Surprise, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West have already sold their wedding to E!


Call me Kardashian, but these outfits aren’t that bad, right? After some really bad fashion in Miami, Kim Kardashian was back in LA on Friday and Saturday, wearing some somewhat flattering clothes. The red dress looks like a stripper’s cover-up, granted, but the white outfit is actually nice. I would actually wear that (not with those fug shoes). I do think we should give Kim some credit: she’s lost a lot of her baby weight. I think she’s even skinnier now than she was when she first got pregnant. Of course, that weight loss comes at a price, and it’s a check I’m sure she’s written to her plastic surgeon. Plus, WHERE IS IGNORI?!

Anyway, Kim and Kanye’s wedding has been moved up so it will be the big event in Paris just as the Cannes Film Festival closes down. I get the feeling that Kim wants her third wedding to be smaller but Kanye wants to invite everyone that he’s ever met. But one thing is clear: this will be a super-exclusive event. And by super-exclusive, I mean that E! must have already secured the rights because Kim and Kanye are already telling their wedding guests that they’ll need to sign confidentiality agreements:

The only cameras rolling or taking photos at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding will be their own, because as has learned, guests who attend the star-studded I Do’s will be forced to sign strict confidentiality agreements during which they’ll agree not to discuss any details of the nuptials with the media. What’s more, cell phones will be strictly banned and confiscated if discovered!

The high-profile couple do not want a repeat of West’s marriage proposal to Kardashian, which was leaked online by YouTube co-founder, Chad Hurley.

“Guests will have to go through extensive security, even most of Kim and Kanye’s celebrity friends,” a source said. “Mobile devices will be held at a secure location and if someone needs to use during the festivities, accommodations will be made, but a long way away from the festivities. This is all designed to discourage guests from using their phones.”

If someone violates terms of the contract, they will likely be sued, the insider added.

“Kim and Kanye will be licensing the wedding photos for sale and it will also be broadcast on E! as part of their Keeping Up With The Kardashians series,” a source said.

The wedding, likely to be in Pairs, is scheduled to take place on May 24. But two wedding guests will not have to suffer the same fate, Radar has been told.

“There is no way Kanye would ever even dare to ask Jay Z or Beyonce to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or take away their cell phones,” said the spy. “He knows that neither one of them would betray his trust.”

[From Radar]

I want Beyonce to take lots of photos and upload them to her Tumblr, just for laughs. Just to get at Kim. Except Kim would probably take it as a compliment, and she would figure that now she and Beyonce are BFFs. Lord… this wedding is going to be a mess. What if Jay-Z and Beyonce don’t even show up? What is this is just, like, a Kardashian-Jenner event and Kanye’s people don’t even show? Awkward.



Photos courtesy Fame/Flynet.

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  1. watchmaker says:

    And there goes my breakfast……..ENOUGH ALREADY with this nonsense!!!!!

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      I’m constantly surprised at how Kanye allows himself to be made a fool of with this girl.. I mean even Beyonce tries to put her famewhore ways in check with her man around.. actually, wait, scratch that.. they’re all embarrassing…

      • gefeylich says:

        West may be a fool, but he’s also a wholehearted participant in this circus. The contracts are signed and he’s in for the long haul, which in this case which means about 3 months after their “marriage vows.”

        Love to see who’s going to show up to this travesty (my guess is: no one special).

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Personally it’s hard for me to see she if she’s actually lose more than baby weight. Her hips and behind are far too large to give an adequate response to the weight loss. Gross.

  2. Allie says:

    I actually like red dress. It’s the stripper shoes that make it look cheap. I’m so over this family, gooooo away. (Yes, I get the irony of saying that after I clicked on the link)

  3. Melanie says:

    These two gross me out. Egomaniacs and fame whores the two of them are . . . .

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Melanie I’m with you. They actually sicken me. This is not a wedding, it’s a business merger with a profitable carnival side show. Can you imagine being asked to sign a document to attend a WEDDING? You know – that joyful day when two people celebrate their lasting love for each other? Uh-huh baby.

      No way I would EVER attend this tasteless display, let alone throw away money on a gift that won’t be appreciated but will be used as a tax write-off after 72 days. Cuz giving the expensive pickle dishes you did not even pay for to charity is sooooo generous.

      KK sets the standard for vanity and vapidity. Kanye sets the standard for delusional messianic ranting. So fun!

  4. Mel M says:

    I don’t think all white is very flattering on anyone, but yes she’s getting a lot better with her(his) choices in attire.

