Kim Kardashian & Kanye bring North to the Givenchy show: ugh, enough?


Here are those photos of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West that everybody is talking about. I’m not really sure why…? The Kimye Klan took in the Givenchy show yesterday at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week. Kanye is famously close to Riccardo Tisci, and I’m sure Riccardo designed Kim’s half-lace/half-hideous ensemble, plus North’s matching outfit.

What is there to say? Kim looks awful, but she’s looked pretty bad throughout PFW. Kanye looks grumpy. And I’m kind of “over” Kim and Kanye bringing North to fashion shows. They did last week too, only Kim said at the time that they brought North to the Balenciaga show because North cried when they were trying to leave that night, so they decided at the last minute to bring her. I don’t even believe that. I think they just want North to be seen a little fashionista. Plus, both Kanye and Kim probably know that North is the favorite Kardashian-West. I kind of think Anna Wintour gave them the Vogue cover because North West enchanted her.

Anyway… ugh. Kim’s outfit is SO BAD. I also hate her hair here. I always hate it when Kim slicks it back.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. lower-case deb says:

    that picture of Nori walking with a very concerned “help me” face….

    however she looks very well-behaved and seems to be able to sit through a long fashion show in lace and netting fabric. kudos to Nori. i remember a time when any fabric other than cotton irritated my then-toddler daughter to no end. again props to Nori for enduring all this.

    • red_jane says:

      Genuine question though, is it normal for her to sit still like that?

      I think she looks freaked out, and maybe my kids are coco-nuts but there is no way they would sit still for that long at that age. Maybe that’s why she is sitting still cos she is scared, but I don’t think any child should have to endure such a thing, and for what?

      • lower-case deb says:

        not my kids at any rate. nor i’ve seen such demeanor in any kids i know well.

        the closest would be two nieces, very quiet even such a young age and in loud public spaces (but always family events, typical huge Asian style to-dos), but only in comfortable clothes (or their blankie) and maybe a small discrete fluffy toy. then literally can be in one place for a long stretch of time. bu they never looked like Nori.

        so puzzling, this Kardashiwests.

      • FLORC says:

        Does i really have the intent behind her expression to be rescued? Are we really going to impose our own personal feelings of hatred for Kim into her daughter’s face? Really?
        If that logic and reasoning holds up Someone better get a hold on Princess Estelle because she wants to be a tyrant tye of ruler looking so menacing at her subjects.

        And “Ugh” and “Enough”? They’re private citizens that earn their own money. People willingly give them funds. If you’re so exhausted then stop paying attention. Stop living to hate people that earn their lifestyle through attention you give. I know my words are falling on deaf ears, but it’s just so silly in the headline.
        Everyone who hates Kim here loves to talk about her. They love to know what she’s up to so it can be attacked.

    • Neve says:

      I don’t want to sound crazy but I bet you have heard that rumor about Mariah Carey and puppies. Rumor has it she forced someone to give them some drugs to calm them down because some photoshoot. Just sayin.

      • Chibichichai says:

        I think there is some kind of bribery or medicating. The only way I’ve seen a one yr old sit for a half hour calm was sick, sleepy or a movie. I don’t think North is sick or sleepy nor could a fashion show sub as a movie.

      • BendyWindy says:

        I don’t even like Kim and Kanye, but seriously, these kinds of conspiracy theories are ridiculous and mean-spirited. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that they’re drugging their baby for fashion shows. Some kids are calm and able to sit still for long periods of time. Some are not. Which one you get is the luck of the draw. I have three kids, one would have been fine at a fashion show at Nori’s age, the other two, not so much.

      • Janie says:

        I’ve mentioned her demenor being so still and quiet before and wondered if they medicated her, God forgive me, i hope I’m wrong. She’s never shown reaction to anything or anyone. They brought this baby with no bottle, toy, pacifer, diaper, nothing? She was so inappropriately dressed. Who puts shear and lace on a baby, what must that have done to her skin? I feel so bad for this baby and hope they have no more. Kim could care less, she was too busy looking into the camera. My g’daughter would have been in my lap, as would anyone else’s that has a relationship with them. Smh!

      • swack says:

        @BendyWindy, my three daughters were 99% of the time wonderfully behaved when we went out somewhere. We could take them to restaurants, movies, etc (even at North’s age). There were always comments about how well behaved they were and I used to joke I drugged them (not true). Some children are just laid back and can handle “craziness” better than others. I was lucky. I just think North is one of those that are truly laid back.

    • Lucinda says:

      None of the photos show Nori crying but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t squirming around the whole time. We really can’t tell. I would suspect there was a lot of shifting position throughout the show.

    • denisemich says:

      One thing… Fashion shows don’t start on time. I had entry to a designer for NY Fashion week and it started 2 hrs late. Some start on time but it is hard to know. The designer doesn’t start the show until they are happy.

      Also, Kids go through stages. I think Kim thought North would act the same as she did at the B show but little kids are unpredictable. The baby also has a face that shows everything.

      The take away is that North doesn’t like waiting. Also, Kim was there too early to escape a crowd. The baby was tired. Be kind she is a first time Mom.

