Doug Reinhardt bought Paris Hilton a $10,000 Pomeranian in Japan


Paris Hilton must think animals are jewelry. While most girls beg their boyfriends to buy them diamond earrings (or we more down-to-earth sorts just appreciate some flowers), Paris begs her man to dole out ten grand on a dog. And not even a regular sized dog or one that can do magic or something that would make it worth $10,000. We’re talking about a teacup Pomeranian here. That’s like spending $1,000 an ounce.

I don’t really consider tiny yippy dogs to be a romantic present. Did she mistake the Pomeranian for a diamond necklace? I’m sure that on more than one occasion Paris has accidentally fastened a Chihuahua around her neck instead of a strand of pearls, so it’s possible.

So much for inconspicuous consumption. Paris Hilton and her new boy-toy Doug Reinhardt seem unaware of recession-era etiquette.

“Doug bought Paris a $10,000 teacup Pomeranian when they were in Japan recently,” a source told Life & Style magazine. “And for Valentine’s Day, he bought her an Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe.”

On the heels of a nearly yearlong relationship with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, Hilton may not be ready to settle down. “He definitely wants something more with the relationship, but he’s just happy to be with her,” an insider told Life & Style.

In times like these, maybe Hilton should milk this one for all he’s worth.

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

I’m really confused how minor league baseball player/“The Hills” cast mate Doug Reinhardt could afford to throw away ten grand on a quasi-dog. The Andy Warhol print is debatable, depending on your feelings on pop art. But Paris has dozens of dogs. I’m not even exaggerating to make a point here. She collects animals like they’re size 11 shoes. Animal authorities have been to her home on several occasions – because she also likes to keep illegal, exotic pets. She once tried to buy a cheetah. Again, not a joke. She needs another pet like she needs bigger feet.

Doug, see what happens when you just bring Paris a bouquet of Gerbera daisies. I dare you.

Here’s Paris looking demurely at the ground as she leaves Hyde nightclub with Doug Reinhardt on Sunday. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

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28 Responses to “Doug Reinhardt bought Paris Hilton a $10,000 Pomeranian in Japan”

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  1. wonder woman says:

    And all he got from her, was herpies. wow!

  2. HEB says:

    Giving Paris a dog is like giving Nadya Suleman another IVF treatment.

  3. SW says:

    I don’t think anyone can top THAT one!

  4. Whu? says:

    What does she do with all these animals? Where do they stay? She is obviously not walking 20 dogs around LA and scooping poop with Ceasar Milan. Maybe she eats them!!

  5. German says:

    as far as my knowledge goes, from watching the hills I have to admit, Doug Reinhardt is indeed only a minor league baseball player/“The Hills” cast mate, but he has a rich daddy…
    rich as in chartering private jets to fly to vegas and stuff like that

  6. Sauronsarmy says:

    $10,000?! I wonder how many dogs could’ve benefited from that kind of money. But if people are stupid enough to pay that much money for something why not take advantage. And I agree Paris has no business having any type of pet.

  7. SeVen says:

    we should hope PETA gets to torture her one day, that would be good times.

  8. Wonder Woman says:

    Someone stole my identity (hint: first poster_

  9. Annie says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a report that there were dead chihuahuas in her house because her dumbass forgot they existed?

    She needs to have some kind of court order issued against her.

    She’s a hoarder but of the worse kind. At least the others are delusional enough to think they love all of ‘em. She just collects them like stamps.

  10. Blah Girls says:

    Her new dog costs more than my life savings!!

  11. Cali green says:

    good one HEB, ROTFLMBAO!!!!!

  12. Shannon says:

    How on earth could a dog cost $10,000? Does it grow strands of gold instead of fur?

  13. cara says:

    Someone needs to call Annemarie from Animal Precient.

  14. Kelly says:

    thats kim (from real housewives of atlanta ) man Big poppa

  15. Persistent Cat says:

    I’ve been to Tokyo and I went inside a couple of pet stores. I’m a cat person and only looked at the kittens and I was shocked at how expensive they were. Crazy expensive. These pet stores were also not the kind of quality pet stores I’m used to where I live. They were tiny and dirty and the animals didn’t look well.

    My question, I know she gets special treatment and such but animals normally have to be quarantined so can she bring the dog back to the US?

  16. Aspen says:

    One has to be VERY careful here about buying dogs. Japan and JKC do not have the same standards for breeders and animal sales that we have in the U.S.

    As for quarantine, not everyone requires it. I know that Hawaii has a ridiculously long quarantine…but they’ve managed to totally eradicate rabies on the islands, so who am I to question.

    Most places in the U.S. require only certain paperwork verifying health and the absence of/vaccination for certain diseases.

    I could be wrong about this, but that is my understanding from military families around us who’ve done this with pets all over the world.

  17. Frenchie says:

    “There is no such recognized breed as the Teacup PomeranianThere is only one Pomeranian dog breed. Poms under the breed standard very often have underdeveloped organs, diabetes, thyroid problems, hypoglycemia, high risk of infections (internal and external), tooth disease and more
    This is done by breeding together two “runt” dogs, inbreeding and other very unethical methods.”
    This is what I found on
    Who is surprised ?
    One shamefull thing about Paris is that she has so much money and she is doing so little to be educated and informed.

  18. lway says:

    It’s all Paris can really communicate with – her dogs. She yaps, they yap, she yaps somemore. … they understand her…

  19. nanster says:

    HEB – your comment is priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

  20. nanster says:

    With all the money Paris Hilton has, what has she done for the good of humanity? She is a poor excuse for a human being. After she got out of jail, she made all kinds of promises to help others and be a better person…has she done any of these things? Spending $10,000 on a dog is ridiculous – giving that money to the Humane Society would be the right thing to do.

  21. sissoucat says:

    Jaybird, I love your covering of her shoe size, I know that’s the one thing the poor rich girl is not responsible for, but it still feels good reading it.

  22. the original kate says:

    i hate that this spoiled bitch uses dogs as accessories.

  23. jessa says:

    ok its not hard to bring an animal in from another country ive done it. The boarders have rules but you can. I never heard any story she had dead dogs in her house. I do know she has a mini-zoo and someone who takes regular care of all her pets. Thats her choice. Everyone who has bad things to say is jealous of her. She comes from money her life is simple. So maybe be more concerned with your own lives. Its so annoying you all bitching about her. shes rich famous and has a love for animals. you people have no idea if she just use’s them to complete an outfit. Maybe none of you own pets, if you did you would understand having them with you is like having a child with you. It takes your attention and care. Ohhh and I forgot, what the hell makes you all think that because she has money she should be doing things for everyone else? do you do things for other people? homeless people? or do you provide for yourself and family and that be that? why is having money mean you become some sort of target for this crap? just remember they earned the money and shes family. im sure they contribute to charity, im sure her parents do most celebritys do.
    Oh and im a pomeranian owner and your comment frenchie is wrong. They are a toy breed in themselves but runts or poms under 3.5 pounds are teacup. I read the article you posted awhile ago online. Between pet owners its a teacup. Do you have a pom or are you just flapping your lips?

  24. want to see a dog that is expensive.
    whether there is a pom photo?

  25. frankie says:

    :) i have 2 pomeranians like paris mine are called freddie & Mj they are dark brown and ginger x x x

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