Benedict Cumberbatch was out with his ‘secret girlfriend’ (update: ALS Challenge!)


You know how Benedict Cumberbatch has a “secret girlfriend,” much to the chagrin of the the Cumberbitches? Well, funny story. The Cumberbitches have been hunting for any sightings of this girlfriend to a ridiculous level. And now they have the Twihard Proof!! This Instagram has photos of Benedict with a lady. You can’t see the girl clearly, but when the tipster sent us a photo of the girlfriend from behind and she looks like Cressida Bonas from what I can tell. I’m not saying it IS Cressida, I’m just trying to give you a frame of reference. Long legs, tall, dirty blonde hair past her shoulders. Benedict was apparently out with her at the National Theatre this week. So, now you know.

As for the other Cumbernews we have going on… let’s see. Benedict was cast as Shere Khan in The Jungle Book: Origins, being directed by Andy Serkis. That was announced this week and Benedict was the first actor named in industry reports. Soon after, Naomie Harris, Eddie Marsan, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett also joined the cast. Hilariously, there’s also a movement afoot to get Tom Hiddleston cast in the movie too, because Our Most Beloved Dragonfly has repeatedly spoken about how much he loves The Jungle Book. And of course, he did this:


And Benedict’s turn in the BBC’s multi-part production of Richard III has added some new cast members as well. I think Benedict is filming this next? Sure. Anyway, Judi Dench has signed on and she’ll probably be playing Cecily. Other actors joining the cast of the miniseries: Hugh Bonneville, Sophie Okonedo, Keeley Hawes and Tom Sturridge.

Oh, and The Hollywood Reporter has another story about how Benedict is HUGE in China. The BBC’s programming is all very popular in China, but Sherlock and Doctor Who are by far the favorite shows ever in China.

Last thing… Benedict has done or allegedly will do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So far, no video has been uploaded, but if it happens today, I will update this post.

UPDATE: IT HAS ARRIVED. Here is the video! Jesus, he looks really f–king good here.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. MissMary says:

    Here we go, lol.

    Like was mentioned on the other thread where this came up… tempest in a teacup. A blurry pic, someone who is apparently driving the flail, no solid “proof” other than him walking next to/slightly behind a woman, and a fantasy about “omg they jumped on his motor bike and took off right after the play”. Is it a secret gf? so doubtful. A date? Maybe. An outing with a friend? Also maybe. If he has a secret gf, she’s either a master of disguise, since he’s seen with so many female companions, or she’s super understanding and doesn’t mind being hidden away in Narnia or wherever he stashes her.

  2. Freebunny says:

    Lol, the pic with the ice-cream is a bit ridiculous.

  3. allons-y alonso says:

    Lol! Batten down the hatches! Man out in a public place with a woman !

  4. Abbott says:

    So if the Cumberbucket video goes live, this post is our fall out shelter or the place I should avoid?

  5. Mia4S says:

    The casts of both those projects are crazy!! Not a Jungle Book fan but I’ll be all over the Hollow Crown.

    Girlfriend sighting? Good lord he’s probably dated a lot of women in the past few years. Anyone actually upset better be under 16 years old! Otherwise I weep for the species. I’m still traumatized from discovering many Twihards were women over 40!

    • MissMary says:

      THAT was so creepy when I found that out! I mean, love what you love, awesome, but the level of obsession to the point of inappropriate behavior by adults towards these celebs was scary.

      • Sacred And Profane says:

        Creepy is right, MissMary. There is a crowd of fellow teachers at my primary (elementary) school who are still obsessed with the Twilight thing. They are aged from 35 – 45. Their classrooms are heavily adorned with Twilight paraphernalia, and the screensavers on their SmartBoards, computers and phones are images of the characters. If one of them has a birthday, the others hold a dinner party in the staff room at lunch time, and Twilight is always the theme. Woe betide anyone who haplessly ventures too near the table they’ve commandeered, despite this being a communal space. Looks can maim. Then there are the almost-daily “private” missives, printed on A4 paper and decorated with the two main characters, which they tape onto each other’s pigeonholes, with cryptic messages and inside jokes. Gah. I’m embarrassed for them… Our former principal would have nipped it all in the bud, quick smart, deeming such behaviour – and particularly the Twilight tatt in the classrooms – as being inappropriate and exclusive, but the present one is oblivious to such antics….when he bothers coming to work, that is.

      • MissMary says:

        0_0 I…oy. I used to be a teacher here in the States (many years ago back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, lol) and I can’t begin to imagine anyone on staff at the places I worked getting away with that, or at least doing it for long. The “Twihard moms” (and I’m sure there’s some dads, and not-parents) freak me out a bit because their behavior is so juvenile and obsessive…

  6. Sixer says:

    Well, seeing as I have just come back from visiting Mr Sixer Senior and was nosing at his Radio Times, I have some Bouncing Benny news. DEFEAT!

    David the Tennant beat him to the TV Champion title, after, I might add, trouncing Little Tommy Tucker in the semi-final.

    Fanty! Fanty! Amanda Abbington beat both Idris Elba AND Toby Stephens. I think we should join up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT WOMAN.

  7. OhDear says:

    Here go hell come.

    Damn, I know that he (they?) is in a public place, but that’s creepy having random people take pictures of you without your knowledge or permission.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I’m just going to jump in here and say Ben’s Ice Bucket Challenge was awesome. Great sense of humor about it and it makes me wish I could go out for a beer with him. Drunk Ice Bucket Challenge would be hilarious!! It would involve sock monkey…

      We got our wet t-shirt pic as well and “hot diggity damn” is all I have to say.

      Wait a minute!.. He has been seen out with a lady with dirty blonde hair and now he has challenged Kylie Minogue to the Ice Bucket challenge?? Connecting dots here… How cool would Ben and Kylie be!!

  8. Raven says:

    Sorry, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I can think of at least 4 different women (not counting his niece) in the past 2-3 months alone who he’s been photographed on “dates” with. One girl has been pictured at the theatre with him more than once during this time, but she didn’t get a post here. And think of all the girls and friends we DON’T know about. First, people swore up and down he was dating Kinvara. I heard they were getting married in Italy. Wait, he was seen out with a girl in LA? Then SHE must be his secret girlfriend and they travel separately to avoid attention. Hmm, who’s this Sophie? Yes, she’s definitely his girlfriend, and you’re blind if you can’t see the facts. Give me a break. The story they were so sure of changes every time a new girl comes on the scene. Well, they can’t all be his secret girlfriend, so I propose that none of them are.

    Let’s be real here. Nobody was saying anything about a secret girlfriend until that z-list tabloid made up the story, and now fans are repeating it as if it were gospel. Instead of latching onto a tabloid story with absolutely no evidence to back it up, why not just look logically at the situation: BC hasn’t been in one place for more than a few weeks since NOVEMBER, is never seen traveling with a woman, never seen at awards with a woman, rarely even seen out with women and when he is, it’s always with a different one. Does this seem like a man who has a steady girlfriend he’s hiding from the world, or a man who’s dating around when he can and making the most of his sexual currency?

