Gwyneth Paltrow’s rep denies rumors of Goop’s alleged affair with Kevin Yorn


Vanity Fair finally published Graydon Carter’s full essay about “The Paltrow Affair” – in the beginning of the month, VF published only some of it, but now the whole thing is online and you can read it here. There’s nothing really groundbreaking in there – Carter shades Gwyneth for sending out that blanket email to her friends and colleagues, or as Carter writes: “She asked that they not speak to Vanity Fair about her, or about anything else ever again. Ever. Never. Kim Jong-un couldn’t have issued a more blanket demand.” Carter goes on to somewhat objectively describe the online kerfuffle that arose as we (and other sites) tried to guess what Gwyneth had to hide.

Among the Goop gossip we discussed/theorized about last fall were the rumors of Gwyneth’s alleged infidelities. There were stories about her alleged affair in 2008 with billionaire Jeffrey Soffer. There were stories about an affair with a “mystery literary figure”. Carter referenced the “affair” rumors cryptically, but he basically says that he decided against covering all of that in VF. And now there’s a new piece of information swirling its way through the intertubes. The basic gist is that there’s a new “secret-sharing app” called Whispers where people can share rumors, info, gossip anonymously. Someone on Whispers shared this:


Kevin Yorn is kind of hot. You can see of a photo of him here. So, is Goop hitting that? Blah, who knows? Goop’s rep told Gossip Cop that the rumor is “100% false” and the same rep told The Daily Mail, “The story is completely false. Gwyneth knows Kevin casually through business contacts. She is not at all romantically connected to him.”

But Gawker contacted Neetzan Zimmerman, Whisper’s editor-in-chief, and asked him about the source for this rumor. He tweeted: “I can’t reveal their identity for obvious reasons, but it’s a person with extremely close ties to Gwyneth who came to us directly after Graydon Carter wrote that missive about why VF walked away from the Paltrow profile last year. I have no reason to suspect they’re lying about this, and if anyone would know the truth, this person would.” Fascinating. Seriously, this is really interesting.


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  1. JaDeRu says:

    This is this year’s gossip holy grail.
    *grabs a seat and a bag of popcorn*

    I would think she wouldn’t give the story any more tread by acknowledging it?
    Nope? Ok then…

    • Annaloo. says:

      Oh my gosh, scoot over and let me sit next to you with a large soda!

      This Lainey hint was EVERYTHING.

      Gwyneth is DUMB when it comes to people and relating to them at large. That website “GOOP” during a recession should be a full out confirmation of it. She has been so coddled by her people, she has no clue. I think Lainey is right, that someone is stabbing her in the back, and I think she is a philanderer bc she’s always been coddled.

      Who from Glee, though…?

      Gwyneth’s new name should be Goopid. She has been allowed to be stupid all her life (ask ANYONE from Spence) by her enabling clique of Hollywood people. Sh’s been handed things over and over, and it looks like it might be catching up to her now.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Goop, you are a fool for denying this. Just ignore it. I don’t understand how hard that is….because a denial because another story.

    And Jesus Goop, are you Queen of all….how do you tell your friends in Hollywood, who depend on magazines like Vanity Fair for their career, to never, ever speak to them?? God. Or shall I say Goopus….nah, that looks dumb.

    Edit: Gesus!

    • FLORC says:

      She really should have ignored it. Her email bit just makes people feel they’re on the right track.
      And I thought early in her marriage it was understood both her and Chris got 1 freebie pass a year to cheat.. Does anyone remember reading that?

      But as always you’re on point Virgilia. She should have ignored it outright.

    • V4Real says:

      Wait! DIdn’t it say it was someone very close to Gwyn who revealed this rumored affair?

      I’m looking at you RDJ? I knew you secretly hated this bitch.

      • jinni says:

        Maybe it was Clooney. Especially since we know he didn’t appreciate that he was dragged into her nonsense feud with Vanity Fair. Plus it’s pretty obvious that Clooney is a gossip; probably whittled the info out of Graydon.

