Kristen Stewart is not pregnant, she gained weight on purpose for her new film


Here are some assorted photos of Kristen Stewart out and about in YC last week, and filming in Lido Beach last Friday. She’s still filming Still Alice, where she has a supporting part as Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin’s daughter. As I’ve said, I wouldn’t have really chosen Kristen to play Julianne’s daughter (Emma Stone would have been a better fit), but in these photos, I can see some sort of resemblance. Maybe it will work.

The last time we discussed Kristen, the tabloids claimed she was being “snippy” and unpleasant on the set of this film because she was on some kind of extreme juice diet/detox. But some people have pointed out that Kristen actually looks like she’s gained a little weight recently. Nothing significant or anything – Kristen is now and has always been a small young woman. But her skinny jeans just look a little extra snug. Twihards even theorized that Robert Pattinson has secretly impregnated her, because OF COURSE. Robsten Forever! Well, Hollywood Life (Twihard Central) says that Kristen was trying to gain weight for her character:

Kristen Stewart, 23, wasn’t told by her director to gain weight for her new movie Still Alice – it was actually the actress herself who decided that putting on some extra weight would “add to her character” and make her appear more youthful, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. In the movie Still Alice, Kristen plays the part of Julianne Moore‘s teenage daughter, who bonds with her mother after she is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

“It was actually Kristen’s decision to gain weight for her role in Still Alice. She thought it would add to her character, who is the youngest of three. She plays a teenager and teenagers can be a little heavier while going through puberty. She thought the extra weight would make her look a little younger,” a friend of Kristen’s tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We spoke with celebrity dietician Lisa DeFazio, who applauded the Camp X-Ray star for her weight gain, saying she “looks healthy, happy and has some curves.”

“She gained weight in a healthy way, working with a dietician, and she’s not upset at all about it — it was her decision,” the friend explains.

As previously reported, Kristen’s weight gain sparked rumors that the actress was pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s baby.

“Kristen is absolutely not pregnant. She has put on a few extra pounds for a movie role and that’s it,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s already so thin so a few more pounds makes a noticeable difference, she’s still thin.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Oh, that actually makes sense. And Kristen is right, a little extra weight does make her look younger – she looks very apple-cheeked and yes, like a teenager. This also explains why People Magazine detailed all of the food and beverages Kristen consumed while recently out to dinner:

For Kristen Stewart, there’s nothing like a peppery cocktail or two to chase down dinner. On Thursday night, the actress — dressed casually in jeans and a tee — was spotted at Beauty & Essex, a popular restaurant on New York City’s Lower East Side. She ordered up house favorites like the grilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings, made with five different cheeses “for maximum melty cheese goodness,” chef Chris Santos told PEOPLE.

But the Twilight star didn’t eat alone.

“It appeared to be a family night out as Kristen came in with her dad and another woman,” said a source. “She was very laid back and was especially nice and polite to their server.”

After a round of the dining spot’s signature cocktail, the Masterly Touch (made with vodka, lemon-thyme nectar and Campari pearls), the actress requested a different libation that packed some heat. So Beauty & Essex’s mixologist created a custom drink for her, made with vodka, muddled cucumber, jalapeños, lime, simple syrup and a splash of Grand Marnier.

“It was a hit with Stewart and she drank a few of them,” the source added.

[From People]

I’m not a cheese person (sacrilegious, I know), so the description of the grilled cheese stuff did nothing for me. But the description of the cocktails? Intriguing. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cocktail with “spice” or any kind of peppery kick. I would probably need a chaser of something plain to dull the heat though. Anyway, that’s what’s going on with K-Stew. She’s not knocked up, she’s drinking alcoholic beverages and she gained weight on purpose to look younger.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Zandy says:

    Don’t believe it! I think she is still young and can get away with eating anything. I don’t think she has ever been to gym tho! She will soon be 25 and that’s when woman’s metabolism start to slow down and everything will pile on, especially when someone is short like her !

  2. Shopperetta says:

    That’s too bad. She seems like she would make such a great mom.

  3. Annie says:

    She looks the same as usual imo I dont see any weight gain, just a bad sweater. Look how slim her legs are in the skinny jeans.

  4. mom2two says:

    Well, I am not sure why people thought she was pregnant. She’s never looked pregnant to me. Even with the extra (few) pounds, she looks fine to me.

  5. People irk me... says:

    She needs to have that Olsen twin teach her how to brush her hair…

  6. jess says:

    I dont think it was for the role. Ever since her and Rob split she seemed to have picked up weight. Thats why the twihards were saying she was pregnant.

