Gwyneth Paltrow allowed her children to eat curry & hot dogs (with Fritos!)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s son Moses turned 8 years old last week. Time flies, right? Apple is what? Ten years old? Let me see… she’ll be ten in May. Crazy. So, while Chris Martin was in Brooklyn without his wedding ring, Gwyneth organized a birthday party for her son and his friends. And Moses must have begged and begged because there was peasant food at the party. Peasant food like… HOT DOGS. And Indian food. GASP.

Party at the Paltrows! Gwyneth Paltrow threw a fun-filled birthday bash for her 8-year-old son Moses at her home in L.A.’s Brentwood nabe on Saturday, April 12. An eyewitness tells Us Weekly the Goop founder — who announced her split from husband Chris Martin last month — “went all out” for her son’s eighth birthday party.

“Everything took place in the backyard,” the insider tells Us, adding that the set-up of the driveway included blue ombre-faded balloons spelling out the letters “M-O-S-E-S” beside the number “8.” The guest list included 20 of Moses’ friends and a few of 9-year-old Apple’s pals, too.

“Colorful tables were set up everywhere,” the eyewitness recalls, “and hula hoops and balls for the kids to play with.” Along with the toys, the backyard featured a giant inflatable bounce house in the style of a pirate ship. But that’s not all! A magician was also on-site to entertain the kids.

For lunch, the kids and adults enjoyed delightful treats catered by food trucks, including gourmet hotdog vendor Dogtown Dogs and L.A.’s beloved “chow truck” India Jones. Specialties included hot dogs topped with Fritos and Indian street food like samosas, curry and Indian tacos, the source says.

The party ended at around 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Some of the guests were spotted leaving in airbrushed T-shirts, designed at the party, which included each kid’s name and a design of his or her choice.

[From Us Weekly]

Hot dogs with Fritos?!?! What in the world? And do young kids really like all of that spicy Indian food? I couldn’t stand it when I was little, but I’ve developed a taste for it as an adult. I would have never thought that an eight-year-old’s birthday party would be the perfect time for Indian food. But that’s why Gwyneth Paltrow is better than all of us. See? She’s multicultural! She had Indian food! And hot dogs! I bet she had a migraine all day about feeding her innocent children that kind of food. Someone probably found her in a corner, rocking back and forth and whispering, “Just for the day… just for the day…tomorrow the juice fast begins…”



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  1. Birdix says:

    Isn’t the cliche that parents let anything go after the divorce to make kids happy? But honestly, I never believed goop was that frighteningly rigid with her kids’ diet. You can fault her for a lot, but not for not adoring those kids.

    • blue marie says:

      Yeah, I tend to agree. She’s insufferable but I doubt she denies her kids much.

      • mimif says:

        I’m going to respectfully disagree. She was quoted as saying she would rather f-cking die than feed her kids cup-o-noodles. I think she’s every bit of controlling with what they put in their mouth, as she is with hers.

      • kibbles says:

        The thing about Goop is that she is completely unaware of how the masses think and live. I am highly educated and although I occasionally indulge on junk food, I limit the amount of frozen/packaged/processed food that I eat. I think it is a good thing if she is not keeping unhealthy food around the house because her kids will develop good eating habits that will last a lifetime. The problem is that she comes off as a complete snob. I would not want my kids eating fast food, ramen, and processed food on a regular basis, but I would not preach to a national magazine that I would rather die than feed my kids junk as if parents who make that choice are bad parents. She is clearly a hypocrite because in instances such as this, we hear that she does in fact bend the rules once in a while and allows her children to indulge, at least on special occasions. Another problem is that she has been hospitalised before for her unhealthy fasts, cleanses, and diets. She also smokes. This is just as bad an influence on her children if not worse. I’d rather let my kids eat fast food several times a month than expose them to second-hand smoke or body image issues that could lead to anorexia or bulimia. Goop is far from the all-organic healthy living mom she tries to portray herself to be in the media. And I agree that allowing Fritos at the party could stem from the divorce and the rumours that she was more concerned about what her husband ate than who he slept with. Maybe she is trying to loosen up for PR purposes during this divorce. Or she wants to be seen as the cooler parent. There could be a lot of reasons.

