Selena Gomez is drinking after rehab stint, partying with Jared Leto


Selena Gomez made the cover of this week’s In Touch. The tabloid says she’s partying and drinking up a storm, and she’s not listening to her family. Selena did a brief rehab stint in January after cancelling her tour for “exhaustion.” She left a six-week program four weeks early because she felt “cured.” Her team insisted that the rehab wasn’t for substance abuse, but there are plenty of stories about Selena taking Molly at parties (before rehab). Selena was seen drinking and stumbling around at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. In Touch says she’s been partying with Jared Leto too. Ruh-roh:

Just two months after Selena Gomez left rehab — where she’d sought help for problems fueled in part by an on-off relationship with Justin Bieber — sources confirm to In Touch that the starlet has been out drinking and partying — on multiple occasions.

After a fight with her mom and stepdad, Selena fled to the Sunset Tower Hotel, where the pop star lived for a week. There, eyewitnesses tell the mag that the former Disney star was seen with a drink in her hand almost daily. “She looked like she’d been at it for a while,” an onlooker tells In Touch. “Her lips were stained from the red wine she was drinking.”

Selena was spotted at the hotel’s Tower Bar and Restaurant with a group of friends on St. Patrick’s Day, being loud and rambunctious. “They didn’t order food. They just kept ordering rounds of drinks and going out to smoke cigarettes,” a fellow patron exclusively tells In Touch. “They definitely seemed drunk.”

Selena continued her wild ways at a house party thrown by Oscar winner Jared Leto at his Hollywood Hills mansion on March 21. “The party was mostly models, stylists and young Hollywood types — basically the same people you would find in any of the clubs that night,” says an insider.

Selena’s parents are concerned about her partying ways: “Her family is begging her to get back into rehab, and to stop talking to Justin,” a source close to Selena discloses.

[From In Touch]

Jared seems like a big party boy, right? He is a rock star, so that isn’t shocking at all. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Selena with Justin Bieber since they reunited in Texas. Bieber tweeted yesterday that he’s “been living in the studio,” which means he’s in Atlanta. Hollywood Life says the two lovebirds have been having Skype sex to ease the burden of separation. Oh gawd. I don’t know if Selena is addicted to drugs or alcohol. She’s definitely addicted to Bieber. Do they have swag rehab?

Here are some newish photos of Selena shooting an Adidas NEO commercial and lunching with Kendall Jenner.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. Patricia says:

    I’d say it’s normal stuff for her age, except her quickie rehab stint is a bit alarming.
    Sidenote: that pic of Kim K on the tabloid cover is freaky, she looks like her transformation to a demon is complete!

    • Liv says:

      Problem is, that she’s a celebrity. They have more access to drugs or alcohol and they have more people around them who don’t say no. I think she has serious issues.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      You’re right about the Kim picture. When I saw the image that was on the video in the post yesterday (maybe here or on another site can’t remember) the way she was smiling and sitting there I was like…. ‘Why do you look scary all of a sudden?’

      CDAN had a blind revealed that the boyfriend/ex has videos of the girlfriend/ex having sex and has threatened to release them to the media so that’s why she keeps going back to him. It was revealed as Justin and Selena and honestly, I would not be surprised in the SLIGHTEST if it were true.

    • Jackie says:

      You are right. That cover pic of KK does indeed make her look demonic. Sorry, this was meant to go under Patricia’s post, not sure why it ended up under yours. :)

  2. Anna says:

    In a lot of recent pap pictures Selena has been seen with cigarette packs, so we know at least that part is true..

    and btw since this is kind of related to Jared Leto, did anyone else know that he hangs around with creepy Uncle Terry so much?! I was on Terry’s tumblr and every 3-4 weeks he has pictures of him and Jared hanging out together.. ew. As if Jared couldn’t get anymore creepy. There’s always been stories of him hooking up with underage groupies and even more questionable things but this makes it even worse now that theres photographic evidence that he likes spending time with Terry Richardson.

  3. Tatjana says:

    Bieber Skype sex? I feel sick.

  4. Lex says:

    It seems, according to US tabloids, that you get drunk once and you suddenly are a ‘big partier’ and ‘have a problem’. Is this a typical attitude in America?
    Blimey… I wonder what you’d think of.. oh… everyone I know!

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Selena’s douche detector must be broken.

  6. Neelyo says:

    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Disney starlets.

  7. Jennifer says:

    The fact that people say drugs or alcohol is more troubling to me than Selena getting her drink on. Alcohol is a drug. I doubt she is doing anything drink-wise that most of us didn’t do at her age. We just didn’t have photogs following us around and cell phones were non-existent. If social media and cell phones would have been around when I was a young 20-something I would be completely screwed.

  8. Smevelyn says:

    I think the reason KK doesn’t smile is because she just looks odd when she does and her Botox obsession all the more obvious. The pic of her on the cover is evidence of that.

  9. Loopy says:

    These Kardashians/Jenners are soooo tall 0_0

  10. TheCountess says:

    Regarding that other US headline: Sorry, but Kim Kardashian’s secret is most definitely *not* plastic surgery.

  11. momosays says:

    Jared Leto is sober isn’t he? I thought he didn’t do any drugs or drink and is also a strict vegan so I don’t know that being friendly with him would be much of a red flag.

  12. MrsBPitt says:

    She is getting served at bars?? How old is Selena?? She looks 15…I know she is older than that, but I didn’t think she was 21 yet!

  13. OGGI says:

    The JARED LETO story doesn’t seem true. He’s on tour and that guy is a strict Vegan. Just look at him and you can tell he doesn’t mess around with what he puts in his mouth.

  14. smee says:

    What makes me sad with all these tweeners – they have NO idea how fleeting this “fame” is. They think they’ll be popular and employable forever, but it’s just not true. Justin Beiber will be just a bad memory in five years and so will Selena G. She’s a cute girl – now – but when all the partying catches up with her and/or she gets FAT – well, you’ll see how popular and employable you are then. Just ask LLohan who has to air her dirty laundry on t.v. just to be somewhat relevant. Get it while you got it, kids.

  15. Wren says:

    There was some blind I saw about Selena and Beiber. (Ugh I don’t even like typing his name). About how he has naked pics and sex tapes of her and he uses this hold over her to keep her coming back to him and being nice to him even though he’s a huge bitch to her. She’s terrified of the hit to her image and the subsequent embarrassment if he leaks that stuff, so she complies. The stress is really getting to her, thus the drinking and whatnot to escape her problems.

    I usually take blind items with a very large grain of salt but it really would go a long way to explaining things. Fear makes people do stupid things.

  16. Branvoyage says:

    She looks a bit swollen around the face, but body hasn’t gained as far as I can tell. I read somewhere that is a sign of bulimia. I hope that isn’t the case :(