  7. Kyle Randall says:

    Emma Stone already played Julianne Moore’s daughter in Crazy Stupid Love. I can see why the filmmakers and actress might not want to go down that road again.

  8. Tig says:

    Did anyone ever believe she was pregnant? Reading the clips above- her character is supposed to be “going through puberty”? Isn’t in today’s world that’s like 11-14/15? She looks her age-23/4- but no amount of round cheeks will make her look 15- surely that’s not what’s meant by that comment!

  9. MeganDraper says:

    She’s been looking very thin in the face so the weight gain would help her but isn’t there a way to gain weight without it sitting all in the abs region. I guess it’s just like Renee Z when she gained weight for Bridget Jones.

  10. shellybean says:

    I don’t see the weight gain at all. She looks the same to me. I still think she’s such a natural beauty. Messy hair, dressed down and all. She has a great face and great skin.

  11. Nick says:

    I kind of like both outfits she’s wearing. The more pics I see of her, the more I like her style.

    Also the reddish brunette hair color looks good.

  12. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Child, wash your hair.

  13. stormtrooper says:

    kristen stopped smoking again. that might explain the slight weight gain. she is still skinny compared to us normal people. also her character in Still alice is not a teenager but in her early 20′s i read the book (AMAZING. lots of tears. read it if u can) so that story from HL is BS…AGAIN! she looks so pretty here. he face without make up is amazing. i just wish she stops wearing those skinny jeans …

    • Blackjack says:

      Well, pregnancy, as well as being a good reason to stop smoking, is also a good reason to gain weight in just the belly. Her fans say she’s been in the same skinny jeans and just had them unbuttoned with a tshirt bloused over the waistline, wearing layers, for the last few months.

      • stormtrooper says:

        how about the alcohol she’s been seen drinking lately? she is not pregnant. only robsten hardcore fans think she is. she has 3 more movies to shoot this year. i don’t see where she can Schedule a baby delivery in between

      • AnnaM44 says:

        This weight gain was for sils Maria which was shot back in early October. She was told to gain a little weight for the role. She talked about eating burgers and drinking more than normal, in some magazine These preg rumors are from September/October when a pic of her in a scene for sils surfaced of her wearing a bikini and everyone said she was pregnant
        cause she looked like she gained ten pounds. That’s where this April due date the robsten loons keep pushing to this day comes in. So according to that, she’s almost nine months preg in these pictures… Also the layer wearing might be because she’s been in Paris and NYC in the last few months. Where it’s cold as hell. I live about an hour outside of NYC and my friends and I have ” consistently covered” our waistlines for the last few months too. I guess we’re all pregnant, who knew…

      • stormtrooper says:

        i read sils maria script too. it is specified nowhere how valentine should look. that’s also tabloïds talk from back then. i think the source was also HL. whatever the reason that made her gain a little weight (it really suits her) it is no one’s business. i think it is disgusting to say a woman is pregnant if she is not Hollywood standards skinny.

  14. Div says:

    I bet there are times when she and Sparkles really hate the Twi-Hards, like in this instance & thought this would have died down way after their break up and the movies ended. No way the tabloids would have touched a tiny weight gain for this unless the Twi-Hards were going crazy.

    She’s still normal/thin, just not super skinny. I kind of wonder if it was on purpose but for the opposite reason HL said. When she was super skinny she looked like a teenager, she kind of looks more adult to me with a few more pounds on. She kind of looked unhealthy to me she was so skinny. If she was papped going to the gym like someone else said above in the past, it could have been an attempt to gain muscle and an attempt to be healthier. Gym doesn’t always mean losing weight.

  15. Div says:

    I bet there are times when she and Sparkles really hate the Twi-Hards, like in this instance. No way the tabloids would have touched a tiny weight gain for this unless the Twi-Hards were going crazy.

    She’s still normal/thin, just not super skinny. I kind of wonder if it was on purpose but for the opposite reason HL said. When she was super skinny she looked like a teenager, she kind of looks more adult to me with a few more pounds on. She kind of looked unhealthy to me she was so skinny. If she was papped going to the gym like someone else said above in the past, it could have been muscle and an attempt to be healthier. Gym doesn’t always mean losing weight.

  16. Stacey says:

    Great, now she should think about showering. Her skin is as dull as a zombie

  17. Ms. Turtle says:

    I find it fascinating that her “fandom” (see Blackjack’s comments) look at her pictures like forensic detectives to determine that she’s pregnant. And OF COURSE it’s Robert Pattinson’s baby!! Of course. I’ve never seen any celebrity’s fans get SO invested in their idol’s love life as her fans are up in her business. They know what she had for dinner, what she is or isn’t smoking and apparently how often she’s having sex. It is creeptastic.

