Tom Hiddleston addresses the rumors that he has undercover pole-dancing skills


Lord, I’m really going through Tom Hiddleston withdrawal. I hope he wraps Crimson Peak quickly so he can come back to being our very special dancing bear. He can quote Shakespeare to ducks and he can wear all of the velvet his little heart desires. Just come back, Tommy! We miss you. It’s almost like I didn’t even realize how good I had it last year, when Hiddles was practically our dancing bear every damn day. Good times.

Anyway, in my Dragonfly Withdrawal, I’ve been searching high and low to find anything, something I could write about for Hiddles. And now I’ve found TWO things! HUZZAH. The first is pretty weak – an ELLE UK interview with Natalie Portman where she mentions how much she loved slapping Hiddles:

When ELLE cover star Tom Hiddleston interviewed ELLE cover star Natalie Portman, she told him how much she enjoyed hitting him in the face while filming Thor: The Dark World (“Oh my god, it was so good”). He enjoyed it too, btw. “It was really fun” he told us. Who knew their tastes ran in that direction?

Now Natalie has expanded on her feelings for Tom, who was named Man of The Year at the ELLE Style Awards…”Tom is wonderful,” she says. “He plays Loki [the god of Mischief] and he’s just an incredible actor who finds so much humor in his evil. He’s also fun to be around, and he and Chris [Hemsworth] have a great rapport with each other. They’ve got sort of a brotherly thing. They really enjoy each other and annoy each other in a loving, joking way. It’s fun to be around.”

[From ELLE UK]

Oh, so Tommy likes it rough? That’s what I’m getting. Tommy likes it when you punish him a little bit. And what’s great is that you’ll enjoy it too. BYOBG (bring your own ball gag).

Next up: Tommy did an interview with HuffPo UK, for the same reason Natalie did the ELLE UK piece – to promote the DVD release of Thor: The Dark Loki. You can read the full piece here. There’s a lot of stuff we already know some I’m culling the interview a little bit. Some highlights:

When you first read the script for Thor, did you ever imagine the character of Loki would connect with audiences as much as he has?
Absolutely not. Nope. Never. I mean, that was the best-case scenario – but it was probably far beyond what I could possibly have conceived. I remember reading the first script and being incredibly excited by it, but at that point it was the early beginnings of the creation of the character. It feels great to have built something so massive and rich and detailed.

What research into the world of Loki and Thor did you undertake when you first joined the franchise?
I read all the comics, all the way back to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. I also read J Michael Stracynzki’s most recent reworking, as well as the Walt Simonson comics. I read the Norse myths, and I listened to Wagner because Loki turns up in the Ring Cycle. [Thor director] Kenneth Branagh and I also stole from Shakespeare because Loki is like Iago [from Othello]. He’s like Macbeth, and he’s like Edmund in King Lear. He seems like a character of such enormous dimensions and with so many interesting shades. The script that I read was an origin story for both Thor and Loki, and I think his mischievous aspects were only starting to come about towards the end of that first film.

Coming to LA for the first time and auditioning for everything: “Thor was being cast during my first ever trip to Los Angeles as an actor. I’d been signed by an agent on the back of a Shakespeare play I did in London and they said to me: “Come to LA and we’ll introduce you to the city.” I auditioned for everything under the sun: television series, films that you’ve seen, films that have been huge hits – and films that haven’t. Thor was one of them and it was a potential opportunity for me because I had a connection to Kenneth Branagh; I’d worked with him in the theatre. I thought, ‘At least there’s someone in this world of Hollywood who I don’t have to prove something to because he knows I can act.’ It was just a matter of trying to prove it to the studio, so I had to audition.”

Being cast as Loki: “When I auditioned for Thor, I didn’t know about the existence of Loki – but I think Chris Hemsworth and I were cast in the same week. I was waiting to hear whether I’d got the job of Thor or not, but they called Chris on a Wednesday and they called me on a Thursday. Kevin [Feige] and Ken [Branagh] called me personally and said, “Well, you’re not going to play Thor but we would like you to play Loki.” Ken said to me, “Actually, this is the role that I would want to play.” In a way, it was a gift – and I have no regrets about it at all. I’ve never once thought, ‘I wish I were playing Thor.’

