Tom Hiddleston partied with costar Jessica Chastain in Toronto for her birthday


I was seriously geared up to write a “Where in the world is Tom Hiddleston?” story today. He missed all of the promotional stuff for The Muppets – which, to be fair, his part is basically a cameo, but still. He also missed all of the promotional work for The Pirate Fairy, which just had its premiere over the weekend. I knew Tommy was working on Crimson Peak in Canada, but I’m absolutely shocked that he hasn’t managed to fly to LA or NYC to make some appearances somewhere on behalf of The Muppets or The Pirate Fairy. What gives, Hiddles?

Well, Tommy did have a night off while working in Toronto, but he spent it with Jessica Chastain and her friends. You see, Jessica had a birthday. She is ~~~ years old (probably 36 or 37, I guess, but she lies about her age). And Jessica and Tommy are working together in Crimson Peak and wouldn’t you know? Tommy made a guest appearance in Jessica’s Facebook photos from her birthday party. Jessica wrote:

Hello lovelies
My friends have traveled to Toronto to begin the Birthday festivities. There was a delicious dinner at Brassaii, ping pong matches, crazy dancing, and karaoke. The past few years has been so wonderful and full of work that I sometimes feel like I live on a film set. It was great to spend time with my nearest and dearest. It’s a reminder of what’s important in life. Xxjes

[From JC’s Facebook]

I’m not seeing any other movie stars in these photos besides Jessica and Tommy. The film also stars Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam, and if I had to put money on it, I would have suspected that Charlie would be Jessica’s type, not Tommy. But no Charlie or Mia at the party. So, did Jessica Chastain invite her new boyfriend Tommy Hiddles to her birthday party? Or are they just work friends and he wanted to do karaoke? Look at Tommy pouring through that karaoke book. I want to know what he sang!!!!!! I feel like it was probably an Aretha Franklin song. Or Talking Heads.


The idea of Chastain and Hiddles together… I don’t know, I’m not really feeling it. I like both of them a lot, but I think Jessica is too conservative, too quiet for him. He needs someone more energetic I think. But they’re probably just friends…?

Here are some pics of Hiddles & Chastain from February 2012 (a pre-BAFTA tea party).

Photos courtesy of JC’s Facebook, Getty, WENN.

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  1. eowyn says:

    Her boyfriend was there. There is a picture with her, tom and her boyfriend.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    I love him looking through the book. You can imagine he’d want to do them all.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    They’ve been friends for quite a while.

  4. Secret Squirrel says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Karaoke is a passion killer??

  5. Sixer says:

    Luke’s wet dream! Not Jessica’s, whose boyf seems to be in evidence.

    I had forgotten all about Puddletom, I’ve been so busy with other crushes. But now I am reminded. Is he saving his time off for the Oliviers? Will he wear velvet? Will Armani provide it? Will Gentlemen’s Quarterly describe him as one of Britain’s greatest Shakespearians? Will they bugger their own title by doing that monthly? Will there be other wonderful stuff for me to enjoy and snot over? Bound to be.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I can’t quite work it out Sixer. Is he the man you love to hate, or the man you hate to love?? :)

      I think Kaiser is just fishing for a bite. Tommy there but not the other co-stars… Tom probably wasn’t even invited, but just showed up “coincidentally” when he heard cake and dancing was going to be on offer!

      I’m not convinced he won’t turn up at the Oliver’s dressed as Loki and telling everyone to KNEELETH… SURELY not, but with Luke steering the PR ship, it is always a possibility!

    • Sixer says:

      No idea! I’d bang him but he’s otherwise annoying and the fakest thing since fakes were fakes? Something like that. Mostly, though, I just enjoy typing nonsense. I just let my fingers go FREE.

    • icerose says:

      Of course he will turn up at the Oliviers. They have been good to him. If the Olivier planners want a fandom melt down with bags of free publicity they will have Benny award him the best actor trophy after he has photo bombed everyone on the red carpet. Tom will then do his snake hips dance in his Armani suit after thanking his mum for all those visits to see Shakespeare when he was a wee boy in shorts.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Turning up at the Oliviers would depend on whether it is written into his Crimson Peak contract that he can have time off for such things or if it isn’t, whether Guillermo decides to work around it. The Olivier people may want to issue warnings to attendees that they are in danger of being Benny-photobombed.

      • Kali says:

        From your mouth to God’s ears… 😉

      • Sixer says:

        Spacehoppers on legal highs. I’m not sure even I could find anything further to say vis a vis that particular mental image!