      • Esmom says:

        mimif, I’m just a peasant and even I can’t imagine giving a little kid (or even my older ones) Cup O Noodle. It’s nothing but highly processed crap, the worst. You can make your kids “real” noodles just about as quickly and cheaply. So I can’t shade her about that.

        I can’t speak to much of her lifestyle advice since I don’t read Goop but from what I’ve read of most of her comments about kids and food, it seems mostly like common sense. I think it’s her delivery of these tidbits of wisdom that gets people worked up.

      • V4Real says:

        ” I’m just a peasant and even I can’t imagine giving a little kid (or even my older ones) Cup O Noodle.”

        Not even organic noodles :)

      • mimif says:

        @Esmom, yeah I wasn’t extolling the virtues of Cup-O-Noodles, I was more using it as a sound bite. :)

      • blue marie says:

        Well then, I stand corrected. Wonder how often her house gets egged during Halloween? Wonder if the eggs are organic? Wonder how difficult it would be to pour Egg Beaters in her mailbox?

      • mimif says:

        Lol blue rosannamarie, I think you put the egg beaters in a reusable up-cycled plastic bag, and then light it on fire on the front porch using an ethically harvested organic sandalwood match.

      • Esmom says:

        @mimif, I got that. But it didn’t strike me as uber controlling as much as it did fairly reasonable. Again, though, her delivery could have been more palatable.

        Lol at “ethically harvested organic sandalwood match.” From what I can gather, it sounds like something they’d sell on Goop. Only $10 apiece!

      • idk says:

        @ kibbles

        What?! She smokes? No way. She seems so into the healthy lifestyle. I wonder if she hides her smoking from her kids. That’s the worst habit of all, way worse than junk food or non-organic veggies. What is she thinking???

      • Ronia says:

        Ah no, it’s not the worst habit and it’s in no way worse than junk food. It’s all about what serves certain lobbies at certain times. If we have to be honest, each McDonalds sandwich should come with images of fattened heart, post heart attack heart, expanded and wounded intestines and blocked arteria on it. But it doesn’t because at this point lobbying works for junk food, still. Hopefully this will change because the impact of obesity on health system is far more expensive than this of smoking. Why? Because smokers generally die much faster than people with obesity and what it brings with it – from high blood pressure to diabetes, a very wide spectrum of diseases with long term development. Lung diseases usually show fewer symptoms until they are too serious and the life span of a smoker with sick lungs is much shorter than the life span of all the people who have issues caused of bad eating habbits. So, judging like this is not quite following the facts.

      • idk says:

        @ Ronia

        Yes, obviously eating a lot of junk food will cause health problems, but the occasional fast food meal won’t really harm you. Her kids have good eating habits. It’s just weird she is so into “healthy living” but she smokes. That’s not setting a good example for kids and at some point they are going to call their own mother a hypocrite. Smoking is worse than junk food, because I won’t get fat or unhealthy if the person next to me is eating a bag of doriios, but if the person next to me is smoking, I am unwillingly breathing that poison in as well. I hope she doesn’t smoke around her kids. I am following the facts, it’s not “judging” when it’s the TRUTH.

      • Ronia says:


        I am not talking about harming others but about harming ourselves. And because I happen to have cardiologist in the family, I know very well what I’m saying . If you had an idea what happens in your body when all these conservants, pure poisons and salt enter your systems, you could have reconsidered. To me you are not stating facts because you are lacking information. I don’t know where she smokes and in front of whom, I am just saying that in terms of harm and cost, junk food is by no means better than smoking, That’s it. Time will come when the witch hunt will be over and all this info will come to light if the health system doen’t crush prior to that. And I have absolutely no desire to argue with you, I know what I need to know for myself and take proper care being lucky to have the right doctors in the family.

    • jess says:

      See she’s just like every other divorced peasant parent trying to win over the kids. It will be funny watching her break all her own rules cause dad’s cooler.

    • Eleonor says:

      Yes, but Gwyneth has gourmet hot dogs.

    • Artemis says:

      She already said they eat junk sometimes as she realises she can’t really stop them and they will prefer it over hummus or something. She was also spotted by other Celebitches and regular people on other gossip sites when she was out and about with her family and she ate what they ate (junk). People just like to believe she’s super strict because that’s the vibe she gives off. Maybe for herself but children are different. Even Madonna (who is more obsessed than Goop and will not even eat junk during the holidays according to her brother and during the divorce rumours with Ritchie) has to accept that her children will eat crap when she’s not around.

