Kristen Stewart: ‘I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away’

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As I previewed yesterday, Kristen Stewart covers the March issue of Marie Claire, and it’s a doozy of a cover interview. Kristen has been much more press-friendly as of late, giving longer interviews on behalf of her Balenciaga contract and seeming more… loose, I guess. Not so grumpy, more willing to play. Anyway, yesterday I just had some early highlights from the interview, but now Marie Claire has released the whole piece online – you can read it here. She smokes Camel filters. She fidgets constantly. She curses a lot and talks like a Valley Girl. She also gave Marie Claire one of her poems. For real! You can read it here. Some additional highlights:

On making choices based on what frightens her: “Dude, I have no idea what I’m doing, and that’s kind of how I love it. I had no idea Twilight was going to be huge. Certain movies I’ve done I thought were going to be amazing did nothing. So it’s fun not having so much control. It’s kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants lifestyle – it’s fun, but it’s scary as f–k. If it’s not scary, it’s usually – you kind of have to step back and go, ‘You’re probably making this decision because it’s right on paper.’ But unless you get that irking fear, it’s not right.”

On being thrown into the unknown: “I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don’t want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something.”

On her M.O: “I’m kind of, like, an extremist. I really don’t want to be working unless I’m bleeding it. And if I’m not working, then don’t ever try to make a plan with me.”

On being judged as a peril of fame: “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.”

On Drugs: “I’m such a control freak. I’m glad I grew up in this era because I think if I grew up in my parents’ age of drugs and discovery and crazy sh-t, I don’t think I would do drugs well.”

The Snow White sequel: While a Snow White & the Huntsman sequel is far-off, “it’s not where I thrive,” she says. “I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. I don’t want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something.”

On doing press to promote her latest projects: “I have an embarrassing inability, seriously, of summoning fake energy…I’m just not very good on TV, and it’s not my main goal in life to get good at it. People are like, ‘She just can’t handle’ – for lack of a better word – ‘the spotlight’. No, actually, I can’t, and that is totally who I am. I love being an actor, but I’m the last person to want to have a birthday party. I don’t try to force it or turn it into something else or fabricate this personality…so I totally agree when people say I’m, like, the most awkward person. If you’re operating from a genuine place, then you can’t really regret anything.”

On her poetry: “I don’t want to sound so f–king utterly pretentious…but after I write something, I go, ‘Holy f–k, that’s crazy.’ It’s the same thing with acting: If I do a good scene, I’m always like, ‘Whoa, that’s really dope.’”

She’s a reader but she wishes she had a college education: “The biggest struggle I’ve ever had has been about not going to school and working instead. I was worried about turning down specific individual experiences. Like each movie was, ‘F–k, I have to do that movie.’ I just did a movie with Tim Blake Nelson [Anesthesia, which recently wrapped], and he is brilliant. If I were as smart as he is, I could have the most killer conversation with anyone because I know I have it in me. I just don’t have the tools necessarily as well-developed as he does. I play this character who is getting her master’s degree in philosophy at Columbia, and I think I’m smart, but I’m definitely not book smart in that way.”

[From Marie Claire]

Eh. What do you want me to say? I can’t really bash the girl for this interview. Does she sound like a pretentious hipster at times? For sure. But that’s her age and her self-aware, self-acknowledged awkwardness. And quite honestly, I’d rather read an enjoyable interview with her where she’s reading poetry to the Marie Claire journalist and answering every question directly than, say, someone who just sits there muttering incoherently. Compared to someone like Shia LaBeouf, Kristen comes across as interesting and cool.

Marie Claire March '14 - Kristen Stewart Cover

Photos courtesy of Tesh/Marie Claire.

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  1. JaDeRu says:

    The pics from Fashion Week of Harper Beckam picking her nose on her dad’s lap are more interesting than this chick’s entire career.

    • Liv says:

      Haha, true!

      What I get from the interview is that she’s more like Bella Swan than she wants to be (hating birthday partys and attention/spotlight).

      Also why is it that these idiots like her and LeBeouf are super smart (haha, sure!), but don’t understand that it’s their f*** job to promote their movies!

      • Jay says:

        It’s not that she doesn’t promote her movies. In fact, it’s the opposite. She goes all in and is incredibly passionate about her films. She just comes across as incredibly awkward, and I believe that stems from shyness and that aversion to the spotlight that she discusses.

      • FLORC says:

        She’s always pushed to be in movies. She’s never said or given the impression that she doesn’t enjoy her fame. She just doesn’t like getting caught. Or being turned down for roles she wants. You think she would have done “camp x-ray” if she had steady work like preswath lined up?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that if she had an aversion to spotlight, then she wouldn’t be signing up to do things like repping fancy perfume (can’t spell the name)…….Daniel Day Lewis has an aversion to spotlight, Kristen Stewart doesn’t like the spotlight because people will now always talk about what she did in her Mini Cooper.

