correct me if i’m wrong.

      • 'p'enny says:

        Arthy is following OLLA.

        They could be close friends and operate in the same social circles.

        But, i put my last £ on the timing of the Elle tweet and the stopping of SD at Coriolanus is because the shit is going to hit the fan this week. He’s coming out of the closest with Jane. And about time. I for one will cheering for him and wishing the best.

        @Luna. I wouldn’t be to happy kept in the dark for several months. But, Tom in my bed i might just play the long game ;-)

        I will defend his acting and him personally against sweeping statements about his daddy issues and ‘other’ amateur psychology type statements -sorry- till the crows comes home. But his love -life is PR mess. I can’t wait to read the ‘protecting’ his GF stuff.

        If i am wrong… i will eat some hats

      • MissThing says:

        If he does come out saying he is dating her… I feel really bad for her. I really truly do.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        I’m sorry, no man is worth surrender of self-respect.

        I can understand it if SHE has been the one who wants to keep it quiet to keep her privacy, as a civilian. But that does not explain the roadmap to Tom y’all are describing her twitter account to be. That sounds like someone who wants everyone to know she is sleeping with him.

        If he asked her to keep it quiet, that’s a character issue.

        If he’s revealing in a magazine announcement, also a character issue. And immature, and ridiculous.

        Sounds like two people who care a lot about what everyone else thinks to me. Gross.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @MissThing Did he discuss her during your conversations?

    • belle says:

      The whole thing with her is so weird to me… If I was his girlfriend, I wouldn’t go following and favoriting everything to do with him on Twitter, especially if it was supposed to be a secret relationship.

    • Roberta says:

      Luna/Kaisei – now I know it’s not just me who thinks there’s a whole pr to this hookup. What you’ve described is what I’ve thought about this for months now. I think the tennis pics were a pr stunt to put off gay rumours, that sort of backfired. And ever since it’s just a convenient hook-up (i.e. proximity and trust) with someone who won’t spill (although from her twitter it’s obvious she’s into him) I’m guessing she knows all about his pr strategy (it’s her job).

      Dani, the tweet about mr arthy was the Q awards. Tom was not there, he was at the Thor 2 premiere that night and left early and went abroad the next day, as I recall (it’s really sad that I know all this…)

    • Hiddles forever says:

      If she did…. that is very, very sad.

  23. frat says:

    He puts himself in a very embarrassing situations

  24. Kate says:

    He was seen “hitting on” several women in Toronto, and on his most recent press tour. Not to mention he did attend a New Years Eve party solo. If they were friends it would make sense why she was so supportive but why he kept insisting he was single, keep in mind this is the man that seems to have an infinite amount of female friends as well. I am not aware of any woman who would be okay with what he said in GQ or stated he was single, when he simply could have stated no comment. So, these two being friends would explain quite a bit actually.

  25. Luna says:

    @Penny I would kick him out of my bed if he did that to me. I have more self respect for myself.

    On the Jane subject (my last comment on this pr mess)
    Who’s seen ‘he’s just not that into you?’
    Someone needs to see it instead of behaving like a fangirl from tumblr.

    more importantly I want to start a rumor that bunny has gone missing because he’s having an affair with Chris

    • Roberta says:

      It seems a few posters here don’t understand the concept of “friends with benefits”. Hooking-up once every 1-2 months does not a relationship make.

      Luna, I’m disappointed this news was not the announcement of TommyAnne’s fashion line, wholly inspired by Bunny. Velveteen, angora, and several identical white t-shirts, white shirts (+ light blue and dark blue of course).

      • Luna says:

        Hmm FWB don’t usually get taken to public events and follow everything on twitter relating to them. They would be very discrete but then again a girlfriend would be very discrete on twitter as well so…..

        @roberta I was distraught that Tommy wasn’t bringing out a fashion line inspired by bunny.
        My real interest lies in what is going on between bunny and Chris’s bunny. Bunny needs no dirty Pr tactics
        Also the boyband rumor is pretty interesting too. I can’t wait ;-)

  26. No Angel says:

    Beyond her PR day job, Jane Arthy manages a couple of artists. Clive Mansell (who has strong connections with Marvel) being one of them. Tom Hiddleston is rumoured to be wanting to launch a music career. There’s a possibility that she’s helping/managing this side of his career.

