Lupita Nyong’o danced with Benedict Cumberbatch to Lionel Richie at the SAGs


We, as a society, cannot get enough of Lupita Nyong’o. It’s actually making me worry. This young woman is so flawless, so funny, so charming, so beautiful, so gamine and so game, I worry that she’s going to make one small mistake and everyone is going to jump on it and yell “SEE, SHE’S NOT PERFECT, I HATE HER.” Can Lupita keep this up for another five weeks of Oscar campaigning? *fingers crossed*

As for how the press is treating her… well, she’s leaving a wake of lovesick puppies every time she walks out of a press room. I swear, she’s getting better press than Jennifer Lawrence. The NY Times just published a fluff piece about how Lupita is adored by everyone and how she’s going to charm her way into an Oscar. The best part? After the SAG Awards, she was dancing with Benedict Cumberbatch. To a Lionel Richie song. OH. MY. GOD. Some people are shipping Lupita and Jared Leto, some are shipping Lupita and Leonardo, but now I want Lupita and Cumberbatch to happen. PLEASE. I will do anything. I’m offering $50 and boob photos to make Benedict and Lupita happen. Some highlights from the NYT piece:

…Lupita got teary in her televised [SAG] acceptance speech, then sang and lit birthday candles at the after-party, still dressed in her turquoise Gucci gown. A steady parade of actors turned fans, like Michelle Dockery of “Downton Abbey” (they share a stylist) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family” (he voted for her, he said) lined up to pose for photos and deliver kudos. In between, she and her “12 Years” cast mate Benedict Cumberbatch danced to a Lionel Richie song.

In her audition, Mr. McQueen counseled Ms. Nyong’o that despite her suicidal suffering, Patsey is not noble. “That was something that he repeated, and I repeated to myself thereafter,” she said. “She was just simple, and she was just trying to get by on a daily basis. She’s not sentimental about her pain.” To play that, Ms. Nyong’o added, “I had to have the same kind of attitude.”

Ms. Nyong’o lost the Golden Globe to Ms. Lawrence, but followed in her footsteps as a designer darling: She is a face of Miu Miu’s spring collection. Still, she said that the tumult of attention that comes with being a cover girl is overwhelming. “I think everything in my life has prepared me for this,” she said of playing Patsey, “and then nothing has prepared me for the red carpet.”

You wouldn’t know it to see her there, or hoisting a statuette. Unlike other Oscar hopefuls on the circuit, Ms. Nyong’o admitted that she prepared remarks. “I think about it,” she said at the Screen Actors Guild after-party. “You have a one-in-five chance” of winning, she added, and besides, she wanted to do right in her gratitude.

Those speeches have been a study in graciousness — emotional (she cries easily), thoughtful (at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she thanked the film’s screenwriter, costume designer and makeup artist by name, details noted by Academy voters, especially those in the below-the-line craft ranks) and personal. She dedicated an award to an uncle and acknowledged her parents — her father is Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, a prominent Kenyan politician, and her mother, Dorothy Nyong’o, is the managing director and head of public relations at the Africa Cancer Foundation — thanking her family for keeping it real.

[From The NY Times]

I love that she admits that she thinks about what she would say if she wins. There’s a fine line and I’m not even going to pretend I don’t judge actors for either being too prepared (Anne Hathaway) to win or for being completely befuddled and weird when they win (Jacqueline Bisset). I also hate it when people bring up a written speech. That’s one of my biggest peeves, especially for actors who get paid to memorize their lines. If you want to prepare a speech, memorize it for the love of God. But so far, I’ve enjoyed Lupita’s acceptance speeches. She is very gracious, funny and just the right kind of emotional.

A few nights ago, Lupita made her first late-night talk show appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jimmy this smitten with a guest before. Part 1 has Lupita talking about meeting Leonardo, Part 2 has her talking about her background and her first trip to America, watching cheesy American TV, playing video games and her first terrifying trip on a rollercoaster.