        And she doesn’t really seem passionate about anything. She always seems so monosyllabic, grouchy, and sullen.

      • FLORC says:

        It’s Florabotanica and Balenciaga. It’s no 2nd rate line and it’s amazing imo.
        KStew knew the cost of being a “movie star”. Jodie Foster personally warned her several times.

        And the only thing i’ve seen her passionate about is giving the bird to a camera lense and poor hygiene.

        And…If you enjoy American Horror Story You’ll appreciate that was Myrtle’s (*Spoiler*) final word.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        “I think that if she had an aversion to spotlight, then she wouldn’t be signing up to do things like repping fancy perfume (can’t spell the name)” – Virgilia

        Virgie, as fond as I am of Kristan, she’s no Daniel Day Lewis! If she decided to educate herself, maybe she could be later in her career.

        IMO, a more apt comparison would be to compare KStew to JLaw in terms of how each handles being interviewed. It’s obvious Kristen’s a ragingly introverted thrill seeker vs. a wildly extroverted Ms. Lawrence, who thrives in the ‘spotlight’ telling jokes and revels in both interviews and crowds.

        IMO, she’s a classic INTP on the personality spectrum -(Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving) –

        Kristen lives through her senses and lives for new experiences and feelings, but she is also deeply uncomfortable in social situations because being around people drains her energy. Being in front of the camera for work and ‘acting’ is a totally different than being on camera without a script and having to wing it one on one; that’s an introverts nightmare.

        I’d love to know how Paranormal Girl or other psychologists and therapists here place Kristen’s in the Personality Index.

    • Melymori says:

      HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA That’s mean! But I have to say that I don’t buy this chick act, she is soooo fake. She should stop trying so hard.

    • QQ says:

      Annnd Just like that WE , you and I, “go together”, you’ve been told.

    • mata says:

      You summed it up! She’s a lousy actress and has zero charisma. I understand she got into the spotlight through the Twilight madness, but I really don’t understand what’s keeping her there.

  2. SnarkySnarkers says:

    “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.” – Right on Mini Coop. Right on.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Such an immature perspective imho. Admitting mistakes and growing from them is one thing but “standing by them”? what does that even mean? She would make the decisions again even though she acknowledges that they were mistakes because, what, they have made her the super duper special snowflake that she continues to be? Or maybe just that’s she’s human and fallible…. but it doesn’t read that way. Oh well, too much thought given to her already. Next rebel without a cause, special snowflake and try to be more interesting then this one please😊

      • Naye in VA says:

        I take it to mean that she acknowledges her mistakes for what they are, so if you want to talk about them its not going to hurt her anymore than the actual initial damage of the mistake

      • Cheap Trick says:

        I liked that interview a lot, actually. To me it came across as her acknowledging that she made mistakes; she takes on the responsibility, but refuses to beat herself up over her past. Sounds like a healthy perspective.

      • Jay says:

        I believe she means she owns up to them. She doesn’t run away from them. She has already acknowledged what she did and recognized it. Unlike many other celebs who deny deny deny. She didn’t say she doesn’t regret them or isn’t sorry for them.

      • FLORC says:

        But she did run away and tried to deny a lot!
        Sure, now she’s “owning it”, but it’s old news.
        In fact, many statements were released by her and her pr denying the whole thing and not taking responsibility. She only did that when she was backed into a corner and rs’s divorce was finalized.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        She gave a half assed apology—she said that she was sorry for her ‘momentary indiscretion’……the paps that took the pics said that she was on her way home, from the gym, when she turned her car around and met Rupert. A ‘momentary indiscretion’ would be if she were sitting all by her lonesome in that dirt road, and Rupert came to her…….

        And then afterwards, she tried to play coy with the press about whether or not she was still with Rob. The really f-cked up thing about it was that Rob got more heat than she did—Kristen didn’t have, hasn’t had anyone ask her about her married side piece dry humping her in an interview, or even had it alluded to (to her face)—There were a ton of jokes, and I’m pretty sure that at least two talk show hosts (I think one was Graham Norton, I’m remembering something about ice cream) alluded to it, in questions to him.

        Why does Rob have to answer questions about what SHE did.

      • FLORC says:

        That was half-assed indeed!
        I hardly call it an apology.

        And poor Rob. He was cheated on and grilled about the issue. Not at all fair. Also, her open apology to him seemed improper to say the least. That should be her in private with him. Not to do it in public. That seemed more for her public image to be salvaged than for his benefit.

  3. bns says:


    Are we over her yet?

  4. yolo112 says:

    Lemme guess, she likes being thrown into the unknown…?? *yawn* Don’t worry Sweetcakes, we judge. Everything. Harshly….from your “fashion”, to your mini cooper romp, to your perpertual mean mug opened mouth expression and grease ball hair. Don’t even get me started on your ability to ‘act’ …too much??

  5. Sad says:

    She always looks horny and seems ready to be drilled.
    Pattinson doesn’t seem her type at all. Probably couldn’t satisfy her hunger from within.

