Tom Hiddleston cast as country legend Hank Williams in bio-pic ‘I Saw the Light’


Shhh! I can feel the Dragonflies freaking out. It will be fine. Deep breaths. Count to ten slowly. A Tom Hiddleston post is happening. This is what everyone was waiting for, right? That’s why CRAZY was spilling into every Benedict Cumberbatch post for the past two weeks? So, take a deep breath and let’s do this. First of all, Tommy Hiddles got a job! And he’s going to play an American. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Tommy has signed on to the lead role in I Saw the Light, the Hank Williams bio-pic. Tommy will be singing. And wearing cowboy hats. And talking in a Southern drawl. Oh… Tommy.

The Avengers star Tom Hiddleston will play Country & Western legend Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a film that Marc Abraham will direct and which has come together as a co-production between RatPac Entertainment, Bron Studios, and Creative Wealth Media Finance, all of which will fund the film. Abraham wrote the script based on the Colin Escott biography of Williams and Aaron L. Gilbert will produce with Brett Ratner, G. Marq Rosell and Abraham. Ratner’s partner, James Packer, will be exec producer.

Production will begin in Louisiana in October, and Hiddleston will sing such Williams standards as “Your Cheatin’ Heart”, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and “Hey Good Lookin’,” after the film’s backers made a deal with Sony ATV to secure rights to the Williams music catalog. The film will tell the story of Williams’ meteoric rise to fame, and the price that fame took on his personal life. He died at age 29 of heart failure.

[From Deadline]

Considering they got the rights to Williams’ back catalog, I think this will probably be a reasonably prestigious project. At the very least, it will introduce a whole new generation of fans to Hank Williams’ music. Will Tom actually sing? Probably. They’ll probably do something fancy and use both the original Hank Williams recordings AND Tommy’s voice. Because while Tommy is always up to sing and dance, as we’ve seen time and time again, Tommy really doesn’t have the best singing voice. But he’s enthusiastic. And maybe they’ll give him a vocal/singing coach. Tommy also tweeted this:

As for the other stuff… well, I’m not going to stop you Dragonflies from talking about it. I think many people got way too extra about one random foreign article that identified Jane Arthy as Tom Hiddleston’s “wife.” If he did marry her… well, God bless, and I look forward to the Dargonfly Apocalypse and our soon-to-be Dragonfly Overlord. Let him have a personal life, I’m just saying. You can be a fan and want good things for him without needing to know every single thing about his romantic life. She’s probably just his girlfriend (not his wife) anyway.



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  1. Altariel says:

    Finally, a story about my Tommy! I feel better now ;)

  2. LadyMTL says:

    Welllll…I don’t want to pass judgement immediately because I was just as baffled when it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix would be playing Johnny Cash, and he did a great job. So I’ll cross my fingers!

  3. Samigirl says:


  4. Maria says:

    I’m sure he’ll do a great job but as an old school country fan from the south west, my soul weeps.


  5. mom2two says:

    I don’t know why when I saw this news, I was thinking there is no unknown actor who could use a break that could play this part? Who also can sing? Nothing against Tom personally, I am sure he’ll do a good job…but it was my first thought.

    • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:

      I can’t see him playing a country singer either and not for his singing… Might be wrong, of course ;)

      About the rumours, pfft.. Don’t know, after Clooney’s exploits, if he had married or he had a girlfriend his publicist would have confirmed at some point… I hope he doesn’t go down the Sam Worthington route in that regard…. Well I would stop being a fan, I don’t like douches…

      • Anne tommy says:

        I seem to have replied to the wrong comment, see Magnus related discussion…..A Wallander 4th series is apparently in the works, no word yet on any hiddles participation, It would seem unlikely but one never knows: he took a small part in Joanna Hogg’s (very good) “Exhibition” recently, and might – should? – repay Branagh for his contribution to TH’s career. My favourite Magnus line is when, in response to the team finding out about their late colleague’s somewhat unconventional lovelife, Magnus exclaims ” (name of colleague which I have forgotten) was shagging a tranny!” Great stuff….

  6. T.Fanty says:

    Do you think Cumby iss consumed with envy at the fact that Tom now has a job in which he’s going to wear ALL the hats?

    Mazel Tov, Tahiti Tom! I think the project sounds great.

    (not going to make ANY comment on the singing, even though I saw/heard the tinker bell movie)

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      You know, I really like this, and I’m a HW fan of sorts. I NEVER would have thought of it, but I think it could be brilliant.

      Did you ever hear Leon Russell sing Hank William’s songs? That was nice.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @GoodNames, yes, I’ve heard some of those Leon Russell versions. Another distinctive voice doing a nice take on things.

      • T.Fanty says:

        That’s kind of my feeling, too. I always think that if I *can’t* imagine an actor playing the role, then they should absolutely do it. It’s going to be a real challenge for him, and I think he’s up to the job.

        Next up, let’s start a kickstarter campaign to make him do a screwball comedy that’s nothing but two hours of Magnus from Wallander rolling his eyes and sighing petulantly. If Ken Branagh’s around, we’ll make it a buddy-road-trip kind of thing..

      • 'P'enny says:


        we are on same page about Magnus.

      • Make mine a double says:

        I’d put money into that.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I have mixed feelings about Wallander. Watched seasons one and two. I think it is very beautifully shot, nature and urban settings are a big part of the film’s moody charm, and I also liked the stories themselves, but imo the support roles of other police officers – Magnus, Anne-Britt, Nyberg, Lisa Holgersson – are all under-written and uninteresting. I wish they added more flesh to them – especially since I really like the actors who played them.

      • Kate2 says:

        @tfanty – “Next up, let’s start a kickstarter campaign to make him do a screwball comedy that’s nothing but two hours of Magnus from Wallander rolling his eyes and sighing petulantly. If Ken Branagh’s around, we’ll make it a buddy-road-trip kind of thing..”

        Yes, ha! I noticed the eye-rolling thing too. I kept waiting for them to finally declare what he was always so pissed off about but I finally just came to the conclusion that that was just how his character was.

        I have to say I always cracked up every time he whipped out his gun and started pointing it at people for some reason. He just looks so odd with it.

      • Isadora says:

        A road trip movie with Ken and Tom? OH YES. I would love it!! :)

        (and my nickname seems to work again, yeah..)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @T Fanty, I would happily contribute to a kickstarter campaign for a Magnus and Wallender road trip farce. In addition to the eye-rolling and petulant sighs, there were also the hands on hips shrugs.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, I always wanted an episode where they left Wallender himself out and just focused on the rest of the staff airing their grievances about him to the woman who played the police chief. Magnus’s gripes would involve the fact that Wallender never trusted and always questioned his police work – and was usually proven wrong but never apologized, constantly assigned him to searching databases instead of letting him do other, more interesting types of investigating, and never thanked him for saving his daughter when he himself couldn’t pull the trigger. The episode when the daughter is kidnapped brought up a side issue that Wallender knew nothing about his co-worker who was murdered and then realized that he knew nothing about any of his co-workers because he shut himself off from them.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Lilacflowers: Excellent idea! I feel the same way about Wallander and his relationship with his colleagues. When I was watching the series, I felt that he got away with a lot – probably partly because his colleagues saw that he was the source of his own problems and couldn’t find peace with himself. Pity his simmering conflict with Martinsson, for example, never really got anywhere – I’d have loved an episode where their relationship would have reached a boiling point and then settled in one way or the other. On the other hand, Wallander never really managed to find true peace with himself, he’s too tortured a soul, so I doubt he was able to settle his conflicts with his colleagues in any possible way. At least judging by seasons 1&2.

    • Mia4S says:

      LOL! I’m sure Benny’s just pleased for him that he gets to wear a hat that doesn’t have those silly-looking Loki horns. We all know how picky Benny is about hats. ;-)

      What a horrendously depressing movie this will be though! It’s such a sad story. I’ll be interested to see if they manage to actually make it. With a small budget they should do OK.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I have serious doubts about this one. I find his singing to be painfully bad. But hey, we’ll see how this turns out. Could be wonderful, could be another Pirate Fairy.

      I think he is okay but not great with American accents. If he wants to do this, then I want to hear no complaints when an American actor from Hollywood is cast in a biopic about a comparable British icon.

      As for the girlfriend, stay away from Tumblr and Lipstick Alley, my friends. It looks like one part actual tea and three parts borderline personality disorder. Not for the faint of heart. I think the best thing for Tom to do is step back, stop trying to control everything, be himself, and the dust will settle.

      As for Jane Arthy, I really do like the dress. She can have Tom, just give me Tahiti.

      • After I read your post, I HAD to go to Tumblr (something I rarely do…it weirds me out) to see what you were on about. Holy COW, people really do seem to divorce themselves from reality with the fandom. If they are married, good for them. She’s cute as hell and they look good together.

        But thanks for that, tumblr is comedic GOLD.

      • Kate2 says:

        She deleted her Twitter account, if that counts for anything…either she was sick of the harassment she was getting or there’s maybe another reason?

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Stay away everyone. Seriously. It is MEAN. And I am no wimp.

        The vitriol is out of control over there. It actually makes me sad.

        And because of it, I would like to add that I truly apologize to anyone I may have offended on these threads this spring, and for being offended myself.

        Some serious crap was going down in real life. Life changing stuff. But I took things far too seriously and generally overreacted.

        I say this because the kinds of things being discussed over there are serious and damaging for someone who has openly and repeatedly preached kindness towards others. Whether there is a grain of truth or not to what is being said, I think his public philosophy – whether he lives up to it or not – is the way to go.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        @Miss Melissa
        It can and should be ignored. All of it. I have no idea what TH is ‘really’ like in private (I don’t know him) but I’m damn sure it in no way resembles some of the utter, hyperbolic BS that is being spouted by some people.
        He has a professional reputation as a hard-working, kind and personable man. He also seems ambitious and dedicated to his career. I find it extremely unlikely he would be behaving in his personal life in any way that would jeopardise any of that.

      • balehead2012 says:

        Can somebody explain to me what the drama is about, because I’m really in the dark here. Did he get married or….? I’m asking seriously, I’m not a fan of his and don’t read about his life, so I don’t know. Also have no Tumblr. I click on the TH and BC posts because of the (usually) funny comments.

      • Doraisa says:

        @balehead2012: It’s nothing really. He went on a vacation and someone who works at the airport said that there was a woman with him. And then a fan picture from Bora Bora with him and a woman he took last year to Wimbledon surfaced with a caption that included the words “Mr. and Mrs. Hiddleston”. And then everything went downhill with marriage speculations, girlfriend rumors, jealous fangirls, etc.

      • Angel May says:

        For balehead, here’s the short version: his gf was mistakenly id’d as his wife by resteraunt staff & some overly invested fans went here go hell come on the Net.

      • balehead2012 says:

        @Doraisa and Angel May, thanks for the info, you’re both kind for answering.

      • Samtha says:

        I’ve been watching the Tumblr meltdown for a few days now and it is something to behold. What would happen if Hiddles actually did do something controversial? Would it be mass suicide?

        The whole thing is ridiculous, and a good example of people who need to step back and rethink their over-investment in other people’s lives.

        Also, I know someone who decided to troll the Hiddles fans by making up fake hook-up stories. She admitted it on another board. So take everything you read with a huge dose of salt.

      • jammypants says:

        I actually don’t think he’s trying to control anything. His non-reaction to his fans reacting is just that. He’s doing nothing because he’s not required to divulge anything. If anything, it’s also easier for PR since this is an actual non-event, unrelated to his job as an actor. I like that actually.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @MissMelissa, I do hope that the serious stuff in your life has settled down peacefully for you.

    • icerose says:

      Well it is not really a role I can see Benny playing but it is one heck of a meaty part with all that drinking, raw emotion and drug taking. Of course we are talking Oscar potential here if it all works out. Sorry could not resist that.
      Just keep thinking of our Tom in a cowboy hat singing Hey Good looking What you got looking, Hows about cooking something up with me with in your ear and the Hank twinkle in his eye and watch your temperature rise. And then he cools you down with a some yodelling.Works for me

    • Sixer says:

      I like this casting. No idea if he’ll carry it off but I hope he does. I don’t know if he’s adjusted his post-Loki expectations somewhat or it’s simply that the offers have started to come again after the slight drought he had there, but everything little Tommy-omelette has taken on of late is something I’d actually be prepared to watch. So huzzah!

  7. Lizzie says:

    haha i hope he is married. Just to see the freak out. Is that her in the pic in that article? She is very very pretty. Seriously cute couple.

    • Eve says:

      “haha i hope he is married. Just to see the freak out.”

      Me, too! You know the saying “some people just want to watch the world burn”? Well, sometimes (not ALL the time) I’m like that.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Hi, Eve! Just waving to you, I missed answering you the other day. Good to see you! :-}

      • Eve says:

        Phew! For a brief moment it felt like you’re giving me the cold shoulder (not really, but you know me: I like whining).


      • EscapedConvent says:


        Oh, no! No cold shoulder, my dear. I seem to be here at odd times & I often miss things, & miss a few people I like to keep up with. ;-}

        Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I finally saw Chris Evans in something—not as Captain America. It’s called “Loss of A Teardrop Diamond” & it’s a Tennessee Williams screenplay. I was completely charmed by him. It’s a good movie—have you seen it?

      • Eve says:

        I have…but I didn’t like it :(

        He’s absolutely gorgeous in it, but the script wasn’t the best, in my opinion. Or maybe I’m just not that interested in romantic movies/stories (I’m such a cynic it’s unbelievable).

        P.S.: I was the only kid in middle school with pictures taken from horror movies plastered all over my books while all the other girls books/notebooks had pictures of Johnny Depp and Patrick Swayze.

    • pru says:

      The little angel on my one shoulder is worried about how unhealthy extreme fangirling can be, and repercussions to both fans and TH when fans get involved in a famous person’s personal life.
      The little devil on the other shoulder is hoping they are not only married but PREGNANT because she so loves a good apocalypse.

  8. Helvetica says:

    He’s sexy and has amazing posture.

  9. joe spider says:

    I think it is a very brave move by Tom and if it goes well will widen his CV considerably.

    I went on youtube after the news broke to listen to a little of Hank Williams and am confident Tom can cope with that, after all it isn’t balladry or high opera.

    And I quite fancy the thought of Tom in a cowboy hat and boots.