      • Jen says:

        @jinni, well, Clooney was right there front and center of the Hollywood issue, so he was not listening and didn’t he diss her in some conversation with J. Roberts? And didn’t she cheat on Pitt, Clooney’s buddy? So, George seems like a good possibility. Huvane is busy these days with denials for his clients this week. I guess he is making his money.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I would LOVE if it was RDJ….but he’s probably too nice for all that.

      • blue marie says:

        My money’s on Bey or Jay spilling the beans

      • V4Real says:

        Yeah guys but remember RDJ was publicly accused of being “Himmm” a source over at CDAN for ditching dirt about the dark side of Hollywood. Including rumors of Haden Panettiere being a call girl and part of “Diane Jenkins” Room 23 book. Himmm also discuss Kirk Douglas assault on Natalie Woods .People were assuming it was Downey because he talks about working with Wood’s daughter Natasha on a film in the early 90′s. If you remember RDJ did a movie with Natasha Wagner and Heather Graham called “Two Girls and A Guy”

        It’s a good read I tell you but I don’t for one minute believe that Himmm is RDJ. But it would have been awesome if it was.

  3. snakecharmer says:

    hes extreamly hot, hi fives in the lockerroom goop! she looks good in that dress

  4. Jen says:

    Does anyone really care? It’s obvious both Gwyneth and Chris cheat on each other all the time. *yawn*

  5. Lori says:

    So many of them work so hard to control their press. Silly Celebrities!

  6. Mia4S says:

    Why oh why do they always mention the lawyers?! It just gives the story more credibility when you don’t sue. Remember when they were going to sue over the “false” story about her husband’s affair with Kate Bosworth? Gee, I wonder why they never did. ;-)

  7. Lisa says:

    Well he is good looking. Juicy!!

  8. annaloo. says:

    Knock that limp noodle off her high horse. I’ll get popcorn!

  9. Ag says:

    I’m having a difficult time imagining Goop having an affair. Or engaging in any physical closeness, for that matter. She looks so cold and WASPy.

  10. Hautie says:

    Is it wrong that, I want the source to be her trainer, Tracy Anderson? :)

    • JaDeRu says:

      Is it wrong that I want the source to be Chris Martin?

      You never know though. Tracy does like to mean girl her a lot.

      • starrywonder says:

        Rumors were that Tracy was helping Goop trying to cheat on Martin with Madonna’s ex Guy Ritchie. Why they had the huge falling out. Seems like Tracy would have enough sense not to mess over Goop this way. Especially since she went to the trouble of trying to set up Goop with that affair.

    • mercy says:

      Lol! Didn’t Tracey split with her husband? Maybe she wants a single Gwyneth to pal around with.

      I don’t know about CM. On the one hand it would level the playing field after the Bosworth rumours. But if he was looking for a way out or some room to cheat, starting a rumour like this doesn’t seem like a good idea. They will be forced to put on a good show of it more than ever now.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    Just Goop’s command to her “friends” to never, ever talk to VF again, makes me think she has much to hide…That guy is smokin!!!!

  12. olivia says:

    They obviously cheat on each other all the time, not sure why it would be so scandalous.

  13. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I would say it’s like she and Chris had some sort of arrangement, they see other people while staying married for the sake of the children and her image. So maybe that doesn’t really count as “cheating”? Cheating involves some kind of deceit, but then if two people agree to see other people…
    I can’t get over something she said in an interview, something like: “I look up to people who cheat?” I forget the context, she was promoting a movie maybe. How can anyone look up to people who cheat?
    (I really liked them in the beginning. I thought they made a nice couple.)

  14. Ice Maiden says:

    Since Goop’s rep has issued a very specific and unambiguous denial, I’m guessing the rumours are false. Normally, if the rumours are true but the celeb wants to deny them, they issue a non-denial-denial, saying things like ‘these rumours are ridiculous’, which makes it sound as though they are denying the rumours, without doing so explicitly.

  15. Talie says:

    Lainey just spilled the tea that Gwyneth has had an affair, but with someone on the Glee set. And maybe others… interesting. I guess her and Chris decided on a more European arrangement because we know he steps out.

