Jamie Lynn Spears planning country singing career

According to E! Online, teen mother and former Disney star Jamie Lynn Spears is planning a career as a country singer and has been working on an album for months. This is despite the fact that Jamie Lynn, 17, has almost no professional signing experience. E! notes that Jamie Lynn has mentioned in the past that she’d like to pursue a singing career so perhaps she’s secretly talented or just thinks she is:

Jamie Lynn Spears is looking at the Jessica Simpson model for career reinvention.
While Britney continues on her comeback tour, sources confirm to E! News that her baby sister is hoping to become the next Nashville star.

The younger Spears, who took leave of a burgeoning Hollywood career to relocate to Mississippi to raise daughter Maddie, “has been quietly working on a country album since last fall,” says a source close to the family.

Although Jamie Lynn’s only musical credit to date is warbling the theme song to her defunct Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101 (a tune cowritten by her more pedigreed big sister), that hasn’t stopped Team Spears from “trying to get Jamie Lynn a record deal,” says another insider.

The 17-year-old Spears recently recorded demo tracks in Nashville but has yet to land a label.

Still, the sessions mark the first attempt for Spears to get back into the entertainment game since she and fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed Maddie last June.

While the Spears family declined to comment on Jamie Lynn’s new venture, she did tell the Associated Press in 2002 that crooning was in her future.

“I’ll probably do a lot of acting first, then go to singing,” she said, “but I am going to definitely sing someday. So when I do start singing, buy my album!”

[From E! Online]

Jamie Lynn has a lot of a options open to her still and if she’s able to sing at least partially well, someone will give her the chance. She definitely has name recognition factor and her album might sell based on that alone. We still don’t know if she can actually sing, but her bigger sister doesn’t have an incredible voice and gets by with lip synced performances and studio magic. Those kind of tricks don’t seem to work across all genres, and country may require some more authentic talent. Hopefully she has the chops for it although I doubt it.

Jamie Lynn and Maddie are shown out with Lynne Spears on 10/22/08. Credit: Jones, Symons, PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. HEB says:

    Am I missing something? Jessica Simpson reinvented her career? Really?

  2. janey says:

    Jamie Lynn Spears
    Sounds like a lingerie firm for the over 50s

  3. Feebee says:

    She shouldn’t be looking at Simpson as an example… bad, bad example.

    Predict her career will be as successful as Lisa Marie Presley’s. She may have name recognition, she may even have some vocal talent but it just won’t take off.

  4. Obvious says:

    good luck to her….she’s my favorite spears-though that isn’t saying much considering how much i despise her “big sis”

  5. Ash says:

    so now we get to watch lip syncing for a different genre of music. great.

  6. Bodhi says:

    I thought she moved back to Louisiana, not Mississippi

  7. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    One Spears is more than enough, hon.

  8. SixxKitty says:

    Jessica Simpson has a career?
    Jamie-Lynn thinks she was and actor?
    She called that shows song ‘singing’?
    My head hurts…

  9. morgs says:

    Since when did Country Music become the place washed up pop people go to die?

  10. Leo P says:

    She was never a Disney star. Her sister was; Jamie Lynn was on Nickelodeon. It’s easy to make that mistake, though.

  11. katerina says:

    i cant stand jessica simpson’s voice if she landed a record deal then jamie can too. i dont consider jessica a good singer she’s descent but she ain’t no carrie underwood or leann rimes thats for sure. jamie lynn really doesnt bother me as much as jessica, because at least jamie is starting her career and she really hasnt failed at anything in her career yet like jessica has. jessica has been struggling for 10 years and came to country to save her failed career in pop with hopes in making it big like carrie…the difference is carrie can really sing she has the voice and the likeability factor and she seems genuinely a country girl, jessica is in country to make a name for herself professionally she may talk with an accent well let me rephrase that she had one a small texan accent but now it is very exaggerated, but that doesnt make her a country girl…it makes her a fake country girl…never once did i ever hear of jessica loving country until now, jessica so far in country hasnt impressed anyone not even the industry they didnt even give her a nomination at this years awards show..talk about the cold shoulder..no one takes her seriously…if jamie lynn plays her cards right she may be more believable then jessica…at least jamie lynn hasnt failed for 10 years..im curious what jamie will do.

  12. seana says:

    so true morgos- it seems that wahed up failed pop singers think for some reason country is the answer..”newsflash”..it requires talent if you dont have it **cough*cough** jessica then country cant help you.

    as for jamie lynn to be fair she wasnt in pop or any music genre for that matter so therefore she cant be a washed up pop singer she was just an actress…

    i think she deserves more of a chance then jessica though…

  13. seana says:

    sorry “morgs, i mispelled your name ;)

    and i meant washed not wahed..oops

    excuse the spelling.

  14. Jemma says:

    Aww c’mon guys be nice!!! Jamie Lynn isn’t bad at all! Okay, so she’s Britney’s sis…. that doesn’t she’s the same! She’s actually not even a bad singer…. Admittedly I adore her song for Zoey. She’s also really aimible. She was a wonderful actress and she did NOT fail at anything! Okay, she got pregnant at sixteen, but don’t a lot of teens? Jamie hasn’t done anything wrong, and you can tell just by her voice that she’s a good singer. Give her a chance!!!