Jude Law confirms: Daniel Craig & Sienna Miller had an affair in 2005


2005 was a great year for gossip, even from the first days of the year. That’s when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split, and throughout the year, Brad and Angelina Jolie became the Brangelina juggernaut that we still have today. 2005 brought us Cocaine Kate Moss (she was photographed by a tabloid doing lines in a studio). 2005 was the year that Daniel Craig went from a small indie actor to Bond, James Bond.

2005 was also the year that Jude Law went from “that really hot English actor dating It Girl Sienna Miller” to “the dumbass who cheated on Sienna Miller with his kids’ nanny.” The Jude Law scandal was hitting – if memory serves – in late summer and early fall. Sienna played the victim rather well, she and Jude broke up for a time but then started up again (and followed that pattern a few more times too). But in that specific time period, the Jude-Sienna situation was BIG news. The nanny sold her story and we knew intimate details about Jude’s seduction techniques and all of it was quite embarrassing for him.

So here’s some vintage gossip: I remember reading about this Daniel Craig connection at the time and thinking that Sienna sounded like a cool chick. It was immediately following the revelation about Jude banging the nanny. Sienna was seen out with Daniel Craig, Jude’s good friend, and Sienna’s friend too, because they had worked together on Layer Cake. The UK tabloids reported that Daniel and Sienna were having a sultry fling while Sienna and Jude were separated (and allegedly working through their drama). If I remember correctly, Sienna was asked about Daniel Craig in interviews around this time and she repeatedly claimed that Daniel was “just a friend.” For his part, Daniel was dating Satsuki Mitchell at the time (although he would eventually dump her for Rachel Weisz). Well, sorry for all the backstory, but it was necessary. Jude Law testified in the ongoing News of the World hacking trial today in England, and this whole 2005/Daniel Craig thing came up. Guess what? It was all true.

Jude Law has a mole in his midst. The actor was confronted with the bombshell news that a family member sold stories about him and ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller to a British newspaper when he appeared in court in London today as part of the ongoing News Corporation phone-hacking trial.

Former editors of Britain’s News of the World have been accused of secretly hacking various celebrities’ phones for information about their private lives, and Law was present to testify about an October 2005 story that revealed then-girlfriend Miller was cheating on him with Daniel Craig.

Law told the court that the paper’s story — alleging that he had called Craig to confront him about the affair — was entirely true. As to how the paper got the story, Law claimed he was “shocked to see the amount of information accumulated” by the paper’s staff, but “Sadly, it did not surprise me …”

It was not until August of last year, he told the court, that he found out a family member had been leaking information to News of the World. But when the paper’s attorney revealed in court that that person had been paid, Law said, “I’ve never been aware of that; of anyone getting paid for that.”

In a dramatic scene, the attorney wrote the snitch’s name on a piece of paper and handed it to Law, asking if he had known that person was getting paid to spill about his private life.

According to The Guardian, Law “did not flinch when he unfolded the paper,” but said, “I was made aware very recently that there had been some kind of communication with this person … I was never aware any money changed hands [until today].”

Law also told the court that when police confronted him with the news that his phone had allegedly been attacked by the paper, they played voicemail recordings for him in which he recognized his own voice leaving messages for his children’s nanny.

Other celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, are expected to testify as the trial continues. Stay tuned to RadarOnline.com for the latest from court.

[From Radar]

The Guardian’s coverage of Jude’s testimony goes even further – Jude testified that he had called Daniel to “remonstrate” him about banging Sienna, and Jude also said he told Daniel that he needed to come clean to Satsuki. Granted, this is supposed to be a story about how awful it is that a member of Jude’s family was selling stories about him to the press. Which IS sad and awful. But on a gossip level… the stories the family member sold were totally true. Sienna and Daniel Craig were banging. Daniel and Jude’s friendship fell apart because of it. Sienna eventually made her way back to Jude and Daniel continued on with Satsuki for another six years or so. And I can’t believe this confirmation got buried! Damn.



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  1. Luca26 says:

    Angelina may testify??? What??? Buried lead indeed.

    • kibbles says:

      Yeah, that will be a big news story if it really happens. I’d love for more stars to testify and confirm or deny the rumors that were published about them.

    • Maya says:

      This may actually prove once and for all that Angelina and Brad didn’t cheat because the NOTW hacked into Angelina’s stuntdouble for almost a year but didn’t get any juicy stuff at all – no secret meetings between Angie and Brad, no sneaking around the sets to have sex etc. It was only in April/May 2005 that NOTW got hold of Angelina and Brad getting together – 3 months after Brad officially separated from his ex-wife.

      • Luca26 says:

        @ Maya I love Angie but it also may prove once and for all that they did cheat.

      • Artemis says:

        Yeah and at that time, they were still claiming to be friends with AJ even saying she hooks up in hotels with friends in hotels but apparently the ‘married couple hotel gossip’ turned out to be true. Clearly, they had a reason to lie. Pair that with with the claims they fell in love on set, their family photoshoot for MAMS which was a concept of Pitt and had no link at all with the film, the waiting to confirm their relationship until AJ was pregnant and you have a classic Hollywood tale of two people who came together in messy circumstances.

        I really don’t understand how hard it is for some people to believe 2 Hollywood stars cheated on set, like it’s par on the course. Miller lied too and look at what happened. They all lie and it all comes out, sooner or later. And it’s delicious gossip.

      • Luca26 says:

        I honestly have no idea either way what happened. As much as people love to claim with dates and charts etc when the Aniston/Pitt marriage actually crumbed, when Brangelina actually consummated. The only person with the whole story is actually Brad. People on both sides sound ridiculous when they claim with certainty that they know for a fact that they did or didn’t cheat. This is why it would be colossal if Angelina did have to testify.

      • Jen says:

        How would spying on her stuntdouble say anything about their relationship?

      • Artemis says:

        Because Eunice Huthart is a very close friend of AJ. AJ would send her loads of information about where she travelled and where they had to meet up. They even shared a house (together with her personal assistant, I assume that’s Holly Goline) during 2004-2005 which is when she got hacked and when MAMS was filmed so for the claim that it will disprove cheating: careful what you wish for. Girlfriends tell each other everything.

        She realised she got hacked when she didn’t receive any messages from AJ, her husband etc. She would miss appointments with AJ.
        They only printed two articles about AJ based on the hacking but who knows what else will/can be revealed in high profile cases like this?

      • Kim1 says:

        IF NOTW had evidence they cheated they would have reported in 2005.It would be a bigger story than Sienna/ Daniel story even in the UK.
        There is no indication AJ will testify despite what Radaronline aka Star Magazine says.

      • V4Real says:

        @Maya “NOTW hacked into Angelina’s stuntdouble for almost a year but didn’t get any juicy stuff at all – no secret meetings between Angie and Brad, no sneaking around the sets to have sex etc”

        if someone is having an affair and didn’t want anyone to find out why do you think they would tell their stuntdouble?

      • Eva says:


        She’s not just her stunt double, she’s a close friend aswell.

      • Artemis says:

        The reports that AJ might testify come from The Hollywood Reporter in Dec 2013. It’s because Huthart sued Newscorp.

        And everybody was reporting that AJ and Pitt cheated, I suppose it would have been too obvious to use explicit evidence, I don’t know.

        Huthart is the godmother of Shiloh, she worked on MAMS and she’s been friends with AJ since forever (I think since she was her stunt double Lara Croft and many other films later). She’s not just a stunt double.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        It would be interesting…..CB covered this a while ago (when AJ’s stunt double got hacked)..

        They hacked her from 2004-05—we know how the Kenyan beach pics were taken. In late March 2005, Angelina left a message for Huthart, about Brad’s travel arrangements, and the ‘Sun’ found out details and the name that she had checked into her hotel under.