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  1. Kelly says:


    Her dress choices are amazing every single time, and she looks sooo effin beautiful at every award show!

    And congrats to Sherlock for finally getting the chance on the dance floor, lol

  2. AG-UK says:

    I’d bet it was “Dancing on the Ceiling” ooh never could I even get movitvated to move to Lionel Ritchie unless it was his Commodores days… Brick House.

  3. bns says:

    I love her so much. She was adorable on Jimmy Fallon last night.

  4. blue marie says:

    I would like to think the song is “Dancing on the Ceiling”. She is so lovely.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Gah! She’s perfect. She was dancing with Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m not sure I can contain myself.

  6. Leah says:

    She is way too gorgeous for benedict. And besides he likes basic blonde russian models.

  7. Kali says:

    I will own the fact that what I am about to say makes me sound like a lechy lechy pervert.

    Sweet Jesus, her body in that red dress? Insane!

  8. Greata says:

    She is exquisite. lovely, charming, classy, and gracious. Go Lupita!!

  9. Stoosh says:

    It’s obvious that the world needs a Lupita Leto union and the cosmic forces will allow nothing else. Who is this Benedict person you speak of?

    • Leah says:

      No he is a 40 something Hollywood douche from Uncle terry circles thats been with Lohan and Paris Hilton and a string of those type of girls… She seems educated, humble and sweet. She deserves better than that.

      • JWQ says:

        I second that! I wouldn’ t touch Leto with a stick, and she is more beautiful, classy and probably smarter than I am. The last thing she needs is that prick!

      • Dani says:

        @Leah – yikes, harsh much??? Why pass on those kind of accusations when the ONLY known fling Cumberbatch had was the russian model? He also doesn’t roll with Uncle Terry, Lohan or Hilton – he doesn’t even live in LA. And fyi he’s 37.

      • GizmoGadget says:


        I think Leah is referring to Leto, not Cumby…? Let is older and I think has been linked to Uncle Terry, etc.

        Cumby is too busy accepting awards in his swim trunks and being adorable, natch ;)

      • Dani says:

        Based on her previous comments…pretty sure it was towards BC.

      • JWQ says:

        Cumberbatch doesn’ t hang around Terry Richardson (for now), and as far as I know has never been linked to Hilton or Lohan! Leto often works with Richardson and is rumored to have had a flirt with Lohan (I didn’ t know about Hilton, but I wouldn’ t be surprised, all considering). I do think she was referring to Leto. Why do you think she was talking about Cumberbatch when the examples she provided are about things Leto reportedly does and BC does not?

        Anyway, I thought about Leto, and that’ s the prick I was referring to! I am neutral towards Cumberbatch.

      • Leah says:

        Dear Dani, my reply was in response to someone who mentioned Leto, i thought that was pretty clear since Benedict is not a friend of Terry nor has he got any past flings with the likes of Lohan or Hilton. :lol:

      • Aysla says:

        Based on what she actually *said*, it’s very clearly Jared Leto. He’s 42, he’s hooked up with Paris Hilton (there are pictures) and Lindsay Lohan (when they filmed Chapter 27), and he recently did a photoshoot with pervy Terry Richardson. Dude is great to look at, but I agree he’s too douchey for Lupita.

      • Ash says:

        I’m thinking the fling may not have even happened. If something did beyond just being at a wedding and papped a couple times, it was a one night stand. The Russian Model and Cumby haven’t been papped together since.

        As far as I know he’s only dated two women publicly. A blonde, and I wouldn’t call her leggy. And the other was a brunette. I don’t think Cumby really has a type. Just wants to find someone he can connect with.

        I get the impression he may stay single for a little while yet since he was in a long long-term relationship for the majority of his 20′s and 30′s.

        The only way I think he’ll end up dating someone seriously in 2014 is if some girl walks in, and really strikes a chord with him.

