Benedict Cumberbatch went out to eat with Dakota Johnson: what the what?!


I feel like crying. Or maybe I feel like making some kind of Fifty Shades of Cumbercurls pun. Fifty Shades of Auburn Dong Muff? Fifty Shades of Bendy? Here are photos of Benedict Cumberbatch out and about with Dakota Johnson yesterday in NYC. How do they know each other? Are they dating? Was this their first date? Were they staying at the same hotel? Did they meet each other at the Met Gala? Do they have friends in common?!

As you can see in some of the photos, there was another woman with them, a woman some people think is Benedict’s niece/assistant or something. While I’m a devout Cumberbitch, I’ll admit that I’m not able to recognize his extended family on sight. I’m actually proud that I can’t identify her.

As I said, Benedict, Dakota and this other lady were out and about. They went to a restaurant, where Benedict and Dakota laughed and played with napkins – Benedict put a napkin on his face and then his glasses on top of the napkin. I don’t know what to think. Allegedly, Dakota has a boyfriend – she’s dating actor Jordan Masterson (half-brother to Danny and Chris Masterson). The Mastersons roll with Xenu. Does Dakota roll with Xenu? Is Xenu trying to recruit the Auburn Dong Muff?! WHY WON’T ANYONE TELL ME?

PS… I actually made a concerted effort to not hate on Dakota Johnson, and believe me, it did take effort because she got to spend time with my Cumberboyfriend. But in case you need a refresher, before this Cumbernonsense went down, I already had an idea of who Dakota was and is. Hint: she’s not all that bright.





Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. poppy says:

    when i read this yesterday i was thinking ‘there will be some sad b!tches at celebitchy’.
    it looked totally innocent.

  2. BangersandMash says:

    Uh oh!! It’s about to *Britishly* pop off!!

  3. Kiddo says:

    Can’t a person eat a damned ‘sammich’ in private?

  4. Lark says:

    The Cumberbitch tears amuse me greatly. I’m not sure I buy that Dakota rolls with Xenu even if she’s dating Danny, because I swear there were photos of her hanging with an ex-sci not that long ago. Maybe she and Danny broke up? I want them to be dating just because the Tumblr reactions would be delicious….

    • magpie says:

      I wondered about this. Dakota is also really close to Jordan’s little sister who is very into Xenu. Laura Pepron converted for Chris, and I think all of Danny’s gf’s went Xenu too. I’m not sure if Dakota gets pressured or not or maybe she already is in it. So weird.

      • MissMary says:

        There’s many folks (esp celebs) in it that aren’t open about it like Tom Cruise or Kirstie Alley or Jenna Elfman. The org either doesn’t feel their fame will get them enough attention (though they’ll happily take their money) or they’re “saving them” for something. The young H’wood contingent is a big deal for Scientology and they tend to make a big deal about them coming to holiday parties and the like, sort of a “see? We’re young and hip and ironic! Join us!” thing. That said…who knows if Dakota is a member or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is, mainly because of her long term relationship with Jordan Masterson and how his whole family seems to be pretty tight with the Co$, and all the SOs seem to convert.

  5. Miss M says:

    Cumbercollective meltdown in 3 ,2,1…

  6. daisyfly says:

    Cumby, honey, come back to bed. The plastic surgery orphan can find her own way home.

  7. Freebunny says:

    It looks very innocent to me. They must have met at MET Gala and have lunch as friends. They seem to have good fun.

    As for the napkins, we had the straws in the eyes before. He tends to do these kind of stupid things when he knows there’s paps around.

    • M.A.F. says:

      I was coming here to say that. They were both there at the Met, probably talked a bit and decided to meet up the following day. No big deal.

    • Vesta says:

      Yes, it looks very innocent. Which is kind of a shame – I would love to see Sonny Crockett as Cumberbatch’s father-in-law…

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Hi, Vesta!

        I wondered when you were going to show up. I’m all out of gloegg.

      • Vesta says:

        You did?!? Awww… But glögg is out of the season right now, I’m afraid, so you have to settle with some Benedictine liqueur. I hope your understanding nun heart forgives me…

        But you know, since you’re a nun and all, I have a little confession to make……*enters the confession booth*……… (in a whispering voice): I’ve sort of cheated Cumberbatch lately — all spring long I’ve been jogging with a certain T Hiddleston over the green pastures…which actually are not that green yet around here. Except out of Hiddles’ running trails grows four-leaf clovers!

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Oh, NO! I just saw this & hope you see my reply. Some Benedictine liqueur sounds absolutely lovely. I’ve been looking for some in a little Cumby-shaped bottle, like Fra Angelico.

        Oh, don’t worry about going running with Hiddles! It’s perfectly understandable. What are we to do when Cumby goes travelling for months at a time, & really does seem to live on airplanes? It makes me dizzy. He’s a perpetual motion machine.

        There is something I’ve wondered about Cumby on airplanes, though. Do you think the flight attendants go wild over him like every other woman who crosses his path? I wonder if they ask him every 5 minutes if there’s anything they can do for him—like get him pillows for his curls & sweet little stuffed hedgehogs so he’ll have something to cuddle on those long flights?

        I’ve been suspecting for awhile now that if he’s going to meet someone for a real relationship, she’ll have to be a flight attendant. ;-)

      • Vesta says:

        @EsCon: Hehe, I’m liking all your theories but also wonder if those air people have sometimes even trickier schedules than Cumberbatch himself….

        Anyhow, an aeroplane could indeed be a good starting point for a *real* relationship. Those flight ladies get to see the less glamorous side of him – the red-eyed, jet-lagged & nicotine craving cranky Cumby. After that it’d be easy-peasy to just pull the old-fashioned trick i.e. pour him copious amounts of wayyyy too stiff drinks and then offer some “helping hands” as he falls ill. Almost too easy… Wanda should really consider stepping her game up and giving a few tips to those aeroplane birds ;)

      • Isadora says:

        Some men also really want to join the Mile high club. Another certain Brit actor was quite eager it seems. So…

      • Vesta says:

        @Isadora – by “some” do we mean like 99,65% of men?

        Ah, thank God Misters Cumberbatch & Hiddleston belong to the 0,35% who are above that sort of thing (yeah, right….)
        (you mean Ralph Fiennes btw??)

      • Isadora says:

        Yes. ;-) And of course Hiddlesbatch would never even dream of things like that lol

  8. Lucretia says:

    They called the paps and got (another!) story here. What’s the mystery?

  9. GeeMoney says:

    Before we all go nuts… there’s nothing wrong with him going out to eat with her. It’s quite possible that they are just friends.

    And she has a boyfriend and someone else was in tow with them at lunch… so it’s probably nothing.

    But I don’t get the napkin thing. There’s only one Mr. Napkin Head… and that’s Jude Law in The Holiday! *gushes*

    PS – THOSE PANTS! Ah, Cumby… you are killing me.

  10. Lindy79 says:

    Repeat of what I said yesterday:
    (someone yesterday said the blonde girl is a friend of Dakota’s and is married to the singer from the Black Keys)

    They meet at the gala, chat, find out they’re staying in same/nearby hotel, decide to go for brunch the following day.
    I’m in a good mood so probably being naive but my photo set-up senses aren’t even tingling with this. Paps are all over NY because of the MET (sites were full of photos of people from the morning after who don’t normally get papped), and they find out where most celebs are staying (especially if there is a few in one hotel) but if they were set up my money’s on her people, she’s even less known than he is and he got all the buzz from the night before. This just looks like people who went out for lunch, got papped, they sat indoors and kind of hidden, and he made a joke about it by putting napkins on his face (he looks right at the camera in one, so he’d obviously spotted them and looks a bit pissed off). He apparently didn’t go to NYC with anyone so was probably at a loose end for having someone to hang out with.

    • AG-UK says:

      That makes perfect sense to me. :) I would hate him to pull a BCoop as she does look way younger. All seem to have stayed at the Bowery that place must kill it during awards/fashion season. And those purple trousers…was it that hot in NY to need a napkin on the head??

  11. mom2two says:

    Honestly, it just looks like a friendly outing. I don’t think they are dating and if they are, by a slim chance, I wish them well.

  12. allons-y alonso says:

    Big fuss over nothing it seems to me. Looks like fun.

  13. blue marie says:

    WTH is Dakota wearing? She looks like my SO’s grandmother. I doubt seriously it was a date.

    oh and 50 Shades of Sloth..

  14. Duri says:

    I think she looks cute here, though the dress is giving me grandma vibe but she seems like low maintenance type of girl (which I associate with).

    Also just look at the pic with all 3 of them, Benedict and Dakota don’t even look like movie stars going by their clothes. On the contrary that other girl is dressed much better and one would presume she is the star in that lot lol

  15. Talie says:

    He looks much skinnier in casual clothes. He should just walk around in a tux all day. Ha!

  16. chloe says:

    i am clairvoyant, i looked at met gala photos yesterday and sort of thought that benny will maybe like someone like dakota and the next day we have them papped together hahah
    i hate myself

  17. T.fanty says:

    Maybe he’s giving her acting lessons.

  18. MissMary says:

    Meh, friend outing, it looks like. Esp seeing all the pics inc her friend.

  19. Tig says:

    Holey Moley- now he’s a member of the “parse to death every nuance whenever he gets within 10 ft of a female” club? Sometimes, lunch is just-lunch! Wonder who picked up the check-LOL!

  20. Mandy says:

    The first picture at the bottom of the text….with the napkin hanging down, kind of a profile shot…maybe my favourite picture of him ever. Not sure why.

  21. Sighs says:

    Of all the people you could’ve met and had lunch with from the met gala…. Really? She’s the most interesting person you could find? His skills must be deteriorating.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I like to give some celebs the benefit of the doubt in that they probably don’t know as much about each other as those of us who go on celeb sites do, especially for ones who are not controversial and in the gossip mags constantly and are simply just dull but…from what I’ve read of her, while she is probably nice and a bit goofy, she is not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer.

      Cumbers, up your game please. Go for someone with a bit of a bite.

      • 'P'enny says:

        “she is not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer.”

        I bet the conversation was riveting then, hence his silly games they ran out of intelligent conversation in ten mins.

        Benedict is a intellectual – he needs smart.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I’ve seen a few video interviews with her and…yeah, she’s harmless but she sounds every bit the nice but dim 24 year old. She actually sounds younger.

      • Freebunny says:

        Cheers, after yesterday he could have lunch with Kim and Yeezus.

      • 'P'enny says:

        I honestly don’t get it. Why is he single? Why is he not in a committed relationship I am seriously beginning to question him and Hiddles bachelor lifestyle. Not that I want to cover old ground here. I just don’t get it. They both seem to be only two 30 something Brit actors not in a ‘visible’ relationship!

