Ethan Hawke, feminist: ‘My wife says I’m the best lover in the world’


Yes, Ethan Hawke is the very definition of “doucheface.” But OMG, I would hit it. I always say that and I always get yelled at for it. But I am unashamed. Anyway, Ethan is promoting his new Richard Linklater film, Boyhood, which is getting really, really good reviews. To promote the film, Ethan did my favorite Us Weekly feature, “25 Things.” Ethan’s 25 Things are funny/interesting/infuriating, not least of which is that he self-identifies as a feminist (yet he’ll give interviews about how much he hates monogamy and fidelity).

1. I sometimes wear a goatee because I can’t grow a full beard.
2. I try to never be late.
3. Sometimes I am late.
4. My first kiss was right after the slow skate at a roller rink in Hamilton, New Jersey.
5. One of my favorite costars remains a half-breed wolf I met on the White Fang set in Alaska.
6. I have three daughters [Maya, 16, Clementine, 6, and Indiana, 3], all born in July.
7. I have a dog named Nina, after Nina Simone, and a cat named Rascal, after the book Rascal by Sterling North.
8. I am a feminist.
9. I hate vacations.
10. Unless my wife hides all the candy and sweets in our house, I will eat them all.
11. I have lived in New York City for 25 years.
12. I am 43 years old and have been in 43 films.
13. I love Mexican food.
14. I won High Times magazine’s Best Actor Bong for my performance in Richard Linklater’s Tape.
15. My son [Levon, 12] can beat me at table tennis, but I can beat him in basketball. (I’m still taller.)
16. My favorite thing to do is go to the movies. I could, I’d see three films in a day.
17. My mother [Leslie] founded and runs a non-profit in Romania for educational rights for the poor.
18. I have published two novels, Ash Wednesday and The Hottest State.
19. My stepbrother [Patrick Powers] is a member of the Green Berets.
20. I’ve never had a cavity.
21. I have a motorcycle license but no motorcycle (four kids, remember).
22. My wife [Ryan] says I’m the best lover in the world.
23. My mother says I’m really smart.
24. My kids say I’m the world’s best dad.
25. My wife, my mother, and my kids are the smartest people I know.

[From Us Weekly]

His wife says he’s the best lover in the world? Your move, Clive Owen! Gah. Is it wrong that I think Ethan probably is really good in bed? It’s always the weird ones. They surprise you. I like that he admits that he can’t grow a full beard. We know, dude. But if you’re going to wear a goatee, could you at least groom it a little? Thanks.

As for Ethan self-identifying as feminist… I have my doubts about just how “feminist” he is in real life, but I always applaud any man who realizes the important of self-identifying as such and being an ally to women’s rights. Especially for a father of three girls (all born in July, that’s so random).

Here’s the trailer for Boyhood:


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  1. NewWester says:

    Did Uma say the same thing before she found out you were cheating on her?

  2. Sixer says:

    He sounds like a twit. But I can’t deny he does good work. I like these real-time thingies and I like the look of Boyhood. Michael Winterbottom did a marvellous job with something similar – Everyday, with John Simm and Shirley Henderson, about a guy’s prison sentence and how it affected the family.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    Please tell me he’s kidding.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think he was just setting up for the joke – his wife, mother and kids are the smartest people he knows.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Can’t wait to see Boyhood!

  6. genevieve says:

    Those last few items were clearly tongue in cheek, so I’m not going put on my Cardigan of Outrage.

    And I don’t see feminism and infidelity as mutually exclusive, personally. My feminism is more about empowerment and equality than protecting my feelings. As long as the infidelity isn’t involving sexually harassing less powerful people, why would feminism care about that?

  7. Isa says:

    I thought it was tongue in cheek, his wife, his mother and his kids all think he is the best.

    As for his views on monogamy, many people feel the same way, even some feminists. I don’t see the problem as long as you’re upfront with what you expect.

    • Linn says:


      From a feminist point of view it mainly becomes problematic when the guy believes that men should be allowed to sleep around because it’s in their genes while their girlfriends are expected to be monogamous.

      Just be upfront about it and set the same rules for both genders.

      The Problem with Ethan seems to be that he doesn’t handle it like that though. Admitting to cheating on Uma and everything.

      Calling everybody who does believe in Monogamy and Fidelity Childish doesn’t help either.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree. If you want an open marriage, just be honest about it. That’s all I ask. P.S. Goodbye.

  8. HollDoll says:

    Last photo.. Derek Zoolander with a goatee.

  9. Ag says:

    i was so into him back in the heyday of “reality bites.” but he’s grown up to be somewhat of a douche.

  10. Sighs says:

    Yuck. I’ve never liked him. He seems like a first class douche. And he always looks unkempt.

  11. bettyrose says:

    I dunno. I find it patronizing when men call themselves feminists. I have plenty of men in my life who regard women as fellow humans without having to be applauded for it. I would be sad for any man whose wife didn’t call him her best lover, though. And vice versa.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      Why would it be patronizing? I really don’t undersantd.

    • Bella bella says:

      I like that he called himself a feminist. He also made a point to mention the great work his mother does. He is surrounded by women, he better be a feminist!

