Kim Kardashian & Kanye do matching denim in Paris ahead of their wedding: LOL?


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out and about in Paris yesterday. Kim’s jeans are… well… wow. THAT is what it means to be “poured into” something. How can she even breathe? I don’t even know what’s happening with the coordinating denim between them. Weird. It’s so… Justin & Britney. Well, that’s one way to look like gauche Americans in Paris.

I’m not even going to detail their day’s itinerary because really, who cares? They were in and out of hotels, apartments, cars, whatever, and the paparazzi followed them everywhere, I guess hoping for a clue as to their wedding locale. Here’s one thing I’ll mention: they did stop for ice cream. Because, truly, I’ve always felt that Kanye prefers Kim a little bit thicker. He loves buying her ice cream and all kinds of decadent food. He’s trying to fatten her up before the wedding.

As for the wedding… Jesus, I really don’t even know. I understand that the media outlets and the paparazzi are obsessed with finding out the details so that we can have photos, but I have faith that when the wedding day finally comes (reportedly it’s this weekend, Memorial Day weekend), we’ll know. Kim will probably tell us. She’ll probably make sure we have plenty of photos too. So, what are the latest rumors? I don’t even know. Last week it was Florence, but I feel pretty confident that the wedding will be in Paris or somewhere close to Paris. E! News says it might even be Versailles after all. I doubt it, but sure.

Do you want some food details? I always enjoy the food details. When they ate at the Hotel Costes, Kim had: “Penne Butter, Salade Artichoke and asparagus, and drank Darjeeling tea with honey.” Kanye had: “Paillard de poulet bio dore minute curry and chutney, and drank wine Saint Emilion Angelus.” Nice. I’m surprised Kim is doing carbs, but Kanye must have encouraged her to eat.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. aemish says:

    She needs to burn those things.

  2. Mylene-Montreal says:

    I Can’t wait for the 25 may … everything will be done. It’s going to be the worst week in the gossip world for this week. I hope a lot and lot of peaople will be sooooooooooo fed up of them .. something will happen after that. i CAN’T anymore

  3. paola says:

    If the Kardashians had a their own plane company would it be called Air Farce One?

    I still can’t believe they’ll get married 200 meters from where I live. I just hope they won’t cause any trouble with security and blocking roads because I’m pissed already.

    That ass in those jeans is ridicolous. She can diet all she wants but to remove that she needs a surgeon. That ass has its own zip code by now.

  4. Rachel says:

    It’s that ass. Her top looks fine (although is she wearing a bodysuit circa 1993???). Her thighs don’t look like they’re about to burst through. But her ass is making those jeans WORK. Those seams must be sewn up with dental floss. There’s no other explanation for why the seams haven’t split yet.

    With all the money she has, she could have her jeans custom made and look so much better.

  5. dorothy says:

    I had a shirt like Kanye has… the 70′s. As for Kim, I’m at a total loss.

  6. Dani2 says:

    Her face is looking more plastic every padding day. That’s all I’m getting from these photos.

  7. Nicolette says:

    Ugh! When will this farce be over?

    • kri says:

      This must be what natural childbirth is like. I am screaming inside of my brain at this point-”Get it over with, please!! Make it go away!!” Oh, the pain of his outfit makes me want an epidural. And she has probably squeezed her lady parts into submission. She may not need birth control. The tightness of the jeans should do it.

  8. Sayrah says:

    Aside from the skin tight jeans, I think Kim looks pretty good here.

  9. doofus says:

    J on J never looks good, even if you’re a “fashion forward” rap star wearing Gucci/Versace/LV whatever jeans.

    and go ahead and shoot me now, but I think KK actually looks good here. from the front, anyway…that backless bodysuit is a big NO.

  10. Ollyholly says:

    She looks really pretty lately.

  11. Lendy says:

    With all that money and she still looks so budget. I would say ghetto but that would be insulting to the real ghetto.

  12. Huh? says:

    So is the circle print worn through his pocket from chewing tobacco or a giant condom?

  13. Ag says:

    is kanye doing a canadian tuxedo? oh, kanye…

  14. Roo says:

    Ooof. I’d love to see her walking on that cobblestone in those heels. Media-whoring and wedding weirdness aside, I think she looks great here.

  15. Talie says:

    I would LOVE to know what his apartment looks like in Paris.

  16. The Original Mia says:

    For all the money she spent on that ass, you’d think it’d look a lot less saggy. I mean…dang…who wants to look like there’s a full stinky diaper in their pants every single time they step out of the house.

  17. elisa says:

    Ugh. I just really, really hope that they don’t marry at Versailles. The French history nerd in me is just so appalled by the idea.

  18. shellybean says:

    She loves wearing these skin tight light blue jeans in Paris. I don’t get it. What about these screams Paris to her?! She also needs to STOP with the cutting off the bottom of her jeans. Get them hemmed for God’s sake.

    I do think her body looks good, but those jeans are way too form fitting.

  19. Size Does Matter says:

    I bet they went to Bertillion, best ice cream in Paris. Yum.

    What sort of bra is she wearing under that top? Defies gravity.

  20. claire says:

    I can’t even fathom how she got that ass into those jeans. Does she lie down on the bed and have someone behind her pulling them up inch by inch?

  21. Loren says:

    They’re body language says it all. How do you not touch each other… Ever! Huh?! They’re relationship is all hype for this wedding because clearly they don’t care about their child…… Oh ya that thing. Kim and kanye are just entertaining themselves with a wedding and redoing a house and when it’s done and they’re settled he’ll be on to the next… He’s never going to be home with her because she seems ANNOYING AS F@#%!!

  22. aquarius64 says:

    The latest gossip on these two is Kimye is asking their guests to pay for their plane tickets and hotel rooms for the wedding. If these two can shell out $400,000 for the location of the wedding, they could at least spring for half the cost. it’s really obscene because Kanye’s family is not wealthy.

  23. Jh says:

    Her body is so bang’n. That is all.

  24. Daisyduck says:

    I would feel so incredibly physically uncomfortable/naked in that level of tight! HORRIBLE.