LeAnn Rimes & Eddie’s VH1 show barely had 374,000 viewers: haha?


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes performing at a concert at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This is why LeAnn and Eddie were in Miami over the weekend – it wasn’t merely another vacation. LeAnn had to “work.” She had to make that money so her kept man could keep all of his toys. I’m also adding some photos of LeAnn and Eddie at LAX after their weekend in Miami. Does Eddie look slightly embarrassed? He should. This VH1 reality show has blown up in his face, big-time. Deadline reported a few days ago that LeAnn & Eddie is sort of tanking in the ratings. Even “Naked Dating” has more than double the audience.

The sayings are that sex sells and controversy gets coverage and certainly VH1 were betting on a bit of both with Naked Dating. To that end, last night’s 9 PM debut of the self explanitory reality series from Lighthearted Entertainment delivered – somewhat. The 1-hour Naked Dating had 826,000 total viewers with 480,000 among Adults 18-49. Not only was that 0.5 rating the best non-Monday premiere in the Viacom channel has had since Mob Wives launched on April 17, 2011 with a 0.9 but it saw huge leaps up from the last quarter.

The rest of VH1’s new programming on VH1 might have wanted to strip down a bit to do better. Coming after the 551,000 who watched the debut of Candidly Nicole, the 10:30 premiere of Leann And Eddie was seen by a total 374,000 audience of 374,000. The former was up 51% from last quarter among the 18-49s with 325,000 watching while the later up just 19% over the last quarter’s average in the time slot with 252,000 viewers in the demo.

[From Deadline]

Basically, hundreds of thousands of people switched channels when LeAnn & Eddie came on. As it should be.

Oh, and Eddie recently “joked” about how LeAnn has an eating disorder. Because JOKES, PEOPLE.



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  1. HappyMom says:

    This weekend I caught an old tribute to Barbra Streisand (maybe from 3 years ago). Leann was singing-and it was so embarrassingly bad. Even my husband (who has no idea about the gossip and remembered her being a teen with a lovely voice) said “what the hell happened to her? and why is she singing like that?” Her face, gestures-it was a duet-omg. Cringe.

  2. MonicaQ says:

    So I was in Miami for WWE Raw (yeah, yeah, I know) and I saw fliers for her performance and a guy in the crowd said, “LeAnn looks like she bit a brick, what did she do to her face?” and his partner replied, “Slept with skuz-ball. Messes you up any day.”

    I laughed.

  3. Talie says:

    Well, look, I haven’t watched VH1 since they did pop-up videos and the Vogue Fashion Awards.

  4. Liz says:

    Americans will watch anything trashy and bad and even we can’t sit thru Leann and Eddie for 1/2 an hour HA HA. I used to a big Leann fan when I was young – she really was a talented singer – but in the last five years she has become so unlikable. They did a reality show to prove how happy they are and then spent the whole time complaining about the press and his ex? She also trashed the record company that had stood by her thru 14 years of flops. Good luck getting a new deal anytime soon Leann!

  5. Aussie girl says:

    Good god is her singing face her organism face..?

  6. MissWilso says:

    The premier did so badly and got so many bad reviews, including a really great article from the Washington Post about how truly awful these two are. Somehow this chick still managed to twist it around by tweeting something about how much of a success it was and she was so happy blah blah blah and something about how the feedback has been so great except for a couple of blogs. I sometimes wonder if she really believes her own bullshit? Or if her life is just constant and repeating moments of trying to save face. Does she really think her marraige is wonderful? Or does she see that she’s married to a chubby unemployed serial cheater who’s only with her because he lives a life of constant vacations and leisure. The delusion is strong with this one

  7. eliza says:

    People watch VH1? I stopped watching that channel once they stopped Rock of Love, Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club. Those shows were at least amusing.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    LeAnn can’t sell tickets to her concerts…what made her think ANYONE would be interested in watching her and Eddie on TV. If this show gets cancelled quickly, I predict this could spell the end of LeAnn and Eddie…I think when they got together they thought they were going to be some kind of power couple in Hollywood. They do have a lot in common…they are both narcisstic, obnoxious, and delusional losers…

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Good. I won’t have to move countries now.

