Prince Carl Philip of Sweden got engaged to his girlfriend of 4 years, Sofia Hellqvist


Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip is SO HOT. Like, I don’t even have words for his beauty. He sort of reminds me of Orlando Bloom, only Orly is like a sexless Ken Doll to me and Carl Philip looks like a sex machine (to me). Anyway, Carl Philip is taking his hotness off the market. He’s gotten engaged to his girlfriend of more than four years, Sofia Hellqvist. Sofia seems sort of downmarket for the Swedish royal family – she’s a “glamour model” (in the words of the Daily Mail, which pretty much means she’s done a lot of “lad mags”) and a reality star. But Carl Philip is happy so I guess that’s all that matters.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden has proposed to his ex-glamour model girlfriend, four years after the pair controversial began dating. The 35-year-old royal sparked outrage when he started dating Sofia Hellqvist, a reality TV star, in January 2010. But today, the Swedish court announced the couple will marry next summer.

Ms Hellqvist, formerly a fashion model, is expected to become Princess Sofia of Sweden, although her title will not be officially decided until the ceremony.

‘I have the incredible honour of being engaged to this fantastic girl,’ Prince Carl Philip told a press conference this afternoon.

Having posed topless in Swedish men’s magazines, Ms Hellqvist hit tabloid headlines in 2005 after reaching the final of the scandalous sex and alcohol-fuelled TV show Paradise Hotel. The shows sees five men and five women stay in a hotel together and showed scenes of Sofia kissing pornstar Jenna Jameson. However, in 2009, after she met Carl Philip – third in line to the throne – in a club, she has softened her image.

Gushing about her fiancé, Ms Hellqvist said: ‘Carl Philip is the most humble person I have ever met, which is what made me fall in the beginning.’

The proposal was ‘a fantastic surprise’, she said, and her initial response was apparently: ‘oh wow!’

‘I expected a totally normal day at work. I was amazed and a little bit shocked,’ she added.

The pair refused to give details about the proposal, simply hinting that it was somewhere they both love.

‘Sofia has said yes today to sharing the rest of her life with me,’ the Prince said in the official statement on the court’s webpage.

In a statement on the royal family’s website, it said: ‘The Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce the engagement between Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist. After His Majesty The King of Sweden had given his consent to the marriage between Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist, His Majesty requested the approval by the Swedish Government, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Swedish Constitution.’

The relationship was controversial for a time, as Queen Silvia – The prince’s mother – did not entirely approve of the match. But lately the royal family seems to have welcomed her into the family, inviting her to weddings and christenings in the past year. The pair have lived together on the Stockholm island of Djurgården since 2011.

[From The Daily Mail]

If Carl Philip was the heir to the throne, he probably wouldn’t have been able to propose to a topless model and reality star. But since his sister Victoria will inherit the throne, I guess the standards are considerably lower for Carl Philip. Plus, he just seems way more low-key. Everything that I’ve heard about him seems to indicate that he enjoys his military career, he likes to party sometimes and he loves dogs. And that’s about it. But he’s so pretty! He doesn’t need much personality, right?



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  1. Ashley says:

    He looks more like Edgar Ramirez.

  2. A:) old prude says:

    She is not a glamour model but a soft porn star, have taken full front nude photos of her for cheap magazines, have made outwith other porn starts in public and what not. I don’t care if he’s the spare this is just so tacky IMO. There is no way in hell this woman deserves to represent Sweden on international stage or mingle with Nobel laureates. I feel bad for all the swedes. Frankly I’m also offended that his sister have to wait so long to finally get her father’s approval for marriage because her husband was working class who happens to work hard and have his own business but this classless woman is apparently good enough for the palace or more importantly the king Carl Gustav then a hard working working class man. This just goes on to prove how unfairly the current king treats his daughter VS his son who happens to be his favorite and who he wanted to crowned as king. The current king was really unhappy when the laws changed the Victoria became the future Queen.

    PS I don’t find him hot at all, he looks very dirty to me.