        Also the rumors (well not rumored anymore) about them checking in the same hotel room, during the promotion for MAMS, came from the hacking. They also found out that AJ wanted her to arrange motorcycle riding lessons–Huthart didn’t get the message….but it appeared in the Sun ‘days after’ April 1, 2005.

        They also had a story (based on Huthart’s voicemails) that Angelina was going to quit acting–titled the story ‘A Pitt Stop for Jolie’–on May 1, 2005.

        It would be interesting to see if more details get released…..they don’t talk much about 2004. All they really say is that Angelina left Eunice messages about travel arrangments (which would make sense because MAMS was interrupted like three times because of Brad’s schedule), that Eunice never received.


      • JojoAnn says:

        I am a loon with the best of them but I would be very surprised if they didnt cheat. Angie wasnt always our Angie. She had a nasty reputation for ignoring the fact that a guy was taken. And who knows about Brad. Yeah, they probably did cheat. 6 kids later, I dont know how muchI care though

      • V4Real says:

        Oh ok, they are friends as well as coworkers. But why do people think that they would find some kind of proof on Angie’s friend phone about Angie’s so called affair? Perhaps Angie didn’t tell her anything, perhaps Angie was careful not to speak of the affair in public or over the phone. Maybe since she is such a close friend she was faithful enough to Angie to not discuss her friend’s business with other people. So how would the hackers really know much about anything unless they planted a bug on the woman. If Brad and Angie were having an affair, I don’t think the friend was invited to the rendezvous, then again who knows, it is Angie.

        Edit: I just read VC’s attachment and it could be easily said that they did have an affair but even with those light details it would be hard to prove. Now if the hotel they checked into as a married couple confirmed that they did, that would be more evidence. The rest could be chalked up to circumstantial. IMO, I believe that they did have an affair while he was still with Jen. Don’t forget Brad is the same man who was caught by Mike Tyson receiving a BJ from Robin Givens.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        V4Real, is that why Mike Tyson is STILL mad about Brad and Robin? Didn’t know that…..

        Just wanted to address the hotel thing—they checked in as a married couple during the promotion of MAMS, so Brad was already separated….

        But yeah–I highly doubt that (if they were cheating in 2004) that AJ would be calling Huthart about Brad, unless Brad was sneaking around with her, flying places–which he probably wasn’t, because there were a few stories about their chemistry on the set= cheating, but nothing else–not after Brad and Jen went to Cannes, and he was also too busy–filming back to back and promoting…

        All Huthart’s testimoney/evidence reveals is that they were together in late March/early April 2005—but I wonder…..they don’t say much about them before that i.e. nothing in January-February-March—so whatever happened, they weren’t bootycalling each other right after Brad separated–but as you said, circumstantial, and doesn’t really prove anything.

      • Artemis says:


        Yeah it was reported here.

        At this point, who the hell believes that AJ and BP didn’t at least emotionally cheat? Do friends do the things they did?

        A lot of people (men) liked AJ on set and have nothing but good words for her. She was accused of hooking up with Olivier Martinez during Taking Lives because she openly went out with him (tennis match?) and I think that was way less suspicious than the BP thing. Martinez defended her and I don’t think she’s the kind of she-devil people made her out to be.

        But BP was supposed to be a friend too yet they went out of their way to not be snapped together and then the hotel rumours (even after the JA separation). Everything was on the down-low, odd for such an outspoken and confident person like AJ. Something in the milk just wasn’t clean.

        For me, it seems like they defined their relationship before BP separated because to go from ‘friends’ to hotel meet-ups and long distance travel on the down-low doesn’t make sense. They wasted no time to be together 24/7 after BP’s separation which is not exactly a ‘friend’ trait.

        Mike Tyson was an abuser and him and Givens were split up when BP was dating her. Tyson confronted them at her place, the jealous ex-lover that he was.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I do think that Brad and Angelina had feelings for each other on the set. I think that Brad (and it was mutual-Jennifer too), wasn’t happy, and met someone who wanted the same things he did (presumably), but also met someone who he had a lot of fun with. I don’t think that you can help how you feel about someone, what I think counts is what you do.

        Brad and Angelina didn’t hook up with each other (to the public’s knowledge at least), until they started doing the reshoots for MAMS–March 2005. Before that, they hadn’t seen each other since late October/November–which is when filming for MAMS finished for the most part, Angelina went to England, and Brad went back to LA w/Jennifer. After they separated, I read in PEOPLE (online) that Jennifer was filming, while Brad was either at his (he had moved out of their shared home) beach house, or he and Jennifer were going to dinner parties together, and he threw her a birthday party. People actually thought they were getting back together, BECAUSE they were so friendly w/each other, until PEOPLE shot that down.

        After they did the reshoots, Angelina went to Africa (she was filming a documentary), and came back only to promote MAMS–it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Brad didn’t go see her more than that one time, but we have no clue.

        I think they went out of their way NOT to be photographed together, because they didn’t want to rub it in Jennifer’s face for one (no matter what happened, I don’t think anyone wants to see that their ex and his new girlfriend all over the news every time you turn the tv on), and to not fan the flames–if they had posed together or acted like a couple, people would be saying that it was disrespectful to Jennifer, etc–they already said that when they DIDN’T pose together. So it was a lose-lose situation.

        Also, in Angelina’s Vogue interview (in 2007 I think) she said that they were really good friends, for the entire shoot (which from the videos I saw, it looked like EVERYONE had fun), and that it took for them, until the end of the shoot to admit to themselves that they would take it to the next step—they weren’t sharing hotel rooms until the promotion of MAMS–so June/July 2005….so whatever happened, I don’t think they rushed into anything.

        I think they also didn’t want to say anything, until it was definite, because there were kids involved. That’s a lot more serious–and (the elephant in the room) Brad was separating from Jennifer. Neither of them talked about each other, in a romantic way, during this entire time because of that, and because they said that they were still trying to figure things out. From all accounts, I would say that they decided they were ‘doing this’ in July 2005, when Angelina brought Zahara home, and Brad went with.

        Also–whatever happened, Jennifer (well, really Courtney) said that Brad came clean to her, about his attraction to Angelina, and said he wanted to figure things out w/Jennifer, make a clean break, and go after Angelina (implied, if things didn’t work out w/Jennifer).

        I talked about the Taking Lives thing–the story is that she went to a baseball game with Oliver Martinez and Ethan Hawke–she had Maddox with her. The paps took pics of her talking to both of them–and turned it into her sleeping with both of them, how I have no clue.

        Lastly (I know, I know) read Jennifer’s Vogue 2008 articles–read specifically what she said about Brad. I think it’s less to do with cheating, as to why they divorced. It didn’t work out–like SHE said. In the article, when asked about the divorce, instead of giving some non committal, answer i.e. ‘We got divorced, I’m happier/more fulfilled this way’ or something, she said that the divorce was amicable, nothing and no one came between their decision to divorce, and that after they separated, they had a long talk on the phone, and were completely respectful of each other.
        She said this THREE YEARS after they split.
        She also said that she was proud of all the things that Brad had done–film, humanitarian, congratulated him on his kids w/Angelina. But she has issues w/Angelina, that she doesn’t have with Brad, and that’s why I don’t like her.
        Read it–it’s interesting…..

        UGH–this was WAY longer than I expected….sorry.

      • Maya says:

        Reading the comments and the links provided it only confirms to me that Brad and Angelina didn’t cheat physically. I believe they did fall in love during the filming of MAMS so that could go under emotionally cheating even though one cannot control who and when to fall in love with.

        As someone mentioned above – the hacking details are all after Brad and Jennifer officially separated in Jan 2005. Infact the exact dates mentioned are in March/April/May 2005 – 3 months after the separation. Brad was in US in those months where he was pictured around Hollywood and even attended Jen’s birthday party. Angelina was in UK and then in Africa doing charity work – again she was pictured several times.