      I think having a healthy diet most of the time is okay. And staying realistic about their eating habits when they’re not home.

      • idk says:

        She said in an interview that she does allow her kids to eat junk sometimes. She said she allowed her daughter to eat flaming hot cheetos while they were at an airport…those things are full of fat, but she let her eat them. I’m guessing she’s more strict on a day to day basis but she knows she has to give them days when it’s ok to eat something bad.

  2. pru says:

    I’m sure GOOP’s children are so much more evolved than other kids and were born with a very sophisticated culinary palette.
    My guess is that there was a lot of leftover Indian food and the hot dogs and Fritos were scarfed down immediately.

  3. notpretentious says:

    That last sentence was HILARIOUS!

  4. kibbles says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the food was organic. A lot of people of Goop’s mentality think it is okay to eat junk food as long as it is labelled organic and sold at Whole Foods.

    I never thought Goop would be against Indian food though. A lot of it is pretty healthy and there are lots of vegetarian options. She seems like someone who would want her children to be exposed to different ethnic cuisines (which is a good thing) as long as the food was high quality and made by a five-star chef.

    And I’ve always loved spicy food. I love it more now that I’m an adult but I developed a taste for spicy food when I was young. I’m sure the Indian food at his party wasn’t that spicy though.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    I feel like this only came out because of the rumors about Chris Martin hating the diet the kids had. If not for the divorce his birthday would have been organic chickpea soup with coconut water and raspberries from an ancient proverb city.

    • Star says:

      Let’s not make Chris into father of the year. He was in Brooklyn instead of attending his sons b- day party? I am sure he had good reasons what with the new cd out and all. But this whole image we have been fed Chris as a poor suffering man who only wants his kids to eat burgers and gwyneth as this dragon is just as orchestrated as this story.

    • Hmmm says:

      Chris Martin is a vegetarian, he might have more problems with a hamburger than Goop, who is neither vegan nor vegetarian.

    • minime says:

      I agree with Star. I do think Goop is someone alienated from the real world, but she seems to be a great mom, who was always present and caring. As it was already told, Chris is the one who is a vegetarian, so maybe the fact that they have hot dogs in a party is due to him not being involved anymore (that he is not, since he didn’t even care to attend to his child’s birthday).
      I wouldn’t be surprise to know that Chris is actually the snobbiest of the two…Well,, Goop was never so Goopy until she married him, right? So there is that…

  6. vv007 says:

    My kids love curry and one of them has loved it since they were small. So it’s not a stretch to imagine kids eating it. I would take the curry over the hot dog…but maybe not the Fritos!

    As a kid though I would be sad to not have my father there for my birthday :(

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    At least it sounds like a fairly normal party for an eight year old, as opposed to the sixty thousand dollar housewife extravaganza birthday parties. Sounds like it was for the kids.

  8. Pao La says:

    She really has a plain face without make up. Ugly I’d say.

  9. Jen says:

    both my littles love (vegetarian) Indian food!

  10. Star says:

    You forget the family lived in the uk for most of the kids lives they only moved to America recently. Currys are like staple food here the kids are used to it. Nothing exotic about currys for us Brits.

    • Godwina says:

      This. It’s really just exposure, innit–though of course there will always be outliers who dislike x or y, and no shade on them.

    • megs283 says:

      I remember reading Bridget Jones Diary and being thrown by all the curry references. I love curry and Indian food – but we have it once a month…maybe twice? And I never had it growing up. (I live in Massachusetts.) Regional/cultural food habits are so interesting!

      ETA – not saying that people in Massachusetts didn’t eat curry when I was growing up, just that my family didn’t…I’m giving a frame of reference for the Brits…

  11. Loopy says:

    Awww poor babies, they must of been so happy. Gwyneth and Madonna seem like such strict parents. I cant believe Lola only got a smart phone a few moths ago,she was still rocking a flip phone.

  12. Godwina says:

    Yeah until this post I wasn’t aware feeding kids Indian food was a bad idea. Most of the small kids I know love it, especially the sweet/creamy uber-North Americanized Punjabi dishes. If kids are exposed to (moderate) spices early, they’re usually fine with it IME.