    Waits for smutty replies :)

    • Altariel says:

      Now the image has stuck….naked or otherwise. Loving it!

    • icerose says:

      see my Hey Good looking comment above but I am sure we can come up with a few more.
      How about if tumblir has its way “I’ll Be a Bachelor ‘Till I Die” “Oh Lonesome me”. I’ll be “Howlin’ at the Moon” in a “House Without Love”

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Am I the only one picturing Woody from Toy Story when it comes to cowboy outfits??????

      My bad!

      Plus there was a Hank Williams song in OLLA, so it has come full circle for Tom’s characterizations!

    • delorb says:

      The issue with Hank isn’t whether or not Tom can pull this off, its the fact that he’s playing HANK. Country fans are particular when it comes to Hank. No other country star can compare, which is why bringing up what Joaquin did with Johnny Cash is an apple to this orange. People should hold their breath until after the feedback comes in from Nashville.

      • jammypants says:

        I wouldn’t put all my stock on country fan opinions. If the film and performance is good, then wouldn’t it be better to make one’s own judgment? If one has informed an opinion after viewing someone else’s work, then perhaps validation of other opinions wouldn’t be so necessary? Now, I’m not saying other opinions don’t count, but if a person has decided that something they saw was good, it does not invalidate that opinion just because another disagrees. Just wanted to add my thoughts.

      • delorb says:

        I wouldn’t dismiss them casually either. If they come out en masse and praise this film it will have an easier time of it. Just as the opposite will be true. Its an avenue that should be honestly discussed.

      • jammypants says:

        Nah I’m not. But I’m simply saying one shouldn’t worry about other opinions so much, perhaps to where it might ruin one’s enjoyment? Maybe for me, personally, I don’t really care :p Outside of Marvel, it’s not like he makes films that are that noticeable (in terms of budget and prestige). I watch him to enjoy his work.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Today’s Nashville is so far removed from the music of Hank Williams that it is like comparing Venus to Mars.

      • Sixer says:

        I think, as well, with movies even more than TV, a great deal depends on the international markets. And there, actors can get away with accents, if not singing voices, being imprecise. American country music has quite a following in the UK, for example, and people know *roughly* what a Southern accent sounds like but they’re going to miss minor mistakes.

        How many people in GoT’s American audience know which character is speaking which variety of Northern accent, for example? Is it Yorkshire? Lancashire? Liverpudlian? Or realise that Ser Alliser regularly drops his Northern accent and lets his natural Welsh accent creep in? Etc, etc.

        Where will this film sell well? If it’s one of those few films left where the money is going to come 80% plus from the States, then perhaps Puddletom has bitten off more than he can chew if he doesn’t hit it exactly right. But if it’s a film that’s going to make two thirds of its money internationally, then it won’t matter so much. No idea where country is big outside the US and, to a lesser extent, the UK.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Sixer, parts of Canada as well. But aside from the music aspect and whether it will appeal to fans of that particular type of music, there are people who are fans of movies who are interested in quality acting, story, and production, regardless of the subject matter, and who generate broader interest in a film by their attendance and encouragement of others to attend. I think it is those people the film, and all films, need to attract.

      • delorb says:

        All I’m saying is that if there is bad or negative buzz coming out of Nashville it may sink the movie. Its not about country music sounding different from when Hank sang it. Its about the people in power who give the thumbs up or thumbs down. ‘They’ will have a lot of influence in how this movie is perceived. If ‘they’ say that Tom is a great choice, then its all aces. If ‘they’ say that they’re upset that Tom got the role, then its going to be a long uphill battle.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Delorb, the people in power who gave the thumbs up to hiring Tom are not in Nashville, nor are they members of the Williams family. Hank Williams sold the rights to his music decades ago and those rights are currently held by Sony. The family will collect royalties from the use of the songs, as the result of lawsuits years ago, but have no say in how those songs are used and that is rather well known in the music business.

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        Country music is nearly completely unknown in the southern European countries, I didn’t even know that Dolly Parton was a country singer (I thought she was an actress! :/) until I went to live to USA ages ago.
        So I guess the market for country music biopics is quite limited and I think the majority of moviegoers the film is aiming at lives in US.
        Furthermore, some countries in Europe have still the foreign films dubbed, so it doesn’t really matter if Tom is using a Brit accent or Australian. To be honest, to this day, I have no idea if an American accent is from the North or the South or wherever else…

        (P.s. Sorry for the attention-seeking call in bold :D )

  10. Koko says:

    Hiddles in “blue jeans” …..enough said.

  11. Lilacflowers says:

    As we discussed, without going crazy on the last Cumberbatch thread, Williams was a great writer with a distinctive, but not a great, singing voice. Tom can pull this off. I’m more concerned with the director, what other actors surround him in this and how they decide to tell the story.

    By the time this is done, he will have played a tragic Shakespearean war hero in Coriolanus, a villain in the Jaguar ads, a creepy, Gothic horror character in Crimson Peak, a survivor (sort of) of a dystopian nightmare in High Rise, and a pain ridden, substance abusing, alcoholic country western legend in this biopic, all in less than year. Our boy will need another nice vacation and a comedic farce before heading back into Loki gear for Thor3. Wes Anderson, give him a call!

  12. Esti says:

    Yikes. I don’t see this working out well. Hiddleston easily looks like he’s in his 40s, apparently can’t sing, and nothing about him suggests he’s a good fit for this part.

    (And before anyone jumps on me, I’m not a fan of BC at all. I have absolutely no skin in the game on this, I just don’t like this casting.)

  13. Virgilia says:

    I do wonder sometimes if Tom has a death wish, playing all these tortured, issue-ridden characters. That has got to take a toll on one’s psyche. So no rom-coms for Tom. At least he will get his wish to wear jeans in this role. Please God, let them be tight.

  14. Lindy79 says:

    Was Hank Williams as interesting a person as Cash?
    I don’t know much other than that he died at 29 so will have to look up

    If he’s dating/whatever since last year, good for him. The internet will implode though.
    I love her dress/jumpsuit, its completely fab and I have serious hair envy!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Williams came from a very tragic family life with a sick father, working single mom, extreme poverty, had spina bifida, became addicted to the pain medication for the back problems, and drank himself to death.

    • icerose says:

      yes and no. He had spina bifada and was in constant pain which contributed to his alcohol and drug abuse,. His father was mostly absent as a child and he was pretty much raised by his mum.His relationship with his first wife was very passionate and fiery. He wrote many songs which have been recorded by other people and is probably more iconic that Cash but maybe today not as well known

      • delorb says:


        He might not be well known in some circles, but in Country circles, he’s a god. They still worship him. His son had a difficult time at first because of his last name (Hank Williams Jr). The Nashville establishment thought he was just trading on his fathers name. It took him a long time to be accepted.

        Then there is the fact that Hank Sr. had a child that the family denied for decades. Even though she had Hank Sr, eyes. His family knew about the other woman and the little girl, but decided not to share his wealth with her. The daughter has spoken of how awful Hank Jr was to her, when she was trying to get the family to acknowledge her heritage.

        Its a sloppy story, which will make for a good movie. I wonder which side Jr is on? If he’s against the movie, the establishment will be as well, IMO.

      • Isadora says:

        @delorb: I don’t know if it’s any indication but they seem to have secured the rights to the songs mentioned. If the rights lie with Hank’s family I’d say they are on board. (?)

      • M.A.F. says:

        @Isadora-that would be a fair guess. The film is more than likely going to concentrate on the rise then the fall & leave whatever happened after he died out.

        A good bio film should always pick one aspects of the person’s life & not try to tell the whole story. For example, the new MLK film, Selma. The film is just going to focus on the March on Selma and not the whole Civil Rights Movement. And this Williams film should do just that.

      • delorb says:


        Getting the rights and Hank Jr trashing it are two different things. He’s a difficult person, some would say made worse by his own demons. I gave a brief rundown on the child (now senior citizen) to illustrate how Jr can be. Just prepare yourself. He’s a great musician in his own right, though.

      • icerose says:

        according to the announcements Sony had the music rights and the film is based on the book bio I Saw the Light’

      • Lilacflowers says:

        The Williams family does not own the rights to his music. They get royalties for the use of the music, and they obtained the rights to those royalties through a series of lawsuits, but Williams himself sold the rights to his music to Acuff-Rose and MGM Records during his lifetime and they have passed to successor corporations. And if Hank Williams, JR opposes something, I’m more likely to like it.

      • delorb says:


        If Jr is asked by the press and he says something snarky, it’ll be all we’ll hear until the movie is released. I’m old enough to remember Anne Rice voicing her displeasure at the casting of Interview with the Vampire . The actors were asked about her comments during the press junket. It weighed things down.

      • Isadora says:

        However if IStL gets only half the fame of “Interview with the Vampire” than it’s beyond expectations. Anne Rice might have weighed things a bit down temporarily, but everyone and his dog knows the film, the fanbase is still huge and it influenced quite a few other vampire films.

        BTW there’s a Hiddles-as-Lestat fanart somewhere on the net if I remember correctly.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Delorb, Hank Jr.’s reach in the press does not extend as far as Anne Rice’s did. As you said above, he has his own demons, which turn many against him. Further, Anne Rice’s vocal comments were carried far and wide. Where I live, there will be nary a mention of what Hank Jr thinks of anything and from what I understand, his own offspring usually refute his comments.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Oh yes, I was only a teenager when Interview hit the screens, no truly widespread internet back in 1994, but I still remember an article that described how Rice was particularly displeased with the casting of Cruise. Haha, I also remember reading how Cruise – who was already a star back then while Pitt was a nobody – insisted on wearing high-heeled boots to appear at least of the same height/slightly taller than Pitt :D

        Based on what I read, Hank Williams, Jr. is a very difficult person. People seem to take what he says with a healthy grain of salt.

  15. 'P'enny says:

    I think this is a really gutsy move on Tom’s part, he is going to be under a lot of scrutiny and the American critics are going to pounce – for the slightest wrong note, they won’t care that we have had Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen, and Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher and the upcoming Pankhurst film. They will just moan because it’s a English actor [ a very quintessential actor] playing a very American idol. Still they didn’t mind Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      That’s because Spielberg does what he wants any way and nobody questions him. He had Sally Field playing a woman who was more than 20 years younger than she was at the time in the story and people thought it wonderful.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Not me. Sally Field was the weak link in “Lincoln’. (Bivalves at the door, Lilacflowers?)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I thought she was the weak link too and couldn’t figure out why she got an Oscar nomination. With all the 40 year old women who can’t get work in movies, it drove me nuts that Spielberg cast a 60-something to play a 40-something character and she chewed scenery all over the place. Joseph Gordon Levitt always looked like he wanted to escape before she chewed into his arm or something but the powers that be aren’t going to listen to you or me about Spielberg’s casting choices.

        We are thrilled for all the bivalves!

    • Marty says:

      Well to be fair, Hank Williams isn’t exactly up there with Jane Austen and Margaret Thatcher.

      It will be good exposure for him though, most people still only know him as “Loki”.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t mind Daniel Day-Lewis doing anything. LOVE. Yum.

    • icerose says:

      I have always said that Tom takes on really interesting and unexpected roles. His first professional theatre roles were with Cheek by Jowl and it was and is a very creative/innovative theatre company. A dam in Olla was very different as well and I have a feeling if the hints being thrown around in the media are anything to go by Crimson Peak will be something entirely different .again.

    • Doraisa says:

      I was at first a bit hesistant about these news. It’s obviously a big and exciting part, HW had a rollercoaster life and Hiddles can show his considerable talent in such a biopic. On the other hand – it’s Hank Williams. He’s an icon, he has so many fans and followers and I’ve also already seen some “an American should play this” comments on the net. If Tom doesn’t deliver (also with the accent) people will be nasty. However if he (and everyone else involved) does indeed deliver this could be something golden in his career.

      And yes, the singing. HW didn’t sing extremly difficult songs and as some already said, country isn’t all about tune, but he had a distinct style. I hope the vocal coach helps with the style and he nails it.

      One thing can be said for sure: Tom isn’t afraid of a challenge, he isn’t afraid of working his ass of for a role (because I’m sure he will do this) and his choice of roles continues to be very interesting.

      The photo on twitter looks good so far and I love the title of the film. If it turns out good, I’ll cry so much during the movie lol.

      • DJ2 says:

        Country music has been described as “three chords and the truth” so you don’t have to be super talented as either a guitarist or a singer to pull off the (lack) of range there.

      • delorb says:


        The question isn’t whether or not Hank had range, is the fact that it was a distinctive voice. Can Tom copy it enough to fool diehard fans? And face it, diehard Hank Williams Sr fans is the target audience. Fans of Tom are going to like it (or live with it), regardless because they are fans. But will the fans who listen to Hank like it? Will the Nashville critics? I can remember them giving Leann Rimes crap because she didn’t want to move to Nashville. Yeah, you read me. She didn’t MOVE, so they trashed her.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @delorb, actually, I believe the target audience to be diehard moviegoers who’ll spread the word and bring in other moviegoers. Targeting just country music fans, especially today’s country music fans, is a niche audience that would backfire. It definitely would turn me off.

    • Janeite says:

      Icerose, I agree with you. There will always be some gnashing of teeth because that’s just what some folks like to do. But if the end result is a good one, everyone will be okay with it.

    • pru says:

      I sometimes think that casting info is released too early and doesn’t always help PR. There is no reason to start negative reactions before a movie even starts shooting (I’m thinking specifically of “Superman v. Batman”). In this case, I’m hoping any concern for TH being cast is just because a HW fanbase is unfamiliar with TH’s abilities. Any positive buzz he gets from any of his other projects may calm the concern.

  16. Intro Outro says:

    I went and listened to Tommy’s singing voice on the Pirate Fairy and was actually pleasantly surprised – perhaps because I expected something much more horrendous? :D Anyway, he climbed pretty high there for someone whose natural voice is a lyric baritone (I think) and I didn’t hear any false notes. Nothing outstanding but nothing criminal either. If he does his homework on the role and gets some additional vocal lessons – I think he can pull it off.