        It was only during the reshooting in March that Angelina came back to US and it could have been then that they started to be a couple.

        As Kim mentioned – if Brad and Angelina did cheat and had these secret hotels meetings etc and those details were hacked and NOWT read them – they would have made sure that one or two paps would have been at those hotels (in hiding) and have photograph evidence and they would have published it. That would have been the biggest scandal in Hollywood and NOTW would have earned a shit load of money.

        That is why I still think that Brad and Angelina didn’t psychically cheat because despite the fact that they were followed by paps everywhere and even on the sets – they are no evidence of them cheating.

        Lastly just because Angelina has an reputation for getting together with men who are taken it doesn’t mean that they are true. She was accused of cheating with Billy Bob by Laura Dern who herself (with her pr) confessed months later that she lied and that her and Billy Bob had broken up weeks before Angelina and him got together.

        She was linked with Ethan Hawks, Oliver Martinez, Colin Farell and just about every single man she was seen in company with. That doesn’t make it true and could just be gossip.

        Most importantly Angelina has always told the truth whenever she was asked something – be it drugs, sex and relationships. She already had the reputation of being a bad girl, homewrecker etc before Brad so why the hell would she have to lie and deny if a cheating happend?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        About the Domestic Bliss shoot–that did have to do with the movie, I thought it was very creative. The entire theme was basically things aren’t the way they appear. Which is the same in MAMS–they seem like a happily married couple because they’re young, successful, and beautiful–but they aren’t happy, and they’re assassins.

        In the photoshoot, which is set in the Sixties, they’re the same in the movie. They’re a young couple, who have a bunch of kids, who believe in God, the wife is a beautiful, thin, fertile, and stay at home mom, the dad clearly brings home the bacon—-that’s how they look on the outside.

        On the inside, he abuses her, and she is beneath him–this picture illustrates that quite well —she’s a drunk, and on the whole they both look disgusted with each other, when they don’t have a kid between them. http://www.wmagazine.com/people/celebrities/2005/07/brad_pitt_angelina_jolie/photos/slide/19
        He’s got one of their kids in his lap, eating, the other kids are eating, while SHE’S on the floor picking up a mess that the kid made.

        Brad’s involvement was that he didn’t like how the original photoshoot was going–the concept–so he changed it, and profited from HIS idea. And it was to promote MAMS–they didn’t do it for fun.

      • TSwise says:

        I am mostly directing this question @Virginia Coriolanus, but anyone who knows, please chime in:

        I swear I remember that sometime in 2004 or 2005, Brad did an interview where he was asked about wanting kids, and he actually started crying. I distinctly remember sitting in my car late one night after I’d gotten off work and hearing it replayed on the radio and thinking, ‘Whoa!! That’s a little embarrassing, but it’s sweet, and I had no idea he was this serious about it. Their marriage is going to break up over this.’ I had NO interest in Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston (and I’m not even sure AJ was in the picture yet, but I remember not caring about her either) at the time. In these years since, I haven’t been able to locate that interview or any references to it taking place.

        Can @Virginia or someone else verify that I really heard this, or that I hallucinated it because I was dead tired that night?

      • V4Real says:

        I know Angie was an open book for awhile . But please understand just because some people let you into their private lives doesn’t mean they have told you everything about them. We need to stop using the same old Angie was upfront about her life and if asked a question she would answer it and not lie about it. How do we know she didn’t lie? We can’t take her words as truth. We don’t know her personally. Yes she admitted to using drugs, so did a lot of other celebs. That doesn’t make her some becon of honesty. I love Angie but I do not put this woman on a pedestol. I’m sure we don’t know about all the affairs that she has had but we like to pretend that we do. Maybe she did have an affair with Colin Farrell and Oliver and just because she said it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it didn’t. I don’t recall her admitting or denying an affair with Farell.

        I know there were rumors coming from the set of MAMS at some point and one of those rag mags had a picture of them holding hands but it wasn’t during filming. But I guess it could be natural to just stand around holding your friends hand while waiting on set. Did they or did they not cheat, we don’t know. The only people who holds the truth is the parties involved. We can only speculate and voice our opinions.

        As for the Mike Tyson thing, yes they were seperated when he caught Brad and Robin. But Tyson said that this incident happened at the time where he and Robin were attempting to try and mend their relationship, that’s why he showed up at her house. This is not speculation, it came from Tyson’s mouth. You should check out Undisputed Truth it was hilarious and shed some light on things we didn’t know about Tyson. He was a bit crazy but I don’t think he was the monster that the media tried to make him out to be.

      • mayamae says:

        @V4Real, I never heard about Brad and Robin. I’m wondering how he came out alive considering Mike Tyson has poor impulse control. Was this well known at the time?

        I’ve always thought Brad and Angie cheated – as did Rachel/Daniel, Tom/Rita, Laura/Ben, Tom/Nicole, Tom/Penelope, Whoopie/Ted, Paul/Joanne, and so on. It always bothers me the most when there are children involved. Cheating is cheating no matter who does it – 1/2 of all married couples according to statistics, and I imagine even higher with relationships outside of marriage.

        I’m wondering if anyone else remembers something I swear I heard Angie say. I paid very little attention to her for a long time because I thought she was a little kookie and there were other celebrities I preferred to follow. But once Maddox came into the picture, I immediately noticed her start to clean up her life, and Maddox has always been my favorite. Anyway, she was on a late night talk show and it was after her breakup with Billy Bob. Angie was still in her open book stage and she was being asked about her sex life. She was being coy and talking about she was all about being a new mother and Maddox slept in bed with her at night, etc. But I swear I remember her saying basically – When she had an itch she would scratch it with male friends, and I remember also thinking she was talking about married guy friends that she felt safe having a booty call without worrying about a relationship. I’ve wanted to talk about this here, but it’s difficult to have an honest back and forth when each side is divisive and you’re accused of being a troll/loon/hen, etc.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        It was on Diane Sawyer, he was being interviewed w/George Clooney and Matt Damon for Ocean’s 12–she asked him about what he wanted for the next few years, and he said kids and started crying. According to PEOPLE it was in December 2004.

        Eh–I don’t get why AJ would lie if she WAS with Colin–I did see an interview, where he basically asked her out, and she said she didn’t see him like that. I don’t get why it was a big thing if they were/weren’t together.

        Holding hands–http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/pc/Angelina%2BJolie%2BFILE%2BMR%2BMRS%2BPITT%2BBrad%2BPitt%2BR9jNUWNnKxpl.jpg
        These are the only two I found of them holding hands–the pics are dated from February 27, 2004–they were in Africa, apparently. But I have no clue if they were filming (since they’re surrounded by camera/technical people)–don’t know how to tell. But I think the pictures are more telling BECAUSE they ended up together afterwards. But some people are a lot more touchy feely than others….I spent a summer with my uncle (who lives in TX) for the first time, and he kissed me on the cheek when he left for work every morning–I’ve never had anyone do that to me…

        But not to discount your opinion either–I think that anything is possible. But my main thing is that Brad seems to have been completely honest with Jennifer about whatever happened between them on the set, and she has made it clear that he didn’t do anything wrong, years after they divorced.

      • Ok says:

        Maya — how exactly do you “hack into a
        Stunt double ”
        Sounds painful for the stunt double

      • V4Real says:

        @VC I understand you don’t like Jennifer Aniston because she has issues with Angie. I don’t like her because people kept making such a big deal about her and her B rated talent. I know she was having a successful run on Friends but she was on the same playing field as the rest of the cast. It’s when she hooked up with Brad that she became this hot commodity “it” girl. I almost lost my shit at the time the media made a big deal over her Rachel haircut. Women were actually running out to their hairdressers saying give me the Rachel. (ok, granted that happen before her and Brad, but still). I hated that haircut. I’m apologizing in advance if any of you have worn the Rachel style cut.