        I’m single guys, come and find me. puuuurlease.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Suppose it’s hard to start anything when one of you is constantly travelling for work. Its hard enough if you’re already in an established relationship but what’s the point really of starting to date someone then be like “I’m off to Oz for 3 weeks, then NYC, then Poland”. Bit unfair to expect them to wait around.
        They’re both all about the careers at the moment.

      • Freebunny says:

        @’P'enny Wanda, is it you???
        In fact, they’re a couple, that’s why we never see them with girlfriends.

      • Gia says:

        @Penny. I’m with you on not understanding why Ben is single? Immaturity maybe? I’m clueless.

        These pics look like PR to me, jmo

      • Mandy says:

        Maybe the napkin antics were an attempt at keeping the “children” entertained while they were waiting for the food to arrive.

      • PB&J says:

        I get the impression she might be the type to laugh at all of your jokes, and think you’re so brilliant… and probably lets him yammer on about whatever crosses his mind (I do, sometimes, get the impression that a conversation with Cumby is 75% letting him talk, and 25% interjecting with the occasional witticism or comment to keep him going…). As a pretty, young, star-struck sounding board, and a quick afternoon lunch buddy, she probably was harmless.

        Also (*dons naive fan psychologist hat*) I think Cumby likes to mentor. He has said he wants children, has always wanted children, and part of wanting children is having the desire to guide/mentor someone. Maybe he saw her, sweet, maybe a little dim, embroiled in 50 Shades of Awful, and thought… here, this, yes, I will fix this. With napkins. And lunch. Let’s go!

        Or, it stroked his ego that a thin, young, (NOT BLONDE, egads!) waif was smiling his way, so he thought- let’s have lunch so I can bask in this a while longer!

      • 'P'enny says:


        but, tom hardy, james mcavoy, eddie redmayne, ben whishaw, spiderman guy, henry cavill… all brit actors in their 30′s happily involved. It’s just those two!
        It has to be the fashion sense, seriously their jumpers, caps, shoes are just not doing it for them in their usual social setting outside of work.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I think some of those guys met their partners before they really hit (semi)big time. McAvoy purposely took a break to spend time with his wife and child. Hardy’s relationship has had issues, Cavill had his own PR relationship disaster thing going on last year (or 2012?) and none of them to my knowledge have the same level of crazy fans as Tom or Benedict.

      • Abby says:

        @ PB&J

        My thoughts exactly. He has such low self esteem anyways that I feel, if any pretty girl smiles at him or flirts a bit then he feels like he is in heaven. I am pretty sure Dakota did something that made him feel *wanted* for the lack of a better term. So later he invited her for a lunch date.

        I doubt it’s PR because if he wanted fame like this then he should have gone for someone like Taylor Swift etc. (bigger names=more attention).

      • Isadora says:

        ‘p’enny: I’m trying to imagine being in their shoes and honestly… I’d probably have the time of my life and would never even think about a relationship lol. They work a lot (and they should because they are both at an important point in their careers), they are constantly travelling (which would make any relationship difficult if the gf is not part of their entourage) and if they want some physical action, they can probably get it anytime they want. So I don’t really understand why they should seek a relationship at this point.

        On the other hand, if they really are those intellectuals people think they are and any future girlfriend has to be classy, intelligent, witty, interesting, understanding (very understanding with the buzz, the fangirls, the constant travelling etc. ) and so on. Yeah, well… good luck finding that, plus having a physical attraction, plus falling in love.

      • Hiddles forever says:

        I don’t think BC and TH are any different from other men….

        Plus, explain to me why everyone should be in a serious relationship just for the sake of…. What? If they are not in love with anyone, why should they be in a relationship?

        I have to say I am a woman, but I didn’t get married until I seriously fell in love with someone I thought he was the One! And I was 40 ;)

      • Isadora says:

        Hiddles forever! Haha… we are so Aries in this whole relationship thing, it seems. ;-)

      • Hiddles forever says:


        Yes, definitively! :D

      • jammypants says:

        @Hiddles Forever, I agree! Seriously why be in a relationship because of “age” or because their peers are in them. Why? Just to be? haha

      • Hiddles forever says:


        I still don’t get why fans wants them to be in a ‘serious’ relationship with someone coming out of nowhere… that is a recipe for disaster usually, at least in real life for us ‘peasants’… A PR-machine-orchestrated thing à la Clooney would be even worse…
        To be honest, I really adore Tom and Benedict but PR stunts like that would decrease my interest in them, even though I only like them as actors.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Isadora and Hiddles forever, well, I’m no Aries but I certainly agree with you on relationships. From what I have seen in this world, those who decide it is “time to settle down” because they are of a certain age or simply because they want kids, usually find that it is “time for divorce” in the not too distant future and if they have brought children into the world, the kids have to go through the break-up. In my opinion, better to wait to find someone who truly is the best partner for life rather than forcing it to happen, even if that means it may never happen. It is best to be happy with the life one has.

    • Freebunny says:

      God, I like the female bitchery.

      Perhaps, just perhaps he has a lunch with her and her friend Emily because they’re nice, fun and he thought he would have a good time with them. And he seems to enjoy his lunch.

      But no, she had to manipulate him cause he’s so so so over her than normally he wouldn’t adress her. She’s too dumb, insignifiant and bad actress to have the honor to eat with him.

      So long for the declared feminism…

      • Lindy79 says:

        Sorry I didn’t realise feminism meant not saying anything negative about another woman, ever.
        (isn’t that a little sexist, to imply that women shouldn’t be open to the same criticisms as men? Cumby himself gets a lot of ribbing on this and other sites. Hell he even gets it in this thread)

      • Freebunny says:

        What I see here is people calling her dumb and manipulative, people who refuse to give her any credit because, GOOD LORD, she dared to have a lunch with their Internet boyfriend.

        So perhaps she’s not uber clever or fascinating, but perhaps she’s lovely / nice / fun enough for Benedict to have a lunch with her.

        Perhaps she’s not a manipulative witch who uses him to rise her profile. Maybe she’s just a regular girl who likes to have lunch with friends.

        If it was a man actor, people wouldn’t react like that and wouldn’t say he uses Benedict to rise his profile.

      • Felice says:

        He’s also reportedly naive and thought Katia was good enough. And actually some people have accused his male friends of doing that.

        Or Matthew Goode wasn’t lying in the GQ issue about what he said.

      • Freebunny says:

        Sure, he’s certainly naive.

        But why compare Dakota to Katia? And anyway who knows what really happened between him and Katia? No one but them.

        To be fair, I’m the first to criticize James Rhodes or his friend Elen for name-dropping him, but a lunch is not enough to accuse Dakota of anything.

        If tomorrow she begins to namedropp him in interviews, ok. But for the time being I want to think/believe he’s not shamelessly manipulated by every person he meets or has lunch with.

    • 'P'enny says:

      @hiddles forever,

      I don’t say it because they should be in a relationship for the sake of it, it’s just that both of them have expressed the desire to have families and be settled. yet, none are making the obvious and visible effort to do so.

      • Isadora says:

        I think it was mainly BC talking about family and being settled, wasn’t it? I recall him calling himself “breedy” in one interview. Hiddles? I don’t recall anything that would go beyond the typical avoidance of actually saying “Oh, I just like to sleep around at the moment” for example (which would be a PR disaster of course).

        On the other hand – and I’m the first one to admit I’m no expert on this – I don’t really understand what an obvious and visible effort to settle and start a family would/should look like. I mean, it’s not like he can go to single parties or speed dating or something like that. Maybe even going out and chatting up women is difficult without tumblr knowing about it.

      • 'P'enny says:

        Hiddles has also expressed the want for children, and he also said in one interview that he spend/s enjoys too much alone time, but it’s always necessarily the best thing. In not so many words.

      • Isadora says:

        Ah ok, thanks! Maybe he meant children someday? It’s unfair (to us women) but men have more time with this. I think there is still quite a bit of time for both of them to find the right woman. Better no relationships than having the third divorce, I guess. :-D

      • Intro Outro says:

        Hmmm, i don’t think Benny and Tommy should be compared in this respect. Benny turns 38 in 2 months. Tommy turned 33. At 33, many men are not ready to settle down. At 38, it kinda feels like it’s high time.

      • mayhem14 says:

        I think wanting something in the abstract, and wanting it enough to change your life to make it happen, are two different things.

        At first I found it refreshing that BC mentioned wanting children so often in interviews – you don’t hear that from male celebrities often (if ever!). But now I’m kind of side-eying the whole thing. Maybe he wants to be the sort of person who wants a family. Maybe he likes the idea of a family, but the reality of making the necessary accommodations to have that aren’t really appealing.

      • Green Girl says:

        I think Cumby has downplayed his desire to have a family in recent months. I thought that was wise. It is probably difficult for him to properly meet and date someone at this point in his life. He’s been to I-don’t-even-know how many countries in the last six months, and even when he’s “home,” he’s working. That would be difficult for any new relationship to handle, even if both parties were determined to make it work.

      • Hiddles forever says:


        I was expressing the desire on having a family and getting married when I was probably 18… 22 years later it happened.
        It could have never happened either.

        Never force fate’s hand, my dear ;)
        Furthermore.. think about their chances to find a soulmate among all the craziness around them.. nearly a mission impossible, tbh!

  22. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    See Kaiser, this is how we feel when we read about Robert Pattinson going out with some random chick or KScrew.

  23. Jen says:

    Wow, he dresses terribly. Not even in an endearing way. It’s just fugly all around.

  24. OTHER RENEE says:

    That woman really does look like Emily Ward Carney, wife to Patrick of the Black Keys.

  25. Hello Kitty says:

    So random. I’ll make a bigger deal if Cumby shows up to the 50 Shades premiere.

  26. Eve says:

    I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’M NOT JEALOUS, I’M NOT JEALOUS, I’M NOT JEALOUS, I’M NOT JEALOUS, I’M NOT JEALOUS!!!

  27. Ginger says:

    I’m not a Cumberbitch by any stretch (although I do love his work) but I am very aware how popular he is so my first thought was “she wore THAT to go to lunch?” That is one FUGLY outfit. I’m thinking this was a work related date.

  28. Soporificat says:

    What happened to his good posture?

  29. mkyarwood says:

    I like her granny dress. It’s Just Lunch!

    • Janeite says:

      LOL! I like her dress too, and the shoes as well. She’s a cute girl. No clue what the nature of the relationship is between her and Cumby. She seems a bit of an unexpected choice for either a friendship or a romantic partner, so either way it’s intriguing.

  30. EscapedConvent says:

    The blonde woman isn’t his niece Emily. This lady is smiling & looks happy. Poor Emily never does. When she’s with her Uncle Cumby, she looks grim. Emily not only has to keep her uncle on the sidewalk, she has to fill out dozens of forms every time she sees him describing how he felt, what he ate. what he said, if he put napkins over his face, etc. This is part of her job & something that Cumby’s Mum will not budge on.