    I still don’t understand how she is away from her child so much though! During my daughters first year you could never snap a picture of me just strolling around to grab lunch or get my nails down. Getting out of the house to do anything by myself was a treat. That being said, I didn’t want to be away from her a lot during that time. Her daughter is not yet one year old!

    • Tracy says:

      I was lucky to grab a shower when my kids were that young. But then again, my kids were my priority. Kim… not so much.

    • Egla says:

      Don’t want to defend her or anything but when I was born (and my siblings too) my mother had only 40 days of maternity leave and then she had to go back to work and was away 8 hours per day from Monday to Saturday, only Sunday as a day off. And working was a must so we were all in the daycare from 40 days of life up to six. It was massive though, almost all the children were sent there, and we never felt abandoned or else.
      All i am saying is that THIS is her job. Going around and promoting her reality show, dressing up like a doll and be seen. Even if we don’t fully understand this she actually makes a looot of money out of this things. That said, she is to me an empty, vain woman who strangely has found a career path for her making millions. I-if i ever get married- will have to work and leave my children to some crappy day care as i know for sure i can’t afford 10 nannies to take good care of them while i do my thing.

  5. MonicaQ says:

    I feel like if I drew her for my anatomy class, I’d get points deducted.

  6. Monkey Towz says:

    Maybe they’re keeping it small b/c many of these high profile people won’t show up anyway. But I would love to see Anna Wintour and Kris Jenner dining together.

  7. HappyMom says:

    And she’s actually sort of smiling? Wow. I’m guessing that’s the smile of victory for convincing Kanye to sell their wedding to E.

  8. Dorothy says:

    They sold their wedding, their souls, their pride and their credibility along time ago.

  9. Micah says:

    Nothin like having your guests sign a confidentiality contract to really set the tone for an ego infused, crown wearing, circus act….errr, I mean wedding. So romantical.

    Gross. I can’t with these 2.

  10. Anon says:

    E isthe only one ith rights to it.. Didnt have to be sold it already was..

  11. Jessica says:

    Can’t imagine a ton of bigger celebs, like Jay Z and Beyonce, wanting to go to a wedding that’s being filmed for reality tv. They wouldn’t want their faces all over keeping up with the k-people.

  12. The Original G says:

    She doesn’t even carry a bag anymore? It’s totally just a booty strut for the camera.

  13. Tracy says:

    Who would put themselves through that non-sense just to attend the third wedding of this skank? Enough already.

  14. shellybean says:

    These outfits aren’t terrible at all. The shoes, however, are another story. When will she realize that her legs do not look that great in these types of shoes? She should never wear anything that fastens around her ankles. They make her legs look thicker and shorter than they even are. She needs to stick with a simple pump.

  15. TheCountess says:

    I would be really disappointed if Beyonce actually attended this fiasco.

  16. The Original Mia says:

    I think we all say this coming. After being denied access to the birth canal, there’s no way E! was going to miss out on the wedding to end all weddings.

    I saw an article a few days ago that Jay-Z & Beyonce would not be attending/participating in any reality tv mess. I think it was Page Six.

  17. Dawn says:

    Was there ever a doubt? And as soon as the ring is on her finger you can all count on North(not the airline) West being a big part of their sickening not-so reality show. Kanye West has turned into a clown. His stock is already in decline and this will just push it down more. These people and the people who keep them in a spot light are just sick.

  18. Kaylah says:

    The red dress isn’t bad. She always looks nice in vibrant colours. It’s just the fact that I can see her spanx all the time that kills me. Lord the shoes. Both of them with those stupid ankle rope tie things that make her legs look like stumps are just so sad.
    The wedding will be small not because they want it to be exclusive but because nobody cares enough to attend.

    I’m laughing at the fact that you called her Ignori. That name will never get old. Lmao.

  19. Chibichichai says:

    You know, she would really have a nice figure without the diaper butt

  20. swack says:

    While the white dress is an improvement but it and the red dress are still too tight. She has lost much weight but needs to get the correct size of clothes to wear. As far as the wedding, I think Kim wants the big wedding also. Kanye wanting to have an over the top wedding allows her to have what she wants and when people criticize her for it she can say it was all Kanye’s idea. JMO and I could be totally wrong.

  21. Dizzle says:

    I wonder how small her nose will be when the nuptuals actually occur.

  22. idk says:

    How much longer are we going to talk about Kim’s “post baby weight loss”? She’s not the first woman in the world to gain weight during pregnancy and she’s not the first to lose weight afterwards.

  23. CC says:

    She still looks deformed, body-wise, and with clothes too small for her.

  24. Ruyana says:

    I honestly hope their “wedding” bankrupts E!