    • chaine says:

      poor baby. she just wants to do baby stuff with other baby people, and they drag her to this. at least she’s too little yet to feel embarrassed over being seen with her mom while her mom is wearing those pants-not-pants-1970′s-Sears-catalog-lingerie-looking-monstrosities.

    • Coco says:

      Who in the hell takes a baby to an event like this!?

    • Heidi says:

      “however she looks very well-behaved and seems to be able to sit through a long fashion show in lace and netting fabric”. I laughed so hard at this.

  2. Jh says:

    North looks over it, too.
    Get a babysitter! Or maybe Grandma Kris could do North a solid and rescue her from loud fashion shows.

  3. elisabeth says:

    my question is why? she’s 18 months old, it can’t possibly be interesting to her for more then a few minutes. Ugh poor kid being dragged out with these two insufferable attention whores

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Exactly. It’s like people who bring infants to the movies or really expensive restaurants. It’s not fair to a toddler to expect them to sit still for that long and be quiet, and it’s not fair to the people around you when they can’t do it. Get a babysitter or stay home or go somewhere family oriented. Ridiculous, these people.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        I agree. It’s completely irresponsible and selfish. A baby doesn’t belong at this kind of adult event. It’s miserable for the baby, and if the baby cries, it’s miserable for everyone else. Nori never looks happy. She always looks like she’s going to cry. They use her like she’s an accessory and they think it comes off looking like they are great parents. Imo, it’s the opposite. They don’t come off as good parents or even attached parents from what I’ve seen. Carrying a child around doesn’t make you a parent. And I think it’s ironic that they think they are such Fashionistas when they always look horribly dressed.

      • ScrewStewrat99 says:

        I’d never take my 1 year old to the movies, but I take her out to eat and she’s always really good. We take toys for her and she eats with us. She’s only gotten fussy once while being out to eat, but when that happened I got up and took her outside. I can’t stand hearing other peoples kids fuss when I’m out, so I know nobody wants to hear mine. lol

        My daughter likes going places and seeing different things and people. She’s pretty well behaved in public(for now). Maybe the models were wearing shiny things and it kept Nori amused?

      • doofus says:

        “It’s like people who bring infants to the movies or really expensive restaurants. It’s not fair to a toddler to expect them to sit still for that long and be quiet, and it’s not fair to the people around you when they can’t do it.”

        grrrr…one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. when you choose to have a child, you also choose to give up some things you used to be able to do. If you can’t find a sitter, you DON’T GET TO DO IT. period. it’s one of the sacrifices you make when you have a kid. crying children are going to be places…the mall, the grocery store, some “family-friendly” restaurants, I get it.

        but they should NOT be in movies that are higher than a PG, nor should they be in “fancy” restaurants or fashion shows.

      • Ag says:

        @ScrewStewrat99 – i am only speaking from the limited experience i have (my 2-year old), but when my son was 1, he was a breeze to take out to eat. he’d sit, eat, look around, play or we’d read a book. now, he wants to get up and run around after 5, max 10 minutes. he’s not “not well behaved,” not at all. he just gets bored and wants to explore. i would assume that nori would get bored too – i don’t recall how old she is, but i’d guess ca 1.5 years? not to mention, it’s the freaking evening. call me old, but the kid should be at home, winding down, getting ready to bed.

      • ScrewStewrat99 says:

        @Ag – I agree. She should be in bed instead of at a fashion show or at least getting ready for bed. My daughter is in bed by 9 every night. I was just trying to think of why she would just sit there quietly through the whole thing.

        I’m sure my daughter will get that way too when she gets older and when she does I won’t burden the public with her, at least not in a restaurant or places where you just sit. Plus we don’t go anywhere fancy. We only go to Cheddars and that’s maybe once every few months or if grandparents come to visit.

      • Pandy says:

        Agree. I was just thinking that if I was at the show and some kid was squawking, I’d be pissed.

      • Sandra says:

        DH & I have brought our baby to the movies several times (she’s 6 months old), but only to Stars and Strollers shows at 1pm on Wednesdays. The volume is lower, the lights are dimmed & the entire audience is parents with babies so if one cries, no one minds (she usually sleeps through it, or enjoys interacting with the other babies there). They even set up a diaper change table at the back of the room so you don’t miss the show. I don’t think it’s selfish to go to the movies if it’s geared for young families; but I’d never take her to a 9pm super-loud action movie where it’s not kid-friendly. But this is a compromise that get us out of the house so we feel like we’re on a “date” while still sharing family time.

    • yuck says:

      And dressed to look like an accessory to her mom? You know that see-thru top she had on has got to be itchy. There is nothing about this display that is beneficial to that baby–nothing.

    • Tapioca says:

      She’s 18 months old and everything is interesting at that age! She’s sitting on her parent’s lap and watching the world go by, not working in a salt mine – she’ll be fine.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, she’ll be fine. What about the people around her trying to watch the show while she squirms and writhes and cries? Everything’s not about about you, parents. There are other people to consider.