  31. Miss Scarlet says:

    Good move on her part, tipping off the paps. Even though she’s in 50 Shades, nobody cares about her. Now people are perking up.

    When is he going to learn how to differentiate between a girl who’s using him for publicity and a woman who’s ‘lunchdate’ material that no one will make fun of? (Hint: should be in her 30s, not thirsty for fame, well educated).

    I’m going to guess that BC knows Dakota’s costar Jamie Dornan, or is friends with Sam Taylor-Wood, the director. Then this would make sense.

    • Katie says:

      Ah, that makes more sense, Miss Scarlet. He could do better than Johnson if he’s the one who wanted a pap setup. It just made zero sense to me, she can’t help his profile at all.

      And I think you found the connection, lol. Jamie Dornan dated Keira Knightley for a long time.

      IDK if he’ll ever learn, he’s seen about with all sorts of different people. Social guy.

      • MissMary says:

        Re Katie: She can help his profile–it’s gotten his name in the tabs and the papers, hasn’t it? Being seen with her and a friend out to lunch? The fact he’s actively engaging the paps tells me and my cyncial self that he knew they were going to be papped and was okay with it. He usually doesn’t engage or outright avoids them.

      • Katie says:

        His pics sell when he’s by himself or with a mystery person through US/UK outlets, so he doesn’t need her if that’s his goal.

        I do think if you’re spotted, your best bet is to not be rude or nasty since that’s going to be what people see.

    • Freebunny says:

      “Hint: should be in her 30s, not thirsty for fame, well educated” aka: ME ME ME ME ME !!!!!! Or rather what I think I am.

      It’s just a lunch. He’s not dating her, he’s not marrying her, he’s not making babies with her, he will not spend the rest of his life with her. And as far as we know she has a boyfriend.

      He has fun at lunch with a couple of girl pals. He’s not going to spend all his free time with nobel laureates to please CB and the fangirls.

      • Katie says:

        Yep, Freebunny. He’s supposed to sit in his ivory tower and wait for the parts to magically appear. When he does leave, it can only be in the presence of those deemed worthy in intelligence.

        [Sorry, all, I do think many points are valid here, but trashing her because she's 'dumb' just doesn't sit well with me.]

      • Lindy79 says:

        I dont think anyone’s denying he knew they were there. Its whether he left the hotel knowing they would be that folks are questioning.

      • Eve says:

        @ Lindy:

        Neither is famous enough to have paparazzi following their every move. I’m not sure from which camp but methinks the paps got a tip.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I think I’ve taken a happy pill or something but given the MET was the night before I don’t find it that surprising that they were outside hotels they knew folks were staying in. Possibly these two were the only famous ones to come out at that time. If this happened randomly I’d be thinking different. . Maybe. .

        Someone help me!!

      • LadySlippers says:

        Knowing the paps are there and calling them are still two different things. Not saying he (or she) did or did not call them…

      • LadySlippers says:


        The hard part is it depends on *where* they were papped. If it was indeed in a place already known by the paps then these two either didn’t see them going in or were made aware during the meal and just made the best if of a bad situation (and it looks as if BC did just that regardless). Then your argument has some merit.

        Now if they were papped in a remote and non-celeb heavy venue — it’s hard to argue that the paps merely stumbled in and found them without having some ‘help’. Granted, paps often pay others (like staff) for tips and that also could be the case.

        So that’s the conundrum — what were the circumstances surrounding the ‘find’?

      • Lindy79 says:

        LS, I think that’s why I’m not sure. It looks to me as if they were followed from somewhere, possibly hotel, to lunch then back to hotel.
        Hes got that cardi thing on at start, then from lunch onwards he doesn’t wear it again.
        I guess since he wasn’t really papped in oz, or Malaysia I’m giving him the benefit on this occasion, maybe naively.
        Not saying he’s not doing the PR game, he’s been doing it all year but set up pap shots are something else.

        I agree with others who say shes not malicious seeming, just dim and good for a laughy lunch date. The PR for 50 shades is going to start soon I think, itll last for months so its not a stretch to think her folks are more behind it than his..on this occasion.

      • Katie says:

        NYC is like LA in that paps roam areas where they think people might be and take snaps of everyone on the off chance they can get some cash for it. You don’t have to be big for paps to tail you after you’ve been spotted by a roaming one.

        At the same time, either one’s camp could have tapped them off or someone else who paps pay for tips (hotel staff, for example). Just not sure why he’d set it up…he’s been there for days, he could have had more interesting pics if he wanted to go that route. I’m not throwing her under the bus either, no idea what happened.

      • LadySlippers says:


        I’m kinda leaning toward your argument because as someone else mentioned — he’s been in NYC for over a week and nothing. Yet, the day after the Met Gala, which raised his profile again, suddenly he’s being papped. If he (or she) needed to ‘play’ they could have played before the Met because there was no guarantee either would get a bump PR wise.

        Obviously we all could be wrong but it’s entirely possible he’s not playing the PR game. Today.

    • Delorb says:

      I don’t think he was hoodwinked by her. I think that he will do this for friends. Lord knows he’s done this a lot for James and Charlotte Asprey (on his birthday). Its just what he does to help friends get buzz. And why not?

  32. Duri says:

    My theory is that they hooked up after MET Ball and in return Benedict is letting her use a bit of his fame to raise her own profile.

    I saw these pics from MET Ball with Benedict holding a rose and talking to someone and then Rosamund Pike was taking his pic from her cell phone lol.

    Here they are

  33. Green Earrings says:

    I am getting a little concerned for him. So much PR and so little substance. Blood Mountain was delayed and now Lost City of Z has been moved from shooting in the summer to “possibly moving forward in January.” This comes straight from Gray, the director, who coincidentally has only made 5 films in 20 years.
    He’s said he had a lot of offers but it seems the ones he chose aren’t moving forward. This will be a long, dry spell for someone who has been everywhere the past couple of years. I just hope he has things lined up that we don’t know about because he really is hugely talented.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Is there anything lined up for the second half of 2014?

      • Katie says:

        Probably Sherlock now? Not sure, they wanted to do it and I think his schedule was the hold up.

        LCOZ moving means 2015 is quite literally a huge mess for him though.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I mean, all actors have bursts of stuff and then little. Fassbender had it, Hiddles had it in 2011/ early 2012. None of them with a few exceptions seem to work constantly, it’s a rotation of work, then publicity. His schedule for 2014 is really light though, and Z moving again might mean he has to pull out, as he has Hamlet in the Autumn.

        Sherlock will be a long time coming I think, they haven’t even written anything for it yet.

      • 'P'enny says:

        @lindy79 Hiddles was filming Hollow Crown late 2011/early 2012. Hiddles dry spell was last year. But, people forget pre-production work takes an actor’s time, not just principal photography.

        I am not sure when Cumby is filming Richard Third, that maybe this year. He may have to drop something next year if it doesn’t fit.

      • Katie says:

        Absolutely agree, Lindy79. That’s why he’s doing PR now, you go quiet, you get forgotten until you get to a place he’s not at yet. And out of what he’s done, only a few things have made mainstream media, so he’s not overexposed yet.

        2015 is screwy. LCOZ January, Blood Mountain now early 2015 (per the production co), Richard III, Sherlock (?) and the weeks of prep+run with Hamlet. He needs to get something moved into 2014, I don’t see how that all works. I feel like I’m missing something though.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Bodrov will be directing Blood Mountain?? I never knew that, only kept hearing the name of the film but never cared to look it up. That’s just… Weird. He never struck me as a very creative or interesting director, especially since he keeps exploring very similar cultural/historic issues again and again. I only enjoyed Prisoner of the Mountains i think.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Richard III, assuming it’s done properly, should take up a shedload of time. He has a whole physical transformation to take care of. In that respect, it’s a much harder role than Hamlet. If he’s smart, he’ll take the time to do it properly.

      • Green Earrings says:

        Re: Richard III, I read somewhere that it supposed to be happening later in the fall and winter of this year, which would be good since his 2015 seems so full right now. I’m not sure of the accuracy of the source.

        I wonder how projects in the late fall/winter/January 2015 will fit into his potential Oscar campaign for TIG. With Harvey W. at the helm, he has indeed made a pact with the devil, and will likely have no say in the matter.

    • Katie says:

      I hope so, Green Earrings. His schedule in 2015 is really tight as of right now. It looks like a mess to me.

      • Green Earrings says:

        It does seem a little crowded especially with LCOZ and Blood Mountain both tentatively scheduled for January. That will also be awards season. He spent all of January in LA this year, and he wasn’t even nominated individually. We’ll see.

  34. Reece says:

    Anybody else have Sting playing their head right now? Esp with the walking across the street pic?

  35. Liberty says:

    I somehow posted above (not paying attention on phone)– his Star Trek pal Anton Yelchin filmed Cymbeline with her in fall 2013, so probably just a matter of friends of friends let’s meet up and do lunch.

  36. Hissyfit says:

    What is going on with that napkin in his cap photo? Haha. I don’t find him attractive so I’m not really affected with this meltdown but they kinda look cute in a dorky way together.

  37. brigette says:

    This feels like desperate PR on both their parts. I like Benedict as Sherlock, but he is just as much a famewhore as this girl. There is something about Dakota that feels sad and desperate.
    I don’t know whether or not to feel bad for her.

    • Ms.Virago says:

      I agree. I am a BC nerdgirl fan, too, but this guy plays the Hollywood game, too. Yet everyone thinks he’s pure as snow and above all that. Nope. He’s fame hungry (and delusional if he thinks he’s going to become Hollywood’s next big hunk with those looks and at the ripe old age of 37.)

    • MissMary says:

      Dakota seems like a nice, if a bit dim, young woman and a product of her upbringing and circumstance. No idea of the real world, solely raised for the H’wood game because that’s what her parents knew/know, etc… I don’t know of anything she’s been in that’d be a “Name maker” except this Fifty Shades of Blech that’s coming out, and then it seems like more of a “name maker” in the negative way. The “ugh, you were in what? Yeah, moving down the casting call sheet…”

      That said, she doesn’t come off as malicious and bratty, just…very Hollywood Baby in her upbringing.

      • brigette says:

        I agree with you. She doesn’t come off as malicious or anything, but she is incredibly dumb. I saw her interview with Elle and she actually described Ana in FSOG as sweet, kind, smart, and generous. What the hell is she talking about? Does Dakota understand what she reads? Does she understand what she has agreed to? You can’t be this naive forever.

      • Isadora says:

        On the other hand she can hardly describe Ana as dumb, weak, delusional and willing to enter a borderline (or full on) abusive relationship, can she? The moment she accepted that part she also accepted the fact that she’s going to lie about the books, characters and movie.

