“Ozzy Osbourne learns how to drive at 60″ morning links


- Ozzy Osbourne is learning how to drive at 60. This strikes me as incredibly dangerous [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- The Greatest TV Dramas Of All Time [Television.AOL.com]
- Emily Blunt chats about ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ [Moviefone]
- Paris & Boyfriend In Brawl With Bodyguard; Cops Called [Radar Online]
- Celebrities pre and post retouching. Makes me feel a lot better [Cityrag]
- Kingston Rossdale has the most amazing car shoes I’ve ever seen [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- It Looks Like Billy Ray Cyrus Is Dressing Miley Cyrus Again[Bastardly]
- Paris Hilton is “thinking about” boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s supposed proposal [Hollywood Rag]
- Megan Fox wears short shorts [The Blemish]
- So Richard O’Brien, Kate Moss, & Spandau Ballet walk into a bar… [Agent Bedhead]
- Jimmy Fallon’s Set-Ups Now Funnier Than His Punchlines [Defamer]
- RIP, Blender magazine [Evil Beet]
- Aaron Spelling’s Mansion on the Market For $150 Million [Bitten and Bound]
- 50 Animals Who Hate Baths. With adorable photos to prove it [Best Week Ever]
- Andy Roddick apparently has an itch down there [PopBytes]

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9 Responses to ““Ozzy Osbourne learns how to drive at 60″ morning links”

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  1. ash says:

    Remind me to drive in the opposite direction if I ever get near this man driving.

  2. kiki says:

    oh great..
    his mind is soooo fried its bad enough driving with senior citizens on the road

  3. Chiara says:

    And another celebrity sentenced to AA meetings for a DUI … :)

  4. andy says:

    Funny story, god help us all when he’s on the roads!

  5. No disrespect to the Prince of Darkness, but he definitely can afford lots and lots of chauffeurs. Please Ozzie, keep LA streets safe and keep using your chauffeurs instead. Remember what you did to your ATV?

  6. AppleGirl22 says:

    Isn’t that like giving a 12 year old the keys to a car?

    I wonder what kind of car he will drive. I picture something like the batmobile.

  7. Amanda says:

    I thinks it’s …if he will be able to drive at night awww man Prince of Darkness nooooo! I think he will own a Hearse that would be the bomb…………………..!

  8. Joolzz says:

    as my dogs would say “ruh row”

  9. Megan Osbourne says:

    Congrats Ozzy! (: Can anyone leave this man alone for two seconds? … Like seriously. It was his choice what he did with his life and he’s a relly nice man. I think he deserves some credit. So if he wants to learn how to drive, let him. YOU ROCK OZZY!