      • What? says:

        Not sure if this matters to you, A: Old Prude, but when I was in Sweden one summer I sailed along side all of the many islands and A LOT of the women were topless! It seemed very much like the French Riviera + Greek beaches to me, with toplessness being a choice.
        Does that change anything for you? Maybe that part wasn’t as big a deal to them as it would be in USA?

      • SofiaR says:

        I’m a Swede and there is no need to feel bad. People have pasts, it’s what they do with the now that matters.

      • NotASugarHere says:

        There is a great deal of difference between 1) being on a topless beach and 2) getting your parents to sign a release for so you can leave the country to be paid to have bondage p 0 r n photos of yourself taken when you’re only 16.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree about the sexism between her and Daniel. That’s totally not fair, although he will be consort to a Queen. But still not fair. The rest . . . well, I can’t get too worked up about it.

    • Dany says:

      to be fair the half-naked photos (i remember one with a snake?) and her “reality show career” that all was many years ago when she was 19+ or so. Now she is almost 30 and has her own children´s charity for which she worked and lived in Africa. She has grown up and really tries to make something out of herself. That´s all what matters today. There were no ´new´ scandals, just her “dirty” past.

      • Liv says:

        I don’t think it’s just her “dirty” past. This girl strikes me as pretty dumb and shallow. She wanted to score a prince and she did. Look at Mette Marit, she’s someone who already had a child before her marriage and was supposed to have done drugs and stuff. She’s had a “dirty” past, but in my eyes she seems very smart, humble and put together. Sofia on the other hand not so much.

      • JH says:

        Great comment. It’s amazing how people can’t leave the past in the past.

      • Bex says:

        I read that once they started dating seriously the Swedish royals put her under the control of some grand lady who has been spending the last few years teaching her to be a princess. Part of the process has been improving her reputation hence the convenient African charity work etc.

      • NotASugarHere says:

        People who have watched these two for 4-5 years have more info. A lot like those who watched the Middleton saga for a decade have more info than those who started watching at the wedding.

        She didn’t co-found Project Playground. She seems to have looked around for some charity work to make herself look better after they started dating, latched on to PP, and the story has been changed.

      • Qtj says:

        Wasn’t that the charity which was founded by her sister? And Sofia trying to get credit for it?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think you have a point about the father’s sexism and double standard. But I also think you’re assuming she’s Kim Kardashian because she posed topless and was on a reality show. I don’t think it’s fair to judge her so harshly. She may be a truly good person who made some decisions that were in questionable taste when she was very young. I don’t think she did anything immoral or cruel. If he loves her and wants to marry her, I say congrats.

      • A:) old prude says:


        I would agree with you if all the things I mentioned happened when she was young or once or twice but that is not the case with her. She is equivalent of Hugh Hefner’s playboy bunnies living with him, would you want someone like that or like his other ‘GFs’ to represent your county and you? She actually did this throughout her 20′s before she met the prince. She was not young when she was working as nude models and appearing naked on porn magazines. She was a grown woman. She started in an actual soft porn movie (I have seen it and will post a link if I could still find). Now I wouldn’t judge her is she would’ve accepted her past and own it but she as usual totally denied all the things she did throughout her adulthood and is now making excusing a lifelong lifestyle. That I can’t respect. Plus maybe I’m old fashioned but as I said would you like someone like that representing USA on an international state as American royalty or some sort of diplomatic figure? I know I wouldn’t.

      • Liv says:

        I’m with A:) on this. She comes across as very shallow. I don’t get what he sees in her, she doesn’t seem that bright either. And her doing charity is not really an argument in her favor, I think. She probably just tried to change her “image” as soon as she met him.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        I wouldn’t want someone to represent my country who was just born very lucky, rather than elected.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, I didn’t know all of that, especially that she denied it. I see what you mean. I would not be happy if Kim K was First Lady.