    She’s a pretty girl but her style is for sh*t. Since she’s shilling for Chanel, you’d think she could dress the part a little more. Unless her slacker clothes are just part of her character’s wardrobe.

    • Lark says:

      I call it the “twi-hards” stans, who claim to be fans of her and Rob Pattinson but in reality in some weird way see them as “bella” and “edward.” They really aren’t fans of either. Both can be dating other people and living on opposite sides of the country and they’d still be deluded.

      • AnnaM44 says:

        I truly believe that they will be married and have families with other people and blackjack and the rest of them will be doing the red circles and arrows bit over their kids faces to show how it’s really a robsten love child.
        ( these are definitely Kris’s eyes!! His nose is JUST like Rob’s..etc)

    • mimi says:

      ” I’ve never seen any celebrity’s fans get SO invested in their idol’s love life as her fans are up in her business. They know what she had for dinner, what she is or isn’t smoking and apparently how often she’s having sex. It is creeptastic.”

      Actually, it sounds like you just described her haters! LMAO!

      You know who else has fans like this? Robert Pattinson. Go to his imdb board. There isn’t a topic pertaining to him that is not discussed to the nth degree over there.

      • AnnaM44 says:

        Kristen and Rob both have fans and haters like this. I don’t know why you are desperate to paint him as some bad guy because his fans are nuts. The paintbrush can easily be flipped to Kristen’s fans as well. Go to HER imbd board. Same sh*t diff person on there.

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        I don’t doubt it, mimi. I guess I just don’t understand it. It must be a new breed of fan, right? I’m late 30s and I can tell you when I had a crush on Leo during the Titanic years, I didn’t know much about his personal life like how often he wore a certain shirt. I see things on blogs now that make my eyes pop out. Actually, when I saw these photos of her today my first thought was, “there will be a comment that her jean jacket is Robert Pattinson’s.” LOL

    • mayamae says:

      I am no super fan, by any means, but I think Chanel probably knows that she’s into the grunge look. I imagine they’re simply aiming for the Twilight fans.

  18. Marianne says:

    Emma Stone already played Julianne’s daughter in a movie.

  19. Jessica says:

    Except her character is not required to gain weight. If you follow Kristen paparazzi pics since last year and there are plenty for someone who thinks they are like rape you will easily see she has gain weight on her own. She hasn’t been working that much. Her fans of course can’t accept this. She has to be pregnant because she is the face of chanel and she said 5 years ago she had trouble gainning weight so she can’t never ever gain weight. Well she always been skinning so isn’t surprised she had trouble to gain some weight in the past but when you are 17 is normal. Your body will change and so your metabolism. Her parents are not skinny people so her genes doesn’t favor this. Your body will eventually start showing sign of late night partying, heavy drinking, drugs and eating a lot of junk food as she always did. Some fans are just to dumb to understand and is even worse her PR feel the need to release this info.

  20. Deb says:

    Too many munchie runs to 7/11 (see eleventy billion pap pix of same) = weight gain. But hey we all know how “dedicated” kspew is to her “art” right? RME so hard they are bouncing off the floor, Just another excuse, this chick never takes responsibility for anything.

    And you can always tell when her stans invade any comment board – the “flawless skin” comment is part of the kstan script.

    • Lark says:

      And you are just as ridiculous as the twi-hard stans. “KSpew” and how she’s making excuses for weight? It’s a tabloid story from HL which is notorious for making shit up. More like she is still a small girl, like Kaiser said, but probably put on a few pounds because she’s not 17 anymore (and maybe on purpose as someone above noted because she looks healthier and more adult at this weight). The twi-hard stans and anti-stans need to take a step back. Girl isn’t pregnant, and she’s not fat either.

      • Deb says:

        Oooo her stans are so touchy LMAO

      • Lark says:

        Not touchy, just RME at people who say she makes too many runs to the 7/11 and imply she’s fat and use words like “KSpew”. If you think she (or any girl that size) is overweight, then you have a vastly different opinion from Kaiser and most people. KStew has her haters, but I can’t think of people who think she’s fat and or use words like KSpew unless they are a) cray cray like the stans or b) a fanatical RPattz stan. Since I read celebitchy fairly often, I recognize you as the latter so double SMH.

  21. Stef Leppard says:

    She always has such a weird street style. Why are her jeans rolled?

  22. aenflex says:

    After all of this time I cannot help but wonder, is it her goal to wear the ugliest clothes possible and generally just look like disenfranchised, angsty youth for the rest of her natural life? Without cosmetics and a team of people, she looks like me on my worst day. But my hair’s a bit cleaner. And I smile.