    • MissMary says:

      @Isadora; Very true… RPattz took the piss out of his role in the Twilight series but he waited until the movies were sure-footed at least and then was like yeah no I know this blows. I can’t see anyone involved in this film fiasco being “Oh yeah we know this is a dumb series and really just bad fanfic but hey, it’s a paycheck!” at least until they’re sure of the box office.

  38. betsy says:

    God forbid if she’s been picked for the role of the wife in Lost City of Z

  39. Miss Jupitero says:

    And now the inevitable……

    Tom Hiddleston

    *Ducks and runs*

  40. Aly says:

    They aren’t dating. This looks like three friends having lunch. Doesn’t look romantic in the least. I will be shocked beyond belief if they were dating. But if they are….

    Oh BEN, of all people you had to pick little miss “my eyes cried tears! Water came from my face!” Boy you can do better than that.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      “My eyes cried tears! Water came from my face!”

      Did someone really say this? ~Literally?~ Oh dear.

      Also, Mark Gatiss has said that we won’t be seeing any Sherlock until 2016 at the earliest. 2016! I’m not sure I’ll even care by then.

      Cumby has worn the “workaholic” label thus far, but maybe that’s behind him now. He seems to be pretty relaxed about not working. It frees him up to go to parties & hang with his friend Anna Wintour. Yes, I know that was bitchy. I really liked the actor formerly known as Cumby, before he joined the popular clique.

      • farah says:

        That EW article was painfully embarrassing for Dakota. How do you function in the world being this dumb?

      • Green Earrings says:

        The actor formerly known as Cumby! I love it and it is so accurate. I miss him too. But I have my doubts about whether or not he has officially joined the popular clique. Surely there is a probationary period, because once Anna gets a gander at those Invisible Man napkin shots, surely all bets will be off.

        I really think he is naive and dorky, possibly too much so to ever be the Hollywood star I think he wants to be. I think this is a good thing. He seems like the hyper kid in school that was fun to be around until he well, wasn’t. He’s a bundle of energy and no doubt is an immature, impulsive (photobombing on a friend’s dare) handful. Probably great fun in small doses which probably explains the lack of a relationship.

        He does seem lovely and sweet but I suspect also pretty high maintenance. Just a thought for what it’s worth. Do love him though.

      • Green Girl says:

        I get that he’s trying to be funny, but I would die of embarrassment if a dining companion of mine did that with the napkin. For some reason, it’s really annoying to me.

      • Green Earrings says:

        Green Girl–

        I agree. I think it would be cute/entertaining for all of about ten minutes and then it would just be grating. I also agree with the other posters who said that they just made (or rather he as the one who initiated the napkin wearing antics) things worse by giving the photographers more of what they wanted instead of ignoring them.

        I can , as someone suggested, see him as liking being the “mentor or teacher” in these encounters. Come on, what could these two possibly have to discuss? Makes you wonder what really went on with KE, because the dynamic definitely seems similar.

      • Raven says:

        Both girls seem fairly dim. Katia and her “law credentials” (an undergraduate degree if I recall correctly; she is also only described as a “former student” by the school itself so who knows if she actually graduated) do not impress me. Some men say they want smart women just to look like a good guy, but I actually believed it with Benedict. Sadly it seems as if his female friends (and “friends”) are an endless procession of actresses, models and fashionistas, mostly from privileged backgrounds without much concept of reality. It’s just a bit disappointing for a man who claims to value intelligence so highly. Just…disappointing. And typical. From a man who seemed anything but.

      • Green Earrings says:


        Very sad but true on all counts. And that has been the most disappointing for me as well because I believed it of him, at first anyway. I’m sure it was true at some point. Olivia certainly seemed smart and independent. We see where she is now, happily in a new relationship.

        And you’re right “Just….. disappointing. And typical. From a man who seemed anything but.” True that. Disillusionment really sucks.

      • Hiddles forever says:


        You used the right verb there, ‘seemed’…..

  41. Beth says:

    I like his purple pants. Hipsterbatch makes me smile.

    And who cares who he has lunch with?

  42. Froop says:

    I’m getting bored of his famewhorey ways, and it’s going to get worse toward the end of the year when he’s promoting TIG/trying to get himself on the radar for that shiny gold man.

    He needs a job. I find it hard to believe he has nothing coming his way to fill up the rest of the year, but maybe he doesn’t want to do anything.

  43. Intro Outro says:

    Hahaha i was feeling sorry for Cumby because of many of the above comments and was going to commiserate with him – but then i saw those napkin pics. MORE napkin pics. I can’t XD

    • Janeite says:

      I agree! I want the story behind that whole napkin/sunglasses thing, dammit! That’s way more interesting than why he is with Dakota Johnson.

      • Lindy79 says:

        There’s pics floating around that show she was doing it too. It looks as if they did it because they knew the paps were taking photos.

        I don’t think it’s entirely fair for some to compare her to Katia at this stage. If she starts making “oh we’re just friends, he’s giving me acting tips” statements to her mates in the press then I’ll retract.

        At the mo it’s just three people having lunch who should have just ignored the press if they were that bothered. They gave them better shots by doing the napkin thing.

      • jammypants says:

        I agree Lindy. It’s quite harsh to compare her to the vapid, shallow, “dumb” types he supposedly was linked to when no one really even knows what she’s like.

    • Ag-UK says:

      I know what grown person puts napkins on their face??? I would be mortified he’d be banished to the corn field.

  44. Green Earrings says:

    I have to agree about him playing the Hollywood game, because he definitely is. He’s spent more time in LA/NYC since the start of the year than he has in the UK. Where has it gotten him?
    He chose action roles (LCOZ/Blood Mtn) because he had success with Little Favor and STID. He knows he’s 37 and he doesn’t fit the typical leading man mold looks-wise. But these cons, and F1, and Laureus? I know they’re work and he’s paid but, in the end I’m afraid they’ve hurt him more than helped him. Yes they keep his name out there, and we all know he loves to work, but it just doesn’t scream A list. I do wonder about his Hollywood career because as much as he denies it, that’s what he seems to be chasing the most right now. Yet his only projects which seem likely to proceed are UK based ( Richard III/BBC, Hamlet/Barbican, Sherlock/BBC. I really hope he’s being advised/managed well because I am beginning to wonder.

    • jojobean says:

      I definitely agree, our Ben-bhoy is an undercover Hollywood player. He would have to be to have made it thus far, and with so many friends in the industry. Plus the clock keeps ticking, and there’s always a better looking/acting man.. Sigh. I just wish he’d go for bigger fish, something we can really sink our P.R detecting skills into.
      I mean how difficult could it have been for him to flirt up a storm with Taylor Swift? Michelle Williams?

      • Green Earrings says:

        I know, right? I thought the same thing when I saw Michelle Williams. And Rachel McAdams was gorgeous that night too. It seems like either Michelle or Rachel could carry on a conversation and I think they’re interesting actors. Oh well. Hopefully they aren’t out of contention due to the fact that they are over 24 years of age because that would be upsetting on so many levels

    • 'p'enny says:

      I don’t think any of his Far East PR stuff, has done him any harm at all and built his profile in Asia where Sherlock is massive. He knows he needs to up his American profile and him appearing on talk shows, oscars, time magazine, next the emmy’s and the ball thing/seasame street. [cough] is the way he is doing it. it may work, it may not but it’s better than doing nothing.

      what will do harm is taking rubbish roles for the sake of acting, i remember Colin Firth doing some real stinkers after Bridget Jones success, until he landed Single Man.

      And, for all we know he may been auditioning and meeting directors left and centre on his travels, and it takes months, couple of years before roles may come in from those planning meetings. The indy film industry is not good at the moment.

      And there is nothing wrong with doing UK based work, especially with BBC work with world-wide following. He will roll in the awards for Hamlet.

      • Green Earrings says:

        I do agree it was a good decision from a strategy standpoint to send him to Asia since he is so popular there, I can see that Australia made sense since he hadn’t ever really reached out to fans in that part of the world before. And, as an added bonus, who wouldn’t want a free vacation for several weeks to Australia?

        With regard to the UK projects, I am beyond thrilled that he has them. It’s where he got his start, and he’s extremely gracious about that. I hope he hasn’t turned down other work in the hopes of doing the more mainstream Hollywood fare that, due to circumstances beyond his control, seems to be floundering right now.

        He’s a smart enough guy, and his parents have had long careers with ups and downs, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. He certainly diversifies with theater, film, voice, etc. I was just mainly expressing concern that I didn’t want him to “put all his eggs in the Hollywood basket” so to speak, since the bulk of his current projects aren’t coming from there, yet anyway.


      @greenearings. I agree. I wonder too. So many things I thought about him have changed in the last year. I used to think he was straight, now I think he’s gay. I used to think his Hollywood career would really take off, now I don’t think it will and I used to think he was an intelligent, cool kind of guy and now I think he comes across as irritating and imature quite often. Still think he’s a fantastic actor though and very attractive, in spite of his efforts to make the worst of himself with horrible clothes and unflattering hairstyles.

    • Beth says:

      I worry, but not because I think he’s making bad choices…he can do no wrong in my eyes. Who he dates, what career choices he makes, which cons he goes to, how purple his pants are, how many g-ddamn pointing pictures there are…he’s still perfect.

      I just don’t want people to dislike him and that’s why I worry.

  45. littlestar says:

    Who cares about the pants, look at those hideous shoes she is wearing!

  46. Sarah says:

    ’50 Shades of Katia’ a.k.a. ‘Katia’s School of PR’ (or whatever her name was).

  47. Miss Melissa says:

    I’m not a card carrying Cumberbitch, but I do like him a lot.

    I’m holding out hope that he will end up with a civilian. But he is showing signs of going full famewhore. First the Russian, now second gen Hollywood Princess? Not a lot of depth there.

    If this is who he is, it’s a disappointment. Olivia may have dodged a bullet, bless her. I think the women he has dated (save for Anna Jones) post-Olivia are almost insulting in their lack of depth. I thought Lydia Hearst was bad. Sheesh.

    PS, I didn’t realize that Dakota was that tall.

    • Isadora says:

      Why should he end up with a “civilian”? I mean most people meet at work and as he works rather much or hangs out at work related events where other people from the industry are, I think it would be natural. Plus he has a very interesting but rather unusual job that’s pretty demanding (timewise with all the travelling/shooting, phyically, emotionally) and so I guess people who also work in the industry have either similar lives or just know better what they are getting into. So for me it’s harder to imagine someone like Cumby with a 9-to-5 secretary or sales clerk. And I don’t think that a non-famous person automatically has more depth than a famous one.

      All the rumors about girlfriends – except Olivia and Anna – are exactly this, aren’t they? We don’t know with whom the Batch has hooked up… and it weren’t even relationships (if you don’t believe the myth of a current secret and possibly invisible gf *g*).

