Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds in Gucci at the 2014 Met Gala: cute or try-hard?


What a difference a few years makes, eh? Ryan Reynolds is now the kind of guy who walks on red carpets with his wife. And they wear matchy-matchy clothes by the same fashion house because they have matching modeling contracts. Ryan and Blake Lively both wore Gucci. They both look nice, and they look really, really happy to be on the Met Gala red carpet. Blake looks poured into her Gucci gown – it really does hug every curve. I wouldn’t have put her in this pinkish/blush/nude shade, but it looks surprisingly good on her. Thoughts on her hair? I’m not into it – it looks like they stopped styling it just a few minutes too soon.

Oh, I just saw that the dress basically has a built-in cape. I thought it was just a too-long train, but it’s a train AND a cape-like thing. That’s kind of cool. This dress is very old-school glam.



And here’s another cute couple: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. For my money, they’re cuter than Ryan and Blake, but whatever. Diane wore Jason Wu for Hugo Boss. I like it. I don’t love it. Diane in ice blue… well, she looks very icy. It feels like she’s channeling Grace Kelly a bit. Joshua looks adorable in his tuxedo.




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  1. louise sawyer says:

    What’s the topic of this year’s MET Gala?
    (Serious question.)

    I love Diane and Joshua! Apart and together. To me, they seem like one of the very, very few Hollywood couples that are for real.

    This Lively-Chick (whose appeal I never got) seems to be about to pass out or orgasming about the fact that OMG I MADE IT, YEAH.

  2. MisJes says:

    I really like Diane’s dress, it’s really very pretty. But I love, love, LOVE her hair and make-up. Gorgeous!

  3. mytbean says:

    I don’t like how, when he poses with Blake, Ryan always looks at the camera like he’s sending telepathic bro messages like “yeah, I’m hitting this on the regular”… it just feels very Decaprio.

  4. Luls says:

    Blake’s silhouette is just divine in that dress. But I hate it when a man consistently places his hand on his lady’s bottom when walking the red carpet. It’s super-vulgur & kind of disrespectful. Just look at how Diane & Joshua are posing & the difference between the couples is stark!

    *side eyes Ryan Reynolds

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      +1 I was thinking Blake and Ryan look sort of perfect together, and they do, but then scroll down to Diane and Josh and it’s like another level of classy cuteness. I know they have totally different bodies/looks, but Diane is like Carole Lombard/Greta Garbo old school beauty, the hair just emphasizes her simple perfection, Blake is sort of a lopsided haired Jayne Maynsfield in comparison. I do think Blake’s body is insane in that dress, don’t get me wrong. But if I didn’t know which of the two couples were “A list” (superficially speaking), I would think Diane and Josh the more starry/dazzle worthy of the two. The ass grabbing is so budget. Josh always presents Diane on the carpet like the lady he respects her to be.

    • bella says:

      the hand on the a** is vulgar…
      and childish…
      knocks down an already meh couple.
      diane and josh look wonderful together…
      and sweet.

    • Dani2 says:

      The hand on the @ss is just unnecessary imo, is it possible for her to move without you guiding her by the @ss?? This is the first time he’s ever properly annoyed me lol.

    • mercy says:

      She’s done it to him. Turnabout is fair play. ;) I’ve seen more PDA shots from Josh and Diane over the years, and I don’t even really follow them.

    • Val says:

      Hah, I thought the exact same thing… very inappropriate and vulgar… like something Kanye would do! Bad hamsterface!
      Anyway, Blake looks good, but she’s always trying to hard to be “old Hollywood glamour” that it just comes across as budget. The dress is too tight and the boobs too visibly fakey. Oh well.

  5. littlemissnaughty says:

    They all look great but Blake always manages to go one too far I think. There’s always something. Too short, too tight, too much makeup … this time it’s a bit too done up. Diane looks effortless in comparison. But still, they both look great. … Have Blake’s boobs gotten bigger or is that the dress?

  6. Abigail says:

    These two to me are the perfect juxtaposition. Blake has an absolutely incredible body and I actually like her dress a lot. But she looks like a beauty/prom queen in everything she wears. Meanwhile, Diane looks regal and high-fashion in everything she wears, whether it is a relatively simple dress (like here) or a crazy couture gown. I feel like Blake thinks she is Diane in terms of fashion-girl status and ability, but she falls tragically short.