    • joe spider says:

      He’s been taking both singing and guitar lessons apparently.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      And they can do lots of things with voices in the studio. I was listening to “I’m so lonesome I could cry” this morning, both a studio recording and a live recording and Williams himself missed notes all over the place and still sounded great. It’s the character in the voice that matters. Tom can also play the guitar so he won’t have to learn how to hold one and pretend to be playing.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      As for singing in Pirate Fairy, he had one verse in an ensemble piece, that’s it, and it did not call for a polished singing voice – they were supposed to be plunder-crazed pirates – and some voices were better than his and others were far worse, because they were a band of cartoon pirates. So, I don’t get what all the moaning is about. He has an untrained voice. Some vocal training and his ability to mimic and he should be fine.

  17. blue marie says:

    Hmm, interesting decision. Wonder if he’ll be able to pull off the country twang of Williams?

  18. AG-UK says:

    I think he will do a pretty good American accent. Also love love Hank Williams REAL country western none of this new I want to cross over to pop music types. I hope it’s good…

  19. PunkyMomma says:

    Hiddles is going to nail this part. He’s a terrific actor, a wonderful chameleon of sorts and totally up to the role.

  20. Altariel says:

    Hank Williams was a songwriting genius, obviously. We’re lucky he got to give the world as much of his music as he did. But he had a very tragic story too…. died so young, addicted to pain killers…I think Tom can pull that part off ;)

    Yes, I love Tom, but I wont blindly say he’s perfect for the role… we are talking an all-american southerner part here…. We’ll only know when we see the final product. I’m rooting for him!

  21. MissMary says:

    I’m not too worried about his Southern accent (there’s some great youtube clips of him performing with one and it’s not bad, and I say that as a Southerner lol) but he’s going to need to work on singing. HW had a distinct style that’s hard to match. My grandpa listened to him aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time, lol, and I remember the climbs and pitch changes vividly.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Agreed. I’m from the American South too. There’s going to be some resistance about a Brit doing Hank Williams. Vivien Leigh knocked it out of the park with “Gone With The Wind” (by the standards of those days) but if Hiddleston comes off as a caricature of Hank Williams the critics and social media will rip him a new one.

      • Evie says:

        You’re absolutely right @Aquarius64 – Vivien Leigh won over American critics and audiences who were aghast at an English lass playing Scarlett O’Hara. And Tennessee Williams said she was everything and more that he envisioned Blanche DuBois should be in Streetcar Named Desire. Ironically, her biggest detractor was the English critic Kenneth Tynan, though he revised his opinion after her death. Now I don’t expect I Saw the Light to be an Epic of “Gone with the Wind” or “Streetcar Named Desire” proportions but nonetheless, if done well, it can definitely boost Hiddleston’s career. Actors always take a risk when playing an icon. I still can’t believe Lindsay Lohan was cast to play Elizabeth Taylor, eek! I expect TH should acquit himself well in the role. I’m reserving judgment about the singing parts though, cynic that I am, LOL!

      • Isadora says:

        If he fails (and I severely hope he won’t!!) I think his Marvel fame will help cushion the fall. Because the die-hard country fanbase is probably not his Loki fanbase. The younger fangirls might not even know Hank Williams, esp. the ones from other continents (I’m not sure how well known Hank Williams is in Asia, however Marvel is huge there). So he won’t be out of fans or out of jobs (esp. with Thor 3).

        However that’s a worst case scenario and as of yet he hasn’t disappointed in anything.

      • Kate2 says:

        Tom definitely looks the part and I think he’ll nail the accent. As others have said, he’s a very good impressionist and keep in mind how many Brits are playing Southerners on TV these days. Look at The Walking Dead. I didn’t even know Andrew Lincoln was a Brit until I heard an interview! I think the accent will be relatively easy for him.

        It all comes down to the singing for Tom. The movie itself is a whole different story. Hopefully the other elements are strong.

  22. Vic says:

    I see an oscar in his future for this one. I think he’ll do a great job and am excited to see it.

    • feebee says:

      Can you imagine his Oscar campaign :)

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Maybe not an Oscar win but probably a nomination. He has a lot of support in the acting voting category.

    • Kate2 says:

      Whoa, lets not get ahead of ourselves. I’m totally rooting for TH to nail this but we don’t know for sure that he will (I think the chances are good though), and we don’t know that the movie overall won’t suck, which would certainly hurt any chance at even a nomination. Lots of things can happen between now and release. I don’t think he should clear space on his shelf or get his Oscar campaign pants pressed quite yet.

      But yes, an Oscar campaign would be hilarious, however I would worry that I’d be sick of him by the end of it, lol.

      • Intro Outro says:

        But you don’t really have to follow ALL of it if it happens ;)

        I’m very selective with Hiddles vids and interviews, by the way. I would even say restrictive lol. Imo too much Hiddles can be quite overwhelming and pretty quickly result in an overdose.

      • Kate2 says:

        @Intro – “Imo too much Hiddles can be quite overwhelming and pretty quickly result in an overdose.”

        I should do that. When my Hiddles crush first developed waaaay back in April (ha ha) I added a whole bunch (like 45) you tube vids of his interviews and such to my newly created “Hiddleston” list on my page. I haven’t watched any of them in like a month because it was total overdose. And so not healthy, lol! I feared I was heading down Obsessive Fangirl Road. So yeah, I’ve posed restrictions on myself.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I was reading some of the comments from Deadline yesterday when it was posted & from what I gather this is the directors second film but his first film was a flop. And this film hasn’t even gone into production yet. Come October, he may be in Louisiana or he may have dropped out. This film could be a hit or Hiddles first flop (it is going to happen at some point) so lets not start the Oscar stuff.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I agree, @M.A.F. The director is currently my biggest concern. I hope his passion for the topic will make up for his inexperience though, and I do hope Hiddles will not drop out of it. Between all of his currently rumoured projects I’d take I Saw the Light over the others anytime. It’s risky – but it’s also something new and challenging. And potentially very interesting.

      • Doraisa says:

        Yeah, I agree with you. I Saw the Light could be great if it turns out well, but please no Oscar talk already. SO many things can go wrong in the meantime. And even if everything happens the way it should and is stellar, we all know that the Oscars are not solely about quality.

        But IF he embarks on a campaign.. bring it on, I’m fearless. I think I’ve watched nearly every single Hiddles video on the net, I have callused skin by now.

    • pru says:

      I agree that it is WAY too early for Oscar talk.
      I will admit to already being a bit excited about the press tour for this film. I imagine the amount of singing and dancing he will do will be EPIC!

  23. FW says:

    So when I read the news this morning, the first thing came to my mind is the southern accent. Since English is not my first language, I can’t tell if his accent in Kingdom of Earth was good or not. It sounded like southern?

    I’ve been listening to Hank Williams’ songs all day. Although I’m not a big fan of Tom’s singing, I think he can pull off Williams’ songs. They don’t demand a wide vocal range which is something Tom obviously lacks~

    Sadly, no catwalk Tom this Sunday…

  24. Angel May says:

    IMO he can absolutely pull this role off. It sounds Oscar-baity and I’m all for it.

    As for the fandom freakout, in some of their minds he’s gone from Disney Prince to Marquis de Sade. Tom does attract some tortured souls, in contrast to Cumbys fandom which seems all in good fun.

  25. Abby_J says:

    Oh no….We love Hank Williams! I am sure he will do the part justice, but the singing…..Ugh. I have never been impressed with my sweet Tommy’s signing voice. I don’t get embarrassed for him because of dancing, I get embarrassed when he sings!

    Yikes! I will think happy thoughts, though. Wonder if we will get to see him visiting the Grand Ole Opry, dancing on CMT and in a well fitting tux with a cowboy hat on for the various country music awards? This could be FUN!

  26. A.Key says:

    I’m so surprised by this. I get the casting looks-wise, and Tom’s a good actor, but still, I can’t imagine him as a singing country legend.
    But you know what, prove me wrong Thomas! Good luck!

  27. Hello Kitty says:


    It seems like random casting but I’ll give it a shot. I had my doubts when Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman but she killed it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go the other end of the casting spectrum e.g. Denise Richards as a nuclear physisist Bond girl.

  28. K.B. says:

    Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me. Why not just cast Lindsay Lohan as Audrey, too? Maybe that werewolf kid from Twilight can play Hank, Jr.

  29. Marianne says:

    He’s played F.Scott Fitzgerald, so its not like he hasn’t played and American before.

    My only problem is I do not care about country music at all. So, can’t say Im excited to see it.

  30. MexicanMonkey says:

    Well, it seems like he can do a southern accent, I’m sure it’ll get better once he works with some professionals as well.
    I am seriously looking forward to cowboy boots and hats, YUM!

  31. joe spider says:

    What’s the weather like in Louisiana in October – will he need his black cardie?

  32. Princess says:

    I’m not sure about this, sounds like a tough gig but Tom doesn’t seem afraid of hard work or of doing lots of prep so he could pull it off maybe.

    Re Tahitigate I actually think there wouldn’t have been all this speculation and drama if TH & JA hadn’t played the games they did. No one even spotted her with him till the airport/holiday. That’s suspect if you’re in a relationship. That’s some serious commitment to not be seen with a woman! She obviously didn’t mind being linked to him hence all the twitter shenanigans.

    I like/crush on plenty of actors who are in relationships/married and that’s never affected whether I support their work or not and I suspect most people are the same but what annoyed people I think is all the fanbaiting and the secrecy. He just doesn’t come across as real as some other actors do. Hopefully he’ll feel like he can be himself now.

    Oh and staying away from the fashion show – definitely to avoid any drama!

  33. Leah says:

    Williams life was a Shakespearean tragedy. He was also known as the “Hillbilly Shakespeare”. I wonder what attracted Hiddles to the role? LOL.

    The physical resemblance is certainly there. And Tom is a very good actor and mimic. As far as singing goes, Hank Williams was not a technically good singer and quite unpolished as other people have pointed out. He would never get played on regular country radio now. But he was distinctive and packs one hell of an emotional punch. That is going to be tough for Tom to pull off so God bless him!

  34. Lilacflowers says:

    So many posts so soon after this thread started. And I’m going to miss all the fun while I’m at work. Have a great day, ladies!

  35. Evie says:

    Lookswise he can pull it off. He and Hank Williams have the same build, facial structure and thin lips. Hiddleston is a solid actor and great at playing tortured characters. He’s been good at accents although frankly I thought his American accent as F.Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris was a bit dodgy — if you listen carefully he kept switching it. But the singing, Ach! Sorry folks, he’s no singer.

  36. Mandy says:

    I think this is interesting. I’m looking forward to this!

  37. Browniecakes says:

    Finally a role where he looks just like the character.

  38. Syko says:

    They did a biopic of Hank Williams in 1964, starring George Hamilton, called “Your Cheating Heart”. He carried it off okay. Sometimes people surprise you in these rolls. Who’d have thought of Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn, or Jessica Lange as Patsy Cline? If I remember right, Spacek took home an oscar for that part.

    I’m old enough to remember Hank Williams well, in fact my mom had bought tickets to see him live and I was excited about that, but he died 3 days before he was scheduled to appear in our town. He didn’t have a great voice, certainly was not good looking, and his songs were very simple (I learned that when I took guitar lessons and found that his music was the easiest to play), but he had the tears in his voice and had a crappy enough life that you knew he’d lived everything he sang about.

    • Christin says:

      His daughter (who fought for years to be recognized) was born five days after his death. He died in the back of a Cadillac somewhere between Knoxville and a town in West Virginia that lonely January night. I live along that route and there are places that eerily claim to be his last meal, etc.

      I really like the beautiful simplicity of his songs and wonder how many more he might have written.

      • Syko says:

        Oh, I like them too. I wasn’t being critical, there is an enormous beauty in simplicity and in revealing your soul. It’s kind of sad that people are still trying to make money off the tragedy of his death. But I suppose that’s how it is for a legend.

      • Christin says:

        I understand and agree. I feel the same way about Cash — not a great voice but more the feeling put into it.

        It’s nice to know several posters know Hank and his work. And to have had tickets to a show….that is an amazing memory to have of that time. This is sort of off subject, but I think a British actor can pull off a Southern accent. Supposedly some of the regional accents trace back to British or Scottish-Irish ancestry that is common in the South.

  39. Kelly says:

    Yippee! I can really see him in this kind of part.

  40. Browniecakes says:

    After all the shade thrown on the Pirate Fairy gig, it may be just the thing that got him THIS lead role. He did also sing in The Deep Blue Sea. (And chewed the scenery like it was made by Wrigley’s.)

  41. Ava says:

    I think this is a great choice on the part of TH. It is a different role, he is the lead and it will open him up to a whole new audience! If his coriolanus performance was any indication he will work hard to get the part right. Glad you guys are keeping it a “good” thread. I’m glad to have something real to talk about. What do you guys think about his choice with high rise?

  42. JulK says:

    Gutsy move from him. I am not sure I how I feel about it.
    I think if he gets it right, it would be phenomenal for his career. It is the kind of thing that gets recognition from his peers and even if the movie is crap, they tend to recognize the effort. May even lead to nominations. However, if he is ever so slightly not brilliant.. they will crucify him.
    In any case: “The world belongs to the brave” so I am happy to see him taking risks. It has worked wonders for Fassbender so maybe he can replicate the effort.

    I guess if he doesn’t attend the gala, we will have to wait for Wimbledon for some new pics?? Nice to see him back on twitter again. For a moment, I though he would delete his account or just no longer care much.

  43. Ellen says:

    I hope they put his voice through a synthesizer becaus he hasn’t really got much of a singing voice.
    I don’t think this would get an Oscar nod unless they sign up some well known stars as well.

  44. Ellen says:

    Girlfriend/FWB thing. He shouldn’t of said anything in the first place, she shouldn’t of acted like an over enthusiastic fangirl and fanbaiter.
    What’s done is done and if they’re in a relationship good luck to them because by the look of it it’s not very healthy.

    • Roberta says:

      I agree. I have a feeling it won’t end well whatever the arrangement (based on both their behaviours). But hey who cares its their business.

    • joe spider says:

      Well there isn’t much concrete to be looked at to be honest. Most of it is the overhyped imaginations of sad fangirls. He isn’t obliged to expand on his private life. He’s made a couple of awkward responses (one re Susannah and one last year) and mountains of sand are being built.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Indeed. Nothing more to add, except the fact that fans seem to see conspiracies everywhere. As if everything TH does somehow revolves around the fans: so he’s either going out of his way to hide his private life from fans (MI5 style!! lol), or he’s doing things in response to fandom gossip, or he’s deliberately leaking info about his private life, or he’s going to make announcements about his relationship status to fans etc. etc. I don’t think so. He just does stuff I expect.