      • BendyWindy says:

        So we’ve now got comments that she’s unnaturally calm and possibly drugged, and comments that she’s squirming and crying and being disruptive. Geeze. She’s fine. Fashion shows aren’t like the opera anyway…they’re loud and busy.

      • Teri says:

        I’m sure if she had been bothering anyone there would have been tons of stories all over the place.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So why don’t we ALL bring our toddlers to fashion shows and five star restaurants, then? Let’s just turn it into Chucky F@cking Cheese! The toddlers are fine! Great! Who cares about the people around us paying $400 for this dining experience or the baby being in bed at an appropriate hour? They’re just little accessories, anyway, they don’t need schedules, or sleep, not if we can get attention by lugging them to every public, adult, inappropriate event possible. Because it’s all about US and how we look and how much attention we’re getting! Ugh.

      • BendyWindy says:

        If you have a well behaved toddler in a $400 a plate restaurant, I’m not going to notice or care. If the child is misbehaving, that’s obviously different. But if not, why is just seeing a kid enough to send you into a tizzy?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I adore children. What I abhor are rude, inconsiderate adults. We all share this world together, and we have to be considerate of one another. We have to think about more than just our wants and desires. A toddler cannot be expected to behave for three hours in an expensive restaurant. It’s not fair to the toddler to set him up to fail. It’s not fair to expect him to behave like an adult when he’s 19 months old. We have to use common sense. And it’s not fair to the other people who have come to the restaurant with the expectation that they are going to have a quiet romantic dinner to bring a toddler with you. You’re not doing it for the baby. He’s getting nothing out of the experience. He’d be just as happy spending time with you at home or in a family friendly restaurant. You’re obviously not thinking about the other diners. So who are you doing it for? You. And you don’t give a damn if it ruins everybody else’s dinner. Or if the baby doesn’t understand why you keep shushing him and telling him to sit still. You (and by “you” I just mean these kinds of parents, not you, personally) just want to eat there, and you couldn’t or didn’t want to get a babysitter, so you brought the baby. It’s rude, inconsiderate and selfish. And so typical of people in the world today.

        I used to work at the grill room in my college. We played music in the dining room, and there was this one group of people who brought their own boom box and played it at full blast, so they couldn’t hear the restaurant music, but all of the other customers had to listen to both. They have always stood out in my mind as the perfect example of complete boorish obliviousness to anyone but themselves. And it really, really annoys me, as you can probably tell. It just pushes my buttons when people don’t care about anyone but themselves.

      • Katy-did says:

        Thank you Good Names! And very well put. It boils down to a total lack of consideration for others around you and it’s just plain rude.

    • Mia V. says:

      Nori is an accessory, they need to parade her around. She’s just like a bag or a shoe for them.

  4. don't kill me i'm french says:

    All i see is that Ignori is tired (and would be better in a bed when the fashion show started) and the few of interaction between Kim or/ and Kanye and their daughter

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, she looks like an overtired baby to me. Everyone reads into her expressions as if she’s confused about who her parents are/ ‘who are these strangers’, but ultimately, she’s a baby. Not all babies are smiling all the time. I think mainly, people are just so happy to growl about the K’s (I can be one of those people at times as well) that we kind of just see what we want. She does however, look like a pretty easy going baby, from the photos I’ve seen of her. Doesn’t seem super fussy, just seems relatively chill most of the time.

      Something nice: at least they’re spending time with her? I guess. I mean, in a completely non-baby-friendly-location, but I suppose it’s something. Shame though, because when they pull shit like this, it automatically looks like they’re using her as a prop, even if they’re not intending to.

  5. The Wizz says:

    I wish North was the only one of these people to show up at the event.

  6. snowflake says:

    all her work is more obvious with her hair back. when her hair down it softens the catface

  7. kri says:

    So it has finally happened. After all their hideous fashion choices, Kimye has succeeded in making my eyeballs shriek out loud by dressing their TODDLER in sheer black lace. They treat that baby as an accessory/bargaining chip. It is so gross.

  8. Erandyn says:

    Wrapping your kid up in lace/mesh that she’s clearly uncomfortable in, just so your outfits match? It’s like Paris and her chihuahua accessory all over again.

  9. tracking says:

    Using your child as an accessory is gross. Poor kid.

  10. Patricia says:

    Look at that pretty little sweetie. She looks overwhelmed.
    Also, I’ve never been one for analyzing mother-child interactions via pap shots. For example, Britney always appeared disconnected from her sons in pap shots but I think it’s a bad portrayal due to stress from the situation. I don’t think you can usually tell much about mother-child relationships from such shots.
    HOWEVER Kim takes it to a new level. Look at the pic where sweet little North is looking up at her cold, disconnected mama. Looking for reassurance in a loud and busy place, getting none. I do believe that what we see is what we get with this relationship: there’s nothing there. It’s so sad to see. And it’s very consistent.

    • Matty says:

      That bugged me, too. TBH – I think Kim had a few new Botox-injections and therefore can’t smile at her scared little girl. Sad.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      I noticed that too and it’s heartbreaking. It’s as though she is actually irritated by having her there. There is never a pic of her smiling at her child.