  6. OhDear says:

    Guess her handlers realized that her wannabe rebel act wasn’t working.

    Also, I get the introvert thing, I do. But it’s her job and contractual obligation to “summon fake energy” for interviews and other events.

    • Josephine says:

      And why would she even need to fake it if she liked the project? To me, she’s very much part of the “I only do it if it feels right and there is something in it for me” generation. Hopefully she’ll grow up and realize that being part of society means looking outside of your own precious self from time to time.

  7. Nerd Alert says:

    The poem was not as bad as I was expecting. It’s sort of like the try-hard poetry I used to write in college, but I’ve read much, much worse. At least we know she has a vocabulary (and likes to use it).

    Also, “bad at summoning fake energy”? Girl. You’re an actor. That means you have to act when the camera’s off, too. That’s the gig.

    • Brown says:

      I am also bad at summoning fake energy, but there is a big difference in being super fake and full of crap vs. being outright unpleasant and borderline disrespectful.

      Also while I believe that she is not happy and bubbly at heart, I also don’t buy into her whole moody awkward persona as “genuine.” She crafts that image, just like any other celeb. It is a calculated move.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        I agree. I’ve thought about it some since posting and I really think she’s one of these girls so wrapped up in projecting “who she is” that she may not have noticed when that changed. She tries so hard to act unaffected that it comes of as petulant and disrespectful. I think if she just took a break from her angst she’d probably realize she doesn’t have sh!t to be angsty about.

        Also, if you go for a public job, you have to fake it til you make it when it comes to being “on”. She doesn’t have to be a bubbly bobble-head, but she should try. I’m so sick of her pushing this “you have to be fake if you’re nice to the press” crap.

      • TG says:

        Ha- ha. Just like Rooney Mara affects being aloof.

    • janna says:

      Rob helped kristen temendously with her words and speaking in an interview. She listened to him and used some of his words in a lot of her interviews. She still tends to stutter at times and of course, how many fuc* and fuc*Iing were in that interviews. Also dude, one of the most irrating words ever. As she ages, hopefully she can get through an interview intelligently and lessen her use of the F word.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Oh I had to hoot at her poetry. Freedom poles and organ pumps? Kismetly? Perhaps she’s James Franco’s soul mate.

  8. Anname says:

    The “no regrets” tag line on the cover is the one of the reasons I dislike her. Does she really not regret engaging in an affair with a married man, really? If that’s true, what does that say about the type of person she is, not being ashamed of the pain and embarrassment she caused?

    • Kelly says:

      I guess she doesn’t regret effing up the childhood of two small children and a woman’s life and marriage. I mean, why would she, like, dude, that’s life.

    • Peach says:

      Exactly. She has no regrets. She was never sorry. Her apology (issued through PEOPLE magazine, lol) was pure PR to save her a$$ (and Breaking Dawns B.O.)

      I think if I helped destroy a family (a family that welcomed me into their home) I would have some regrets to say the least.

      And her “fabricated personality” was a jab at the Jennifer Lawrence’s of the biz who ARE good at interviews and promoting their films. She’s not cause she’s real, yo! All those others are fuc**ng fakes, dude!

      IMO, if you have to constantly state in interviews how REAL and HONEST you are and how everything you do is “from a genuine place”… you ain’t so real at all. She’s a HW kid born and raised and she sleeps with married directors. Her whole life is a HW cliché.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That is exactly what I don’t like about her—I was liking her a little yesterday, now I’m back to square one.

        No one, I think on this site, would’ve called her out quite so badly about the affair, IF she hadn’t spent the year before (while promoting SWATH) talking about how ‘f-cking real’ she was, how her life was boring and perfect, and that she wanted something to f-ck her over. She was also talking about how she was so REAL, she was an artist, not a cliche starlet—but guess who got caught doing the absolute most CLICHE thing you can think of—-proclaiming how ‘real’ you are, while cheating on your boyfriend with your married director.

        Real, all right. I think that, combined with her attitude (SNOTTY as hell), is what did her in.

        I was talking to my mom about it, and my mom was saying how shitty it was that she, as the female, got all the wrongdoing heaped on her (which I agree)—but it’s not JUST that she had the affair. It’s that she thought she was Hollywood’s King AND Queen, and nothing would topple Her Royal Indie-Twilight”dness down from her Sparkly Throne….and she behaved as such.

        And how she acted after the affair, sealed it…..they were promoting BD2 in Canada, I think….and some journalist asked Kristen if she and Rob were back together. And Kristen laughed and said ‘I like to keep ‘em guessing’……girlfriend, NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

        You do NOT get to make jokes about whether or not you’re with the dude you cheated on publicly….I would think that would be PR 101.

      • Green Is Good says:

        This comment plus one. KStew is a pretentious, D minus “actress”. Real? Sure KStew. You keep trying to sell that crap.