        On a different note: I think Lupita is gorgeous. I’m American, and I admit that her name threw me off at first. It also appears she’s dating a guy already, they were papped together at a basketball game.

        Also, I have never gotten the appeal of Fassbender.

  10. Dea says:

    She was exquisite on Fallon too last night! She has that effortless charm that makes you want to listen to her all day long.
    Also Lupeto or Jupita are already a thing,just look at their pictures together!

  11. Faye says:

    . . And a thousand fanfics were born.

  12. AlmondJoy says:

    I love her voice and laugh! She gives such great inteviews.

    And Kaiser, if people start to hate her, it’s because they’re looking for something to complain about. She’s just so likeable.

    • CaribbeanLaura says:

      I concur. Compared to JLaw (Whom I love) but who can be a bit grating sometimes, Lupita is sweet, soft spoken, humble and immensely poised. I don’t think there will be much backlash. What I want for her is to have a long and properous career in hollywood.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        @CaribbeanLaura agreed! I love Jlaw too, but she can definitely get annoying at times. She reminds me of my funny/silly younger cousin, lol. Lupita is just CLASSY. And so gracious. Her voice is comforting and I love to hear her talk.

      • Nikkie says:

        JLaw is 23, Lupita is 30. Big difference in maturity between those two age groups. Lip it’s grew up as a child of a politician so she was thought to always be on her best behavior. I don’t think she will do anything to have the public turn on her.

        I want pics and Video of this epic dance *runs off to start fan fiction*

      • AlmondJoy says:

        @Nikkie great points! I wasn’t aware of the age difference. Honestly, they are just two very different women and we should probably stop comparing them to each other =)

      • CaribbeanLaura says:

        eeek, I was the one who started the comparisons, well the article did too. But it’s just that imo they both kinda came out of nowhere and just captivated everyone’s imagination. Tho in Lupita’s case she literally came out of nowhere. I remember that white (was it Prada?) dress at Cannes like it was yesterday!

      • AlmondJoy says:

        LOL! Laura, we’re all guilty of comparing these two lovely young women. I promise to stop. They both have their place in Hollywood. (I just like Lupita’s a little better ;- )

      • Lucy says:

        I agree, there’s nothing wrong with liking one more than the other, but we shouldn’t compare these two wonderful (and VERY different) ladies. It’s not fair for either of them.

      • American-Kenyan says:

        I wanted to speak on this. As a black woman and since my parents are from kenya i am really delighted to see how Lupita has captured peoples imagination. But why is she constantly being pitted against JLAW. They are so different, and they will never be in direct competition for parts. In my opinion one can like and appreciate both actors. As Nikkie says Lupita is soon to be 31 years old., JLAW is a still only 23. And for the people who say she came out of nowhere. I wouldnt say so, she attended Yale drama school one of the most prestigious in the country, 4 years rigourous training . She spent years on film set working behind the scenes. She comes a fully formed human being and poised to stardom. Jlaw is a wunderkid who with a bit of luck and a lot of talent has was catapulted into stardom at 21. In some respects i would say Lupita is the luckier one, she has the theatrical grounding from Yale and a more mature head on her shoulders to deal with this level of success.

    • V4Real says:

      “And Kaiser, if people start to hate her, it’s because they’re looking for something to complain about. She’s just so likeable. ”

      Similar words were spoken about JLaw last year. But we know not everyone is perfect and we all, including Lupita have our flaws. I just like to think that there are situations that Lupita might handle a little better than JLaw. She knows how to give what seems to be honest interviews, without trying so hard to be likeable, funny or make snide little comments and people just laugh it off. I’m looking at you JLaw but I still like you as well.

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Very true that similar words were spoken about Jlaw last year. And I dont think Lupita is perfect, she definitely has flaws we havent seen yet. I should have explained my point a little better but what I was trying to say is that some people actively search for something to criticize and be snarky about. So far Lupita has been simply wonderful, so if they dislike her already then its probably because they were looking for a reason to.