  10. Tracy says:

    I don’t think Eddie likes what karma is spoon feeding him these days. Still enjoying life with your sugar mama, Ed?

  11. Lucy2 says:

    And at least 300k of those were people hate-watching it to make fun of it.

  12. Brin says:

    Maybe they should call the show “Shart Tank”.

  13. Regarded says:

    This reality show, while satisfactory in production quality, REALLY proves how crazy they are. I watched the first episode bc I’m a masochist and I was so embarrassed to see that a tabloid cover from Star was the entire focus of the episode. What message were they trying to send to people? Bc all I got was that they sit around all day and obsess about what the media prints about them. When the Star tabloid just happened to be at the tattoo parlor – I was rolling my eyes so hard at that point.
    And I understand that laughter can be the best medicine, but I also see something really abnormal about the way they react to these tabloids. They say they “laugh” about the headlines and their problems. But any same person knows that sensationalist media has one goal: to sell more copies. So instead of obsessively recalling and “laughing” at each headline, why can’t they just ignore it?
    I really see some deep-rooted issues with this couple if this is all that they do all day.

  14. lassie says:

    I don’t get why the PTB thought that the world wanted to hear “their side” of the story. I’ve been hearing that stupid story for years, “We fell in love…it was forbidden…it was wrong but it felt so right…” I GET IT. Say something else. Do something else. Stop being so predictable.

  15. dorothy says:

    Is anyone really surprised?

  16. Jayna says:

    Her show will bomb worse this week as curious viewers drop off.

    I have to say LeAnn’s body and clothing choices and even shoe choices have looked her best this promo run-up. That jumpsuit in the first pic is adorable, and I thought her outfit and shoes on Wendy Williams looked great. Her face looks more like pre-Eddie, and her body is a great weight.

    I wonder why she didn’t try to look this good when shooting her show when she was a little heavier and it showed in her face especially and stomach when she was lifting up her shirt to be tattooed.

  17. karkar says:

    On twitter alot of people said they hate watched the first 5-10 minutes & switched the channel. If that’s true alot of those people probably won’t watch the other episodes lol!!

  18. TX says:

    Well, if you take out all the TVs LeAnn bought and turned on herself, its probably more like 300k ;)

  19. No Way says:

    Wow people and the media really hate them. Sorry to tell you as I have worked in television for a long time in cable ratings when you are up 19% from the last quarter’s time slot this is actually not a bad number. This really does mean 19% more people are watching the network than before. The drop from Dating Naked isn’t good, but not terrible in the land of cable. Still with this kind of press this show will probably get cancelled even if the numbers improve. I have long learned never underestimate the crap people will watch on tv.

    • ya says:

      Ya from reading the quote, looks like the ratings weren’t bad? It is cable. They didn’t do very much worse than Nicole’s show & it was a later timeslot.

      I didn’t watch (too much secondhand embarrassment) but I guess her haters are still keeping her in business.

    • why? says:

      Vh1 aired an old rerun of SNL the week before, so the 19% increase really wasn’t good at all. Leann was competing against an episode that aired in 1990. Someone on another site posted a scale that said anything below .3 was bad and that a show that usually gets below .3 are the ones that get canceled. Leann has over 556,000 followers and her show only received 374,000 viewers. Vh1 can’t be happy with that big of a gap.

      The ratings were bad. Lindsey Lohan’s show aired on cable, it received 600,000 viewers and it was called a flop by the press.

      The first episode was out before it even aired because VH1 put it on demand and online.