        It’s just my opinion that if she had never married Brad she wouldn’t be having such a hot career right now. There is nothing special about Jen.

        Regardless of if AJ and BP started their relationship while he was still with or seperated from Jen I believe that marriage was doomed from the start. I think somewhere Jen made a comment to some interviewer where she said something like “she doesn’t believe that marriage last forever or some crap like that. That was said befoe Angie came into the picture.

        I can’t stand the way Jen plays victim. I don’t like the way she let friends such as that tacky ass Handler act as her mouth piece and attack Jolie and say mean things about her for no reason. So yeah my distaste for Jen came around the time she married Brad. Brad was an AList celeb who helped Jen elevate her status in the business. She remained a hot topic becuse she was the victim and Angie was this homewrecking monster tramp.

        @Mayamae it wasn’t a well known story back then but people knew Pitt and Givens dated. Mike didn’t hurt Brad but gave a funny description of how Brad reacted when he saw him standing there. He said Brad was high as hell and went into Matrix formation. Mike talks about it openly on his HBO Special The undisputed Truth. He even talks about the rape which now I believe didn’t happen.

      • Maureen says:

        I absolutely believe Angelina and Brad cheated. Even IF they weren’t sleeping together yet, I do believe they were heavily involved in emotional cheating. In my book that’s a pre-cursor to adultery.

        And them not sleeping together is a big stretch, since Angelina stated in a Vanity Fair article at that exact same time that she was in a casual relationship with a man whom she “exclusively met at hotels and would not yet allow to meet her son”. She even explicitly said, in that interview, that she would wake up the next morning and enjoy breakfast with him and chat about whatever was in the paper, and then expect him to “be on his way”. This tells me Angelina was 100% capable of having secret relationships — whether it was with Brad or someone else at that point. The fact that snoops didn’t report them “around set” means nothing. That woman knew how to sneak around like a champ.

      • LAK says:

        V4Real: RE Brad/Robin Givens/Mike Tyson…..I thought Robin and Mike were already broken up by the time Brad came into the picture?

        Mike Tyson was really scary pre-jail. It might have been bravado, but impression was he was super scary and out of control. You’d have to be an idjit to tangle with him.

        TSwise: You weren’t hallucinating. That interview and others where he said he wanted lots of kids was the interview heard around the world so to speak.

        Personally i remember that soon after the separation Joan Rivers commented along the lines of “Jen wants a career whilst Brad wants lots of kids – we’ll see how that turns out.”

      • Artemis says:

        Re BP and JA being friendly:

        Which completely refutes the claim that they (or just BP) couldn’t stand to be with each other anymore according to the stans. If anything, it was calculated like most high-profile break-ups which means they rather deny the plethora of nasty articles about the separation then to admit it was all planned.

        RE reshoot and not being papped:
        They were together in April 2005, remember they were papped together in Kenya?
        From US: Maddox would hang out with Brad and followed him wherever he went,” a witness on Diani Beach told Us at the time. “It was clear that Brad and Maddox have a close relationship — they were joking around together. When Brad would talk to him, his face would light up and he’d giggle Though their reps denied they were a couple, the evidence was undeniable. At one point, while the stars were cooling off in their private pool, “they wrapped their arms around each other and shared long, passionate kiss,” said a source. Later, Pitt rubbed sunblock on bikini-clad Jolie’s shoulders. “It was like a sensual massage,” the source added.

        And the hacking also revealed they checked in as a married couple. On April 1, 2005, while Plaintiff [Huthart] was in Los Angeles, a story appeared in The Sun entitled “Brad’s 4M Pad Is Jolie Nice.” Upon information and belief, no one except Brad Pitt’s bodyguard, Ms. Jolie’s bodyguard, their respective personal assistants and Plaintiff knew that Brad Pitt and Ms. Jolie were now an “item.” ‘Yet at the end of The Sun, it is stated: “Yesterday The Sun exclusively revealed [Brad] and Angelina checked into a hotel posing as a married couple during a weekend trip to plug their new movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

        I think they didn’t come out as a couple because the split was so high-profile and JA got more sympathy. AJ already got a bad rep and BP looked like a fool. It was only confirmed when AJ got pregnant and with BP already doting on Zahara. It was better because BP got the family he wanted and AJ became the mother of his children. + they were so gorgeous together, it helped ease the public accepting them as a couple rather than a cheater and a homewrecker. And JA started throwing pity parties.

        Mmm, this is what I mean, most men she ‘goes out with’ romantically or friendly are pretty out in the open. She even kissed JLM in 2004 and never adressed it and I always figured she doesn’t care. Then there were the men she hooked up with in hotels who were her friends,nobody knew. Obviously she cared about the situation with BP.

        I think BP wanted to get married and JA was too insecure (especially when your husband is friggin BP!). They were in therapy day 1. I mean, bound to fail. I believe they were in love of course, but not suitable. It happens. Hollywood and the public hyped them up so much though. It was unbelievable. The disappointment would be epic when they split up and it was.

        I still think the shoot was weird even though your explanation sounds good.


        Maybe for some people the type of cheating matters but for me it doesn’t. Emotionally or physically, you don’t do it. BP didn’t make a clean break, it was still JA who had to file for divorce months after the separation even though it was clear BP was the one who was moving on the quickest. That’s wrong.

        @Tswise: all I know is that at the premiere of Troy they got asked about having children (and during the AJ rumours) and BP said that they were in rehearsals and JA said they were in process of starting.


        I think AJ was honest because she never hurt people. When she cheated on JLM with Shimizu nobody cared about her back then and JLM didn’t blame her for anything as they are still good friends to this day. Shimizu was single too.
        In 2004-2005 people still thought that JA and BP were the Golden Couple who were going to have children and AJ was a superstar with a bad rep although the public did love her despite all the ‘homewrecker’ stories. Too much at stake to blatantly admit anything happened between her and BP.

        And Tyson was an abuser who cheated on every woman he was with. Givens was scared of him. Tyson is a vile man: Tyson, a man who enjoys instilling fear in both men and women, recalls with relish the terrified look on the actor’s face as he pleaded: ‘Dude, don’t strike me . . . we were just going over some lines.’
        He basically admitted to raping that girl by slutshaming her and Givens has said that he was an abuser.
        If they were reconciling, it would be typical of the female to not be able to escape abuse. BP vs Tyson? BP all day every day.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @V4real, who wrote: “Don’t forget Brad is the same man who was caught by Mike Tyson receiving a BJ from Robin Givens.”

        Robin Givens had already filed for divorce from Mike Tyson when she and Brad Pitt had an affair. Mike Tyson was a jealous, possessive man and please let’s not forget that the reason Robin gave for divorcing Tyson ‘three months’ after they got married was physical abuse.

        Even though Robin had filed for divorce, Mike Tyson would follow her around to see if she was out with a guy. From accounts at the time, Brad and Robin (who met when he appeared on Robin’s hit TV show “Head of the Class”) were hot and heavy and had physical chemistry you could feel a block away. :)

        Mike Tyson barged in while Brad and Robin were having sex. Mike Tyson made physical threats against Brad Pitt. And even though Robin had filed for divorce, Brad Pitt broke it off with Robin Givens out of fear for his life,

        I don’t know exactly ‘why’ Mike Tyson is now making it sound as if he and Robin were blissfully married and she cheated with another man (though I guess they ‘were’ still technically married even if Robin had filed for divorce).

        I don’t know from BJ’s (this is the first I’ve heard that), but I do remember reading at the time that Brad relunctantly broke it off with Robin.

      • V4Real says:

        Whoo this post is long. I felt like I had strolled from NY to Cali before I go to the end. LOL. But I do like reading all the coments.

        I’m done with Angie and Brad, regardless I still love them both affairs and all. I’m here to address the Tyson comments.