    • pk says:

      You read my mind about “poor North looking up at her cold disconnecting mother”. Nori was fussy and unhappy, and Kim gives off an almost evil vibe in these pictures. It was their choice to trot her out for the pap shots, was Kim mad Nori was ruining her shots?
      They look like such a miserable and distant family.
      I’ve seen much nicer baby clothes at Target.

    • runCMC says:

      I saw a ton of pictures of LOL gently cradling North while the baby lays her head on her mom, smiling down at her, and gently smoothing her hair. They’re just not posted here.

      I think Kim’s a pretty awful example and a grossly vapid person, but I feel bad for her sometimes. There’s a million pictures of her showing her motherly love towards her daughter but no one is going to publish those because we all love to cackle about what a bad person she is. I mean look at this thread- people are alternately saying the baby was drugged and that the baby was loud and fussy. The kid looks fine to me.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kim posts kazillions of photos to Instagram. If she had the photos you describe, she would have posted them before. Really, we’ve seen plenty of Kim and Nori pics over the past feel this. Kim poses but Nori doesn’t. Honestly, we see pics of Kanye rubbing Kim’s large backside on stairs. But somehow we magically miss photos of Nori interacting normally with Kim?

      • swack says:

        I saw one on another site where she was cradling her head and it looked forced. Just saying.

      • pk says:

        You’ve got to be kidding. We’ve all seen hundred of pictures of Kim and Nori together and with the exception of all but one or two, they seem very disconnected. If the photos you describe existed we would have surely seen them. Even the wedding photo that they released was off. Kim had no business having a baby, if you feel bad for anybody it should be Nori.

      • jwoolman says:

        Swack- I saw that pic, too, it’s at the dlisted link. Kim is posing, Nori is not interacting with her at all and her little arm hangs down limp. I’ve seen other “motherly” poses by Kim over the past few months and it’s always the same. Kim pretends to be kissing her etc. and the baby just doesn’t react or actively pushed away. The baby just doesn’t react normally to her, isn’t grabbing at her for comfort, looks relaxed while held only if dead asleep. I know kids can change moods in an instant, but every single picture shows the same thing. That baby is not engaging with Kim and doesn’t look to Kim for comfort. I think the kid is picking up on whatever is wrong with Kim and is disturbed by it. She actually seems more normal in the rarer pics of her father carrying her- there’s plenty wrong with Kanye, but it might not be the kind of wrong that prevents bonding if enough time is spent together do there’s hope there. Also his aunt is around Nori a lot and so maybe he’s listening to her, just as he listened to his mom.

    • chaine says:

      In all fairness, her mom’s face is totally frozen, so it’s possible she’s trying to smile at the baby and just can’t.

  11. Jackson says:

    A toddler does not belong at a fashion show. End of story.

  12. L&Mmommy says:

    They seem to be spending way more time with North which is good because at one point she was actively ignored by both her parents. Although wish they would treat her like a beloved child instead of an accessory to their famewhoring. WHY DRESS A BABY IN BLACK ALL THE TIME KIMYE? Just bizarre.

  13. Lucretia says:

    I find the photos disturbing, and wish we would stop paying attention to these people. Kim seems to be treating that child like one of those “Just Like Me” American Girl dolls. Dressing her in a matching (inappropriate and asinine for an 18 month old) outfit? Come on. The photo of that beautiful child gazing up at her mother would be sweet, but for the Morticia-like vibe on the mother as she glares down at her. And the photo of her walking between them? The misery of the child exposed to paparazzi? She’s not an accessory. (I know, I just gave them 3 minutes of my time.) But Please. Make. It. Stop.

  14. Talie says:

    I love their looks, but I do worry about that little baby’s ears with the loud music.

  15. ickythump says:

    That baby looks distressed -she should be home tucked up in bed in fleecy jammies with a teddy – not sitting there in netting and lace? WTF are these people thinking? – SHE IS NOT A DOLL!

    • Ag says:

      i agree. they appear to treat her like she’s not a human with her own needs, wants, etc. (i have a friend who treats her kid like a doll – fun to dress up, ok to take out at all hours of the night. the poor girl goes to bed at 1am sometimes because, you know, they just feel like going out to dinner… UGH.)

    • PennyLane says:

      Exactly. I saw a picture of that little girl Nori with a distressed expression on her face and the caption: “My Mom thinks I’m a purse.”

      So sad. So true. I’m hoping that she has a devoted Nanny…

  16. MsMercury says:

    Baby North looks tired and this fashion show was held late at night. Babies and fashion shows do not mix.

  17. Ag says:

    nori looks tired and overwhelmed. poor kid.

  18. Artemis says:

    So much for her not being ‘America’s baby’ huh? It seems like she is a fashion baby to them, being trotted out for shows that don’t even have Kendall in them and have her wearing clothes that promote Kanye’s work, being photographed for the CR Fashion Book etc. The Carters would NEVER! And we all know how he thinks they’re on their level, please…bye Felicia…

    Funny how they think they’re private and not treating her for PR by keeping her off KUWTK yet we see her EVERYWHERE else. So selfish to put a child through hordes of paparazzi, wearing atrocious clothes when she just learnt how to walk and having all those flashes in her cute face.