    I’m just wanted to add that to the mix ( long time lurker with something finally to say).

  27. ItSetsYou says:

    On an unrelated note – is “blow me down” some common British expression? I nearly fell off my chair when I was reading that twit about him having over 1 mil followers … English isn’t my first language, so you can imagine the amusement :)

    • Lucrezia says:

      Yeah, “blow me down” is very common UK slang for “I’m utterly surprised”. Longer versions would be “blow me down with a feather” or “you could’ve knocked me over with a feather”. Basically: I’m so stunned, I’m about to fall over.

      Someone a generation or two older than Hiddles might even shorten it to “blow me” and still mean “I’m totally surprised”, but the US meaning has definitely spread so I think a younger Brit would use “blow me” and “blow me down” with two very separate definitions.

    • belle says:

      While we’re on the subject, does anyone have any idea what “slice me with hot buttered toast” means?

  28. LAB says:

    The poor man can’t have a personal life without the press trying to marry him off and make him a dad in the same sentence. I like Hiddleston’s work. He seems to put a lot of preparation and effort into his roles. What am I missing with the Dragonfly reference? I don’t understand the term – previous work?

    • lunchcoma says:

      It’s to a picture of him in an extremely twee jacket embroidered with the insect in question.

      It’s actually a rather flattering picture in some ways, but adding an extra scoop of twee to Tom Hiddleston results in an overload.

    • Luna says:

      To be fair @lab he or his PR brought it on partly themselves by bringing her to a public event then denying all knowledge. If he was having a meal or on holiday with her, then I would defend his right of privacy to the end and it would be wrong for the press and us to speculate.
      Most of us are now questioning the Pr motives.

      Dragonflies reference- see previous CB post photos.

      New information on bunny is that he might be involved with Chris’s velvet bunny jacket, although there has only been one sighting of them together. Keep everyone updated.

  29. Kate says:

    Have we learned nothing about Elle and reading to much into wording? They manipulate the wording in a tweet causing his fans and some others to think he is getting married and/or having a child, then they announce an interview using the word “revealing” and the jumping to conclusions begin again. Obviously this mag is just manipulating when and where they can because they know it works. Not to mention how many mags say exclusive or revealing? Almost every single one.

    Also as someone who has said his ‘peace’ about his relationship status, I don’t think it’s going to please anyone. He states he is single, and no one believes him so why say anything else? Not to mention are we really jumping to the conclusion that a man who wants to obviously keep quite about his dating life suddenly decides to do an interview and ‘reveal’ something. Highly doubtful.

  30. Pretzel says:

    Ok…just wondering out loud here. Did anybody here actually ever see them together after Wimbledon? Other than, “my friend saw them together” or something like that, I haven’t actually seen anything concrete about them after Wimbledon. Seeing those I would have believed they were together. But, given how crazy his fans are, I am surprised that there never was any other photo. It can be that they want to keep it super quite and they have agreed that he would say that he is single and there was “nothing to write home about”. But I don’t get why the article actually mentioned her name specifically if they were told he was single. Everything about them is effin weird about this pair. You don’t normally take your fwb to a super public event and then not give any explanation or even a flimsy excuse like “we are friends”. When will Luke ever learn to do proper PR? I believe the Jessica Chastain rumor was also an exhibition of his “clever” PR skills.
    On a different note, does this Jane arthy look older than Tommy? Not that there is anything wrong with her being older, just wondering. She also has a very interesting face, as in she looks different in every picture somehow. (lazy day at work makes you observe weird stuff, i tell you)

    • Luna says:

      @Pretzel apparently there was a supposed sighting at BFI after the Sherlock premier. However the girl had her face covered and from the video and accounts they didn’t behave like a couple.

      I’m in agreement that the whole thing is ‘effing weird’ between them but surly Tommy would of known the fuss and speculation when he took her to Wimbledon in the first place. Don’t want to comment about it? Don’t take her to a public event! This is what is strange.