    • mena says:

      From a career perspective, I’ve been wondering what the best PR course of action would be.

      When the story first hit – right after the restaurant photo surfaced – I thought Tom’s PR had been lazy about this. Clearly Tom & Jane have been dating all along, so why be so weird & adamant about denying it after Wimbledon? I thought Tom’s PR had been too passive & was just reacting to fan opinion instead of being pro-active & directing the conversation in a positive direction.

      But now, after last few totally FUBAR days, I’m not sure WTH a PR company could have done to stop whatever the hell happened.

      There must be a precedent somewhere. I mean, Tom is not the first to deal with fans like this. How did guys like RPatz or Orlando Bloom deal?

      • Isadora says:

        My opinion? The best PR route is the one they took – just ignore EVERYTHING regarding his private life and get the news about his job out there. A lot of people who wouldn’t be that interested in his private life started to talk about Tahitigate because they were bored (also here on celebitchy) but now you can talk about Hank Williams and High-Rise is also starting soon.

      • mena says:

        I just wonder if any of the backlash could’ve been avoided if Tom had just handled the PR better in the first place.

        The PR Tom did after he & Jane were outed at Wimbledon seemed mean to me. The ‘nothing to write home about’ was a big slam. Back then, it looked like Tom was doing more to distance himself from Jane than Benedict Cumberbatch did to that Russian model.

        Then it comes out that Tom & Jane have been dating all along. Besides their relationship looking weird, Tom ends up looking like he’s not the forthright guy people had thought.

        I dunno. I just think his PR team could’ve done a better job.

        All that said, I’m a little scared about the singing but I’m looking forward to Tom taking on Hank Williams. I just hope it won’t woobify Tom any more than he already is.

      • Portia says:

        To be fair, the only real PR disaster was the glaring lack of work Tom had been having since OLLA and Thor2. His dating life doesn’t seem that big of an issue unless he was caught in some scandal. Sure, he got spotted with a lady getting cozy on his arm at Wimbledon and there was some hooha but from a career PR perspective, his dating life has nothing to do with him landing a job. There was no need for his PR to address the Bora Bora picture of him and Jane since it was a fan photo and hardly an incriminating one that could damage his career.

        I’m sure his PR people probably just rolled their eyes and told Tom to get a move on with filling up his CV instead. Which he did so hurray! I’m so happy he’s got High Rise and I Saw the Light lined up!

      • jammypants says:

        Portia, do you mean before Thor 2 and OLLA? Because after those two releases, he went right into Coriolanus, Crimson Peak, soon to do High Rise, then right after I Saw the Light. But yes, a glaring lack of work before those two films for sure.

      • Portia says:


        Oh, sorry, I should’ve been clearer!

        I meant the actual work on Thor2 and OLLA, not the release dates of the films themselves.

        He filmed OLLA in July 2012 and Thor2 around fall/ winter of 2012. After that, he had the Capa film lined up for summer 2013 but it fell through. It wasn’t until during the TDW tour that word came out about him replacing Benedict Cumberbatch in Crimson Peak and rehearsals for Coriolanus started after the TDW tour.
        So for a large chunk of 2013, he was trying to find work but , nothing really came his way until the end of the year (Pirate Fairy & Muppet cameo notwithstanding). I remember most of his fans were worried because it was glaringly obvious that he was jobless for most of 2013 which means he had nothing good coming his way during 2012.
        I hope that makes sense…

      • jammypants says:

        ah I see what you mean. I feel for the guy. It really makes me feel that Marvel really did eat up most of his time and contributed to his lack of opportunities.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I gathered that the “problem” was that he didn’t say anything at all, not that he didn’t say anything in the first place. I confess that I lack the ability to determine whether a relationship is healthy or not by looking at somebody’s Twitter page. Personally, I hate when people announce dating relationships as part of their PR. There is no need for it and it is nobody’s business. Far better to remain silent. Also, from a legal perspective, far better for celebrities to remain silent because going public with anything other than an engagement or marriage changes something private into something “public” and subject to different defamation laws – you remove your partner’s legal protections by making it public. Finally, it is none of my business who he dates or bangs. I wish him and whoever he is with happiness.

    • Nighty says:

      Let’s all leave the man alone, I was shocked at first, since after Wimbledon ha never heard of her again except here.. but she’s pretty… And if they are together, good for them… whatever relationship they have…

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:

        I don’t think people here are bothered much by anything coming out of it. It is even funny to watch the fangirls meltdown, to be honest.

        The only thing I would be annoyed about (as a fan) is if he is trying to hide that after he denied any involvement last year. I was a ‘hidden’ girlfriend once (a guy who was ashamed to introduce girls to his parents/siblings until he was ready for engagement) and I was shovelled under a table whilst eating an icecream… Honestly, I found that the most disrespecteful and stupid thing to do to a woman. He got dumped after the accident, of course.

      • joe spider says:

        Wonder if that Elle interview was actually done before Wimbledon?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @joe spider, the Elle interview was done around the same time or shortly after at which point they probably had only started dating. Being a monthly magazine, Elle lines up its content several months before release and publication. So an interview released in October, probably occurred in July or early August at the latest. IMHO, a few dates is way too early for anyone to be declaring him or herself no longer “single.” If any guy I had dated just a few times had the controlling presumption of telling anyone that we were in a serious relationship that early in (as some people seem to think TH should have done), I would have immediately ended it and changed all my contact information and if he persisted in trying to contact me, slapped a restraining order on him.

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        Restraining orders are not so easy to obtain in UK, even for domestic violence victims…. And to get a restraining order against a celebrity would be even more impossible lol

  45. Duri says:

    Tom is an interesting choice for the role and let’s see how well he can pull it off. But his singing is not all that great so I am a bit anxious about that.

    Also I was wondering are any of Tom”s close friends (not from the industry but like his normal friends) are on social media?? Or like anyone even know’s their names?

    It’s just strange because celebs I follow like Benedict or Rihanna have friends whose names I know but for Tom I don’t know anyone’s name in particular except say Jane Arthy (but she isn’t his friend really).

    • 'P'enny says:


      I gather from his long list of follows it’s industry focused, and the only friends who are in that list are one’s he has publicly acknowledge and are in entertainment business. Like, Cat Deeley and John Macmillan. I can’t see him following any non-public people except fan sites.

      He has a cousin who is very active on twitter but he doesn’t follow him or vice versa. I’m not mentioning any names, because it has been successfully kept quiet on both sides and I only worked it after a bored afternoon digging around.

      • Duri says:

        oh yes how did I forget John Macmillan, they went to Iron Man 3 premiere together. Oh it’s ok i don’t care about the cousin if they aren’t on talking terms lol. Thank for the info Penny so I guess he hasn’t really mentioned any childhood friends so far.

      • Ellen says:

        @ ‘p’enny what about that Eden girl or that man he used to talk to in the early days? Does his cousin use his real name? I think I know who you’re talking about too.
        Tom can be quite odd at times. He’s never even followed his sisters boyfriend or elder sister but he did at one time followed she who shall not be named.

      • 'p'enny says:


        yes, he uses his real name. But no one on the hiddles twitter-verse follows him. No one. so i am reluctant to release the name.

        His sister’s husband and Sarah are on twitter but they don’t update.

        He also has cousins on Facebook, one in particular a woman, is very open! but he doesn’t follow her. She follows him :-p

      • icerose says:

        Tom talks about good friends who keep him grounded but never mentions names which makes sense, Twitter for me is all about films. publicity etc and I have very few friends on their. But to be honest being on twitter is like having a conversation with he back door open so I would never use it fir more intimate communications and Tom I am sure knows better than to use it for personal conversations. He once had an old au pair contact him and he was really friendly until she started to release personal details and then he cut it dead.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @’P'enny-do you work for the CIA?! LOL How do you know his older sister’s husbands name & his cousins?! You make me laugh. ;)

      • 'p'enny says:


        just call me Bond, James Bond.

        No. LOL. it’s all through Google/Facebook/Twitter just follow the breadcrumbs.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @’p'enny-see that is thing. I do but then I get lost and I just start to eat the breadcrumbs. LOL

    • Doraisa says:

      His twitter account is part of his business. It always was a PR thing and started when he got known (unlike other social media stuff like myspace or facebook where he was prior to his fame) so I think it’s natural that he doesn’t mix his normal friends with this.

      I mean, I’m a total peasant, but even my own twitter account is only there to follow a bunch of famous people. My friends have my phone number which is so much more convenient than twitter. ;-)

  46. tubular_trekkie says:

    Interesting. Looks like it would be a challenge acting wise and I don’t doubt that TH will give it his all. He’s probably got the talent to pull it off as well. Not that sure about the singing side though and personally, country music star biopics are not really my cup of tea. Oh well.

    As for the tumblr/’fandom’ lunacy. Eh. It just looks to me like wild conspiracy theories and out-of-control speculation that amounts to little more than a lot of lurid fanfic. People claiming they know what’s going on in his personal life on the basis of a fan photo and (presumably) a bit of twitter snooping. Oh well again.

  47. joe spider says:

    Don’t know how twitter works, but can you block conversations on it, because this looks to be what Tom has done recently?

  48. I Choose Me says:

    Oh my. I’m all a tingle at this news. Tom in cowboy boots, with the hat and bolo tie and jeans. Yes please. Not very familiar with Hank Williams or his music but I know Tom will give it his all.

  49. Kate2 says:

    Its probably selfish of me but I almost don’t want him to become this big famous guy. I like that he’s not well known overall. Not fair I know and I certainly wish him all the best in his career but I just have this weird desire for him to remain more or less on the down low.

    • joe spider says:

      As long as he gets steady work which he enjoys, in films and in theatre, that will be great.

      It’s interesting that he sold up and went to LA after he got an US agent, but after Thor he came back and bought a house in London.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Well, you might figure that while Fassbender has been in some high profile movies & now has an Oscar nomination, I still don’t think he is while known either.

      • Doraisa says:

        I think Fassbender is one of those actors that shine through constant good work and not Hollywood glamour – and that’s the best kind of career if you ask me and it will give him roles even when he gets older. I guess it helps that he lives in London. Some other actors obviously think he’s doing well because I remember an interview with Daniel Radcliffe where he that he and a friend of him always do the “Fassbender test” – they ask themselves “would Fassbender do it?” when they are unsure about a career move or role. *lol*

        I hope Hiddles walks the same road as other great Brits.. like Gary Oldman or Alan Rickman and others.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I think Fassbender falls under the “actors actor” category. He really is great to watch. And I think it helps too that he has look different in every project he has done. I think Hiddleston is starting to follow that path and if he continues, I think his career will be amazing.

    • delorb says:


      Down low doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means. You do NOT want Tom be on the down low. Just sayin. LOL

      • Kate2 says:


        Really? I just meant that I want him to maintain a lower profile, I guess I’ve been misinterpreting it all these years… lol

      • delorb says:

        LOL Yeah, it doesn’t quite mean that. It means someone who is leading a double life that they don’t want people to know about. Married man (or seemingly straight man) who has a gay lover on the side is where it initially came from.

      • Sighs says:

        Delorb, I’m sure that’s the origin (I believe specifically in the black community), but a lot of people use it as a general term to mean doing something secretive, usually not morally or legally. Of course, I’m not sure if that is quite what Kate
        2 meant anyway…

      • delorb says:


        Yeah, but so many people use it to describe someone who just isn’t putting their business in the street, and that’s not what it means. Being secretive about dating a woman because you don’t want the media scrutiny is not the same as being secretive about dating a woman because you don’t want your husband to know. People misappropriate black slang often, but it still doesn’t make it right. I also have a problem with people who aren’t in a gang, who flash gang signs. Tacky. LOL

  50. Chef Grace says:

    I live in S E Texas about a 4 hour drive from Louisiana, and having family in Shreveport I can say the weather in October is still muggy and warm. But I bet that black cardi gets worn no matter the temps. LOL And no I will NOT travel to see the madness.
    I did cringe when I first read he was playing Hank Williams. But then i figured it could have been worse, It could have been Channing Tatum in the role. I guess his inner T Hiddy is having a joygasm getting to fulfill his dream of a singing role while wearing jeans and tees.
    Oh well back to lurking in the shadows and enjoying all of the fun here! Kinda shy.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      May I ask where everyone is finding the filming locations and dates? I’ve missed it somehow.

    • MissMary says:

      *fellow SE Texan fist bump for Chef Grace*

      I’ve lived here my whole life and every October, I hope we’ll have actual autumn, lol. I went to LSU for school and knew better than to hope, but still I did, and was always disappointed.

      He could feasibly wear the cardi but he’d get real sweaty real fast. Some nights it *can* get nippy in October, but not really sweater or coat levels of nippy.

  51. M.A.F. says:

    I don’t know. On one hand it is great that he has another project lined up for this year. This is now his third film he will be shooting so next year we get him three times on our screens. But on the other hand, while I don’t doubt he can pull off the acting, he isn’t that great of a singer. Maybe they will pull a Natalie Wood and allow him to sing on set then over dub his voice in post w/either Williams actual voice or another train singer.

    As for the other thing. I highly doubt these two are married. Those in healthy relationships don’t hide them. And since that picture has come out, there have been several “developments”. The woman who original posted the photo has since changed the caption, a certain someone took down her Twitter account, a Tumblr site that has remain dormant & has started up again letting fans vent has grown into such an ugly monster that I think my head exploded 5x on Monday then another 5x on Tuesday with some of the stuff people were saying.
    And now it seems he might not attend the fashion show, which I’m going to be sad about on Sunday if that is true, I needed some type of distraction in between the World Cup & the Game of Thrones finale (there better be post about, one where we can compare it to the books because darn it! I have a feeling…)

    • Kate2 says:

      Good points on everything M.A.F. And I agree on all of it.

      What did the restaurant person change the caption to? I don’t want to go back to look. I did notice today that JA took her Twitter down but couldn’t figure out why she would have done that, other than avoiding harassment (although after Wimbeldon and the fanbaiting over the last year you’d think she’d be used to it). If you want to really get crazy and start projecting then you could say that she deleted it ahead of a major announcement. But I wouldn’t do that… ;) Won’t go on the tumblr site so I don’t know what was being said but I doubt much, if any of it is true. Not sure what the tumblr site would mean to dispute these two being married, though.