    • why? says:

      Dating Naked appeared on TV By The Numbers Top 100 list( a list that ranks how shows did on cable compared to one another for 18-49 audiences), while Candidly Nicole and Leann and Eddie didn’t. Leann’s show received 252,000 views for the 18-49 audiences. This is bad.

  20. Andrea says:

    I have no interest in watching after her slimeball husband was cheating on Brandy with countless women (he only picked LeAnn because she has the most money)not to mention LeAnn’s desperation to appear relevent. Let’s hope they divorce soon.

  21. Jess says:

    The show got negative reviews everywhere, it’s obvious they did the show to hurt Brandi and people have no desire to see that. Their show bombed and LeAnn crapped herself in public, I’d say these two are getting exactly what they deserve.

  22. Karen says:

    More people than live in my country so I’ll clap to that.

  23. bettyrose says:

    I watched it on demand after reading several of these threads. Is it bad that I contributed to the #’s? I might watch the next one too. It’s not even a remotely entertaining show but after years of being a loyal CB reader, I’m still having trouble believing these people really exist.

    • sea dragon says:

      Since you’re asking…

      I’m just as awestruck as you that people like this actually exist in the world. It’s fascinating to watch their behavior played out – and they’re even okay to do it in front of a camera! Where everybody can see! And everyone and their mother can sit back and judge them at any time from this point forward. It’s crazy. Reality shows that celebrate bad behavior are crazy. The whole genre is absurd and insane and I don’t think one person or five or 100 will put a dent in this shows numbers. If people watched the show like they do the Kartrashian’s, that would be one thing. They have momentum. But this little psychotic and her pet husband are fizzling as we speak so if you want to watch because of the awe factor, watch! :-)

  24. aemish says:

    The fringe makes me cringe

  25. EG says:

    Let’s not forget that this wasn’t even a “real” reality show–or even anything close to one! This was a completely scripted PR effort that failed…miserably.

  26. why? says:

    When Leann bragged about how her show was trending on twitter she really was lying. It was an article that Usa Today wrote about her show that was really trending. Just like she and her fans are now trying to spin that her show was a success because it was up by 19% from last week and that 374,000 is a good rating because the standards for cable ratings have changed, she purposely lied to her fans. She tweeted an article that was trending, in bold letters she put the name of her show and right below it in tiny letters a link to the article.

  27. Josefa says:

    I have absolutely no idea who these two are and why there’s so much news about them here (I’m not American). Apparently she’s a country singer, which could explain a lot, as country isn’t a popular genre here at all. Are they well known celebrities in the USA, at least?

    • Christin says:

      She was a teenage country singer who had a couple of hit songs. Her biggest awards and record sales were at least 14 or 15 years ago. She has dabbled in pop music and a little acting, which is how she met her husband (both were married to others at the time). I had never heard of him, but apparently he was a fairly solid b-level actor in some TV shows.

      I am from an area that is big on country music (several longtime A-list country stars are from this region), and she is rarely if ever played on local radio. She came to a very nice venue near my hometown within the past few years. People say her tickets are practically given away at some places, but her lowest priced ticket at this venue cost almost twice what a five-time Grammy winner charged just a week prior to her concert. Friends who often go to concerts said they were trying to cross-sell her tickets like crazy, but they had no interest.

  28. Hollz says:

    I just watched it…I figured I read Brandi’s book, I can watch a half hour show. And I’ll be honest…I didn’t hate it. As vapid as she is, and as much of a tool as he is, they do genuinely seem to love one another.

    Not saying they’ll last, or that she’s not horrible to Brandi, just that the show could have been much worse.

  29. Michele says:

    She’s a miserable fail and so is her show and soon the marriage will be too. He doesn’t even touch her, he’s checked out and every picture that’s evident. Face it MeAnn! You’re prideful homewrecker days are over now. It’s time pay the karma Gods.

  30. Jenny12 says:

    I’d like to think he’s embarrassed by all the ugly remarks about his ex-wife, but I doubt it. In their crazed minds, Brandi is at fault for the show failing.