      But everyone could be wrong and Jane could simply be a friend. A friend that is more interested in him then he is in her. Probably too gutless to tell her straight. Still bad in my book.

      Back to the boyband rumor, can we add Hardy and Hunman to the band?

    • Kate says:

      Not really. Someone thought they seen them shopping for cards but no one seen her face and the two were in the store for nearly twenty minutes and didn’t touch, hold hands or show any type of affection (another sign that they are most likely friends if it was indeed Arthy) other than that no.

      As someone who knows how the media works my honest guess is when asked by GQ about his personal life they asked in general, as most mags do then during the final edit and through their own investigation and latest hookup rumor added her name to the article. The GQ article was a typical sit down and answer type of interview.

      About a month later Tom performed a very casual interview with the London standard (just Tom and the reporter) where the two walked through London and took a boat ride. Throughout casual conversation (not even a posed question) Tom volunteered he was in fact single. This to me strikes odd more than anything else, it would be one thing if he was asked about his status again and he stated he was single, but this was just a casual back and forth between the reporter where he volunteered the info.

      Not to mention the hitting on women in Toronto or the solo New Year’s Eve party. Heck here’s how I see it, he was photographed with Jane at Wimbledon, once the photographer seen them arrive you know that that particular photographer was keeping an eye on them. Now you figure the match was about 2-3 hours long and the only photo that we have is one where she is slightly touching his arm. Don’t you think if they were new hot couple there would have been a little bit of “hotter” moments this was the best and most intimate photo the photographer for could get of her holding his hand. Everything about them screams friends to me, it would explain a whole lot.

    • kaisei says:

      Kate, I agree with you except that since Luke is in very good terms with GQ I doubt the mention of Arthy name was a later addition, that was done on purpose.
      About the hitting on women in Toronto, that isn’t even a rumour, it’s merely something a troll wrote in a DL thread to annoy Hiddleston’s fans and get rid of them.

    • kaisei says:

      Oh, I forgot, I don’t even think they are friends, I think whatever was going on stopped right after Wimbledon. Why would he follow the ELLEUK journalist that spilled the beans but unfollow Arthy? Especially if they are friends.

  31. joespider says:

    Actually, when i first saw that pic of Tom and Arthy at Wimbledon the impression I got was that she was trying to be lovesy and he was a bit embarrassed. He didn’t look very into her.

    And perhaps he didn’t actually take her to Wimbledon, but bumped into her there. Just a thought.

  32. Lindy79 says:

    Just throwing this out there, and I don’t know much about the Arthy situation other than the Wimbledon pics…it’s possible they had an agreement not to speak about anything until they decided where they stood.
    I know when I’ve dated people in work, it was agreed at the start that we’d keep it to ourselves and see where it went as who can be arsed dealing with everyone knowing then a few months/weeks later you decide that you’re better off as friends and but have to deal with people knowing your business and trying to get gossip.
    I know celebs have a slightly different slant on things but I’d imagine the basis could be the same, see how it goes before going public. It’s not lying per-say, it’s just trying to have some sort of privacy while you see where things end up.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • joespider says:

      Quite. Too many people on here have too much invested in this topic.

      It isn’t actually anyone else’s business what he does/doesn’t do in his private life. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone, and we have no proof that he is.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        It is quite probable that given her behavior; he wants little to do with her and they haven’t dated in six months, which makes this one of those annoying situations in which you are not longer with somebody but everybody continually throws that person in your face without any concern to whether doing so makes you or that other person uncomfortable. People who live in the same area do tend to run into one another and do tend to speak to each other when they do, but that doesn’t necessarily make those two people a couple.

    • Luna says:

      @lindy why take her to a public event in the first place if that’s your theory? It all seems very strange and I don’t envy the relationship they have, it sounds like it’s asking for trouble not to mention a bit toxic.

  33. Maya says:

    The short film could be the kind that Michael Fassbender did for ELLE armani-december-2013-cover#image=1

  34. pretzel says:

    Telegraph has a new article of the sword master of Coriolanus with a few new pictures. And ntlive published a recent photo. He looks good despite the receding hairline. Seems to have put on a bit of weight.

