Clash of the overprivileged celebrity authors: Family edition

Tori Spelling

Since Tori Spelling hasn’t been able to get a job as an actress since her father died (aside from her appearance on the reload of her dad’s most famous show, 90210), she’s found some success pimping out her fabulous Hollywood life on two reality shows (that fabulous life, by the way, came courtesy of her dad) and as the author of a memoir, last year’s “sTORI Telling.” The memoir dished on her weird childhood, including a longtime feud with her mother, Candy, who famously told her young daughter “You will be pretty as soon as you have a nose job.” Now, Candy is fighting back with a memoir of her own, titled “Stories from Candyland.” And guess what? It was supposed to hit stores the same week as Tori’s new book, “Mommywood,” but publishers decided to release it earlier.

THE latest Spelling family catfight is playing out in the book world. Publishers of competing titles by Tori and mom Candy Spelling are in a rat race to get each blonde’s book out ahead of the other’s. According to an insider, St. Martin’s Press, the house behind Candy’s new “Stories from Candyland,” moved her publication date up two weeks, from April 14 to March 31. “They made that decision after getting wind that the publication date for Tori’s book was moved to April 14,” dished the source.

[From New York Post]

I say, these two bimbos should stop sniping at each other and duke it out on the NY Times Bestseller list, once and for all. The one with the best-selling book gets the Spelling family fortune. The other one has to go away forever. Better yet, how about if nobody buys either of their crappy books and they both have to go away forever? It’s a win-win, really.

Here’s Tori at the premiere of ‘Last House on the Left’ at the ArcLight Theater in Los Angeles on March 10th. Images thanks to

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  1. Sarah says:

    I read “sTori Telling” and thought it was pretty interesting, for an autobiography. Celebs who write their own memoirs usually never dish as much dirt as someone writing ABOUT them would, but Tori told a lot. While I was interested in reading about what went on behind the scenes of 90210, I don’t really care for Tori’s mothering advice. Nor do I want to read all about Candy Spelling. So I’ll be one ignoring both of these releases.

  2. becca says:

    UGH. When this book came out, it FLEW off of the shelves. We couldn’t keep the book on. When three people didn’t come to pick up their orders of the book and they expired, I brought them up to Customer Service for re-shelving. We had to keep them behind the desk because they were so popular, and trust me, the co-workers up @ Customer service were estatic when I brought the books up.

  3. LilyBme says:

    becca, do you work for tori? just kidding. These two should kiss and makeup. Momma give that girl of yours a call and then a hug! Life is way too short. Remember, forgiveness will make one younger and live longer.

  4. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Quick poll: which one do you think had the worst plastic surgery ? Tori or her mom ?

  5. MSat says:

    Definitely Tori. If that’s what her “new nose” looks like, wtf did her old one look like? And those implants are reeeeally frightening.

  6. Jen says:

    The thing is, I’ve seen Tori’s reality show a few times, and she seems relatively down-to-earth and funny. And she’s a terrible actress, so it can’t ALL be editing, right?

    FWIW, her mother comes across a Grade A C-you-next-Tuesday.

  7. KDRockstar says:

    I’ve said it before, but it really irks me that working writers (like myself) are competing with crap-listers’ trash. Love to read it on Celebitchy, hate to think of other people comparing our two covers and choosing *hers*. Yuck.

  8. ll says:

    Tori does indeed still get acting jobs – I saw her on Smallville just this week. Her second time on the show. She’s not awesome or whatever, but is it really so hard to actually look at IMDB for two seconds before launching into the bullcrap? Is it so hard to type “has barely been able to get a job?”

  9. becca says:

    Lily – Nah, I work at Barnes and Nobles over the summer, lol. Things always got interesting when certain books fly off of the shelf. I was on the closing shift one night and we were cleaning the store. I found five books of “The Last Lecture” hiding behind a bunch of group therapy books, and the Customer Service people were estatic.

  10. Zoe says:

    cue cutsie music *

    “hoooooowwow much are those dogg-ies in the win-dow?
    arf, arf!
    theeee ones with the rhino-plast-ied face?
    arf arf!
    I doooo wish someone’d brown pa-per sack them.
    arf arf!
    Theeeeey’re making the Chi-hua-huas disgraced.
    arf, arf! * end peppy music

  11. C-DUB says:

    I liked “Stori Telling.” I thought it was real and honest. Suchs, I even like her and Dean together. They seem to really love each other. Candy and suck it!! Go Tori!!

  12. Codzilla says:

    What’s up with that dent in Tori’s chest? A botched boob job? Both she and her mom are beyond help in the looks department.