      • Rosehip says:

        Prude and Liv,
        i’m with you. I don’t care if people call my judgement prude, but it’s based on facts.
        I don’t see why one should be apologized for trashiness (and i find this an understatement) because the past is the past. She was allowed to vote when she did all those things, right? Then she should be viewed as an adult being in the capacity of making her own decisions. She chose a certain lifestyle, and i have my opinion about it, but i really have an issue with the ‘she’s another person now / it’s all in the past’; the princessy good girl image now. Everyone knows that is just a persona that she took on to better suit her future/new ‘role’.
        It’s ridiculous. It’s an insult to the Swedish people. The whole purpose of royalty is that they are supposed to behave as decent, dignified people, to give a good example.

      • Lex says:

        @Spookyspooks… that’s cute that you think your ‘elected’ official was not born lucky (or even that he was fairly elected)

      • SpookySpooks says:

        Well, our current president really wasn’t just born lucky.

      • Qtj says:

        Well she even went further than topless……….there are full nude pictures made of her.

    • Badirene says:

      Does this open the way for Prince Harry to marry Katie Price (Jordan). Joking but kinda not, just to see her wedding dress choice.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      His hotness disappeared after I read about his “fantastic woman.”

    • Serenity says:

      Hey old prude, I agree with you. I wouldn’t want someone with topless model/softcore pr0n star on their CV representing my country on the world stage. Guess that makes me an old prude too ;)

      • Lex says:

        Toplessness is not much of a big deal in Europe. Everyone has nipples but somehow attached to women they’re tasteless and un-classy when exposed? Very old fashioned thinking!

      • Chameleon says:

        Making money out of your exposed nipples is somewhat tasteless.
        Apart from that I very much agree with Lex. Everybody got nipples and if one shows them on the beach or not is pretty much one’s own decision. Exposed nipples -> on the beach (!) will not cause a big outcry.

        Apart from that I hope that those two become very happy and do a decent job for their country. I think it was Peter I. the Great of Russia who married Katharina I. (2nd wife of Peter I.) who was a very lowly farmers daughter and she did a great job. So we will see how she does.

      • NotASugarHere says:

        As I said up thread, lots of differences between visiting a topless beach and being paid to pose for p 0 r n when you’re 16 (which she did by getting her parents to sign the release form).

  3. MyLittlePony says:

    He is just incredibly good-looking! Just hope the cameras will be glued on him when the big day comes. As to Sofia…. Well, she has this inappropriate and trashy past, which btw is still kind of apparent when you look at her (make-up, hair, that nail polish (!)) but I guess she really is this warm and generous person on the inside, and it did it for the prince. I remember Carl Philip being so so shy when he was younger, and remember thinking that all those looks are going to be such a waste if he cannot as much as open his mouth in public.

  4. Dany says:

    Some german magazine once called him The Orlando Bloom of the North… it fits

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I have said it for years – he looks like Orlando Blooms younger brother! He really has inherited his mother’s good looks.

      And yeas – the Swedish king was NOT pleased when the government altered the laws for the line of succession. I don’t think it has anything to do with playing favorites with his children but rather his antiquated notions of what women can do. He apparently spoke out that he thought that it would be harder for a woam to be a monarch – which is rather funny since his cousin is Queen of Denmark and doing a damn good job of it.

      Regardless of the law, I actually think that CP Victoria is the one with the best abilities for the job of the three children and she is incredibly popular in Sweden, much more than her father who isn’t very popular at all – mostly due to the fact that he has been very outspoken in some semi-political debates, which he isn’t allowed to be since his position is apolitical and purely ceremonial. He’s not the brightest bulb but is supposedly good fun at parties!

  5. thinkaboutit says:

    Don’t think he’s good-looking at all, and definitely expected her to be stunning. Scroll-down disappointment to the max on these two.

  6. The Original Mia says:

    My only problem and it’s not really a problem is the fact Victoria was made to wait 10 long years before she was allowed to marry Daniel. Daniel, who helped her through her ED and worked his job without sponging off her. They were delayed in starting their lives together because that old coot thought Daniel was beneath his daughter, yet Sophia is acceptable. Nah… I think it’s telling Victoria hasn’t congratulated them yet and Maddie’s note was perfunctory and formal.