    Basically, I never want to hear the term “secret girlfriend” ever again unless we’re mocking the teenagers who think every woman he goes out with is his soulmate. Because literally every sign points to him just being casually dating and having fun.

    • MissMary says:

      This, this, this… you said everything I want to say about the topic, lol, but much more succinctly.

    • SophieK says:

      @Raven…Word. ITA with all of your post. Umm, wake me up when BC shows up at one of his events with an actual date, a woman on his arm, where we can actually see her face and he introduces someone as his girlfriend. Unless that happens, I’m pretty much done with this nonsensical speculating.

      • Green Girl says:

        I am right there with you.

        I think some of his fans have a “lost babe in the woods” narrative about him. It’s like they think: He just doesn’t know what to do with women, you guys!

        So the fans probably hold out for hope that he’s in a long-term relationship with one woman that he’s keeping private, and not dating every other woman who crosses his path.

      • MissMary says:

        @Green Girl: they conflate his characters with his public self and come up with who they think he really is. PRetty much two plus two equals five. *THEIR* Cumby would never date around and have fun and consensual, casual sex (if that’s how he gets down)… THEIR Cumby is a wounded bird Disney prince who is pining for true love and is bumbling and endearingly dorky with women and basically a “nice” version of Sherlock meshed with his character from Cabin Pressure. The idea that he’s a grown-ass man, enjoying his single life and having fun when he can between projects (Which he is by his own admission very intense about and gets very focused on) is anathema because THEIR Cumby is just waiting for THEM to show up in his life and be the perfect woman. Or have some secret romance with Olivia this whole time because ‘omg true love’.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Thought Hiddles was the wounded Disney Prince? :)

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @sigh(ss)) Hiddles is the unicorn prince, this one is the wounded one…
        I laughed the other day when someone somewhere said that he’s probably broken hearted by Olivia and that she hurt him. The person only needed to call her a witch, to finalize the thought…

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Sorry, I get all my disney princes mixed up. Silly me.

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @sigh((s)), that’s pretty normal, considering that we always talk about both of them on every thread… So many princes gets one’s mind.. a tad bit confused…

    • Maria says:

      I have not seen any pictures of him with other women at the theatre in the past couple of months. Someone did claim he went to see a performance of The Crucible recently – which was discovered to be lies, as he was actually filming in Boston at the time!

    • matilda11 says:

      Can I come up for the *real* cumberbitches here (the reddit subgroup by that name)? Firstly, any posts speculating about secret girlfriends are strongly discouraged because a) it is an invasion of his privacy and encourages stalking and b) when they are ready, Benedict and his SO will go public. Until then, it’s all just pointless speculation. Sure there is much excitement after much anticipation for this video under the teachers, managers, graphic designers, lawyers, neuroscientists, astrophysicists, studens at all levels, etc on the site. We even have a few cumberhusbands and cumberbro’s who make the much appreciated odd comment. Secondly, it is just a really exuberant group of admirers, not a pathetic mob. And btw, the name “cumberbitches” was reviewed not long ago, and it was decided that it’s just a fun name, and much loved by members and would stay!

  9. flavia_deluce says:

    The first two pictures on this post are hilarious.

  10. t.fanty says:

    Denial. It ain’t just a river in Africa.

  11. PunkyMomma says:

    We all know the super secret girlfriend is Lilacflowers.

    (That tiny hat. Why, Benny, just why?)

  12. Innie Outie says:

    The “Lets-Get-Hiddleston-in-the-Jungle-Book-Film-Because-His-Pal-Cumberbatch-Is-in-It” thing – especially that article – are now firmly no.1 on my personal list of Hiddles-related cringes lol. I must say that the MTV Awards hosting is nowhere hear that! :D

    The ice-cream-eating pic is hilarious. Look at him holding that tiny cup and even tinier spoon :P

    Not gonna comment on the GF rumours – not interested.

  13. ncboudicca says:

    I’m way more into the motorcycle jacket than caring about which ladyfriend he’s with.

  14. Elyse says:

    Do you guys get defensive (hateful) over every female Cumby dates, or does she have to have certain standards in order for you to accept her? I mean I love Benedict and I hope he ends up with someone nice, but I’m just curious about what his fans think.

    • MissMary says:

      I don’t think most fans give a toss. If he showed up tomorrow on the news and said “Hey, I’m dating this person,” most folks who are fans of his would go “Oh, okay. So when are you filming xyz?” There’s a small, very vocal contingent, however, that’d howl and flail and post internet screeds about how she’s awful or how he lied about being single, etc.

      • Elyse says:

        Makes sense. Though on this site in particular the responses usually range from “Oh that’s sweet” to “Ok whatever” to even just “OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!”
        For example, they didn’t mind when Olivia Poulet was talked about, they were skeptic about that Russian chick, but they actively hated the idea of Alice Eve hooking up with him (though she’s engaged now).
        @delorb I don’t think it does matter at all. As long as he’s happy and continues making movies we should be fine.

      • MissMary says:

        @Elyse: I don’t think it is so much they’re dating BC as the women themselves are disliked. I know AE has a strong “dislike” base going on, aside from Benny. A lot of folks flat dislike her acting and her public persona.

      • SophieK says:

        @MissMary I think that’s part of it–that people dislike some of the women rather than disliking the fact that he may have a partner. I personally don’t care who he’s with, if he’s happy and continues to work, great. I care more about what projects he’s doing. Can’t wait to see TIG, for example and whatever is next. Do I enjoy the gossip of who someone is dating? Yeah, it’s a fun distraction from the daily grind. To a point.

        I’m tired of the “secret” crap, I have to admit. It was funny in the beginning. Now it’s ridiculous. I’m ashamed of myself for even talking about it!

    • delorb says:

      I’m a fan and I don’t get it either. I’ve asked and the result wasn’t pretty. One poor woman went from consulting with him on what to get for lunch to being a paid escort. At the end of the day what does it matter?

    • Katie says:

      Don’t care personally. Not into men, I just like him as a person and think he’s talented. But I don’t think I’d care even if I were into guys. I crush on Rebecca Hall like it’s nobody’s business and am not concerned with who she dates; it’s her life.

      The only odd thing is the Instagram poster who took the pics is clearly saying the woman was brunette.