  35. Dani says:

    I wonder if tom admits he,s dating arthy in that new interview. She favourited the elle tweet about the article and interview. In my opinion they are in a relationship. Too mamy facts speak for that.
    How do you know tom attended the nye Party alone?

    • Froop says:

      I’ve never looked at her favourite tweets but she’s not exactly keeping anything quiet with this:

      “@UberFacts: The brain naturally craves 4 things: Food, Sex, Water and Sleep.” And Tom Hiddleston. Not necessarily in that order.”

      Idk whether she likes people talking about her or what at this point. To be honest I think they’re coupled up and she is sitting back, eating popcorn and giggling at the drama.

      • Dani says:

        Yeah, that’s what i think too. They are definitelly a couple. She probably enjoys all this. Maybe they will make their red carpet debut at the baftas. I wonder what her/their valentine days tweet are going to be like.

      • frat says:

        So he’s a liar? *Hand-rubbing waiting for tumblr meltdown*

      • Miss Melissa says:

        I suspect they’ve been together all along. If not, that GQ comment is biting.

        Nothing wrong with that. But the cloak and dagger stuff is immature, on both their parts. And favoriting that tweet is very in your face. Classy.

        I doubt seriously she’s the one who wanted to keep it quiet. So either he’s been hedging publicly about it, and she’s been dropping hints with her twitter all along, or she’s more invested. Neither is flattering for either of them

        So much BS. Life is too short for such nonsense.

        Either talk about it, or simply say you want to keep your private life private. His evasive behavior about it in the press does not reflect well. And now he’s going to come clean in some great declaration in Elle (which I now think if her favorited tweets are true)? Tacky.

      • Froop says:

        I think they’ve been together since last spring ish.

        He told the Evening Standard he was single but I think that was a purposeful lie. He didn’t want to rile up the fangirls or upset Tumblr during his huge Thor 2 press tour.
        But a smaller film like Only Lovers Left alive needs all the attention it can get so going public and causing some drama would grab plenty of attention for the film and get more press.
        Tommy just stinks of PR to me these days. I don’t know what her deal is, but following everything and literally everything, not just films but award shows he presents at and magazines he does a one-off interview with is just weird. Plus she follows other fans and favourites their tweets. Strange behaviour for someone supposedly secretly screwing him.

      • Other Kate says:

        Forgive my idiocy, but where are you seeing said tweet on Arthy’s twitter?

        I can’t imagine the lack of self-respect this woman must have to agree to being publicly ignored by her boyfriend and to be okay with two denials this past fall that he was in a relationship.

        She must be d-ckmatized. Hell, I probably would be too. Hah.

      • 'p'enny says:

        When did she type that? recently? she is having a laugh. I love her already. :-D She’s reading this thread. :-D

      • Froop says:

        Her list of favorite tweets is here, note the Elle magazine announcement at the top just a few hours ago

      • Roberta says:

        btw the one Froop copied above was from a week ago (I think she’d had a few drinks)

      • Luna says:

        @froop if she is doing that then she is one sad immature woman. That is childish in my books not to mention it’s fan baiting, it’s also disrespectful towards Tommy. She obviously doesn’t really care about him

  36. Luna says:

    Wow all theses comments and all because of some bad PR and ill advised actions.

    Has anybody got the link to the telegraph article?

    Now I’m double upset that he’s going to be wearing boring Armani instead of one of his quirky outfits.

    Frebreze should support a night at the Dormer given one of the actors has been using their products. Coriolanus can do an ad spot in the middle of it

  37. frat says:

    She acts like a fangirl, why why a GF must to do this? Sorry I can’t understand, I’m too old for this

  38. Kate says:

    The New Years Eve info came from the Brother of the woman (she runs a theatre production company) who threw the party. Honestly IMO there are No facts that point to these two dating, so she favors tweets here and there about him, so did Sian and they were friends. It just is too weird, I am aware of no man who states he is single (to 3 magazines) parties alone, hits on other women ( at comic con, during his press tour) and is NEVER seen out with this woman if they were in a serious relationship. I would bet every dime I have on them being FWB after all I’ve read, as in she is more into him than he is to her. I mean the man is seen out by a fan almost every day at a cafe or somewhere and he is always alone, don’t you think we would have at least had one other person have a clear sighting by now? I don’t know it could say friends, it could say FWB, and it kind of makes her look desperate but it doesn’t look like a “loving” relationship at all.