    PS: Not hot at all. Kinda dirty looking tbh.

    • Tiffany says:

      I was wondering why it took so long for those two to get married and now I know. Dumb move, Gustav. Those two were just so excited and beaming on their wedding day. Adorable.

      Also, Phillip look like…his father 40 years ago. It is becoming more and more apparent by the day.

      Also, what is this woman’s job. Daniel was a gym owner, Christopher is a banker. What does Sofia do?

      • A:) old prude says:

        She was a porn star, a nude model who appeared on pron magazines, participated in tacky reality shows and has been leaching off this guy ever since she met him. Oh and when Swedish media found out about her ‘modeling career’ she co incidentally started a children’s charity to help herself oh sorry the poor african kids.

        I’m not surprised Carl Gustav gave permission so quickly for this marriage. He is the beloved, favorite sons who can do whatever the heck he wants to do and we all know Carl Gustav himself loves strippers and trashy women, so he might think his beloved son, the one who was robbed of his birthright to be king because he is a man, is actually marrying his dream woman.

    • Talie says:

      Gustav has never treated Victoria as well as he could have. Sexism for sure…

      Neither of the girls were at the engagement dinner, which seemed to have been thrown together. Quite odd…

      • A:) old prude says:

        Not only King Carl Gustav is sexist, the Swedish media is as well. Princess Madeline is criticized for every little move even though she isn’t taking any money from tax payers and living her won independent life in NY but Sofia is applaud when all she does is leech off this guy.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Everything seemed rushed about the whole thing. I kinda doubt the engagement happened that morning like they said. And why announce it so late in the day? Especially with the news the wedding is a full year off. Why was everything at full speed? I actually thought she might be pregnant.

      • AM says:

        I did have the pregnancy thought when the press conference was announced. With both of Madeleine’s engagements, she had been engaged for a month or so before the announcement. I doubt this case as different, whatever they want to say.

    • Bliss says:

      King Gustav is not only sexist but hypocrit.

      He married a woman who was a brasilian-german stewardess and made her queen and couldn’t handle the fact that his daughter boyfriend owns sport clubs and was a respectable trainer ?

      Talk about being hypocrit !

  7. Talie says:

    Uh, yeah, she’s on Youtube getting her ass rubbed down on a reality show. Trust and believe, most people in Sweden think this is nuts. Carl Philip is definitely the favorite of his father (his dad did not take it well when succession laws were changed to his daughter’s advantage). He’s far down the line now, so it kind of doesn’t matter who he marries, but yeah, not a great choice.

  8. AmyR says:

    Am I the only one who snickered at “Princess Sofia?” That’s what Kate Hudson named Matthew McConaghey’s member in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” (Yes, in my early 20′s I loved cheesy rom-coms.)

  9. Francis says:

    He’s so damn hot. Scorching hot.
    That Swedish Royal family is seriously good looking.
    I can’t blame Sofie for hanging in there. I’m surprised it went the distance, but reports say he’s been totally smitten with her since early in the relationship.
    I don’t care for her as a choice, but When she whooped a guys butt who attacked the Prince on a night out, I had to give the girl kudos. Sofie will go to the Matt and then some to protect her Prince. Haha

    • SpookySpooks says:

      Really? I find the Swedish royal family to be among the not so great looking royals ( and they don’t look like the typical Swedes that pop to mind when you say Sweden). Victoria is cute, he’s okay, but why was Madeleine considered the prettiest princess in Europe I will never understand.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Ennie- that is quite interesting history lesson you wrote. Imagine a king being “elected”!

      I admit I really do not follow this RF. I almost did until I realized despite what a hottie Carl is his taste in women is questionable. I read and heard about this woman and thought poorly of her and her parents learning she started her nude career when she was sixteen! I know when she was in NYC milking off an older rich dude pretty much explained her motivation. Is she really going to be titled a princess? Just sickening.