    • Lark says:

      I read it the same as Kaiser….She’s pretty inarticulate, but she’s said several times she has made mistakes…including here. Having read the article, it also really came across like the no regrets thing was in regards to her career, despite having trouble with fame, and not going to college (not everything is about Rob and or the scandal)….However, while I don’t like that type of philosophy it’s pretty common to say I have made mistakes but I don’t regret them (implying that you’ve learned from them). Again though…really don’t think everything has to do with Rob and/or the scandal…but she should be more careful with her wording.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        I am glad that she is not super careful about her wording. I grew very tired and bored of artfully constructed personas that Hollywood + music business throw at us. I like that awkwardness about her. But I like “weird” people in real life, as well, so.

  9. Sullivan says:

    I don’t have strong feelings about her one way or the other. I’m not sure what she means by “I stand by every mistake I ever made.” Does that mean she learned from her mistakes and, therefore, doesn’t regret them? A lesson learned the hard way is not easily forgotten.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Didn’t read whole thread before commenting but upthread agreed about the vagueness of that statement.

    • mimi says:

      I think when she says that she stands by every mistake she ever made, she’s just saying that she is owning up to her past mistakes and is not making excuses for them now. She’s admitting that she has made mistakes in the past without being specific about them. I think some people over analyze her answers and quotes looking for hidden meanings to support their agendas. I doubt every answer is meant to have double meanings. Instead, I think alot of her answers are to be taken in a general, non-specific sense.

      This is my impression of Kristen. She’s a tomboy at heart who chooses comfort over fashion statement and has had the same non-famous girlfriends since middle school. They even have a book club together and she likes to cook for them when they come to visit. Sounds like normal stuff non-famous twenty-something friends do together. She admits she had a happy, comfortable childhood growing up in the Valley with her 3 brothers (1 biological, 2 adopted) and parents who both worked in the film/tv industry as “crew” . She says she wants a family someday, just not right now and would even be open to adoption, probably because she has 2 adopted brothers she’s very close to. She admits she chose acting over college and even though she loves to read, she knows she’s not book smart which comes from being college educated in the traditional sense.

      She doesn’t mention Robert by name but it’s possible she could have been speaking about him when she says you don’t have control over who you fall in love with. Or she could be speaking in general terms. We’ll probably never know either way. Even though I once liked her and Robert together as a romantic couple, I think both are in healthier and happier places since their break up because together, they attracted so much OTT attention and scrutiny from the media. In this interview, it is mentioned by the reporter that Kristen has all 3 dogs living with her at the moment. Since Robert has been out of the country filming, I guess Kristen is looking after the dogs they adopted together as a couple. It’s nice they have their dogs’ best interests at heart even though they are no longer a couple living together in the same house.

  10. mercy says:

    Every mistake? Even messing around in public with the married guy who’s wife and two kids she had befriended on the set of that Snow White movie?

  11. Stephanie says:

    She looks dirty and bored. I don’t know why people are interested in her, let alone why they hire her to sell stuff.

  12. Lydia says:

    If I do a good scene, I’m always like, ‘Whoa, that’s really dope.’” Who even says “dope” anymore? She needs to go away.

  13. Kelly says:

    She’s becoming irrelevant real fast, stirring up controversy again (what else is she good for?) is kinda smart on her part to get people interested.
    Only people don’t really care. I know I don’t. If she confessed to doing a porn film with Rob’s sisters and his mother I wouldn’t care, am so sick of them.

  14. mia girl says:

    I read the article with a open mind given that many have been saying her interviews are getting better/more polished…. but, uh, not so much. Same stuff, different day.

    “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away!”??
    (Shades of “Keep um guessing I say”)
    Boy, that would have sounded much better if it went something like this… “I’ve made some mistakes, and wouldn’t take any of them back because I’ve learned and grown from them. Some people want to judge me, I understand, but I’ve got to move forward.” But no… she just has to be so real, so hardcore and dare us to judge. So predictable.

    All this continued talk of being authentic and the rest of the article (Dope?!) just shows me she’s still fairly immature. I don’t see much of a difference.

    Also, that poem… Wow.

  15. Talie says:

    I agree with her, I also can’t fake that upbeat air that some people seem to demand. I can be happy, but it doesn’t manifest itself as me bouncing off the walls.

  16. Algernon says:

    I don’t know, I think there’s a predisposition to hate everything about her, especially in these parts. She had an affair with a married man, that was dumb and crappy of her (and of ***HIM***), but I can’t pretend like I’m not friends with people who have done the same damn thing. I’ve never been party to an affair, but friends have. My brother even broke up a marriage. Do I celebrate that about him? No. It was a terrible thing he did. But he’s a better person today for having been through that particular fire.