      • ZsaZsa says:

        Sigh: Jess was a lucky lady to be with two hot men on her birthday. You go girl! I’m guessing Tommy is now single again- although I’m now mentally cheating on him with Benny whilst being married to Chris Evans again. Time will tell when I’ll find Tommy hot again. I’m going off his man moods which I’m putting down to those crazy fans stalking him. Not cool girls. Let him be so ol’Tommy comes back.

        Like Ms LilacFlowers I want to see him at the Oliviers with his mom and being photobomed by Mr Cumberbatch himself. I want this badly because Tommy would want to get Benny back badly.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        I like Tom’s “man moods”! Nice to know he can do more than smile and cater to fans every whim. Bring on some bitchiness to give him some dimension!

        I don’t want Ben known as the photo-bombing king :( He’s better than that and needs to get the focus back on his real talent (girlfriend hunting)…

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Dear ZsaZsa, fellow secret wife of Chris Evans, sorry, but you have confused my post with IceRose’s. For the record, I wouldn’t include Benny in anything. Not a Cumberfan here, although I do try to respect the taste of others and refrain from comparisons to other creatures and the like. Though I must say, my tolerance of Benny is waning fast due to such antics as photo-bombing (and that set-up was well beyond the average casual photo-bomb) of my Larry Mullen at the Oscars.

    • 'p'enny says:

      I can’t see him being at the Oliviers he seems knee-deep in filming. The crew are about to start filming at some castle, beg of April, and unless he isn’t needed for the outdoor work he maybe able to get away. I hope he does though. I need to see the outgrowing chestnut curls he seems to be cultivating.

      • Isadora says:

        If I were Del Toro/the producer team I would tweak the schedule as much as possible to let him go to the Oliviers – I mean it IS an internationally acclaimed award and would bring positive (and free) publicity. Imagine all the papers writing about a dapper Hiddles at the Oliviers “who is currently filming ‘Crimson Peak’”.

    • kaisei says:

      If I had to go by what he wrote on twitter, wishing he could bring all the cast along, I’d say yes.

  6. icerose says:

    Tom’s heaven is a large book of karaoke songs. Tom’s torture is not being allowed to smile in OLLA. Sounds like they all had a good night out and I bet he won at ping pong. And the curls have returned.
    Apparently Jag are going to follow up their superbowl advert with another advert using Tom I just wish he could do it as himself without the darkened hair.

  7. Meme says:

    Charlie Hunnam is very much taken in real life By Morgana McNelis and in imaginary life by ME. That man is too hot for words (sssssssssmokin’ hot, handsome and super nice in person)

  8. mazzie says:

    He must be freezing his butt off. It’s supposed to be -21 degrees C with the windchill today.

    • Hello Kitty says:

      Tell me about it! This winter has been so severe that I’ve been slathering my face with Vaseline.

      Can anyone else imagine Hiddles singing Bon Jovi? I can see him singing his heart out to “Living on a Prayer”.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Vaseline! Thanks, Hello Kitty, that’s the one thing I haven’t tried to soothe my cracked, parched skin through this brutal winter. Not looking forward to another brutally cold morning tomorrow here in New England, and I’m sure you folks in Ontario have had enough as well.

  9. T.fanty says:

    I think he does Whitney Houston. I’m Every Woman in the early part of the evening, then I Will Always Love You at the end, when he’s drunk and melancholy.

  10. 'p'enny says:

    Other notes, someone on twitter has told fans, that Tom is telling fans to stop stalking his hotel. I really think he is trying hard to get some acting-downtime and staying out of the press. I love that the fact he is growing his hair again, probably for High Rise. 70′s curly hair :-D I hope.

    Unfortunately for Tom, Jessica’s gorgeous Italian hunk with dark curls was on hand at the party. He’s probably batting Tom away, with the Ping-Pong bat. There is a pic of Jessica, her boyfriend and Tom together. Battle of sexy high foreheads.

    Charlie was in Toronto too, that weekend according to Twitter, he was tweeted with a fan pic with some guy who runs a restaurant. And Mia was onset last week. Twitter’s brill for gossip, a member of the team was saying Mia W on set was a badass. I wonder if she has been batting Tom away with her Victorian bonnet.

    And the same guy also tweeted that the thespian actors on set were turning in the good stuff. I’m getting excited for this film, can’t wait to see some pics.

    • MissMary says:

      Yeah, apparently, Tom told one of the celeb reporter types that he wants privacy and he’d be fine signing autographs and doing pics on set but to leave him be at his hotel and in public. Makes me wonder just how bad the fan flail got at the play and if he’s had stalkers at the hotel in Toronto.