        @LAK Yes Tyson and Givens had seperated but like I stated upthread,( yep all the way up, keep looking but don’t look too high you might get a nose bleed, this thread is long. :) Tyson said he and Robin were attempting to work things out even though they were seperated. That’s why he showed up at her house.

        @Artemis. I’m not trying to defend Tyson for being an abuser but I doubt he abused Robin. A lot of people started to feel the same way. They knew Givens was an opportunist and made a lot of shit up. Don’t you recall that TV interview where Robin did all the talking and Tyson just sat there completely quiet. It was later said that was because they had Mike drugged to keep him from calling Robin out on her lies. Ok, Robin said Mike swung at her and missed. Really? Mike swung and missed. Did you see the man fight in his prime, when has Mike swung and missed?

        “He basically admitted to raping that girl by slutshaming her and Givens has said that he was an abuser”

        First let’s start with the last part of that sentence. Since when did you start believing the shit that came out of Robin’s mouth. Many people have called her ass out on being nothing but a lying golddigging opportunist. Her mother as well. Now for the last part, the rape. DId you know that that same girl had accused another man of raping her a short time before she accused Tyson of raping her. Tyson at that time had a tax lawyer as a defense lawyer who didn’t know how to get that brought into the trial. Lastly the girl had claimed to be a church going virgin who claimed to have been a virgin at the time Mike raped her. But it was a boyfrined who said that she wasn’t a virgin because they had been having sex. Also how could she have been a virgin if she had already accused another man of rape but droped that accusation. Lastly why do you think Tyson didn’t serve his full sentence. The courts realized that they had f_cked-up. Also this man has pretty much admitted to a lot of the shit that he has done including drug use, affairs and so on. To this day this man still claims that he didn’t rape that young lady and I believe him.

        @JP Lover, Where was it stated that Tyson tried to pretend that they were blissfully married and she cheated with another man. The only thing I said was that they were still trying to work on their relationship. Also Givens and Tyson were still having sex even after they broke up. That’s why he showed up to her house, they were still banging while she was seeing Brad. I love how you guys are trying to make Robin the victim and pretend that she was all innocent. You guys don’t really know much about Givens. :)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        V4Real, I haven’t ever really liked her. Whatever I think of someone’s personal life, I wouldn’t ever diminish their achievements—but I don’t think she can act at all. I’ve never thought that. Ever. I watched a few of her movies before I even started reading gossip–so I’ve never thought much of her.

        Listen, I’m not some looney fan, who thinks that they are the absolute angels (I liked then when I did think that they had cheated-physically), etc. I think that they definitely felt something for each other, and I think that (based on what Brad said via Courtney) that he was aware of that and took care of things before it could progress with Angelina. I think that something like that hurts, even if you are over it, so I don’t think Jennifer was wrong for being upset over her relationship ending. I think that there is more to the story, that we will ever know, than just Brad and Angelina getting the hots for each other on the set and that’s that–which is what people were saying on this site when I started reading it.

        I guess I’m interested in the what ifs, because when I started reading gossip and heard that they cheated–I was expecting some kissing pictures or something than a few tabloid rumors nearly a year before they were even pictured together–not kissing. So that’s why I’m pretty interested in the whole thing.

        What’s your point? They themselves said they started dating at the end of the shoot–which ended in March 2005. And I also find it hard to believe that they would send someone all that way to get pics, and not get ones of them kissing or anything like that. And again–they checked into a hotel room as a married couple, three months or so after Brad was separated.

      • mayamae says:

        I’m loving this thread – reasoned arguments back and forth with no name calling.

      • Delorb says:

        While Angie (and Brad for that matter), have a history of banging their co-stars, Angie didn’t cheat. She had no vows to break. The only cheater in the group is Brad. Was it skanky to sleep with another woman’s man? You bet ya! But it was even skankier for a married man to sleep with someone who wasn’t his wife.

        @V4Real: While I stand with my sisters in almost everything, I do not believe that woman was raped. No way does a church going virgin show up at a man’s hotel room in the middle of the night. That, IMO, is the key. He didn’t drag her in off the street. She went there willingly. Did she ask him to stop and he didn’t? Perhaps, but I’m still put off by the fact that she was even there at that time of night.

      • Artemis says:

        Getting so lost in this conversation =/

        He has a history of violence, I wouldn’t put it past him that’s all I’m saying.


        The end of March is when JA did what BP was supposed to do: file for divorce. And that’s when that Domestic Bliss photoshoot happened. So obviously they’re going to say they started dating then.
        Back then, when people were still not over BP and JA being separated, AJ was still claiming she was single in that long Vanity Fair interview (summer 2005) so I believe it was all planned and that they kept their shit tight until they couldn’t anymore (pregnancy).

        Like somebody said up thread, if AJ could keep her hotel lovers hidden then why not her relationship with BP? The paparazzi tried though…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @V4Real, who wrote: “Tyson said he and Robin were attempting to work things out even though they were seperated. That’s why he showed up at her house.”

        Well fortunately, I don’t have to take Mike Tyson’s word as I was in my early 30′s at the time. Robin Givens left Tyson shortly after they got married (citing physical abuse as the reason, saying she wouldn’t stay with a man who hit her). When Robin filed for divorce, she got restraining orders against Mike Tyson for herself, her mother, and her two sisters as Tyson had threatened to kill all of them.

        Robin Givens filed for divorce from Mike Tyson in October 1988. She met Brad Pitt when he appeared in an episode of “Head of the Class” in 1989 (the episode aired in January 1989 so it’s hard to tell exactly ‘when’ it was film and when Robin and Brad actually met).

        At the time, Robin appeared to be over Tyson once they separated (Brad wasn’t the first guy she dated after separating from Tyson) and was ‘not’ considering a reconciliation. There’s no way she was having ‘quickies’ with him. The truth of the matter was he stalked Robin to see if she was with another man and used the ‘I stopped by for a quickie’ crap to keep from goint to jail (because of the restraining order).

      • V4real says:

        @JP Lover wow and you fell for that story Robin fed the media. Yes I know the story and I’m quite familiar with the restraining order. Robin and Tyson were still banging after the separation, that’s why he stalked her. She was leading him on with the promise of a reconciliation. BTW there was never any concrete proof he beat her, just her word. Trust me if Mike hit you, you’re going to bare bruises. You really don’t know Robin do you. This is the same woman who lied about getting accepted to Yale or one of those prestigious schools. Mike talked openly about his violent past, that’s no secret. Robin was a manipulating liar and user. Please are you really defending Robin. BTW she has yet to refute any of his recent claims as he thought she would do. If he’s lying why hasn’t she said so.Maybe because she knows people no longer believe her lies.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Enjoy your posts. Very well-reasoned.

  2. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Craig and Miller had a fling during Layer Cake filming

  3. bns says:

    Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller is such a random pair. I think Daniel used to date Kate Moss, too.

  4. truthSF says:

    Daniel Craig is an ass for what he did to his ex-fiance, Satsuki…repeatedly.

    • Ice Maiden says:

      Not to excuse Craig’s alleged behaviour at all, but she was also an ass for putting up with it, repeatedly.

      • truthSF says:

        Judging from Jude Law’s statements, Craig wasn’t honest and didn’t tell Satsuki about his cheating with Sienna, what makes you think she knew about all the other crap he did behind her back?

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Well, you say Craig cheated on Satsuki ‘repeatedly’. If you, an outsider, knows this, how likely is it that she didn’t know, or at least have suspicions, about any of ithis alleged repeated cheating at the time? Not very likely, I should think.

      • GeeMoney says:


        Some women know about their SO cheating and tolerate it. I have no idea why they do, but they do. Or maybe she confronted him about it and he lied to her and she believed him. Who knows…

      • Ice Maiden says:


        That’s true, but if women tolerate repeated cheating from their man (or vice versa), then I have no sympathy for them – especially in a case like this where they didn’t even have children together.