      Who knows what any of it means, if anything. Fun to guess though, tee hee.

      Oh, and I’m dying for the GoT finale. Do I see dragons in King’s Landing????

      • Intro Outro says:

        It seems that that FB post has been made private but prior to that the caption had been changed to something like “The actor who played Thor’s brother Loki came to our restaurant”. I also gathered from the original convo under the original photo that the restaurant worker is a fan of Hemsworth and knows nothing at all about Hiddleston or his current career.

        *looks at the previous 185 comments* So far we’ve been very reasonable. Lets not get this thread locked down, ladies, shall we? There’s been enough nastiness already. I sincerely hope we’ll all stay positive and respectful.

      • M.A.F. says:

        GOT-No dragons at Kings Landing, not yet anyhow. But if they include the Epilogue from book three…oh Lord, hold on to your hats folks.

        As for her Twitter, who knows. As you said, she had it public for a year but from what I gather she had started to clean it up, took down the non-professional stuff but then eventually just closed it (girl was trolling the fan base hardcore).

        That Tumblr site went from people analyzing the photo and their ‘relationship’ to uncharted waters of God knows what. I’m sure 1% of what is being said is true while the others is just fanfiction and/or women out for revenge (either on each other or out for him). It is just a mess.

      • Janeite says:

        I think that Tumblr site is just a lot of absurd speculation at this point. The cover of full anonymity allows people to indulge in their wildest, most mean-spirited theories, and that is why I would take anything said there with the largest grain of salt ever.

      • Doraisa says:

        Let’s just ignore the crazy tumblr. Big time. Even negative comments will vent the interest and that’s the only reason why it’s there – someone needs the attention.

      • icerose says:

        Intro Outro I totally agree-lets keep to what we know and sprinkle our speculation with humour not unnecessary nastiness.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Any restaurant worker I know who did something like that, and I do know some who have waited on some major celebrities, would expect to receive serious discipline from their employers. Yes, restaurants take pictures of celebrities who visit but those pictures generally go no further than the wall of the restaurant. I’ve been in restaurants where the servers have had to deny the presence of a celebrity, even when the person was visible to one and all. Such behavior is just not acceptable in the hospitality industry and I expect the worker’s FB page was changed because he/she breached the restaurant’s rules, not some big PR wipe-clean conspiracy.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kate2, the dragons aren’t trained for a rider yet so they probably won’t be heading to King’s Landing soon. They’re really needed at the Wall, which is where they initially helped the ancient Targaryens conquer Westeros.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      @ M.A.F – I can’t see Tom marrying anywhere without his family being present. Certainly his sisters as he is very close to them still. Although the twitter account removal could be a sign that things have stepped up and needs to be more private?? I really don’t know how these things work as I keep my technological presence minimized (i.e. don’t have myself slathered all over the internet! This site is my one and only foray besides my email address!). I can only imagine what that tumblr site is talking about. God I feel sorry for any female he chooses to publically go out with. She’s going to be crucified.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Agree with you on the family. He has kept his whole family rather private & the way he talks about his mother & sisters, I can’t see him getting married w/o them (unless he told them in advance they were going to elope-which I don’t think this is the case either) .
        And I’m w/you on the technology. I only have a Facebook account which is I keep private (I’m a teacher) but my understanding is that Twitter can too be kept private.

      • Ellen says:

        Luke never followed JA on twitter. It’s not a healthy relationship – Both is disrespecting the other. Like I said I wish them well if they are in one.
        I agree with @princess. He started the fire. No he doesn’t need to pull a front page that he has a GF but equally he shouldn’t hide her either.

      • Doraisa says:

        Let’s be honest we have no idea about the whole relationship. Therefore we can hardly say if it’s “healthy” or not. To say so because his publicist doesn’t follow her on twitter is quite a stretch, to put it mildly.

        I’m sure if he has a GF he doesn’t hide her from his friends and family – like any other sane boyfriend. What he hides and shows the fangirls is another matter entirely. You can’t really compare this.

  52. jammypants says:

    Kaiser hit it on the mark. Although I think by now, most people have calmed down.

  53. LoveyDovey says:

    So thrilled for Tom. He can do this, and I can’t wait.

    But…I need a new posh boyfriend. Anybody got anything on Harry Lloyd? I’ve spent the past few days looking at piccies and watching interviews. He purty. (He also has that affable “I’m probably a stuck up bastard but you’d never know it” thing going on that all the other posh boys have.) I want him.

    • Intro Outro says:

      By the way, I wonder if Tom’s planning to read ALL of those books while prepping for High Rise O_O That’s some dedication.

    • Portia says:

      I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that picture. When he posted the shot from I Saw the Light, I thought , “Er…T-dawg what happened to High Rise?”

      Question though. Are all those books related to High Rise? Or are they just all of the books JG Ballard has ever written? I haven’t read High Rise or any of JG Ballard’s works, tbh, but I thought I read some posters on here saying that High Rise is a small quick read and not a very lengthy book.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I looked at the photo again and it seems those books Ballard has written.

      • Isadora says:

        That’s part of the Ballard oevre! I haven’t read anything by him but I’m kinda familiar with The Drowned/Burning/Crystal World as I once read a paper about weather and climate in Ballard’s novels. It sounded pretty interesting!

        Tom’s books are in that order (as far as I can see): High-Rise (1975), Concrete Island (1974), Cocaine Nights (1996), Rushing to Paradise (1994), The Atrocity Exhibition (short stories, 1969), The Drowned World (1962), The Crystal World (1966), Millennium People (2003), Super-Cannes (2000), Miracles of Life (autobiography, 2008), The Complete Short Stories Volume 2 (2006)

      • Portia says:

        Oh I see. Thanks, M.A.F.!

        Wow, is he going to read all of Ballard’s books? O_o Damn Thomas! No one can say the man is not dedicated to his craft.

  54. joe spider says:

    Check Jim Beaver’s twitter account:

    Jim Beaver @jumblejim · 17h
    Wow, young brother. … @twhiddleston

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. :)

  55. Dara says:

    I knew the minute the news hit I was going to miss all the fun! I had early morning meetings and just now broke free (sometimes being gainfully employed is s-o-o-o inconvenient).

    This sounds like a great project – not too familiar with Hank and his life, but Tom has the look and can definitely pull off the dark and tragic without breaking a sweat. I’m not really even worried about the singing – I get the feeling if he sings in character it may actually turn out better than his own singing voice. Still, I’m picturing voice coaches on his speed dial.

    As for the other, um “news” – my best guess is a major assumption on the part of the waitress and the language barrier have contributed to all sorts of angst and drama for no real reason, but I’m fully prepared to be wrong. The interesting question is why on earth would JA delete her twitter account? She was using that account to promo her music clients right? Why delete it entirely when virtually none of the Tumblr crap was leaking over into twitter (that I saw anyway). Here’s a helpful hint – just ignore the damn thing, don’t do anything that the lurkers can latch on to, especially something so drastic as a complete delete. What’s that saying, “don’t feed the trolls”… or is that her style?

    BTW – that Tumblr and LA nonsense was fun to watch for a while, but it has taken a crazy, mean, and twisted turn to the bizarre. It’s definitely more fun over here (maybe no less crazy, but I certainly don’t question anyone’s grip on reality, like I have been in certain other dark corners of the internet). Thanks y’all.

    • Lindy79 says:

      That’s what I don’t get, if, as it seems, she used it for work, not really personal stuff why delete it. Anyhoo…he’s got some really interesting stuff coming up, looking forward to seeing it!

      I’m scared to check Tumblr (not even sure how I would to be honest, I follow some Cumberbatch, GoT and Walking Dead pages/blogs/whateverthey’recalled, never post anything and haven’t a clue how the damn thing works).
      I remember seeing some stuff about his ex GF about 2 years ago on a page and was shocked. I’m guilty of speculating on here, I hope I never cross a line and if I do someone calls me on it.

      • Dara says:

        Lindy, I’m with you – I am in the shallow end of the Tumblr pool and after the events if the last week have no desire to go further. I naively followed a link from one of the sane Hiddles and now I find myself googling ‘where to buy brain bleach’ in my free moments.

      • Kate2 says:

        Nothing wrong with speculating Lindy. I have to admit its all very strange the way they’ve gone about all this. But if you start saying Tom is a coke-snorting, puppy-kicking, goat-f***ing Satanist in his spare time, I’ll be sure to call you out. ;)

        Oh, and after thinking about it, I’ve realized it could be that her work told her to delete her twitter. With all the shenanigans happening there they may have just had enough and told her to find another way to promote her acts. She doesn’t work for herself, does she? She was using it for personal (clearly with all her follows) and professional so they may not have wanted to be linked to the fangirl craziness (both hers and the ones who tweeted to her).

      • A.Key says:

        “But if you start saying Tom is a coke-snorting, puppy-kicking, goat-f***ing Satanist in his spare time, I’ll be sure to call you out.”

        picturing him doing that all at the same time literally made me laugh. out. loud. brilliant

    • icerose says:

      yup -it has gone into the realms of crazy fabrication and stalkers but is really only a small proportion of the fandom and a few people making mischief. When someone becomes certain anon is actually Tom it starts to feel like maybe they need a reality check .

      • Ava says:

        I agree 100 percent. Don’t even go there… One of my favorite quotes is from the film 9mm “dance with the devil, devil don’t change he changes you….”

      • Nighty says:

        icerose didn’t understand your comment: When someone becomes certain anon is actually Tom it starts to feel like maybe they need a reality check .

        Could you explain it better??

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        I guess she meant that some posters believe that an anonymous nick could cover TH who bothered to comment… They need a reality check because you must be totally insane to think that any movie star has any spare time to post on any online discussions/threads (I don’t have time to post much either and I don’t even work atm, figure that…).

      • icerose says:

        Nighty On one tumblir account I read, the person who runs it was convinced that Tom was one of the people posting on her sight as anon. But 2 days later she is saying he has seen the blog and when asked how she new he has she said it was a reliable source., Either she is just taking the on some mind altering drugs or is prone to flights of fancy.

    • Kate2 says:

      My only point has always been that while its absolutely true that its TH’s prerogative to handle his private/personal life in whatever way he chooses, when you leave things open for speculation, they will be. And the longer things are left open the worse it gets because human imagination is powerful. Anticipation of the unknown is worse than the reality. That’s true for anything in life, really. So people can’t get all upset when others wonder what’s going on. You’re famous, sorry, people are going to wonder. Its been that way since people were famous. Its certainly his right to keep things totally private. He owes no one a damned thing. But if that’s the path you choose, you have to understand the consequences of that. I’m surprised that people are surprised at the conjecture.

      Having said that, I freely admit I participate in the speculation on what they’re doing together (Casually dating? FWB? Engaged? Married?) because I think that comes with the territory when you’re on a gossip blog and I really don’t see the harm in that. But I can’t get with the assumptions that the relationship (WHATEVER it is) is or isn’t healthy. Considering we don’t know what’s actually going on its not really appropriate to surmise one way or another. I also am 100% NOT down with anyone speculating on his character as a person. By all reports he’s a great guy, and even with the normal vices any human would have, not one person talking about him like that (save MAYBE .001%) knows him personally enough to make a declaration on what kind of person he is. That’s why the tumblr stuff is ridiculous.

      Someone up thread asked how RPatz and Orlando Bloom dealt with this stuff. They were open with their relationships with KS and MK, so there was nothing to speculate about. There was still insanity over them (more with RP and KP, obviously), but it was more worship than anything else. Same with E Redmayne.

      • Isadora says:

        RPatz wasn’t open with KStew, they practically never said anything about their relationship and the rumors/speculation at the beginning were BIG. Especially as KStew was with her ex back then – nobody knows if there was an overlap or not. The first public acknowledgement of their relationship came with KStew’s official apology because of the Rupert Sanders thing.

      • Dara says:

        Good point Kate – gossip has been around as long as the human race has been. I ran across this after attending a book reading for Lainey’s new book…;search%3Atag%3A%22TEDxVancouver%22

        I now feel much less conflicted about my need to, and enjoyment of, gossip about celebrities – up to a point. Gossiping about the why’s and when’s of who went to Bora Bora is one thing (there’s photographic proof after all) – it’s entirely different to fling really nasty dirt at someone to see if any of it sticks . Will never go there.

      • Kate2 says:

        @Isadora – Honestly, I didn’t follow the RPatz/KStew thing because I don’t care about Twilight or either of them so I’m willing to concede I could be wrong about how they went about it. I think my point is still valid though.

        @dara – Exactly. That’s all I’m saying.

      • Janeite says:

        I don’ think it’s necessarily the fact that people gossip; that in and of itself is not the problem. It’s more the nature of what was being said and speculated upon and how cruel and ridiculous it got. And that’s the problem I have with a forum that allows for total anonymity. There is zero accountability so people feel free to say anything and everything. It’s that that bothers me.

      • Kate2 says:

        @janeite – Understood and totally agree. As I stated before, I didn’t read any of it first hand so I can only assume how awful it was.

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        Considering that they allow rapists and racists to have their own forums where they are allowed to be anonymous, it seems of little importance that they allow random stalkers to spout nonsense and spew hate on a movie star and his/her relationships.

      • icerose says:

        Janeite I agree the anon tag just gives allows for anyone to makeup whatever they want and is ultimately pointless until people start to leap to conclusions about someone’s character based on some silly story made up by someone who just wants to feel part of what’s going on. The only saving grace is that it is a only a very tiny proportion of Tom’s fans and the tumblir community.

      • Janeite says:

        Exactly, icerose. And if they think that their shenanigans are going to have any impact on his career, that is just laughable. I also believe that anyone who liked him before will continue to like him. Dirt being slung at him from anonymous sources with zero accountability or any sort of real proof and a couple of unstable bloggers with an agenda to show us all the “real” Tom is simply not going to be enough to convince that vast majority of his fanbase of anything.

    • Portia says:

      Okay, that’s weird. My comment didn’t get approved. There wasn’t even anything controversial in it…

      Dara, I completely know how you feel. I’m always late to these things because I can’t use the work computer for personal use and it’s usually around the afternoon lull or near clocking out time that I can bust out my own laptop and comment.