      I do have a general question though: How come that actors quite often end up as couples with their co-stars or other actors but hardly ever with crew members (like… assistant directors, someone from the costume department, someone from the make-up department etc.) Because yeah, I get the thing with proximity and being in the same crazy business, but actors spend as much time with crew members as with cast member (if not more). So why do they hardly ever marry? Susan Downey seems quite the exception, right? I always wondered…

      • Sighs says:

        Evangeline Lilly ended up with a crew member from Lost. I think I’ve heard of other people with makeup artists. Is Christian bale’s wife a makeup person? Or am I making that up? (Lol) You always hear about actresses hooking up with their directors, too.
        I think the crew people know that dealing with actors on a full time basis (working for them and being in a relationship with) would be emotionally exhausting.
        I’m married to one (not famous,btw) and they are a handful!
        Also, a lot of crew tend to hook up with each other. Sort of like cliques. Techies, actors…

      • Miss Melissa says:

        A crew member would be a civilian…

        I didn’t say he should, I say I hoped. Personal opinion, because I work behind the scenes in a different, non-film related part of show business, and that life is nuts. A person not pursuing their own ego-driven stardom is needed to balance out the hyper-reality of crazy. Just my opinion.

        Besides, isn’t he the one who expressed admiration for those who marry outside the business (see his comments re: Matt Damon)?

        To clarify: I didn’t say a non-famous person had more depth. I actually was concerned about his actual depth, considering the company he had been keeping. And I was specifically commenting on the lack of depth of the three women he has been rumored to have dated post Olivia and Anna: Lydia, the Russian and this gal. JMHO

      • Sarah says:

        Well, this is what Cumberbatch’s sister had to say about the subject back in 2012: “You have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is possibly why he has trouble with girlfriends. He is such a lot like Sherlock- he is quick-thinking like him, but not harsh. He’s incredibly well read. In comparison to some he is quite an intellectual,” and “One of his regrets is that he hasn’t found someone to settle down with,”, “I think they would have to be someone not in the acting profession. Someone who was happy to hold the fort while he went off and pursued his career,” (From a Daily Fail article)

      • Nighty says:

        There are so many actors that marry outside their work relationships, whether within the industry or not… Chris O’Donnel is married to a teacher, and it was deNiro who told him to marry outside the industry…. But I really don’t get why people are in such a hurry to marry the guy, and everybody thinks he is probably better than he actually is (have to run after this comment). He is a normal guy and I seriously doubt he’ll getting married soon…. I’ve always wondered about the ups and downs of his relationship with Olivia. I don’t think he is an easy guy to deal with, a nice, maybe romantic guy, but with a seesaw temper…

      • Green Earrings says:

        Rob Lowe’s wife was a makeup artist and they have been married for years. Julia Roberts’( I know, I know,) husband was a camera man when they met. So it does happen. Weren’t there stories about Cumby dating a makeup artist from Sherlock a while back?

        This may stem from that article where they allegedly quoted his sister as saying he would need someone not in the business since his career was so demanding and he was so committed to it. This is what is famously to blame for ending his relationship with Olivia. I’m sure there were other contributing factors. So I think that’s what people mean by the term civilian. Someone not in show business, or someone in any business who is willing to put their career on hold and travel with him because he is hugely ambitious and career driven and I doubt that will change as long as there is work for him.

      • Isadora says:

        @Miss Melissa: Ok, sorry, I guess I misunderstood you. Thanks for clarifying, I think we are generally on the same page – as Sighs said, an actor probably needs a balancing factor. I guess they are by default rather difficult. As are probably directors. However couples like RDJ and Susan always made a lot of sense to me because they work in the same area, just one in the foreground and one in the background. It’s the same with actress-director-couples like Tim Burton & Helena Bonham-Carter, although there is a different power play at work than, let’s say… an actor and a make-up artist. There are also Patrick Dempsey and his make-up artist wife, now that I think about it. Well.. I guess it still happens more often than actors marrying a person completely outside the business.

        So I guess to marry Cumby off we need to get somehow rid of niece Emily (give her a nice cottage in Honolulu or something) and put one of the smart, hot, well-read 30something volunteers here at CB in her position = outside the industry + is travelling with him + her career is basically making his career work. Perfect! Make babies! :-D

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Sarah, so is his sister saying, with that “hold the fort while he pursues his career,” that a woman with a career of her own isn’t welcome? That a woman has to be there for him but he’s not going to hold any fort for her? Not a flattering picture of her brother so I hope that isn’t what she meant.

      • Isadora says:

        No it isn’t that flattering. But someone has to get those kiddies Cumby dreams of fed and dressed while he is off and pursuing fame. I guess if she’s a writer or an artist it’s easier to have an own career than if she’s a CEO. On the other hand I guess there are quite a few women out there who would be happy to be “just” a doting mother and wife without the financial pressure to have some not-so-perfect part time jobs. Women have different life plans, that’s great and every “role” should be valued. So it depends on personal preferences in the end.

      • Abby_J says:


        I assumed that was exactly what the sister meant. There are quite a few women who are happy to stay home with their kids, and I am one of them (but boy would it be easier if my husband’s pay scale was the same as Cumby’s!). That said, my husband isn’t running around to exotic locals, attending fancy parties and all of that. I can’t imagine how hard that would be. I suppose stars have nannys for this very reason, so the wife can get out some too.

        I think to find someone like that, you’d really have to look outside of actors. While I am sure there are some, how many female actors would be willing to just abandon their careers to raise kids? Maybe he just needs a bad actress to date. Or……one in a movie that will likely be so incredibly bad that it could ruin her career. Hmmmmm……Maybe THAT is what this lunch date was about. ;)

        I might be on to something here!

      • Hiddles forever says:


        So Cumby needs a Elsa Pataki… Lol

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Abby_J and Isadora, but the decision as to whether a parent stays home raising kids should be made by the couple at the time and that decision could and should change depending on circumstances, like the stay-at-home parent realizes that he/she is going stark-raving bonkers out of boredom (my mother did), not some predetermined requirement before they even meet. These days most couples continue two careers after children come into the picture, and it isn’t always for just financial reasons and many do so without nannies. Not every child needs a parent hovering around at home all the time either, especially not when the kid is at school. Chelsea Clinton turned out okay, so did millions of other kids without the advantages she had. This scenario put forth by the sister is of a dutiful wife who exists solely to dote on him, and that’s before kids even come into the home.

      • Lindy79 says:

        To be fair, he didn’t say any of this. We don’t know what kind of relationship he has with his sister (not saying they don’t get on but my understanding is that they weren’t raised together) or even if he gave her the ok to speak to the press about him.
        This was around the time of Ibiza last year when the DM also ran that “he’s so insecure, why can’t he get a woman?” hack job.

        Not saying they’re not true but until he says it then I’m not putting too much weight on it. He said he wanted kids but that was at a much quieter time and he wasn’t as well known. He was also out of a 12 year relationship that had dominated his 20′s and he’s at an age when a lot of his friends seem to be havig kids etc (something I think a lot of people in their mid 30′s notice). It was brought up constantly so seemed like he was persistently saying it and was pining at home for a child and a wife. He’s since changed his comments, which he has a right to do. We all change our priorities and goals as we get older/things change.

        I think his behaviour and who he hangs out with can also be partially equated to my earlier point of his 20′s being in a serious relationship. His life is very different to how it was even in 2011 and he might be more confortable hanging out with people who are not settled like him. He’s got the attention of some really attractive women and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be chuffed and pleased with myself if I, as someone who was a complete wall flower growing up, suddenly found myself attracting some tasty guys.
        Doesn’t mean I don’t side eye him for it a little and I hope he cops on a little if it is naivety. Or if he is going to continue, that he shuts up, stops trying to act like he’s above it and owns it.

        None of us know him. He isn’t perfect, like anyone.

      • Abby_J says:

        @Hiddles forever

        Yes! I guess he does, but she appears to be taken for the present moment. Maybe she has a sister?


        I completely disagree about when that decision needs to be made. While I don’t think that he needs to be introducing himself to a gal by saying, “Hello! I am Benedict Cumberbatch and I want a wife that will stay home with my children!” it would certainly need to be an issue when a relationship gets serious enough to be discussing marriage. It is an important expectation of what their married life would be like, and they would need to be on the same page.

        I didn’t even know he HAD a sister until I read the above quote, so I was only commenting on what I read, not the validity of it. If I assume that she knows what she is talking about (and really, who know?!) then it certainly sounds like he plans to be the one working, and not real anxious to cut back his career.

        There have been many successful “famous” couples who have managed to both work and raise kids. Ben Afflek and Jennifer Gardner come to mind. They seem to have a good system in place (and yes, nannies!) to make it happen. It seems to me that a lot of celebrity couples break up though, for very reasons like this. Arguments over family life, one becoming more popular than the other, etc. Having a spouse that isn’t also an actor would make that a bit easier. That isn’t to say I expect that he’d marry a bored party girl or something, just maybe not another actor.

        Again, I don’t know him and normally I don’t fangirl over him (although he really is growing on me, even with the stupid napkins over the face trick) so I am just going on the very little that I know about him for the sake of the conversation. :)

      • Isadora says:

        Abby, your explanation for their lunch date is my absolute favourite!!! :D Wonderful!

      • Abby_J says:

        Thank you, thank you! I am here all week *Ba Dum*. :)

        I am so glad that Charlie Hunnam got out of those movies. I kind of feel bad for Jamie Dornan. From what I’ve read, he might feel bad for himself too. :)

  48. Duri says:

    I genuinely feel good projects will come to Benedict if and if Imitation Game hits the bulls eye, he gets the critical acclaim & the film does well for an Indie film (I don’t expect humongous business but if it does the same as 12 years a slave business then that’s a win).

    All this will result in an Oscar nomination (plus Weinstein backing it up) which means big directors take notice of you and that’s when things can roll for him like they are rolling on for Fassy and Lupita.

    • Green Earrings says:

      Yes, I have high hopes for TIG, as well. He is every bit as talented as Fassy and I hope it will lead to similar opportunities for BC as it has for MF.

      I just hope he doesn’t get bogged down trying to become an “action star.” I guess they all look for franchises, they would be crazy not to, Fassbender and McAvoy got really lucky in their selection of franchise with X Men because it’s actually pretty well done compared to all lot of others. BC just has so much range, I really hope he gets to have his pick of projects in the future. He really is one of the few actors out there who can do it all.

    • Katie says:

      Pretty much, Duri.

      I’m a fan of his acting but not on the ‘he’s attractive’ boat,’ and I think some believe he’s bigger than what he is going by the comments here.

      He wouldn’t be doing PR if he had viable work right now and he’s not right for leading man status (imo). His options are PR in hopes of getting more offers or sit on his duff, he went with the former. Not saying he’s getting it all right, he’s certainly far from perfect, but it could be much worse.

      Insofar as his PR plan, I do think he’s been given too much credit. Seems like he does what he feels like doing more than having a grand scheme. Hopefully he’s also trying to just accept instead of being bothered by the press.