  7. captain says:

    Blake’s dress is gorgeous and her hair just right. The ring and earrings are totally off. And her open mouth is such a mismatch to the dress and hair. A bit more mysterious, elegant and reserved would have done wonders to the whole image thing.

  8. Jegede says:

    Bklake looks gorgeous.

    I am STUNNED Reynolds did a red carpet with her; on the other hand they’ve been together a while so it could be the case of let’s just get on with it

  9. TheCatLady says:

    Did Blake upgrade her bolt-ons? They look bigger.

  10. Damaris says:

    I love Blake’s dress, but something needed to be done about her hairstyle. It doesn’t fit right with the dress, IMO.

    And Lupita missed – big time. Out of every red carpet opportunity, she decided that at the Met, she’d fall short! Rihanna also was a miss. I don’t get her hair or why she always insists showing that goddess bird tattoo beneath her breasts.

  11. als says:

    Diane’s dress is great and I think it would look even better in another color, maybe black or burgundy, however pale colors were trendy for some reason. Is there a reason?

    Blake looks glamorous, like always, even if a bit vulgar. In photos she appears so ‘lively’, so grandieuse, but in interviews she loses all that sparkle, the fire…her temperament and words recommend her as boring and uneventful…but at least she’s great for pics.

  12. Val says:

    Blake looked flawless! She nailed it!!

  13. chloe says:

    I hate to admit this but Blake’s dress was one of my favorites of the night, I would like Diane’s dress better if it was half smooth and half pattern.

  14. blue marie says:

    I like both couples but Joshua and Diane are my favorite.

  15. kikistar says:

    Blake’s dress is almost carbon copy of Kate Hudson’s Oscar dress!

  16. nora says:

    Diane’s dress is perfect but the makeup and hair are too ice; Blake is holding a little vulgar but I find this absolutely beautiful girl this time she filmed a movie or she has a 30 year look that suits her very well

  17. Dani2 says:

    Blakes dress was one of the best imo, she has a banging body too, she nailed it.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I love Blake’s dress, the old school glam is very flattering to her. Why is she doing Julia Roberts’ big laugh face though? No.
    Diane looks really pretty but the dress doesn’t do much for me.

  19. smee says:

    Blake Lively’s gown is waaaaaaaay better than her career.

    • Mia4S says:

      +1, LOL!

      The dress is great but she always looks sort of…low rent? And yes the boobs are fake people, watch the Savages, they are very very fake.

      Ryan’s walking the carpet with her because he’s had some massive box office bombs. Not “disappointments”, bombs. He realizes he’s going to have to do some hustling and selling.

  20. Karen says:

    I like Ryan’s velvet suit a lot! Both couples look great. Blake’s boobs have always looked that big and fake. I think she looks nice though. The hair is bad though.

  21. daisyfly says:

    Rose Gold vs. Platinum Edition Barbie and Ken collectibles.

  22. Godwina says:

    I like both frocks. Blake’s ring is PERFECT.

  23. AnneSB says:

    I like Blake’s dress. Her expression… Not so much. Close your mouth, woman.

  24. eliza says:

    I know it’s not the popular sentiment, but I think Blake looks lovely. They make a nice couple.

  25. OTHER RENEE says:

    Ryan’s hand on Blake’s ass is a sign of possession and disrespect. Not surprising.

    Lupita was by far the biggest disaster.

    If the theme was black and white and decorations, why is Anna wintour in a colorful mess?

  26. MrsBPitt says:

    If the theme was old school glam, then I think Blake nailed it! She looks like a 1930′s movie star!

  27. Ari says:

    Blake looks amazing and I would be smirking too if I was married to her – don’t really get all the hate lol…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIANE AND JOSHUA so much – totally “never would have thought they were together” couple but they work so well!

  28. Blackwood says:

    Blake looks amazing, she does have a great figure. However, the first thing I noticed were her boobs. Did they always look this fake? It’s not so much the size, which looks pretty much the same as usual, but the shape. They look like two bowls strapped on her chest. I remember they used to look great, even if they were fake, you couldn’t tell as much. Is it the dress? Or is it considered desirable nowadays to have your boobs look blatantly fake? I keep seeing it on famous and not famous women alike. I really don’t get it. I wonder if it is some kind of fashion trend. Can anyone enlighten me?