      • Lindy79 says:

        He had stalkers in Detroit, both at the studio and his hotel.
        It’s probably only gotten worse.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Well he kicked the hornets nest with the whole Loki overkill twee dancing promote promote promote thing. Now it is biting him in the backside. I’d like to think he would be left alone to focus on his filming but there will always be some fans who won’t take no for an answer. He is going to have to get used to dealing with this sort of stuff if he wants a Hollywood career. His rise to fame has been quite quick overall so the fandom has come on in a rush. Even he now knows that he gave way too much of himself at the start and has now pulled it all back. It will take time for the effects to kick in.

      • mena says:

        I think it’s been bad in Toronto from the get go.

        Last time I perused Tumblr (don’t judge me!), Tom was being greeted at the airport by a few stalkers when he arrived and then local fans posted his hotel the same day.

        Haven’t followed what’s been happening since, but with a start like that, it can’t be good.

      • Froop says:

        I think people are worrying about this too much. He’s been in Toronto for over a month and he hasn’t been spotted until Jessica posted those birthday pics on her public FB, apart from a couple of girls at the airport. Nowhere near as bad as Germany/Detroit when he had huge crowds of girls waiting outside the studio and spending hours in the hotel lobby for him. I’m guessing he’s in a fancy hotel which is used to hosting celebrities during TIFF so they know how to deal with actors wanting privacy.

        The guy who he refused to sign/pose for is a gossip blogger autograph hound type so maybe he just wasn’t in the mood.

      • Janeite says:

        I agree. I’m all for him setting a few boundaries but not sure how much good it will do. Determined fans are determined and my guess is that at least one or more fans will just happen to “run into him” at some point while he’s in Toronto. Unless he somehow really manages to stay completely off the radar which would be unusual for Hiddles.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        @Janeite – I’m thinking some of the craziness has already started to die down with him cutting a lot of the personal stuff from his blog. Those that needed their daily (hourly) dose of all things Hiddles have had to move on. Or it could just be because I live in a vacuum that I don’t notice the craziness so much. What happened at the Donmar was an eye opener for me as I really didn’t think people in this day and age behaved like that anymore (leaving the show before the finish so they could wait outside to try and meet him etc). It was incredibly disrespectful and yet they believed he would be happy to meet with them after doing that. Dots not joining!!

    • icerose says:

      the guy who said this was a celebrity blogger who approached him for an autograph after hunting Charlie down for one, I also get the impression he gives them away as well. Maybe Tom just twigged he was not a real fan and politely refused

  11. Tiffany says:

    Ahhhh, Tom’s Wallender hair. Memories. So sexy. Might have to watch it on Netflix tonight.

  12. windy says:

    finally!!! some news on what tommy has been up to in Toronto! he looks lovely i must admit, but where’s the velvet? and his oh so favourite black sweater? the blue shirt which he has on looks kinda familiar too i thought….

    and since this is a TH thread, time to hijack with some BC news that i’d read….he’s in Asia (goody for me) this week. In Malaysia to be exact (which is not really within my jurisdiction but whatever, at least the time zone is the same for once), to host a sports awards presentation. Yippee!

    • 'p'enny says:


      His black sweater still lives, he was wearing it when he did that funny video for Nerd HQ last week.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Hi Windy. I’m jealous that BC is in your timezone. Its practically living with him! I have no idea why he would be chosen to present sports awards, but he obviously has the pulling power to make the trip worthwhile. The Malaysian Grand Prix is on at the moment so he might even get to pop up there (in the infamous jorts!). Its probably as close to Australia as he is going to get for some time, despite my invitations for him to come and stay in my spare room whilst I provide him with a private tour of the local attractions (that rock that my neighbor hit and broke in two, the tree that is shaped like a cat, that cat that is shaped like a tree etc). Exciting times just outside my doorstep, how could he resist??

      • windy says:

        Hi ‘p’enny
        Good to know the sweater is still alive LOL …Wonder who does his laundry.

        Hi Squirrel

        I thought he’s going to Adelaide and Sydney early April for a comic-convention? Hmm, maybe those are only rumours… but you’ll never know. Malaysia and Australia is only a 5-8 hour flight away. Yup, like you I was very surprised that he’s hosting a sports awards programme. It’s the Laureus Sports Awards in case you want more info –

        And my, your backyard sounds like a theatre of activity. Well, if he does go to Australia for the comic-con and pops over to your spare room, do take a couple of photos and post them here :)

        He’s finally in Asia breathing the hazy air that I’m currently subject to in my country. I’m an hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur….am wondering if he’ll just pop over for a visit….for some fun and games in my own garden. Not as exciting as yours but well, it’s a decent garden. :D

  13. Shopperetta says:

    So handsome…even with demon eyes.