  16. evelyn says:

    Maybe the Martins do have an open marriage, but what about the other couple involved, Kevin and Julia Yorn?

    If cheating is defined by deceitful behavior, and this is true, goop & KY (jelly) are in fact cheating. GPM can add homewrecker to her list of accomplishments. You know she gives 100 percent to everything she does. Girl is getting as much action as Tiger Woods.

  17. Jmo says:

    I’d by that for a dollar!!!

    He’s hot enough for Gwynnie to jump on. She strikes me as the type that needs constant attention and fawning, never-ending reassurance of her physical appeal. So I totally believe this to be true.

    But I also believe that her infidelities were kept discreetly by most of her crowd because they are all probably guilty of the same thing, and no one wants to start an avalanche of “blowing their wad”. However, now with the relative anonymity of the inter webs and a site like Whispers, expect a lot of s**t to hit the fan. She’s old school enough to think she can control her image when she and almost all celebs lost that control within the last decade.

  18. blue marie says:

    Ha, the title of Goops next post will be:
    How to crap your pants without the help of a cleanse..

  19. 'p'enny says:

    Have Coldplay got a new album coming out? because this stinks of Chris Martin wanting sympathy for his dull, my songs all sound the same. He is male version of Taylor Swift.

    If I was Gwyneth I would be cheating on Chris, seriously he is dull, way to politically focused and is a total Duracell- Bunny [to much coke, allegedly]

  20. mercy says:

    Any relation to musician Pete Yorn and his manager brother Rick?

    Wasn’t Goop’s hubby caught cosying up to Kate Bosworth once upon a time? Maybe they’re casual about this sort of thing. He’s on the road a lot and they never seemed to have that much in common. I sometimes wonder if grief over her father dying wasn’t the catalyst for their relationship going as far as it did.

    A “secret-sharing app” has an “editor-in-chief” and she’s not above stripping away some of the anonimity of a secret sharer when it suits her purposes? Not saying this couldn’t all be true, but how many were familiar with this app before now? And who’s to stop anyone from using it to spread malicious rumours for their own means?

  21. Calcifer says:

    Last October Lainey had a blind item titled ‘Two Unfaithful wives’ in which she hinted that the affair that one of the two wives had, led to an award for her and to a divorce for the guy who she had the affair with. On another site someone then guessed that Gwyn’s affair had been with Ian Brennan, a a co-executive producer of Glee. He certainly is the ‘hot geeky type’ that Lainey suggested had been the object of Gwyn’s affection, and she got an award for her role in Glee. But I don’t know whether Brennan got divorced…

  22. KW says:

    Ages ago I read a blind item, so I am a little skeptical, but it seemed to imply that G and Jay Z had an affair, albeit a breif one years ago. Beyonce found out and the couples have not been as close since. Just out of curiosity I checked and for a while there they did lots of stuff together, including vacations etc, not so much anymore. Keeping this in mind I found it interesting that soon after G issued her don’t talk to VF order Jay Z appeared on the cover. I couldn’t help but wonder if Graydon Carter heard the rumors too and let Jay know if he played ball his name would be kept out of it.

    With all that being said this line of thought all started from a blind I happened to remember reading so I could just have one amazing imagination. But what a story if it were true!

  23. Down and Out says:

    I find it hard to believe it’s a coincidence that the article itself is called “The Paltrow AFFAIR”. Cheeky, VF.

  24. moo says:

    Well, of course she does!! Otherwise, she’d get fired!!

  25. poppy says:

    meh, she planted all the rumors herself because nobody gives a fart about her unless she “screwed up” in some way.
    sad when the most attention you can muster is pure schadenfreude.

    what was truly hysterical and very telling was tracy “troll face” anderson’s refusal to talk to the reporter when she was never even contacted.

    just a bunch of make-em-up PR bull larky.

    she’s definitely hitting the botox again.

  26. magpie says:

    After reading the denail I think it’s true. It was sooo specific mentioning the air plane trip.