The strangest fan reaction to the character: “I’ve had some very strange fan mail over the years. There’s a moment in the first Thor movie where Thor and Loki are engaged in a fight. I have a spear in my hand and I make a huge leap to spear Chris – but he dodges out of the way. The spear is embedded into the ground, so I use the spear as a lever to spin myself around and kick him in the chest. Well, some fans have interpreted this as emblematic of my hidden talent at pole dancing. I’ve received a surprising number of depictions of myself in a pair of tight briefs and a horny helmet dancing on a pole. That is pretty weird and hilarious.

The most mischievous thing he did as a kid: “Once, my cousin and I thought it would be fun to hide underneath our beds at bath time. We were four or five years old, and we were in the middle of a game, so we didn’t want to sit in the bath. We stayed there for hours, but we decided to come out when my aunt picked up the phone to call the police. I’m generally well behaved now, but that was 25 years ago. That’s the sort of thing you do when you’re five, right?”

[From HuffPo]

What I’m getting from this is that Tommy doesn’t explicitly deny that he has some prowess on the pole. OMG. Imagine his snake hips and club-boy dancing with a stripper’s pole at the ready. OMG. If Tommy ever wants to raise an insane amount of money for charity, that’s what he should do. He doesn’t even have to make a night of it. Just ten minutes, on stage, shirtless and dancing his dances and then playing around on a stripper pole. I would pay a lot of money to see that. And so would the dragonflies.



Velvet photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. LadySlippers says:

    God, what a delightful interview this is. I’m gonna have to read the whole thing now!


    • Original N says:

      I agree, LadySlippers! I have to admit, I was unaware of who he was until we started watching Wallander recently; now, I find myself reading the Hiddleston posts because he is so charming in the interviews he gives!

      My main question arose after reading this in the interview: ‘I’ve received a surprising number of depictions of myself in a pair of tight briefs and a horny helmet dancing on a pole. That is pretty weird and hilarious’ was … Hm, I wonder if one of the girls from CB mailed that letter? ;)

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Kaiser, stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my “I heart Hiddles” diary, stay out of my fantasies!!

  2. Sixer says:

    The Sixlets interpret my wooden spoon as emblematic of my talent at cooking when it’s actually emblematic of my talent at chasing them up the wooden hill to Jackanory Land.

    Wow. What a British comment! (For the record, I can cook – if not iron – and I don’t chase my children around with implements in hand).

  3. Kelly says:

    I always cringe when I see a man dancing like a woman, I can’t help it.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    Well, I’m going to be useless as work now.

  5. Jana says:

    I feel like I just saw some gifs where he was saying it wasn’t the first time he’d been hit by a woman, and looked very happy about it.

    Edit: here it is

  6. j.eyre says:

    First of all, in the story I wrote it was not tight briefs, it was a bedazzled g-string and I specifically left off the helmet as it would interlock with the pole making for awkward head movements. Clearly he only skimmed my letter – actors! Never take the time to read a good Tome to the Underbelly.

  7. Shannon1972 says:

    Really, really needed a Hiddles post today, and Kaiser doesn’t disappoint. This has been one of my worst weeks ever, so this post was definitely a small bright spot. It’s lovely to think of fun things like Hiddles pole dancing, and his just being generally adorable. Loki always perks me up.
    Thanks for the smile. :)

    An added bonus here….learning to speak British! I love the word jackanory, and Derek Jacobi is one of m favorite actors. Are you all referring to a book? Hiddles posts always go off on the most unexpected tangents.

  8. Hello Kitty says:

    Does this mean I need to check out the male strip club in Toronto in the hopes of finding Hiddles while he’s here????

    Also, with this post everyone’s productivity has been shot for the morning.