  14. Miss M says:

    Doesn’t Hunnam have a longtime girlfriend who lives with him?!

    I think Tom needs someone calm in his life to tone him down. Someone energetic would cause an explosion of “The glad game”.

  15. Truthtful says:

    I thought she was more early 40′s (she also looks more into her 40s around Cate blanchett’s age) because mainly dragging the official “35″ forever (isn’t she supposed to be that age for like 4 years now?)

    Well otherwise she looks very mature

  16. Janeite says:

    I love the pic of Jessica singing so very earnestly but my favorite is Tommy in the background so seriously poring over the karaoke song book! That amuses me way more than it should. I have never seen those pics of them from 2012 before. They are both really cute people.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      He’s probably still there highlighting songs from that book. It looks thick enough to have every song ever written in it! Eventually he will look up satisfied he has selected enough songs only to find everyone has gone and the cleaners are the only ones still around to listen to him. The show MUST go on though!!

  17. browniecakes says:

    So badly want ‘crazy dancing’ footage. Between the dancing, the ping pong, the singing, food – sounds like a bday party for TH. Bet he smiled the whole time.

  18. frat says:

    Do this man know what a pair of jeans is?

  19. kaisei says:

    There are plenty of other pictures on the restaurant’s facebook page.
    Like this one

    Jessica’s boyfriend is the curly haired guy on the left. I thought it was common knowledge that she has one.

  20. Kelly says:

    What, no pics of Charlie?? What gives!!!

    In all honesty, we need a break from Hiddles, him going off the radar is a good thing.
    Now if only Jessica dear would see that and stop subtly promoting herself by smoothly including “random” pics of her 30th birthday 7th year in a row party with the most famous tumblr person popping up…

    • Isadora says:

      To be fair – to spot Hiddles in her own photos is not that easy (I mean, a group photo with demon eyes and one, where he’s pouring through a song book in the background?), I don’t think she’s using him as a fame vehicle.

      The obvious photos of them (with her boyfriend) were made and put online by the restaurant where they were staying and they probably asked the only two famous actors at the party to pose together. That’s what I would have done as a restaurant owner in need of publicity. ;-)

  21. ZsaZsa says:

    I think Tommy is the kind of guy that gets drunk at Karaoke and sings a rock song whilst doing air-guitar.

    I wish that Tommy doesn’t think all his fans are stalking bitches. We’re nice right? Not over possessive? why is he letting them win? Just tell them to get a life and carry on his giddy hiddy with a hint of bad boy ways. Don’t let anyone change who you are Tommy!

    I know squirrel likes his ‘man moods’ but It comes across more cold than as away of standing up to the OPs (over possessive fans)

  22. browniecakes says:

    Love that these pictures are as poor a quality as any my work friends take at our bday lunches!

  23. JoAnn says:

    It is nice to see him pop up finally. The pictures on Tumblr are better quality. You can really see that the smack he took on the forehead a month or so back must have benn a hard one!

  24. pixie-stix says:

    I notice his shirt got unbuttoned, excitedly preparing himself for rendition of Tom Jone’s ‘What’s New Pussycat,’ I’ll wager.

    Speaking of shirts, if he wants to wear a go-to outfit, why can’t he go to the outfit he wore during The Avengers press. Enough already with the insurance salesman get-up. Hell, I’d even vote for the orange puffer jacket and lime green ski pants (it’s cold enough in Toronto right), just for the change of pace.

    • 'p'enny says:

      I liked the Avengers press look, V-neck t-shirt and leather jacket, with his growing Henry V hair. I thought he looked sexier.

      But, I think he can wear a black three-piece suit really really well. yet I agree that last year too many old-dad/insurance suits came out, dodgy ties, and too many white/blue shirts. I wondered if he was trying to make himself look older last year, less of his puppy look.

      Then the last few months its been nothing but the black jumper, now going into the grey jumper. Then back to that trust blue shirt, which I think makes him look too thing, seriously Tommy get a new colour, Navy looked really really good on him.

      But, i do I still think he dresses better than the casual Benedict C, God knows what he was wearing last week in the Daily Mail pics, denim shirt, waistcoat and farmers hat.

      • Isadora says:

        Oh, Moscow Tom? Yes, that look was lovely. And the t-shirt very sheer. :-D

        I’m not sure about the old-dad/insurance suits. I would agree if they weren’t always so tight that I’m seriously complimenting his tailor(s) for making extra strong seams.