      I’m excited that Tom finally has a lead role in I Saw the Light. OLLA was a leading role too but it didn’t aim to be mainstream like this biopic. One thing’s for sure, this movie is going to require a lot of prep time – from accent and dialect coaching to singing coaching to the actual acting itself. I don’t know much about Hank Williams but it sounds like he was a tortured soul. Tom seems to go for these sort of conflicted roles. I believe it speaks to his talent and ambition that he goes for these specific type of characters and tackles them successfully.

      Honestly tired of the JA stuff. If there is something we’ll find out. If there isn’t anything, we’ll find out then too.

      As for the Tumblr and LA stuff, I’ll be honest, I did read it and I thought it was HILARIOUS when outted on LA, the rumor monger attacked our Janeite. Seriously? Janeite, one of the most sane, level headed posters on CB. If anything, Janeite has been kind to everyone. Even the crazies. And if it was MissThing spewing vitriol about Tom again, it’s pretty funny she’d pick on Janeite, the one poster who was so understanding and compassionate to her on CB. Sorry guys but I’m a bit of a glutton for wreck scenes like that…horrible figure of speech but you get my point.

      Some fans just don’t know where fantasy ends and reality begins. I really hope that by the Tom is ready to settle and is in a stable, long lasting happy relationship that most of these overinvested fans have flown the coop.

      • Kate2 says:


        You have a stronger stomach than I to be able to read that stuff!! Lol

        I haven’t been here long but agree Janeite seems pretty sane. Not sure why she’d be singled out as a poster here to pick on.

      • Dara says:

        Portia, I get such a hoot out of Tumblr, LA and especially CB, but each one seems to attract a certain kind of fan. LA is very cliquey to me and if you like vague, trashy gossip and enough animated gif’s to trigger a seizure then you’ll feel right at home. Tumblr is younger – judging by the lack of punctuation, capital letters and general unworldly-ness (it’s Oxford dearie, not Oxbridge). CB can veer into the risqué, but always seems to fall short of all-out smut. All have their place and uses, but I know which one I find more interesting, and genuinely respectful of all opinions.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Nobody picks on sweet Janeite without going through me first!! I’ll defend her to the death!

        Majority of people here are sane, but some slip through the net to stir trouble then disappear again when they get caught out. You will quickly find the ones that are genuine and resonate with your interests!

        I don’t go near tumblr (like Lindy79, I don’t really know HOW to use it! I can never seem to read the comments!) so hearing people coming here commenting on stuff that is being said on other sites can be frustrating. A brief summary every now and then would be nice.

        No celeb or their partner/friends/family should be subjected to bullying or ridicule for trying to keep some things private. It worries me that there are people (mostly women but occasionally men) out there that genuinely feel cheated on if they hear their crush has been seeing someone. It can get dangerous very quickly if their fanatical behavior continues unchecked.

        I would find the field of psychology or anthropology fascinating!

      • Nighty says:

        @Secret sweety, how are you?


      • Penny says:

        There has been some crazy shit on tumblr lately. Not just about Jane Arthy relationship (which I could care less about) but allegations of drug use and drinking. Yeah, I know Tom drinks and probably occasionally uses the illegal stuff once in a while but they have him painted as this alcoholic/addict who treats women like shit. I read some if the gossipy posts and I felt so dirty after reading it and needed a good shower. No, I do not think Tom is the Unicorn Disney prince nor an out of control sex/drug addict. The truth somewhere lies in the middle.

      • Dara says:

        Squirrel – I cringe to summarize, it all spiraled so quickly and most of it is from anon’s with no real evidence or proof except links to other pages where the rumor is repeated again with no real proof.

        There is one tumblr page that looks like it started as a rant against one of Tom’s old girlfriends which was dormant for over a year until the latest photo of Jane and Tom popped up. Regular gossipy speculation about their relationship quickly turned into Jane-bashing, Tom-bashing, nanny fan-bashing, and anon rumors that I can’t bring myself to repeat (mostly in the sex, drugs and rock & roll genre).

        My current favorite is that Tom might have had secret Skype relationships with fans and is really a chubby-chaser (hate that term) at his core and he drinks so much and seems so lonely because Luke won’t let him date the fleshy, well-endowed girls he prefers.

        Rumors about Cumby have started getting into the mix – the site owner really seems to know what will trigger the fangirl traffic but the odd part is none of the posts are tagged so a search won’t find anything (how the hell does Tumblr work anyway?).

        I’d post the link but I don’t want to contribute to the feeding frenzy.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        @Dare-just FYI, Oxbridge is a portmanteau word used (often somewhat derogatorily, but not always) for either the generally privileged establishment that attends/graduated from either school (Oxford and Cambridge) or the schools collectively.
        Similar to how in the states, we might refer to someone as Ivy League because he went to an Ivy League school (Princeton, Harvard, it veteran.) Though not exactly the same.

      • Abby_J says:


        I haven’t heard anything about drug abuse or too much drinking or treating women like you-know-what, but if it IS happening, I think we can all agree that it is just in preparation for his new role. Hank Williams was a piece of work, and he is an actor that likes to jump right in to his characters. :)

        Seriously, people are weird. I love to joke about my Hiddles crush and all of that, but the man needs a personal life with whomever he chooses. I’m not 100% sure how their relationship is going to work with Lilyflowers and I keeping him locked up with Jonny Lee Miller, but if they are good with it, so am I. :)

      • Isadora says:

        Those rumors… In reality the poor boy was probably sitting at home with a cup of healthy tea and reading this huge stack of books he photographed for twitter.

        Seriously, anybody that looks at his work schedule this year can’t honestly believe that he is doing some kind of Mötley Crüe “The Dirt” reenactment. As Lilacflowers pointed out, he has been rushing from Coriolanus (very demanding) to the Jaguar ads, to Canada for Crimson Peak (which had grueling hours as we know from Jim Beaver) to the Oliviers, back to Crimson Peak, then to L.A. (possibly to close the deal on IStL), then, finally, a bit of vacation in the South Sea (which isn’t exactly known for its hard partying club scene) and back to London (?) where he has to prepare for High-Rise. And as we know: he got himself a tiny bit of reading material. *cough*

        If he is able to have the whole rock n’ roll routine going on while working so much, then I’m absolutely convinced that he has stolen Hermione’s Time Turner.

      • Dara says:

        @Totally – I’ve learned a new word, thanks for the clarification. Actually two new words, since I had to look up portmanteau also (head hung in shame, especially since brunch is my favorite meal).

        I stand by my statement that Tumblr seems to skew younger, but I’ll feel slightly less smug about my high verbal SAT score going forward.

      • Janeite says:

        Portia, Kate2, and Secret Squirrel,
        Thank you!

      • TotallyBiased says:

        @Dara –can’t really disagree with the first part of this statement anyway:
        “I stand by my statement that Tumblr seems to skew younger, but I’ll feel slightly less smug about my high verbal SAT score going forward.”
        And as for a high verbal SAT score (which I also possess), Anglo-English (or UK English, if one prefers) can totally shoot holes in that. I learned “Oxbridge” from an Inspector Lewis episode….then began seeing it everywhere! :D
        So no worries….

      • Portia says:

        @Janeit – You’re very welcome m’dear!

        @Kate2 & @Dara

        I’ve just always found the spectrum of Tom’s fans on CB, Tumblr, and LA interesting. One thing’s for sure, LA is very elitist. Tumblr’s just so passionate about everything, from loving Tom to hating Tom, it’s all very emotional. CB, overall, is pretty mellow but every now and then one escapes from the loony bin and goes a little haywire here lol but mostly it’s my kind of place :)


        So there with you! I don’t understand how some fans feel they have a right over a celebrity’s life. I can get crushing on them and feeling a little sad when the celeb gets a gf or wife but usually it all wears off in a couple of days as you keep on living your own life, and you know flirting with your local Starbucks barista (I might have self projected there a bit :P )

        That Tumblr (we all know which one lol), it’s just a mess of massive upchucking by people. The anon thing is enabling people to go off the rails. To be honest guys, I don’t believe most of the stuff that’s coming out of there. Personally, I believe when a person is as ambitious as Tom is at the moment with his career, it is very difficult to carry on a serious relationship. So I think he probably does have a few lady friends he has casual arrangements with. Some he may like more than others and some may just be convenient but I highly doubt he manipulates or mistreats them.
        The stuff about the alcoholism and substance abuse…who knows. Honestly, with some of the celebs that have come out in the past two years with rehab confessions…I would’ve never guess in a million years they were struggling that way. It’s always best to remember that these are celebrities in Hollywood and that place has no shortcomings when it comes to vices, and it’s also equipped to hide those vices to better the interest of those invested.

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        I found that here, differently from other websites, the majority of posters are quite polite and sane, Janeite included! As secret squirrel said, there are a few nutcases appearing every now and then, but once they are scared off they don’t come back.
        Concerning tumblr, I have one blog there (related to what I study, I write when I need to vent!) and I use it once or twice a month, however I don’t allow any comments because the level of ignorance and stalking would be quite annoying to me.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Portia: Re: substance abuse: You can never really tell indeed, but I would be REALLY surprised if I ever found out that Hiddles has been doing it any time between Thor 1 and now. He seems to be way too ambitious, professional and balanced to allow anything like that to endanger his career.

      • Dara says:

        @Portia – you’ve summed up Tumblr perfectly, passionate and emotional. It can be a powerful forum and I’ve stumbled across a few amazing people who have made me laugh and cry (in a good way). I’ve also run across those that make me despair for the future of humanity. In that way, I guess it’s like life – hold tight those that enrich your existence and just try to ignore the rest.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Abby J, I was at a bar a few weeks ago where the host/door guy looked like our Jonny Lee!

      • Abby_J says:


        How do Tommy and Jonny keep getting out? We may need to change the locks!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Abby J, we may need to invest in some shackles.

      • Abby_J says:

        @ Lilacflowers

        Shackles could work. We can’t have them running all over the place without us. I worry for their safety with the crazies out there!

      • Kate2 says:

        @portia – “Personally, I believe when a person is as ambitious as Tom is at the moment with his career, it is very difficult to carry on a serious relationship. So I think he probably does have a few lady friends he has casual arrangements with. ”

        I honestly feel this way too. I could be totally wrong but looking at his schedule since last year and knowing how hard he works I can’t see where he would have been able to be serious with ANYONE. Again, I’m just guessing but that’s my hunch.

        I don’t know how anyone could marry an actor unless you travel with them or have an “arrangement” with the schedule these people keep. They’re never home. Even when they are they’ve got so much going on its crazy. Add in a busy schedule for the other person and it’s not surprising so many Hollywood relationships bite the dust. Having said that, I GUESS there’s a few I’d suck it up and marry if one of them asked ;) I’d just be one of the ones that made frequent visits.

        @lilac – Good point on GoT. I forgot the dragons weren’t rider trained. I’m thinking back to when Bran had those visions when he touched the tree and there was a flash of a dragon shadow flying over Kings Landing. But that could be a foreshadowing to a season or two away.

        It’s such a long 10 months between seasons. :(

      • Isadora says:

        “They’re never home.” – sounds good to me, bring me an actor. ;-)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kate2, it’s a long time between GOT seasons and an even longer time between the books. I’ve been waiting three years now and I’m very, very good about not giving away spoilers to those who haven’t read.

        @Abby_J, shackles it is! And if need be, we can shackle them to one another. We can also direct Mark Strong to guard them and protect them.

        @Isadora, sounds good to me too. I like my alone time and space and long distance relationships work for me.

      • Portia says:

        @LadyM (love your handle!)

        I agree. That’s exactly why I like posting on CB, the level of discussion here is mature, even if we disagree with each other. Plus, there is no elitism here which is always a plus in my book!

        @Intro Outro
        I’d rather Tom wasn’t involved with coke. I really hope that someone of his talent hasn’t fallen into substance abuse of any sort. It’s just too disheartening to think of.

        Tumblr reminds me of Xanga and blogspot from back in the day. Those were the hip blogger stuff when I was young and carried the same kind of passionate personalities you see on Tumblr lol Not my cup of tea anymore.

        It’s all about the right person, I guess. Never say never, right?
        I mean Tom’s career could be a priority right now but if he met someone who he feels is worth investing his time, passion, and energy into, I feel like he would work towards strengthening that relationship in a way that doesn’t compromise their careers or their feelings for each other. At the end of the day, it’s all about is the compromise worth it?
        In that one interview of Tom’s where he talked about ditching an audition to go to Paris to see his girlfriend, I couldn’t help but sense a tone of regret. Almost as if the older Tom felt that the younger Tom might have acted more out of obligation towards his girlfriend rather than actual devotion to her, and that now looking back, he feels going to the the audition would’ve been the more prudent choice.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Portia, I ventured into that Tumblr site and read some of the accusations of drug use and nearly died laughing. They were basing these accusations upon an analysis of his clothing in certain pictures, not any actual evidence of anyone using drugs. According to those posters, evidence of hard drugs could be seen on the SHOULDERS of his suits in various red carpet pictures. So, apparently, if these posters are to be believed, he can move his neck in ways heretofore not humanly possible.

      • Isadora says:

        @Portia: I’m not sure if there was regret in that interview. We have to keep in mind that it was an interview conducted in English, published in Russian in a Russian magazine and translated back to English by some fans, if I remember correctly. It’s not like we heard him say this and saw his expression and everything.

        On the other hand if I would have been that girlfriend I would have slapped that man silly for doing something as stupid as not going to an important audition and instead visiting me in Paris. Really. *shaking head*

    • Nighty says:

      I noticed that in 24 hours she had an increase of almost 300 followers .. probably Tom’s fans, and from what I read on Twitter there were some nasty comments on her twitter; some fan was actually complaining people had called her a wh*re and that Tom had always been nice to his fandom, so, she was asking how could they have done that to him and her… Probably that’s why… People don’t know boundaries…

      Psychology is fantastic, studied at school and university (one has to become teachers)… it’s fascinating, as well as sociology…

      • Portia says:

        Who got an increase of 300 followers in 24 hours, Nighty? Jane Arthy?

        I was checking Jane Arthy’s mentions on twitter around the time she deleted her account. She wasn’t getting harassed or receiving hate comments from anyone that I could see. If anything, most people I saw were inquisitive and asking if her and Tom were together and a few were very sweet to her, saying that she was pretty and that her and Tom made a good looking couple.
        Honestly, only she knows why she deleted her twitter. Only she knows the real reason why her social media is all gone now. Maybe they’re getting married and she didn’t want people to see the wedding planners and venue choices she was going to follow on twitter haha :P

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        Although I must say that on twitter the accounts can be ‘secured’ at some degree (you can’t even send messages if the person you want to send it to doesn’t follow you). Why did not she just lock her account? I was stalked by three imbeciles 3 years ago and I only made my tweets invisible.

