Angelina Jolie thinks Maleficent will appeal to ‘outsiders, kids that have been bullied’


There are a bunch of new quotes from Angelina Jolie, but most of them are from little promotional interviews done all over the place. So, I’m condensing some of the better quotes from assorted interviews. Also: Maleficent opens this weekend in the US, and industry analysts think it will bring in $64 million domestic in the opening weekend, plus Disney is going to sell the crap out of it overseas. Oh, and the LA premiere is tonight! I think. Just an FYI – I’m hoping Angelina gets a new makeup person.

Maleficent is about outsiders & outcasts: “There are people today, especially kids, that have been bullied and felt like they are outsiders or felt different. And I loved that this goes in that direction.”

Angelina has been around for a while: “The nice thing about being around for a really long time is you stop worrying about your career and you get to just really think about what you want to give to the audience and the experience you want to have.”

Getting to play: “It was play time! It’s the thing that we forget as actors: we take ourselves so seriously. It’s entertainment, it’s fantasy, it’s fun. It was the little girl in me stepping into this character that I’d always been very curious about. When I saw my shadow (as Maleficent), it was as if it was the little girl looking at the shadow on the wall and thinking, ‘Wow, we’ve grown up! And they’re letting us play her. How fun!’.”

Serious actors aren’t supposed to do fairy tale movies: “Fortunately, I’ve never listened to that. I do all different types of things. I’ve always gone back and forth with action movies because I love them and I have fun with them. Then I’ve done serious movies … I’ve tried very hard to always do a bit of everything so I’m always allowed to do a bit of everything. But, honestly, I never thought I would be able to do a Disney movie. I certainly didn’t think I would do something that was so comedic, because I don’t think of myself as being able to be funny.”

Working on Unbroken in Australia: “I loved working there. The children learned how to surf and skate. We loved the zoo (Taronga) — I slept in the zoo three times by the time we left, with your crazy birds. The first morning I woke up in the zoo, about 5 o’clock, I thought Brad was outside playing a trick on me with a whistle. It was your crazy birds! I didn’t actually think it was possible to make that sound that early in the morning.”

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I’m glad Angelina is promoting this film so much and it really does feel like she believes in it. I think it’s a bad idea to underestimate what the Disney Machine plus the Jolie-Pitt Machine can do when they join forces. This might make crazy money. But I’m guessing Disney just hopes to make their money back domestically and pick up some extra cash internationally. We’ll see.


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  1. Lex says:

    I’d love to do the sleepover (Roar and Snore) at Taronga Zoo but it is quite expensive. .. ill have to save up!!

  2. Frida_K says:

    !. Ah, she is so wonderful.

    2. I cannot wait for this movie!!!!


  3. MrsBPitt says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!! The little girl in me is dying to see this!!!!

    • LadyMTL says:

      +10000 hahaha. I saw the preview and was like “Oooooh Maleficent! Oooh dragons! Oooh Sleeping Beauty!” and my 10 year old self started jumping up and down.

    • Chem says:

      I am really excited for this. And speaking as a non-Jolie fan (shes alright but can be disingenuous in that her PR is very deliberate even though she acts like it isnt) I think this film appeals to more than just little girls. Alot of guys related to Frozen too. The idea that “villains” are very rarely really “villains”. That other than straight up sociopaths, most bad guys have very justifiable reasons to be as they are.

      I think this will be a film for everyone (male and female, young and old). I just wish Disney would market it that way, anyway. Just because the leads are “girls” doesnt mean its a “girlie film” .

      • uber says:

        Not sure what PR you are talking about- Angie has never had any PR and Brad got rid of his soon after Shiloh was born. Unlike so many in Hollywood, Brad & Angie have better things to spend their millions on rather than liars & spin doctors. IMO, that is another big reason to admire them. SO PSYCHED for Maleficent- we already have our IMAX 3D tickets for Saturday!

      • Wanda says:

        @uber, Chem was talking about manipulating the media, not about having a publicist.

        And @chem no celebrity has ever admitted to manipulating the media, so what’s the point in singling out Angelina? Also, unlike all the other celebs who complain about the media, Angelina has never done this.

        In her 60 minutes Interview back in 2010 when asked about the media and spotlight, she said “It doesn’t bother me. I don’t shy away from it.”

        Great answer since Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, etc. always slam the media for being invasive, etc.

      • Samtha says:

        @Chem, my (38-year-old) brother really wants to see this, and he likes nothing but superhero movies. I think you’re right that it has broader appeal than it’s getting credit for. The only problem I see is that a lot of people perceive it as a kid’s movie and might feel uncomfortable showing up without a child.

      • Chem says:

        I agree that all celebs have a PR strategy. I just think hers is a lot more deliberate than it appears to most casual observers. Her constant omitting that she has significant child care assistance is one. Of course no working woman should ever suffer guilt over hiring help. But she also seems to be aware that it alienates a many fans to have to deal with her as a human being who needs help and not super mom/super career woman. So she keeps skipping that little fact even in interviews where it would organically come up.

        I would hate to have to quarrel over that today though. For me the bigger issue today is that Disney will sell this as a little girls film. Whereas were it a cartoon about humanizing an iconic villain starring an all male cast, it would be elevated to a must-see film for all.