      This engagement does not really show support reading his own mother had to rush and fly in for it on a two hour notice. Vick still has not commented publicly and Madeline barely said much on her fb page. A few comments actually made me lol. So was this a rush engagement? Cannot be a pregnancy thing since they will not marry until Summer 2015. Who knows!

      • Ennie says:

        We’ll he was elected or something like that because they needed a person that Napoleon agreed to. He had “satellite” kings or governors and he was the puppeteer. The same happened in Spain.
        I do not remember well, but the original Swedish royal family either died out or something and this family was lifted mainly because of political reasons.
        For example, The current Bourbons in Spain kept the crown in the family, but they had to skip a generation to appease Franco, and that did not seat well to the rightful king. If anyone knows the story better, please correct me.
        About Carl, I find him handsome, but I did not know he was such a lazy prince!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Bernadotte was adopted by the Swedish King Carl XII (who was also king of Norway. he had no living, legitimate living children (they both died in infancy) so the Swedish throne was up for grabs in a manner of speaking. Bernadotte was Napoleon’s candidate – and as he was the most powerful ruler in Europe at the time, he succeded in placing his candidate on the throne – by adoption from the current king. The Danish king Frederik VI campaigned intensely for the throne but was disregarded – probably due to the centuries old enmity between Denmark and Sweden.

      • Isabelle says:

        This is a reply to what ArtHistorian wrote. “Bernadotte was adopted by the Swedish King Carl XII (who was also king of Norway. he had no living, legitimate living children (they both died in infancy) so the Swedish throne was up for grabs in a manner of speaking.” King Karl XII didn’t have any children at all so none died in infancy. He never married and didn’t have any confirmed lovers.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        My mistake – I missed a numeral in the titel: Karl XIII was the last Swedish king of the House Holsten-Gottorp and he was followed by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte.
        His infant son died and he therefore adopted Christian August of Schlesvig-Hlstein and Augustenborg as his heir. Christian August was the son of the Duke of Augustenborg (a relation of the Danish king), governor of Norway and Swedish Crown Prince – he died very suddenly, shortly after his arrival in Sweden. Bernadotte was adopted as the heir instead.

  10. TG says:

    He is hot but the pic if her is not flattering. I was surprised to learn she isn’t even 30 yet. She looks 35 at least. Maybe this is a bad photo.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    I knew Crown Princess Victoria got crap for marrying Daniel the commoner, but I didn’t know she had to wait 10 years before the king granted his permission to marry him. If King Gustav is this way I don’t think he would have signed off on Carl Philip marrying this woman if he were the heir.

    • m says:

      It wasnt just because he was a commoner, it was also because Swedish princesses traditionally loose their HRH status if they marry a commoner (which would be a problem for the heir) because they would typically trade it in for their husbands title. This has since been changed but at the time it was a big deal.
      Also it wasn’t just the king, for the heir to wed you have to have full permission of the government which Victoria and Daniel were not getting.

    • Dany says:

      The King married a commoner too (Queen Silvia), so it wasn´t about Daniel being a commoner. They had to change the law first, then they had to create a title for Daniel because there was never ever a man without title marrying a CrownPrincess/ FutureQueen. Not to forget all swedish royals need the permission of the government before they marry or they are out of the line

  12. vava says:

    He looks even better WITHOUT the beard. I dunno, I think their engagement is great. Lucky girl! Lucky Prince! At least she has worked – unlike some royal brides we know.

  13. P.J. says:

    What I found most interesting in the original DM story that I read yesterday was the little detail they threw in about the woman who Carl Phillip had dated for TEN YEARS who he “abruptly ended the relationship with” in the year prior to his meeting Sofia.

    Anyone out there know the details on that? There has to be some good explanation behind the move. I can’t imagine it had anything to do with the disapproval of his parents since he’s been given the green light to marry a “former reality star” whose resume includes “topless model” and making out onscreen with Jenna Jameson! Lol. She may very well be a very nice and wonderful woman but for marrying a royal? What a mess 😂

    • The Original Mia says:

      He was cheating on her with Sophia. The ex, Emma, and Madde are still very good friends, which is why her absence at the christening and as a godparent was so noticeable.