        I do find it hard to believe that if someone *repeatedly* cheated, their other half wouldn’t have a clue. It’s not impossible, of course, but imho rather unlikely. Though of course some people do have psychological defence mechanisms whereby they will deny the obvious, even to themselves, and see only what they want to see. Who knows, indeed.

      • GeeMoney says:


        Apparently Sandra Bullock didn’t know that Jesse James was cheating on her like he was… part of me thinks that her not knowing that is IMPOSSIBLE, because he was with soooo many women, but apparently she didn’t know.

        I think she knew and when it finally became public, she was so embarrassed and tired of him doing it that she just left. Same with Elin Nordegren.

        Some women want to keep the lifestyle, some women stay for the kids… some women just have no self worth. So many different reasons why they stay. I don’t want to judge, because I don’t know what I would do if I were in that situation. All and all, it’s just sad.

      • Violet says:


        Jesse James and his then-wife were expecting a baby when he and Sandra first hooked up, so Sandra knew from day one what kind of man he was. After all, what’s that saying? If you marry a man that cheats, you’ll be married to a man that cheats.

        You’re right about a lot of women turning a blind eye, for whatever reason. I suspect that Sandra would still be married, if he hadn’t been so indiscreet.

      • Violet says:


        Jesse James and his then-wife were expecting a baby when he and Sandra first hooked up, so Sandra knew from day one what kind of man he was. After all, what’s that saying? If you marry a man that cheats, you’ll be married to a man that cheats.

      • GeeMoney says:


        Not to mention, Jesse James’ ex-wife was a porn star. I don’t know if I could ever date a man who was married to one (their line of work would make me question their fidelity amongst other things). Lord knows what kind of stuff they did in their private time and with who, for that matter.

      • mayamae says:

        Did not know about Sandra and Jesse hooking up while his wife was pregnant. Why do only certain people get the cheating stigma? Sandra is still pretty much America’s Sweetheart. I like her, but found it hard to believe she didn’t know about her husband’s Nazi memorabilia love. That is a very telling hobby.

        To answer my own question, I think when a couple cheats but stays together long term and/or marries and has children, it’s viewed as “true love” in which the couple was powerless against fate. IMO, that would include Tom/Rita, Paul/Joanne, Angie/Brad, Jennifer/Ben.

      • LAK says:

        Ice Maiden : That’s why i can’t respect Victoria Beckham.

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Is David reputed to be a serial cheat? If so, he keeps it pretty discreet, given his extremely high profile. There was the Rebecca Loos scandal back in the day, but that was years ago, and there hasn’t been any real scandal since then. Not that I’d doubt he’d fool around, or that she’d turn a blind eye to preserve her ‘brand’, just that I’ve never heard many rumours.

      • allheavens says:

        Preach! Men are not THAT slick. Satsuki knew.

      • LAK says:

        Ice Maiden: He settled down once they moved to the USA, but he was all over the place before that. The Rebecca Loos was the tip of that iceberg.

    • CTgirl says:

      Sienna is always having affairs with guys who are either married (with lots of children) or in long term relationships – it’s kind of pathetic actually. Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Balthazar Getty. She obviously feels a need to prove herself worthy in some way.

      • Apples says:

        Balthazar Getty was OPENLY separated from his wife when Sienna was hooking up with him. I remember because his wife was pregnant and all their friends were ticked off at him- whatever they had some serious issues. But, he absolutely was not sneaking around her back/two timing her. He had moved out and was openly throwing his Sienna relationship in her face.

      • blue marie says:

        @ Apples .. they didn’t separate until AFTER those topless boating photos came out (she threw him out), he was attached to his wife and he did cheat. They’re back together now, but he almost royally f-ked it up because of the mess he and Sienna caused.

      • Violet says:


        Whether he was officially separated or not, I honestly don’t understand how you can defend Sienna getting involved with a married man with three young children and a baby on the way. Insult to injury, the two of them weren’t at all discreet.

        That said, it probably wasn’t the first time Getty cheated on his wife and I doubt it was the last. Nor do I think Sienna is capable of fidelity; unless her current partner is a naive and/or arrogant fool, he accepts this and turns a blind eye whenever she strays. (Men can be doormats, too.)

      • Delorb says:

        I thought it was all part of her social climb. My bad.

      • Maureen says:

        I’m so late to this and I doubt anyone will even see this comment but I feel compelled to weigh in on the bit about Sienna habitually going for men who are married/settled down/fathers.

        I agree that she may “need to prove herself worthy” but TBH I believe there’s something more simple: she is a spoiled, f*cking brat who wants what she wants, when she wants it, doesn’t care whom she hurts, and doesn’t care for the word “no” or the phrase “you can’t”.

        Read her bio/background. Spoiled, privileged, mummy and daddy didn’t pay enough attention to her. SPOILED BRAT. Can’t stand her or her type. Ingrates who can’t be happy and feel blessed with having money, good looks, and lots of opportunities in life — no, they have to ALSO take what belongs to others. Despicable people these types.

    • GeeMoney says:

      I read somewhere that after Daniel dumped Satsuki for Rachel Weisz that she went on a million dollar shopping spree with his credit card… sounds like she had the last laugh in that relationship.

      Apparently, Daniel was “allegedly” sleeping with Rooney Mara (while dating Satsuki) during filming of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and up and ran off with Rachel as well… not really sure if that’s 100% accurate, but I remember reading that on a gossip blog.

      Rachel Weisz must be one hell of a woman if he dropped 2 different women at once for her.

    • Artemis says:

      Jup, He’s an ass.

      I really thought he was faithful. He didn’t pick another famous star to date and he was with her for such a long time and of course he turns out to be a serial cheater. Of course. The fact that he was also friendly with Law makes it much worse.

      I really wonder who is the exception to this rule in Hollywood.

      • Happyhat says:

        I imagine there are many exceptions to the rule in Hollywood, but no one wants to report about that because it’s boring or it’s about couples you don’t care about.

      • Artemis says:

        The lies and deceit of Hollywood reach way back in time.
        In a world where they staged Elizabeth Taylor’s high school graduation (with fake classmates and a fake diploma), where Allen and Polanski are celebrated, where stars have sex with minors (take your pick, Paul Walker is the latest), where child stars go crazy, where they lie about being a virgin (any Disney star), where they surprisingly turn out to battle addictions (Zefron, Montheith, Radcliffe), you REALLY think that cheating, one of the lesser evils compared to above debauchery, is not happening? That most stars aren’t taking advantage of the hedonistic lifestyle that Hollywood offers? A bunch of entitled, rich beautiful people who can do what do want with little consequences? Don’t hold your breath.

        Nearly every biography I read was disappointing because it squashed any hope of fidelity being important. Even K. Hepburn was sleeping with married directors. You never know until somebody spills the beans. Even if it’s after the death of that person.

        Btw, most people assume a couple is faithful until the lies come out. Reports only start about cheating when they’re not pictured together often etc.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        They actually faked Elizabeth Taylor’s high school graduation?? Wow. I’ve only seen interviews with her when she was older, but I saw one that she did w/Barbara Walters, and she said that she didn’t have any friends really–she did her school on the lot in HW, in a room by herself.

      • Faith says:

        It makes for great stories though even Audrey Hepburn had an affair with William Holden while she was married I think he was too and Grace Kelly was apprantly known on the lot for sleeping around its surprising how studio systems hid everything.

      • Artemis says:

        @VC: yes yes. Everything can be bought in that world. Errrthing :)
        They’re so isolated from real life it’s not hard to imagine that these people are forever damaged after Hollywood takes their soul.


        Oh yes, sweetie pie A. Hepburn. A woman damaged by war, battling eating disorder, her miscarriages and dramatic love life (her ex-husband were abusive). She’s one of the normal ones in my opinion.