      • Intro Outro says:


        The thing with Twitter is that even if you lock it, other Twitter users who you’d followed before locking down your account will still be able to read your tweets. Also, even if your account is locked, people who use various Twitter apps – Tweetdeck, for example – can still retweet your locked tweets.

      • Nighty says:

        I don’t understand how twitter accounts work, barely use mine.. :)

      • Isadora says:

        I realise now that I understand even less how twitter works than I thought and my confidence wasn’t very high to begin with. Well, my account isn’t that interesting anyway.
        Should I ever become anyone’s secret girlfriend you have to give me some advice lol.

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:

        @intro Outro

        Thats strange because I couldn’t retweet with tweet deck anything coming from a locked account…… People I unfollowed and blocked before locking the account never saw my tweets (given they had access to my mobile numbers and protested they had been cut off, whats the point of them complaining if they could read my tweets?). Unless something changed in the last three years, of course.
        I am not on twitter a lot these days (or should I say months lol!)


        I dare to say you won’t ever be a secret girlfriend.. Aries ladies want to be in the open lol

      • Intro Outro says:

        @LadyMacbeth: Oh, if you blocked them – then yes, naturally they can’t see your tweets. But if you simply unfollow them whereas they are still following you from the time before you locked your account – they will still be able to see your tweets.

        As for the retweets – Tweetdeck allows you to retweet locked tweets if you choose edit&retweet option. I think Echofon was able to retweet them fully, it I am not mistaken – or at least it was for some time, they might have corrected that issue eventually.

      • Isadora says:

        I hope most people wouldn’t like to be a secret GF to family and friends, Aries or not. But I couldn’t care less about the fangirls, I would forever pretend to just be there per “coincidence”. Or that I’m only the bodyguard or something lol.

      • Roberta says:

        As Portia said, she wasn’t getting abuse, the opposite in fact. I remember seeing her twitter the day it was shutdown. I’ve no doubt she closed it as it was obvious after the pic appeared that the following/un following/favouriting of tweets for the best part of a year was fan baiting. A section of fans know this (it was commented about on a thread here 2 weeks ago).

        Bear in mind the only reason she’s associated with him is because she went to a high profile event with him a year ago – why do that if you want to keep things private? Arthy works in pr and knew exactly what she was doing.

      • Nighty says:

        @Roberta maybe, but then it was a stupid move or a very clever one… God knows..

      • LadyMacbeth ex Hiddles F. says:


        Oh no, if I am a girlfriend or wife, I want to appear so. And if the dragonflies would have something to say about it, I would get a good insect repellent, believe me! I’ve a tough ‘skin’, even as a non celebrity :P


        Out of curiosity, why would someone associated with a movie actor do some fan-baiting?

      • Isadora says:

        @LadyM: Yes, I see what you mean. And it’s definitely different as a long-term gf or especially a wife – it’s a difference between being JA or Susan Downey. If I’m just seeing someone for half a year or a year (with lots of time apart) I would try to avoid the annoyance.

  56. icerose says:

    @’P'enny Tom line dancing will be just epic-all that enthusiasm -I think he should get nominated just so we can see this moment

  57. Ava says:

    @icerose – have you read high rise? Would anyone recommend it as a good read. My mother is from the south and she was even excited about the movie! Again good thread. Lets keep our comment real and interesting. Like everyone’s input so far.

    • icerose says:

      I have it downloaded and have read the first few pages. Kind of got stuck on naked on his balcony but it did seem like ot would hold your attention. Some people have found it quite disturbing and from what has been said it is not for the squeamish or some animal lovers. How much will be carried over into the film I do not know but A Field in England did have some disturbing scenes. Part of me wants to wait for the film but I think I am coming around to reading it first.

      • Isadora says:

        Can’t wait for it… I have it lying next to me and started with the first few pages which I totally loved. The story seems interesting and I like Ballard’s style.

        However I’m right now in the middle of another wonderful book and I’m reluctant to abandon it now for High-Rise. But I also don’t want to rush through it. Bad planning. I saw some people on tumblr who were severly weirded out by High-Rise, so I’m naturally very curious.

      • jammypants says:

        High Rise was quite unpleasant to read. Story-wise I liked it. It was unpleasant because of the events unfolding.

      • 'p'enny says:

        i was shocked when i read it, because it is un un-filmable, there is hardly any dialogue and the three main characters do nothing but stare at each other and not interact. [Something that Ben Wheatley has acknowledged.] There is nothing in it that would entice people to the cinema’s except, an appreciation for uptopian- or dystopian stories.

        PEOPLE LIKE ME :-P

      • jammypants says:

        Like us, Penny. I love these types of stories too.

  58. Princess says:

    @ Ava if you like dystopian novels you’ll like a High Rise. Kinda like Lord of the Flies

    • Ava says:

      @princess yes my favorites are brave new world and clockwork orange. I don’t mind disturbing if there is an interesting social or political message and it is done well. I am an animal lover so hopefully they will gloss over the dog part… Lol
      As far as “the other stuff” agreed. Fun is fun but I have no desire to be mean or cyber bully anyone ever. No adult thinks that stuff is funny or amusing.

  59. dancinnancy says:

    I cringed at the casting but a friend that grew up with Hank says Tom resembles him physically. So we’ll see. Studios can do amazing things with voices (see Britney Spears).

    As for the personal stuff, thanks for giving a brief staightforward answer I hate being told it isn’t my business and to but out. I think if you bring it up it is fair game. I hope he is happy. I want JA hair.

  60. Princess says:

    @ Ava – if you like Brave new world etc you’ll definitely enjoy High Rise. Go purchase! There is definitely a social message. I think this is such an amazing role and Tom could really take himself up another notch on the ladder if he does this well. This is totally a film and a role I could see Fassbender doing!

    I just wish he would get rid of Luke, stop with the PR and stop wearing 3 piece suits to everything even when everyone else is going casual!

    • joe spider says:

      I’m interested in the “stop with the PR”. Yes, it was a definite case of overkill on the Thor tour but was that Luke or Marvel? And whilst doing Coriolanus and Crimson Peak he hasn’t had time for PR.

      So what PR?

      • Intro Outro says:

        That’s true. Tom’s shilling and PR antics have been discussed into oblivion and snarked at sooo much here – I did follow the lurk more rule before I started posting and read the archives! – but it really does seem that his last PR frenzy was strictly Thor: The Dark World related, and after that – no PR outings, unless you count meetings with fans on CP set.

        So what PR#2?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Promotion for Thor the Dark World and the US release of The Hollow Crown on PBS (cookie monster!) and some early OLLA film festival viewings were all going on at the same time so there was a bit of an overload with three different entities making PR demands on him, Marvel chief among them. Since November, his only PR has been some print interviews for Coriolanus, the trailer for the live broadcast of Coriolanus, a red carpet interview at the Oliviers because he was nominated, and a handful of telephone interviews and statements from Toronto at the US release of OLLA and to the British papers about Joanna Hogg and Exhibition. That’s it. He didn’t do any PR for Muppets or Pirate Fairy.

      • jammypants says:

        I feel like the word “PR” gets overly abused and misconstrued. BoraBoraGate is NOT PR. It was a fan picture taken while he was on vacation. One picture. PR to a peasant like me is PUBLIC relations…promoting films, yourself as a public figure, and networking. I feel like PR has become synonymous with gossip because people don’t understand what it really is. In no way is his private life PR. The fact that he chose to stay mum about his dating life speaks for itself. He only wants to promote himself as an actor. He is not the Kardashians but a working actor with a real career.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @jammypants, we are in total agreement.

      • JulK says:

        I also agree with jammypants and Co regarding PR. There was quite a bit amount of PR because of his projects (Thor, OLLA Corionalus), he also did a lot of interviews for GQ, Telegraph, Time Out etc. The whole Elle man of the year is pure PR. But PR is also image management and when there is a rumour that they don’t like, they immediately shut it down.

        Tahitigate I think is actually about rumour management and it was handled correctly, in my opinion. They decided not to feed the rumour, which tbh only made social media. Even in social media, I was looking at how TH and TH marriage was trending, it didn’t trend at all. Nowhere near last year Wimbledon thing. If Luke wanted to address it, he would have, just like he did last year with that Lara and Tom outing. I actually think that Luke saw the pic and laughed off didn’t even bother as it was so ridiculous that it wasn’t worth addressing. Let’s face it, most of us don’t believe it anyway.

        JA deleted her account a week after the whole thing happened and most people were no longer fussed. I still think that it was work oriented. She did have work contacts following. What if she was getting swamped by those through DMs?? Colleagues asking questions. Explaining may be tricky. Not everything in JA twitter is TH oriented. She never seemed to mind THfan followers and I don’t think why she would mind now so shutting it because of them sounds odd to me. Unless, she shut it down just to moan about the fans to TH… (major trolling), but I would like to think it’s work… otherwise, TH needs help.

    • 'p'enny says:

      “stop wearing the suits?”

      LMAO! we have seen a very different side to Tom since he has turned into Acting King Hiddles 111. He has lived in a blue t-shirt and his black jumper since last December. I am still in shock that that he actually had different clothes in that Tahiti-pic with JA,

    • Katie says:

      I mainly agree on what PR is, jammypants.

      Not applying this to him specially because I don’t follow the drama, but gossip can function as PR, depending on how it happens–keeps you in the public mind. Creating a controversy is a great way to get people talking without people thinking you’re behind it.

      I think what people maybe are looking for here is a term to describe his public relations person’s slightly high level of interference?

      [As an aside to Lilacflowers: you seem like a huge fan and I wanted to mention he did do PR for the Disney cartoon in case you missed the pics! He was at Disney's D23 Expo in CA for it]

      • 'p'enny says:

        @katie & lilacflowers

        the PR at D23 was Disney PR, it was in August, long before the film release. It was not Hiddles PR. Marvel was also promoting Thor2 D23 as well, if i remember rightly. I am not even sure Luke was there, might have been. But i get the feeling it was all Disney stuff.

        The Muppets PR was shameful, to me Disney/Ricky Gervais etc capitalised on Hiddles, do you remember “Is that Tom Hiddleston?” twitter advert which was shown at the Superbowl? It was like they were piggy-backing on his Jaguar/Loki success for what was basically less than a couple of mins of him in the film. Barely featured the bigger cameos of James McAvoy etc.

      • Katie says:

        Maybe our wires crossed, ‘p’enny? Lilacflowers thought he didn’t do promo for the Tinkerbell movie but he did at a few places including the D23, there’s pics and vid of him talking about it there. I thought maybe she missed it and she seems like a huge TH fan so I figured I’d offer it up. There was SO much focus on Maleficent there, I could see it getting lost in the shuffle.

        My other point was that gossip can be and is sometimes a PR tactic. I’m not talking about TH, though, IDK enough but the Kardashians are famous users of that tactic.

        I’ll all for actors with talent doing PR of any kind, as long as it’s not harming someone. It’s when they’re talentless, solely making a living off it, that it serves no purpose, and that’s certainly not the case with TH.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Katie, theD23 was in August, 10 months ago, the finished product was released in some countries in March and others in April, complete with television commercials and ads on public transportation and he was nowhere to be seen for any of it. As I and others pointed out, after the Thor2 LA premiere, which was the first week of November last year, his only PR since was the stuff for Coriolanus, OLLA, and Exhibition that we have described. And Top Gear. While you are correct that issuing personal statements to generate gossip is also PR, he hasn’t been doing any of that either – which seems to have caused some of the fanbase to be quite critical because they are demanding explanations, which aren’t coming.

        @’p'enny, I thought the Muppet Superbowl ad was funny becaue of its spoof on social media but, as you pointed out, it was Disney’s doing.

      • Katie says:

        Right, Lilacflowers (i feel like everyone is confused LOL) I’m just saying he did promote Tinkerbell. Didn’t realize you meant strictly since November, which I’d've no clue on, I don’t follow super closely. My fault, missed that line!

        Obviously agree on TH, you’d all know more anyway, but I didn’t think he used gossip tactics at all. I’ve seen it done at a prior job, it’s interesting (albeit a bit dirty) in a way.

        I noticed his fanbase has been a bit riled lately…!

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Katie: it’s fine, the original point some of us were making – that people are so used to the thought that Hiddles is a PR/shilling vehicle that they forget he hasn’t been PR-ing since Thor 2 – got lost in the comments ^_^

        And yup, the fanbase is riled due to the outburst of Tumblr-centred – and completely unhinged – crazy, some of it even spilled a bit here, but it’s calming down pretty quickly, as far as I can see.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Katie. All is well. And we have at least three movies to look forward to for next year.

  61. Maria of MD says:

    I’m going to IMDB this to see who’s directing it, etc.

  62. jammypants says:

    I do have to ask. Is that Tommy in that tweet pic? If so, I’m surprised they managed to make him look…not tall.

  63. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    Aww man, I’ve avoided your hundreds of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberlumberrollbatch posts for all this time, I have no idea who he is or what he’s in. Hank Williams is my all time favourite artist of anything ever. I’m even going on a pilgrimage 8,000 miles to Nashville to see some of his suits close up and visit the Ryman. Hopefully they do right by his memory is all I can say, Hank is really beloved. I’ll watch it if I hear good things otherwise I won’t waste my time.

    • icerose says:

      @whateveryouwantittobe makes sense to me.i do think Tom will do his best to make it authentic and sympathetic. I have been looking at some of his performances and it is amazing how many of his songs you know because they have been recorded by others. Bio’s are always difficult if it is someone you love because it they do not fit your perception of the artist it puts you off the film. i know that I will have issues with Ben Whishaw playing Freddy Mercury even though O love him as an actor

  64. Abby_J says:

    The more I think about it, the more I don’t think this will be the terrible train wreck that I thought it would be when I heard that he was going to play Hank Williams. He will do very well I suspect, even if I do hate his singing, and get embarrassed for him when he sings.

    What *I* want to know is what Hank Williams Jr. thinks about it. We likely won’t hear that until after the movie is released.

    Still, I want Cowboy hat Hiddles walking the red carpet at Country Music awards, and hanging out on CMT.

