Elsa Pataky posts Instagram pic of one of her 5-week-old twin boys: cute?


Elsa Pataky has an Instagram. I don’t know if she’s always had one or whatever, but the photos on Elsa Confidential only go back through March. Anyway, now that her twin sons are all of five weeks old, Elsa is IG-ing photos with some regularity. She just posted the header photo yesterday – I’m assuming that’s either Tristan or Sasha, one of the five-week-old twins.

As I’ve said before, when other celebrities tweet or IG the “first baby photos,” I kind of like this trend. In most cases, I prefer a baby-photo release on social media as opposed to setting up a photo shoot with a magazine. Elsa and the baby look comfortable, and God knows, Chris Hemsworth might have even taken this picture. Even though Chris complains about fame and the paparazzi, he married a woman who mommy-blogs for Spanish-language outlets. And she posts photos on IG. And she calls the paps. So, that’s between them. Elsa recently said that she and Chris have “no plans” to have any more kids, but she sort of left it as a question mark too – like, maybe in a year or so, she’ll think about it.

Elsa also posted this pool photo… it’s crazy how her body snapped back.


Photos courtesy of Elsa’s Instagram.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I hate that kind of selfie where it’s clear that her arm is poised, taking the photo, but the selfie person is looking away from the camera as if it makes it somehow more candid? It’s so awkward looking.

  2. lisa2 says:

    I don’t see a problem with celebs that do a photoshoot. I find that ONE time thing a lot more appealing then celebs that put pictures of their children out on social media daily. Documenting all those very private moments. One picture of a 3 week baby is different. Especially if you and your family are being stalked by the paps. Most of the celebs on Social Media really don’t have that problem.

    I’m sure her babies are cute. And I’m sure there will be many many many more pictures posted.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I don’t have an issue with that either (the one off photo or even the photos of their kids where you don’t see their faces) but I am put off by those who put just about every moment of their child’s life on social media and I can’t understand why.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    If Chris Helmsworth got me pregnant, I might do a tad bit of bragging

    • Dani2 says:

      LOL right? She can brag as much as she wants imo, I’d be doing the exact same thing.

    • Isadora says:

      Lol, yes.

      I don’t know… I only know she exists since March or something so I haven’t seen any of her famewhoring escapades in the past. But sometimes I can’t help myself and think that a certain amount of hate that’s coming her way stems from the fact that she managed to snare a hot piece like Chris.

      For example I don’t see anything particularly wrong with RDJ’s avengers cast pic. Yes, she looks into the camera like everyone in the photo, also the dark haired girl behind her who cranes her neck even more to be able to look into the camera. If that’s her “attention seeking” I’m glad it’s not worse. ;-)

  4. Jen34 says:

    She is so smug. Three kids later, i still am baffled by her and Chris as a couple.

    • Liv says:

      They seem so different, right? At least she gave up to pursue an acting career…

    • KodochiiR says:

      Don’t a lot of moms do this though with their newborns? Why do people accuse others of being so smug or narcissistic when taking a selfie once in a while? How insecure must you be to assume that?

      • Artemis says:

        @KodchiiR: Preach.

        Fresh out of the womb with their sweaty red happy face pics. Do not need on my feed. Delete. Or I love the ‘hey look internet, look at my naked kids in the bath!’ pictures. Disturbing. And the ‘artsy’ videos that are bad rip-offs of what they saw of actual creative people.

      • FLORC says:

        It’s not about the mom and baby shots. It’s just another thing to nit pick over because this woman is not well liked here.
        She has a strong fame hungry history of dating up and reinventing herself to get more famous guys.
        I’ll say a lot of that is really true, but she and Chris are still making babies and still seen together and in love. To say they don’t work as a couple or she trapped him is to erase mounds of evidence that doesn’t support that theory.
        Sorry for the rant. People can change and others (Chris) might be a different person in private than we think he is.

      • V4Real says:

        This woman is so starved for attention that it’s becoming embarrasing. RDJ tweeted a pic at dinner of the cast and crew from the Avengers set and you can see how she was making sure she was in the shot even though fans don’t really care about her.

      • Belle says:


        I can’t seem to make myself dislike Elsa as much as so many here seem to. I have an honest question though… do you know how many times she ‘traded up’? I know this has been talked about a lot, but I don’t remember there being a string of guys. Wasn’t there just Brody…. or someone else as well?

    • Kaylen says:

      @KodchiiR, it’s not this incident that makes her smug and unlikable, it’s her general behavior and personality overall.

  5. pru says:

    The baby kind of seems like a prop in this photo.

  6. Artemis says:

    She wants attention but at least there’s no price tag attached to it. It’s pretty harmless as most people overshare their (baby) pics on a daily basis and there is 0% interest in them. This one picture is no reason to complain (yet).

  7. lucy2 says:

    I much prefer the first baby photo going on out social media – gets it over and done with, no paparazzi prize for the first photo, and no selling to a magazine, which always feels a little icky to me. But I feel like after that first one, stop and let the kid grow up in privacy.

    This barely counts as a baby photo though, it’s all her.

  8. Etheldreda says:

    If that’s a ‘selfie’, she’s a great photographer. Lighting, angle, framing….. all just so. I doubt either she or her hubbie took the picture – it looks like the work of a professional to me, though to admit that would make it all sound a bit contrived. Which it is.

  9. Just me says:

    Tacky, but it’s not because it’s her, I find all selfies tacky, vulgar, the epitome of narcissism

    • Dani2 says:

      D@mn, is it that serious though? I can definitely see why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not that bad imo.

      • Just me says:

        yes I find this tacky, it’s my opinion and you can think the contrary, but I do not think that it is because the majority of the people photograph and expose themselves on the Internet that it’s normal, They are the same who complain because we laugh at them, because they have no more life private and worst for some their identity. are stealed . It’s not because a lot of people do the same that I have to find it’s funny, cute… and I persist and I sign for me this kind of behavior is vulgar.