  9. Nroth Wset says:

    Naughty Celebitchy…I didnt read nothing ’bout no pole dancing..
    i dont get the connection. But nice thoughts, do…Naughty Naughty Naughty

  10. Karen says:

    I come here everyday just to check for a new Tom post. There I admit it I it, I need to sign up for a 12 step program….

    • Isadora says:

      haha… yes, the withdrawal… I hope Crimson Peak is going well. He needs to come back with new stories and production photos.

    • 'p'enny says:

      I too have a big Hiddles withdrawal problem, after months of new Twitter gossip, click-bait online interviews and fan chaos to laugh at, it’s gone TOO QUIET.

      Still really enjoyed OLLA last Sunday afternoon, well worth a trip to the cinema [if you can find one showing it] and see it. And i have Thor 2, but seriously after editing out Chris/scooby-gang I’ve watched it in 20mins.

      But, GOD!!! its going to be next year before a new Tom production. I don’t know how i am going to cope. Seriously, I need to find a new celeb crush. ‘gulp’ Don’t even think Benny Cumberpants has anything to look forward to this year, except a biop of Turing. Not exactly, running through hoops to see that.


      • Isadora says:

        Well, OLLA is a gem in itself. I’m nearly resentful to put it in the same corner as my slight fangirling of Mr. Hiddles here because I love that movie so much (seen it twice and counting the days to the DVD release), even though OLLA is actually the reason I know who Hiddleston because I’ve never seen him in a movie before (not much of a comic fan, I must admit). However I’m definitely a Jim Jarmusch fan (“Dead Man” anyone? Wow wow and wow) and OLLA has just so many references I can relate to. Plus the mighty Tilda Swinton. I just adore that woman. Plus the godly soundtrack by Sqürl which is just another reason to love Jim Jarmusch. I should probably just marry that guy. Oh well…

        Back to Tom Hiddleston. Yes, it seems like a sad year for the fans. I don’t know what exactly went wrong in 2013, but there is practically nothing worth mentioning for the remainder of 2014. Somebody has to have a little word with Hollywood casting agents. Or Luke Windsor. Or whoever is responsible. Personally I can always go back in time as I discovered the guy only this year, so I’ll probably just watch “The Hollow Crown”. And maybe that pesky comic stuff – at least Loki seems to be an interesting character. ;-) But other than that?

        I’m actually looking forward to reading J. G. Ballard’s “High rise” as “preparation” to the upcoming movie (and I hope nothing goes wrong with that!!). I’m somewhat familiar with several of Ballard’s apocalyptic novels, but I’ve never heard of “High rise” before and it sounds really intruiging. Totally my cup of tea.

        Still, someone needs to do something about Hiddleston and that empty year 2014.

      • 'p'enny says:

        @ Isadora Glad you loved OLLA too, but it is shameful how it’s got such a limited release. I don’t understand the film/cinema supply chain at all. But, my local Cineworld has said it’s out of their hands, they can’t show it. And now the illegal downloads of OLLA are rampant. :-( What a waste.

        And, as for 2013 defo a year that went pear-shaped for Tom. That is a long story, well covered in previous Hiddles posts.

        Oh well, swings and roundabouts.

        I just wish they would release Coriolanus on DVD! GRRR just going to have spend a fortune on encores.

        And, i must say it’s great to meet a Hiddles fan who hasn’t seen the Loki Trilogy . Although, for me, that is where it all started….

      • Karen says:

        I just bought The Hollow Crown. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m planning on it this weekend. And Thor 2 should be here tomorrow from my Amazon pre order. I need to order OLLA on DVD since it isn’t showing near me either. I so wish they would release Coriolanus on DVD. It was 300 miles for me to see it and they only had it the first day, I just couldn’t be off work and make it happen.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        I had the chance to see OLLA and TURNED IT DOWN because I couldn’t find someone to go with me. Stupid stupid stupid… I didn’t make the same mistake in going to see Coriolanus and happy went along with my good self.