    Shame on them. Kanye needs to stop protesting about privacy and people making a celeb out of his child, he’s compromising all that just fine by himself and his dumb wife.

  19. Size Does Matter says:

    I think poor North hasn’t learned to smile because all the adults around her have f-ed up frozen face syndrome.

  20. PixieWitch says:

    i guess there are worse things that parents do to their children on the grand scale of things.

  21. Paloma says:

    This poor child. Being raised by two idiots is such a shame.

  22. nikzilla says:

    North looks terrified in some of those photos.

  23. whatsmyname? says:

    omg the picture of North and Kim looking at each other is cracking me up they both look like they are confused about who the other person is.

  24. jwoolman says:

    Kim lies about everything. She had Nori’s matchy matchy leather outfit all planned, no way it was a last minute decision to drag the kid to the first show.

    I sure hope they aren’t drugging the little mite to keep her quiet. She seems more and more visibly disturbed at each of these photo ops. One of these days, she’s going to get hysterical in public. Maybe that will convince her clueless parents to leave her in peace rather than treating her like a purse dog.

  25. jwoolman says:

    Kim lies about everything. She had Nori’s matchy matchy leather outfit all planned, no way it was a last minute decision to drag the kid to the first show.

    I sure hope they aren’t drugging the little mite to keep her quiet. She seems more and more visibly disturbed at each of these photo ops. One of these days, she’s going to get hysterical in public. Maybe that will convince her clueless parents to leave her in peace rather than treating her like a purse dog.

    • Dawn says:

      I so agree with you. Kim’s one big talent in the celebrity world is how easily the lies slip out of her mouth and how she so easily ignores it all when she is exposed. These two are just so boring and such copy cats. They have yet had an original thought. They bring North to fashion shows because VB had Harper at one of her shows. But what Kardashian and West forget is it was VB’s show! They should have been removed until the baby was brought back to their hotel. Poor little direction looked so tired she more than likely would have slept if not for the noise. These two act like they are in JR. High and about the age of 15.

  26. truthful says:

    Ric put Kim in an outfit from the 2008 collection, Ciara wore this years ago.

    Poor North, she needs to be in her jammies, somewhere that is quiet and serene. the picture of them walking makes me sad.

  27. Chris says:

    (sigh) She used to be such a nice girl.

  28. Candy Love says:

    Ok so let me get this straight Kanye and Kim felt so afraid from the guy grabbing her just 3 days at a fashion show in Pairs, that their thinking of driving around in a builtproof car. Yet here they are bring their 1 year old daughter to another fashion show in Paris and the guy who grabbed her is still out there.

    Does this not add up to anyone else or is it just me?

    As for the pictures North looks scared when they have her walking into the building. I can’t blam her when there are paparizzi flashing lights in her face and people yelling and screaming. But I guess it was more important to them to show off Kim and Norths matching outfits.

    • MsMercury says:

      ” Ok so let me get this straight Kanye and Kim felt so afraid from the guy grabbing her just 3 days at a fashion show in Pairs, that their thinking of driving around in a builtproof car. Yet here they are bring their 1 year old daughter to another fashion show in Paris and the guy who grabbed her is still out there. ”

      Excellent Point! And to your second point I think someone who saw the video said Kim made Nori stand and walk instead of carrying her into the building to get more photos.

    • Petee says:

      No it is not just you.That whole thing was a farce to build some sort of compassion for these two.It worked.The other day people on this blog were so sympathetic towards her.I was completely shocked.

  29. daisyfly says:

    Dumbye is totally giving Ricardo’s booty a virtual grope in that bottom pic.

    Would they have brought Compass to a McQueen show, or Chanel show? Louis Vuitton show or Prada show? Of course not, because the designer would’ve had their asses booted. Babies aren’t accessories and even at fashion shows for children’s fashion, the only children there are the ones on stage.

  30. Mar says:

    Who the hell brings a baby to a fashion show

  31. Miffy says:

    Wait, so KK gets attacked by an idiot a few days ago at a fashion show so the obvious thing to do is to bring your baby to a similar event? Genius.

  32. I know what boys like says:

    I am so sick of these idiots. Who takes a baby to a freaking fashion show? How wants to put there infant/toddler in a setting with bright cameras and loud ass music? I just don’t get what they are trying to prove. The baby looks miserable. Kim can barely look alive and Kanye looks like he just had a quadruple root canal. They all – down to North – look absolutely miserable. This is beyond stunt queening. This is desperation to another level. They need to quit this shit. Everyone knows this play at happy family is nothing but a fraud. Kanye is trying to be like Jay and Beyonce. I real don’t care for those two, but one thing is for certain, from the pictures we’ve seen of Beyonce and Jay with Blue Ivy, I’ve never gotten the feeling that the love being displayed was fake. I do believe that they love their daughter and does what is in her best interest – not theirs. Who the hell puts a baby in a sheer outfit. I really dislike these idiots.