    I think that’s Kristen’s point. I don’t think she’s saying, “I would sleep with a married man tomorrow.” I think she’s saying, “I couldn’t be this person today if I hadn’t made all those mistakes, and I like this person today.” You can acknowledge mistakes and have regrets and still move on and be a decent person. And when a person messes up as badly as she did, the best-case scenario is that she comes out the other side a better person who won’t do something that dumbassed again. Hopefully that’s what we’re seeing here.

    • Anname says:

      I understand your sentiment here, it gives her the benefit of the doubt. But no matter how much I like myself today, I would still regret an affair with a married man and the pain I caused others.
      I get the impression that she is way more interested what effect it had on her, and not so concerned with the damage it had on anyone else. Just leaves a very bad impression for me.

      • Algernon says:

        Regretting doing something dumb/hurtful isn’t divorced from being able to move past it. You mess up that big, and it either destroys you by becoming a pattern, or you just take it on the chin, accept that some people will never forgive you, and work to forge ahead and not be that person ever again. My brother lost some friends after he did what he did (not just the two friends he lost in the actual affair), but if he dwelt on it constantly, he’d be a miserable basketcase. Eventually you have to figure out how to process and deal and move on. That’s what therapy is for, really. I kind of wonder if maybe Kristen has been talking to a pro at some point. She sounds a little therap-ised lately. Which is totally fine. I believe in it, it can help people and be constructive.

      • Anname says:

        Algernon, One does not preclude the other, you can move past mistakes and regret them at the same time. I don’t expect her to run around apologizing every second and would be perfectly happy with her never speaking about it again. I agree she needs to move past it, of course. But when she flat out says “I don’t regret” the thing that caused a tremendous amount of pain for others, I have a problem with that.
        Like I said before, I understand why you are interpreting her comments in a more positive light, but I just think this “no regrets” thing is a terrible thing to say. And combine that with other statements she makes frequently – “do what feels right” and “don’t be ashamed of anything”. Shame and regret are necessary things that we need to grow, yes?

      • Algernon says:

        Oh! I agree! I think this is not the best wording, which is usually the problem with her.

      • Lark says:


        I honestly think it’s just how you read it. As a consequence for her actions (although I don’t remember it being the same for Jude or Russell), ever single comment she makes about general topics is going to be “read” through the lenses of her scandal. It doesn’t help that she’s inarticulate, either. When I read the interview in whole, I thought several of things you were talking about were in relation to her comments about struggling to deal with fame and how she wonders or not whether she should have gotten a college education. I also understand how the “love” comment was read by some as something about sexuality. But….the scandal is what people jump too. And while I agree with you that the philosophy of “I’ve made horrible mistakes but I have no regrets” is kind of a lame one (although I don’t even think that is what she was saying), she certainly wouldn’t be the first to espouse that sort of thing. It is “therapy-esque” as Algernon said, the sort of thing you learn about letting go of the past and owning your mistakes. That’s pretty much how VF read into it.

        Anyway, I really think her best bet would just to “shut up” on certain things that can be related to her past or taken out of context, even if she is talking in general terms.

    • Renee says:

      You seem like a very understanding and forgiving person. And I like your name too.

    • MisJes says:

      Great post, Algernon. I thoroughly agree with you on all counts. I know people who have made this kind of mistake, and despite making it – they’re not awful human beings. I think you’re pretty spot on re: Kristen, too.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      I agree, Algernon…and perhaps when she says, “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away,” it means that she owns what she has done., has made her peace with it, and you can like it or not. After all, she does acknowledge in the statement they are mistakes, she doesn’t say, “I stand by everything I have ever done”. She publicly apologized for hurting people and making them angry, and was judged for THAT. It seems there can be no right move for her as far as the public is concerned, and she knows it.

      • mimi says:


        Very intelligent and thoughtful comments. I always hated that silly saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater” because that would mean nobody is capable of learning from their past mistakes enough to want to change for the better. I shoplifted once when I was in college. Even though I didn’t get caught, I felt terrible about what I did. To this day, I have never taken anything I didn’t pay for and if a clerk gives me too much change back or undercharges me for an item, I bring it to their attention. So I can totally understand someone never wanting to cheat again regardless if they were caught or not. People are capable of learning from their mistakes and wanting to change for the better.

  17. Latisse says:

    My whole reason to be unable to can with this girl is because promotion and “fake energy”? Yeah. That’s a part of her job description. A HUGE part of her job description.

    It’s like if a doctor said, oh by the way, I’ll just treat people, I can’t be bothered to summon up the “fake energy” to fill out the corresponding paper work. That doctor would be out of a job so fast! And rightly so.

    She has one of the most privileged jobs in the world and she can’t be bothered to do that well? Seriously? Ok. Fine. I’m not interested in judging you Kristen, just go away.