    • A. Key says:

      Good points Elyse, I just wanna comment on the “in order for you to accept her” – I’ve noticed fans generally behave very possessively when it comes to their current celeb crush. In my experience, women generally tear each other down, especially if it’s about someone you like and fancy. I’d say no matter who the poor man dates, shade will be thrown, mark my words. There will never be anyone good enough who will please every fan.
      But the salient part is, why do fans need to be pleased at all? Why would the fans need to accept her? Like we’re related to him or are friends with him. We get a say as to his work and public persona that he puts out there. But we don’t get a say in his private life. Who the F cares if his fans like his partner, he’s the one who’s dating her, it’s his life not yours, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants in his private time, he doesn’t owe anyone any explanations or justification or proof.
      It’s hilarious how this whole response is like a murder investigation. Poor Cumby the suspect, innocent until firmly proven guilty tho! lol

    • mazzie says:

      I think most of them (I include myself) will be, “Cool, hope you’re happy. Let’s talk that next movie. ” You get the ones who have constructed an entire life around the fantasy but there you go.

    • sereb says:

      honestly, i don’t care that much, but from what i’ve gleaned from this board i’d say people would be pretty thrilled if he had a girlfriend, if only that he had someone who’d stop him at the door and say the magic words “NO BENEDICT, NOT THAT HAT”

  15. Innie Outie says:

    Well. Ladies and (hardly any) gents. He did it. The ALS Icebucket Сhallenge, Cumberbatch version

  16. Dani says:

    Oh the horror! A single man seen out in public on what may be a date with a single woman?! YA DON’T SAY?!!?!

  17. Dancinnancy says:

    Benedict does it best!! Worth the wait.

  18. jammypants says:

    I don’t care about this secret girlfriend. Can we talk about his ice bucket challenge?? Dear god, I’m in tears! He’s so funny! hahahaha

  19. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    The video was really great… worth waiting… ahahahah
    Now, people being idiots at him, will have to apologize..

  20. V says:

    I still don’t like the idea of the IBC, but I do appreciate that more people are actually stating what the challenge is for and giving the ALS info. I’ve heard plenty of people (and kids) talk about doing it simply because celebs are and they don’t know it’s for charity.

    I also know quite a few people who refused to donate because of the IBC, but are donating now just to irk Pamela Anderson.

    • ORLY says:

      The point of the ice bucket: when you douse your head in ice water, you temporarily lose muscle function, so for an instant, you get to experience what it’s like to have ALS.

      • V says:

        Oh, I get why they chose it, but the point is that most people don’t and that kind of ruins the message…which is my point. I have a cousin with ALS and believe me, she isn’t thrilled that the message isn’t getting across and that even worse, she had someone tell her that ALS wasn’t that bad since it’s equal to a cold shower.

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        Really? People are really silly… Show them the one from Anthony Carbajal… Maybe (which I doubt) they’ll get it…

      • Belle says:

        @V I am so deeply sorry for your cousin. I don’t doubt that there are plenty of kids (and adults) that still don’t know what ALS is, but honestly, this ice bucket thing has raised awareness a great deal, and the couple of people with ALS that I have heard speak about it are very thankful for what is happening. It is unfortunate that not *everyone* involved in this challenge knows what it is really about… but the fact that there are many, many people who do know more about it now (and have donated) is a positive thing (IMO). An awareness ‘campaign’ is never going to reach everyone… and I don’t think the message is ruined because of that.

  21. Kazlock 1307 says:

    I’ve seen so many versions floating about over thus ‘date’ it’s unreal. 3 different plays have been mentioned!
    No definate proof they were together. A FB page said he arrived and left alone. Maybe he just met her st the theatre.3 blurry pictures don’t make a relationship.It could be a friend or co star.Don’t believe he’s in any serious relationship, just lots of FWB!

  22. Abby_J says:

    After watching this 1,000 times (Okay, so maybe only five), I think I can finally breath on my own from all the laughing. The video is great. He is such a good sport. I suppose that means that for today, I will love Benedict Cumberbatch, and go back to being indifferent tomorrow.

    It is a day by day kind of thing.

    I admit that I am TOTALLY going back to watch it again. He even wore the white t-shirt that I wish Chris Hemsworth and Jamie Dornan had worn.

  23. Green Girl says:

    Wait, did he seriously just nominate Harvey Weinstein?!?

  24. 'P'enny says:

    That was funny … “What do you mean Tom I have to do it more than once..” It’s a fake call I know but it works. ❤️ But the undies on the floor was a pretty sexy move ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍 yum

  25. Reece says:

    Hilarious! . Worth the wait.

  26. Unburned says:

    The wet tshirt at 1:53…*fans self*.

    Re: the chick he was with in the bar at the theater…women dress like that for dates, kids. It wasn’t just a friendly outing. Looked like he was ushering her out before anyone could cause a scene.

    • MissMary says:

      THe idea that people are “causing scenes” is funny to me, esp as he’s out with women quite often, if gossip is to be believed. No one made scenes about being seen with Vicki, the lady in Italy, Sophie, etc.

      • Unburned says:

        MissMary, it’s very possible that he spotted people creeping on him with their cell phones and wanted to avoid them.

      • MissMary says:

        True, but I seriously doubt that, if he had problem with being photographed, he’d sneak off. He’s been very vocal in the past about telling people “No pictures right now, thanks” and even offering to sign someting instead, or just flat out refusing. I’m not saying he didn’t hustle her out or that it wasn’t a date or outing, but I’m having hard core doubts that she’s a secret LTR (esp as he’s seen with so many different women of different relationships to him so often) and that he was in a “omg we need to go before they mob us like the Beatles!” mode (wow…I just dated myself with that reference lol).

        I know and firmly believe celebs have rights to privacy like everyone else on the planet and the whole “well, if they didn’t want attention…” argument is kind of a cop-out (just because you SEE someone in public doesn’t mean you need to take their pic or bother them if they’re obviously in a non-fan-meet situation), but at the same time, I tend to think that if he had a problem being seen with a female companion, the theatre is the last place he’d want to go if he was trying to keep something secret. PRivate, yes, but not secret.

    • anon says:

      True about dressing for a date. Not sure bout a motorcycle ride-would be awfully chilly without a jacket!

      • Jane says:

        @Anon – Maybe he took his jacket off and put it on her for the ride home. He IS a gentleman after all. *winks* And ITA that the woman was dressed for a date. I hope he’s happy and having a great time dating whomever he chooses, whether it’s one woman or a whole slew of them.

    • anon says:

      @ jane-not to be argumentative but back in the day spent a lot time on the back of a bike. I would have least worn a blazer and no fella would have let me leave the house eithout one. True about dressing for a date. Not sure bout a motorcycle ride-would be awfully chilly without a jacket!

      • Jane says:

        @Anon – I was just joking about the jacket. I grew up with two older brothers who rode and never would have ridden without some sort of jacket. I still think she was dressed for a date, but maybe there was no motorcycle ride afterward. The truth is NONE OF US knows a thing about what this man does in private, nor should we. It’s HIS life and he’s going to live it HIS way. More power to him.

      • Freebunny says:

        Riding without a proper jacket is not only chilling, it’s dangerous if you fall.

