Beyonce doesn’t want to go to Kanye & Kim Kardashian’s ‘tacky’ wedding


This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that we’re hearing stories about Beyonce hating Kim Kardashian. Everyone wants Kim and Bey to have some sort of girlfight, or even more than that, people want Beyonce to openly shade Kim Kardashian. The thing is… I don’t think Beyonce really cares. I mean, I doubt Kim is Beyonce’s favorite person in the world, but there’s no evidence to suggest that Beyonce considers Kim to be anything other “the woman Kanye loves.” Bey and Kim even hung out a bit during Jay and Yeezington’s Watch the Throne tour. Still, girl-on-girl drama sells, so let’s see if you’re buying:

Forget diamonds, Kim is NOT this girl’s best friend. Superstar singer Beyoncé is telling pals she doesn’t want to attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s much-hyped wedding because she thinks it’s extremely tacky that the nuptials are going to be filmed for E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, has been told.

The 17-time Grammy Award-winner has told husband Jay Z and his best pal, Kanye, that “under no circumstances will she be a part of any filming on the wedding day if it’s for Kim’s reality show,” a source close to the situation revealed.

“Jay and Beyoncé’s wedding was shrouded in secrecy and extreme lengths were made to make sure their wedding was an intimate affair for friends and family, only. This will be the complete opposite. She thinks it’s just tacky. Beyoncé’s motto has always been, less is more. But clearly when it comes to Kim, more means more. She knows she’ll have to go to the wedding, but really does not to want to.”

The insider said the only reason the pop diva, 32, will attend the I Do’s in Paris on May 24 is because West “considers them family.”

“Make no mistake, the only reason Beyoncé is going to the wedding is because Jay is best friend’s with Kanye,” the spy said.

[From Radar]

Yeah, Beyonce probably does think Kim is tacky. Which is true. Kim is really tacky. Beyonce’s pretty tacky too, just not to the extreme like Kim. So, what does it even matter? I’d be willing to bet that Beyonce and Jay-Z will come to the wedding, and there might even be a glimpse of them on a very special E! Wedding Event. And if and when that happens, the Bey-centered universe will still exist. The Bey-hive will not be destroyed. It will be fine.

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  1. Patricia says:

    This story is crap and here is how I know that: “bey’s motto has always been less is more”. Haaaaaahahahaha I mean I love Bey but she’s a complete over the top diva. She probably can’t even conceive of the idea that less is more!

  2. Mar says:

    I really loath what Bey is wearing while seated with the” family” lol
    Kim looks 100x better then Bey here

  3. Steph says:

    Dare I say it? In the pics of the four of them I think Bey looks like the tacky one. Of course, I think in day to day life Kim is way more tacky but the pic made me laugh a little.

  4. QQ says:

    That is NOT gonna happen, either they go and get blurred out lest they sue E! For all the money in the world OR they send her some trinket that would be a provervial drop in the B Jay Bucket which Kardashian will pretend to Open on her wedding day as though Beysus Christ herself saw fit to send a gift to her bridal suite in preparation to her wedding, she will in her monotone sexy stripper baby voice with zero inflection and even less facial expression: ” OMG This is soooo special That Beyonce and Jay would send me this, is a shame they cant be here but they are doing work (stuff…mumble trail of) They are such special friends to me and Kanye”

    laugh if you must, but ya’ll know thai is exactly how she’d spin it.

  5. Izzy says:

    I’m no fan of Kim Kardashian, but Beyoncé needs to get over herself.

  6. BeckyR says:

    Takes tacky to KNOW tacky.

  7. MonicaQ says:

    Blue Ivy is going to “get the flu” or something and then it’s going be “sorry, not sorry, here’s a diamond encrusted toilet seat” or some other trinket. If they DO go in order to “prove the rumors wrong”, the amount of shaaaaaaaaade tossed would keep Leonidas and the 300 cool.

  8. paola says:

    I really don’t blame her. Plus Kim seems one of those people who have never anything interesting to say. I don’t see beyoncè and kim getting along.

  9. HH says:

    I hope Beyonce and Jay-Z show up to the wedding, but pull a counter power move and have their own confidentiality agreements that E! has to sign. HAHAHAHAHA! I just like this idea that the only way to legitimize the Kimye wedding is if Bey and Jay show up. Otherwise, just another trip down the aisle for Kim.

  10. Delta Juliet says:

    Oh please. Kim’s tacky, Bey is tacky. Both are rich and marrying/married to rich rappers. Who cares? If you are friends with someone and you are invited to the wedding, you go. It’s their event, not yours.

  11. Skins says:

    Darn you Kanye, if not for you Lardass would have already drifted back to obscurity

  12. ldub says:

    THIS is when kim shouldve stop messing with her face. not that she wasn’t initially gorgeous but here she looks cute and maybe, through a vaseline covered lens, demure.

  13. woodstock_schulz says:

    I agree with everyone else who said that Beyonce is tacky…and let’s not forget that Beyonce has a camera crew following her around 24/7, I think she doesn’t mind being filmed, she just doesn’t like it if she’s not in control of what’s being filmed and how it’s edited, etc.

  14. d b says:

    I still don’t think Bey and JayZ will attend the wedding. Not because it will be a big ol’ tack fest, or that they don’t “like” Kim — but because they won’t permit themselves to be exploited for a reality tv show.

    So if they do go, I’d expect there to be some serious restrictions on the use/distribution of their images to the public.

  15. The Original Mia says:

    The Carters are not going to appear on a reality show. Therefore, you won’t see them at this wedding. No matter how much they like Kanye. They aren’t going to damage their brand by doing a reality show. It’s just not going to happen. And I don’t blame them.

  16. Annaloo. says:

    Sorry, but that tired blonde weave isn’t exactly the height of class and sophistication, either. It’s not like Beyoncé doesn’t do tacky also.

  17. Tyler says:

    I’m sorry I love Beyonce to death but I also love Kim to death and I feel like if this is true and I were Kim if this is how the Carter’s really felt I wouldn’t want them at my wedding anyway it’s Kim’s day and I know she happy in her life know and shouldn’t have to compromise her filming the wedding for no one …as for Jay Z if your not Kaynes best man well see what kind of “friend” you really are

  18. Angie says:

    I used to have such an overwhelming disdain for Kim K…until now. I think I am actually starting to tolerate her thanks to Beyonce and her “I am too good for this world” attitude…the roles have now reversed in my head – I feel for Beyonce what I used to feel for Kim K!!! What is this world coming to??

  19. daisyfly says:

    You don’t have to like Beyonce to agree that third weddings are tacky, as is having so much plastic surgery you change all identifying ethnic features on your face.

  20. Kim says:

    Wow, I never realized just how terrible the writing is at Radar.

    “Forget diamonds, Kim is NOT this girl’s best friend.” I… what?
    “…extreme lengths were made…” Seriously?

    Naaaaaailing it!!

  21. Mika302 says:

    What is wrong with NOT wanting to be seen on a reality show? Nobody here knows what type of relationship they have. I’m not famous and I don’t want to be on a reality show. It would show respect to ur guests if they say I would rather NOT be on camera!!

  22. dom says:

    Bey has started to mess with her face. . . . I see fillers I see fillers

  23. FingerBinger says:

    How in the hell does Beyonce have 17 Grammys?

  24. Lila says:

    Bey makes Kim look classy. I actually feel sick when I look at Beyoncé. She looks like Vegas drag queen.

  25. NeNe says:

    Good for her! I kind of gained an ounce of respect for her now!

  26. Damaris says:

    Why would Kim invite Beyoncé? Will anyone even care about Kim once Beyoncé steps a foot into the venue?