    • AM says:

      Emma has since married and had children, so it’s not exactly like she’s sitting around crying about it. And yes, she is still close to the family.

      • Francis says:

        Emma pushed and hung in there, but this is just my opinion but from following the romance at the time, I was traveling back and forth to Sweden, so I was reading all the news on them. Pr.Carl Phillip didn’t seem head over heels with her.
        Also he didn’t cheat with Sophia. Carl. Phillip and Emma over , they were on and off several times. They had so many breakups that the press didn’t know if they were dating or not at times. They had two big publicized breakups but his sisters kept working on getting them back together and it worked several times, except the last breakup, Carl Phillip never went back and Emma STILL hung around, went on group holidays with the sisters and Carl, as friend….it was reported Carl felt uncomfortable with that after awhile since he was not getting back with her.
        Still Rumours are she can’t stand Sophia but it’s not her fault that Pr. Carl didn’t want Emma, that relationship was over and she had been dumped several times by the time he dated the tv glamour snake girl Sophia :) . Emma was around the Swedish family but during that time it was because she was friends with the sisters. Maddie and Victoria kept Emma around in those days prior to Snake girl appearing on the scene, not Pr. Carl.

    • NotASugarHere says:

      What is interesting is that the comments are stalled at 58 on that article. I wonder how many Daily Mail employees spent their weekend frantically deleting the comments about Sofia’s past?

  14. Sachi says:

    He’s lazy and aimless. Perfect target for Sofia. I don’t get what’s so appealing about him. He has achieved nothing in his life and he’s even older than William! He strikes me as sleazy and just like his father whose affairs and orgies with prostitutes were revealed a few years ago.

    CP and Sofia are perfect together: two unimpressive people who have nothing to show for all their ‘good’ looks.

    Sofia already had her past whitewashed, too. The only reason why she started becoming “charitable” was because the relationship became more public. Some Swedish mags have been implying an engagement was happening, for almost a year now…while criticizing Victoria and Madeleine for some random reasons. The mags have been building Sofia up and she’s been blabbing to the press about her relationship with CP.

    She was invited to Madeleine’s daughter’s christening. Royal gfs/bfs aren’t usually invited unless the relationship is entering the engagement phase.

    Thank goodness Sweden changed the succession laws and put Victoria as first in line. I hope CP gets nowhere near that throne.

    • Francis says:

      Emma his ex was at the Christening too, but she’s friends still with Maddie. The look on Emma’s face was priceless when Sofia sitting there? I think Emma Pernaud? Knew the score, that it was a done deal and Sofie had closed the deal.
      Just after the Christening the Swedish press said At last Sofie will become Carl Phillips wife.

  15. fairy godmother says:

    I just checked up on this woman. Is anyone here aware of her comments regarding rape?

    She is inept and unintelligent person who lacks the capacity for reason or compassion. Her stupidity and ignorance alone should disqualify her from receiving any title.

    Can you imagine telling rape victims that they should have tried harder to not be raped? She basically blamed the victims. Disgusting!

  16. Murphy says:

    I’m surprised he was allowed to do this. Especially considering how the King was against Prince Daniel for so long just because he was a commoner…but then again they got him to come ’round on Daniel, I guess it makes sense they got him to accept this lady.

  17. Amy says:

    I think Carl Philip dated another woman before Sofia and they were together for nearly a decade. I forget her name but I think she finally ended it because she had no desire to lead a royal life. From what I’ve read about her, she seemed classy and a good match. Not long after they broke up, Carl Philip took up with this woman. I never found her very interesting but she’ll never be Queen so I guess it doesn’t really matter?

    • Francis says:

      No HE a DUMPED Emma, several times. She was constsntly compared to Kate Middleton. Emma hung on hoping a marriage would happen, but unlike Kate, she didn’t end up married to the Prince. Emma even hung around after two or three breakups with the Prince, but she was really close friends with his sisters so it made sense,but twice they got back together after breakups, but HE finally broke it off for good.
      Emma was devastated, but she better off, IMO, without Pr.Carl. She is with a guy from an Aristocratic brackground who adores her.