  29. mercy says:

    The dress is gorgeous, but the fit isn’t the best for her figure in certain angles. Same with the hairstyle. In some pics the deep part looks fab, but in others it looks a little off. I do love these retro looks she’s been rocking lately, on and off screen. Love Ryan’s styling. They look great together.

    Diane always wears great clothes. I like Josh, but his look is not doing it for me here.

  30. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Blake and Ryan always give off a “trying too hard” vibe. It’s like she’s always trying to prove that she deserves a place at the A Girl table. She does have an insane body (one of the best boob jobs I have ever seen). I can’t get past that scarecrow face, though. And she’ll always be that TV Actress Who hoped for Ben or Leo But Who Ended Up With Green Lantern instead.

  31. Size Does Matter says:

    Ryan Reynolds, my Canadian forever dong, love yah! Pacey, my Dawson’s Creek forever dong, looks, well, pasty?

  32. Shelby says:

    Every time I see Ryan Reynolds I think to myself “Ferret Face” … not my cup of tea

  33. HoustonGrl says:

    Her bolt-ons mixed with that barbie hair just nix any elegance she might otherwise have. Sorry, I’m feeling very celebitchy this week.

  34. minime says:

    After watching “The Bridge”, Diane became my new crush. I liked her before but I was never so certain about her skills. She is beautiful, she’s a good actress and she seems to not be full of sh*t, but very real.

    Lively has a a crazy body and the dress shows exactly that, but that hair colour and styling is really not helping. Is Ryan Reynolds groping her ass?? Yeps, looks like that.

  35. M says:

    I feel like Gucci has the same dress every-time. Blake’s style of dress has been worn by many ladies…so it is boring. I am not fan of her husband, he is overrated.

  36. SummersReign says:

    I want Diane’s dress!

  37. Helvetica says:

    Diane and Joshua look amazing! Love their style. His tux has personality and the cut of Diane’s dress is fun.

    Blake looks boring. Her hair is aging her at least 10-12 years.

  38. Sknniemama says:

    I like a dude whose not afraid to slip in a little lipstick. You go Ryan Reynolds. So pretty.

  39. tracking says:

    Now if only Amber Heard had worn Blake’s dress. She does look drop-dead gorgeous, but Ryan Reynolds always looks so dull and pissed.

  40. Marlene says:

    Blake is back to wearing dresses one size too small? Back in her boobs legsy days it was a huge problem, but she’s benn doing better lately. Looks like she updated her boobs. Ryan looks hot and they seem really happy together.

    Diane looks great and etheral, but not very exciting.

  41. Penelope says:

    Wow, does that woman have a killer body.

    I’ve loved Joshua Jackson ever since that picture at an Oscar ceremony (or some red carpet) of him gamely holding an umbrella over Diane’s head while she was being photographed/interviewed. What a cutie pie.

  42. snowflake says:

    both men look madly in love with their women, how sweet. both women look great

  43. Jayna says:

    Blake’s gown looks stunning on her body and I love the gown, period. Diane looks fantastic also. I love her whole look, effortlessly chic, and the gown I would probably love to wear.

  44. Kosmos says:

    Yes, I have to admit that Blake looks like one of the Best dressed and most beautiful here. Both she and Ryan made a handsome appearance together. Diane’s dress looks fantastic, too…..NOT crazy about Kim K., but then I never am…….

  45. Dirty Martini says:

    Blake Lively looks fabulous. Wonderful. In that dress, she is impossible to beat–she wins.

    There I said it.

    (I never really got the hate over her when there are Kardashians in the world .)

  46. Abby says:

    ok how is Blake Lively best dressed at this thing? She looks AMAZING. They look adorable and happy.

  47. Norman says:

    Between Blake and Leighton I must admit I’m on the Leighton side of things so I give nods to the latter, guilty, but also Diane Kruger was splendid in that dress, as always she is beautiful.

  48. Maritza says:

    Blake’s dress looks very Hollywood divaesque, love it! Diane looks very beautiful too.

  49. Subi says:

    “There was a young woman who swallowed a fly …’

    Enough with the open mouth – so fake. She’s trying way too hard. It’s a showy, look-at-me dress and probably one size too small. Don’t like the jewelery or the hand on her ass [eyeroll]. Blake’s a bit of a butter face – I think her looks are really ordinary – and the bolt-ons detract from an otherwise fantastic figure.

    Diane and what’s-his-name: [shrugs shoulders].