  23. Lark says:

    Meh. I think it’s kind of disgusting that HL is scrutinizing the weight of a girl that as Kaiser said, 15 pounds or no 15 pounds, is still a small woman. I agree with a few of the posters above in that she looks healthier at this weight. Her face used to be kind of withdrawn, and she just looks better overall (I thought she was way too thin in the past). She was only 17 when she started Twilight–and if people above are right in that she quit smoking and is going to the gym then my guess is it is a combination of age & trying to be “healthier.” A small weight gain can be a good and healthy. Also, the twi-hards need to give up. She’s not Bella, RPattz is not Edward, the two broke up several months ago, and probably never even had the type of relationship the twi-hards thought they had in the first place. You think they would be happy that both seem civil and are working on a steady basis.

  24. Molly says:

    They’ve dismissed all the pics of her drinking and smoking as no big deal saying “My Mom smoke and drank throughout her pregnancy and I turned out okay”. I guess in the fairy-tale world of Edward & Bella…oops…. Rob and Kristen terms like low-birth rate and fetal alcohol syndrome simply don’t exist.

    • Lark says:

      The craziest thing to me is they ignore the fact that she’s got another film in a few weeks that is supposed to have a fairly long shoot. It’s a small/medium studio film with Jesse Eisenberg and not a indie, so she’s probably working until late June/July. When do they think this “phantom” baby is going to happen? She may have quit smoking, but she still drinks (and that’s fine, she’s 23) and they ignore that too. They also ignore she’s been the same weight for a long time now. Cray cray. They really think Sulky is Bella and Sparkles is Edward and live in la la land. The funniest thing is that she looks way healthier at this weight and happier imo and is working on a steady basis, something that didn’t happen when she was in the relationship. Both she and Rob seem way better off (and probably relieved that the tabloids lost interest in them), and like civil ex’s and it baffles me that a big chunk of the twi-hards can’t accept that and move on.

      • Molly says:

        @Lark… IKR?! They seem to be sticking to their guns about the April due date. Crazy. I don’t see how anyone could look at her and see a woman who’s only a few weeks away from giving birth. I don’t even think she’s put on much weight. Her body at 23 is not gonna be the same one she had at 17 but that’s their benchmark cause that’s when she became Bella. And ya know, Bella had a baby so naturally Kristen has to. She’s been “pregnant” off/on since 2009. People ask what shippers will do in a few months when there is no baby? They’ll do what they’ve done for the last 5 years. Ignore it then wait a month or two and start a new round of pregnancy rumors. I may not be Kristen’s biggest fan but who wants fans who harp on a little weight gain and would think she’d harm her unborn baby by drinking alcohol? You’d think they’d be happy she’s making movies and getting on with life. They only seem to care about her in regards to her relationship with Rob and producing the golden child. No wonder she hates them. I would too.

        And ITA both her and Pattinson look happier with Twilight behind them along with the dog and pony show that came with it.

      • tara says:

        There are pics of her drinking at Sundance back in January. This article (from kiss assy People) mentions her drinking vodka. Interviewers have mentioned her smoking while they’re with her recently. Give it up, sallyj.

    • Molly says:

      @sallyj I came off as anxious? Hmm… I honestly don’t feel anxious. You think I’m worried there might actually be a pregnancy? I was actually DEFENDING the girl against “fans” who say it’s ok for her to drink while pregnant. I don’t think she would. Links? Um, this site…THIS story said she was tossing back spicy vodka drinks. Someone else said there were pics of her with beer bottles. Why not bite their head off and demand proof? You’re coming off as quite defensive. FFS, even when one is defending the girl her stans attack. Maybe you’re not defensive of her but of her stans? Actually, HER true stas don’t think she is pregnant but the crazy shipper ones do. Oh, and you think I’m making all that up? Just “throwing anything out there” to make fans look bad huh? Well, here’s a link for ya….. Go have a read….then have a good weep for humanity.

    • Isadora says:

      Well, if their mothers where smoking and drinking during pregnancy it would at least explain why the Twihards turned out the way they are… *cough* Like extremely obsessive and delusional.

      Actually I would LOVE if she were pregnant (no way, yes, but it would be great gossip), but only if the baby would be Rupert Sander’s lol. (Can someone make up a story about them getting together again when she wanted to console the poor guy in his divorce procedure or something like that?)The Twihards would have an apoplexy. :-D

      • joycet says:

        I’ll start one – not about a pregnancy – but the weight gain: I’ve read that KS is a homebody and likes to cook. I also read somewhere way back when, that LR did mention RS likes to cook and barbeque on the weekends. So perhaps they really are secretly together hanging out around the house and enjoying homemade meals.