        I recently read High Rise and it will be interesting to see it interpreted on the big screen. I think Tom is a good fit for Robert Laing. It won’t be a feel good movie though, unless Hollywood butcher it and make it end with rainbows and redemption…

      • ZsaZsa says:

        High rise is a really good book and could be a good film if it’s properly done. I hope they take their time with it. I’m happy to wait if it’s going to be enjoyable.

      • 'p'enny says:

        @secret squirrel

        i went by myself to see OLLA and Coriolanus, my best mates just don’t get the Tom thing. It’s between me and my picture on the fridge ;-)

        Hollywood shouldn’t be going anywhere near High Rise, its Recorded Picture Company same people who put OLLA together and Film4. Unless they need a bit more money…

        @Karen, enjoy Hollow Crown. Me? I’d watch the Henry’s first for your Tom fix, and then Richard 2nd after. They are very differently filmed, directed and produced.

      • joe spider says:

        Hi p’enny

        Said I would get back to you when I had seen OLLA. I enjoyed it too although I wouldn’t have thought it was completely my type of film. But loved the deadpan humour and the sound track. The final scene cracked me up.

      • jammypants says:

        Coriolanus leaked a few weeks back.

      • Isadora says:

        If it’s from the same production company I really hope “High Rise” gets a better distribution pattern than OLLA. It’s very irregular, the dates when it hits the theatres seem to be nearly half a year apart, depending on the country. But well… from an egoistic point of view at least my country had a slight advantage. ;-) Often movies don’t even hit the cinemas here if they bombed in the US. As OLLA was in large parts financed by Germany, this time Europe had an edge regarding screening dates and stuff. Let’s see what happens with “High Rise”. *fingers crossed*

        I would say OLLA is a save bet to buy on DVD if you like slow-paced, beauifully decorated movies, are probably a book/vinyl lover and antiques hoarder. There is not much of a plot and even less action. I read somewhere about a rather disappointed viewer who critisised the pace of the movie and that it’s not at all like “True Blood” and such. I concur. It’s not like True Blood. ;-) But I think if you like the trailer, you gonna like the movie.

        Thanks for the hint with the leak of Coriolanus! It’s kinda sad, but I guess since NTLive won’t sell an official DVD it’s rather natural. And good for those who couldn’t see it otherwise.

  11. Browniecakes says:

    ..let’s make a night of it.

  12. Elina says:

    I smile so hard reading that article, the comparison is painfully cute that I feel like I have a heartache. Haha.. I’ve watch Pororo Penguin a couple of time so it is such a nice surprise that they are aware of the Korean cartoon and compare Mr. Hiddy to the character no less.

  13. ZsaZsa says:

    I bet he likes to pole dance really and has one installed at home. Hasn’t anyone seen his muscles recently?

  14. Leigh_S says:

    This just made me look up Hiddleston and Cookie Monster, which always makes the day better‎

    I really do like his voice

  15. JoAnn says:

    My god he must get some frightening fan mail. Just by looking at some of the posts on Tumblr makes pole dancing look quaint! I hope whoever reads his fan mail keeps some of the awful stuff from him. Not that his virgin eyes couldn’t take it, but I’d think it would be downright horrifying to read! Especially considering the nasty things people as young as 10 who think they know him write about him doing or having done to him.
    This site is all in good fun and hilarious so I love reading the Hiddles posts here or or on Jezebel.
    I think he is awesome and so does my 12 year old daughter. He is a
    good actor, seems like an intelligent, decent man and is really cute. Is it the Loki character that inspires the more freaky element?

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think it’s Loki, yeah. The Potentially Redeemable Bad Boy tends to attract a lot of attention – think about Sherlock, or Draco and Snape from the Potter series. The Thor-Loki bromance probably aggravates it, since fans of that stripe tend to go for slash (not that there’s anything wrong with slash – I enjoy a little of it myself – but it does give the more obsessive fanfic types lots of material to work with).

    • Isadora says:

      You should look up “Chatty Man” with Alan Carr who confronts Tom Hiddleston in the show with some of the awful pictures. ;-) But not with your daughter haha..