        And I seriously like the black jumper (simple rule: it’s black, I like it) plus I love how he wears the same clothes all the time (like the jumper, some shirts, his blue rehearsal shirt, etc.) like any regular person/man.

        I also like him in Navy. And all shades of grey (pun definitely NOT intended). I actually like rather subdued colours on men, so generally speaking I think he’s doing fine.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        I like his black leather jacket and green tee. I also like any of his checked shirts too. I don’t mind him in suits but some really don’t fit we’ll and make his look awkard. The blue one in particular makes him look older than he is.
        On a personal note, he looks hot in his sweat pants and baggy jeans. His butt also don’t look bad either in them :-P

      • Isadora says:

        I think his butt looked best in those Coriolanus trousers. :-D Donmar, I love you.

      • jammypants says:

        “But, i do I still think he dresses better than the casual Benedict C, God knows what he was wearing last week in the Daily Mail pics, denim shirt, waistcoat and farmers hat.”

        That’s super endearing lol

  25. Ravensdaughter says:

    Worshippers of Tom (I’m included, although I am so OLD)-the show I posted a snippet of above is from “Popcorn Taxi”, which is a live interview, Q&A free for all!
    Part 1 is here:
    so part 2 should be easy to find next.

    So, could we see the “Thor”s, but with everything BUT the Loki bits edited out?
    Oh great Loki, the cruel trickster and subjugator-MAKE IT HAPPEN….

  26. ZsaZsa says:

    It seems like the rumours telling fans to stay away are not as it seems. Looking at twitter accounts for crimson peak fans, it turns out that nobody can get on set and it’s heavily guarded. So it’s unlikely Tommy (may I call him that?) had anything to do with the original tweet.
    However it does transpires that he did tell that creepy celebrity blogger to go away, which nobody can blame him. I also doubt that any fans are allowed near any of the casts hotels. Remeber that the hotels are used to stars all the time given it’s a film area.
    Someone mentioned he should post a polite tweet to fans on twitter. I think he should do that too. Some people need boundaries and it’s better if it’s in black and white from him.

    • 'p'enny says:

      I think this Steve_s has taken liberties at passing a message Tom said to him, and made it out as for everyone. Mr Wong, who was the other culprit trying to get his autograph, but got Charlie’s, also posted a nicer message saying, he declined.

      As for posted a polite message on twitter, LOL! he didn’t post anything on Twitter during Coriolanus, accept a reference to be nice to the staff. So I can’t seem him doing it now, he’s too soft.

      I like Benny for being a bit being a bit more assertive, he once described himself as being a like a bunny rabbit being squeezed.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        Maybe Tom should take note of the way Benny handles fans. I know he doesn’t want to offend them but it’s got to a point where they’re controlling his life. He’s being stalked to the point they’re practically on his doorstep. The way these people treated him During Coriolanus was shocking. The poor man couldn’t even have a meal with non famous friends.

        @ ‘P’enny I agree with you entirely but a simple polite tweet directly from him would make his situation better. I can understand why he’s gone into shut down but most fans respect him and his privacy and it’s not fair to paint them all with the same brush.

        Tom needs man up and listen to his inner bunny!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      ZsaZsa, if there actually is a serious stalker situation happening with one or two individuals, which we don’t know, police would strongly advise against even an innocent sounding, generalized message because a serious stalker would interpret that as a message that they have had some impact.

    • Isadora says:

      I haven’t seen these tweets/reports, so I have no idea how stalkish the stalkers in Toronto are. On the other hand personally I wouldn’t tweet anything about it – the stalkers won’t listen and the rest of the fandom would probably become quite obsessive with “rescuing” poor Hiddles from the crazies. Getting obssessive people riled up against other obsessive people – that spells desaster in some kind or form to me.

      I think he’s actually doing the right thing with cutting back his omnipresence and trying to avoid the craziness. It will eventually die down. He’s not the first famous guy with obsessive fans and he won’t be the last. For example I remember one of the guys of the band Hurts telling this story:
      And they are still generally quite nice and generous to their fans.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        I see what you mean now Isadora. It might be too late to reach out to tell them to stop. You’ve also spot on in thinking that the obsessives won’t believe it’s them and will accuse other fans.
        It’s really sad it’s come to this. These obsessives don’t realise that we all now lose out because of their disgusting behaviour.

  27. Dani says:

    hi all, havent been here in a while. Whats new? Any new girlfriends stories ?