        Now all we need is for RS to come out of hiding so we can see what kind of weight he’s gained. He was pretty thin and probably could have used a few lbs.!

      • mimi says:

        @Isadora and joycet

        You two would make excellent fanfic writers over at Hollywood Life! Overactive imagination + Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson and/or the 2 year old scandal mention(s) = JACKPOT FEATURE STORY! (Fact checking not necessary) LMAO!

  25. Absurd says:

    The killer excuse regarding her drinking during her “pregnancy” is that “drinking beer will help her milk come in”. I wish I were joking.

  26. Onyx XV says:

    I don’t understand why people still cast this chick in films. Obviously they haven’t figured out that she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She’s not even all that attractive. I don’t get it…. oh well!

    • Isadora says:

      I think she really is pretty. At least when made up. Some of her magazine shoots are amazing.

      But I agree on the acting part. Her Snow White was rather painful.

      (And it’s funny how her fans discredit everyone with an opinion on her acting as being crazy Pattinson stalkers who are dying of eternal jealousy. The only time I found Pattinson remotely cute was waaay back in Harry Potter – for like two minutes. Then Jason Isaacs was back.)

  27. christine says:

    Looks like she unfortunately has my problem….i gain everything in my chest. I’m naturally thin, but any kind of weight or bloat turns me into a DD monster. I hate it.

  28. Alin says:

    oh my, how i hate these Stewart posts… juvenile try-hard fans or obsessed haters who funnily know every little detail about Stewarts´s life … creepy as hell. Obsession works in both directions.

    In short: this girl has a healthy figure, she´s not pregnant, her skin looks wonderful, her hair is a mess (too much dry shampoo?) and she dresses like s#it.

    After seeing camp x-ray i think she has actual some talent. Don´t know why she hides it in some movies, maybe because she often gets the same boring “troubled Bella”-roles. It seems that she thinks in such cases is no big effort necessary.
    I´m a Juliette Binoche fan, so i really hope Stewart is good in the upcoming movie with her.

    • mayamae says:

      I’m not into the Twilight stuff, but I liked some of her work as a teen. One particular film, can’t remember the name, she was date raped and stopped speaking as a result – maybe it was called Speak? Anyway, she actually made me cry. Actually really liked her in The Runaways – but I think she was playing herself.

    • mary says:

      Don’t forget the same comments from stans disguised as casual moviegoers, who just happen to have seen her latest unreleased films and can attest that THIS time, her acting is really great, honest.

  29. marie says:

    I’ve read the book. Her character is like 24 and an actress. So gaining weight to look like a teenager makes zero sense. This is pretty obvious PR spin for an actress whose getting press for looking schlubby and out of shape right now. Obviously she’s not overweight and there’s nothing wrong with how she looks at all, but let’s not pretend this was some acting sacrifice or something. She gained some weight and is trying to lose it and her team doesn’t want people talking about it because they don’t want casting directors thinking she’s putting on weight by accident.

    • mimi says:

      LOL at the people here who think Kristen’s PR person contacted Hollywood Life with misleading info about a slight weight gain which has, for the most part, not even been addressed by the mainstream media other than crazy Robsten stans, equally crazy anti-Kristen stans and gossipy celeb sites. Her team has nothing to do with this ridiculous Hollywood Life story. For starters, HL never checks the authenticity of their “insider sources” for their sensationalized stories. Anybody can contact them and feed them fake stories posing as a “friend” with insider info. I don’t think they even care if their “sources” are real or fake…just as long as their fake stories gets them lots of hits to their site.

      • joycet says:

        Do you think I can contact them with the RS barbeque scenario as to cause of her weight gain and why she’s hiding her little bloated belly under loose shirts? (rolling eyeballs!)

      • mimi says:


        It wouldn’t be the first time a person with absolutely no real life connection to Kristen Stewart contacts a dubious gossipy celeb site like Hollywood Life or Radar, poses as an “insider” and feeds them a completely made up story about her with no proof of authenticity. Why some go to such lengths to slander a young actress without any provocation on her part will always be a mystery to me.

  30. Ashy-poo says:

    Those boobs are NOT hers. Girl has a A cup but that side pic…. doesn’t add up.

  31. Aisha says:

    I love Kristen Stewart and I don’t know why.

  32. lulu says:

    her love for the tight clothes doesn’t help. if you are going to eat a lot you will gain weight. the clothes aren’t going to stretch.