      • Andrea1 says:

        @Wanda spot on!
        You said it all already.

      • Kim1 says:

        There are hundreds of pics of the Jolie Pitt nannies .Pics in Italy during the filming of The Tourist holding the kids on the balcony.Pics in NOLA taking kids to store ,walking the dog,etc.Pics in the backyard in Prague .It drives me crazy this nonsense about them hiding the nannies.Her assistant was just with them @ FAO Schwartz. Two of the teachers are extras in Maleficent.Does Julia Roberts ,Cate Blanchett,Nicole Kid man discuss their nannies?

      • Samantha25 says:

        I don’t understand why haters keep insisting that Angelina never talks about the nannies or claim her humanitarianism is an act. She talks about the nannies pretty often. Just because she doesn’t say it in every sentence doesn’t mean she’s hiding them. She’s been working with the UN for almost 15 years. Somebody who doesn’t care would not stay with the same organization for that long.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Chem, who wrote: “Her constant omitting that she has significant child care assistance is one. Of course no working woman should ever suffer guilt over hiring help. But she also seems to be aware that it alienates a many fans to have to deal with her as a human being who needs help and not super mom/super career woman. So she keeps skipping that little fact even in interviews where it would organically come up.”

        She actualy ‘has’ mentioned the help she and Brad have, several times. Perhaps you missed the story posted here at “Celebitchy” last week in which Angie did indeed respond to the ‘working mom’ question and also called out ‘celebrity’ moms (probably looking at Gwyneth Palthrow) who complain about how hard their lives are working and raising kids. She said she was blessed to have the means (money) to ‘not’ work all the time and ‘help’ with her kids and life and how much harder life is for working moms and especially single family working moms.

        Kaiser posted the article here on May 21, 2014 titled “Angelina Jolie thinks Wealthy, Privileged Moms Should Stop Complaining.” Here’s a link to the article:

    • Nicolette says:

      Me too. Not many movies I get excited about seeing anymore, but I’m really looking forward to this.

    • mom2two says:

      I do want to see this. It looks good!

  4. Dhavynia says:

    First time I’m excited about a Disney movie

  5. doofus says:

    what kind of masochist takes a selfie with her? sheesh, I’d wear a bag if I did that!

  6. Wanda says:

    All the early reviews are averaging out to mixed and this seems very likely to hold true at the end of it…Maleficent will probably get around a 50% on rotten tomatoes. That said, every single critic has raved about Angelina’s performance as wonderful.

    I wonder if she might get an Oscar nomination for this, as Johnny did for Pirates of the Caribbean.

  7. Abbott says:

    Already got my ticket! Though I’d totally just my wallet at the movie screen.

    I hope Tom Cruise is shaking in his platform heels over Edge of Tomorrow…

  8. Kali says:

    There’s a long weekend coming up in N.Z so this is top of my list! Stuff you, familial obligations, I have far more important things to do…

    • Camille (The Original) says:

      Yay for the long weekend in NZ! I’m taking my family to this too (it’s my belated birthday pressie for myself). I don’t care what the reviews say or how much money it makes at the BO, I still want to see it regardless.

  9. lisa2 says:

    Going with a group of friends and my MOM.. she loves Angie.. so that is all good. I don’t care what the RT count is. I have been waiting for 2 years to see the and nothing anyone says will keep me away. I have loves all the quotes from her interviews during the promotion..

    AND Maleficent is opening in China.. she is expected to go there to promote. It should do big numbers there.. Her first time in China.. yeah..

  10. eliza says:

    Not sure I understand how bullying plays into this but I am interested in seeing the movie. Hope it does well.

    • Wanda says:

      Lol Angelina confused herself due to the reshoots. In the original opening, which got reshot, Maleficent was born of an evil sorcerer and a fairy princess, who died in childbirth. Because of this heritage, all the other fairies bullied her and made her an outcast. Her aunt, Queen Ulla of the fairy moors (played by Miranda Richardson), named her “Maleficent”, meaning evil/wicked, referencing the fact her father was an evil sorcerer.

      The three fairies that watch over Aurora bullied Maleficent the worst and one time she struck back at them and they ran away to Queen Ulla and made it seem like Maleficent had anger issues. This, and then later due to Maleficent saving Stefan from humiliation by Ulla, causes Ulla to curse Maleficent with the horns on her head, so her exterior will reflect her interior – wicked. And of course, this causes her to get bullied even more.

      Anyway they got rid of this background with the reshoots to make the story tighter and more concise, but I think that hurts the characterization a lot. Most critics have an issue with the first third of the movie.

      I think Angelina wasn’t happy about it either since an interviewer asked her “Do you think Stromberg was a perfect fit for director since he did Alice, Avatar, etc.” and Angelina gave some answer like “Disney chose him and the script was really great so that helped a lot.”

      • mimif says:

        Interesting, I knew none of that backstory, seems a shame it didn’t make the cut.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Wow Wanda I never knew that was the original storyline! They shouldn’t have changed it. That storyline is better I mean her being born evil because of her father’s evil powers. Its no wonder some crtics have issues with the first part of the movie. They should have left it that way and not change the story.
        Thanks for the info! That storyline sounds way better than the reshoots

      • mimif says:

        Yeah makes way more sense too in relative context to her previous comments about the film.