  13. Mika says:

    I never knew anyone can be this perfect

  14. Mia4S says:

    I think the fact that she has not appeared in Victoria Secret and has thoughts and opinions works against her with DiCaprio ;-) .

    Leto or Cumby? Sure, that’s cute. Anyone but Fassbender at the moment. I still adore Fassy onscreen, but offscreen? Uh-uh.

  15. frisbeejada says:

    She’s lovely and he would be a very, very lucky man ( I can hear the Lizard King comments piling up in the background and thundering towards me as I type this all screaming Run Lupita! Run away……)

  16. Lindy79 says:

    I don’t want her paired with anyone. I just want her to have a fantastic career and be offered a tonne of quality roles after award season this year.
    (and for her to keep doing interviews and shoots as she is utterly fab)

  17. L says:

    I like her mindset about preparing a speech. You have a 1 in 5 chance. Exactly! 20%! And you know about your nomination weeks and weeks in advance, even if you have a upset, having a general idea of who you want to thank is a good thing.

  18. Maya Dragunova says:

    I love Benedict. But Lupita can do better. Much much better! That is a fact.

  19. GeeMoney says:

    She got to dance with Cumby?!? Such a lucky girl. *secretly trying not to be jealous*

    Her SAG dress was fabulous! Good luck to her on Oscar night.

  20. jc says:

    Anyone else shocked that she is 30 years old?

  21. Hannah says:

    She’s not that young, actually. She’s 30 years old. She just looks like a kid. Love her. :)

  22. Hypocrisy says:

    Lupita is stunning inside and out…she is just mesmerizing. She has this african sweetness about her and that typical graciousness, royal poise and easy honest laugh.

    She is just a lovely LADY all around who iradiates with overwhelming charm and charisma.

    I am sure her background will help her to keep her feets well grounded as well as her genuineness.

  23. Abby says:

    I would die happy if Lupita and Cumby date :D …..we need to make this happen Kaiser. Also she and BC both have such lovely voice….they can literally make money by recording their conversations

    I always thought Leto was gay lol and please Leo doesn’t deserve a classy,charming and beautiful girl like Lupita

  24. Hypocrisy says:


    She also said at Queen Latifah show that Michael Fassbender could really dance !

  25. WendyNerd says:

    I want her arms. And I love the way she just flounced onstage. It was so cute. She’s so classy, I bet she farts Chanel No. 5.

  26. Mandy says:

    She is so lovely and charming! I really hope she gets the Oscar.

  27. IrishEyes says:

    She is absolutely beautiful, charming, and stylish.

  28. Myrto says:

    I don’t understand why people seem to have a hard time pronoucing her name. Like, hello, it’s pronounced the way it’s written. It seems that as soon as it’s not an English sounding name, Americans freak out or something.
    She’s so lovely and I’m amazed to learn that she’s 31, I thought she was 25 max.

  29. mytbean says:

    AAGH! She’s so pretty and seems so genuine. Which is just non-existent in Hollywood today. Sigh. I know she’s a new on the block but I hope so much that she figures out how to retain that. It’s part of the beauty that radiates through. She’s like a doll! It’s killing me. lol

  30. Janeite says:

    She is luminous and gorgeous and talented and amazing. The mere thought of her dancing with Cumby takes me to my happy place. How completely adorable!

  31. Miss Scarlet says:

    Speaking of Cumby, here’s his adorable acceptance speech from last night (he won Best TV Detective at the National TV Awards). He finally bought a new pair of swimming trunks!

  32. Nene says:

    This may sound vain but I think part of Lupita’s popularity is that she has an athletic body that is also pretty curvy and a very youthful face like that of a 20yr old while she is 30. Everyone knows that’s the most ‘coveted’ and appealing look in Hollywood.
    She is a good actress too.
    And has a pretty head on her shoulders(pun intented).