      I think it is weird how it has become the latest thing to ask actresses if they are feminists. I’m not a feminist, I am a feminist, I feel feminism has no meaning anymore, la la la. When did this start?

      So if he says I am a feminist I am okay with it. We need more men who believe in feminism. I remember the first time in college feminism hit home for me was in a class called Feminist Literary Criticism. It was so fascinating, I thought it should be perceived as another philosophy to be added to the Philosophy canon and I wished all my male friends would take it.

  12. Renee says:

    He looks pretty beat for 43. I am going to be 40 in a month and a half and my ass does not look as mashed up as his…

  13. Moosehead says:

    Am I the only one who finds it really offensive he named his DOG after Nina Simone?

  14. serena says:

    I kind of think he is gross-looking but I enjoy reading his interviews, he’s so funny and smart!

  15. poppy says:

    he will be what will keep me from going to a theater to see the film.
    the only nice thing i will say about him is he is out and about in nyc all the time, manages to not get papped, and waits in line like everyone else.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I love him always and forever too, Kaiser.

    I blame Reality Bites.

  17. Ally8 says:

    Gender equality bodysnarking: he’s too skinny. For several years now, he’s looked quite ill. I hope he isn’t.

  18. eliza says:

    With a rat face like his, you would have to be good at something.

  19. feebee says:

    I’m going with ‘he’s joking’. Otherwise if true then that’ll be in the “that’s what she said then” basket at splitsville time.

    I think you can be a feminist and a cheating a*hole. You can support the concepts of equal pay and rights for women. Is sexual monogamy a ‘right’ or just the right thing to do? Unless as others have said expectations or whatever are out on the table.

  20. Jayna says:

    His list is the best I’ve ever read from these celebs. I read these lists in mags where they ask them to list things we don’t know about them, and many are so contrived from beginning to end or not funny when trying to be. But I found many things interesting that I didn’t know about him or cute. And, yes, it’s tongue in cheek when he says his wife says he’s the best lover. We all say that to our men.

    I didn’t know you couldn’t be a feminist if you had a hard time with monogamy back when when he was a coward and didn’t know how to end his first marriage. He has never said he’s cheated on this wife but has no clue as to long-term marriage for the rest of his life. People who identify as feminists or supporting feminist rights are flawed people, not PC all the time or saints, just like every other human being on this planet. He believes in equal rights for women, etc. I don’t doubt his sincerity.

    I still applaud his acting in the last segment of the trilogy he and Julie Delpy did. I can’t remember the name of the last one, but I was blown away by his acting, especially in certain pivotal scenes.

    • bvgm says:

      I think the same about their performance specially his. I think I have loved the three movies but the last one seems so intimate I really liked it. I heard they might have a fourth one. If he is a douche-bag in real life he is a great actor compared to other douche vibes like BCoop

  21. Ginger says:

    He looks like my ex-fiancé so…+1 on the doucheface!!

  22. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    He’s never had a root canal..sigh.

  23. roxy750 says:

    Oh wow what a great movie this will be!

  24. VuDu says:

    Umm…. I can’t believe Dude wrote a book… Let alone TWO! Anyone else a little taken aback by this?

    • Jayna says:

      No. He’s very smart and a New Yorker through and through, very into the arts, etc. He’s been honored by the New York Public Library for his work for them and co-founded some organizing awarding young writers. He’s been in a lot of plays. I guess I’ve seen him in interviews over the years and he’s not just some dumb actor with zero other interests but being a star. He has had two screenwriting Oscar nominations for co-writing two of the three movies from the Before Sunrise, etc., movies with Julie Delpy where every then years they have revisited their characters.

    • grace says:

      I read Ash Wednesday and found it really good.

  25. moo says:

    New Flash, Ethan…. wives LIE about sex. EVERY ONE lies about sex… jeesh! what a douchebag!!!

  26. Angie says:

    I’ve disliked him since he talked about Uma’s vagina to Howard Stern. But I was surprised by how funny and willing to play he was on Watch What Happen Live several months back. “25 Things” confirms he’s got a good sense of humor at least. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a guy like him but I’d probably enjoy his company.

  27. Sherlockapple says:

    Being born and raised in the Princeton, NJ area, I ran into him frequently but didn’t know him personally because we didn’t go to the same high schools. He was an absolute *sweetheart*. Ever since he and Uma broke up, nothing but sewage out of his mouth….Um. dude. Yeh, you’re the best lover…cause you pay for her fancy car, house, designer clothes, vacations, mani-pedis,….shall I go on? Grrrr….

  28. Sherlockapple says:

    ps-from the neck down he looks like Don Imus

  29. tila says:

    Looks like somebody is super potent around October time.

  30. Tang says:

    It reads like one of those boastful Christmas letters, the ones you get every year that you just want to throw away in the trash.

    Also “blech” to men who boast about being great lovers.

  31. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    The fact that he still has a career and is coming out in this amazing new movie is proof that white men can do no wrong in Hollywood. If he were black or a woman his career would have been over right after the first (of many) flops he’s made or after his first offensive interview. NO ONE likes him! Even Kaiser who just wants to sleep with him :-)