  33. Grace says:

    Imagine the horror more to come as she grows up…

  34. Andy says:

    Does anyone else feel uncomfortable looking at pictures of an obviously tired and distressed child? I used to hate read Kimye articles as much as the next person but knowing that there is a very vulnerable young child in the middle of kimye’s mess just took any fun out of it. I feel terrible for this kid.

  35. kibbles says:

    I really enjoy seeing photos of North. She is a beautiful child and SO well behaved. I think part of it is just that the poor child is tired and confused as to why she is constantly surrounded by strangers and flashing camera lights. Some children would end up crying or throwing a tantrum in these situations, but North always seems very calm and almost over it. Although I don’t like the idea of a baby being used as a prop at a late nigh fashion show, at least she is spending time with her parents. Hopefully as North gets older her parents will stop this nonsense and give her a more stable life where she can go to a normal school and remain grounded in one place. I doubt that will happen though. Hate that this sweet girl could very well grow up to be as vain and shallow as everyone on her mom’s side of the family.

    • FingerBinger says:

      They are spending time with her ,but it’s not quality time. Take her to the park or the beach. Taking a baby to a fashion at night when she should be at home asleep is not a good way to spend time with her.

    • RN says:

      I have a different take on it. I’ve worked in the trauma arena as a healthcare provider for years. When people’s nervous systems are overstimulated, they perform in one of two ways. Either the nervous system gets agitated, or it “shuts” down and the person withdraws. There’s a possibility here that the child is so overstimulated that she’s begun to withdraw. Yes, I’m speculating based only on pictures. But it doesn’t take a child care professional to understand that taking a young toddler to a highly stimulating environment late at night (when normally she would be asleep) will overly tax the nervous system.

      As a parent, I’ve always asked myself, “Is this the healthiest environment that I can provide for my children?” I think the answer is obvious here. It’s not as if the parents can’t afford a sitter. There’s just no logical reason why the child needs to be in attendance at this show, and it’s certainly doing her no favors. In other words, it’s in no way contributing to her well-being, and it certainly can be detrimental. Her parents, while wealthy, are undereducated and seem to lack the stability and common sense necessary to raise a healthy, whole human being.

      • jwoolman says:

        I wonder if what people are interpreting as “well-behaved” is just resignation. She may have learned it’s no use fighting it, she’s stuck. Someone who adopted a baby from an environment of neglect said her baby never cried at first, and she was told this was common. They don’t cry because it doesn’t get them anywhere (and may get them hit). So although Nori may also be blessed with an unusually even temperament, she might be smart enough to know she won’t get back to her nanny until these two idiots are done with her. So she just endures.

      • Miffy says:

        Excellent points.

        I’d love to know what people’s definitions of ‘well-behaved’ are for a baby/toddler. She doesn’t cry and slots in neatly with her parents’ social life/attention seeking. If that’s your definition of well behaved I feel sorry for you and your offspring. It’s not misbehaving for a child to express an opinion on their surroundings, be they positive or negative. She’s just so oddly poised for a baby in that setting. She just doesn’t express any concern or interest about where she is, at all. I’d love to say maybe that’s because Kim K is such an awesome mom (‘Look at how confident and self assured her daughter is just from being in her mere presence!’) and high five her parenting skills… but then I look at those photos of little IgNori dressed like Cher in her Turn Back Time video and know that’s not the case.

  36. Artsygirl says:

    I think she is trying to copy Victoria Beckham when David and the kids with Harper seven attended her fashion show. .everyone was talking about it and the pics were all over the internet because Harper looked so cute and happy while sitting next to Anna wintour..BUT, the big difference is they only brought her to see her mom’s show..they didn’t parade. Harper all over fashion week. This is just so ridiculous. North looks miserable and cranky. The things they will do for attention.

  37. lower-case deb says:

    speaking of babies in adult/non-baby-friendly events, can’t help but compare Nori with Baby George of Cambridge or Baby Estelle of Sweden. all three have been taken to adult events, but the difference is that both royal babies tend to go to places during daytime and where it’s okay for them to run around and be active and dressed in sensible clothing. fashion shows, with its night schedule, cramped space and too many lightbulbs going in poorly lit spaces…

    (okay except the time when Estelle was taken to her aunt’s royal wedding and ran around the church which i don’t think is nice to the other attendees)

  38. Mischa Jane says:

    There are so many things wrong with this, I don’t even know where to start.

    1. A baby wearing sheer black lace? What, is Kim promoting a toddler hooker apparel line? WTF! Just NO. That poor child.

    2. Kim’s HIDEOUS lace onesie monstrosity. Ricardo and Kanye hate her. I mean, WTF! The back view is even worse, as the bodysuit part doesn’t even cover her whole a$$! And she wore it in public, OMG.

    3. That bulky thick leather jacket she has “casually” slung over her shoulders. It looks like a man’s jacket, and does not go with her negligee. WTF. TRY HARD.