    • FLORC says:

      Tacky, really?
      And neither of those photos are selfies. Unless she has a 3rd arm or she’s mastered telekinesis.

  10. Lulu says:

    It looks like her right hand is cupping the baby, not holding a camera. She must have major reach if she managed to take that pic herself.

  11. 'P'enny says:

    Well, she doesn’t look like she’s been up all night feeding babies. Not a single dark ring under those eyes.

    And, I am surprised she has flown them to London, so soon. I am not sure I would have done that.

  12. Rianic says:

    Didn’t she have a Csection? A lot of times doctors will “help” with the tummy during he section. Mine did when I had my twins. I have larger scar (bone to bone), but she cut a lot of the excess skin (I was 44 inches at my largest). Also, if you bind, your belly goes back more quickly.

  13. jen says:

    Paps seem to be really interested in her and follow her around like lost puppies. Maybe this is simply her way of getting back control of her image

  14. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she’s very pretty.

  15. Marty says:

    The only problem I have of people posting these sort of photos is when they complain about paps, which Elsa has. Posting these kind of photos gets articles written about them, which they causes more pap interest, so how can she “complain”?

    I highly doubt Chris approves of what she’s doing because he’s said mulitple times he dislikes social media and doesn’t get the appeal. Probably why he hasn’t been in any photos she’s posted. But like Kaiser said, that’s between them.

    • 'P'enny says:

      But, they are Chris’s kids too and if he doesn’t approve then I am sure she wouldn’t be doing it. And, if she is calling the paps all the time she is on Miami beach, or Chris and his daughter on the bike/push chair or playing on the sand, then well, its all a bit hypocritical.

      At the moment, it seems every two-three weeks she is doing the rounds with another set of pap photos.

      Maybe she is trying to turn themselves into the new Hollywood loved-up Golden family, now the Martins are over. Increases Chris ‘s buying power in Hollywood and ensures he has a bit more coverage and PR shout amongst the other Avengers actors.

    • FLORC says:

      The moment she climbs onto the Dax and Kristen No papping kids bandwagon is the moment I agree with you.
      To say posting these pics which are for fans and followers alike is inviting the paps is too far fetched. By that logic the only way to avoid paps is to move under a rock and never to be seen unless looking terribly. Because if she looks like she combed her hair and put on makeup to grab a coffee she’s prepped for a photo.
      That’s my routine before going out for any reason and i’m not expecting to encounter a pap.

      • Marty says:


        No. My point is how is it she says the paps don’t let her live her life(her words) and then post a picture that she KNOWS will atrract more attention. The attention comes from her son not from her. They will want to get better photos of the kids. Why complain about privacy and then post a picture of your child for thousands of people you don’t know? Please explain to me how that makes sense.

      • FLORC says:

        We won’t meet on this point. I think just because someone posts pics of themselves and fun or cute times with their kids/babies does not invite paps to stalk them. It’s no secret she has new twin boys. I’m sure the paps already know this.

        And as far as i’m understanding your point it’s that she posts these shots to tease the paps into wanting to see more of the babies? If so that seems like a stretch.

        As far as posting shots for loads of people she doesn’t know personally, it’s the culture of social media. People share. They share on their terms like we all do on a smaller scale. To think this photo is an attempt at enticing paps is an opinion that doesn’t seem to be supported by anything else.

      • Hiddles forever says:


        I don’t share a pic on FB, twitter or elsewhere, ever… (And my profile pic is the same everywhere..).
        And I am a nobody. Let alone if I was ‘known’.
        Complaining about paps taking your pictures only to put them out there yourself, sorry but it is a contradiction….

      • Belle says:

        Hmmm. What happened to the theory for celebs that by releasing (whether on social media or a photo shoot with a magazine) photos themselves, that there is less of a frenzy for paps to try to get those early ‘first’ photos?

  16. Ash says:

    I know she’s supposed to be an actress , but the movie I know she has been in is one of the Fast and Furious flicks. I’m curious how her and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) met.

  17. megsie says:

    I like this woman despite myself. But there was a time, not so long ago, when I liked Gwyneth Paltrow despite myself. So maybe this one will end badly too.

  18. Isa says:

    I think it’s a lovely photo. But I’m also slightly jealous because I have very few nice photos of myself with the kids. No one ever thinks to take any of me with them. I need to start asking if people will otherwise they’re gonna grow up and wonder where I was. 😜

    • Belle says:

      I know how you feel… I’m the one that is usually taking the photos, so I am not in very many. It’s not that no one will take photos for me, it’s just something that I have to remember to do (which I often don’t…lol).

  19. aquarius64 says:

    @V4Real – I saw that picture of the Avengers cast. Elsa made sure she was seen. To be fair, Scarlett Johanssen’s fiance’ was in the picture as well, but he wasn’t sticking his neck out to get into the shot.

    Elsa is doing this blog and pimping out the kids to keep her name in the news, and apparently with Chris’ blessing. Her history doesn’t make her well liked in many quarters; but she better be careful because she is starting to look like a long lost Kardashian with the selfies or a budget GOOP with her blog. Neither comparison is good image wise. As for the marriage, it looks like the bloom is off the rose. In the early days of pap-hood, Chris and Elsa were hugged up on the streets or making out on the red carpet. Now when they walk down the street the distance between them is so big you can drive a car between them. I don’t know about the rumors about Chris stepping out on Elsa (so far unproven) but he can’t afford leave the mother of his three small children without his reputation taking a hit. Elsa would have to do something heinous – like Kristen Stewart’s Mini-Coopering – before Chris could leave her unscathed.