    • Poe says:

      I wear outfits out with guy friends when I’m not on dates too. It could be a date, it might not be a date. She’s itching her back in the pic it appears, and it’s hard, due to the blur, to see if his hand is actually on her back or not. I have no interest in dating benedict, not really my type beyond his voice.

  27. V says:

    Thought I’d better comment on the original topic too – I’m not blonde, white or like cigarette smoke, and thus I’ve never dreamed I had a chance with Cumbie, so he’s free to date whomever he has time for that I don’t find obnoxious. If I think she’s obnoxious, all bets are off and I’ll respond in a manner similar to that of a teenage 1D fan…with hisses, groans and snark about her looks.

  28. betsy says:

    Great video. he looks very very hot in it. The chest and arms are looking mighty fine.

  29. me says:

    Who’s the third person he nominated? Rose Hampton? Hamilton? Who? His voice is so deep. It’s like infrasonic…

  30. kri says:

    BRILLIANT. Hope someone out there can fix the Interweb, cause da Batch has just crushed it. He has won every past, present and future wet t-shirt contest as well. My day is MADE.

  31. Marianne says:

    I thought idris Elba was Shere Khan in Jungle Book.

    Is there 2 different versions going around?

  32. lindy79 says:

    Meh, looks like a date to me. I hope she rode more than his bike or else its a hell of a missed opportunity lady!

    Love his video and that he put emphasis on the charity . Hes looking fine!
    McAvoys one is also excellent! No Fassy nom though. Shame!
    (See what i did there ;) )

    Loving the Kenneth Williams top pic and also giant ice cream hands pic.

    • Nic says:

      What about it makes you think it’s looks like date? What sets it apart from all the times he goes to the theatre with male and female friends?

      • lindy79 says:

        I dunno. Its just a vibe i get. Shes not recognisable from his inner circle so..i dunno.
        whats the big deal with saying it could be a date? Doesn’t mean gf. People go on dates all the time. Whose to say he wasn’t on dates before?

      • Nic says:

        Course it’s not a big deal if he’s on a date, but it’s the fact that people are surmising he is, based on very little.

      • MissMary says:

        @Nic: they also said a woman he was walking past in a car park was his secret GF because of a poorly worded caption that implied they got into a car together. Literally walking past her. She wasn’t even at dinner with him and his friends and all of a sudden it was his date, his secret gf, etc. People will take very little to put him in a fantasy relationship. And a lot of them seem to forget dates don’t have to me omg twu wuv and can just be people hanging out and having fun without a ring in their future.

  33. Tania says:

    Ok I’m just going to put it out there. Do we actually know for a fact that Cumby is straight? I don’t think “mystery girlfriends” count. Has he ever been publicly involved with a girlfriend, EVER?

  34. icerose says:

    Anyone on here have knowledge of Tom Sturridge who has been cast as Henry V1 over two episodes of the Hollow Crown. There was nothing in his CV that gave me a clue as to why he has been cast and I do not think I have seen him in anything significant apart from the Boat that Rocked and even then I cannot recall his face..I remember seeing something in the last few weeks that made me think of that is Tom Sturridge but I cannot remember if it was a film or theatre part.

  35. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    Patrick Stewart’s icebucket challenge… :) sweet and elegant…

  36. buckley says:

    Patrick Stewart wins the ice bucket challenge!

  37. Maria of MD says:

    That video is laugh out loud funny!

  38. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Several posts on FB and T mentioned the ‘voice’… But couldn’t hear anything other than male laughter. Maybe you have to play it backwards to hear the message?…
    ‘It’s the secret gf’ they said..her name’s something Hamilton. He nominated her!’
    I was going to book an hearing test in case it was me!

    • Raven says:

      So all along, Lewis Hamilton has been Benedict’s secret girlfriend. LOL.

    • me says:

      I didn’t say Rose Hamilton was his girlfriend. I was just asking if that was the name he said. It sounded like to me. But I know my hearing is bad – that’s why I asked. Miss Mary was nice to tell me. Anyway, we’ll see a girlfriend when we see her. I agree that he’s probably dating a lot and making the most of his prime.

    • MissMary says:

      There’s no secret gf so they’re engaging in wistful thinking! Like I mentioned above, you can hear someone say something when BC turns around in the shower but it’s not a woman laughing. Or not just a woman laughing anyway. He filmed w/help of Adam Ackland and a few others so who knows who it was out of that lot (some woman on twitter even mentioned her mother was on site while they were making the video but didn’t mention why, if she was there for a filming reason or if she worked at the place they filmed it, or if she was a friend of someone on site, etc). Anything BC related (hell, I’d go so far as to say any celeb gossip) on Tumblr is always going to be highly suspect/flat out false unless it’s from a known site or the celeb’s tumblr they/their PR maintain. It’s like the TH ice water vid.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        I agree with you!Secret gf is non existant.
        I think he’s hitting anything with a pulse!Lol
        You go Bennyboy!

      • SophieK says:

        @MissMary I promised myself I wouldn’t do this but these people actually think they hear a woman’s voice in the shower with him and she’s his secret gf? I think those people missed the point of the IBC but whatever. I also love this gem: “He’s hiding her in plain sight.” Sure…because the tabs/paps in the UK and US would never pick up on that, not to mention the nutter fans w/ cellphone cameras who take a picture of him in restaurants, libraries, on planes, in bars,etc.. This gf is like sightings of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

      • MissMary says:

        @SophieK: It amazes and amuses me how much some folks think he’s having a relationship with an apparent clandestine operative or something, or that he’s going to cause a riot being seen in public. He’s not as famous as his fandom thinks he is (don’t get me wrong–he’s famous but he’s not like Elvis in his prime levels of famous, which is what some folks seem to think is going on). They’re ascribing these secret maneuvers and plans to someone they a.) don’t know and b.) isn’t doing that. Seriously. If he was “hiding her in plain sight,” she’d either have to be pocket-sized, invisible, or someone he’s seen with on the regular. So that leaves Karon, his family, James Rhodes, or Adam Ackland. *raises brow* However he wants to get down is his thing but I sure hope Adam’s wife is cool with that, lol. (I kid, I Kid–I don’t want anything thinking I’m seriously suggesting there’s a poly thing going on when there isn’t and there’s nothing to even suggest that). With the way the Fail is so thirsty for some tea on BC (he’s like number one on their hit list it seems), there would be SO many stories if he was spotted with a serious date.

      • SophieK says:

        @MissMary It’s at the point where any woman within 2 feet of BC is now his secret gf. I’ll volunteer for a spot if he’s ever in the Eastern US again soon. ;-)

        Seriously, I picture the people who work for the tabloids and the paps just laughing their butts off and saying, “no tea to be had there, ladies.” I also don’t understand why fans think BC would keep someone he’s in a relationship with a secret. Private? Yes. Beginning of a relationship ’til you see if it goes somewhere? Totally get that. Why subject something casual or new to public scrutiny. I still say that if he doesn’t show up w/ someone at any official events for him that are upcoming, there is no LTR in his life as yet. If I’m wrong and he shows up at TIFF with someone he’s been dating since January, so be it.