  31. MY TWO CENTS says:

    I have to laugh every time I read someone who watched the “scripted” show and says but they really do seem to be in love and happy. People, it’s all for show. What’s he gonna do treat her like he does in real life on national tv and walk off the screen to go out alone and hook up? If you notice, he is all of a sudden trying to pretend to be the happy husband in every pic lately too. He hadn’t acted happy in years prior to this premiere. I feel the same when somebody takes to heart an argument between women on these housewife shows. It’s all producer driven drivel that they sit around a table and think up before they film. Please tell me the majority of public understands this? Leann obviously from the “stain” still has a serious laxative problem. They should be focusing on that. This week her and her girlfriends go out on the town. Do you think that is scripted? LOL. Remember she was so heavy and had pics skipping down the street in the blue jean shorts, denim shirt and boots and looked God awful. Should be riveting. LOL

    • Jenny12 says:

      Yeah, I don’t get why people love reality shows so much and think that they’re based in actual reality. I mean, Duck Dynasty- people don’t get that writers and producers sit around and think up things that will look super hillbilly to make people laugh? They’re playing the parts of rednecks with dashes of their real selves thrown in. Those guys never wore beards year round til the show. Pawn Stars: seeded. Storage Wars: seeded. ANY reality show will have some basis in reality, but all the situations and dialogue are written by the show. Sheesh.

    • Macey says:

      I was skimming thru some articles yesterday and LR and her minions are trying to claim in the comments that the stain pics were photoshopped by some evil people..lol
      Sounds like she’s implying BG was behind it but it’s kind of funny to read b/c you can tell by the way she’s holding her dress in the one pic that she knows the stain is there and is trying to hide it.. there is no way those pics were p-shopped.

      • Christin says:

        I saw a comment about ‘think Photoshop and enemies’ that made me lol.

        I don’t think the photo was altered, and if enemies are involved, how about her companions who apparently did not tell her and try to block the view?

      • Deanne says:

        First she and her Twitter besties were claiming that she sat on something. Soda was mentioned. even though there wasn’t a soda can in sight. If they are now trying to claim that Brandi or her supporters somehow arranged to have this photoshopped and disseminated to the media, they are seriously a lot more deranged than I could have ever imagined. LeAnn was trying really hard to hide her little accident. by gathering up the skirt that way. It was very awkward looking and didn’t work. She and her sad little camp are grasping at straws by trying to claim photoshop. She’s making herself even more ridiculous.

  32. Christin says:

    I get the feeling that she cooked up most of the storylines, including starting off with tabloids. Huge mistake, IMO.

    I mentioned in another post that I grew up in an area that produced several well known country stars who have maintained successful careers for decades. I started thinking how she differs from at least two of them. It has nothing to do with raw talent. It’s how they do not engage rumors and keep their private lives private.

    One is a master at teasing with her words and gives delightful interviews (without revealing all). She’s so well liked to the point that it would probably take something criminally sinister before people think less of her anyway.

    I went to school with a scrawny guy who has had hit after hit for 20 years. He had his own very public tabloid issue with a then a-lister. To this day, he does not engage rumors and has longtime friends around him that don’t blab to the press.

    The two stars I referenced do not use Twitter to squabble or post nonsense. And if either of them did a reality show, I dare say people would watch. But they are too busy selling out concerts and running their other business interests. And they don’t have to tell the world how successful they are or criticize record companies if their career slows a little.

    If she wants to know what’s wrong with her career, she should look no further than the mirror.

  33. Rosario says:

    These two have become the laughing stock of the entertainment industry! I don’t think they will ever be able to dig themselves out of that hole. This forsaken reality show just put the nail in the coffin.

  34. Carolina says:

    Leann Rimes has the best country voice – hands down
    How can I live without you is a breakthrptaking doing
    Sorry but Taylor, faith nor Carrie just can’t compare