    • 'p'enny says:

      some of the cast of Corolianus posted that they went to E-train, Hoxton Hall, a small theatre production. They were throwing a NYE party. Maybe Tom went with them. It is small theatre, and Ruth Wilson has a play on there, she is the crazy actress from Luther but also Tom’s co-star in Surburban Shootout. A totally mad, but very funny comedy. Well worth a look at some of the clips on You Tube.

  39. Mara says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re still dating after reading her tweets.

  40. Mara says:

    She’s reading this thread. She’s mocking with his crazy fans.

  41. Gala says:

    Dating him or not, she sounds as pathetic as some of his ‘crazy’ fans, who are mostly teenagers, and she’s a grown woman, right?

  42. Juti says:

    So Jane, you’re not fug but you’re certainly not a beauty either, so tell us what makes you so special!! Do not be shy! ;)

  43. Luna says:

    How do you know she’s reading this thread? Wouldn’t she have better things to do? If she does then she is sad and desperate that she has to result to fan sites to get information about her boyfriend

  44. Lilacflowers says:

    I have learned so much reading this thread:
    1. If you have had one or two dates with somebody, you are no longer single;
    2. If you haven’t been seen with somebody for six months, you are secretly engaged to that person;
    3. If you say you are single after having one or two dates with a person, you are a liar;
    4. If somebody you dated once or twice months ago obsesses over you, it is your fault and you are treating him or her badly and you are in a secret romantic relationship with that person, whether you have a restraining order or not;
    5. If you attend a sporting event with someone; you are telling the world that you are in a committed relationship that will survive having nothing to do with one another for six months;
    6. monthly magazines, which are mocked up months in advance, are now used to announce engagements and secret pregnancies, which would have become obvious to everyone during the time the magazine issue was being developed;
    7. monthly magazines, which have a routine way of announcing their articles, are manipulating people if they follow that routine when the subject of one their articles has an insane fan base;
    8. it is the subject’s fault if the fan base is insane because adult women cannot be held responsible for their actions or their out-of-control imaginations, delicate creatures that we are.
    Now, if you excuse me, according to what I’ve learned on this thread, I am now married to Chris Evans because I sat behind him at a Celtics game several months ago and his uncle is my congressional representative and I have driven through his hometown numerous times on the way to my cousin’s house. I must go follow all his followers on Twitter because, according to this thread, that is what secret wives and secret girlfriends do.

  45. Lau says:

    She followed an account a few days ago that is basically a feed of CB articles. Of course she’s reading this. If you look at her twitter, most of the accounts she follows (that aren’t related to her job), will have tweeted about Hiddleston recently in some capacity. Judging by that, and her favourites, she doesn’t seem to hide the fact she’s sitting searching his name on there constantly.

    Someone needs to take twitter away from her, she gives me such secondhand cringe.

  46. Miss Melissa says:

    It’s called Celebitchy.

    This is not a hard news site. It’s a gossip site. By definition, that means speculation. And projection.

    Why so serious?

    Why so angry?

    Why take it so personally?

  47. Gin Princess says:

    Projection happens but I really hate that a lot of people are essentially taking a girl no one knows anything about and slamming her for supposed behaviours and presumed actions. It’s such nastiness.

    With all that’s been written on this thread – would YOU come out publically as his girlfriend? Until you were really sure it was a serious relationship, would you voluntarily put yourself up for this kind of public analysis? Because I sure as shit wouldn’t…

    • luna says:

      To be fair Gin she has only herself to blame beacause of her actions on twitter. I could understand your point if she didn’t do any of that or set her twitter to private. But she didn’t so left it open for debate.

      I wouldn’t want to be his girlfriend anyway by the way he’s behaved in this matter.

    • joespider says:

      And if you were Tom would you keep things quiet too?