    • Green Girl says:

      I just love how the Cumbercollective will look at this video in depth.

  39. Noisy Bird says:

    I saw where Hiddleston nominated him. Did anyone see where the other two nominated him?

  40. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Please someone vstop me looking at T!It’s becoming an addiction!I look,I snigger at what s**t is written..and then I start to give it serious thought!
    After the pictures of (possible) theatre date were analysed by ‘Green lines’ blogger, I actually enlarged her diagram and found my self agreeing with her!
    I’ve just tried to do the same with Benedict’s knob…..shower one that is!Couldn’t see a thing!
    Poster on T also speculates secretbgf could have been to all red carpet events without us knowing. Quotes Tom Mison(?) as an example.He recently got married,no one knew that his wife was with him at events.Not sure who he is,so no idea if that happened.

    • Linz says:

      All of that stuff is from the EggBeneDish blog. That blog is full of rumors and gossip.

      Part of their disclaimer. “Nothing is meant to be presented or taken as the absolute truth.”

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        it was!I know it’s c**p….but still can’t stop it!Surely someone would notice same woman at all the events?
        The Cumbercollective would have been all over that! Secret gf(if there is one) must be part ninja!

      • Linz says:

        Again, that blog is full of rumors and gossip. (And a lot of made up stuff)

        Apples and Oranges. Benedict is more famous than Tom Mison.. If Benedict had a girlfriend/wife. Someone would have picked up on it by now. (Paps, The Daily Fail, Fans, etc, etc)

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou Linz.That’s what I thought. Wasn’t sure if this Tom was really famous and that was why they were using him as an example.

      • SophieK says:

        I don’t think Tom Mison hid the fact that he was engaged to his gf. He wasn’t keeping anything a secret. From what I read, his wife is a very private person. If I’m wrong about that, I apologize. How TM compares to BE allegedly HIDING a gf since January is beyond me.

      • delorb says:


        I think that’s the point of the blog. To be a place where people can post their gossip and rumors without fear of getting their heads torn off or their internet feeds trolled. Its harmless and won’t harm Benedict. Don’t know why people haven’t gotten into the spirit of it. Now some Hiddles fans are posting negative stuff about Benedict on it. Don’t ask me why.

      • SophieK says:


        I agree. I think people want to post their speculation anonymously without fear of retribution. It seems harmless and best taken for what it is-rumors and speculation.

      • M.A.F. says:


        That tumblr site is an off shoot of the Hiddleston gossip most people here can’t stand. It was started by the same woman too.

      • Linz says:


        I realize that. But stuff from that blog is starting to spill over onto other sites. A lot of people do not know that blog is nothing but rumors, gossip and lies. People have shared stuff from that site, thinking it’s a credible/reliable source.

        The Instagram girl (who took the pics) only posted the photo of Benedict and his female friend. Because people were calling her out (she changed her story a couple of times) Someone snatched the photo before she deleted it, then sent it to that blog. The blog posted the photo (they watermarked it) and people shared it. A couple of people Tweeted the photo to Adam and Helen, saying that blog was circulating the pic. Helen commented, others commented, then Helen made her Twitter account private, and now it looks like she deleted her account.

        Now, that blog is implying that Benedict’s people made, the Daily Express Sports Reporter, take back his statement that he saw Benedict with his “girlfriend.” Ridiculous!

      • delorb says:


        But if they’re too stupid to differentiate between gossip and the truth, then perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed around sharp objects. And for the record, the BLOG isn’t saying or implying anything. Its the visitors who are doing that.

        So I say again, if you venture onto a blog and you see postings by ANON, then surely you’d take that info with a grain of salt? And isn’t it the same thing we are doing here? There are several people here who post under different names all over the net. They do that because they don’t want that crap coming back to them. Pot, kettle.

        From what you’re saying about Helen (whomever that is) deleting her account, it sounds like she did it because someone sent her the pics and not because of that BLOG. I’d shut down my feed too if some stranger became too familiar.


        Who cares what the people around here can or can’t stand? We are under no obligation to like what others like or damn what others damn. The fact that both blogs exist and get traffic is proof that it is serving a need. I find it all hilarious, but then the color of the sky is BLUE in my world.

        One thing I do hope she does, eventually is shut down all the Tom fans who venture over to trash Benedict. One actually said, (paraphrasing), “Please stop comparing the two. Tom is taller, younger and better looking, but it does us all no good to compare them!” LOL

      • MaddieH says:

        @ delorb It isn’t trashing, it’s simply stating the obvious.

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        I kinda agree with delorb, one only believes what one wishes to believe… It’s all gossip everywhere, including here…And things go from blogs to blogs- LSA, DL, CB, IMBD…People read things in different blogs, don’t stick to just one, imho…

      • Linz says:


        Actually, the person who runs that blog did say this “Or someone made him take it back?” and this “I guess not but what about Karon?” So yes, she is implying that Benedict/his people, made the Sports Reporter take back his statement.

        Helen and Benedict are friends. A couple of people felt that the blog shouldn’t have posted the photo. So they decided to Tweet the photo to Adam and Helen, and let them know that blog circulated the pic. Obviously, they wanted Adam and/or Helen to tell Benedict about the photo and the blog.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Delorb, are you seriously claiming that Tom Hiddleston is not taller and younger than Benedict Cumberbatch? Those are easily verified facts. How is pointing out a height and age difference “trashing?” Especially when the person who posted it is asking for an end to the needless comparisons? Whether someone is good looking is a matter of personal taste and not everyone is going to share yours.

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @Lilac I think delorb was trying to say that the anon over there was trying to shade BC by comparing height and age with TH, she’s just paraphrasing an example of BC’s shading, by someone…Of course TH is younger and taller, but using that to shade is idiotic..

      • delorb says:


        Good lawd, did that really go over your heads? She starts out by saying everyone should STOP COMPARING THEM, THEN SHE GOES ON TO COMPARE THEM! MY point was not what was IN the statement, but the STATEMENT itself. I’m laughing so hard right now.


        Its still just GOSSIP. Her musing about the whys is the same as OUR musing about the whys. We’re even the same in that we use ANON names to hide our musings from one blog to another. It stands to me that if you’re going to put up your nose about that place, then you should put up your nose about this place.

        The stories that are posted here are for our enjoyment. We can believe them or not. Muse over them or not. But the fact that its coming from a gossip mag doesn’t make it any more believable than it coming from ANON.

        And those people who TWEETED the photo are worse than the person who runs the blog. Prior to their Tweet, no one in Benedict’s inner circle knew or cared. But to run to them with that information like it won’t make them look crazy, while hilarious, is off-putting. If I’d received a stalker-esque photo of one of my best friends, I’d shut things down too. Not only would I be afraid of the message, but also the messenger.

