Liz Hurley’s new father-in-law cuts ties with his son

Liz Hurley’s father-in-law sure was dissapointed by the treatment he was afforded at his son Arun Nayer’s multi-party wedding blowout in India last month. Vinod Nayer says that he and his wife and their friends were disrespected during the super expensive wedding festivities and that they are pissed off and not talking to the haughty couple:

“Liz and Arun have treated us very shabbily. My heart is heavy with pain,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Nayer senior, a textile magnate, claims that the couple seemed to disrespect Indian relatives and did not act with consideration towards him and his wife.

“We were pushed into the background like poor relations. This has broken my heart,” the 66-year-old added.

“I have decided to cut all ties with my sons…I feel that Liz and Arun behaved shamefully and placed more importance on showing off than their own family,” Nayer senior added.

He said that he had not spoken to his son since the wedding and had sent him a letter accusing him of having “disregarded me like one of your office boys.”

“You have shown disrespect to me and my family, plus my dear friends who have been with me since your birth,” the letter reportedly said.

At first I was like “Oh yeah! Nayer’s going to be disinherited and Hurley will really have to run that farm she’s blabbing about in the countryside!” Then I did some half-assed Wikipedia research on the younger Nayer and it turns out he’s successful on his own, and runs a software company called Direction Software Solutions. Their website really sucks, though, so maybe he’s not as successful as he makes out. They probably made enough money selling the pictures of their wedding to more than pay for the parties as well as save some to start their farm on.

While people were saying it was a waste of money to have such an extravagant wedding bash, commentor Caz says those type of huge weddings are common in India and are expected of wealthy families. While they may have honored traditions with their Indian ceremonies and Bollywood-themed parties, they must have forgotten to honor their elders if they pissed off Arun’s dad this badly.

Rumor has it that Hurley is pregnant, but that rumor came out around the time of the wedding and we haven’t heard anything more about it.

Here are some candids from one of their opening Indian parties, the “glamorous casual” affair at the Taj Hotel. We already published these pictures. The header image is the cover of Hello! and is of their English wedding.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    His father probably was dissed at the overblown ceremony. With Liz (it’s all about me) there, what else was important except herself, bridezilla.

  2. kailie2 says:

    You should read the entire story as seen by the father, it’s quite full of bitterness. The point he’s making is that Liz wanted an Indian wedding but didn’t want to follow Indian customs which afford a place of honor for the groom’s family. She basically sold the wedding to Hello for ca. $3.5 Million and wanted to have her celebrity friends to be visible, not his relatives. According to the father, Arun’s grandmother wasn’t even invited to either ceremony, Liz refused a $70,000 necklace custom-made for her by the groom’s family etc. etc. Liz doesn’t seem too sensitive to the fact that she’s marrying into a different culture. I will never forget Hugh Grant telling the story of Liz trying to file down his crooked teeth with her nail kit. She actually thought it would work! According to Hugh, she’s a HUGE control freak (though back then he said it lovingly.. “Liz goes back to sleep with a fax faxing all over her face and wakes up shouting down the phone”).

  3. Abapentin says:

    I’ve never been impressed with her. She is so boring and has floppy boobs.

  4. Busy Body says:

    If Nayar had disappeared half way between the extravaganza, I think Liz would have actually gone through the wedding without noticing it. She is THAT full of herself. I am sure she is just using this guy and there is no love lost.

    The rejection of the Indian part of the family is very noticable in the pictures. I think Arun is a tad ashamed of his roots and Liz makes sure of this. Any way, what Indian marries outside his culture? With all those beautiful Indian women, why go for a white lizard whose face is scary without makeup? LOL

    I am white, so don’t get tizzy.

  5. gg says:

    I agree, I’m English and I think Indian women are gorgeous for the most part.