Kim Kardashian wears midriff-baring chain-mail in Miami: unflattering & awful?


Good lord. Here are some photos of the Kardashian women at the “grand opening of DASH in Miami.” Granted, I don’t follow the comings and goings of the Kardashian Empire that closely, but I thought there was already a DASH boutique in Miami? Maybe there’s another one? Maybe the original Miami DASH closed down? Let’s see if I can figure this out… okay, E! News says DASH has just moved locations. Ah, I understand. So this is a grand opening for a store that has been in Miami for a while, but they’ve just moved locations. I guess?

It’s not important. What’s important is that Kim Kardashian is wearing chain-mail. WHY?! Why does Kim insist on dressing like she has the body of a 1980s Linda Evangelista. I need to tell Kim some things. One, you will never be Linda Evangelista. Ever. Two, you will never have a tall, long, model-like frame so you need to stop dressing like it’s going to happen. Three, STOP BARING YOUR MIDRIFF. It’s an unflattering and dated look on almost everyone. Four, chain-mail? RLY?

By the way, I think this outing was a complete fail for all of the Kardashian women. Kourtney dozed off halfway through the red carpet and Khloe looks like her new ass implants are hurting. Don’t you think they would hurt? I think they would hurt.

I’m also including some photos of Kim leaving the Versace Mansion this morning.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. trudibell says:

    Looks like her carb-free days are behind her.

  2. She looks incredibly awful, but what’s new?
    She looks really nice in that black blazer and jeans though (even though those sandals look like they’re gonna snap).
    If only she would wear more stuff like that….she’s capable of looking good, she just has no idea how to dress her damn body.

  3. Kelly says:

    It actually looks better than what I expected

  4. atrain says:

    Why does she insist upon doing a look to death? I remember when it was always one-shoulder black dresses, and now it’s a bare midriff and pencil skirt. Enough Kim, change it up.

  5. NeNe says:

    I want to know which magic mirror she has that told her she looked good in that outfit!!??!!?? WTF!!!

    Perhaps Kanye likes ‘THICK’ girls!!

  6. Rachel says:

    Are there any pictures actually showing Khloe’s ass? I need to know if it’s really implants or if she was stuffing her pants! I can’t believe I’m so invested in this, but I NEED TO KNOW. I’ll be so sad if Khloe really did get implants. She used to be the (relatively) normal one. I always routed for her.

    • Welldun says:

      From what I’ve seen lately Khloe is now going into the family business with a vengeance. She looks like she’s messing with her appearance and is dressing in ways that I’m sure make PMK proud, the too short shorts with the fishing waders anyone? Maybe she wants to knock Kim out of “prize pig” status.

  7. Ag says:

    WTF. Who lets this woman out of the house looking like that. (I’m looking at you, Kanye.)

    And her face. Another WTF.

  8. lassie says:

    Her facial look is post-facelift Cher. Same cheekbones and pout.

  9. lunchcoma says:

    Oh, that’s just terrible. I wish that she’d be willing to dress the body she actually has instead of the body she wants to have – her curvy figure looks great, but she chooses the worst clothing possible for it.

  10. Happy21 says:

    Yes Kim looks awful but that is nothing new…is the world round, yes, does Kim look awful – yes.

    Now Khloe!!! WTF girl! You were my favorite Kartrashian until you did this to yourself. Why the hell would she get those ass implants??!! They look absurd. Jeezus. Next is the boob job and viola she’ll be a taller version of Kim! I really, really hate that Khloe did that to herself…Like REALLY!

  11. Saywhat? says:

    That picture of her walking out of the door – she looks short and stumpy. Or it that guy in the white shirt a giant? How tall is she anyway?

  12. Mel M says:

    I actually like the jeans and leather coat outfit. It’s flattering and she’s not showing skin for no reason.

  13. Marigold says:

    Doesn’t she get tired of sucking in all the time? She’s not fooling anyone. She actually always looks like she’s sucking in.

  14. mia girl says:

    So THAT is what the foul stench in the air is!! The Kartrashians are in town.

  15. Palermo says:

    Awful. But not as bad as that pink outfit she had on in the Versace house. I have never seen her butt look that humongous, it was horrid. Spanx showing and all.

  16. TherapyCranes says:

    She looks great in the jeans and leather jacket outfit. Her body looks amazing. I don’t really understand why she dresses as she does on the red carpet.

    I get defensive about her body size. I hate people body shaming her. And I like the idea that she doesn’t dress for “her body size/type” and dresses for what she likes and what she wants to wear. However I just hate her choice of clothes and would hate it on any body type.

    • Kaylah says:

      I honestly don’t get why people get defensive about Kim’s body type. This is not a normal body. There’s no one who has such a humongous droopy butt with toothpick legs. No One. People like J.Lo, Beyonce, Sofia Vegara, etc have normal thick bodies. She paid for this body so to me it’s the equivalent of you buying a purse that people think is ugly.

      • Mingy says:

        Exactly Kaylah, I don’t think it’s body-shaming when her body parts are bought, especially since she’s always lying about it (or everything for that matter) and shoving it in our faces everyday damn day.
        Calling out a woman with a big natural ass is wrong and f*ed up (like the media did to Jennifer Lopez for so many years, I really hated that) not someone like KK.