        Grace Kelly was the worst image wise. She did what Monroe was accused of doing. She had such a pure delicate image yet there are so many stories about her behaviour. Hitchcock called her The ice queen because she apparently slept with almost everybody on the set of Dial M for Murder, Hedda Hopper (bless the original gossip queen) called her a nymphomaniac and Gary Cooper said that she Looked like she was a cold dish with a man until you got her pants down, then she’d explode
        Or a lesson of Hollywood in how looks and image can be deceiving (the sleeping around I don’t judge her for to be honest, everybody does it).

      • mayamae says:


        It’s probably true about Grace Kelly (her biography probably shocked me the most), but Gary Cooper, who I thought was such a great guy, shouldn’t have kissed and told – especially so crudely.

        I adore Katherine Hepburn and I think she was pretty honest about her “sins”. She admitted her one husband was a great guy who deserved someone far better than her. I’m not surprised she would sleep with married directors considering she had an open and long term relationship with married Spencer Tracy. I’m torn on that one. So many people in the wrong – most especially the married man, but also the woman, the wife (who knew all about it), and even the church he openly used as an excuse, for not challenging him on it.

      • Artemis says:

        I have no clue who K. Hepburn is even after reading so many biographies. It’s also said that she cared for Tracy but not in a romantic way. Tracy (like most of her lovers) was a broken man. Very troubled. She only had passion for women but then I don’t understand how they lived together for so long and was with him when he died. There must have been romantic feelings. There were also daddy issues with her trying to please impossible unavailable men. And the death of her brother, the only man/boy she ever loved. Which would make more sense since it shaped her personality.

        The Tracy marriage, I will never understand.

      • Kelly says:

        OMG this thread O.M.G.

        So what you’re all saying is, everyone in Hollywood is basically Kristen Stewart, but most were better looking and more adept at hiding it?

        Well sweet, after reading all this, Stewart has just risen a few notches in my eyes, Jesus…

  5. Lolo-ology says:


    But let me see if I have the timeline correct- Jude still cheated first, right? Sienna didn’t bang Daniel until after Jude’s indiscretion came to light?

  6. Hannah says:

    I really don’t understand the timing here. Did Sienna cheat on Jude while they were on (since the article says “his then girlfriend”)? Did this happen while they were filming the movie (which would have been 2004/early 2005)?

    • Nikkie says:

      They were still together when she cheated on him with Daniel Craig who they were friends with.

      “The News of the World revealed that Miller was having an affair with Craig on 9 October 2005 in a story headlined: “Sienna cheats on Jude”. It included a line telling readers that the paper’s “source” had told it that “Jude called Daniel Craig demanding to know how he could do this to a friend.”

  7. blue marie says:

    Umm no, I knew who Jude was but was only vaguely aware of Sienna Miller back then. I always get their timeline confused, when was she with Balthazar Getty? Anyway, there appears to have been a lot of cheating going on by everybody.

    And man, having your family member sell your stories is just sh-ty.

  8. Sixer says:

    I generally direct my sympathy in – to me – more deserving directions than hacked-papped celebs, but blimey, what they did in court yesterday was COLD. I mean, half the celebs aren’t even prepared to give evidence. At least Law showed up.

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    wow….Holy hollywood soap opera, Batman! Lets see, Jude cheated on his baby mama with Sienna…Sienna cheated on Jude with Daniel….Daniel cheated on Satsucki with Sienna and then with Rachael….

    • Sullivan says:

      The Gossip Gods are smiling.

    • Artemis says:

      I remember Sadie Frost saying he never cheated and that she was happy that the nanny scandal didn’t happen with her. It’s also well-known that Sadie, Jude and Kate Moss had threesomes. I think they probably had an open relationship or at the very least a sex life that is unconventional. I think their dalliances are referred to as the ‘Primrose Hill’ set. The relationship failed because Sadie was mentally unwell + their kid swallowed a pill once (during a party? I can’t remember).

      • Happyhat says:

        Urk – the Primrose Hill set make me sick. It’s all so…Brit Pop 90′s. That Meg woman was around then too…the one with the eyebrows. I despise Kate Moss with a passion, and anyone else who associates with her!

      • Artemis says:

        Ugh Kate Moss, that woman gets away with anything. People are so eager to look over the fact that she was hanging out of a window, drunk and high out of her mind with her fellow junkie Pete Doherty just because she’s ‘cool’. It’s mind boggling because it lasted for years. Leo D is made fun of because he’s still partying but nobody calls out for Kate doing the same thing and she’s always snapped drunk and looking like death at 2am.

      • sputnik says:

        i remember the rumour back in the day was that jude and sadie regularly swapped with pearl lowe and danny goffey (and that jude had fallen in love with pearl). it was at a party for goffey’s son that one of their kids ate an ecstasy tablet they found on the floor.

      • LAK says:

        Sputnik: I think pearl Lowe confirmed that rumour. She has always been trouble. I was officially disgusted with her when it came out that she didn’t realise that her daughter was fathered by Gwen Stefani’s husband [name escapes me, can't be bothered to google] and it wasn’t until the resemblence became apparent in her mid-teens did they carry out a DNA test to be sure.

        The Primrose set swapped partners, orgies, drugs the lot.

    • MavenTheFirst says:

      Let’s not forget that Craig also betrayed a good friend. Not much of a man of character all round. I wonder what Weisz sees in him.

  10. Elodie says:

    Well even though I don’t know the James Bond guy, he always gave me douchey vibes so…. he better be treating Ms Weisz well!

    As for the family member, it’s just awful that one would do that for money… I mean rather than telling Jude Law about the info, one went for the money and public humiliation… as much as Jude Law was a douche, that one family member is just as bad and proof that the bloodline is not an excuse to get a pass at despicable actions. Man he’s a good actor, because I wouldn’t have been to pull a poker face once I found out the family member was actually paid.

  11. serena says:

    What a good friend (and fiancee) Daniel is! Wow, that’s how he values friendship?

    Anyway, I really want to know who this family member is … it’s really sad, and I feel for Jude.

  12. Miffy says:

    Ah 2005! I’m feeling nostalgic! Never got Sienna Millers hype even at the height of her boho try-hard It Girl status.

    Is it even worth any of the people involved commenting on this? Is Daniel Craig going to come forward and apologise for defecating on the bro code? Or are they all just going to awkwardly leave that one hanging there? Strange one.

  13. Nikkie says:

    They all cheated on each other. Daniel Criag is a dirty mofo cheating on Satsuki for years. Cheated on her to get with Rachel Weisz. Good luck with that marriage.

  14. AmandaPanda says:

    Some random thoughts:

    1. The hacking case is STILL going on? What exactly are they trying to prove at this point? Surely they have enough evidence to find against the papers and journalists?

    2. Jude Law and Sienna Miller were such a hot couple. Bet you their agents still dream about them getting back together (esp her with that scruffy man-beast she’s with).

    3. 2005 was almost TEN YEARS AGO. Daniel Craig has been Bond for TEN YEARS??! That’s making me feel old and decrepit.

  15. Jenns says:

    So he cheated on Satsuki with both Sienna and then with Rachel. I would say that Rachel should watch out, but she also cheated on Darren Aronofsky. So I guess those two deserve each other.

  16. Renee says:

    Holy F*ck!!!! Am I the only one who’s mouth fell open at this news????

  17. lucy2 says:

    Wow, what a couple they were – neither could keep their pants on.
    I do feel bad for him having to do all this publicly in court, and especially that a family member is the one selling his secrets. I’m more curious who that is!

  18. Tig says:

    I get the gossipy part- and to me, trying to parse a timeline here- did Jude mess with the nanny BEFORE Sienna messed with Daniel Craig?- is pointless. So much for the “guy code”! Wonder what Rachel Weiz thinks of this story? And, for that matter, Tom Sturridge?