  18. foxyw says:

    I appreciate what she says about not being able to summon fake energy and coming across as awkward. When I’m happy and with my friends, my energy isn’t fake. I genuinely feel good. But when I’m with strangers in an unfamiliar place, when I’m the “new girl,” I can’t handle it. I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t have energy, and if I try to force it people know it. They sense my energy is fake, thus they interpret me as fake. And if I act the way I’m given to acting in those situations, which is quiet and uncomfy, then they think I’m awkward. So I totally get it. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. She may not be the best actress, but it seems like she’s tired of playing the game and getting criticized for it so she might as well be herself and get criticized for it. And if that person is an awkward, pretentious hipster, so be it. You do you, KStew.

  19. dizzylucy says:

    When you’ve only messed up your own life, I think it’s OK to say no regrets, every mistake is a learning experience, etc.
    When your “mistake” contributed to the breaking up of a family with 2 small children and will have difficult, lasting effects on other people…just shut it.

  20. TherapyCranes says:

    The interview was fine. She’s made mistakes but she doesn’t regret them. I actually like that. She wasn’t the married one and I hate how people seem to blame her and not the husband and father that cheated. She was still in the wrong but at some point you’ve gotta own what you’ve done, learn from it and move on. But then again I’ve never hated her like most of the people on this blog.

  21. msw says:

    whatever happened to the good ol days of screwing up and admitting you did something wrong, instead of issuing a blanket f you to everybody? grow up, woman child.

  22. Tig says:

    As other posters have commented above, there are many ways to say I have made mistakes and learned from them, as opposed to this interview which is just totally tone-deaf. It’s engaging in verbal acrobatics to suggest it’s other than what she’s saying- she doesn’t regret hurting other folks. Wonder if some PR spin will be forthcoming to correct this “message”?

  23. reba says:

    Wow this is really amazing! The PR people worked years and overtime on this thing, and here it is! Presenting the All-New F U Kristen “Judge Away” Stewart! Hoooo boy, book closed on that last chapter. You don’t want to show us anything, you just want us to watch you finding something. I think your self-respect is over that way !! The truth about you is …. wait, where…. under that magazine cover? Nope. Well, keep looking. All the best to you, dear.

  24. Moira says:

    I have to go with Algernon – she made a mistake, took all the blame and public shaming for it (wait – who’s that dude skating off in the distance?) and the price has been heavy but she has totally taken all of the responsibility, paid for it, and finally moved on. She’s been remorseful — for two YEARS. She’s 23, what do you want her to do? Wear black the rest of her life? She’s done the best a person could do with a mistake, so yeah, I’m starting to really like this girl.

    And starting to get really pissed you never see men judged this way. If you did, there wouldn’t be a film director or producer or movie left to watch in Hollywood.

    • janna says:

      I think the majority of the hate for Kristen’s cheating is not that she cheated with a married man. It was the ugly way she did Rob in front of the whole world, bringing him into her mess and causing him the pain and humiliation she caused him with no intention of telling him but had to because she got caught. That right there pissed off a lot of fans.

    • kimbers says:

      Seriously ! Guys are w..res in hollywood. She wasn’t married and he didnt get shamed like she did.
      She took her lumps
      i think she’ll get even better with the wisdom of age. Just no more kiddie movies plz

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Where is he now, though? There’s the rub. A quick check of his IMDB page says that he directed a short in 2013, and is attached to direct a film in 2015–that has only a writer, not in pre-production, no actors signed on, nothing.

        I’d say he’s getting along a lot worse than she is–she has a shit ton of money AND she still gets jobs.

        And again–Rupert Sanders deserves equal blame in the affair (since both were supposed to be committed to other people), but Rupert wasn’t going around, while promoting SWATH, no less, talking about how f-cking real, authentic he was, or how he wanted something to f-ck his perfect life over—along with a sullen attitude on red carpets…..that’s why she got backlash. She could get away with it, while she was Bella Swan–but she burned bridges with a lot of the fans….she’s lucky she and Rob got back together (fake or whatever), because her fans would’ve killed her if she hadn’t mended Edward’s heart back togehter.

    • fruitloops says:

      Agree with Moira.
      This is how the world works – a married woman who cheated is a b*tch for cheating, a woman that was the other woman to a married man is a b*tch for breaking up a marriage. Apparently men are poor, weak entities utterly uncapable of making decisions for them poor selves.

      Reading comments here it’s like Kirsten just came and ruined a family since obviously this MARRIED MAN had no choice whatsoever than to be with her once she had chosen him. After all she was a 20 year old girl and he was only a grown man with wife, children and significantly more responsibility and life experience, obviously it was her that ruinned his family, he did not by any chance ruin his own family.

    • sputnik says:

      i don’t understand what people want. should she still be apologising for something that happened years ago? she did something dumb and selfish, it cost her a lot. yeah, it hurt other people too. i’m sure she knows this. what more is there to say or do? all she can do is try to learn from it and move on. i’ve no real dog in this. hated twilight. loved adventureland. no feelings on her personally. but it seems like some people just really want to hate on her no matter what she says. and the idea that she’s entirely to blame for the dissolution of someone else’s marriage strikes me as more than a little sexist.