    • Intro Outro says:

      Are things rolling for Lupita though? She’s talented and charming and i loved her in 12 Years, but last time i checked, people were saying she hasn’t got any serious film projects post-12 Years =(

      Fassbender is a different category altogether. He’s the same age as Cumberbatch but he’s imo ahead of him career-wise – or at least Hollywood-career-wise.

      I’m starting to think that staking all Cumby’s film future on Imitation Game is not exactly right =/ Cumby’s got a nice and solid CV already. He will do fine even if it doesn’t get an Oscar nomination.

      • Katie says:

        Intro Outro, Oscar wins hurt more than help. The noms give you a big visibility bump though, especially if it’s not your home industry.

        I don’t know, it’s not that I think he’s perfect or needs defense, I just don’t think he’s trying to be a big ‘famewhore’ or whatnot either; I don’t see him at the point where he’s secure and PR isn’t a concern.

        We’re all backseat drivers who aren’t even in the car lol, operating on 1/2 the info.

      • Intro Outro says:


        I agree with you, but I think you might have misunderstood me slightly. I am not sure Hollywood career is something he should be striving for because to my mind, he’s not exactly Hollywood material looks-wise; he’s also not particularly easy to cast in your average Hollywood project imo.

        Consequently, I think I will agree with what @Green Earrings has said above: it might be so that his British projects are much more substantial/viable than any of the work he might be offered in Hollywood *even if* TIG is nominated. Also, the work he’s already done in the UK is pretty awesome. That is why I find it somewhat short-sighted to say that his career will take off only after/if TIG is a huge success.

      • Ag-UK says:

        I hope things happen for her but it doesn’t look promising. Voice for a Jungle book character ? How many people do you remember from that. Billy Crystal / John Goodman but they were famous before. It’s been 2 years and she can’t have been looking for agents and sitting around?!
        I took people pin a lot of hope on her just hope it works out.

      • Katie says:

        Ah, Intro Outro, I definitely did miss what you meant there LOL.

        I agree, he’s better off in the UK industry despite its smaller size. My guess is misplaced fear he’s going to run out of interesting work in the UK, hence him trying to establish himself in the US while keeping a foot in the UK like Oldman, Firth and such have done. Like them, he’ll probably drop off PR once he feels solid (or in 2015 by default because his schedule is so full).

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, Fassbender’s career definitely is rolling. He has four films slated to open this year: including “Frank, for which he is receiving critical raves, and the X-Men movie, quite the range there. The Oscar nomination for 12 YAS seems to be cancelling out the horror that was “The Counselor”, and there were enough bigger names in that disaster to shield him from the blame. His MacBeth is due out next year and he’s attached to four more films with tentative 2015-2016 release dates, including two large franchise films, X-Men and Prometheus. He’s doing a good job mixing the blockbusters with the quirky indies and the more mainstream dramatic stuff.

      • Intro Outro says:


        I think Fassbender should be pretty content with how his career is developing ;) Imo projects-wise he’s certainly better-off than Cumby or Hiddles. He definitely saved Prometheus for me, and I loved him in McQueen’s Hunger and Shame. I hope he won’t opt solely for mainstream cinema in future though.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro, NOTHING could save Prometheus for me, I hated that movie. Okay, maybe if there was a gratuitous Tom Hiddleston nude scene, I might have been able to bear that but otherwise, I couldn’t wait for it to end, but as far as sci fi movies that I couldn’t stand go, I think Fassbender was fine in it. Yes, he has a more developed CV than Tom but he’s also several years older. Tom’s career is about in the same place Fassbender’s was at the same age.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Prometheus was such a disappointment =/ I went and read a TON of discussions and explanations of sticky plot turns and film’s symbolism, and while it did help clarify many things, I still think Prometheus was a failure. It just made so little SENSE overall, and so many of its characters’ actions were unjustifiable. But I enjoyed Michael so much, he created a great character.

      • Isadora says:

        Do you know this? I love it. It’s better than the movie lol.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Oh yes, I remember watching that collection of viral ads when I watched Prometheus – I think there were also ads with Shaw’s interview and also some material about Weyland’s past and his rise to power as president of Weyland Corporation. I certainly enjoyed those, it was a clever PR campaign. I even watched all deleted and altered scenes lol. Unfortunately, none of those made me like the film any better *sigh*

  49. Em says:

    I don’t see anything romantic at all in the photos, but my mind is still blown away by the possibility of Benedict ending up with Don Johnson (my first crush! Oh; how I loved Sonny Crockett – when I was about 9 years old…!) as his father-in-law :-)

  50. Sarah says:

    Here’s my theory: Cumberbatch went out to lunch with 50 Shades-Dakota because he didn’t want to be less than Hiddles (who is hanging out with 50 Shades-Charlie). They’re trolling us! Haha.

    • Intro Outro says:

      Only Charlie had enough brains to escape 50 Shades while Dakota didn’t :P Wonder what that says about Cumby lol.

      • Isadora says:

        I still love to imagine that if Charlie hadn’t backed out from 50 Shades he would be filming right now (? or are they already done?) and he definitely wouldn’t do Crimson Peak. Seeing now the wonderful pics from set and reading the intriguing stuff from Jim Beaver’s set diary, I guess he counts his blessings every day lol.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I bet he is! I think that under *any* circumstances doing 40 (ballroom) takes with Jim Beaver is a LOT better than doing 20 (sadie-masie) takes with Dakota Johnson 8D

      • Isadora says:

        LOL! Ah, but maybe he was the mysterious actor that got the 40-50 slaps in that one scene Jim Beaver mentioned – than it would be quite masochistic too. :-D

        (I would so laugh if it turned out that Hiddles is the one – because then has two continuities in his work: black hair and getting slapped.)

      • Intro Outro says:

        Slaps?! SLAAAPS?!! Damn it, i need to go and read Jim ASAP lol.

        Hiddles can do better than Portman slaps though. Tilda and Jeremy Irons pretty much nailed it methinks. I bet Mia or Jessica slaps would be quite perfect :P

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, he let Chris Hemsworth hit him in the Avengers too and Hemsworth accidentally slapped him during a fight scene in Thor. The guy gets hit a lot.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Oh goodness, didn’t know that! Chris’ hand must be heavy, that’d explain Tom’s collection of scars lol.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro, he does get some of his abusers back. He dislocated Hemsworth’s finger during a wrestling match the day before the Thor2 LA premiere. The fact that the two of them have wrestling matches for fun like real brothers makes me laugh.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Lilacflowers, hehe, way to go, Tommy! I’ve been wondering by the way just how strong he normally is. He looked very strapping as Coriolanus but that’s not his normal physical condition.

        I’d love to see him in a very physical role, too. I wonder just how physical Sharpe and Laing will turn out to be.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, honestly, I don’t think his physique changes all that much. There was only about two weeks between the Hollywood premiere of Thor2, when everyone was saying he looked skinny, to the Coriolanus practice pictures, when everyone said he looked really strapping. Then people were saying he looked thin again in the second Jaguar ad, but that was filmed a day after Coriolanus ended. Clothing or costumes can hide or reveal a lot. The only role he really lost any weight for was OLLA. As for Laing in High Rise, the character’s body deteriorates for a variety of reasons as the story progresses.

      • Isadora says:

        @Lilac: While he is one of these naturally lean people I don’t think he’s exactly weak even outside of his Coriolanus form. I mean generally the male body structure is an endless frustration to me (and delight of course *cough*) as even physically not very active men can do things I as a (physically not very active) woman can’t. Especially upper body strength is rather different which is why women have to work VERY hard to be able to do a few pull ups.

        Having said that I think he is generally very fit. He needs it for the job of course and he is a runner (I think he mentioned running 8 miles in the morning), but also besides that you don’t learn rope skipping like in the Coriolanus rehearsal video if you only started prior to the play. And he has some neat tricks like the jumping on a table (he does that in Henry IV, part one and in this MTV prank thing), the jumping/climbing over a wall thing in the Elle UK video and some Capoeira things too (which he initially learned for Thor, if I remember correctly, because he thought that this fighting style for Loki would be a good opposition for Thor’s sheer strength and rather direct fighting style).

        So yeah… I think he does quite well.

        (And if I appear to have thought a bit too much about Tom’s physical condition, then let me assure you.. I have.)

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Lilac: Hm, I believe you are right about a lot of perceived physical changes being due to clothes. And wow, does Laing’s body deteriorate to the same extent as Fassbender’s in Hunger or, I don’t know.. Bale’s in The Machinist??

        @Isadora: I did rhythmic gymnastics for 7 years ;) Even then I wasn’t able to do a single pull-up :P Concerning Hiddles – I guess he’s very fit, but in terms of sheer physical strength he probably is not *brutally* strong lol. However, this perception might also be due to the fact that I’m subconsciously comparing him to CHemboy in his full buffed-up condition – and even Evans can’t really compare to CHemboy post eating dozens of chicken legs per day. But, on the other hand, I always snigger when I see pics where the Avengers are standing next to Thor and Loki. Those two DWARF everyone :D

        Heheee, I understand your preoccupation with Tom’s physical condition. That’s a very aesthetically appealing subject :P

      • Isadora says:

        Oh, I just saw – this was supposed to be an answer to Intro Outro’s question, not Lilacflower’s! Sorry!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Isadora and Intro Outro, my this has been a most invigorating conversation to read to start my day! I live in a major sports city and have often noted how various articles of clothing can disguise or accentuate an athlete’s shape. A well-fitted suit and the guy looks great but not necessarily overly muscular. A badly-fitted suit and the guy looks fat. Isadora, i realized you were answering Intro’s question so no need to apologize. Intro, I laugh every time I see the Avengers scene when the guards escort a shackled Loki down a corridor on the hovercraft; he towers a full head over all of them. And the swagger! People in shackles don’t swagger like that. Of course, our attentiveness to his physique is all due to our concern for his well-being. I’m going to try to jump over a wall now, I expect I’ll only bang my head.

      • Isadora says:

        @Intro, wow, you did 7 years of rhythmic gymnastics? I did 7 years of ballet haha.. *high five* Have never been able to do pull ups (or even decent push ups for that matter), but ballet – at least for women – hardly builds upper body strength. But it’s a rather long time ago and I’ve cultivated my couch potatoishness since then, so I can’t do anything right now beyond getting out of bed (and that’s already a tough one). So I probably should take a leaf out of Hiddles’ fitness book.

        Or I’ll do the other thing and just buy flattering clothes – it really does make a difference!