      • ItSetsYou says:

        @Isadora, is it the one where the interviewer pretends to have a leg cramp in front of Tom? I saw that one! And when he showed Tom pix of Loki and Thor doing stuff, Hiddleston was like “okkkaaay…” :) :)

      • JoAnn says:

        I just watched it and it was very amusing! Tom seemed a good sport about it . British TV always cracks me up. It was done in a fun way. That Australian interview as mentioned in a below comment was awkward though.

      • Isadora says:

        I think I’ve seen a gif of that Australian interview – the interviewer was a guy with some kind of flannel shirt? Haven’t been able to find it as a video though. So if anybody has a link, I’d be very grateful. :-)

        And yes, I also do like British TV, the quality of shows and series seems in many cases so much higher than in other countries (like in Germany where probably 80% is low-quality crap). I hope Hiddleston gets at some point invited to the Graham Norton Show, however I think nothing on this planet can top the episode with Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Hugh Bonneville and Paloma Faith. Never seen anything like that. :-D

      • Elina says:

        Could somebody please show me the link to the complete interview of Tom on Chatty Man? I’ve been trying to find it but I always end up with cut version of his dance only.

  16. ItSetsYou says:

    Fan mail – I’ve seen some drawings, memes and pictures of fans dedicated to Hiddleston. Some of them are downright terrifying and gross. And it’s the weirdest looking, pimply, fattest fan girls that produce the most disgusting images. And to be followed by fans like that after a performance or in the park somewhere? Yuck.

  17. pru says:

    My God! Loki on a pole! I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight!

  18. pixie-stix says:

    Nice to have a Hiddleston fix, even if it’s old news. I was hoping for news/sighting from Toronto but I don’t have the stomach to go through his tag on Tumblr. Ugh, a Hiddleston dry spell…

    • 'p'enny says:

      i’ve not seen any, i was on tumblr today having a nose and i can’t say I’ve seen any new Toronto stalker pics. Must be doing well to stay out of way and getting his head down, practising what kinky scenes Del Toro insists he performs :-D

    • Roberta says:

      There was a story last w/end that some stupid stalker girls had found his hotel and room he’s staying- it was on twitter. They had apparently posted a pic which I assume was quickly deleted.

      • frat says:

        Rumors come from the girl who runs Crimson peak unofficial twitter account. She said someone send a DM to her. That’s all. There isn’t any proof of that, so I really hope it’s not true

      • 'p'enny says:

        I read that – silly girls.

        I can’t see him staying in a hotel for two months, he’s probably moved on to a hidden apartment somewhere. Good luck to them trying to find that.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        I bet those girls were just saying it. Like security would let them in.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Good hotels have really tight security over film crews staying as guests. If they didn’t, they would not get repeat business from the industry. Staff will deny a person has ever set foot in the building even when you just saw the person walk through the lobby to the elevator. They usually house such people on floors where a key is necessary for the floor of the elevator so fangirls and the like would not be able to gain access.

      • Janeite says:

        It’s possible that someone could figure out a hotel where a celeb is staying if they see them coming and going. But probably the most access they could gain is the hotel lobby. I’m thinking that story is either highly exaggerated or totally made-up.

        Wasn’t there some story about fangirls hanging out in the lobby and outside the hotel where Hiddleston stayed in Detroit during the filming of OLLA? I could see something like that happening in Toronto too but it’s unlikely they could ever stalk him all the way to his room.

    • pixie-stix says:

      @ ‘p’enny and Roberta – Thanks for the update. :) You mentioned not seeing any new Toronto stalker pics … does that mean there were pics initially then? I figured someone would have snapped him at the airport leaving or arriving; apparently he shaved…

      I was thinking he wouldn’t be in a hotel for the duration but wherever they lodge him will need to be secure. No doubt there will be those who persist in looking for him.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        It could be that he leaves the hotel ridiculously early to get on set and gets back really late. Also he probably stays on set in his trailer most days and doesn’t even go back to the hotel.