  25. aquarius64 says:

    Looks like Stewart is STILL not listening to her publicist. Her “mistake” (read “momentary indiscretion”) cause international embarrassment and heartache for Rob and Liberty (no matter what you think of them). The children were collateral damage, and Stewart comes off as she doesn’t care about that. As it has been said many times before on her Mini-Coopering: she’s only sorry she was caught and her reputation was wrecked. Considering she is doing all these magazine covers with no movie to promote shows she is still climbing out of the grave she dug for her career due to her foolishness. Indies notwithstanding, not a lot of big studios are checking for her, and it’s not because it’s her choice.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Kristen “One Note” Stewart.

  27. nadia says:

    She should stick to beauty interviews. I almost found her likable last week–which is why I decided to read this one. Fool me once…

    All this interview shows is lots of air between the ears up there, despite her insistence that she’s some sort of underrealized genius (anyone else catch that?) Again, who talks about themselves like that??? That’s the kind of self-stroking teenagers use to rationalize underachieving. And her poetry reeks of adolescence as well. Same with her attitude toward her own failures. Cocky, arrogant, ignorant. This girl needs to grow up or shut up.

    And before one of her minions comes along to tell me to stop reading her articles–fool me twice, shame on me.

  28. Lark says:

    Meh. I read it in the same fashion as Kaiser, who was “surprisingly” not as harsh as some of you guys.

    She’s said numerous times she has made mistakes, including in this interview…so I don’t get the “she thinks it wasn’t wrong” thing because acknowledging that one has made a mistake is stating that one had done wrong. Read the regrets thing as in she didn’t regret getting involved with the film industry, but even then it’s (fairly) common to say something to say one has made mistakes but doesn’t regret (implying that they learned from them) and or because they focus on the future. I guess she really needs to “watch” every word out of her mouth though, because it’s going to get related back to Rob and or the scandal no matter what and it’s been..two years since the mini-cooper gate?

    The photos were heavily shopped. Anyway, like I said I agree with what Kaiser (arty, pretentious but not as bad as the past) said but I also think she just needs to ixnay on saying she’s made mistakes and or love because then it opens the gate on people trying to relate other things she has said to her past.

  29. EllenRS says:

    It always feels like she is trying to sound intelligent and deep, but she sounds dumb the majority of the time.

    I don’t hate the girl, but I don’t care for her as an actress. Also, she just isn’t very likable.

  30. Meg says:

    and that’s why she’ll keep making mistakes-because she shows no shame over her past mistakes. you had an affair with a married man with children- you ought to be ashamed of yourself instead she’s shaming others for judging her

  31. Carol says:

    She comes off anything but cool. More like a self-absorbed actress. But she is far less irritating than Shia laBoef any day.

  32. Source says:

    “I’m kind of, like, an extremist. I really don’t want to be working unless I’m bleeding it. And if I’m not working, then don’t ever try to make a plan with me.”

    My eye roll is still going on. Are you kidding me with this? Yes, Kristin, you’re the realest. You exude passion. If you’re “bleeding” when you’re acting, I’d hate to see it when you’re lounging around doing nothing and thinking about nothing.

    This is my sad face. –
    This is my happy face –
    This is my angry face –

    And it seems she makes plans just fine, if seeing her daily out and about with friends is any indication.

    When you have to talk about how passionate you are. When you have to convince people you’re hardcore, you’re not at all hardcore. It’s like when women talk about how sexy they are. You fail at sexy if you’re busy telling people about it. That’s not confidence. It’s just the opposite. It’s try-hard.

  33. Maureen says:

    She doesn’t want to be working “unless I’m bleeding it”, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the worst actors in Hollywood really believes she’s “bleeding it” with thespian intensity.

    • Cheap Trick says:

      Haha, the bleeding part might be more literal than one might think. She seems super clumsy, so she props hurts herself a lot. And I know that she, in fact, cut her hand on set of THE RUNAWAYS movie. (Which is a great movie and has amazingly funny audio commentary, BTW. With Joan Jett being awesome and everything! Just FYI.)

  34. Brenda Walsh says:

    Does no one else think the “affair” was fake? I just find it hard to believe someone who hates “the spotlight”, as she puts it, would be papped in the act

    • kay says:

      agreed. i remember seeing the photos and thinking “this looks like a super ackward photo op.”
      they seriously looked they were posing. i don’t believe it. and not in a “robsten4eva” way. in a simple “that looked like bullshit” way. lol.

      • Brenda Walsh says:

        Like most of her photos with rob! According to blind gossip their whole relationship was set up and conveniently ended with the twilight films. The supposed affair and the dodgy apology helped create a bit of on-again-off-again drama before the last film came out. Probably why she stands by her mistakes – because they were carefully orchestrated and pre-planned publicity stunts!

      • Maureen says:

        If this were true, there’s no reason to stage it with a married man. You honestly think his WIFE agreed to be part of something so ridiculous?? A woman with 3 kids??