    To me, tho, the worst is that a family member would take money for betraying Jude Law that way. And to find out in court for the first time-!!! How awful for him.

    • Artemis says:

      No he already knew a family member had communications with the paper before the the trial started. He didn’t know about the money part. The fact that he didn’t flinch means he probably was prepared at the very least. I assume it’s somebody he didn’t trust anyway or who he doesn’t have a close relationship with.

      • Tig says:

        Maybe I am reading more into it- but the impression I got was that he knew who the “leaker” was, but this was the first time he learned he got paid for the info. That to me would make a bad situation worse.

      • Artemis says:

        Yes, the money issue was made aware to him in court.
        I suppose it depends on what kind of a person you are. Law is a good actor, who knows how he really feels? Maybe he didn’t show any emotion because he knows it’s going to end up in the papers? For me it would not matter, that person would be done.

  19. eliza says:

    Daniel Craig certainly liked dating other men’s girlfriends.

  20. kibbles says:

    Daniel Craig is so gross. He definitely has an arrogant douche vibe going on despite his ugly troll-like face. He must be great in the sack, otherwise, I don’t understand why these women fall for him. Because he’s “James Bond”? Whatever. Again, this foulmouthed douche must be good in bed for someone of Rachel’s caliber to want to marry him. I’m expecting a divorce sooner or later. Even though Jude is far from innocent, he just seems like a better guy than Craig. And I am guessing that Sienna started her affair with Craig before Jude started sleeping with his children’s nanny.

    • jj says:

      Don’t get his appeal either, grumpy, no wit and a terrible actor. He just got lucky because he had a certain look that made him a sex symbol with the housewives. But I don’t get the appeal with either of these people. I always thought Law is a major egoistical douche, and his acting skills are very overrated.

  21. GiGi says:

    This News Corp trial is almost better than their “exclusive” stories got by hacking… here we’ve got celebs confirming blinds left and right!

  22. gg says:

    Not surprising. They’re all big cheaters.

  23. paola says:

    Sienna seems to me as one of the most overrated actresses out there. I put her on the same place as Elsa Pataki. They just like to ride the fame on somebody else’s tail.

  24. Gwen says:

    I’m not surprised that Sienna and Daniel cheated but man, how tough must it be to learn that someone from your family sold you out to the press :O

  25. Tessa says:

    They’re all pretty much immoral jackasses who get what they get. But, we knew this, didn’t we?

  26. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I do feel weirdly more sympathetic towards Jude, of course he cheated too but the whole betraying a friend thing is just shady on Daniel’s part. What a creep. And quite why they had to reveal to him in court further betrayal by a friend or family member when he’s there cooperating fully is just tacky. The NOTW can’t undo the fact they were known hackers, I don’t understand why it hasn’t been settled out of court.

  27. QQ says:

    Shock of Shocks! Sienna Miller a trollop that wants to cavort with Otherwise taken men!! OH THE HUMANITY!

  28. Francesca says:

    That pic of Jude with the wet look curls is kikling me.

  29. Kelly says:

    Yuck all around.

    He cheats on her with his nanny, she cheats on everyone apparently, that famous incident when she was publicly cavorting with the married Balthazar Getty, and Craig cheats on his fiancee numerous times it seems, Rachel wasn’t the first instance he strayed.

    Eww. What do women see in them? I’ve never found Law or Craig remotely appealing.

    And these women are beautiful, really gorgeous, wth do they see in these sleazebags

    • Esmom says:

      Yuck is right. Although I have to admit I found Law hot for about 5 minutes, in his Talented Mr. Ripley role. I thought he stole that movie. And that was his peak, I think. :)

      • Ice Maiden says:

        Yes. Jude was stunningly beautiful in ”The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Absolutely breathtaking. And not just a pretty face either – he delivered a show-stealing performance. But it’s been all downhill since then. As I said above, he hasn’t aged well at all, even though he’s still relatively young.

        As for Craig, sometimes I think he looks hot, other times I think he resembles a grumpy garage mechanic. Definitely overrated.

  30. Goddess says:

    well, what can I say, SIenna gets around.
    Jude gets around.
    Daniel apparently also gets around.
    FINE, they all get around. They all deserve an equal amount of shaming.
    Welcome to Hollywood, aka 6 degrees of F**kville.

  31. OriginallyBlue says:

    I’m really surprised there is not a super STD floating around Hollywood. These people are just too much.

    • Just me says:

      I’m sure this super STD exists but they don’t talk about it,:)
      More seriously I wonder how many actors/actresses have STD (it would probably be easier to find the onli one who don’t have any), I will be unable to have sex with an actor because of that, I would be terrified to catch something

  32. 'p'enny says:

    Throw Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Daniel Craig and Jude Law’s wife swapping stories which were in the press last week to celebrate Kate’s birthday.

    The Primrose Set has a lot of ‘goings on’ between closed-doors a few years ago.

    I just can’t seem to understand why these stories are hitting the fence again now, it is old news?

  33. Cazzee says:

    It must have been an immediate family member selling information to the tabloids, right? Who else would know such intimate facts.

  34. Viv says:

    Didn’t Daniel Craig cheat on his longterm German girlfriend actress Heike Makatsch? Apparently he dumped her the minute he became James Bond and had started dating Satsuki already.
    Makatsch has zero (good) things to say about Craig and they were together for a long time. She moved to England for him and had technically put her career on hold. She got some really good roles when she returned to Germany after the being dumped. Good for her.

  35. Sprink says:

    Oh, the horror, girlfriends!

    Substitute ‘industry conference’ or ‘business trip’ for ‘film set’ and we are ALL just talking about our neighbours.

    Only difference is our neighbours generally aren’t hot enough or rich enough or entitled enough to pursue the split…

  36. Lucy says:

    Jeez, those are some slutty people. Jude cheated on Sienna with the Nanny. Daniel cheated on his girlfriend with Sienna. Sienna had an affair with a married man (remember Balthazar Getty?).

    I hate that the News of the World phone tapped celebs, but the gossip that is coming out of the phone tap trial can’t be beat!!!

  37. Amanda_M87 says:

    Why is this news now? This happened almost a decade ago.

  38. Jenn says:

    I bet Jude misses his hair more than Seinna.

  39. Evi says:

    I don’t see why the editors are the focus of the prosecution. Rupert Murdoch, as their employer should have been held liable for his employee’s conduct. It doesn’t matter that he denies any carrying on. He – as an employer – has a duty of care [legally]. That is how common law tort law is supposed to operate in the UK, but somewhere along the way, Murdoch has sidestepped liability.

    • Moi says:

      They could possibly be building up evidence against him. (Murdoch)

      Wow this is extremely interesting.

      I’m not that shocked that a family member deceived him/sold him out. We cannot choose our family, and sometimes there are assholes in the family tree. It happens. I wouldn’t have reacted either. Would good what that do? I’m sure it sunk it more and more as the day wore on. What a mess. Just because you are famous, that does not make you exempt from being a decent human being.

  40. Tig says:

    The UK edition of GQ must be the only happy folks re this development/ their current issue contains an interview with Sienna, and her past in H’wood is front and center.

  41. Caroline says:

    Daniel Craig and Sienna Miller circa 2005..too much hotness !!

  42. LOL says:

    Heard Jude had an affair with Miss Portman in 2004 on “Closer” set. And Miss Roberts call her bitch cause she was jealous.

  43. Hiddles forever says:

    This is the first time I felt sorry for Jude Law. It must be awful to find out that one of your family members was being paid to spill the beans, I would feel so upset and alone.

    I never could stand him (he comes across as an arrogant lad.. Yet, who isn’t in HW?) but I do feel that was really like stabbing him in the back.

  44. ToodySezHey says:

    Talk about old tea that is still boiling hot!!!