      • MaddieH says:

        @delorb, yes, and it still does not constitute trashing, as you might have noticed if you weren’t laughing so hard.

      • delorb says:


        Yes it does. Going over to a blog that is about another actor PRETENDING to be a peacemaker, all the while getting in a dig at that actor for not being as tall or as young is trashing and trashy. Acting as if that’s somehow something Tom did better than Benedict..on PURPOSE! LOL

      • MaddieH says:

        @delorb, great, you can update dictionary then with your definition.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @delorb, just a suggestion but perhaps things on other boards should be left on other boards?

      • delorb says:


        Just a suggestion, but perhaps you should direct your comment to the person who originated the discussion of what’s happening on other boards?


        No need as its already there.

      • icerose says:

        I think the posts on both the blogs mentioned enough should not be take seriously. The posts are repetitive, lack any logic or substantial arguments and they constantly contradict themselves. The anon posts are constantly being proved wrong.

        @delorb “”"Going over to a blog that is about another actor PRETENDING to be a peacemaker, all the while getting in a dig at that actor for not being as tall or as young is trashing and trashy. Acting as if that’s somehow something Tom did better than Benedict..on PURPOSE”"”
        This happens on both sites and if you look at the moderators they do exactly the same thing. It is a pretty common tool used across the internet. Compared to the stuff that is said about both Tom and Ben on both sites comments about their relative age and height are quite mild.

    • MissMary says:

      I avoid the Tumblr blog in question mainly because so much of it is crap. I mean, rock on, have your fantasy and tell people it’s real, but a lot of it? Either disproven or just outright lies. So I just avoid it. And if he’d had the same woman in tow for events, etc, it’s very true that it would’ve been noticed by now. Tom Mison’s wife usually didn’t accompany him to events, if I’m remembering the story correctly. She is very low key and avoids the lime light, and Tom, while he is awesome, isn’t the same “fame level” as BC. If BC had a lady in tow, like mentioned above, it would be out by now. Esp if it was a LTR situation. He’s having fun, sowing wild oats, yada yada yada.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        That blog has posted something that came from IMB(?)
        A telegraph writer Twitterd that he’d met BC and that Hus ‘girlfriend was lovely’.Not on Twitter,heard anything anyone?

      • MDost says:

        The tweeter you’re referring to didn’t meet Benedict, he was sitting a few seats away from him at the theatre. He says in one tweet (the one you’re talking about), “his gf is stunning,” (which I’m thinking got paraphrased into “lovely” by someone else) but later retracts saying, “I was wrong, apologies. Who’s mystery woman? I assumed she was his girlfriend!” I don’t know if that last was in response to someone else’s response to his first tweet (one of the people he tagged in the “apology” tweet had claimed it was “clickbait”), or if he was actually informed by someone in the know that the woman wasn’t BC’s girlfriend. Either way, he admits to assuming, which is what everyone else seems to be doing.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou. I don’t have Twitter, and apart from the one t sight I can’t figure Tumblr out
        So journalist guy saw BC at the theatre,assumed woman was his gf and Tweeted it?Ah thought they had chatted to hun how it was worded.

      • MDost says:

        No, he didn’t say in his tweet that he’d spoken to them. I think this is just like a bad game of telephone, with the original message getting more distorted as it passes from person to person. This is what the guy said on his page:
        “Well didn’t expect to be sitting a couple of seats away from Beneditch Cumberbatch at the theatre but his gf is stunning! #GreatBritain”
        “I was wrong apologies. Who is the mystery woman? I assumed it was his girlfriend!”

        I’m thinking someone set him straight (without telling him who the woman actually is).

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou. Wonder if BC’s PR people got in touch?
        Looking at theatre pics,non of then appear clear enough to make out who,if anyone,he’s with.And the one they say that he rushes the lady off in,looks more like him rushing past her.

      • Linz says:


        The Tumblr blog is implying that Benedict’s people, made the Sports Reporter take back his statement. I highly doubt, that Benedict’s people said anything to him. He doesn’t know Benedict/people in Benedict’s inner circle. So he just assumed that Benedict was at the Theatre with his “girlfriend.”

        Apologies, for sounding like a broken record. But that blog is nothing but rumors, gossip, and lies. Please, remember that.

      • SophieK says:

        @Linz. You’re right. It appears that blog is just one lie after another. It’s best to avoid it.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        A friend of mine worked in PR and she said the same.It would be very unlikely he or Hus people would have said anything. She said it wiuld have to be something major for them to do that.
        I’ve tried to post and ask on that blog,but never get an answer. So I ask here,because generally you have the answers.Thankyou

      • MissMary says:

        I posted but it either vanished or I hit the wrng button or who knows but rather than post the whole thing again–I entirely concur with what y’all have said re his PR, the entire “not his gf” situation (likely the guy went “oh, oops, I was wrong” rather than “OMG PR AVENGING ANGELS DESCENDED UPON HIM!”)… There’s slim to none chance on getting an answer from “that blog” Kazlock–they repost the tidbits that are salacious and interesting, not honest questions or things that won’t generate clicks.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        After the theatre pics popped up I asked if there was a linc to the original(think it was on Twitter).Pretty sure I sent it properly, but no reply.Then apparently they said the poster shut their account down.I also asked if all the pics had come from the same origin.No reply.

      • Linz says:


        The girl who took the theatre pics, posted them on her Instagram. She posted the photo of Benedict and his female friend. Because people were calling her out. Before she deleted the pic, someone snatched it and sent it to that blog.

        She did not shut down her Instagram account.. The other pics of Benedict are still up.. She is no longer responding to questions about the photos.

  41. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    Off topic (kinda) – Matthew Gray Gubler (criminal minds) challenged Ice T, Vanilla Ice and Ice Cube,,,, lol

    Well, it’s the Ice Bucket Challenge, so…

  42. valgal says:

    Directed by Andy Serkis? I thought the director was Jon Favreau…

  43. Abby_J says:

    Still cracking up at Cumby’s video, and still not really caring if he keeps a secret girlfriend locked up in his basement. Well, actually, I would care about that, because breaking the law is uncool, and that is super creepy.

    I loved the Chris Evans video. Normally he annoys the crap out of me, but I thought he was great here. I admit that I hoped it was Sandra Bullock who was going to dump the water on his head. Is that not a thing anymore?

    Who of the Avengers is left? I’m leaving Scarlet out, since I’d be surprised if she did it, but I guess Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner?