  17. karkar says:

    She looks good in the jeans picture. That’s how she needs to dress. Stop with the crop tops. You don’t have the stomach for it. I can imagine what it looks like when you sit down.

  18. Shijel says:

    Well… I like it. It’s the only clothing set with a ‘skirt’ part I’d be willing to wear. Would even wear it, despite having a body of a very fit dachshund. So there’s that.

  19. SnarkGirl says:

    If dressing horribly were an Olympic event, Kim K would take the gold.

    I wonder if that chain mail dress is another dress she decided to butcher herself. It looks it. It actually wouldn’t look half bad if it weren’t chopped in half and if she wore a black undergarment that went the full length of the dress. Black granny panties though? That hang out over the top of the waist of the skirt? No no no and no.

  20. Quinn says:

    Truly, how does Kim manage to make a slutty outfit seem matronly????? UGH!!!

    EVERY short girl knows: you need clean lines on your clothes- otherwise, you are likely going to look stumpy. Kim is REALLY driving this home to me with her horrible midriff-baring ensembles. She manages to make a herself look twenty pounds heavier.

  21. Dimebox says:

    Here is Kim again with her infallible fashion sense, good taste, and natural beauty. *snort*

    Seriously, that chain mail dress must be wickedly uncomfortable…and breezy.

  22. Kaylah says:

    I saw these pics on the DM & I was in shock. Why would you wear an outfit that requires you to suck in your gut all the time? The crop top cuts her off at such a weird place & the girdle/control top panties she’s wearing are just awful. The painted on abs are such a fail as well. She looks so cute in that jacket with the jeans but no Kim isn’t satisfied till she’s in some ugly high fashion nonsense.

  23. dorothy says:

    I really hope, for their sake the clothes they are wearing isn’t indicative of what their store carries. As for Kim, I honestly think she dresses bad for the attention it receives. There’s no possible way she thinks she looks good in some of the clothes she wears.

  24. Helvetica says:

    Horrid. A blow up doll version of Mad Max. LOOK at her plastic face in the last picture.

    I do love the silver shoes though.

  25. TheCountess says:

    Are those spanx Granny Panties? Good lord.

  26. decorative item says:

    Why is EVERYTHING that happens to her reported on this site? And the story is ALWAYS the same,”Here’s Kim doing, saying, wearing something stupid, don’t we all think she’s dumb?”
    The answer is forever yes, so why do we have to keep seeing stories about her? Can’t you at least try to help make her go away? Please, just let Kim go.

  27. Mary Jane says:

    OMG! I thought her gut was a freaking orange belt! Gross!
    She’s sucking that thing in like there’s not toomorrow! hahahahaha

  28. Dizzle says:

    Can we talk about how she had to go and post a selfie where she was wearing Kylie’s bathing suit? Kim you are approaching mid-30s. Act your flipping age. It’s just narcissistic for you to shove a selfie down our throats showing us that your teenage sister’s bathing suit has incredible stretching properties.

    • laura says:

      Agree with you…! Kylie is actually attractive and Kendall even much more (they are tall skinny girls, envious KIm?) they are acting their age. But Kim stealing her sister bathing suit is really, is she for real? You are 33 years old, not a teenager anymore and plus a mother….Pathetic really!

  29. bamabrasileira says:

    I applaud Kim for her daring fashion choices! I think it’s great that she does not let allow “society” to tell her what she can and can’t wear. I am happy that she is putting out there that you DON’T have to be skinny, boyishly framed, and white (like Linda Evangelista) to wear whatever the F*ck you WANT to wear! I think the outfit is win all the way. She is rockin it with those hips and dat a*s!

  30. dahlia1947 says:

    This woman is sooo tacky and what’s funny is that she actually seems to always do something to sabotage herself and MAKE herself look like a fool on purpose! And that’s because she’s miserable and she hates herself!

    She knows she’s a walking freak show,
    and the laughing stock of like the
    World, so she makes sure to deliver
    time and time again because she has zero dignity and zero self-worth! It’s really sad.

    And squeezing yourself into your teenage sister’s bikini, and saying that you’re keeping it for yourself is tacky, immature, and frickin’ unsanitary!!

  31. dahlia1947 says:

    Wow, I haven’t commented on a Kardashian post in FOREVER, and I gotta say that it feels really good! LOL

  32. Chrissy says:

    How would one go to the toilet in this dress??

  33. kitty-bye says:

    Is her unhappy face from being jealous of her sisters now? She is no longer the “Queen” of the K’s.

  34. Tanya says:

    How does she breathe in that?

  35. Mika302 says:

    Crop tops r all over….just becuz i don’t like them doesn’t mean everyone needs to stop wearing them. It is only ur opinion!! I have a ton of them…thy actually look cute with a high waste pencil skirt or a cute flared midi!!

    • Nina W says:

      Crop tops don’t suit Kim, she is big busted, short-waisted and not that tall, the crop top chops her silhouette in half and makes her seem shorter and wider. It’s not the right choice for her in terms of a flattering look, she can wear what she likes but that doesn’t mean it looks good.

  36. Lis says:

    She is a mom, she is good looking – just pick some classier clothes. Her midriff and breasts don’t ALWAYS need to be showing.