    4. Poor North, obviously bored out of her skull sitting at this show. I cannot imagine that loud music, pulsing lights, cameras, etc. are good for her. I don’t even see ear protectors on her ears. Totally negligent, these two. They are using her as a happy-family prop, “look at us, we are all so sophisticated!”. They do not even realize how gauche they are.

    5. Kanye and his stupid ripped jeans. He’s not wearing them here that I can see, but he wore them enough in all other pics I’ve seen. I believe that he rolled the cuffs up on these pants here (EDIT – I guess not these pants, but some other pants, they are burned into my brain, so awful!), into some weird cuff that just looks STUPID. I would die if my husband dressed this way. SO MUCH TRY! I can’t even.

  39. bros says:

    Nori looks tired. I wonder WHEN these fashion shows are and if that child should be sleeping on bed in some nice soft cotton PJs instead of dressed up like a gothic prostitot next to her ridiculous narcissist parents.

  40. Marigold says:

    Anyone who questions whether or not that child is just a prop now has their answer.

  41. Lola says:

    Going to through this out there … even if it could not apply … where is Child Services when you need them? I mean, I know technically they have not done anything wrong, but if young parents imitate this two … can you imagine the next generation?

  42. Blythe says:

    I wish I could have been there to rescue little North. I want to kiss her all over, tuck her into bed, and read her a bedtime story. She looks bored out of her mind. I’m surprised she didn’t go apesh-t and start crying and yelling. Why do Kanye and Kim not see the obvious signs of a child in distress? I don’t even like looking at those photos.

  43. Beatrice says:

    I’m going to pile on with a couple of points:
    I think it’s disgusting that Kimye treat their precious baby like a fashion accessory dragging her out to noisy crowded fashion shows dressed in wildly inappropriate clothing. Who dresses a baby in scratchy see-through lace?

    Wow! The longing look Kanye’s giving Riccardo in that last pic! So true that a pic is worth a thousand words.

    Riccardo is obviously trolling Kim with that (and all his other) tacky outfit. Yes, of course, hooker negligee chic is in this year, my dear!

  44. anylie says:

    Oh, she was so ‘shocked’ and ‘scared’ from that Vitali guy prank that she and kanye got double the security and even got bullet proof cars for themselves, yet they are alright with bringing their little baby to a fashion show?
    Its nice to know that little Compass Direction is being used a tool for her loser family to stay in the press.
    Something tells me that pranked was planned and set up as a publicity stunt. Who goes from pranking A listers like Pitt, Dicaprioe, Smith to shity D listers like Kim and Kanye?

  45. defaultgirl says:

    I love the way Kanye and his boyfriend are looking at each other. They’re looking like, “you think she heard us last night” type of face. And her face is YES, I HEARD YOU TWO!!!!

  46. LIVEALOT says:

    nori looks just like kanye but i can see her morphing into kim as she gets older.

  47. greenmonster says:

    Of course… when you want to leave your baby to attend a fashion show and your baby starts crying, you have to take it with you. NOT GOING to the fashion show,for example, is not an option, just because… Fashion shows are so important. Fashion people are so important. Fashion is so important. Such idiots.

  48. pmagni says:

    I am speechless. Everybody was going on and on about Kim never spending time with North so she realized that to win the lottery she just had to take her to any fashion show, shopping spree and pretty much everywhere else, treating her like an accessory.
    It’s unbelievable how her lifestyle has not changed at all since the birth of her daughter, but it is the other way around.. Forcing a 1 year old to go to a fashion show full of loud music, camera flashes, screaming people all around is beyond tragic. I think we’re on the brink of emotional abuse.
    And dress North as a minime milf Kardashian is just gross. She looks tired and grumpy. Nothing in that environment is baby friendly. Especially her parents.

  49. so says:

    That outfit is NOT appropriate for a toddler !!! And a kid that young doesn’t belong in a fashion show !!!
    This is almost child abuse at that point.
    I would not be surprised if those two fucktards bought their kid lingerie and tiny stilettos.

  50. Zimmer says:

    Enough already with the black lace. Nori looks like a minature widow. I’m sorry, but the kid needs to be dressed in something comfortable and a pop of color would be nice too! That kid is going to grow up eternally depressed.

    Kim looks like she is dressing as Elvira for an early Halloween and enough with the ridiculous lip injections.

  51. Mar says:

    This poor kid should be in bed resting and dressed in comfortable cotton clothes.
    Stop the show off!

  52. Palermo says:

    They have a toddler in a see through top, dragging her around. North always looks sad, uncomfortable, tired. If this was an average couple CPS would have been called in already.

  53. BlackVeronicaLake says:

    Has more make up on than life should allow. That lace front hair line is a mess. But the biggest problem I have is the outfit they have on that poor baby!!!

  54. BlackVeronicaLake says:

    She looks like a mean mother.

  55. decorative item says:

    The designers do not want you bringing your children to their events. This is their time to reveal the past year or so worth of work to the public, your kid is not welcome and it’s just rude to think you are an exception to that rule.
    And, if you keep exposing your kid to all this adrenaline pumping excitement, how well do you think she will adjust to school and simple “boring” things like reading a book? I think I just answered my own question, she’s not going to learn to read is she?