      • Kelly says:

        If I were Tom I’d be lying on a yacht somewhere in Bali, sipping my rum cocktail, surrounded by sexy single fellas and flirting shamelessly whilst preparing for another night out partying in style! That’s what I’d be doing.
        Dammit I just realized I’d be sleazy Fassy or DiCaprio if I were famous, well damn…
        Oh well, at least they’re talented

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And slamming a guy for the woman’s behavior simply because they have decided that the two are a couple because they were once seen on a date months ago and a single date means you are forever together even though the guy said differently.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      With all that is written on this thread, I’m surprised he hasn’t join a monastery because so many women out there seem to have some really bizarre ideas about what constitutes a relationship and how people are supposed to behave in these “secret relationships” that quite possibly do not exist.

      • DahliaDee says:

        Lilacflowers, to be fair, I suspect at least one or two posters are Hiddles diddles DL threads regulars as well, judging by their writing style and interestingly particular (mis)use of grammar; and from what I remember on those occasions, they played their part in taking said threads off the rails.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I know nothing of Jane Arthy, but based on what has been said here about her, I sense perhaps she is on the TH payroll and her job is to follow what is being said about Tom on the internet and maybe reporting back to him if anything disturbing comes up?? With some of his fans almost having a full time job knowing every detail about his life, following him everywhere and of course whatever happened at the Donmar the other night, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting a heads up that things were out there and going to cause him a headache.

      Tom needs someone watching his back. He has done nothing wrong in this whole Elle incident and yet he is getting slammed for his “behavior”. Now his friend is being dragged into it too.

  48. luna says:

    The interview is out on the ntlive show day. He will probably won’t even mention anything revealing if he’s supposed to be a private person.

    Twittergate. Who knows? From what I see is a public twitter account of a fangirl. If she didn’t want anyone to see it the account would be private.

    People are commenting on Tommy’s behavior IF he had a secret girlfriend,(I’m not saying he does. )As it does come across as disrespectful

    I think it should be laid to rest now. If it is all a PR stunt let’s not give them the satisfaction by being drawn into it.

  49. pretzel says:

    I think after reading this thread, i know every possible explanation of this “relationship” and the behavior exhibited by both parties involved in said relationship. Gotta say, i used to enjoy the daddy issues theories much better. I am still hoping that by revealing, they meant there would be nudity involved. That at least would more original than most of his recent interviews.
    P.s. out of curiosity, i checked out JA’s twitter account. and..just wow. If she is indeed just a crazy fan, I think she’s having the time of her life with all the attention and thanking her stars for the day she sat beside Thomas in Wimbledon.

  50. pretzel says:

    Ntlive released a most recent picture of him yesterfay. I can’t seem to be able to post the link here. He looks even more filled out and a bit angry there. Me loves Angry and Intense Hiddles.

  51. pretzel says:

    Just so you nice people know, ntlive just released a video of TH working outout. And yeah, it’s every bit as delicious as you’d want it to be, just sayin’

  52. Dani says:

    Wow, jane favourited a fans tweet about coriolanus. I wonder when she is going to favourite toms jaguar add. Maybe around super bowl. I wonder if tom is going to say Anything about her in that elle interview.

  53. pretzel says:

    Whoever’s tapping that shit, my heartiest congratulations!!

  54. Gin Princess says:

    Yes, having seen Coriolanus in December and the flimsy white robe he was clearly going commando under at one point – I wholeheartedly concur…

    • pretzel says:

      @gin princess…really? I’ve heard about the shower scene. While initially people said it was there to amuse the fangirls, ultimately mostmost people agreed that a) it was a way to show the physical pain and b) also, probably served as a quick way to clean him up. This robe scene..what’s your take on it? Necessity or a just a fangirl indulgence?

  55. Gin Princess says:

    Being honest, i do not think that any part of that production was to pander to fan girls, not one second. The shower was absolutely non-gratuitus and a very powerful scene. And there wasn’t enough water to clean him up ha ha! The robe is all about Coriolanus showing he’s a humble servant of the people, which he isn’t. I don’t see a need for him to be naked beneath it – although it would denote humility. I feel bad for appreciating it more than was decent :)