        @Lilacflowers: Well, I guess it is easier to jump a wall if you are nearly as tall as said wall. Hiddles is more than 6 inches taller than me, I say that’s an unfair advantage. Because otherwise I’d totally be able to do that and quite gracefully too lol. *delusional*

      • Isadora says:

        I’m not sure if anybody still sees this, but I think we could jump over a wall if we would do this: :-D :-D

      • Nighty says:

        As an also very, extremely concerned person about TH physical well being… I totally agree with ladies…
        @isadora, I saw it :) I’d be dead by the end of doing all that…

  51. Sarah says:

    My Theory – Part deux: What if Cumberbatch and Dakota didn’t meet recently? After all, he was slated for Crimson Peak before Hiddles. So was Hunnam. Both Hunnam and Dakota were cast in 50 Shades even earlier. So maybe Cumberbatch, Dakota and Hunnam met some time ago while he was still attached to CP.

    • MissScarlet says:

      Now that’s an interesting theory. I know people keep speculating that he’s gay, but I don’t buy it, simply because no gay man would voluntarily don any of his casual clothes.

      • MissMary says:

        Oh, lordy, some folks have been speculating this casual lunch w/Johnson and friend was to “cover up” his “accidental papping” with the unknown guy before the after party the night before. I don’t buy that theory, tbh, but it’s already being floated that he “accidentally” revealed his gay boy toy and this is spin to cover it. Meh.

  52. Raven says:

    This just reminds me of the movie date with Liv Tyler. I don’t see anything coming out of this, and not only because she maybe-possibly has a boyfriend. Someone on another forum I frequent said they knew her and she was sweet but dumb and had a fragile ego. Having seen interviews with her and considering her mother, I can believe it. And I just do not see Ben being able to be with someone like that. I think he would get bored, and he strikes me as being the one who’d need all the coddling in a relationship. Having to deal with someone else’s ego would be too much. I don’t think her age is a problem, as he’s probably going to end up with someone 25-35 or thereabouts if he really wants kids. But as much fun as it is to speculate about this, I don’t want to read too much into a lunch date with multiple people. Could be that it’s all business, or even all PR.

    I do find myself less and less impressed by the people he hangs out with (and even some of the people he calls friends), but that’s another story. I’m not sure if he’s naive and a poor judge of character or just tries to get along with everyone in an effort to be liked.

    • Platospopcorn says:

      OR maybe he’s just as shallow, insecure, attention-seeking and crude as the people he hangs out with. I’m not sure why everyone always assumes he’s different, or that he somehow “doesn’t know any better.”

      Remember that interview from around the time of Ibizagate where B described what he liked in a woman? Some of the comments seemed like anti-Katia PR — a woman who doesn’t feel like she has to get all dolled up, too many models in the world, etc. Well, there was also a quote to the effect of “a woman whose conversation skills make you feel smart” (not a direct quote, despite the quotation marks, but you get the drift). At the time, I thought that was obviously a misquote. Now, I’m thinking…not so much. *rme*

      • Raven says:

        I’ll admit this was a possibility that ran through my mind, but I didn’t want to post it for fear of backlash. I’m glad someone else was thinking it too. I think most of us WANT to give him the benefit of the doubt because we like him and we enjoy his work, but he’s also not perfect.

      • Leo says:

        Could you point me to his shallow, insecure, attention-seeking and crude friends?
        Honestly, I’m curious.

        What really makes me laugh here is how people are getting all worked up over something which is most likely nothing. They went to the gala, stayed at the same hotel, she came with her friend, he’s alone, they met up and went to lunch.
        From what I read on variuos gossip sites, that’s quite a normal thing for him (befriending strangers when alone).

        Btw, Dakota has some pretty mad fans due to the whole FSOG thing. I checked some of them out and they do follow her every step.

        Also, I saw photos with her BF that are only two weeks old. Apparently they have been together for years and she is very tight with his family. So why do people think she “maybe-possibly” has a BF? Because they aren’t photographed every single day?

      • Green Earrings says:

        I’m curious about the rude, obnoxious friends also. There was a poster on yesterday’s thread who made similar claims (worse in fact) about his friends, associates, even the partners in his production company. Has anyone else ever seen anything like this? That he associates with individuals who may lack moral fiber, shall we say? I haven’t ever read anything about this until yesterday.

      • EleanorRigby says:

        We don’t know all the man’s friends, to be fair. There are a couple on social media that promote themselves using their association with him; James, who is truly talented and the Ice Cream Winner cum “Friend,” Helen. She’s the one I have issue with…she takes credit for almost everything about the man besides his actual conception. As for Adam and the others I don’t know much but they seem to be family men and haven’t been arrested for indecency and smoking crack on Hampstead Heath.

        I do worry about him sometimes. I vacillate between 1. he knows exactly what he’s doing with his career/public image and 2. he doesn’t have a clue.

      • Froop says:

        “A woman who can make you feel smart with her conversation skills is also sexy. I believe the sense of humour is important.”

        That quote came from some magazine/press in Japan, and was translated by someone on Tumblr, so I always assumed it was slightly incorrect even though it gets repeated all the time.
        And some of his friends seem slightly dodgy to me but lots of people who know him say he’s too trusting of people. Alice Eve said ‘his trust is almost childlike’ . And succeeding in his business often means turning a blind eye to things.

    • Katie says:

      No idea either.

      He’s been seen out/is friends with so many very different people, I can’t see how they’re all suddenly terrible going by the odds (obviously I don’t know any of them in RL). This is just…odd.

      • Green Earrings says:

        Ok, I already knew about his friendship with James whom I find sweet and very talented. Conversely, I find Helen, the self-appointed maven of all things Cumberbatch, to be very grating. The fact that they met because she won an ice cream contest would be embarrassing enough for me to not tell anyone I knew him, ever. Her tweets after his photobomb at the Oscars were truly nauseating. She is totally lacking any degree of self awareness. At all. It’s a pity, really since she is a grown woman, not some pre-teen with a Tumblr.

        I hadn’t ever read anything negative about Adam or any of the other Sunny March crew. This is a gossip site, so who knows. I guess people like to stir the pot with rubbish rumors with no basis in reality. That sort of thing usually doesn’t happen here, so I did find it odd. Seems much more like the type of thing that happens on DL, which I avoid for this very reason.

        I appreciate your assistance. :)

      • Raven says:

        I’ve never heard anything bad about the Sunny March guys either. They seem to keep quiet on social media and I’d imagine they are quite good, true friends to Ben as they have stood the test of time. Same with James, although I definitely think he likes the attention he gets from BC’s fans. Then again, who wouldn’t.

        I wondered if I might be the only one who was put off by Helen, but I’m relieved to see quite a lot of you feel the same way. I find her behaviour a bit weird and overbearing for a grown woman who’s married with children. Given the way she speaks on his behalf and talks about him, I had assumed she was an old friend like Adam or James. Colour me surprised when I learned she’d only met him 2-3 years ago through a fan contest. It’s nice if he feels comfortable enough around her to pass messages along through him, but it seems like she enjoys her position a bit too much. Asking him to do things like shout out to her personal friends during the Hobbit Twitter chat, taking the U2 selfie for her, and then tweeting that it was her idea to anyone who’d listen…it’s all a bit much. I don’t think BC’s a naive and helpless fool, but I do think he tries too hard to please others and should learn to say no.

      • MissMary says:

        Re Adam Ackland (his partner in Sunny March): they’ve been BFFs or close to it for a while. BC is godfather to one or both of Ackland’s kids and they (he and Ackland, not he and hte kids, lol) did some charity bike rides together, and he apparently has spent holidays with the Acklands (it was their kitchen he filmed his Khan audition in over xmas).

    • Shiv says:

      Where did you see that @missmary regarding the gay toy boy? Haha!

  53. amanda says:

    that woman accompanying them is in the background of the shot posted yesterday of dakota leaving whatever building she was at before the gala.

  54. betsy says:

    I’d still love to know why he turned down Crimson Peak. Did he get cocky early last year and think the world was his oyster so he didn’t need to slum it with horror flicks. Silly move because films like that are usually big box office hits. Look at Mama with Chastain. He looks a bit stupid now.

    • Froop says:

      Yeah I’ve been looking at the set pics and it looks amazing with all the elaborate costumes. Hiddles looks better with Chastain than Cumby would’ve.

    • Isadora says:

      I was wondering too. And it seems Crimson Peak will not only do nicely at the box office (we’ll see), but the set photos and the way Jim Beaver described working with Guillermo Del Toro sound very, very promising.

      But I guess there could have been some schedule conflict with one of his other projects that now got postponed until 2015 – which is of course quite unfortunate for him. On the other hand I don’t know which script Cumby got (as there is some earlier draft floating around on the net) and it seems that in the beginning it wasn’t that good. Maybe they made some major changes/rewriting after he dropped out of the project?

      @Froop: Oh yes, he does. I’m quite in love.

    • Intro Outro says:

      Haha, it could be that of course, but Guillermo del Toro is not known as someone who churns out cheap LQ flicks. I think Cumberbatch knows that, so… Not sure if *that* was the reason.

      But if it really was – he might indeed be biting his elbows now :P

      • Katie says:

        It seemed like script+he was wrong for the part. It happens, and you should pull out rather than be unable to deliver what the director wants on set.

        What’s the obsession with comparing TH and BC? They’re so different and co-exist just fine. It’s not Highlander lol.

      • sarah says:

        I’m sure I’m waaaay off, but deep down I always thought he dropped out because he thought he’d get cast in Star Wars (b/c JJ Abrams is directing). It was originally supposed to start filming Feb-Apr 2014, the same time as Crimson Peak.

        But, the script issue could absolutely be the real reason.

        Either way- I am excited for CP. Too bad it’s such a long wait.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I actually agree with both of you ladies ^_^

        @Katie: I think currently it’s happening more for fun than to put Cumby or Hiddles down. I like it this way – it’s LOLs-worthy and much better-natured than some nasty stuff I used to read on older threads.

      • Isadora says:

        Yeah, I guess most people here do like Cumby AND Hiddles, so we just take the chance to discuss both when there’s no thread for the other one lol.

        And with something like Crimson Peak it’s of course quite compelling to draw comparisons in regard to this specific project. I also think it’s okay to compare Hiddles and Fassy when talking about OLLA, for example.

      • Nighty says:

        @Katie we like both and comparing them is fun… I consider myself a CumbyStoner…
        Adore those two (within the reasonable concept), even like their flaws and find it funny to discuss them here… Our hearts are big, they can accomodate more than just one actor… ;)

    • Duri says:

      My guess is he left it because his only intention was to work with Emma Stone, after she left the project he is like bleh not interested in working with Mia whatshername :P

      Also I don’t like Mia much myself and I am rather happy Benedict isn’t in it because not even Benedict can force me to watch a movie with Mia. This will also be 2nd Hiddleston movie I won’t watch courtesy Mia lol

      • jammypants says:

        Mia was rather fantastic in OLLA. Very chirpy and mischievous.

      • Isadora says:

        I had no real opinion on Mia, but I agree with jammypants, in OLLA she was very different from everything else. I was positively surprised. I’m curious what she will be like in CP.

