Jon Hamm covers Vanity Fair, talks about his past career in ‘soft-core p0rn’

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Jon Hamm covers the June issue of Vanity Fair. Rats! I kind of hoped Angelina Jolie would be on the cover to promote Maleficent. Maybe the July cover? Probably not. Anyway, Hammtasm got the VF cover not because of Mad Men (OK, a little bit because of Mad Men) but because of his big new Disney film, Million Dollar Arm. Hamm has been amping up his promotional rounds, and I think Disney might have words with him, because Hamm is trying to not sound so bitchy these days. Too bad. I like Bitchy Hamm.

“He knows everything.”

That’s what Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner says of Vanity Fair June cover star Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on the acclaimed series. Weiner is known for giving nothing away about what’s to come on his show, but he tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Jim Windolf that he’s shared with Hamm exactly how it will end. “He’s the first, outside the writers’ room. I try stuff out on him. When we get stuck in the writers’ room, I go down there and have a conversation with him,” Weiner says. When asked if the two ever disagree, Weiner answers, “The relationship would be bulls–t if we didn’t have disagreements.”

In an extensive interview, Hamm talks to Windolf about that recently resurfaced episode of The Big Date from 1996, revealing that the show came at a low point: “I was actually at that time working as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core-porn movies,” he says. “It was soul-crushing.”

Of his role on Mad Men, Hamm tells Windolf, “This is the best job I’ve ever had and maybe ever will have in my life—it’s so fun to play all of this. It can be relentlessly dark. It can be terribly sexually inappropriate, is a way to say it. But who else gets a chance to do any of that stuff? There’s so much there.”

Hamm tells Windolf that when he was a child his dad would take him to parties and park him in front of the TV set. “Eleven-thirty would roll around—10:30 in the Midwest—and the big huge 22-inch TV would be tuned to Saturday Night Live. I would sit two feet in front of the TV and stare and watch the whole thing.” Hamm also tells Windolf that the first movie his father ever took him too was Animal House, “and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I think I was seven. This was before my mom was dead. So it was a curious decision.”

This month, Hamm stars in Disney’s baseball movie, Million Dollar Arm, as a sports agent who discovers players in India for a reality show. Will this signal Hamm’s transition to the world of film?

[From Vanity Fair]

In that VF link, there’s also a some nice stories from Paul Rudd, who has known Jon since they were teenagers. I do think it’s sort of adorable that Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd knew each other before either man was famous. It’s sweet that they’re still buds too. But I hope this profile is more than just old stories about Jon from his BFFs. Much like Don Draper, there’s this huge well of sadness in Jon Hamm, one that he usually only touches on briefly in interviews, like “This was before my mom was dead.” Poor Jon Hamm.

As for Mad Men… I get the feeling that there isn’t a huge appetite to discuss Mad Men Season 7 in any great detail, but I will say that I’m enjoying this season much more than the previous two or three seasons. The pace is faster, the dynamics are changing and stupid Megan is marooned in LA. Thank God.


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  1. Nev says:

    So he can relate to Kim K…why is he always bashing her? hahahahahaha please.


  2. GiGi says:

    I had a dream the other night that I was married to Don Draper… it was not good, lol! Lots of philandering on his part and I was not happy about it – it was very strange.

    I, too, am really liking this mini season of Mad Men – they could pick up the pace a touch, though!

  3. mom2two says:

    I love Jon Hamm. I think he is crazy talented and I wish the Emmy’s would give him his due. He does terrific work and has always done terrific work as Don Draper, even when Mad Men was not at it’s best. He was so good in Don’s Hershey debacle that I was cringing for him and saying out loud, “Oh no, Don…shut up Don. Stop talking Don…”
    I have to agree that I think Mad Men is having a better season so far than the last few (I am actually enjoying it more than Game of Thrones and that is saying a lot) seasons. John Slattery and Elizabeth Moss are always fantastic in their roles.
    And yes, there is a wall of sadness with Jon Hamm, I think his mother died from cancer when he was very young and then his father died when Jon was barely out of his teens.
    Fun fact: Jon Hamm was Ellie Kempner’s (Erin from the Office, also in Bridesmaids) acting teacher.

  4. Hannah says:

    Wow, he knew Paul Rudd as a teenager and he went to prom with Sarah Chalke. That’s extraordinary!

  5. Godwina says:

    Hamm.. Weiner… Mad Men is the meatiest show on television.

  6. Jenns says:

    This season of MM is great, but I hate that there is only 3 episodes left.

    As for Jon Hamm, the story about his mom taking him to a museum when he was young and then passing out in the bathroom because she was sick with cancer is so sad. :(

  7. Talie says:

    I’m gonna guess Megan probably exits the show because she was the only one at the Met Ball — January Jones couldn’t make it because of filming.

  8. poppy says:

    he’s had an interesting life. some of it sad.

  9. GIRLFACE says:

    God he is so hot it’s insane.

  10. eliza says:

    I used to really like him until he started opening his mouth and trying to be Mr.Cool.

    In his case good looks do not trump his personality.

    Sorry, just am no longer a Fan of Ham.

  11. yolie says:

    I agree on the stupid Megan issue!! These past two episodes have been blissfully Megan free!!

  12. pf says:

    I really don’t understand the Megan hate, when some of Don’s other women (Betty, Bobbie Barrett) have been just as annoying. But I’m glad to see her go as it fits the story. He married her in an act of impulse, thinking it would make him happy but it didn’t, he went back to cheating and drinking in Season 6, and now he is actually changing or at least becoming his real self (Dick Whitman) like being honest with his daughter, accepting his demotion at work, etc. and all of that means he has to let Megan go.

  13. Blue says:

    I’m so happy Megan is mostly MIA this season. She almost ruins the show for me. Notice Mad Men hasn’t won the Emmy since Don married Megan, and she became an integral part of the show. Betty and Don’s relationship was far more interesting. Jon looks great here and he’s always a good interview. I wonder what life after Mad Men holds for him.

  14. Becky1 says:

    I’ve been enjoying this season too! I just wish that they weren’t doing the whole split season thing. I think it’s ridiculous that there will only be a few more episodes and then we’ll have to wait until 2015 for the actual finale. Bad move AMC.