  35. St says:

    Well she can’t do interviews I understand that. It would probably be hard for me if I was famous too. But in Kristen’s case it’s so bad and awkward all the time also because she is not very smart and basically has nothing to say in interviews. No matter how awkward she feels but by this time she would learn to give at least few good video interviews. But she just doesn’t know what to say. Because she is empty inside. IMHO

    Also she can’t act at all. And honey – you just picked wrong profession. Just take your millions and retire. You can’t act, you can’t promote your movies. Why the hell are you still in this profession…

    You know i really wonder what Kristen thinks about her acting. Does she really believe that she is solid actress? She has to know about all the laughing about lips biting and open mouth. But is she like Justin Timberlake – just ignores fans and comments opinion and only listens to critics who are afraid to touch Justin, Pattinson and Kristen and usually are like: “Yeah, it was solid movie I guess. Kristen/Justin/Robert was kinda ok”.

    It’s like – does Kristen know that she is bad at acting and should improve it if she wants to stfy in movies? Or she thinks she is solid and doesn’t bother go to acting coach and be better?

  36. Jayna says:

    I don’t think she came off as interesting or cool in this interview. Gag me. And the “bleeding for it,” I’m rolling on the floor.

  37. LAK says:

    I remain completely freaked out by her dead eyes. Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it.

  38. WendyNerd says:

    “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.” That’s a fine statement to make if your actions have not hurt anyone but yourself. But when things you’ve done have helped lead to a wife being publicly humiliated and innocent children watching their parents break up, it becomes less acceptable. While she certainly was not the only one involved or the most culpable, she still made choices that hurt others. So sorry, remorse is necessary. She’s as big a brat as ever, even if she is more press-friendly.

  39. lulu says:

    her and shia should date. imagine the self-absorbed conversations of that relationship.

    • Source says:

      They could fight over who was a bigger artiste. Who has the most “haters” because people can’t handle how real and awesome they are. They can bond because they’re so misunderstood in their total awesomeness.

      I agree that many young actors think that people just don’t “get them” and that’s why they get slammed by critics. They “bleed” for their art, you know.

  40. Amy says:

    It’s interesting she feels she can’t have an “intelligent conversation” (or killer conversation, whatever she really means by that) just because she doesn’t have a college degree. I have a college degree (make that an MA as well) but I certainly don’t feel smarter than anyone else. I meet people all the time that are better spoken than I am or just know more about certain topics than I do (and some of those people probably don’t have a college degree). That’s to be expected. We all have our own experiences and our own interests. I’m sure she can have an interesting conversation about something that interests her (like music, I feel like she’d have a lot to say about that for some reason). We all feel out of our element sometimes, it’s just sad she decided to choose a career in which she does not feel comfortable at all.

  41. AnneSB says:

    Nope. Still not impressed by Kristen Stewart.

    Give me Jennifer Lawrence any day of the week than this chick. At least JLaw makes me laugh. I know the comparison is old though.

  42. Dotty says:

    Her poetry on the other site reads like it was created by a really bad wanna be poetry meme generator.

  43. Div says:

    I read the dumb interview, and to me it did not sound like she was talking about her love life or mistakes in that but about being an actress and the fame. I have to agree with some posters that it’s been two years and I don’t think every comment is some inference to her collosal mess. I find the collective outrage and public shaming of her two years later to simply be tiresome. She’s said numerous times she’s made mistakes and it should be enough. However, I also agree with other posters that she just needs to shut up because even when she’s says she owns her mistakes it’s gonna be linked to the scandal by a lot of people and tabloids for the hits. Why even open that wound? She needs to shut up about mistakes or love in any context.

  44. goddess says:

    Judge away? Alrighty. You and Rupert are a**holes. Tada.

  45. Kosmos says:

    Oh, geez…..she is all over the place with these comments. I’m going to be sick. She sounds like she can’t be responsible for anything she says or does, and she’s so freeeeeee, and anything can happen, oh, my……! And then she says she’s a control freak….Wha…? If she could only control herself, that’s all we really ask.

  46. lady_luck says:

    So not once does this creepily immature girl have the humility to apologise for any of her actions or her “mistakes”, in similar fashion to the creepy Sienna Miller interview where she calls herself “naughty” for being an evil, homewrecker…I don’t get it, does she not have any decent PR? Still no apology to Liberty, to Rob, or even herself for making poor choices and doing wrong….the girl just doesn’t have a clue, does she.

  47. janna says:

    I think that was the purpose of their meeting in October was to discuss the dogs since he would be out of the contry filming and she also brought along her dog to introduce them. I think that is the one thing they agree on and that is the taking care of the dogs. As far as their relationship is concerned, It seems to be over.

  48. Green Is Good says:

    She really tries to be “hip”. Not working,
    Lip-biting, zero talent.

  49. lulu says:

    I think the dog sharing will end all together as soon as one of them is in a relationship. their bf or gf isn’t going to want the ex around over dogs.