        Was Mia cast for Emma Stone’s part before Hiddles got the role or after? Because somehow I think that both having been in OLLA together might have influenced the final casting decisions.

      • Camil says:

        Probably Mia recommended Tom to GDT

      • Skittle says:

        I think BC was looking forward to working with Mia. In fact, back before his Facebook went private or was deleted or whatever, one of the only visible pieces of information was that he had “liked” her fan page. It was definitely his profile too because it was the one that’s been around for ages, and was friends with lots of actors and people from Harrow.

        I’m sure he had a different reason for backing out on Blood Mountain, whether it was creative differences or not believing in the film or something as silly as clearing his schedule in the hopes that he could land a role in Star Wars.

      • Isadora says:

        Thanks! So then it was maybe a bit of Mia’s influence. Karma points for her!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I find Mia a very good, young actress and have enjoyed watching her since she was in “In Treatment.” She added some zest to OLLA and the relationship between her character and Tom’s was hilarious.

      • 'P'enny says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Benedict himself may have nodded to GDT/Studio about tom as a replacement. It happened very fast, Benny dropping out and Hiddles announcing his take over. it was like in three weeks, last September. Either that, a lot of stuff was going on before behind the scenes we don’t know about it, before the PR release came out.

        As well, Crimson Peak is a studio commissioned film, Legendary pictures and GDT is a paid director, rather than his “own commission project.” that is what I understand of it. And. I think they will have a big say in who was cast for the film. I also got the feeling that GDT wasn’t really aware of Tom in any capacity, he knew Benedict from Frankenstein, that why he wanted him CP and his own Frankenstein project [internet rumours] So who knows. And he loved Charlie and Jim. I thinking the casting director was on the ball for Mia and Jessica – oh who knows.?

        anyway, I don’t know who the casting director is for the film, it doesn’t say, but will be interesting to see what agents all the main cast belong too.

        But, when the release date comes around, it will be interesting to see what comes out in further interviews.

      • jammypants says:

        @Isadora, Mia replaced Emma Stone, then when Ben dropped out of CP, Tom replaced him. The timeframe was pretty close though.

        @Penny, I doubt it since Tom called Benny up to get his blessing. I have the impression if one does that, the other was not aware or made the effort to help the friend out.

        Also, Mia was very good in Stoker and sublime in Jane Eyre.

    • Intro Outro says:

      Also, to be quite honest – if Benny sees no problem working with Bodrov… Ahem. I don’t think he would or *should* consider himself above working with GDT :D

  55. ALex says:

    Lot to say about this guy, it seems:

    I may be an old stick-in-the-mud at 31, but I would not be impressed if my boyfriend/dinner companion/whatever put straws in his eyes, made leaping photobombs, and put napkins all over his face when he spied a camera. He’s nearly 40, not 12. It’s not cute behavior anymore (to me, anyway). Being in a relationship with him would be exhausting, I’d imagine.

    But, if BC and DJ were having fun, then what’s it to me? Nothing. Haha. I do think that they met at the Met Ball, hit it off and decided to have lunch the next day. Nothing more than that. (But, that might be my naivety speaking, could have been set up). He was just looking for a fun lunch date. It seems she appreciated his antics.

    Definitely possible someone alerted the paps. Also possible there were paps around and they just happened to catch them going to lunch. Guess we’ll never know. It would help to know where they ate, but who really cares. BC did seem in good spirits, and that was nice to see. Must’ve had fun at the ball or afterparty.

    About his Hollywood prospects- I absolutely believe he wanted to be a big Hollywood action or romantic or general lead star, but that’s not likely to happen. (Can you imagine him as a romantic lead when he goes out on ‘dates’ and puts napkins on his face? I can’t really see it. too goofy. lol). BBC and lead roles in smaller budget pictures suit him.

    However, he will always continue to get parts and do well for himself, b/c he is a good actor. He just happens to be in stasis right now. He has no new films to work on, but he has to do something to stay busy, so that’s where the PR events come in. He is aware of becoming overexposed, and chooses his events carefully. I don’t see a problem with him doing a few cons, the Lauents awards, or even the Met Ball. It’ll be interesting to see what he does in these next few months of possible downtime.

    He is playing the Hollywood game now. I guess it’s kind of necessary for his type of work. You have to network and keep people interested in you and effectively ‘sell’ yourself. Promotion for The Imitation Game will be heavy- you know him and Harvey Weinstein want that Oscar!

    2015 will be very busy and important for him. And we’ll probably be getting another 5 Cumberbatch movies released in 2016. Ha.

    Small side note: why does the bottom of his neck look so red in these photos? His bow tie was on too tight, perhaps? sunburn?

    • Isadora says:

      I honestly think a lot of actors keep their inner child for much longer than non-actors. ;-) I mean in the end they do for a living what most of us stopped doing before we hit puberty (pretending to be pirates or princesses, running around with wooden swords or butterfly wings and whatnot). Robert Downy Jr. is nearly fifty and has been through a very grown up hell. And have you seen him in interviews? So much inner child…

    • Ms.Virago says:

      I agree, he’s gone Hollywood and is perhaps delusional enough to think he’s going to land a franchise that turns him into a big leading man hunk type. And if he does think that, he’s getting some terrible advice because he’s not got the looks for it (even if he does have the talent) and, at 37, he’s far too old to start down that path.

      • Maggie says:

        @ Ms Virago
        “I agree, he’s gone Hollywood and is perhaps delusional enough to think he’s going to land a franchise that turns him into a big leading man hunk type.”

        So that would be why he has taken on the role of Richard III for the BBC and is preparing for Hamlet at the Barbican in 2015 because he has gone all Hollywood.?

        He has always said he is in it for the long haul and wants to mix up the parts and takes roles that interest him and provide a challenge as well as variety. He has also recently done some audio recordings and recorded the last episode of Cabin pressure. Along with The Imitation Game, voice work for the Penguin movie and The Lost City of Oz and whatever else is in the pipeline he is achieving those goals.

        I don’t think he needs to go all Hollywood at all.

    • Hiddles forever says:


      I agree with everything you said and I do think the ‘inner child’ plays a pivotal role in an actor’s life…..

  56. Megandraper says:

    I would love it if they started to date! Oh the girls that would lose it!!

  57. Ellen says:

    Man has lunch with niece and woman who has a boyfriend. Honestly can’t anybody in Hollywood have the opposite sex as a friend? I got to admit she’s got a movie to plug and he needs a project but that’s not the point.

    Subject on the lovely Emily. I’m hoping she a Hiddles hook up she’s perfect for him and not the usual fangirl type he’s goes for. Imagine Benny’s face. Lol

  58. ohnonono says:

    He obviously likes them very dumb lol Wonder what kind of conversation he has with them lol Rather disappointing but men are, in general, non ? They only talk about being interested in intelligent women when in reality they are all the same…

    • Maggie says:

      @ Ohnonono

      “He obviously likes them very dumb lol”

      That is a huge and insulting generalisation there.

      Olivia was certainly not dumb, nor was Anna and any other rumoured relationships didn’t appear to be with “dumb” women.

  59. Michaela says:

    somebody on twitter claims that there was an article about Benedict Cumberbatch in The Sun; it says that he was on a lunch date with Dakota and then went back to the Hotel with her. what?

    • MissMary says:

      Huge dose of salt there. Most of the celebs in town for the gala stayed in the same few hotels (the ones vetted for best security, best access to whatever they need access to, which ones have ‘name power’, etc) so even if he DID go back with her, chances are good they were staying in the same hotel. As well, it’s in the Sun. The Sun is almost as bad as the Daily Fail for fishing and trying to get interest by posting misleading or downright false info.

    • Ysis says:

      No article on B.C & D.J in The Sun …

      • MissMary says:

        I think a lot of it is wistful thinking/people trying to start rumors and drama, etc. There’s so many “I swear I saw an article in *name of source* about Celeb A doing x with Celeb B!” posts on various sites but never any verifiable sources when you check it out…

  60. MissMary says:

    TBH I’m waiting for the teeny bopper contingent to be “OMG GUIZ THEY ARE IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! BE NICE!” about this friends-outing. And now that he’s in Poland, for the “omg Dakota Johnson hasn’t been seen out in two days! OMG GUIZ SHE WENT TO POLAND WITH HIM BUT IT’S SECRET!” or some b.s.

    • Raven says:

      Those teenyboppers are eyerollingly bad. It’s almost like they’re trying to overcompensate for how crushed they really feel inside. If only they understood that he’s not going to marry every woman he goes out to dinner with…

    • MissMary says:

      @Gia: there’s some overlap but it seems to be mostly the crowd that thinks any woman standing within ten feet of their Benny or Tommy or whomever is “omg the one guys just be happy for them okay they’re so in love geez don’t be haters!” and send embarrassing tweets/messages to the celebs or the celebs’ friends about the subject (not even kidding–poor Sian after being spotted with Hiddles *sigh*)

      @Raven: *gasp* What? The sparkley perfect virginal prince isn’t going to marry her? BUT THEY SHARED AN APPETIZER!

      • Gia says:

        @MissMary That’s just so embarrassing. I often wonder what these fangirls will really do if Ben and/or Tom do get married. I actually pity their future spouses. And do they really not understand that BC cultivates some of this PR?

        I guess the psychologist in me is a bit too fascinated by this.

      • MissMary says:

        @Gia: I remember being a teenager and being in total denial that my favorite celebs would *ever* court PR by doing stuff like arranged dates or being seen doing something weird or whatever but now that I’m an adult, lol, I see all of these outings as PR, esp when they come after a week of NOT being spotted despite being in a place and not being a hermit. Same thing with the “Disney Prince” type image some of these guys have–it’s an image, cultivated by PR, because they know what demographic will spend big bucks to see their movies and plays and whatever. WHo knows how these folks are IRL but for some of the more rabid fans, the cultivated, public image is “the only way” to see them and woe be us who think otherwise, lol.

      • Gia says:

        @MissMary. I suppose the teeny boppers don’t want us adults ruining their Disney Prince fantasy. (An image our dear Ben fulfilled so brilliantly on Monday night). And you’re right, the image is cultivated for a reason.

  61. Raven says:

    A poster on IMDB linked an article where someone commented that they “saw Benedict feeding a blonde woman on the Lower East Side last week, so if he and Dakota are a thing it’s super brand new”. I went to the site and looked at the commenter’s post history, and they looked fairly legit and not trollesque.

    So…he was definitely in NYC last week, but I don’t know if I can believe the story of him lovingly feeding a woman in public in one of the biggest cities in the world. I’d have to roll my eyes if it were true considering how much he goes on about keeping his personal life private. PDA is not the best way to keep your love life out of the press. Plus, couples feeding each other in public is tacky in my opinion, but then again, I’m a grumpy old lady.