  56. Alex says:

    Sorry but I side eye anyone that is bringing a toddler to a fashion show. First it’s a long event, it was probably past her bed time and should she really be out around all these paps? Seriously this is why I prefer celebs like Matt Damon. You RARELY see any of his kids and because of that he’s “boring”. No he’s a good parent keeping his four children away from the spotlight. Considering the fact that Kim was just tackled at PFW you would think she would leave her child at home for her protection. But nooooo they have to look like good parents toting their child around like a new handbag.

  57. Jsilly4 says:

    Ok if you go to dlisted and see the pics you see heartbreaking pics of North looking so uncomfortable and like she’s crying and either trying to get off her mom’s lap or crawl back into her womb. And that is not appropriate toddler clothing. And the pic of Kim looking at her baby isn’t exactly heartwarming or reassuring. Ugh. Makes me sick. And for people that say oh well the Beckhams bring their baby. That is for theor mother’s show only (I believe) and it’s usually in the daytime.

  58. Jess says:

    Kim looks so dead in the eyes, she never smiles when North’s around, and I can’t picture her on the floor playing with her like a normal mother does, feel bad for the child.

  59. Anon says:

    What happened to not using the child for publicity and keeping her private.. Wasn’t Kanye demanding of that? That didn’t last long..

  60. Nikki says:

    When I was a baby–just around Nori’s age–my parents took me to a wedding. And my mom insisted on putting me in this beautiful dress, but it was made out or lace or something, and I kept CRYING like hell. But she wanted me to look cute. Finally, my grandma put her foot down, took off my dress…and put me in front of a fan. Naked.

    I stopped crying.

    I mean, all babies are different, but Noris outfit just reminded me of that story.

  61. word says:

    Instead of allowing this poor child to develop a personality on her own, they are shoving their “personalities” down her throat. “No North you WILL love fashion, you WILL wear only black and white and beige, you WILL become a future reality star/model/or fashion designer because WE said so”. The kid looks like she’s being tortured. I bet she’d rather be playing with lego. Let’s hope this kid defies her parents and gets a PHD from Harvard.

  62. putchka says:

    I don’t hate Kim. I could give a crap. But that poor little one looks unloved. No cuddles, no kissing, just an accessory. Good thing she’ll have some scratch. Doesn’t have much otherwise…

  63. Intro Outro says:

    Kanye would have been such a handsome man if he shed that “I’m so bored with you plebeians” expression.

  64. Meg says:

    I think people criticized kim for leaving North at home too much so they bring her everywhere now

  65. Chem says:

    Kim looks so beautiful and hot! And North is perfection, so pretty.

  66. rlh says:

    A major fashion show is no place for a child. Period, end of sentence. I include JLo for doing the same thing with her daughter. Also, if anyone has seen the crazy mobs showing up for Kimye appearances, that is not experience for a child either. Plenty of celebs have their children under wraps at such a young age…these two dimwits could do that too, but they are already on the road to making Kompass a “thing.” Poor kid.
    Plus, dressing a kid in matching tacky outfits…geez. I am going to have to stop clicking on stories about them…it’s starting to hurt my head.

  67. aquarius64 says:

    The baby should be at home with the nanny, not at a night time fashion show.

    I think Kimye brought North in as a human shield so people won’t boo them like at the last show they attended.

  68. Ming says:

    My heart goes out to baby north. I really feel bad for her.

    Who the F uses their baby as an accesory/prop/agenda pusher?

    It’s disgusting really. Shame on them.

  69. shelby says:

    Good Lord, can those clowns let the baby be a baby? she NEVER smiles, because she gets very little attention from her narcissistic parents. She would rather wear real children’s clothes than that hideous monstrosity her parents had specially made for her.

  70. shelby says:

    Good Lord, can those clowns let the baby be a baby? she NEVER smiles, because she gets very little attention from her narcissistic parents. She would rather wear real children’s clothes than that hideous monstrosity her parents had specially made for her.

  71. jwoolman says:

    Someone on dlisted posted a series of shots showing Nori isn’t the calm little cucumber her parents try to claim. They picked the best shot for the pic with Kanye, his buddy, Kim, and Nori. She was definitely crying and sobbing. Remember the infamous wedding pic? It looked as though they chose a shot with her between screams. So when she looks as though she’s about to cry- she probably is. Or has already.

    I really do think it’s likely they are sedating her to take the edge off (probably with something like Benadryl?) but not put her to sleep. But it wears off for longer events. That also would explain her zoned out expressions. Bet Kim’s Demon Mother suggested it. Don’t know if Kanye knows about it.

  72. Sara says:

    Nori is so cute, even in that terrible outfit. Who dresses babies in black lace? They out be wearing something cotton and comfy. They are a nice looking family even though they seem to be taking themselves super serious. :)

  73. GirlyGirl says:

    I think that will be their new tactic at public events.

    “You wouldn’t ‘boo’ at someone with a baby would you?”

  74. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I hate it when they dress babies in black.