      • Wanda says:


        She was never evil, but everyone said she was evil because of who her father was – they never let her have a chance to be good.

        Angelina said a great quote to Entertainment Weekly when she did the cover in March, which went along the lines of “You keep telling me I’m evil, well, guess what, then I’ll be evil, and I’ll show you just how evil I can be.”

        I heard many critics point out the inconsistency and plot holes and randomness of the first third of the movie, which is basically Maleficent and Stefan meeting and then a random battle scene and then getting to the christening. A lot of people have pointed out there’s not much context given for the battle other than “humans want the land” and also people wondered “If she’s a good fairy, why was she named Maleficent?”

        In the original, Stefan takes Maleficent to a party at the castle where Maleficent overhears King Henry (father of Stefan’s wife, Princess Leila) tell the council members he has discovered that fairies are weak to iron, and he plans on using iron to make them his slaves. Maleficent gets angry and then threatens to kill him if he does that.

        She runs away to the fairy moors to warn the fairies, but the fairies say “You’re evil, you’re just lying.”

        So she summons her father and he tells her “The only way to protect these stupid fairies is for you to seize control of the throne. However, be warned, they’ll hate you for it and call you evil.”

        And Maleficent says “That never bothered me anyway.”

        So a lot more background was given for the battle between Maleficent and Henry.

        BUT. The ending of the original story was a MESS. Aurora was made into a fairy and she becomes Queen of both the human world and the fairy world. So I’m glad they changed it.

        But there was a cute little line between Diaval and Maleficent at the last 1 minute of the movie in the original where Diavial tells her “You know, if people didn’t know the true story, they might think you were evil, why, they might have called you the “Mistress of All Evil”.”

        Angelina laughs and says “Surely not” and then they fly off into the sunset together.

        Anyway the original first act was filmed, but reshot, while the original ending was never actually filmed. Paul Dini got rid of it in the re-write of the scripts.

        Robert Stromberg said the reason they got rid of the opening was because they wanted to get to the christening scene faster, since that would always be the scene everyone wanted to see, and he was worried too long a movie wouldn’t hold childrens’ attentions.

      • Carol says:

        This just sounds like a variation on Wicked.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Wanda thanks again for the background info :)
        Then I wouldn’t be wrong to assume that you must have seen the movie long before us! ;)

  11. Andrea1 says:

    The wait is almost over! Thank Goodness
    Cool interview I also hope she gets a new make up person for tonight.
    That face good lord that face!!! Its magnificent.

  12. toto says:

    Twitter is crazy now for maleficent, great recommendation from audience who saw it in UK. Where i am i couldn’t find tickets online until tomorrow. i am glad people are liking it alot and many says Jolie performance will be the major point of the movie success.

    will see tomorrow

  13. Shannon1972 says:

    Love her! I would pay to watch her read the phone book at this point, but I’m really, really excited for this movie. :D

  14. ycnan says:

    WHY does she dress like and old lady? Her face is awesome, yes, but god those clothes!

  15. Jade says:

    Seeing good reviews from the people who have watched it here and I think ill catch it too!

  16. Esti says:

    Is anyone else a little creeped out that Elle Fanning is 16 and her Prince Charming dude is 24? I wish they’d found someone younger to play opposite her.

  17. Kim1 says:

    I don’t think she has done much in terms of promoting.She hasn’t done any daytime shows like Ellen,The Talk ,Kelly and Michael,etc. She hasn’t done any night time shows like Kimmel,Gallon,Letterman, John Stewart, etc.All,the interviews she has done in US ne were conducted on only two days including GMA
    BTW RIP Maya Angelou

  18. phlyfiremama says:

    I think Maleficient will CRUSH the box office. I know I CAN’T WAIT for Friday!! Luckily here in Houston, we have a 3D IMAX screen that my Niece & I will be camping out in front of!!! Whee. For demographics purposes, if anyone cares, I am a married 49 year old professional Licensed Acupuncturist with a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine. My Niece is 16 years old going to a charter high school where she will graduate from high school with an Associates of Science degree who just got inducted into the National Honor Society. We are both SUPER excited to see this movie, as are MANY other Women I know. My Husband is interested in seeing it as well, but will go with me to the “cheaper ticket” version.

  19. Rosie says:

    SEEN IT – went with my 4 yo and husband (!!) – thought it was fantastic. I’ve never been a huge AJ fan but I’ve sort of thawed over the last year or so. Brilliant special effects, plot’s not bad and the actor who plays Diaval apparent comes from Leeds, which is just next door to where I live so I love a bit of local talent!

  20. StaceyTAS says:

    I saw it on Tuesday night at a special screening – it is AMAZING! I really really loved it!
    I read this site daily and have never commented. I just had to tell all you other Brangeloonies how good it is!!!

  21. Jade says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

    Plus I just booked tickets to roar and snore at the zoo since I only live about 5 minutes drive away, I might as well try it out!