  44. Catriona says:

    My favourite one so far! :D I love how he made a sign with the charity to make it known to people! :D And he was so cute on the phone call with Tom! Haha GO Benny! :D

  45. jax says:

    ok, this was a good one. (saving to desktop)

  46. Lucretia says:

    Richard Armitage did the challenge too — pretty minimal hype on his part, but his fan “army” is beside themselves with joy b/c he did it after the evening show of The Crucible/on his birthday/in a 3-piece suit (and he’s opened a Twitter account). He gets little mention on these sites, but his fanbase seems pretty devoted. Is he really rumored to be with Lee Pace? or is that more dream-shipping?

    WHY has no one challenged Martin Freeman yet? Did I miss it? Didn’t Amanda Abbington do it?

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      Not sure if Martin was nominated, but it was in the press here that he had to miss several performance of Richard lll due to illness.Maybe he’s waiting to fully recover before he does it.
      Well done Richard Armitage. Class act and actor.

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      Just seen Richard Armitage do the challenge. Very classy.Same Judy Dench and Sir Ian McKellen have too.Quite sweet

    • Poe says:

      It was rumored that Richard Armitage and Lee Pace were dating based off of the discredited interview with Ian McKellan a while back. There’s been no documented proof either way. Only pic that have popped up with them together are portrayed in a very platonic way, the only thing I’ve seen is a post with Lee Pace’s former costar in which he kisses her. Not sure if those two are dating, or if that was for the Pushing Daisies fans.

      I’ve read where both Lee and Richard have both had long term girlfriends before. So, I think there’s more possibility that they’re just really good friends that seem to hang out when they can. Only they know for sure.

  47. Anon says:

    Posted this earlier-not sure where the comment went. Maybe people are concerned about Anon postings? My post is really just meant to be humerous, and not in the least upsetting. Just a bit of snark. If there is a problem, please, Kaiser, let me know at my e-mail. I am reposting for your amusement:

    I may have already posted this here, so bear with me. Here’s my theory, now compounded since the “fifty shades” article came out in the Fail.
    A. He starts to date someone, someone snaps a pic, the pic goes viral, gets on z-list website, said someone panics and splits.
    B. Above, BUT BC panics, he splits to go do some work so the SSGF doesn’t get ID’d, then she splits.
    C. Above, but blind item, Fail or other z-list article talks about ANOTHER SSGF (true or not), she gets mad and splits.
    D. His personal goal this year that was not for publication is to have at least 1 woman from each continent, if not country.
    E. He’s secretly married and expecting triplets with his SSW (super secret wife).

  48. betsy says:

    Kylie responded to Benedict and did the ice challenge

  49. Pretzel says:

    Did u guys watch the Lee Pace one. IIt was a bit cringe-inducing with Ben-Jen like jump in the pool. But cute nonetheless.

  50. Kazlock 1307 says:

    I’m confused my lovelies.The Instagram account of the girl who posted 2 of the theatre pic’s(Kaiser highlights it above)has a post on it saying that in some of the pics you could clearly see BC and companion from the back.And it was obviously a date.
    I’ve only seen 3 pics, all blurry and none from the back.Are they the same pictures please?

    • Catherine says:

      See the link I posted up the page, that’s obviously taken from the back

    • MissMary says:

      I realy think it’s just the angle. If you notice (and I can’t believe I spent time doing this lol–I’m procrastinating at work big time), everyone is walking in that pic and it looks like no one is milling about except at the bar. No one is even looking at him except whoever is taking the pic. I think a total stranger saying it was “Obviously a date” is kind of b.s. (Though I do stand by my opinion that, even if it was a date, that’s not a “secret gf” situation because of the many, many reasons already enumerated by Raven and others). Unless this person was involved in the evening with them, they have no idea. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but if this is the same IG I saw, they went from saying they didn’t know who he was with to all of a sudden it’s his date, it’s his gf.. I’m waiting to see someone swear it was his wife, pregnant with their tenth child and omg it’s so obvious. The pics are blurry, from behind, and could be anything from him walking past her and doing the “excuse me” hand on her back, to escorting her out (FYI: I have many male friends who are platonic and will do the hand on the back thing to me and other female friends, esp when we’re in heels and wobbly, lol), to just walking past and the pic is blurred. The whole IG thing seems very coy to me in a “oh, I don’t know, I’m just posting the pics but omg it’s so a date!” thing… I’m kind of done with it esp as it’s only thriving on that account and tumblr (and now here, since we keep hashing it lol). Hell, even the carpark girl got more attention from the tabs, and it was the *same* situation–from the back walking near her and that was it. Even in the pics where they’re in the row at the theatre, you see him, you see a flash of a pink blouse, and you see an older man. For all we know, he was there with the old man, lol.

  51. Kazlock 1307 says:

    I looked at the bar one and it just looks like he’s walking past her,as she puts her hand to either scratch her back or adjust her orange bag.Nothing screams date.
    In the theatre itself I saw the same as old man and a pink sleeve….and the maroon trousers.
    No idea if it was a date, doesn’t look it though.

    • MissMary says:

      @Kazlock: Raven made a very good post up thread about why it’s so silly people are OMG GF about the entire situation, not just the theatre thing, and others have put in some good points as well. The pics are just pics and I don’t see anything different there than I would if I took a random pic of people walking in any bar in any part of the country, theatre or not. I also am still smdh at the whole “then they jumped on his motorbike and roared off” thing… That’s some tumblr magic right there.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Secret gf seems to have no substance.daily Fail would have found her by now!
        BC has loads of female friends who he’s often out with(probably stunning as journalist said).Hasn’t Emily been mistaken for a romantic interest to?
        Rushing off on motorbike seemed weird,as you say.Sure i read an interview where he said he is uncomfortable with taking passengers when he’s riding .Even so he’d have to get through theatre to get to it..Unless he parked it in the lobby lol

      • MissMary says:

        @Kazlock: LOL I love the mental pic of him roaring into the theatre lobby, tossing his helmet to a rather startled theatre employee, smoothing his hair and going on to the show, coming out later and doing it all in reverse.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        All very MI lol.Just read RAVEN.Totally agree.This theatre trip is no different than lots of other’s he’s been to.Why assume gf?Before that secret gf rumor it would have been taken more or less for granted that it was probably nothing out of the ordinary.

      • MissMary says:

        Yep. It’s also gone, in some parts of fandom, from “Well, isn’t this fun to guess and take a break from reality for a bit and speculate?” to “OMG I MUST KNOW THESE DETAILS AND YOU ARE LYING TO ME, FRIEND OF CELEB, IF YOU DENY THEM!” It’s gotten weird.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Agree.What about any of his actions leads them to believe he’s not single?Or would hide a gf if he wasn’t?
        Blurry pictures of him walking/sitting near women aren’t much proof.
        Looks to me like a guy who was in a relationship for years who is having fun.

  52. Ellen says:

    I’m fed up about reading that Benny and Hiddles have secret girlfriends. Both have stated they’re single so maybe both are enjoying female company without getting serious.
    Neither Benny and Hiddles have hidden Girlfriends before so until either of them do I take that the women they’re spotted with is participating in some happy fun.