  65. pixie-stix says:

    Over 400 comments – this was the post we had to have, a giant exhale!

    Tom’s FB page posted news re: the casting and while most replies were positive, I noticed at least one comment about not f*cking up the role. HWilliams is an icon, no doubt Tom has a lot to live up to, but I imagine that’s what gets his motor racing, the challenge…he’s serious about ‘Take pains; be perfect’.

    As for Tom goss, I only come here anymore – the discourse is good value. I don’t have the stomach for what goes on @ Tumblr, Twitter, Lipstick Alley, etc., but appreciate the summary of what others here have said.

    I just started reading High Rise…*bracing*

  66. Ellen says:

    Anymore cast news on the new HW film? I might have to wear earplugs but I’m looking forward to it.

    Also whoever’s been horrible to Janeite stop it. She’s part of the Sean Bean in the Boot army

  67. JulK says:

    Jason Atherton is also going to Charity Ball and according to him Chris Evans is the one joining SLJ. Still no news on Tom, but if Chris is there, can Calvin Klein also sponsor their event please?? Pima white cotton would be lovely on him.

  68. Gin Princess says:

    I lurk around a few places but only post ere because it seems like the sanest place. Sure I’ve had people disagree with me but I’ve never worried I might wake up with a horse head on my pillow as I would at the other places…

    What I’ve seen over the past few days is freaking insane. Scary insane. People are posting crazy stuff and believing it. Skype convos with Tom? Really? I saw the screen grabs and there is no way they are genuine. ‘Boop the F off’ ? Nobody uses that expression in the Uk. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I know people from all background including some very posh, titled people and I have never heard that expression used ever. None of the language used was authentic.

    There is too much to comment on but it all sounds like a bunch of hyenas going after a zebra carcass. One that dared to have a girlfriend. This stuff is damaging and actually libellous. Ive seen the dark side of the fandom and I am backing the hell away fast. I thought I was unshockable – apparently not!

    I’m sure he isn’t a sparkly unicorn but he’s being torn apart here. And her. It’s horrible.

    • Abby_J says:

      I don’t play with Tumblr, and after reading your message, I am glad that I don’t. I just can’t understand why people would CARE if the guy has a girlfriend/wife/f-buddy/BFF, whatever she is. Did these people actually think they had a chance with the guy? That seems to be living in a very unhealthy delusional world. Maybe that is why I prefer to read and discuss my Tommy news here. I mean, we all joke about taking him out, locking him in our special rooms with Jonny Lee Miller (wait….maybe that is just me. :) ) and keeping him in our lovely gardens, but for the most part, we all have REAL lives and don’t actually MEAN it. I am pretty sure that would be creepy stalker levels.

      Also really? Does anyone actually believe that he is Skyping people or posting anonymously? Why would he bother?

      Honestly, I wondered when all the craziness surrounding him on the internet was going to turn into a backlash. I didn’t realize that it would take a girl to cause it. Benedict Cumberbatch better be careful and stay single forever, because I think he is next for the backlash.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I was wondering whether the fact that Tom stopped courting his online fanbase the way he used to is one of the reasons of this backlash. Obsessive fangirls with issues do not like to be ignored.

      • Kate2 says:

        @abby_j – I have to admit that I find the “He’s Skyping with fans!” rumor absolutely hilarious. I mean, that’s just so delightfully delusional I can’t help but laugh. You have to be pretty touched in the head to believe that for a second.

      • Gin Princess says:

        @abby_j Yup, don’t go there. Avoid. There are people there gleefully posting up absolute bullspit and gleefully picking over it. It also seems like a lot of very young people with some very odd ideas about things and posting things that are clearly conjecture as if they were fact.

        Some of the fandom have completely jumped the shark. The problem is they are forgetting it’s real people they are talking about, with real lives. I am sure he isn’t a perfect human being but he doesn’t deserve it and she definitely doesn’t.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Fans not wanting their idol to be committed / married is odd but not new, I think that the Beatles management was very reluctant to divulge that John Lennon was married for example. As someone else said, it’s not like one would have a chance with them if they were single but then emotion is not logical.

        I hope Tom gets his perfect backside onto that catwalk and models, it’s for charity and his being there has had a lot of publicity, doesn’t look good to drop out now. I gather it’s looking promising.

      • Kate2 says:

        Anne Tommy- according to Simon Pegg, he was not there:

        @simonpegg: That was fun! @SamuelLJackson’s super selfie to follow. No sign of Hiddlesbiddleswiddles though. Maybe he was keeping it low key (Loki). Ha!

    • Ava says:

      Don’t look at that stuff there are crazy people in this world always has been always will be. Ignoring them is best. People lie and enjoy the attention. They have sad lives. Don’t give them any attention. Just enjoy the actors movies and the fun “normal” gossip. Did you read the post above that said “some people just like to watch the world burn” I believe that even on the internet people should have accountability. Some of the best advice I was given is, “In this life you can’t control anything, the only thing you can control is how you react.” My reaction is to not give those types a minute of my time or attention.

    • Nighty says:

      That report you’ve just givien is really scary!! I don’t understand why people are doing that. But, then again, the things I’ve seen as a teacher, give me a pretty good idea of the world we’re living in… Better ignore all that and continue with our jokes, at least we all know it’s just for fun and that none of us mean it… Scary…

    • Lilacflowers says:

      @Abby j, ahem, you are not alone in the Tommy/Jonny partnership. *Rethinking what to do with those shackles I just obtained.*

  69. Chris says:

    I’m amazed that this thread has so many posts. It’s like a Brangelina thread on steroids.

  70. Camil says:

    I’m so happy for Tom, he needed an opportunity to show his talent. 2015 is going to be an awesome year :)

  71. Word Girl says:

    I love seeing movies based on a musician, actor, or important person’s life. The first movie I remember seeing was Coal Miner’s Daughter, based on the life of Loretta Lynn, with Sissy Spacek. It was an awesome movie. My favorite part of that movie was when the dad yanked the light from the little girl’s hand. The part was sad, but it made me lol when I was a kid. I’m not big on country music either, but I do enjoy a well done biopic. I’m personally excited to hear of Tom’s new job, playing Hank Williams. I’ve heard one song from Hank when I was growing up, and I’m an 80′s baby. I also can’t wait to see Andre 3000 in the biopic based on Jimi Hendricks.

    * As far as the Tahiti-gate scandal goes, I haven’t seen anything highly trashy on tumblr about the said situation. Then again, I don’t know how to navigate social media sites because it’s not my thing. Yet, I honestly do think that Tom may have coaxed the fans a bit too much on twitter when he had finished the first Thor movie and during his Avengers stint as well. I can’t say too much about Arthy because I don’t know too much about her twitter activity, but I’ve heard on this and other sites that she has baited TH’s fans a couple of times before this incident. I believe his relationship is serious with her. I just believe he wants to control that aspect of his life, therefore, he refuses to make mention of his steady relationship with her. I also don’t completely buy that he is afraid to have a public relationship with her because “he wants to keep his business private,” I believe its because she’s not a public figure, albeit Susannah Fielding was.” Welp, that’s just my 2 cents worth.

  72. JulK says:

    According to Simon Pegg’s twitter -He will be strutting like a boss with Samuel L Jackson and Tom Hiddleston. I guess he decided to go after all…

  73. dancinnancy says:

    Simon Pegg just confirmed Tom for the charity fashion thing.

  74. joe spider says:

    From the latest tweet it looks like Tom couldn’t make it.

    • Nighty says:

      But no one gets mentioned in the article… none of the participants… I read it on the diagonal.. lightly..

      • icerose says:

        he definitely was not there-there was a group shot of all the participants and no Tom. Is anyone thinking Avenger cameo?? or better still talks for new film

      • Intro Outro says:

        Awww, such a pity T_T Understandable, but still a pity. You do realise, ladies, that we haven’t seen any proper professional photos/videos of Tommy since Oliviers? And before that there was another huge break?

        I am seriously wondering now if all this is a part of a tactic aimed at changing his persona and the way he is perceived in the industry. Which I can only applaud and happily go along with.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @icerose, or another Jag commercial?

      • Isadora says:

        @Intro Outro: Yes, it might be a change concerning his public persona or maybe he is still in post-Coriolanus trauma. I read some old stuff recently and wow.. some people are really intense and downright harassing/stalkerish and could bring serious trouble.

        And we also have to consider that Marvel practically said Loki won’t be in their near future plans, so he’s off their promotional hook.

        Plus he has been (thankfully) working a lot, at the Donmar and in Toronto. So I would rather see his change in tweeting habits as persona change than his lack of public appearances. Personally I’m rather glad because if I get too many self-help feel-good quotes in a week I feel compelled to be nasty to the world just to balance this damaging good influence a bit.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Isadora: I have heard a bit about post-Coriolanus madness. I wonder if that was a turning point for him? I think that Time Out interview on OLLA where he spoke for the first time about taking some obsessive fans “off the ledge” appeared around Coriolanus time, non? I think it was in February..

        It’s good that he’s maturing. I try to read comments to The Guardian articles whenever I can and there was a valid point one of the posters made regarding Hiddles (it was the article on I Saw the Light): that there is still some boyishness that clings to him. Imo his public persona considerably contributed to this perception. I think, judging by the roles he’s taking on, that he feels it’s high time to shed this boyishness. Perhaps him going off the public radar is part of the process. Being very busy with film work helps, too, lol. I think people on CB also discussed the process of him turning into a “proper working actor”. This feels part of it, too.

        However, I do admit I’m starting to miss him =( *sniff sniff* It if continues like that, we’ll probably only be getting pics from his film sets until the end of the year. And maybe some “staged” pap photos, if we’re lucky :D

      • M.A.F. says:

        Personally I feel this is how he always should have used his Twitter. He broke down that 4th wall too fast (I can’t recall any actor doing that before) and now he is trying to build it back up hence the fan backlash/reaction to him no longer Twitting.

      • Isadora says:

        @Intro Outro: Yes, I think the fact that this thread is approaching 600 (!) comments is proof that people miss the guy. :-D But.. well.. as long as we stay comparatively sane. I’ve read some really crazy stuff about the guy (or rather: some fans) lately, so I still have the deer-in-headlights look of being completely weirded out. I know, I shouldn’t even venture into the dark parts of the internet, but I’m definitely too nosy for my own good.

        @M.A.F.: I haven’t read a lot of his earlier tweets, tbh. When I became a fan he was already hardly tweeting. So I don’t really know how bad it really was. I saw some feel-good life advice quotes and fled quickly. ;-) Some actors tweet stuff besides promo like Amanda Abbington for example. There’s her dog and some pics and a personal thing in between. It’s really nice. But then she’s a (as good as) married woman with kids and generally keeping a low profile so she doesn’t have the crazy fans a 30something handsome actor in a superhero franchise attracts.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Isadora: I did not go there and nor do I intend to. I gathered the general idea from other posters’ messages here lol, and I do not have spare time or mental resources to run around searching for mind bleach – which I will certainly need if I read that BS first hand. I understand your curiosity, but tbh I think that anything but utter and final ignoring is basically pouring water over those people’s unhinged mind mills.

        Don’t get me wrong though, I am not the kind of fan to close my eyes on everything my fav actors/musicians do. If anything truly nasty AND supported by some more or less credible evidence appears – see for example the latest Tobey Maguire thread – I’d be following such stuff very closely. However, in Tom’s case it’s been more than a week and there’s zilch on these ludicrous allegations in any Internet publications. I still think that, if there were at least the slightest chance of this BS being anything but BS, sites like Daily Mail would’ve grabbed onto it. DM did publish his Wimbledon pics, after all.

        @M.A.F.: I so agree. I haven’t caught his crazy tweeting days but I did check his older tweets out and oh my, I’m happy he stopped lol. I think I read some drunken tweets, too :D :D I understand that he was high on his fans’ love and wanted to bask in it so I’m not really holding it against him, but he definitely was right to stop it.

      • Isadora says:

        @Intro: No, no I haven’t really read the alleged dirt about TH (most of it isn’t that scandalous to me anyway and none of it is believable) but rather stuff about people that write stuff about TH lol. That’s why I was writing “or rather: his fans”. So my curiosity wasn’t really about TH but his stalkers. But I’m totally guilty of being a rubberneck. And you are – as so often – right: one shouldn’t invest time and one’s precious brain in this, but I’m unfortunately in the serious business of procrastinating my work right now (I hate deadlines) and this brings the worst in me out.

  75. Word Girl says:

    I wonder why Tom didn’t at least give the charity fundraiser a “shout out” in lieu of not being able to make it? Did he forget about it? Odd. On twitter, I would’ve apologized for my absence, and would’ve promoted the charity fundraiser if it had been me and it was my old work buddy who asked me to participate in it. Wonder what happened.

    • Intro Outro says:

      I agree. I wonder if his appearance there was uncertain from the very beginning? He never even tweeted anything about taking part in it in the first place – but he did tweet many times about UNICEF.

      Or maybe he was indeed unaware he was supposed to be there lol.

    • Isadora says:

      Yeah, we don’t know what happened behind closed doors. Maybe they announced him before he really 100% agreed to do it.

      Or regarding that he hardly uses twitter these days anymore, maybe he has twitter fatigue. He also hasn’t announced his participation via twitter in the first place.

    • Janeite says:

      Yeah, without more info about just how rock-solid his participation was supposed to be in the first place, it’s impossible to say. The fact that he didn’t tweet about it all (nor did Luke) makes me question if he was ever truly locked in to be there. It seems unusual for at least one of them to not tweet about something like that. So who knows?

      But I’m sure the naysayers will reason that it’s due to him not wanting to show his face in public because of some Tumblr blog and a couple of disgruntled fangirls. Because yeah, I’m really sure Tom Hiddleston is afraid of their power, LOL!

      • Ellen says:

        @Janeite I agree with however I was looking forward to some new Hiddles pictures. It would certainly tie me over till highrise ;-)

        What gets me is that it was a charity gig and this should of came first more than jag commercials or whatever he’s doing.
        It’s also strange he didn’t tweet something – even to the charity or others on the catwalk saying have fun, sorry I can’t be there.
        I know it’s nothing to do with high rise. All his co-stars have been spotted in and out. Also the writer and producer have said on twitter nothing is happening till July.

      • jammypants says:

        well neither did Chris Evans.