  13. CaribbeanLaura says:

    Heh. Pics or it never happened!

  14. poppy says:

    those weren’t regular hot dogs :wink:
    cough *magical unicorn p£nis* cough

  15. Pumpkin Pie says:

    “Gourmet” hotdogs, fancy that. And I don’t think those food choices were only a PR thing, there were many children (and maybe parents) to feed and entertain. And a special ocasion.
    Then re Chris Martin being in another city, heck, they are in the middle of a divorce and maybe they didn’t want to draw attention to them. It was their son’s birthday party.

  16. Bea says:

    I see Huvane is stepping it up for Spring. I wonder when we will get a “candid” of Goopy and Apple skpping down the lane cuddling organically bred kitties?

  17. cody says:

    Actually, I think this is a post-split publicity campaign of Goop’s new image as “she is just like the rest of the us.” I think we are going to see more stuff like this.

  18. BeckyR says:

    The children grew up in London for the most part and Indian food is #1 there. There are curry houses everywhere. Sounds like a nice party.

  19. Sumodo1 says:

    At age 6, my son ate an entire fried head-on on fish with garlic sauce at a Thai restaurant while I took a business call. At $17.50 in 1991 money! I ordered a second one and he dove into that one, too. Just saying kids eat what they like.

  20. Pumpkin Pie says:

    That wedding ring is so in-the-face. Like she wanted to hold on to the marriage and Chris is the one who doesn’t want to stay married.

  21. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Indian is like the number one takeaway food in Britain, it’s no different than getting a kid a Pu Pu platter in America (I know they were in America, but the kids are probably used to it). The hot dogs were probably organic homemade hot dogs. I think she is putting this out there though before we get too many “Chris lets the kids have McDonald’s, KFC” etc. stories.

  22. luv2be says:

    Good grief, since when did Indian food become off-limits? My 3 boys love Indian food, with all the spinach, cauliflower, lamb, chicken, etc involved. Why is this even a story??? I might just order Indian take-out tonight. MMMM…chicken tikka masala…MMMMM

  23. idk says:

    There seems to be this new trend of putting fritos on top of everything. Anyone seen the new Subway commercial where they put fritos on your sub? How is that “fresh and healthy”?

  24. jwoolman says:

    Little Indian kids eat plenty of Indian food… Really, kids like spicy if they’re exposed to it early. Pizza is spicy and that’s as American as peanut butter.

    But Indian food isn’t widely available everywhere in the US so a lot of us aren’t so used to it. Decades ago, in the Midwest, a fellow grad student from India brought some kind of curry dish to a potluck. The Americans were all saying it was good but very spicy. He was so disappointed- he had only used 10% of the usual spice level for our benefit! I can only imagine.

  25. lrm says:

    Actually, i lived in a small college town when my child was born-and his first solid was indian food, at about 6 months old. I said ‘hey, this is spicy you might not like it’ but he gave me ‘that look’ and kept kicking and gigling for it rather than the boring teething biscut he had going on instead. So i put some of the sauce on it-over and over again…lol. That pretty much sold him on Indian food and it’s been a staple ever since-going on 12 years now! Indian good is found throughout the USA not just in large cities, contrary to what NYC-ites like to think.
    It’s also been popular since the 60′s when the flower kids got into indian gurus and backpackers went to india en masse. Even though the USA did not have a large indian population like the UK, we have had indian cultural influence for awhile. Though, the indian food isn’t nearly as good as in the UK.

  26. Lilacflowers says:

    The hot dogs and Indian food were from food trucks. She hired food trucks. Food trucks are extremely trendy right now, so the thing isn’t that Gwyneth served hot dogs and Indian food, it is that she served them from food trucks.

  27. lisa2 says:

    Why do people even care so much about what celebrities are feeding their children .

    Maybe put that concern into your own communities. There are probably many children going to be without food. Go you a grocery store and look at what some parents have in their carts.

    When I was teaching I would on occasion ask my kids what they had for dinner. The answer.. fish sticks, chicken nuggets, hot pockets, pizza, romaine noodles, hot dogs… a few would say a meal that include a meat, vegetable and some other side. There are not a lot of families out there cooking a “balanced meal on a daily basis”. I was also shocked at how often they ate out. More than I did for sure.

    Gwyneth children are eating well. They look healthy.