        Once he’s settled he’ll probably tweet a photo of himself on set. He used to do it all the time but he might have stopped that as well. It would be a shame if he didn’t because it would stop fans going form there themselves to get a photo

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        @ZsaZsa – I don’t think it would stop the fans going looking for him to take pics at all. These girls are on a mission…

      • Janeite says:

        Hi Zsa Zsa, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if he tweeted a photo! I do have to agree with Secret Squirrel though that even if he did, it probably still wouldn’t stop a fan who is super determined to have an actual encounter with him.

  19. jammypants says:

    “BYOBG (bring your own ball gag).”


  20. icerose says:

    Isadora re “”however I think nothing on this planet can top the episode with Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Hugh Bonneville and Paloma Faith. Never seen anything like that. “”

    That episode of Graham Norton was just the funniest I have seen. I was not really a fan of any of them but it certainly put them on my radar.

  21. Miss Jupitero says:

    TommyAnnE has many virtues, but singing is not one of them.

    Click at your own peril– this is a libido killer. Get the ball gag ready:

    • Ppp12 says:

      Ah well…i think he jad worse moments as far as singing is concerned :p this isn’t half as bad as the time he tried.singing the MJ song in korea.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I like that he’s not perfect. Pics on that clip are nice though!

      He still sings better than me so I’m not going to tease him even a little bit! :)

      If you want to get the libido going again, just imagine he is singing this and dancing around to amuse his (as yet imaginary) young daughter who is sick in bed with a cold. Awwwwwwwww (works for me!).

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        This is an even BIGGER libido killer. Sweet, yes, but Brady Bunch scenarios never blew my skirt up. Sorry.

      • Janeite says:

        I think he genuinely enjoys singing, whether he’s good at it or not. We don’t all have to be good at something to have fun doing it so I’m not going to tease about it either!

        And Miss Jupitero, I have to disagree. There is something incredibly sweet AND sexy about a man being a good father.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        In real life maybe, but in this context, no way. It will take a lot more than this dreadful singing to make me believe him in a role involving real commitment to someone.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Don’t be sorry Miss J! It really is different strokes for different folks! I don’t get the whole fascination with ball gags or shanking each other (in the name of fun) in the TH or the BC threads etc. Not my cup of tea at all (real or imagined!). Not helped by the fact Kaiser mentions them in her report now!!

        Like Janeite, I find sexiness from traits I would want in a real life partner. Hugh Jackman still dotes on his wife of over 10 years and I think she is so damn lucky. Who wouldn’t want to be loved like that?? I don’t expect a man to be syrupy-sweet all the time, but being shown genuine love and respect has to be one of the greatest gifts a woman can get.

      • Janeite says:

        Squirrel, what you said reminded me of Christopher Plummer’s Oscar acceptance speech a couple of years ago. When he thanked his wife, he said something to the effect that even though they have been married for more than 30 years, he is haunted by her beauty every single day. I just about swooned. He may be in his 80′s but he is just as handsome and dashing to me as when he was Captain Von Trapp. To be loved like that and have a man say something like that about you…wow, just wow.

    • ZsaZsa says:

      He’s not the best singer but he’s not the worse. Singing for fun is good but I don’t think it’s an area he should go into professionally in movies.

      Pirate fairy isn’t one of his finer moments unless you have children and they enjoy those films

  22. Ppp12 says:

    And when that (as of yet, imagined) daughter grows up into teenagehood, i think we can all imagine her rolling her eyes and muttering “stop embarrassing me, dad!!”

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Yup! But the first 10 years of her life would be a blast!

    • ZsaZsa says:

      I can imagine him being an embarrassing dad as well. Don’t forget she will discover that girls used to fancy her dad and he’ll remind her that when they have an argument. He’s also had experience because of his work so whoever dates her would have a really hard time.

      I don’t think we should get carried away though. Can’t see him settling down yet until all the madness has gone. Having said that accidents might happen and he could end up with an oops baby.