    Hope she clings to her personal life like an underwear and keep away from these Hollywood men.
    Maybe follow the part of Matt Damon or Kerry Washington.
    Would make her even more appealing.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      I think her popularity unlike many others, including Jlaw is that she is a combination of foreign, gracious charm and warmth set in an extremely appealing personality.

      I don’t like to use that word but she has that exotic, genuine charm that we find in Africa, especially…It is so natural and ingrained in african women…the laugh is a great part of it too.

      It’s hard to not falling in love with her sweet, appeasing voice and her lovely words. That in itself is a lethal seductive weapon…it never gets old even if our body will.

      Her body is like millions of Africans, especially in central and central eastern africa. But yeah it adds to her extremely charming girlish personality.

      • American-Kenyan says:

        @Hypocrisy Lupita is from Kenya. Kenya is in East Africa not in central africa. Thanks!

      • Hypocrisy says:

        I know where Kenya is, My parents are originally from DRC and Angola and my mum best friends are Kenyan, Tanzanian and English ghanaian. All three are basicly my aunties.

        I said East Central Africa as opposed to the Eastern nothern countries with Erythrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.
        Kenya is the country at the crossroad setting from nothern eastern to central eastern Africa to countries like Tanzania or even Uganda Rwanda and Burundi.

        When i am in Kinshasa for a longer period of times, i sometimes goes to Nairobi, Zanzibar (suh a lovely place) or Luanda.

      • Mia says:

        Kenyas coast line is in the indian occean basically as far east as you get aka the EAST coast of the african continent. Not sure how you make that central africa.

      • LAK says:

        HYPOCRISY: As my fellow East African @American Kenyan pointed out, Kenya is EAST AFRICA. As is Uganda (nevermind it’s geographical position) and Tanzania.

        Central Africa is a different set of countries.

  33. Nene says:

    This may sound vain but I think part of Lupita’s popularity and appeal is that she has an athletic body that is also pretty curvy and a very youthful face like that of a 20yr old while she is 30. Everyone knows that’s the most ‘coveted’ and sought-after look in Hollywood.
    She is a good actress too.
    And has a pretty head on her shoulders(pun intented).

    Hope she clings to her personal life like an underwear and keep away from these Hollywood men.
    Maybe follow the part of Matt Damon or Kerry Washington.
    Would make her even more appealing.

  34. Nene says:

    Yikes…commenting with phone is a bitch!
    Double post again.

  35. lanette says:

    she is literally breathtaking

  36. Maria says:

    We needed someone like her to come along and pick up the Audrey Hepburn Classy mantle and carry on. I hope she can cope with all the attention and has a fantastic career.

  37. K says:

    I love that she named the screenwriter, costume designer and makeup artist. Those are not people who can secure her new roles, but they are essential to a movie’s success. Bless her for being so gracious, because they aren’t jobs that often earn that sort of public recognition. Really classy move on her part. And my God, she’s beautiful.

    I wish people didn’t compare her to Jennifer Lawrence, though. I hate the way actresses are pitted against one another – you don’t get that with young actors. It’s depressing. And given the difference in age, demeanour and likely roles, it just seems completely ridiculous in this context as well as unfair.

  38. makati says:

    I don’t find her beautiful at all. Her face is so generic.

  39. DJohnson says:

    I know Chiwetel is in a relationship. If he becomes available , I think he and Lupita would make a wonderful couple!!

    • LL2 says:

      I don’t see much chemistry between them. They have more of a co-worker, I won’t even say friends, vibe. In terms of chemistry, I actually see more chemistry between Lupita and the director, Steve McQueen. Nothing romantic of course since McQueen is married but Lupita seems to click better with McQueen than with Chiwetel.

      • DJohnson says:

        I agree that the relationship between Lupita and McQueen is more of mentor/mentee relationship. She is very grateful to him for the wonderful opportunity he has given her. But I disagree with the assessment between she and Chiwetel. There is a vibe. And what makes it special is that neither one of them is aware. Or perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part.