    • Kazlock 1307 says:

      ELLEN, I thought that BC had said that fairly recently. But someone posted on another sight that he had gone from saying he was single to not replying at all.
      There take was that meant he was with someone. Mine is he probably got sick of reporters asking!

      • Ellen says:

        Hiddles did that too until a mag said he had a girlfriend and has gone back to saying he is single.
        But as I’ve said before that both of them never hid girlfriends before. If it was serious then it would be less likely for both of them to hide their relationships.

        Live and let live. Both are hot and sexy. I don’t blame them if they want to have some fun without papers, Internet and fans commentating that its an epic romance.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        BC was with Olivia for years.Maybe he just wants to have some fun…and lots of nooky!

        Going back to the theatre pics,the girl at the end doesn’t seem to be with him at all.And if Emily was seen at the theatre it seems unlikely they weren’t together.
        The third picture was taken down from the account,_I was told.

    • icerose says:

      @Ellen I agree. They are both enjoying life as they spread their love around, having kinky sex with models , ladies of the night or fans, drinking cocoa, wearing furry slippers and smoking cigarettes after the event and generally supporting all of the fantasies that wind their way across the internet
      And why not. Tom has two kinky movies on the horizon and Ben will be exploring the depravity of Richard 111 and Hamlet’s Oedipus relationship with his mother. Mind you Tom should be able to give him tips on managing the latter if the gossip re Gwendoline Christie Is true. I say let them enjoy life and all its complexities in relative peace and quiet until they announce their up coming nuptials and enter the world of normality.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        ICEROSE, ooh!Do tell….The Unicorn Prince and the Amazon??????
        Details please my lovely,the smuttier the better preferably!

      • Ellen says:

        Hiddles and Brianne apparently happened when they appeared together on stage. As it was based on a MySpace half of a conversation is take it as a pinch of salt.

        But seriously both always talked about their exes when they were together so it would make no sense if they didn’t with a new serious relationship. I don’t believe the protecting rubbish either because both aren’t like that or really care what people think of their private life people.

        Within the past month both have said they’re single. Whoever they’ve been spotted with is just a bit of fun. So lets take it as that

      • icerose says:

        @Kazlock 1307 It’s just me being silly about all the gossip.
        They were in a play together where she played Tom’s mother and some one came across one side of their my space conversation where he called her mother and talked about exploring the wonders of Amsterdam and discussing the possibility of seeing Ewan McGregor’s reputedly wonderful organ when Tom appeared on Othello. Basically two young actors at the beginning of their careers using nick names joking around the way theatre actors do when they have been travelling the world and worked closely together . They may or may not have been an item but they were obviously very close friends at the time who helped each other out financially and gave each other acting advice and support. Somebody saw it, misread it and posted it as a piece of juicy gossip about a kinky relationship, Basically they did not know they were appearing in a play as mother and son and jumped to conclusions. There was also a picture od them floating around that looked suggestive. Very old news but very very funny at the time.

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Thankyou ELLEN.You and I think along the same lines.Why wouldn’t they say if either had SO?
        ICEROSE, Thankyou for explaining.The Unicorn Prince and The Amazon…could have been a hit for Disney lol

      • icerose says:

        @Catherine you could interpret any way you like especially as we only have one side of the conversation. To me it just sounds like a one of those cryptic conversations you have with people you are close to about friends ,sex ,flirting, working. If you are acting with someone you can get into calling each other by your characters and kind of rolling with the wit and a lot of it is about that, They may have had a very loose FWB relationship but they were young and single and on tour for over 6 months so why not. It sounds like a great life to me and I bet they both got hit on quite a lot.

  53. anon says:

    Not sure when or where this was taken but wasn’t BC supposed to be filming something by now???

    • just a fangurl says:

      Adam and Ben are involved in SunnyMarch together, as well as being friends, so it is possible they are filming

    • Nic says:

      It really stinks that he has to endure having his picture taken without his consent. Doesn’t anyone have respect for other people anymore? And that blog you’ve linked to is a deeply disturbing and disgusting place.

    • MissMary says:

      I consider everything on that blog to either be an outright lie or just flat creepy. It’s heading quickly in the uber-ick direction of the other one that was started for his friend who shall remain nameless here lol. And even if he is filming, he can film around London lol. And like JustAFangurl said, they’re involved in Sunny March together, so maybe it’s time off from the project, maybe it’s downtime to relax, maybe it’s a day off, maybe it’s clever decoys set up to trick stalking fans, lol (okay, I kid on the last one).

      • Kazlock 1307 says:

        Now that that blog has more or less dismissed the theatre pics as being just friends enjoying an evening out.They’ve latched onto something else!
        Why did BC nominate Kylie for ICB?Are they hooking up?..That’s definatly going to be the next topic!Should we give Kaiser a heads up so she can get a new thread ready lol?

      • Maggie says:

        Benedict went to an all boys school and I am sure Kylie, who is 8 years older than him, was a bit of a hottie, back then, for all the boys. They would have listened to her music and watched her videos when they were teenagers.

        Where do these stupid suggestions come from? People create drama out of absolutely nothing. They create whole scenarios out of a nomination for the ice bucket challenge.

      • Linz says:

        Benedict is a fan of Kylie. He quoted Kylie in his GQ Actor of the Year 2011 Acceptance Speech.

  54. Encumbered says:

    Jez Bond has nominated Benedict for the IBC! Will he rise to the occasion again? This could get interesting….

  55. Kazlock 1307 says:

    Do you guys think that Martin and Benedict winning Emmy’s will effect future series of Sherlock?
    We wait long enough now!

    • MissMary says:

      I don’t think it’ll make episodes come any faster, tbh. They both have pretty busy filming/performing schedules, esp thanks to the success of the series (Martin already had a perking career before Sherlock but it seems like the popularity of the show took him from jobbing actor to one who can pick and choose his roles a bit more freely, and Ben…well, lol…). By the same token, both actors and the producers have said they’ll keep doing the show as long as they’re happy with it and would love to do it for ages more, so we may have long gaps but I’m sure we’ll have several more seasons.

    • Nic says:

      Nope. It’ll happen when it happens and tbh I’m really not fussed. I find it infuriating so many people associate BC with sherlock. He’s an incredible actor and I want to see MUCH more from him. I hate how tied down by sherlock he becomes. It’s a great show but I’m tired of it and the general obsession around it and really wouldn’t be fussed if it didn’t come back for years (if at all)
      Although it goes without saying, I’m thrilled for BCs Emmy win. Long overdue and VERY much deserved.

  56. From North of Boston says:

    Yay! Congratulations to Team Sherlock!

    They made out well at the technical awards and now tonight they did quite well too:

    - Steven Moffat: Writing for a Miniseries or Movie
    - Martin Freeman: Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
    - Benedict Cumberbatch: Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie