“Alexander Skarsgard worked on his Tarzan muscles at the gym” links

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard kept his guns hidden after the gym. [A Socialite Life]
Rooney Mara has been cast as Tiger Lily in Joe Wright’s Pan. [LaineyGossip]
Kristen Cavallari & Jay Cutler won’t vaccinate their kids. [Dlisted]
The Veronica Mars Movie treats its fanbase well. [Pajiba]
Rita Ora wears fug so darn fabulously. [Go Fug Yourself]
ONTNB‘s new season stills feature dance parties. [Buzzfeed]
Lisa Vanderpump holds dogs at a cocktail party. [Reality Tea]
Cameron is so very sorry for aging normally. [The Blemish]
Sarah Jessica Parker wears cool tartan leggings. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Justin Bieber is “officially” done with Los Angeles. [PopBytes]
Ellie Goulding‘s Divergent track is sweet. [Evil Beet]
Hilary Duff wears red jeans for her daily pap walk. [Popoholic]
Kendall Jenner has not visited the butt surgeon. [Moe Jackson]
Amanda Bynes posted her self portrait on Twitter. [IDLY]

Alexander Skarsgard

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  1. blue marie says:

    You just made my Friday, thanks Bedhead..
    (and yes i’d hit it)

  2. Victoria1 says:

    He’s wearing too many clothes! #takeitoff

  3. Mia4S says:

    Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily?! So by “diverse cast” the studio meant “diversify the Native Americans by making them white”?! No wait…let me guess, she’s 1/10000 Cherokee right? ;-)

    Enough, for crying out loud. And I say this as a white as can be Canadian!

  4. Liberty says:

    Everyone — shhh — I need a moment to imagine the Skarsgard. –

  5. Jessica says:

    Sad that they couldn’t hire an actual Native American actress to play Tiger Lily.

  6. Tatjana says:

    Kristen Cavallari is an idiot.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes she is. “I’ve read the studies” There are NO studies linking vaccination to autism. Dope.

    • StaCat1 says:

      agreed. She can choose not to vaccinate her kid..but I don’t want her kid near mine- get ready to homeschool that one. There is this whole pseudo-science that is dangerous. This is a generation that does not recall the polio epidemic in the early 20th century.

      Most of those “studies” have been debunked and debunked again…but if you want to believe bad science…go for it. She can teach her kid that evolution didn’t happen either.

      • Tig says:

        So many of these loons have never seen a young child, let alone an infant, suffer through measles and/or mumps, or God forbid, scarlet fever. If they had, they would be first in line for those shots. And totally discount the threat this poses to public health is mind numbing.

      • Illyra says:

        Polio death rates were already in decline before the vaccines became widely available. There’s no proof that the vaccines had any beneficial effect. Correlation =/= causation.

      • Leek says:

        Sadly, they probably don’t even realize that having their kids around vaccinated kids is more dangerous to theirs than ours. A good friend of mine chose not to vaccinate and when I had my new born I spoke to the doctor and did a lot of reading; apparently, a freshly vaccinated child carries the virus in a way that is dangerous to the unvaccinated. Scary if it’s true. I guess I just don’t understand how people put so much stock into the panic caused by the geniuses Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, laughable, and yet, completely choose to ignore the hundreds of kids in their own neighborhoods that are vaccinated and perfectly healthy.

      • Malificent says:

        If she wants her kids to go to a public school, and most parochial or private schools, in Illinois, they won’t have a choice about vaccination. You can’t opt out in Illinois — unless your child has a legitimate medical reason not to vaccinate. They won’t even let your kid set foot in the school without full vaccinations.
        I was born and raised in Illinois, and now live in another state that allows parents to decide on a whim if they want their kids to be vaccinated. My friends from Illinois are stunned when I talk about the annual whooping cough outbreaks in Colorado — no one in Illinois has seen whooping cough in 50 years….

  7. Side-Eye says:

    The only thing that kind of kills OTNB for me is that I can’t stand the main character. I guess that’s what makes it good though.

  8. dahlianoir says:


  9. lucy2 says:

    I think you should have a regular feature of Skarsgard Fridays. Start our weekends off right.

    Bieber is done with LA? LA breathes a sigh of relief, and a sympathy card to wherever that little turd is now.

  10. Fatty Magoo says:

    His legs are perfection!

  11. Tiffany :) says:

    Headline reads: “Justin Bieber is “officially” done with Los Angeles.”

    :: Tiffany does a dance of joy at her desk, complete with booty shaking and hair whipping ::


  12. ladytron2000 says:

    peace out, beebs! LA was “DONE” with you a long time ago!!!!

  13. Lilacflowers says:

    Thank you, Stellan Skarsgard for giving us Alex.

  14. kitty-bye says:

    I could see Jason Momoa, as tarzan but Alex? No. Princess Bride maybe.

    • Nya says:

      I’m not sure why people say this. Tarzan’s parents were British aristocrats. His name is John Clayton. This movie is supposed to take place after he’s already gone back to British society. Nobody would buy Jason Mamoa as a white European.

  15. LAK says:


    That’s all i’ve got!!!

  16. Kelly says:

    OMG he’s alive!!! Where has he been??? He’s really gone under the radar for a long time, what happened


  17. cerebralmind says:

    I really hope TB season 7 goes back to the original format because seasons 5 and 6 were awful. The writing and storylines were ridiculous (and I am a TB fan). I don’t know what is going on over there but they need to get it together because they are seriously ruining a good show (seasons 1-4).