  18. peach says:

    i remember having heard that she broke up with her fiance as soon as she met the prince, or was that someone else? if this is true she must be a very calculating person….

  19. M says:

    Thank God that Victoria is the heir. This “prince” is so lazy, he rarely does anything, he makes William look like he is doing work. If these two get married, she better not have a title, that’s all I can say.

    • Francis says:

      Sadly she’ll probably get a title of some kind, Duchess, Countess, Lady?
      Mette Marit is Crown Princess of Norway, her past was awful. These days there doesn’t seem to be much that stops these girls from getting the title once they marry.
      The one modern day Prince who got cut from right to Throne because of his wife’s past was Princess Mabel’s husband ,Prince Frisco of Netherlands?… ( poor man, may he rest in peace)

    • Kori says:

      Indeed. I’m a royal history buff but not so interested in modern royals. Victoria is my favorite though and she, Daniel and Estelle make a beautiful family. I wish she got more coverage. They always seem so happy when out together–as a couple and with their daughter. And she deserves it with what she’s had to put up with from her family.

  20. Reece says:

    I think his sisters are hotter.
    Congrats to them.

  21. wow says:

    And I use to think Kate was lacking. Ha!

    I am enjoying these Princes deciding to marry for love instead of who their parents and the public deem “suitable”. About time they all grew some balls.

  22. Kori says:

    Boy have things changed in Sweden. The king’s uncles ALL lost their titles and rights when they married far less scandalous women. Prince Bertil was the lone exception–look up his story, it’s very romantic. Things began to unbend with the current king but Daniel was looked upon askance still. This is like a huge change for the family–they must feel secure in Victoria (who only has one child). Because CP isn’t really that far removed from the throne. If Victoria has no more children and, god forbid something happened to Estelle or if she were childless, the throne would go to CP.

  23. Liberty says:

    Hmm. Her first title was given to her in 2004: Miss Slitz.

    She founded her children’s charity the same year the Royal Court confirmed she was dating the prince: 2010.

    People can change…..we’ll see.

  24. SofiaR says:

    Calm down, people.

    It is in the past, she has worked with charities, lived a ow key lifestyle for years. She seems to be a sweet and happy girl and they appear to be in love.

    As a Swede I have to say, this is no big deal, we judge from what people are now and how they behave, not what they did when they were younger. It’s very shallow and narrow minded to label someone trash ans unworthy of marrying someone else because of this.

    (Who are Americans to judge peoples character and culture anyway? ;) )

    • tc says:

      This is a gossip website. We judge everyone, regardless of nationality. If you don’t like to see Americans discussing your layabout prince, don’t visit an American website.

      And your winky face doesn’t make your xenophobia cute.

      • SofiaR says:

        Someone really woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning :D

        I profusely apologize if you feel victimized and sad because you took my tongue-in-cheek comment as a personal attack on yourself and your country.

        To disagree, discuss and interact on this site is what keeps the comment section alive, how boring would it be if we all just nodded and said yes?

    • NotASugarHere says:

      She didn’t co-found Project Playground, that is revisionist history. She didn’t start working with charities until after these two started dating.

  25. Ty says:

    He is really hot! I always laugh when people call the British princess hot because I am pretty sure no one would have said so if they weren’t royal. This guy however would be considered hot even if he was working at the local supermarket.

  26. Matty s says:

    She is nothing but a cheap golddigger. Swedes are so naive and the daily papers just keep forgetting her sordid past. Someone was nice enough to post pictures of little miss Tacky on CP´s sister Madeleine´s facebook page, great job.

  27. Emily C. says:

    Sweden is not as uptight about sex as we are in the U.S., and its double standards around sex are not nearly as bad. So she posed nude, so what? Let’s not pretend that the mainstream modeling industry is somehow better for women, or less sexualized, than the porn industry. Actually, it’s worse; if anyone behaved like Terry Richardson in the mainstream porn industry these days, they’d be drummed out.